Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 9

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From Chapter 8:

“Sally can you please email me the file of the boy you would like us to consider? I’m Mark Jones by the way.” He gave her his email. “You were ready, I have the email now. Give me a minute to review this file. Please tell me what is so special about this boy while I review his file.”

“Andy is as sweet and loving as any kid I have ever met. I had him placed in a loving and great home, but Ms. Jones had a heart attack and passed away. He told us that he didn’t want to lie about being gay. That reduced the number of group homes that would take him and those that would were over populated already. This is a wonderful young man and I can’t stand to let him go back to that place. He was beaten very badly because he wouldn’t let himself be raped without a fight. Mr. Jones and of course, Mr. Carter and Mr. West, those of us in social work owe your foundation a huge amount of gratitude for the good that you do. I tried my best to talk my superiors into submitting this young man’s application, but they didn’t want to jeopardize their good standing with the foundation.”

“I have reviewed Andy’s file. He indeed seems to be a very special young man. His art is incredible, I admire anyone with that much creativity. If he is still as interested in automobiles and auto-mechanics I think I know a great place for him. Jim if you and Mary will join me tomorrow, we will fly to Dallas to meet this young man. Sally can you have all the papers ready for his transfer to Houston. Guys as you might have guessed, I think Andy will fit in nicely with A & J Performance. Let’s meet at the terminal at 10 AM. I have already scheduled one of the Gulfstreams. Ms. Lake, I’m close to your office and I will pick you up at 9:40 if that is okay with you.”

“Yes sir that will be fine.”

Chapter 9:

We all hung up and Adam went to ask Tanner if he would take Corey and Kyle to practice tomorrow, just in case we didn’t get back in time.

When we pulled into the terminal Thursday morning, the foundation limo was already there and we parked beside it. As soon as we boarded the plane they closed the door and we headed to get in line for take off.

“See, I told you they would be right on time.” Mark gave us a backhand tease for being the last ones there.

“I am willing to bet, you haven’t been waiting five minutes.”

Ms. Lake laughed. “We just got here, I’m surprised you didn’t see us boarding.”

We got to the hospital before Sally. We went into the room and introduced ourselves. “Hello, Ms. Sally said yesterday that I might get to go to Houston and live and work on cars.”

“You do know you still have to go to school though, right?” Mark said.

“Oh yes sir, and I know I will have to study and make good grades. I can do that.”

“Andy, I’m so sorry someone hurt you. Your bruises look like they are healing, are they all over your body?” I asked.

“Yes sir.” He raised his gown and showed us his body. He was not bashful about showing us his body. His briefs looked to be holding a very nice package. He is very handsome and has a beautiful body even with all the bruises. When Mary went to look for Sally, Andy adjusted his package and it was evident he was bruised even there. The pain was visible on his face.

“From the pain on your face, I take it they did a real number on your genitals.”

He exposed himself. “I thought they had busted my nuts, but now I think they are blue from not being able to jerk off for almost two weeks.” He chuckled. “Nurse grumpy has a fit when I have a wet dream, but she got even madder when I told her she could ask that cute male nurse to come around for some fun.” He laughed. “I probably shouldn’t have told you that, but I opened my mouth before I engaged my brain. Must be because I have been stuck here for so long.”

Mary came in with Andy a change of clothes. “Sally is signing the discharge papers. I told her we would get the rest of Andy’s things on the way out. Sally said you might need some help getting into your clothes.”

“I can do it by myself, but I have to stop and rest a lot. It is a lot easier if someone helps me so I don’t get all out of breath from my chest hurting stretching my muscles.”

“I’ll help you if you want.” Adam volunteered.

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” Mary excused herself and Mark and I went with her. About fifteen minutes later Adam and Andy came out of the room carrying his personal things he had in his room. Andy had a big smile on his face and I knew Adam had helped him with his blue balls.

Sally walked up about that time. “I can see you are ready to go to your new home. I will miss you Andy.” She hugged him tenderly. I could tell she was being careful not to hurt him anymore than she had to. “Mr. Jones these are your copies of Andy’s file. You just need to sign the first form and Mary needs to sign the second form and the transfer should be complete.” When they finished signing the papers she took her copy and hugged Andy again. We got his things out of Sally’s car and loaded them into the limo. The way he was acting it was easy to see Andy had never been in a limo.

When he got to the jet he was even more shocked, especially when we were served lunch. Lunch took up the whole flight and we still had dishes on the table when we landed. While Mark and Mary were in the back of the jet Adam, Andy, and I were up front. Andy whispered to me. “Adam said that when we get in the truck you would do for me what he did at the hospital.”

“He did, did he?” I looked at Adam and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat and nodded his head. “And what if I don’t want to do that?” I asked never taking my eyes off Adam.

“He said that you love him and would do anything he asks you to do.”

I couldn’t hold a straight face any longer and let out a chuckle. “That’s my Adam. He has me wrapped around his little finger.”

“I wouldn’t say it is just him. I think you have him wrapped too. He wouldn’t do anything until I promised to work my charms on you.”

As we were leaving the plane Mark gave me all the paperwork for Andy and asked me to take it to Sam and deliver Andy to them. He said they were expecting him and had everything ready for him.

Mark and Mary left while we were loading Andy’s things into the Escalade. “You two get in the backseat and I will move a little farther away. I have already warned the security detail that we will be stopping and wish to be left alone. Make him happy Jim, he is a very good lover.” Andy soon had his tongue in my mouth and my belt unbuckled. This boy soon had me hard and hadn’t even touched my cock yet. “Guys the security team already look like they are wanting to check us out. Better get to it and cut the foreplay.”

