Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 7

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From Chapter 6:

Once we were showered and ready for bed, our bed had been remade with blue sheets. We looked at each other. “How do you suppose they knew to come change the sheets? I hope they aren’t watching us like the security people were last year.”

We were so curious that we call the security lead to ask how the crew knew we needed our sheets changed. He laughed and told us that we were very loud tonight and that our porthole was open. He said most of the boat knew were having a great night.

We closed the porthole and went to bed. Adam snuggled up to me and I felt his even breathing of peaceful sleep almost immediately. I was also fell asleep almost immediately.

I must have slept like a log, I woke up to find Adam and I in the same positions we had gone to sleep in. I was looking at his beautiful face and counting my blessings for having him in my life when his eyes fluttered open. He saw me staring at him and he asked. “How long have you been awake?”

“I just woke up and was staring at your beauty.”

Chapter 7:

He laughed. “I was just dreaming about how lucky I was to have you in my life. I am so happy and content. I love you so much.”

“I love you more.”

“You know that is impossible.” He started to get up. “Are we really going to change our last names when we adopt the boys? The more I say it in my head the better Carter-West sounds. Come on, get up, let’s piss and run.”

“I like the sound too.” We relieved ourselves and stretched for our morning workout.

After breakfast, I checked to make sure that all the tee times had been taken. We spent a leisurely morning swimming and enjoying the sun. Some of the guys had gone ashore early to get in some gambling before the golf. When we went in to begin our preparations, Kyle and Toby paid close attention to Adam and I about our pre-game preparations. They bought into the philosophy completely and were soon visibly more comfortable over their putts.

Eric and Daniel were in the next to last group of the little poker-player tournament, so they were on the green with us. They were positive that with their new routine they have the tournament in the bag. Eric said. “Phil Ivory will be so surprised, they usually aren’t even challenged much, but I think we have them today.” We bumped fists.

“Go get them, just don’t get over confident. Play smart and think your way around the course.”

“Thanks man, you guys letting us stay with you has meant a lot more to us that we can ever be able to thank you. You have made us much better golfers, but most of all, I think you have made us better people by your example of how you treat the people around you.”

“Thanks Eric.”

We were in the group behind the last group of their little tournament. We did watch Eric and Daniel tee off. They both were in great position off the tee. We couldn’t see where their second shots ended up, but both looked to be good shots. After the group before us hit their tee shots, we heard a cheer and Kyle was sure it was Eric and Daniel doing the cheering.

Toby and Kyle both played very well. We had to help them a little with their course management, but for the most part they visualized where they wanted their shots to end up and selected the proper clubs. Toby said it was his best round ever at nine over par. Kyle was only one over and could have easily been a couple under par if he hadn’t gotten so excited at times.

After dinner we were sitting around the pool. Kyle and Toby came to us and asked if they could talk to us. “Sure we can go in the lounge to talk. Let Adam and I put on some clothes.”

“No, that is okay, we need to talk to Mark too. Since everyone is like brothers, it might be better if everyone heard anyway.” Toby said.

“Okay, what’s on your mind son?”

“Well, that actually.” Kyle said. “Toby and I have been talking and neither of us is ready to be committed to each other just yet. We love each other like brothers and we do enjoy the sex. We wanted to be honest with you. I know that you worked to be able to adopt me so that Toby would be happy in Houston. If you don’t want to adopt me anymore, it’s okay. I understand.”

“You don’t really think the only reason we wanted to adopt you is because we wanted to help Toby do you?” I pulled him into a hug. “You.” I kissed his forehead. “Stole our hearts the moment the captain introduced you to us. Now that you have come into our lives, we would be very sad if you don’t want to be adopted and come live with us, but it is up to you. We want nothing but the best for you both.”

“I told you they wouldn’t dump you just because we don’t want to be a permanent couple.”

Kyle was crying and hanging on to me for dear life. “I know, but I was so afraid. I was so excited about having a daddy. When we realized that we both wanted to see other people, I imagined the worst. The more you tried to assure me, the more I knew it wouldn’t happen for me.” Adam came over and joined the hug. “Do all boys get hard when their daddies hug them?”

Adam and I were inflating too. Adam and I looked at each other. Together we picked Kyle up and jumped in the pool with him in our arms. Adam said. “Those that do get wet.”

We were all laughing and splashing each other. Mark pushed Toby in the pool. “It might as well be a family affair. You were all beginning to inflate. I am going to assume that everything will stay the same. You boys still want Jim and Adam to adopt you, am I correct?”

“Yes sir.” They both said at once.

The next morning after breakfast we all headed to the casino for the second day of the tournament.

Today our colors were gold shirt and black slacks. It was a long day, but most of us made it through. Only Daniel and Paul were eliminated today. Of course Daniel wasn’t wearing the uniform, so we only lost one T D B posse member. That night Adam and I gave each other a massage and then went to bed. We did manage to sixty-nine before falling asleep.

We woke refreshed and did our morning workout, after our shower and breakfast, we had to check the reminder for or colors, we had both forgotten. Today was hunter green and kaki. Today we only lost Corbin.

By Friday we were just trying to get to the final nine. Early in the morning on Friday, I was at a table with Phil Hellmouth. He was being a decent human being for the most part, but the man to his left did feel his wrath a couple of times. The man gave it back to him just as much. I was across the table and under the gun for this particular hand. My hole cards were jack and nine of spades. Jack nine suited is one of my favorite hands and I try to play it every chance I get. I just called the big blind, trying to keep the bet low enough that I didn’t price myself out of the hand. Phil raised three times the big blind on the button. It was a pretty standard raise, but with the blinds at forty and eight thousand, I was pretty sure Phil had a decent hand. My guess was either a decent pair of a high ace. The blinds folded and I called. The flop came king of spades, queen of hearts, and ten of spades. It was a pretty scary flop for me. I flopped a king high straight, but thinking Phil probably had an ace, if it was ace jack, I was beat by a higher straight. If I bet, and he had a ace high straight and raised, I would probably fold. I decided to check and maybe could keep the betting reasonable. I have almost twice the chip stack he does, so I feel confident that if I can keep the betting reasonable, I have a chance to try and draw at the flush. Phil bet half the pot. I was pretty sure that if he did have a ace high straight he would have checked to keep me in the hand. I called the bet.

The turn was the eight of spades. I had made a flush. Of course, if Phil had the ace of spades and another spade, he had me beat. I checked again and again Phil bet half the pot. I called. The river was the queen of spades giving me a king high straight flush. Giving me the nuts. This time, I didn’t want to take a chance that Phil would just check it down, so I bet a little more than the pot, hoping to make him think I was trying to buy the pot. It would take three quarters of his remaining chips to call. Phil went all-in almost immediately and of course I called. Phil turned around to his wife and yelled. “Honey the idiot just doubled me up, I have the nut flush.” He threw his cards over in triumph as he went to his wife for a hug.

I just turned my cards over. The guy to Phil’s left said loudly. “Honey, the only idiot is your husband. Jim has the nut flush.”

Phil came rushing over. “I can’t believe you called me with that!”

The guy to his left took over my cause. “Why not, the only time you were ahead in that hand was pre-flop. You think just because you bet that we should all fold, well it doesn’t work that way. You need to stop crying and pouting like a six year old.” I didn’t say a word, just stacked my chips. The rest of the day was uneventful. So many got knocked out that shortly after lunch we were down to the final nine that would play tomorrow. We called the chief to makes sure they didn’t send dinner over. Three of the posse made it to the final nine. Tanner, Adam and I were all going to be at the final table. Pretty amazing that three of our group would make it that far.

Adam and I had both done a lot of avoiding the television interviews. Some of the crew had been better at talking with them. We were trying to escape without having to talk to them again. When they asked us for an interview, Adam spoke for all of us. “We will talk to you as a group, but if that is not acceptable, we are out of here.”

We went into their little interview room. There was only one chair. Adam and Tanner had me sit in the chair and they sat on the arms of the chair. “So are you the leader? Since they gave you the center.”

“Not at all. We are all individuals, we think of ourselves as brothers. I assume they gave me the chair because I’m the oldest of the three of us.”

“You guys are the talk of the tournament. Your uniforms are striking and look very expensive. I take it that you are all from wealthy families.”

“You would be wrong.” Tanner spoke up. “My folks are not wealthy at all. My grandfather is retired and helped me get a job in woodworking. I am going to college and work part time.” He held up his watch. “A couple of my brothers have a lot of money and I quote. ‘Money is a tool, if you can’t share it with those you love, it becomes a burden rather than a blessing.’ I don’t claim to be able to explain it, but we don’t think of ourselves as the haves and the have-nots. We think of ourselves as a posse and I consider myself lucky to be a part of this group.”

“Tanner said that very nicely. I think what he said pretty much describes our posse very well.”

“I agree too. We are all for one and one for all.”

“With three of you making the final table, which is pretty amazing. How do you account for that?”

“Five of the eight made the money. What can we say? I guess we are either very good or very lucky. My guess is a combination of those two. No one gets this far in a tournament on just luck or on just playing good poker. The nature of poker dictates some of both with this many people in a tournament. At least that is my opinion.”

“Jim you are third in chips. Who do you think will win this tournament?”

“I think it will be one of the nine at the final table.” I laughed. “Anything I say more than that would be foolish. You don’t get this far without some luck. I think everyone sitting at the table has a chance. The chip leader has half again as many chips as I do. Does that give him an advantage, of course, but it doesn’t mean he has it in the bag. Even the short stack can double up a couple of times and be the chip leader, so we will see tomorrow who the winner is.”

