Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 8

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Chapter 8:

Corey said. “Hey guys, my cell phone doesn’t work anymore. It says Requires authorization’ when I try to use it. What do you think that means?”

“I don’t know Cor, maybe we will find out when we talk to your mom.” Adam said.

“That’s just it, she hasn’t answered her phone or called me back all weekend. I think something is wrong.”

“Did you try your step-dad?”

“He isn’t my step-dad, just her husband, but no I don’t even have his number.”

“We will get it all straightened out shortly, bud.” I put my arm around his shoulders. I hope I sounded more positive, than I was feeling at the moment. We were almost to Corey’s house when I tried to uplift his sprits. “I bet your mom will be excited that we won the tournament.”

“I doubt that. She has never cared before. I bet her first words are: ‘How much do I owe Jim and Adam? I know you didn’t pay for anything.’ She cares what people think of her, to some degree. She has never asks if I had a good time or problems while with someone else.” I started to say something. “It doesn’t matter, I’m used to it. I’ve learned that I don’t need her approval or caring anymore. Having to deal with Bill made me strong enough that she can’t make me feel inferior. I’m the only one that can make me feel anything. Especially anything bad. So I choose to not make myself feel anything but happy.”

“Corey, I must say you are wise beyond your fifteen years. Not only are you wise, but very resourceful too. I’m proud of you son.”

“I wish I were your son. Kyle is so lucky to have you and Adam.”

“It is Adam and me that are the lucky ones. We haven’t even known him very long, but the pride of being his parents have really given Adam and I so much joy. I wouldn’t have understood or believed this a month ago, but the unconditional love that a parent feels for a child, is awesome. That is why I can’t understand parents that can neglect and abuse their children.”

I had a bad feeling as we pulled into Corey’s driveway, but I helped him carry his clothes and gear to the house. The door was locked, but he found his key and unlocked the door. What we saw was unbelievable. The house was empty. Not a stick of furniture or pictures. I did see a stack of paper on the counter between the kitchen and dining room. “Corey, there are some papers over here.” I could see his eyes full of tears. “Do you want me to see what they say?”

“Please.” He hung on to me and was starting to cry even more. “I knew she didn’t like me anymore, but I never thought she would just run off and leave me. What’s going to happen to me?”

“Let’s see what these papers say.” I took a quick look at the papers. “Here is a letter to you Corey.” I handed him the letter.

“Will you read it to me? I can’t see for the tears.”

“Dear Corey. I know a million things are running through your head right now. I’m not going to lie to you and try to sugar coat it. When I found out you were gay, I tried to accept it, but it was impossible to do much more that tolerate the thought. When you told your team that you were queer and people knew, I was ashamed to show my face there. God only knows what those bitches were saying behind my back.

I don’t know how Bill found out, but when he did, he wanted to beat the faggot out of you, but I talked him out of it. I was afraid they would put him in jail. When he got a job in Seattle he make me chose him or you.

I know deep down it is wrong of me to choose Bill, but I have to think of my future. You are almost grown. I am hoping that this new kid’s dad, Jim will take you and look out for you. I have paid Saint Sebastian for the next three years, so your high school is paid for. You have two different trust funds from your grandparents, so that will cover your college education and much more. They are set up so that you have complete control when you’re eighteen.

I have all your records in the folders here. I have included a document asking Mr. Carter to be your guardian until you are of age. From what I understand that should allow him to make all important decisions for you if something should happen.

You room has been packed and everything is in the boxes in your room except your motorcycle and bicycle they are in the garage with your tools and stuff. I have a check here for Mr. Carter so that he won’t have to burden the cost of your food and such. You are a fine young man and I do love you, I just can’t accept you being queer. I wish you the best. Love mom.”

There was a letter to me asking me to take Corey or help find someone that would watch over him.

Corey was about cried out and he asked. “What is going to happen to me now?”

Adam, Kyle, and a couple of the guards had come in while I was reading the letters. Kyle put his arm around Corey. “Jim and Adam will take care of it.” He looked at us and we nodded. “They won’t promise you anything other than they will fight to make sure you can live with us. I know because it scared me when they couldn’t promise me anything but that. The courts and CPS have rules and they can cause trouble, but Jim and Adam have good friends that will help them.”

“You said before you wished we were your father, do you still feel that way?” I hugged him. I want to everything in my power to keep you with us, but I need to know that is what you want.”