“How about you two? Who do you think will win?”

Tanner laughed. “Well, I am the second smallest chip stack, so I don’t think I am the one to beat, but I am going to do my best to win. Like Jim said if you are at the table, you have a chance and it would be foolish to count anyone out. It would be cool if the three of us became the final three. I can tell you right now if that happened, we would all three just go all-in every hand and let luck take its course.”

“I agree with Tanner and Jim. Anyone can win, but if I had to bet on someone, it would be Jim. Having said that, I don’t know the others or their playing style like I do Jim’s.”

“Now let me ask you three something else. Rumor has it that all you boys are gay, is that true?”

“We don’t contribute to spreading rumors. You probably shouldn’t either. Unless there is some rule against gay people playing this tournament, it shouldn’t matter.”

“So I guess that confirms the rumor and you are gay.”

“That doesn’t confirm anything other than, in my opinion, it is none of your business and not a topic I’m willing to discuss.” I got up. “Now that you are trying to get us to help spread rumors, I think this interview is over as far as I am concerned.” I walked away and Adam and Tanner followed. We took the microphones off as we walked and handed them to the technicians following us.

Early Saturday morning, we gave Kyle and Toby their watches. The both said they didn’t want to wear them except when they dressed up. For Toby’s birthday we gave him a card that said he could have any car that he wanted from those at the garage in Key West or if he didn’t like any of those any car he wanted.

The whole gang and a lot of the crew came to watch the tournament. Tanner lasted until forth. I managed to be first in chips. Adam was the short stack and it was getting to the point he was going to have to just go all-in regardless of his hand. The chip leader at the start of the day was second in chips. I was on the button and picked up pocket aces. I raised three times the big blind to let Adam know I had a hand. He went all-in anyway, so I knew this might be the last of him. He had so few chips, I would have to call. The guy between us went all-in. I had pocket aces, I couldn’t fold. It could be all over right here.

Adam had king jack of spades. The guy in second chip position had ace king. My pocket aces were best pre-flop, of course. When the river was dealt Adam had a flush and won the initial pot. My aces held up and I won the side pot. That put Adam and I head up for the championship. They brought the money out for the money presentation for the TV audience. Then they sent us on break. We tried to tell them it wasn’t necessary, that we would get it over quickly by going all-in every hand. We were not going to play against each other, but they gave us fifteen minutes anyway.

We went over to all the people from the boat and were each handed a bottle of water. Everyone was congratulating us, we even got a congratulation from Phil Hellmouth. I’m not sure he meant it, but at least he said it. When we finally sat down to play, we both went all-in without looking at our cards. We didn’t even turn them over just let the dealer turn them over. Adam won four hands in a row to win the championship. Besides winning the championship money, he won an entry into the championship tournament, which is held in the US and of course, he is too young to play. He told the guys interviewing him that he would get rid of it one way or another. They tried to toast the winner, but Adam and I refused the drinks and took our water to do the toast with.

When all the taxes were deducted we had almost eight million to distribute to the six posse members besides Adam and I. I asked Jake in the organization that handles our financial matters to divide that much between the six posse members and an equal amount to be divided among the crew. Adam and I wanted to do something for both groups and we thought this method would allow us to do that without getting caught just giving them money.

We left port that afternoon heading back to Key West. After our workout, shower and breakfast the next morning, we noticed we were anchored in the Key West marina. We were all surprised at how quickly and smoothly we had reached our destination. I for one had no sense of travel or any idea when we arrived. The captain came up to us and said. “I have sent boys to your rooms to get your things packed. We will take your clubs directly to the air field, but your personal things will be taken to the house. The drivers are waiting to take you to the house now. We are not trying to rush you, but we were told you would be leaving as soon as we docked. We dropped anchor about ten minutes ago. It has been a true pleasure to have you with us for the last few days and we look forward to you being with us again very soon. Take good care of Toby and Kyle we will miss them.”

Toby shook the captain’s hand, in true Kyle fashion, he hugged the captain. We all shook the captain’s hand as we left the boat. I was sad to be leaving, but excited to check out the toy box that held all the classic and exotic cars that we had been told about. I was also looking forward to spending a couple of days at the house here. The latest news from Mark was the hearing would be held on Tuesday, but he said that was very tentative and extremely likely to be delayed. There was a trial that could easily disrupt the whole schedule and cause a delay. Since we could be here on short notice, Mark told them we were flexible. He said that would help the judge and that it was never a bad thing to be on a judge’s good side. We were planning to fly out on Wednesday morning early. Mark said if it didn’t happen Tuesday morning as planned it would likely be a week before it was rescheduled.

With Mark on the phone, Kyle was very nervous. He couldn’t hide his uneasiness. “Mark, will I still get to go with Jim and Adam if the hearing is postponed?” I could almost hear tears in his voice.

“Yes, Kyle. Everything to appoint Jim your guardian has been signed and is legal. Toby is old enough that he doesn’t need those documents, but since he is going to be adopted too, we have those papers for him too. You both need to give the man with the papers a dollar. His name is Bill Franks and he will be your attorney. The dollar you give him is so that he can represent you. His sole job is to look out for your best interest.” He paused for a second. “Jack Adams will be there too. He is Jim and Adam’s attorney. Since there will be documents to sign and file, they will make sure you sign them and they will file them. Do you guys have any questions?”

We all looked at each other and no one had questions. Dave spoke up. “Hey babe, no one seems to have any questions. I will see you tomorrow if the hearing happens, if not, I will be going back with the boys, so I will see you Wednesday. I miss you.”

“I love you and miss you too.”

“I love you too Mark. We just pulled through the gates, so I guess it is time to go. I will call you tonight.” He broke the connection.

Before we did anything else, we told the boys that were trying to get us settled into the house that we wanted to see the car garage that had all the classic and exotic cars. He took us to the back of the house. I saw the chef from the boat directing the kitchen staff to unload the supplies he was bringing to the house. We waived but that was about all we had time for. There were only four golf carts, so we were full and had people hanging off the back and sides. The garage wasn’t visible from the house. I was down the hill and had to be a quarter of a mile from the main house. We went into the garage and alarms sounded so loud that it hurt our ears and we had to cover our ears. Soon six guys came down from the stairs with guns drawn. Our security team had them out gunned and ordered them to stand down. Our house boy was shouting “the owners!” over and over. The guys from upstairs finally understood and sat their weapons down. They turned off the alarm and called the police that were on their way. Once the alarm stopped, we all introduced ourselves.

The boys were immediately all over the place. This place would be any motor head’s idea of heaven. There was a whole section that was empty and it still looked like there were over fifty cars in this place. In the exotics there were all the euro sports cars that you can imagine. There was even an old MG and a couple of Austin Healeys. I guess the car that surprised me most was the DeLoreans One was one of the cars used in the movies Back to the future. There were new Ferraris there too. We found a Lotus too. A few old Bentleys and a couple Porsches. There was almost every type muscle car you can imagine. Some originals some were resto mods like the cuda at home. What was amazing was that the floor was all the cars were on coasters so that they could be moved around so that they could move the cars around so that any car could be taken out the garage doors fairly easily. The car that caught my attention was a fifty-seven Chevy convertible. Well, there were two that were awesome. One was a fully restored model that was numbers matching with all the documentation. The one that I thought was so awesome looked like a true fifty-seven, but under the hood was a high performance engine that wasn’t available until the late sixties with all the high performance chromed parts that you would never see on that model. They slid the cars around and then jacked this car up to remove the casters so that I could drive this machine. We all took this car for a drive. It was amazing how this thing handled, but still looked like a beautiful fifty-seven Chevy. I told the guys I wanted to take this back to Houston. He said if we found some more that we should take them at the same time. The carriers charge almost the same for six as for one.

Toby almost decided on a new Ferrari, but then he said. “These are all fantastic and I would be proud to own any of them, but I really have my heart set on something green, not the color the idea of taking care of the environment. Do you mind if I do that?”

Adam said. “I’m proud of you wanting to take care of the environment. You will never be able to off-set our blatant abuse of the environment, but we are proud to help you do your part. It probably be a good idea if we had a few hybrids that could document the early days of alternate fuels.”

“Good idea, I wonder what we have to do to make that happen?”

“One of the guys from the garage heard us. “Just say the word, we have a large budget that has been waiting until the decision was made to make the Houston garage a realitity. Tom, Aaron and Eli are the guys going to Houston to run that shop. From what we have been told that has been initiated. I assume they will be there within a few days. Mark said he should have the tutors and the boys lined up and ready in about two weeks. I understand it that we will be doing the restorations here and the Houston shop will be building the show cars. There are four show cars and a truck that we plan to ship up there. I guess your fifty-seven can easily ship with them.”

We drove a lot of the cars and trucks. It was a blast for all of us. Once all the activity wound down we drifted back to the house. Daniel and Eric were as much like a kid in a candy store as the rest. The house was very old and had a lot of history. We spend a lot of time looking for secret passages and Adam and I finally found one. We were so excited. It was well maintained, so we knew it had been cleaned within the last few weeks. We asked one of the boys and he used the intercom to call a gentleman in his fifties who came to try and answer our questions. The boy said this gentleman, Mr. Greene was caretaker/overseer of the property. He called one of the regular boys that worked the house to show us all the secret passages. There were several, but the one that surprised us the most was that from our bedroom we could take passageways from our bedroom all the way to within thirty feet of the garage. He said it was originally built as a last resort escape if the fortress was overrun back during the days this was fortress and a first line of defense.