“Yes sir, I would love to live with people that loved and cared for me. I want to stay with you very much.”

I called Mark and Jack to get them started on allowing us to keep Corey. Mark said he would take care of allowing us temporary custody and he agreed that emancipation would be pretty much our only option in Texas. Jack said he would be by tomorrow to get his dollar from Corey and start the process.

We loaded the documents and boxes into the RV and we would come back with the boys and their pick-ups to get the garage.

We got back to the house and Maggs worked her magic on Corey and he was soon out of his funk and laughing and having a good time. The day passed and about eight that night we had someone knocking on the patio door. It was Patrick from the security detail. I let him in. “Jim, we have a problem. Someone is trying to connect a computer to the network.”

“In the confusion, I forgot we have a new boy here. I assume it is Corey. He is unpacking.”

“Can we talk to him? It is sending alarms all over the security net.”

“Sure, we need to get him one of our laptops and a phone too.” We knocked on Corey’s door and he said come in. “Corey, the security guys are going nuts when your laptop tried to connect to the network. We will replace it with one of ours.”

“I see that is a PC, most of us use Mac’s, do you want to keep the PC or will a Mac do?” I asked him.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t know I was doing something wrong.”

“You weren’t doing anything wrong at all; our security team is very protective of our network. You will soon get used to all their rules.”

“I will take this and transfer all your files to the new Mac book. It will be ready in the morning, so will your phone.”

Kyle came to the door. “Can you transfer all his contacts from his old phone? His mother deactivated it, but I know you guys can do magic with phones.”

“Sure we can do that.” He offered a fist for Kyle to bump. “Congratulations, I heard you guys won the tournament.”

“Yep, Corey was a big part of that. You need to congratulate him too.”

“Congratulations Corey. Nice to meet you. You will get used to us pretty quickly.”

Patrick took the laptop and phone and left. Kyle said, “I’m getting tired and want to run and then go to sleep. Anyone interested in going to run a little early tonight?”

We all decided we would run with Kyle. Adam and I went to change and were soon out by the pool stretching and loosing up. We were ready and started our run. On our third lap, Patrick and some lady stopped us when we got close to the house. Patrick said. “Guys this is Ms. Lake from Child Protective Services. She has a court order for a home visit.” He looked frustrated. “Ms. Lake, this is Mr. Carter and Mr. West, this is Kyle and this is Corey.”

I offered my hand. “Please call me Jim.”

Adam shook her hand. “Please call me Adam.”

“Let me make this clear, this isn’t a social call. I was told you would be fostering this boy, but I don’t like it one bit. We don’t like letting boys even gay boys stay with homosexuals. I was told I didn’t have any say in this, but we’ll see about that.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way. Since you said you don’t have any say in this, what can we do for you?”

“I’m required to make a home visit. I want to see where he will be sleeping and check the home to make sure he can be well cared for.”

“Patrick, please take Ms. Lake to Maggs and she will answer any questions she might have. If she wants to talk to Corey, we should be finished in fifteen or twenty minutes.” I took off running and Adam and boys followed.

Adam laughed. “You know she is pissed now.”

“Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t stand talking to her another second or I would be more pissed and say something to really piss her off.”

“Jim, don’t get her so angry she takes me away. I want to stay with you guys and if that bitch gets mad and takes me away, I don’t know what I will do. Besides, I have never felt more loved and wanted in my life. Please make that bitch like us.”

We had slowed our pace a bit. “It won’t work to be anything other than ourselves, but I agree we need to find a way to work with that woman.” We were silent the rest of our run. When we got finished, Ms. Lake was waiting in the Solarium with Maggs and they were laughing and having a good time together. “Ms Lake if you will give us a few minutes to shower and change we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. I have to apologize for being short with you before. This has been a stressful day for us and you caught me at less than my best.”

“Think nothing of it. Maggie explained everything I needed. She thinks you and Adam hung the sun and the moon you know.” She laughed and sipped her tea.

“Yes ma’am, but you need to know that she is the real one that hung the sun and moon. We would be lost without Maggs. She is the best.”

“Well, I need to get back to my husband. Thank you for your time and raising these two young men.”

“To be honest ma’am, by their age, they are pretty much to the point where they only need a little guidance and someone to listen to them. They are great kids, all we are doing is giving them a chance to become the young men, they will soon be. I am glad you will support Corey’s petition for emancipation.”

As I was walking her down to her car, she asked. “Is it always this difficult to get in to see you? We like our surprise visits to be a surprise.”

“Our security detail takes every precaution to make sure we are safe. Like tonight, I’m sure they called your boss to verify exactly who you were before they brought you close. It is difficult at times to accept all the boundaries they put on us, but they keep us safe. We don’t run our companies, but we were convinced that, because we control two major corporations and our racing business, our wealth puts us and those we love at risk. We can’t be too careful with those we love at stake. Up until about a year ago our security was so good and so unnoticeable we didn’t even know we had them. When Adam and I became a couple, the security details merged and became even more restrictive. I hope you understand and now that you are in the system, they won’t take as long as they did tonight.”

“I guess that does make sense. Wealthy people just usually call their attorney and won’t let us in at all.”

“Our attorney said the emancipation petition was in the works and that it was not like we were trying to get permanent custody, so the same rules won’t apply. I don’t understand all that, but he said to corporate and warned us there would be a site visit. We were just not expecting it tonight. It being Sunday night and all.”

I work weekends as my regular schedule. I was bored and decided to go ahead and get it out of the way. I’m really glad I came. I had a ball taking to Maggie. Corey is very lucky. His rooms are beautiful and with the support system available here he will do fine.”

“Thank you. We haven’t known our son Kyle very long, but each day we are blessed to have that boy in our lives. I never knew how special it was to have a child and the rewards of watching them in their lives. I am amazed more every day. I can’t imagine it being any better if I were a biological parent.”

“I know and in this job we see more parents than you could imagine just throw away their children. It is getting harder for me. Like Corey’s mom, I would just like to wring that woman’s neck. How could she do that to her son when he comes home from a baseball trip?”

“It shocked us all, but we were expecting something because his phone was disabled and his mother didn’t answer his calls or return them. I suspected something was wrong, but I would never have guessed what she had actually done.” I sighed. “I have only known him for a short while, but seems to be thoughtful and just a great kid. How can a mother chose to give her son away? I’m a stranger to her and she gives me her son. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be honored to be his dad.”

“Oh, Jim, I intended to ask where your other son is tonight?”

“Toby started classes the day after he registered at University of Houston. He wanted to experience the dorm life that he had been looking forward to.” I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Of course, he has come home quite a bit to eat. Maggie’s good food is not available at school. He has already told us that after the two summer sessions he will be coming back home. It helps that we have a lot of people living here that are going to Houston to ride with.”

“Yes, Maggie told me she thought you had a heart as big as a bus, with all the people you help. She said although, deep down she thinks they know, you make it seem like they are helping you.”

“You and Maggie flatter me. I try to live by the golden rule. I also believe in karma. When I’m not sure how I should act, I always think, how would my dad handle this? It has served me well so far.” She got into her car and I closed her door. “Have a safe trip home.”

When I got in the house, Adam grabbed me and said. “Let’s get a shower and I will massage all that tension out of my sweet Jim.” After we washed each other’s hair and were finished washing our bodies, I started to get amorous and went to my knees to suck my lover. “Not now, I want my hands on your body to get all that tension out of you, then we will get THAT tension out of each other.” We sat our shower on the quick dry setting and also used a couple of towels to speed up the process.

When we got to the bedroom, I could smell the warm oils that he had warming by the bed. It was evident that he intended to give me a great massage. “I am getting more relaxed just with the smell from the oils. Work your magic on me you beautiful stud.” His hands and fingers had me relaxed and then so excited I was ready to explode. I rolled onto my back and raised my legs and pulled my knees to my chest. “Fuck me stud, I need you in me NOW!.”

He licked my hole for a short time, but he knew I was on a short fuse now. He lubed my hole and his hot cock and was soon buried in me to the hilt. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed passionately. He was slow dicking me perfectly. It was so good and I was fighting hard to keep from a pre-mature orgasm. Adam has me so excited. I can feel my ass muscles squeezing his beautiful dick. “Damn Jim, you are going to make me cum already.” In just a minute or two, he was pounding my like a jackhammer. We were both charging toward a powerful orgasm. His pounding my hot button had me in orgasmic bliss and I felt myself pumping cum onto his chest and I could feel the cum dropping back onto me. I know I pumped a ton of cum between us. I could feel his cum filling me up, the heat and fullness told me he was filling my bowels with his cum. We shared another kiss and I felt him collapse on me and his cock soften and fall out of my ass. I must have been exhausted, because I don’t remember anything else until a couple of hours later and I woke up needing to pee.