When we were going back to the house, Kyle saw three of the house boys out playing catch and asked. “May I play catch with them?”

“If they don’t mind, have fun.”

Kyle jumped off the cart and went running toward the guys. I didn’t hear him ask if he could join them, but I heard. “Great, I’ll be right back with my glove.” He took off running into the house. I did hear him ask. “Which way to where my trunk was taken?” It was good to see the boy so excited. He soon came running out of the house with his glove and a catcher’s mitt.

We stayed and watched for a bit. Kyle was a very good player. I heard one of the boys ask. “I see you have a catcher’s mitt, are you a pitcher or a catcher?”

“I guess you could say both. The last team I was on, I caught when I wasn’t pitching unless we had two games close together, then I played short.”

“You must be really good.”

“Baseball is my favorite sport. I would play constantly if I could get someone to play with me.”

“Okay, let’s see that pitching arm. May I borrow your mitt? I will catch for you.”

“Sure, help yourself; just be careful with the phone and my watch. I stuck them inside the mitt for protection. Give them to my dads, they will keep them safe.” He saw the confusion on the boy’s face. “Oh, sorry, Jim or Adam will hold them for me.”

After about five minutes, I heard the guy watching say. “Are you sure you are only fourteen? You could be the best pitcher on my team and we are mostly seniors in high school.”

One of the boys came out and announced that the chef sent him out to get us in to eat lunch.

During lunch Kyle asked. “Do you think it is too late for me to get on a baseball team for this summer? I really want to play.”

“I don’t know bud. Adam and I both know the golf coach at your school; we will ask him who we should talk to.”

“I want to play golf too, but will they let me?” He paused for a moment. “I was really meaning just a USSSA team, but the school team would be cool too.”

Adam and I called coach Blain on speaker and of course, Kyle was listening. We explained what we wanted. He approached it a little differently than we expected. “I coach both golf and baseball. I thought all my golfers knew that. That is why we had to skip a few tournaments that you guys wanted to enter. I’m not going to promise you anything, but I will give him a shot on both teams. If the coach can swing it, so should a player. Can you have him here at ten o’clock Thursday?”

“Sure coach, we can be there.”

“I know he is only fourteen, but my friend coaches the Black Sox, that is a tournament team and he will be here too. This team is a fifteen and under team. I have three sophomores that play for that team. He will watch your son tryout and see if he can use him or recommend a fourteen and under team for him to play this summer. I know he is not your natural son, but if he is anywhere close to the athlete you guys are, I look forward to coaching him.”

Kyle was excited and went to find his new friends to see if there was a batting cage around, so that he could practice his hitting.

When we got to the batting cages Tanner and Corbin both were very good hitters. Turns out they played baseball in High School and both agreed to help Kyle anyway they could. Kyle was a pretty good hitter himself.

Once Tuesday rolled around, it looked as if the hearing for Kyle and Toby’s adoption was going to take place after all. The judge decided to have the hearing while the trial he was working was taking the afternoon off at the state’s request. He talked to Kyle and Toby both in his chambers before he talked to me. He didn’t have a whole lot to say, but we seemed to get along very well. We were both laughing and just talking most of the time. When we got back into the courtroom, he talked with Mark and social worker that was assigned to this case. He asked Bill Franks if he was satisfied that Kyle’s best interest was in becoming my son. Once that was settled, he granted the adoption. It was official Kyle and Toby are now my sons.

We piled into the limo Wednesday for our trip to Houston. I swear Eric and Daniel were more excited about meeting Maggs than Toby and Kyle were. The Carter-West group jet that we were flying on was one of the bigger jets and the guys were checking everything out including the reclining seats that turn into sleepers for long flights. They were most impressed with the food and drinks that were available. I couldn’t help but laugh at Kyle trying to take as many cokes as he could stuff in his shirt. “Hey bud, we have plenty to drink at home, you don’t have to load up on the plane.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. That plane that took us from the home in Mississippi to Florida they didn’t give us anything to drink or even some peanuts.

Daniel asked the hostess for a beer and she apologized and told him that since this was listed as a non-drinking flight nothing alcoholic was loaded on the plane. Daniel laughed. “It isn’t important, I have gone so long without one I just thought I would see if they still tasted the same.” He laughed again. “I am flying on the most awesome private plane I have ever flown on and it is alcohol free.”

I spoke up. “My family was killed by a drunken driver I make no apologies for not allowing alcohol around my home or vehicles. I guess you can call this a vehicle.”

“I know and understand. I think I would be the same way in your situation. I just have a thought that booze, food and great seating being what I think about private planes. This is the most beautiful plane I have ever been on.”

We got into two limos and headed home. I was excited to check out the new tennis courts that were added while we were gone. They looked fantastic during the daylight; I hope the lights work as well now that we have four courts instead of just the one.

Daniel and Eric were so surprised to see Maggs for the first time. She may be tiny, but we all know who is in complete charge. When they saw the indoor pool, they were amazed. The art pushed them over the edge. Mark and Dave left shortly after we arrived home, but not before they sampled the lunch that Maggs fed us.

It was very hot, Houston is like that, hot and humid. We all decided to swim. Eric, Daniel, Toby and Kyle came out to the pool with their swim trunks on. The rest of us were naked. “I thought you said you tried to wear trunks at the outdoor pool for Maggs’ benefit.”

“We did, but she finally decided that she had seen it all before and so she told us she didn’t want to see our white butts inside, so we better eliminate the tan lines at the outside pool. She loves catching one of us with an erection. Her favorite comment is. ‘Is that for me?’ She laughs so hard when she gets to use that one.”

The four that had trunks on were the ones that Maggs got this time. She came out and said as she swatted Eric on the butt. “It’s okay Eric, I have seen small ones too.” Of course we all gave him a hard time. The other three couldn’t get out of their trunks fast enough. Eric soon had his trunks off. Maggs was gone as quickly as she appeared to tease the boys.

After a couple of hours, we all got a little bored and wanted to do something else. We noticed that the tennis courts were almost covered in shade and it was getting later in the afternoon and would soon be evening. We decided to go put on our tennis clothes and shoes.

We were all grabbing a couple of bottles of water and putting them in an ice chest to take to the courts. “Jim, can we check out your woodshop before we play? I want to see where you made that fantastic table.” Kyle asked.

“Sure bud, right this way.” We all headed in, even the guys that had seen the shop dozens of times. Everyone was asking what does this or that do, between Adam, Tanner and I we managed to get all their questions answered. I think the finishing section was the biggest hit.

When we finally got around to playing tennis, Eric and Daniel challenged Kyle and Toby. Paul challenged me to a singles match and Hank took on Adam. The final court had Tanner and Frankie playing Corbin and Dillon. Kyle and Toby made quick work of Daniel and Eric. Daniel said. “We might as well just play each other, that way at least one of us might win.” He laughed. Paul and I played very close matches, but I did manage to win two out of three sets. Adam did the same to Hank. I hope they didn’t take it too badly. Corbin and Dillon beat Tanner and Frankie. Corbin and Dillon challenged Adam and I. I was tired and really didn’t want to play again so quickly, but they razzed us enough to make the match happen. Kyle and Toby took on Tanner and Frankie. Eric and Daniel did play each other.

Adam and I won, so did Tanner and Frankie. I’m not sure who won between Paul and Hank or Eric and Daniel. Maggs called us to dinner before we finished our last set. The four of us knew we would be in trouble when we did finally make it to dinner. To our surprise she didn’t say a word when we came in after our shower.

Since we would be busy tomorrow with Kyle’s try-out, Eric and Daniel decided to head back to Las Vegas. We called and had them a plane out of Houston at 10AM. I told them the limo to take them to the plane should be here at 9:45 in the morning. They were both very thankful for the last couple of weeks. They also asked us all to come visit and they assured us they would find us a game or a tournament.

The next morning we left for Kyle’s meeting with the coach before Eric and Daniel left for the airport. Again they were both very appreciative of our time together.

We went to the school and found the coach in his office. He appeared to be very happy to see us. He offered his hand for a shake and said. “You must be Kyle.”

Kyle shook his hand. “Yes sir, I am.”

“If Jim and Adam say you can make the golf team, I’m confident in their assessment. Jim was on my Team several years ago, and Adam helped make us state champions last year. I think we will be better off just checking your baseball skills. I hope you don’t mind, but I have invited a few of the Black Sox to help me. They are the elite club team that my sophomores play for. I know you are just a freshman, but I think they will be able to give you a better test. To be honest with you, I don’t let freshmen play on the varsity very often, but we have a decent JV team. To be honest, I don’t know how many Sox players coach Roberts will be bringing. They should be here any minute. Let’s go out to the field and warm up.”

“Thanks for giving me a chance Coach Blain. I really appreciate it. I have been working on a boat and didn’t get to play at all this spring. I loved working on that boat, but I missed baseball a lot more than I thought I would.”

“Did you bring your catching gear?”

“No sir I don’t have any catching gear except my glove. The catching gear belonged to the team.”

“We know we need to get him some new equipment. Even his gloves are too small for him, but we just got home yesterday and haven’t had a chance to get anything. I assure you we will get everything you think he needs today.”

He looked in Kyle’s bag. “Yes, I can see they are too small. You can’t wear those cleats either can you?”

“No sir, I can’t even get them on my feet anymore. I wanted to ask my dads if I could send them back to the home, they usually can find someone that can use them.”

“We can do that, but we will also send them some money they can use for sports equipment. My guess is they could use the money. I am sure sports is not on the top of the need list for available money.”

“I’m sure we can find some catcher’s gear for you to use today as well as gloves, but you will have to make do with your sneakers for the tryout.”

“Cool, but can I use my gloves today? I know they are small, but I am used to them and I’m afraid some other gloves might cause me some problems.”

“Okay, we will at least start out with your gloves. Here comes Coach Roberts now.” He shook hands with the guy that walked up. “Coach Roberts, this is Kyle.” Coach Roberts shook Kyle’s hand.

“Nice to meet you coach. Thanks for taking the time to let me try out for your team.”

“Coach Blain said you were a pitcher, catcher and short stop. Only a fool wouldn’t check someone with those chops out.”

“These two guys are Kyle’s dads. This is Adam.” He introduced Adam.

“Nice to meet you Adam West.”

“Nice to meet you coach.”

“This is Jim Carter.”

“Nice meeting you Jim.”

“Nice to meet you coach.”

“The boys I brought are: Sam, Daniel, Joe, Hunter, Billy, Corey, and John.” He pointed to each boy as he called their name. “Go warm up with them Kyle.”

Kyle went and introduced himself. I saw each one of them shake his hand. They were soon talking and heard Kyle explain that he just moved here after we adopted him, so he didn’t know anyone here, but us. I heard him tell one of the boys that he must be the luckiest kid in the world, because Adam and I were fantastic dads. I also heard him say something that surprised me. “They are not just eye candy; they are both great athletes and the nicest guys I have ever met. I count my blessings everyday they adopted me.”

I couldn’t help but get a little choked up. I moved away before I let my emotions show.

Once the coach called them in and talked to them a bit, he told them what he was going to be doing to test Kyle. He decided that the first thing was check him out at short. Their normal short stop was playing third. I could tell by the way he was talking to Kyle. The coach hit some real screamers to short and Kyle got to every one of them and made a good throw to first. Once they started working on double plays, Kyle really looked awesome. Kyle got to one ball that the second baseman never expected him to get to and wasn’t in position to take the throw. Kyle was into his throw and managed to hang on to the ball when he realized that the second baseman wasn’t at the base. He knew he couldn’t get the guy at first, so he just held the ball. The coach said. “That might have been the best play I have seen you make. Not only did you get to a ball that Corey wouldn’t have even try for, but you were smart enough to not throw it away when Sam was asleep at second. How did you manage to hang on to that ball when you were in the middle of your throw?”

“Just lucky coach, I usually just throw where the second baseman should be, but I saw the base empty some way. I was just plain lucky I didn’t throw it away. I normally would have, I guess I am a little rusty.” That caused the team to laugh.

Next the coach watched him bat. He started out by bunting. I heard the coach. “Why did you start off bunting?”

“I’m sorry coach, it is just habit for me to get the feel of the bat by bunting. I won’t do it again.”

“No, I like it, I just wondered why you did that. I love a batter that can bunt and isn’t afraid to try to bunt for a hit. I can tell you are very fast and it is good to know you know how to bunt very well.” Kyle didn’t swing at bad pitches and made good contact with most of the balls thrown to him. He asked Kyle to hit the ball to right field and he hit three in a row into right field for hits. He then asked Kyle to hit it ball to left and he hit three more to left field.” He had Kyle run around the bases as fast as he could a few times. Then he timed him to first a few times. “Kyle, you are the fasted kid on this team and you don’t even have cleats. I think we need you to teach these clowns to run.”

The coach asked Daniel if Kyle could borrow his catching gear. Of course, Daniel said he could. Once Kyle was used to catching, the coach had a runner go to first, I assume to have him try to steal. Kyle went out to the pitcher. I don’t know what he was talking to the pitcher about, but then he called the first baseman over.

I noticed the pitcher was paying a lot of attention to the runner. I assume he is their fastest. The pitcher threw over to first twice before his first throw to the plate. Once Kyle had the ball, he immediately made a flip throw to first and caught the runner off the base and picked him off. “Corey you can’t waltz back to the base when you have a catcher with that kind of arm behind the plate.”

“Coach, most catchers won’t risk throwing the ball away by doing that.”

“A catcher with a great arm will and from what I have seen, Kyle has a great arm. He will keep everyone on their toes. I have a feeling he will throw to any base at any time. He will just expect you to be paying attention. One the next pitch Corey got a good jump and was quickly on his way to second. Kyle made a perfect throw, but didn’t get him. Corey was excited until the coach said. “Don’t be so excited Corey, you didn’t steal that base on Kyle, you stole it on Billy. Billy if you give a runner that big a lead even Joe could steal that base.”

He had a couple different pitchers pitching to Kyle and then he had Daniel pitch. Daniel threw extremely hard but was very wild. Kyle was working really hard to keep the balls from getting away from him. He went out to the mound to talk to Daniel. Daniel laughed very loud. Then he shouted to the coach. “Coach, can I tell him now? He is trying to get me to back off a little so that I have a chance to get the ball over the plate.”

“Kyle, Daniel isn’t a pitcher, but he throws the ball hard. I wanted to see if you could stop most of them. You stopped all except the one way over your head. To say you passed with flying colors is an understatement.

He brought the boys in and as soon as Kyle had the gear removed, he had them run three laps of the field. Kyle, Hunter and Corey were just trotting around the field and were still considerably ahead of the others. As they came around for the last lap he shouted. Bring this one as fast as you can. They came in Kyle way in front and then Corey and Hunter. The rest of the team were just starting home from right field.

“Look at Kyle; he isn’t even breathing that hard. How much to you run Kyle, you must be in great shape.”

“Well, coach, my dads run morning and night. I try to run with them. They love it and I have a new appreciation of how much they work at staying in shape. We are lucky we have the best running track I have ever been on, so it is easy to run a lot. To answer your question between morning and night, I would say we run somewhere between fifteen and twenty miles a day.”

“Holy shit, no wonder you are so fast.” Corey shouted.

“Corey you know better than to talk like that. Well, Kyle, we have four other boys on the team that are around Corey’s speed. Would you like to play with us? I know you understand that we are an elite team and travel a lot for tournaments.”

“Sure coach, I would love to play with you guys if you guys will have me.”

“What do you mean if we will have you? Hell, coach would dump any of us if we said we didn’t want you on the team. From what I have seen you will be our best pitcher, catcher and short stop. The good news is you can’t play them all at once.” Corey said.

Kyle bowed his head, blushed and said. “Thanks.”

“We have a tournament starting tomorrow night in San Antonio. You can get the uniforms at Sports Stop. We have practice here tonight at six. I will have all the information for you tonight at practice. We have been having a hard time finding places to practice. Coach Blain has been good to let us use the field, but several other teams want to use it as well and he can’t just let the field be chewed up by being played constantly.”

“Hey Jim, do you remember when we drove by the garage to see that place. Wasn’t there a baseball or a football field right there? I wonder if we might own it. If we don’t it wouldn’t take much to get it usable for practice.”

“I think you are right. I think it was a baseball field and they way it was situated, I would say we must own it. Let me call Dave and have him check it out.”

“I’m sure you know that I’m excited about having Kyle on my team too. We will start doing some workouts, unofficially of course, in July. I will be talking to you about the golf game too. You do need to get him some new gloves and start getting them broken in as soon as you can. I bet he has used that catcher’s mitt since he was ten or so.”

“Thanks coach.”

Coach Roberts told the boys there was Gatorade in his SUV. All the boys except Kyle took off like a shot. Kyle came over to us. “You too Kyle, you are on this team too.”

“Thanks coach.”

My phone rang. “Hi Dave, were you able to find out something this quick?”

“Yes because we just activated the work group, the files were actually on my desk. Yes, you and Adam own six hundred forty acres at that location. It used to be a high school, but the school burned and wasn’t rebuilt. I understand there is a huge field house there too. It appears from the pictures that the baseball field and football field are both overgrown, but the fences are in good shape.”

“Thanks Dave, we will go check it out this afternoon and see if we can use it for a practice field for Kyle’s team.”

I passed the information along to Adam and the coach.

“Do you mind if I go with you to check the place out?” He waved to the boys. “To get them for this try out, I had to agree to watch them all day, so I will have to bring them with me. I was going to take them to the swimming pool, but I think this is more important.”

“Let me send all the guys a text to let them know we will be having guests this afternoon so they won’t be running around naked. We will go order the uniforms and get the equipment for Kyle then grab a bite to eat. I assume all the boys will eat pizza for lunch then after we check the field, we can go to our place to swim.”

“Just sent Maggs a message telling her we would have seven more hungry boys and a coach for an early dinner, so we have everything ready to go straight to practice. I think we can keep the boys entertained.”

We got all the equipment except the uniforms and caps. We would be able to pick them up tomorrow. “Kyle is there anything else you need.”

“Well, I need a new cup. My junk is a lot bigger than it used to be and it hurts to wear my old cup.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I noticed that you yanked that thing out as soon as you finished catching.. I’m sorry bud, I should have thought of that.”

As we were leaving, I asked Adam. “Is Tobin meeting us or do we need to go get him?”

“He is meeting us. In fact I bet he is already there. You know how he is about being on time.” The boys asked if Kyle could ride with them.

“If you have room, he can if he wishes.”

“You know how boys are, they don’t have a concept of ‘enough room’. Always room for one more. Come on Kyle they will make sure you have enough room.”

When we pulled up to the field, Tobin’s truck was already there. The area around the garage was cut, but the fields were very overgrown. One of the guys that we met at the Key West garage was there and came out to talk to us. He said Dave had told him we would be dropping by to check on these old fields.