I tried to wiggle out from under Adam so that I could relieve myself. I soon realized that we were glued together. When I realized that is was my cum that had us stuck together I couldn’t help to chuckle to myself. That still didn’t eliminate my immediate need to relieve myself. I gently tried to wake Adam. “Adam wake up. I need to pee and we are stuck.”

“Me too.” I felt him try to get off me and couldn’t for the pain from being glued together. We laughed. “We are really stuck. Our pubic hairs hurt the most trying to peel ourselves apart.”

“Hang on and wrap your legs around me when I get up. I will carry you into the shower and maybe the hot water can separate us.” I tried to carry him without it hurting too much, but I think by the time we got into the shower we were mostly separated. We let the water run over us and we both took a pee in the shower before we separated. Of course, we enjoyed pissing on each other. After all it is just another part of us. We were laughing and kissing the whole time. After our shower, we saw the bed. “Oh, wow. Maggs is going have a ball teasing us about this one.”

“Yeah, it would be worse though if we tried to sneak the sheets into the laundry room. Maybe she won’t even notice how soiled these sheets are.” Adam said with a chuckle. “Fat chance, she won’t notice.” We changed our sheets and were quickly snuggled together and then shortly in dreamland.

I woke up the way I love waking up the best. Adam’s knees were on either side of my head with his beautiful balls sitting on my nose. He had me so excited, I’m amazed that I had taken that long to wake up. Knowing my orgasm was getting close I took his hot cock into my mouth and started worshiping his leaking cock. Adam had me so excited while I was in dreamland, I was approaching the point of no return. I couldn’t stop my midsection from pumping into Adam’s loving mouth. I couldn’t stop the inevitable and filled his sweet mouth with my hot cum. Once I came down from my excited state enough to concentrate on making Adam cum, I worked my finger into Adam’s hot hole and started working on his prostrate. Almost immediately, I was rewarded with my first taste of Adam for the day. After the amount of cum he deposited in me last night I was surprised he had so much for me this morning. Once he finished filling my mouth with his sweet cum, I just held his cock in my mouth. I knew he was sensitive, so I didn’t do anything but enjoy having his cock in my mouth. I felt him start to do more to my cock than just let it stay warm there. When I started to work on his cock again he swung around and kissed me passionately. He raised up and said. “We better get our run in, Cameron will be here soon.”

“Those new exercises he started me on Thursday may help my flexibility, but I think they are going to kill me first. Remind me to ask him if my back is supposed to hurt like hell while doing those.”

“Okay will do.” We heard Kyle and Corey talking and knew they were waiting on us. We laughed and got dressed. “I guess all we have to do is not wake them up once and they set their alarms. It was a good idea to make them take responsibility on their own.”

Kyle and Corey were waiting for us and we walked out to see all the guys stretching and warming up, even Hank and Paul. “I’m surprised to see you and Paul here this early.” I teased Hank.

“We try not to miss when Cameron is doing the kickboxing workouts.” He grinned. “Paul thought he might cancel it to evaluate Corey, but I told him that as much as we all like the kickboxing workouts I was sure he would go ahead with it.”

“I forgot about kickboxing. The new exercises that he has me doing to work on my flexibility has my back hurting like crazy after I do them all.”

“I know, remember I have been doing them for almost a year now. It took me almost a month to get where my back muscles got used to being worked that much. We soon started our run and we got ten miles in before we saw Cameron waiting for us.

“Okay guys, grab a towel and take a couple of minutes to cool down.” He laughed. “I see we have a full house today. How is your back Jim? The soreness should go away in another week or two. If it gets to hurting so badly that you can’t handle it, back off a few reps. You have worked your pectorals so much you have a little too little range of motion. Not enough you notice it in your golf game yet, so your muscles should adjust quickly.”

“Adam and I were talking the other day. We could build a new gym over by the tennis courts, so that we wouldn’t be so crowded when we all want to workout with you. Would you be interested in helping to design an amazing gym that would allow all of us to workout at once. Not that we can’t now, but it is crowded and especially when we have our special kickboxing workouts, it is limiting.”