Dillon came around the corner on a tractor with a brush hog being pulled behind. He started mowing the first field. Tanner came up on another tractor with mowers and started taking the weeds down that the brush hog and cut to about a foot high. We saw Tobin and Corbin raking the base paths.

We walked up and all the introductions were made. “Well Tobin, do you think we can make a practice field for these boys?”

“With a lot of work we can. The grass is gone, too many years of weeds. There are two baseball fields and if we took them one at a time, we could have a make do practice field, but give us about three weeks and we could have a fist class field. At least I think so. I called a friend of mine that specializes in sports fields and the like. He should be here in about twenty minutes. He should be able to tell us how best to proceed. We asked the guys in the garage and they let us borrow their two tractors.”

“We don’t need the field to be perfect to practice. This already looks like we will be able to practice here. It is far better than having to wait to use the school’s field. We will be extremely grateful for this place.”

We turned on the lights and they worked, but more of the lights than not were burned out. We left them on to make sure they didn’t overheat or anything. When Tobin’s friend arrived and we were all introduced, he said he went to school at this high school and would love to restore these fields. He said he would have one ready to practice on by next week, but the other he wanted to make it able to drain a lot of rain like we get in the spring. He said it would be a first class field in a month and a half. Then he would work on what was the practice field and make it the same. He said he would be re-soding everything. He said that if we did the football field at the same time he could do the whole job for less than a hundred thousand. We told him we would want to incorporate a security system and have a concession stand as well and he said he could work around those crews. We told him to get started as soon as he could. Kyle spoke up. “Can you make the football field a soccer field instead. I love soccer but am not interested in football.”

He saw us chuckling and said. “Consider it done. I will have the bulldozers out here this afternoon. You might as well bring those boys in, we will doze this field so that we can up in a deep drainage area in. We will use different style mowers to get the practice field ready to use.”

“Okay, please work with Tobin so that we can buy the proper types of mowers and implements to maintain the fields once you are finished. We will have a storage area built outside the fences.”

“I can make this into a first class facility with concession and grandstand areas for an additional thirty to forty thousand. You seem to be wanting to make it that way and I can see money is no object.”

“Go ahead, I would like to make this into a great place to hold a tournament. I will have an account set up that you can draw upon for expenses.”

“Coach, let’s take these boys home so that they can swim and play around before they have to get ready for practice..”

The coach called one of his boy’s parents and got the name of the motel we were staying at for the weekend. I gave the information to Dave. He soon sent me the confirmation number for our four rooms. He also sent me the name and number of the executive that assured him they would be together to make the security detail happy.

I got a text message from Kyle asking for the address so that they could put it into the GPS in case they lost us. I sent him back. Just put this location in the GPS, we are pulling in now. He sent LOL back. I did send him our address so that he would know it if asked again. It is little things like that we take for granted that we forget to tell him.

The boys took off with their swimwear in hand. I assume they were headed to Kyle’s room. The coach got out with his swim trunks in hand. “The changing room is over there and there are lockers there to hold your clothes. There should be plenty of towels as well.”

Maggs came out and said. “Jim, you might want to set some towels out for those boys, you know, they are just like you boys. If they are not in front of you, you just do without. I don’t want those boys with sore eyes.” I didn’t start moving fast enough. “Do it now before you forget.”

“Yes mom.” I gave her a sad puppy face. I did take off to get the towels though.

“That sad face might have worked on her, but not this crusty old woman.” She look at coach. Then went and introduced herself. “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there or I wouldn’t have teased him so hard. I’m Maggie, officially I’m the housekeeper, but with these boys I have to be the master sergeant as well.”

“Nice to meet you Maggie. I’m Aaron Roberts, those other hooligans that ran in with Kyle are my baseball players. I’m their sergeant.”

I piled about thirty towels on a cart, unplugged it and wheeled it out to the pool area and plugged it back in. “Coach, tell the boys there is plenty of water in the cart. It should be nice and cold. We can probably scare up some soft drinks, but we don’t use them much around here. I know Maggs keeps some if someone wants some with dinner.”

“How do you manage that with Kyle? I have never seen a kid his age that didn’t guzzle soft drinks.”

I laughed. “To be honest, he will probably go back to drinking them, but we have convinced him that he needs to lay off them if he wants to develop his six-pack. At the moment that is high enough on his goal list that he is laying off them.”

“You have one exceptional son. I know that you understand I’m impressed with his baseball skills, but you might not know that I’m more impressed with his leadership ability. He isn’t obvious about it, but particularly when he is catching, there is no doubt that he is the leader on the field. I suspect that when he settles in, he will be the obvious leader. I guarantee, he will make every player on this team better. I have been a coach for a long time, I have only had one other kid that I could say that about. I’m so excited to have him on this team.”

“Thank you coach. I’ve only known Kyle for a couple of weeks, but he never ceases to amaze me. Anything he tries he seems to excel at. Not just sports, but from what I hear, he is the same way with his studies.”

“Just like his old man.” Adam walked up and swatted my butt. “Now go change, I don’t want those boys to only have me to pick on.” He turned to the coach. “You too coach, or I am going to go back inside and get dressed again.” He was laughing as hard as he could without looking silly.

Coach and I went our separate ways to get changed. As I went in the house, Maggs hugged me. I looked a little stunned, and she just said. “You have made Adam so happy and now with Kyle, I just want you to know how much I love you for being you.”

“Thanks Maggs, but I would have a hard time being anyone else. I think you know that Adam and Kyle made me very happy too. I love you Maggs, but I almost gagged when you called yourself a crusty old woman. I don’t know a soul that would consider you either of those statements.”

“Go change before you make this old woman cry.” She swatted my butt like football players do.

As I was heading out after changing, Maggs said. “Come give me a hand with this food.” She handed me a huge tray covered in finger sandwiches. She took another huge tray with apple wedges and some veggies and grapes. Once we were out at the pool she said. “Don’t soil your dinner, but I thought you might want a snack.”

“Why don’t we get snacks like that?” Adam teased.

“You do, you just have to come to the kitchen to get it. Don’t give me any of your lip Dimples.” She teased right back.

The boys devoured the sandwiches until they saw Adam and I eating the veggies. The swarm moved over to the veggie tray. I heard Kyle tell Corey. “I told you they both have awesome bodies.” Once they had eaten a little more, Kyle came to me. “Dad, can we go to the other pool and play some water polo?”

“It is okay with me, but you should ask your coach. You know that you will all have tired legs playing in that pool.”

“They went to coach and asked him. He looked at his watch. Okay, but only for thirty minutes. You can recover with only thirty minutes playing polo.”

Tanner, Corbin and Dillon came down their stairs. “So Tobin finally let you guys come home?”

“Finally is the truth. I think he is going back, He wants to see how they are going to handle making the drainage work while still letting the kids practice while they are doing it. His buddy got his attention when he said thought it best to make a new playing area temporarily so that they could doze both fields at once.”

“Come on guys; let’s play polo the eight kids against the six old dudes.”

We were bigger and stronger, but they outnumbered us and the also were playing with intensity. Coach Roberts said: “It’s been thirty minutes, next score and it is over.” It is tied two to two. Kyle had managed to sneak out and was on his way to our goal when Billy threw him a perfect pass. I saw Adam take off after him and was surprised to see him catch him before he had a chance to pass it. He turned and was headed back to their goal. I held up my hand and he hit me with a pass. I saw coach come open and got the ball to him. He threw it in and we got to tease the kids.

The boys decided they wanted to play tennis. When they ran in the house to get their sneakers, Maggs reminded them that dinner would be ready in a little over an hour. I heard them say something about washing the chlorine off in that cool looking shower in Kyle’s room. It made me think, I probably should have cautioned Kyle about volunteering too much information about his being gay.

Adam and I showered and as our usual, we had to suck each other while in the shower. We dressed with what we intended to wear to the boys practice. As soon as we came outside the boys ganged up on us. “Dad, can the guys spend the night?”

“If their parents say it is okay they can. What about the guys that aren’t here? Shouldn’t you ask them too?”

“The guys are working on it, they were just waiting on you to say it was okay. Everyone’s parents said okay, except Corey’s. His mother wants to talk to you.” I saw that the coach was talking to parents.

He brought one of the phones to me. “This is Ms. Jones. She is one of our other pitcher’s mom and she wants to talk to you about letting Blake spend the night with the guys.”

“Hello Ms. Jones, I’m Jim Carter.”

“Mr. Carter, I just wanted to make sure you knew what you are getting yourself into before agreeing to let Blake loose on you.” She was laughing and I could hear her son in the background groaning about her teasing him.

“It’s Jim please. Yes, I understand. We have had seven of them all afternoon and they have been fairly well behaved. If there has to be one to watch out for, it will be my son Kyle. He seems to be in the middle of any prank. We plan to wear them out swimming and playing tennis tonight, so that they will be tired enough to just pass out once they settle down.”

“You seem to have a handle on it. I think Blake wouldn’t speak to me all weekend if I didn’t let him go. Your son has made a real impression on the boys that were there for his try out. I almost forgot, please call me Katie.”

“I hope this doesn’t make a difference, but the boys might not have told you, my partner and I are gay. It is not something I usually tell people because I don’t think it is any of their business, but when you are allowing your child to spend the night, it is your business. I assure you that we will take good care of your son.”

“Thank you for telling me, but your son told Hunter to explain he had two dads so that there wouldn’t be any confusion later. Coach Roberts has high praise for you, your partner, your housekeeper and of course, your son. I need to go, I have a lot to get done before practice tonight if Blake is going home with you. Oh did they tell you they are all planning to ride to the tournament with you too?”

“No they didn’t bother to tell us that, but it shouldn’t be a problem. We just make them draw lots to see who rides in what vehicles.”

“I can’t wait to meet you this evening. Goodbye.”


“Jim, this is my mom, Kathy Davis.” Corey handed me his phone.

“Hi Ms. Davis, I’m Jim Carter, but please call me Jim.”

“Thanks Jim, Please call me Kathy. We have a real problem; we are flying to Seattle in the morning. So Corey isn’t going to be able to go to the tournament. He begged me to let him go and stay with you. I don’t know you well enough to ask you to do that for him, I agreed to let him go with his coach, but he is insistent he wants to go with Kyle and you and Adam. I’m sorry to ask, but will you be willing to take him, we will, of course, pay for his room.”

“It will probably be better if he just stayed in Kyle’s room. It might be lonely for them both if they stay alone. We will be happy to take him if you will sign a temporary guardianship tonight, so that we will feel comfortable that we can take care of him if heaven forbid something might happen that he needs medical care or something.”

“Sure, can I just change the name on the one we signed for Aaron?”

“Probably, but I will have my attorney email me the one he has had me use before. One of our security detail is a notary so we can get it done at the baseball field.”

“Fantastic. I will bring his clothes and uniforms tonight. Let me speak to Corey so that I can make sure I get everything he needs. Thank you so much Jim, I really appreciate you doing this for Corey.”

“You are most welcome.”

I gave Corey the phone. “Thanks mom.” He laughed. “Yeah, he is really nice.” He sighed. “Yes, all my uniforms and my extra cap. Oh, and bring my video game box.” Another pause. Yes, the Wii box too, Kyle is bringing his too, but we need more than one for the third row guys. Thanks mom.” He hung up. “She seemed happy to get me out of her hair this weekend. She was a lot nicer to me than she usually is.”

I thought that was a strange statement, but didn’t say anything, mostly because I didn’t know what to say. Adam waved me over to where he was standing. “We need both trucks to get these kids back home tonight. Tomorrow will be tough too. Our little social directory doesn’t seem to have any concept of logistics.”

“That is what they keep parents around for. He just expects us to take care of it.”

“I was thinking that it might be a good idea to go rent one of those big RVs. What do you think?”

“Sounds great to me.”

“I will go check on one. I had Maggs make me a sandwich. I will meet you at the field later.”

“You might want to see if we can rent a driver too. I don’t want to have try and maneuver one of those big bastages around.”

“Me either, but Jake said they had three or four of our security detail that could handle it. It will make them happier to have one of their own in the cab.” I nodded and he gave me a peck on the lips. “See you later babe.” He left.

Maggs told us dinner would be ready in ten minutes. Hunter was on the phone and said so everyone could hear. “Taylor says he has dibbs on the new kid after practice. He is our best tennis player.”

“Tell him he is going down Hunter!” Kyle said loudly.

Hunter laughed. “He says he wants to bet ten bucks.”

“Make it twenty and he has a bet. His ten and ten he made a bad bet.”

“He says your own.”

“Tell him to bring cash, I don’t take checks.”

The boys were all laughing. Corey said. “Taylor is our best tennis player, but he is also the best at talking smack. I think he just got smacked in the mouth.”

“Yep, I don’t think he has a chance with Kyle.” Sam added.

“From what I saw this morning, his number one pitcher is in jeopardy too.” John said.

“Three of us have dropped to number two, but the good news he can only play one position at a time. I don’t mind being number two if we win.” Corey said.

“Me either. I just hope I get to catch him when he pitches.” Said Daniel.

“Come on guys, cut the shit. You are going to give me the big head.”

They all laughed. “That false modesty crap isn’t going to walk in this crowd. We have seen you in action. You don’t get that confident by being unsure of your skills.”

Maggs had set up a buffet and was watching the boys load up their plates. Daniel was the first one through the line and he tried to just put a tiny bit of vegetables on his plate. “Boy, you can’t play sports if you don’t eat your vegetables. Now come here let me help you.” She put some squash and asparagus on his plate. “That will be fine if you eat all your salad. I will be watching.”

“Ma’am those salad bowls are huge, I don’t like salad much.”

“You want to be an athlete, so just do it and don’t sass me.”

Hunter couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes ma’am.”

“Good choice Hunter.” Kyle kidded. “One person that no one argues with in this house is Maggs. She is a diva with a serving spoon.”

He got a big laugh and a shake of the tongs from Maggie. I did notice all the boys learned from Hunter’s mistake and had plenty of veggies on their plates.

Soon Hunter said. “Hey these veggies are delicious. Thanks for making me take them.”

“You’re welcome Hunter, but all my food is delicious or it isn’t on the table. Sorry I had to make an example of you, but that is the price for being first.” She chuckled.

After dinner Kyle came up to me. “Dad, can we go get me a sleeping bag? We decided that we would all sleep in there with sleeping bags. I have plenty of my allowance left.”

“We have plenty of rooms so that everyone can have a bed.”

“I know, but we want to sleep in the rec room.”

“Okay bud, we better think about leaving if we have to make a stop. Oh, did you warn Maggs what you were bring home after practice?” He gave me a strange look. “Four more boys and they would still be here in the morning?”

“Of course, you don’t think I would risk the wrath of Maggs do you?”

Maggs heard him. “What about my wrath? You want my spatula on your backside young pup?”

“No ma’am, I was assuring dad that I warned you about bringing the whole team home with me tonight.” She laughed.

“I almost have you trained, now if I could do the same with him and Adam.” She enjoyed teasing me.

We loaded up and stopped to get Kyle’s sleeping bag. We went to the same store that was making his uniforms and caps, we had picked up the other equipment on our first visit. They told us his uniforms were ready, like they told us only one cap in his size, so that would have to wait until next week. His uniforms were in garment bag, but they asked him to try them on before he left. They wanted to make sure they all fit. They all fit fine. They gave Kyle six pair of special sox to wear under his regular sox until his shoes were broken in. They said to wash them normally, but to switch them between games when they had more than one a day. We also bought a couple of drink containers for the dugout with several boxes of powdered Gatorade.

We stopped and filled one of the jugs and then headed to the field. Adam pulled up right after we pulled up and parked. With his equipment bag and bat bag, Kyle looked like he had his arms full. “Hey babe, did you find something to get us to San Antonio?”

He laughed. “Did I ever, but we aren’t renting it, we bought it. It was a real bargain. The guy that ordered it, couldn’t pay for it when it got here. They have been trying to sell it for almost a year and no one wants it, but it is perfect for what we want. It wasn’t made to sleep a lot of people, but would be perfect to transport the team in comfort. It can seat about twenty with two refrigerators and two bathrooms. It has six TV’s with Blue-ray players and a satellite setup. I think all six have front connections for video games. You should see the seats in that thing.”

“So will it be ready for us tomorrow?”

“No, they said they would do all the prep tonight and Allen is all set to drive it to the house tonight. He and Jack are going to stop and stock up on drinks sandwich makings and snacks, so it will be ready to rock and roll.”

Practice went well. Kyle was the first to start batting practice. Again he got accolades from the coach when he bunted his first four pitches. He then hit two out and then made four more good hits.

Coach sent him to short next and he was like a vacuum out there. He got to two balls that caused the parents to gasp and cheer. When he went to catch, again people were impressed. I heard one man tell another. “I thought he was stretching the truth when Billy said this kid was superman. He said he was a really cool guy too. You know that is the best compliment any kid will give another. Being cool is the best.” They laughed.

I couldn’t help but swell with pride in Kyle. After everyone had taken batting practice, Coach Roberts had his five best hitters try to hit Kyle. He told Kyle there were no outs and he needed to get us out of the inning without a score. He also put Corey on first. He then went over to whisper to Corey.

The first couple of throws to first Corey got back easily. His first throw to the plate was a swing and miss. His next throw to first caught Corey leaning to second and he was out easily. Corey went running back to the dugout, but coach put him on first again. He picked Corey off again and that caused him to take a lot smaller lead off first. He struck out the first batter. The next batter got a bat on the ball, but popped it up. Kyle shouted “Short”. The short stop made the catch and the second baseman was in position to get the ball if it was missed. I could see the smile on the coaches face from the stands.

“That’s how it’s done boys. Take all the guesswork out of it.”

Kyle struck out the next two and the last player hit into a double play. Everyone was excited and jumping up and down.

“Okay boys, two laps around the outfield and then the first three drop out each lap after that.” The boys took off. Kyle wasn’t expecting it, but the other boys were. He was dead last, but had caught up before they made it to the right field fence. Kyle, Corey and Taylor were the first three to get to drop out. He and Corey must have made another challenge, because the too, off after the boys after the last had made it to center field. They caught up and were ahead again before the last of the boys got to set out. Four of the other fastest boys were waiting when they came around and took off just before they got to home. They were running hard and Kyle and Corey had to put it into another gear. It took some effort, but Kyle and Corey did manage to come in one, two again. Corey was still at third when Kyle crossed the plate.

“Kyle you aren’t even breathing as hard as the rest of these clowns are. How do you do it?”

“I’m used to running morning and night with Jim and Adam. They can run me into the ground. At least for now. I’m trying my best to get into that condition.”