He laughed. “Most people would love to have the gym you have now and you want even better. I hope all these guys know how special it is to be in your select group of friends.” He laughed again. “I would be a fool if I didn’t want to help you design a fantastic gym. I assume you will let me use the design to open a new gym.”

“Of course, in fact, we will help you open the gym if you want, just as long as you continue to come work with us a few times a week.”

Cameron assured me that my back would soon be able to handle the flexibility exercises without hurting. Adam and I asked Cameron to work with Harry our architect after we called him and he agreed to work the Cameron to build us a new gym.

Kyle had an appointment at one PM to take the necessary tests and another interview with the school. He was nervous but I reminded him that his first interview went well and he enjoyed talking to the same guy. This interview was basically to help him decide what electives would be best for him. We dropped Kyle off and were told to come back at five and he should be about ready by then.

Adam, Corey and I have decided to go play golf while Kyle is taking his tests. Corey asked if we would let his boyfriend Steve play with us. His mother was happy for him to go with us and Corey asked if he could spend the night and his mother said he could. She pulled me aside to talk. “I know that Steve is gay and in love with Corey, but he hasn’t told us. I’m sure he is afraid we will react badly, but we have suspected for a couple of years and known for a few months. If you get the opportunity to talk to him, please do. I would feel much better if he told us on his terms instead of us having to tell him we know. I also want you to know that we appreciate that he has a friend and family that knows about gay matters.”

“We will let him know that he can always talk to us without being judged in any way. I’m not sure exactly what you want Adam and I to do, but we will do our best to let Steve know we are here anytime he needs someone to talk with. As far as suggesting he tell you and your husband that he is gay, that should be his decision on his timetable. I will try to suggest he talks to you if he asks, but I can’t in good conscience push him to do that. I’m afraid he will feel railroaded if we don’t let him talk to you at his own pace.”

“I see your point. I love my son and I want him to feel comfortable around us.”

“I think it will all work out. I just don’t want to betray his trust even before I have it. I will talk to him and if the opportunity presents itself, I will try to lead him toward talking with you. I hope you can accept that.”

“I understand and thanks for letting Steve spend the night with Corey.”

“He is welcome anytime. Maggie is like a cross between a loving grandmother and a stern nun school teacher. She has everyone loving her, but we all know who is boss too.” She couldn’t help but chuckle.

We left and headed to the club. Hank was ready for us when we got there. We asked him to give Corey and Steve a lesson when we were finished with our game. We explained that we wouldn’t be around that we had to go to the school to pick up Kyle. We asked him to set them both up with custom clubs and put them on twice weekly schedule for lessons. We let him know that the lessons should be in the mornings so that they wouldn’t interfere with Corey’s baseball practice.

We had difficulty helping the boys with course management, because they didn’t know how far they hit their clubs. I think we did manage to improve their score a little, but they had so much fun driving the carts and racing each other they didn’t seem to care about their scores.

We just swapped our shoes and socks for sandals and headed back to the school. We were early, but as we were pulling into the school drive, my phone rang. It was Kyle telling us he was finished and waiting for us to talk to the vice principal. When we walked up he hugged us both. “Man, that test was brutal. It wasn’t that hard, but there were so many parts and they were all timed.”

“So how did you do?” Adam asked.

“Who knows? He graded them as I started another, but he didn’t tell me anything, but that you guys would be pleased. I guess that means I did okay at least.”

“I bet that means you did a lot better than okay.” I suggested.

When we got to the office the secretary sent Adam and I in and had Kyle wait with her. The vice principal said. “I have good news; Kyle did extremely well on his placement tests. We can advance him two grades if he will take a couple of extra electives the next two years. However, I would suggest we just advance him one grade.”

“What did he think about that news?” I asked knowing he hadn’t told Kyle anything.

“I wanted to talk to you two before we said anything to him.”

“Why is he out in the waiting room? It is his decision, yes, I’m sure he will want to get mine and Jim’s thoughts on it, but the decision is his.”

“Most parents would be making this decision for their children.”

“Most parents must think their children are idiots, but Adam and I don’t think that way. Now let’s invite Kyle in so that he can make his decision.”

Grudgingly, the vice principal called his secretary on the intercom and asked her to send Kyle in. “Kyle, I told your fathers that we could advance you one or two grades and they said it was your decision.”