The parents were all very friendly and they all teased us about surviving and if we needed them to come get their hellions to feel free to call. I must admit, these parents were all very nice and I think they all got along very well. It concerned me that I had not met or seen Corey’s mother. Just then a car pulled up and a woman got out. “Corey come get your shit. I’m don’t have any time.” Kyle offered to help and they took off to get his stuff. I went over to meet her. She seem perturbed that I wanted to meet her, but she was friendly enough, I just thought she seemed in a hurry to get rid of her son. I could see where Corey got his good looks though. She is a very attractive woman.

Once they all their equipment loaded into the two trucks, they figured out some way to split up between the two of us for the trip home. When we got in the garage and saw the RV, the boys were all over it checking all the nooks and carneys. It still have the new RV smell. The boys hung their garment bags with their uniforms in the RV and stowed their equipment and bat bags in the storage areas. They decided they needed to keep their video games out until tomorrow, so they would have them tonight.

I heard Taylor say. “Okay speedy, are you ready to get your butt kicked on the tennis court.

“Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your tadpole ass, I already going to nail you for twenty bucks.”

“Kyle Carter, watch your language boy.”

“Sorry dad, I didn’t know you could hear.” I could help but laugh.

“I’m sure of that.” I countered.

I didn’t hear how they decided to split up, but soon there were two doubles games and two singles games in full swing. Soon Adam, Tanner, Frank and I were pressed into service to be judges. I agreed to judge as long as neither one of them complained. First complaint and I was gone. I was lucky there was only one close call and it went against Kyle who just stuck his tongue out at me.

Their game could have gone either way, but Taylor finally won two sets to one. Kyle tried too hard in the final set and hit a few balls out that he should have nailed. The good news is he took it all in stride and had a twenty in his bag to give Taylor on the spot. To his credit Taylor didn’t brag or rub his winning in. They went to watch the other boys like best buds.

Kyle saw Adam and I head inside. “Hey you two, are you going to run tonight?”

“We were going to get in our running gear right now.”

“Why can’t you just run in what you have on?”

“We haven’t dressed for baseball practice; we need to change if you know what I mean.”

“No, what exactly do you mean?” Kyle couldn’t hide his devious antics.

“Well, think about it. You’re a smart boy, you will figure it out eventually.”

Hunter spoke up. “Then need jocks, dummy.”

“He knows dweeb; he was just trying to tease his dads.”

“I should have figured that.”

We were soon back and we had twelve boys running with us. Soon Tanner, Frankie, Corbin and Dillon were running with us. When Adam and I finished our ten miles, we jogged over to the pool and pulled our shoes and socks off and jumped in the pool. Kyle was pulling his shoes off and said. “Why did you jump in with your clothes on? I told the guys that we usually skinny dip and they want to try it.”

He had his clothes off and was in the pool in no time. “That probably isn’t a good idea with our guests.” I guess we were out numbered. Soon the pool was full of naked boys. Corbin and the guys soon joined the boys. We gave up and threw our clothes on the deck.

After about twenty minutes Maggs came out and the boys started scrambling to hide their bodies from her. She laughed very big and said. “It has been a long time since I have seen tan lines in this pool. I have snacks for you in the kitchen. You do have to wear clothes in there, so get those cute little butts in the shower and get the chlorine off and get dressed again.” She pointed to the pool house so they would know where the shower was. These boys might have been shy around Maggs, but they had no inhibition otherwise.

Adam and I showered and then dried. We went to the short bins and put on some soft cotton shorts. “If you boys want some soft shorts there are all sizes in these bins. Help yourself.”

“Grab some guys there are the best sleep shorts I have ever worn.” Kyle put his shorts on. “We still have to wear a shirt, there should be plenty in my room so you don’t have to dig into your bag.”

We took our wet clothes and shoes upstairs. I was pleased to see they boys were cleaning their stuff too. By the time we took our stuff to our bedroom and got our shirts on. We heard the herd of boys running to the kitchen. Maggs had berries with ice cream. It looked fantastic.

Adam and I said your goodnights to the boys and started to our room. “Dad, don’t go running without us.”

“We figured you boys would want to sleep in.”

“Kyle told us that you told him that to get a six pack like you guys have we have to build up our stamina then we can work on the core. We will do it for sure with you two leading us, so we want to run with you. Maybe by the end of the weekend, we will get used to it.”

“We are also a slow to wake up team. Saturday we have an eight o’clock game. We are usually very bad during morning games. Maybe running will wake us up.”

“Hey I have a good answer for that. My old team was like that until we used to jump in the pool for five minutes before we left for the field and that woke us up. We can run in out swim trunks and then just jump in the pool at the motel.”

“We will wake you guys when we run.”

I told Adam as we went to our bedroom. “I can see the writing on the wall. I am sending Dave a message to try to add another room to our block. Those boys are going to want to spend the night together all weekend. They can open the adjoining room doors and two rooms should hold them.”

Very uncharacteristic of Adam and I we fell asleep without any sexual pleasure at all. I woke Friday morning with my senses in overload, but it is my favorite way to wake up. My cock was in Adam’s hot loving mouth. His knees were on either side of my head. His beautiful balls were filling my nose with their musky scent. As I became aware of my surroundings, I took his beautiful balls into my loving mouth. I eyes were feasting on his tight hole and I reluctantly left his balls and stretched to lick his hot hole. Adam was moaning and it was easy for me to tell he was close to orgasm. He gets so excited when he wakes me up by sucking my cock that by the time I wake up, he is almost ready to fire his hot load. I don’t want to waste any of his sweet nectar, so I wrap my arms around him and roll us onto our sides so that I can suck his beautiful cock without bending it too much. The taste of his sweet pre-cum raised my level of excitement by an order of magnitude. He moaned again and this throat sent tickles to my cock head. When Adam tensed and began unloading his wonderful nectar into my hungry mouth, I couldn’t hold out any longer and began unloading into his sucking mouth. We both knew our partner would become sensitive quickly and didn’t want to leave the cock we were worshiping. We both just kissed and held the cock gently in our mouth. When we did have to break apart, we fell into a blissful, passionate kiss that developed into gentle loving kisses.

“You sure know how to wake me up. I love waking up to your beautiful nuts filling my nose with my Adam smell. I love you so much.”

“It’s fantastic having my best friend as my lover. I can’t imagine any way I could possibly be happier. I love you soul mate.”

We just pulled on our jocks and running shorts and shoes. I wasn’t sure the boys would get up and run with us, but when we went into the rec room, about half of them were already in their running shorts. When they saw us they started waking the others. Kyle was one of the ones still asleep. All of the boys not yet awake had boners leading the way to the bathroom to relieve that problem. Kyle was naked with his erection displayed proudly on the way to the bathroom. That boy has no problem showing off his body to anyone. To my surprise they were all ready quickly and we all went out and started stretching.

They all were in good shape, although there were three of them I would call a little chunky. I’m sure they could get into better shape easily if they would work a little more on conditioning. We lowered our pace a bit and all the boys except for four of them were able to keep up.

Just as they planned to do at the tournament, they took off their shoes and everything else too and jumped in the pool. Let’s hope they don’t try to go skinny dipping at the motel.

Once they showered, Adam and I went to our room to shower and get dressed, Maggs had breakfast for everyone. “Hey Maggs, they get eggs, sausage, and pancakes? You never let us eat that?”

“You can have some today, but tomorrow is back to whole grain and fruit. I kept your face pimple free and your body strong. These boys aren’t used to eating like I have you trained.” Like they were laser guided, the boys made a bee line to the fruit and cereal. “Drink plenty of juice boys, it is good for you.”

I guess Maggs thought it would be better to waste a little sausage and eggs to imprint better nutrition on the boys. She whispered to me. “Those boys want to have bodies like you and Adam, you too have to watch yourselves, they will copy everything you do.”

We took it easy for the rest of the morning. A few of the boys played some tennis, but the big hit for the boys was Swing Tec equipment. Kyle was showing them their golf swings on the computer and all the slow motion views and diagnostics.

Right after lunch we loaded up. I had everyone make one last check to make sure they had everything. Once we were outside Katy and the traffic wasn’t a problem, Adam and I went back to where the kids were. It looked like they were having some sort of video game tournament with all the boys cheering and goading the two playing. It was odd to see the others sitting idle and the boys all around the two playing.

Adam and I went to the very back of the RV and decided to watch a movie call ‘Race to Witch Mountain’. We had been watching about fifteen minutes when Corey knocked on the door frame. I paused the movie. “Come in Corey. You know the boy in this movie could be your little brother”

“Yeah, some of my friends teased me about that. Can I talk to you guys for a minute?”

“Sure bud, what’s on your mind?”

“I just want to say thanks for taking care of me. No, it’s more than that. I think you guys are fantastic parents. Maybe it’s because you are close to our age, I don’t know. You just seem to like everyone and everyone counts.”

“Everyone does count, bud. Don’t you think everyone has something to offer as a friend?”

“Yes, I do. I’m not doing a very good job to saying what I want to say. It just seems to come out wrong when I say it.”

“Don’t worry about how it sounds bud. Just tell us what is bothering you.” I put my arm around him and gave him a one arm hug to reassure him.

He gave a big sigh. “My mom hates me. Well not really hates me. I think she loves me, but can’t stand that I’m gay. She found out about just before school was out. She just does what she has to and ignores me the rest of the time. I have tried to talk to her, but all she can say is ‘For God’s sake don’t let Bill find out. He will try to beat the queer out of you and I know that won’t work.’ She basically just ignores me. I know she acted like this was a special case that she couldn’t come to the tournament, but she hasn’t come since she found out. I think Bill knows now too, but I haven’t even seen him for a couple of weeks.”