He smiled. “I think one grade would be great. I would be in the same class as the rest of the guys on my ball team. What do you guys think?”

We both nodded. “Sounds like a good plan to me.”

“Me too.” Adam added.

“Mr. Jackson, is that okay with you?” I think it embarrassed the vice principal that the boy he tried to leave out of the decision included him.

“Yes, Kyle, that sounds like very good reasoning to me. I understand that you and Corey Carter are soon to be brothers. I hope you challenge each other to excel.”

“We are already brothers, it is just a matter of it being legal.”

“I see. Well, welcome to the sophomore class.”

“Thanks Mr. Jackson. Come on guys lets go. Hank said my clubs are in and he wants to make sure they fit. We can still get in nine holes, can’t we?”

“We should be able to. Corey and Steve are having a lesson right now.” Adam told him.

When we got back to the club, Kyle was changed and ready to go by the time Adam and I got our socks and shoes on. “I think he is excited to get his new clubs.” I laughed.

“I bet part of it is just being excited to get out of the school.” I added.

Kyle’s clubs fit him perfectly and Corey and Steve were amazed at how far and straight he could hit the ball. Hank sent Kyle, Adam and I out to play. He said he wanted to work with Corey and Steve some more. We got sixteen holes in before it got too dark for us to see our balls. Kyle was so disappointed, he was one under and wanted to be able to turn that score in, but we convinced him he would have plenty more chances.

I asked. “When will their clubs be ready?”

“I don’t want to fit them yet. Their swings are not where they need to be for the clubs to help them. If they continue to improve their swings, they should be ready in a month or maybe a little less. Right now the important thing is to get their swing constant enough to know how to fit the clubs.”

“Will it help if I work with them on the Swing-Tec? Kyle asked.

“I figured you would want to do that, so here is a DVD of what I told them to practice.” He gave the DVD to Kyle. “If you have any questions you can call anytime.” He gave Kyle’s arm a squeeze. “You guys are lucky to have one of the best Swing-Tec operators I have ever seen. He makes me feel very inadequate on that equipment. I am working hard to learn it though. Kyle has proven to me how valuable a teaching tool it is. Since they have them at home and onboard their boat, I think Kyle knows how to use it better than the factory rep.”

“Thanks Hank, but the truth is, I love playing with the thing. I keep finding little things that don’t seem all that important until you use the information over the whole or several sessions in a graph. The people that designed it were smart and made it modular so that sensors and software could be upgraded. Even the slow motion camera angles being synchronized has been upgraded since we started using it. I love this stuff.”

“I might be better off to pay you to teach me. The technicians are not that good at explaining what to look for and how to use the information once we get past the basics.”

“You don’t have to pay me Hank, you know I will help you if I can.”

We went home and after dinner Corey asked. “Can Steve and I talk to you guys?”

“Of course, you know you can talk to us about anything.”

“I know, but Steve wanted me to ask before he just blurted it out.”

“What did my mom talk to you about?”

“She was worried because you don’t talk to her much.”

“She knows I’m gay doesn’t she? Does my dad know?”

“I think they both at least suspect, but one thing I’m sure of is that they love you. Why don’t you just feel them out about Corey? They know Corey is gay right?”

“Yeah, they do know Corey is gay. They like Corey, but that is different from knowing your son is gay. I’m afraid they will hate me once they know I’m gay too.”

“I shouldn’t say this, but you are not taking the hints. I am not comfortable telling you what to do, but your mom wants you to tell her about yourself without having to confront you about it. She loves you and she confided in me that you being gay wouldn’t change that. She and your father both love you and only want the best for you.”

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Corey wanted to know.

“Well, I guess I was riding the fence because I told Steve’s mom that I wouldn’t betray his trust by just asking him to talk to her. I was afraid that you would think I was interfering and wouldn’t trust me. I didn’t want to cross that fine line between helping and butting in. I’m sorry for riding the fence.”

“Thanks for finally making it easy on me.” Steve hugged me and Adam both. Corey soon joined the hug.

The next morning I got a text from Tobin telling me the temporary field would be ready to practice on by Thursday morning at the latest. I forwarded the message to coach Roberts. About fifteen minutes later, we (all the parents and players) received an email from coach Roberts. His email called a practice Thursday at six PM with a map to the field.

About an hour after we took Steve home, we got a call and he and his parents both thanked us for helping them start to communicate. I apologized for almost screwing things up by trying to stay on the sidelines. They all just laughed and assured me they understood my dilemma. I left it at that and didn’t mention how guilty I felt about my indecisive actions.

Corey came up to Adam and I at the pool. “Guys, is there some way I can stay here without that emancipation thing? From what I was reading, I will be treated as an adult and could be charged with a crime if I had sex with Steve.”

Adam and I looked at each other. “We hadn’t thought about that. Let’s talk to Jack and see what he thinks.” We called Jack and during the discussion Corey told him he would rather be adopted if he could be. Jack said he would call back when he had more information.

Wednesday morning I got a call from Ms. Lake. “I understand that Corey would rather be adopted than emancipated. I will support that and I told your attorney I would like to be the one to tell you. When we were talking I got an idea and wanted to run it by you to see if you would do me a big favor. I have a friend in Dallas. Actually she is much more than a friend. She saved me from a life on the streets when I was about Corey’s age. She is in failing health and she is desperate to help a kid that is special to her. She placed this kid in a good foster home when he was five. A few months ago that lady died and the boy has been bounced around ever since. Once the system found out he was gay all of the group homes he was eligible for were full. He had to be placed with juvenile detention. His second night there and he was beaten so badly he had to be hospitalized. The hospital wants to release him, but Sally is fighting to keep him there until she can find a place to send him. She is afraid they will kill him if he goes back.” She paused. “I was reminded of your affiliation with B & M Youth foundation when I talked with your attorney and was hoping you could pull some strings and see if you could get him placed with them.”

“They take in kids all the time, why do you need me to pull some strings? Does the kid have a record or something that would disqualify him with the foundation?”

“No, nothing like that. Because he has been in the system for so many years, we can’t even submit his case file to them for evaluation. I think they have that rule to prevent having to review cases of those kids we can no longer deal with.”

“Okay, let me call Mark and I will call you back. Wait, a second let’s get him on the line now so he can ask you any questions that he might have.”

I called Mark and got him on the line quickly. When I gave him a brief description of our conversation he said to go ahead and add Ms. Lake to the call.”

“Ms. Lake, this is Mark Jones. I understand your friend is Dallas has a special boy that she would like us to consider for emergency placement and although he is not eligible to be considered through regular channels has ask Jim and Adam’s help to get him considered.”

“Yes sir, that about sums it up. This lady saved my life and is very ill, I think she is very special and anyone like this boy she is trying help must be special too.”

“Can you call her and add her to this conversation? I think we may be able to at least consider this boy. As you might have guessed Jim and Adam have a lot of pull with our foundation.” He laughed.

“Give me a second and I will have her connected.” We heard her go beeps that indicated she was adding a party to the conference call. “Hi again, I have Sally Lake on the line with us. My name is Mary and yes she adopted me when I was on the streets. Sally is very special to me.”

“Sally can you please email me the file of the boy you would like us to consider? I’m Mark Jones by the way.” He gave her his email. “You were ready, I have the email now. Give me a minute to review this file. Please tell me what is so special about this boy while I review his file.”

“Andy is as sweet and loving as any kid I have ever met. I had him placed in a loving and great home, but Ms. Jones had a heart attack and passed away. He told us that he didn’t want to lie about being gay. That reduced the number of group homes that would take him and those that would were over populated already. This is a wonderful young man and I can’t stand to let him go back to that place. He was beaten very badly because he wouldn’t let himself be raped without a fight. Mr. Jones and of course, Mr. Carter and Mr. West, those of us in social work owe your foundation a huge amount of gratitude for the good that you do. I tried my best to talk my superiors into submitting this young man’s application, but they didn’t want to jeopardize their good standing with the foundation.”

“I have reviewed Andy’s file. He indeed seems to be a very special young man. His art is incredible, I admire anyone with that much creativity. If he is still as interested in automobiles and auto-mechanics I think I know a great place for him. Jim if you and Mary will join me tomorrow, we will fly to Dallas to meet this young man. Sally can you have all the papers ready for his transfer to Houston. Guys as you might have guessed, I think Andy will fit in nicely with A & J Performance. Let’s meet at the terminal at 10 AM. I have already scheduled one of the Gulfstreams. Ms. Lake, I’m close to your office and I will pick you up at 9:40 if that is okay with you.”

“Yes sir that will be fine.”

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