He was sobbing. I wrapped my other arm around him into a tighter hug in an attempt to let him know someone was there for him. “I take it this Bill isn’t your dad?”

“No, my dad died when I was three or four. Bill is a real bigot, not just gays, but blacks and Hispanics are almost as bad in his opinion. That was the excuse he always used to never come to our tournaments. Sam and Timmy being black and John being Hispanic of course, I never wanted him to come anyway. My mother isn’t much better. All the guys know I’m gay and accept me and Kyle just everyone right off that he was gay he said he didn’t want to surprise anyone and cause a problem. He had balls.” He laughed. “And guts too.” He chuckled and blushed a little.

“Corey, I’m sorry your mother is not able to enjoy and accept the way God made you. Some people I guess we will never understand. Would you like me to talk to your mother when we get back?”

“What I would like is for you to be my dad, but if you think it might help would you please talk to her?”

“Of course I will. If you ever need us just call.”

“You already have helped just talking to you. It also helps to see that being gay is not the end of the world.”

“Anytime you need to talk you can either Adam or I. I have a feeling Kyle has already given you our numbers.” He nodded. “That boy doesn’t miss much. Did he tell you to come talk to us.”

“Yes and no. I asked him if he thought you would talk to me. He just laughed and said ‘Jim and Adam would probably be disappointed if I knew you were having problems and didn’t insist you talk to them.’ I agree he is special. He has been with the team one day and everyone looks to him to take our ques. He will make us all better people and better ball players too.” I gave him a squeeze and a grin.

One of the boys yelled. “Come on Carter it’s your turn.”

“I’m on my way.” Corey got up and started into the room.

“Carter, I thought your last name was Davis?’

“No, that’s Bill’s name and my mother’s. I’m still Carter like my dad. It has been so long, I just barely remember him.” He ran into the other room. “Okay, who is my victim?”

We resumed the movie and enjoyed the movie. We whispered our desires to close the door and ravish each other’s bodies, but we managed to control our passion. We wouldn’t want to give the peanut gallery a show.

As we walked through to the front, it appeared that Corey and Sam were playing for the championship of the race game they were playing. Jake called from the driver’s area. “We will be pulling into the motel in a couple of minutes. We have some stop lights to deal with, so you should take your seats.”

Adam told the boys that we had two adjoining rooms for them if they wanted to stay together again, but their parents had to agree. He also said they were all fourteen and fifteen years old and should be responsible for themselves. He said that we will trust them unless they give us reason to not. They all seemed to love this plan and promised they would behave.

Only Taylor and Hunter’s families had arrived before we did. There boys were happy to see them, but quick to tell them all about their visit and trip. After we had checked in I gave two keys to each room to Kyle and Corey. I knew they were going to be staying, so I told them to make sure someone had a room key when they left the room. Taylor and Hunter and their families came to thank us for taking care of their sons, but said they couldn’t impose on us for this weekend.

“Your sons were perfect guests; it was a pleasure to get to know them. All the boys were great. It won’t be an imposition, we have two adjoining rooms that should keep them occupied. They have all promised to be on their best behavior and from last night and today I have no reason to doubt them. We do understand if you want them with you, but feel free to let them stay if you change your mind.”

“Where are the boys, Taylor needs to get his stuff and bring it to our room.”

“The boys are in 203 and 204, I’m guessing they are in the middle of one of their video games. We have the pizza place expecting us at 5:30 this afternoon. I didn’t know how many brothers and sisters, so we just told them to expect around thirty people with probably fifteen hungry teenagers. They said they would be prepared.”

“We couldn’t let you pay for dinner too.”

“It’s already taken care of. Please don’t worry about cost; that is very unimportant.”

We were at room 204 and they knocked. “Come in.” Of course the door was locked. “Sorry, forgot.” Timmy said as he opened the door.

“Where is Taylor?”

“He must be in there.” We heard the other room cheer.

We went to the adjoining door and they said. “Get your things Taylor, you need to stay with us.”

“Oh mom, why can’t I stay with the guys?”

“We miss you son.”

“We want to do everything as a team this weekend. Please.”

They finally gave in and she caught me chuckling. “You just chuckle; I think you are as bad as they are. She kissed me and Adam on the cheek. Thanks.” I gave her a copy of all the rooms for the team.

“How did you get this? We can never get them to give us these and we always ask.”

“Dave is not the kind to take no for an answer. I don’t know his secret, but he is the one that emailed it to us.”

“Who is Dave?”

“He is our assistant and always makes things go smoothly.”

As the parents started arriving at the motel, they all initially didn’t want to let their son stay with the gang, but the boys all managed to talk them into letting them stay together. The boys took their uniforms and were all dressed in shorts, tee shirt, and sandals. The pizza place was ready for us when we arrived. They had a lot of pizza and bread sticks. We were in a private dining room and had the run of the place. I think every parent made it a point to thank me for taking care of the boys and feeding the entire team family. I explained that we were happy to be a part of this family.

When we got to the ball field, the boys hurried off the RV in great spirits and excited about starting their tournament. The coach called everyone around. The parents and the team. “I’m thinking about starting Tyler tonight. I know most of the team is afraid of the Indians, and I agree they are tough. I think we are tough enough to beat them with our third pitcher. I want to save Corey and Kyle for Sunday’s championship games. Just because we have let them get into our heads in the past, let’s turn it back to them. I’m confident we can beat them tonight, but if you guys aren’t then we are in trouble. We have to win our pool to play Sunday and tonight is the key game. I know it is my responsibility to make the decisions, but in this case I want you boys to tell me what you think.”

“I know I’m new, but I will never admit those feathered dudes can beat us. Coach, if you think this pitching lineup is what we need to win the tournament. Let’s kick some butt.”

“Yeah coach, let’s kick some Indian butt.”

They did a few wind sprints and stretches then started warming up their arms.

We were the home team and as soon as infield practice was over Kyle took Tyler to the bullpen and started their warm-up. Tyler pitched a good game. In the top of the ninth he loaded the bases. It looked like he was starting to struggle. The count was zero and two when Kyle threw to third and picked off the lead runner. That made the third out, but if we didn’t score in bottom of the ninth we would go into extra innings and would have to use a different pitcher.

In the bottom of the ninth, Corey hit a double. Daniel walked and the fourth ball got past the catcher and Corey ended up on third. Kyle was up with one out and runners on first and third. Coach called him to conference. They were talking back and forth, I thought it was unusual; I figured Kyle was just say yes sir and do what he was told. Kyle took the first pitch. The odd part was he didn’t even take the bat off his shoulder. The second pitch, he bunted perfectly down the first baseline. Corey was running with the pitch and was across the plate before the first baseman got to the bunt. Kyle was safe and we won the game.

In the meeting after the game Hunter’s dad said. “Coach that was brilliant having Kyle bunt. It was a great play.”

I wish I could take credit for it. Kyle said if we wait until the second pitch they wouldn’t suspect any kind of play being on and it should be an automatic run. He went on to explain that the big left handed pitcher would be way out of position to make a play the way he fall off the mound to third. The catcher is tired and lazy and will be caught off guard. He said the first baseman will have to make the play and he is too slow to get to the ball before he can get to first let alone throw it to the second baseman covering in case he does play it correctly. That whole thought process was Kyle. That kid knows his baseball.”

The boys soon had their cleats off and their sandals on. As we approached the RV Hunter said.”Don’t forget to change as soon as we get inside and sit on a towel if you have to sit with your uniform on. We don’t want to get this beautiful RV dirty.” I couldn’t believe my ears.

Billy said. “Hey Adam are you and Jim going to run as soon as we get to the motel, or later?”

“I think as soon as we get back and change. Is that okay with you Jim?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“We are going to run too guys and don’t forget you need to make sure we are awake early tomorrow. We are going to run then jump in the pool to really get us awake. We have always been slow starters, if this works, we will be unstoppable.”

When we got back to the motel, Jake from our security detail stopped us and spoke to the boys. “You have four keys that will let you into your two rooms. We know you may not have pockets when you are running. We have each of you a wrist wallet just like the ones that Jim and Adam use. They are yours, don’t lose them.” He handed the wallets to each boy as they walked past. “I suggest you get used to wearing them, even if you are not one of the boys with a key.”

We all went in and changed to our running gear. The boys were fast. Adam and I were the last two to arrive in the parking lot to begin our run. We ran in the small park next to the motel. We ran our ten miles. We still have four stragglers, but they were not as far behind as they were the first time. I knew they hadn’t improved their stamina that quickly, so their improvement had to be from their determination. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

As we got back to the motel there was several of the boys moms waiting for us. “Sheila was right, you boys are hunks. I just had to see for myself.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Well boys looks like we have to wear shirts from now on.”

Back in our room we showered and Adam and I as usual, couldn’t keep our hands or mouths off each other. Although this shower wasn’t as much fun as oral sex in our shower at home, it didn’t stop us from making each other very happy in the shower. We cuddled in the bed and watched the news before going to sleep.

The next morning we woke and called the boys rooms to get them up for our run. We all had on our bathing trunks so that we could jump in the pool after the run. I figured the run would be enough to wake them fully, but was happy to go along with their efforts to improve their alertness of a morning. We won our two Saturday games without any real threat the other team might win.

Hunter and Sam’s moms were going to wash the teams uniforms. They gave Kyle a big safety pin for his socks and jocks. They told him the coach had order him a number tag, but until next week he wouldn’t have one.

We won easily on Sunday and were the champions. The boys all wanted to ride home in the RV, but their parents insisted they all ride home with them. Of course, we had Corey to ride with us.


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