“Spoil sport.” Andy chuckled. He had my cock out and had his mouth on me in a flash. I had his belt undone and his shorts open quickly. His cock was hard as a rock and very nice six and a half or seven incher. I raised his head from my cock so that I could suck his cock. Even with the shades of purple, brown and yellow as the bruises healed it was a lovely cock. His precum was very sweet. He raised his butt off the seat and pushed his shorts and briefs to his ankles. “Get your shorts down, I want to sixty-nine. I can’t wait to have your big cock in my mouth.” I was too tall for us to be able to sixty-nine with him on top of me. I maneuvered us on to our sides and that way I could bend enough for us to easily suck each other. We were eagerly working each other’s cocks. I was gently playing with his balls and he was playing with mine. He moved my hand off his balls and said huskily. “They are still too sore.”

We both inserted a finger and started abusing our prostrates. I felt his hot cum hit the back of my mouth and I backed off to the head of his cock so that I could get full benefit of tasting his sweet cum. I soon started filling his mouth with my cum and his talented mouth. We soon recovered and I started pulling up my briefs and shorts. He started doing the same. “That was awesome Andy. I hope you are good for a day or two now.” I teased.

“I think so, but I wish I could spend all day and night with you two. You are the hottest guys I have ever seen or got to play with. I know that no one can know what we did, but thanks so much for helping me out.” Once I was dressed I climbed over the console and slid in the passenger seat. Andy was chattering the whole way to the shop. As we pulled up to the shop Andy said. “Wow, this place looks awesome. What is that RV doing are they hopping it up?”

“No, that is our RV that we use for Kyle and Corey’s baseball team. We just store it here so it won’t take up room in our garage. I don’t know what it is doing out like that, they must be moving some stuff around.”

“Wow, look at that forty-eight Ford pickup. It looks awesome, but that paint job isn’t stock, so it must not be a classic.” About that time one of the guys fired it up and moved it. It sounded like a dragster. “Well, that answers that. I can’t wait to see the engine in that thing.” Once we were parked he was out like a shot. I saw Sam laughing. About then Andy shouted. “Hey guys look at the wood in this bed. It looks exotic and I bet it cost a fortune.”

Sam came over. “It is one of the cars that we are sending to Little Rock tonight for the show there this weekend.” He offered his hand to Andy. “I’m Sam and I guess you could say I am the head truck in this garage. We were going to send you to Little Rock this weekend with Artie and Mike, but those bruises might be a problem.”

“Oh, they don’t hurt that much anymore.” Andy said excitedly.

“That’s not the real problem; we don’t want people to think one of our boys might have gotten those bruises while with us.”

“Wouldn’t they know that if it was done here you wouldn’t let me be seen in public.”

“You have a good point Andy. Can you drive? I know you can’t on the street but can you drive around the shop.”

“No sir, I have never driven a car or truck at all. I did have a friend in Dallas that had four wheelers and I drove them sometimes. I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry Andy, we will teach you.” He waved another boy over. “Artie, show Andy his room and get him set up with ID’s and get him one of our duffels. He will be going to Little Rock with you guys so help him get almost ready to go. We will be leaving by eight in the morning, so you need to be mostly packed.”

As they were getting Andy’s stuff out of the truck, Tanner pulled up with Corey and Kyle. Kyle piled out and went quickly to Andy. “You must be Andy, I am glad to meet you.”

“Do you stay here too?” He showed a big smile.

“No, I’m Jim and Adam’s son. We are going to practice baseball up there.” He pointed to the field.

Sam said. “Artie we will get Andy squared away a little later. I think we need to show these guys around. I’m sure Andy wants to take the tour too.” Our team had begun to arrive and were all over the cars they could see. Coach Roberts was as excited as the boys were.

Once the tour was over and we heading out of the garage. Coach said. “You guys mean to say you have another place like this in Florida?

“Not exactly, the one in Key West is mostly classic cars with a few Resto-mods. The Corvette collection is at a museum on B & M East grounds.”

“I would love to see that place.” Coach said. There was a chorus of agreement from the boys.

Sam said. “Folks, I hate to interrupt, but the carrier is here and we need to load the cars we are taking to the show in Little Rock.”

“Come on folks; let’s get out of the way. Our parking area is just up the little hill.”

Tanner transferred the boys equipment to our truck and said he was going to head back home. The field was in a lot better shape than we expected. Practice went well. After practice, coach wanted to talk to the team and their parents. “I asked Holden to look into what it will cost us for rooms and such at the elite world series. Holden do you have some information for us?”

“Thanks coach. It seems like it is going to be very expensive to stay there. The best rates I could find was one eighty a night. If we book airlines now, it looks like six-fifty. You can imagine what transportation will be. I just don’t think most of us can afford this tournament.”

I stood. “I’m sorry Holden I didn’t know you were working on this. Our assistant has been looking into this and may I offer a little different solution?”

“Sure this has been so disappointing.”

First of all we don’t need to pay for airfare. We have scheduled one of the passenger planes from one of our cruise lines. All the seats are first class type seats and will take us directly to Key West or Fort Lauderdale. When we were trying to find enough secure rooms to satisfy our security detail, Adam came up with a better solution. We can all stay on our yacht. Since everyone seemed to want to see the Key West cars; We can fly to Key West and then take the yacht up to Fort Lauderdale. Dave just told us today that Bobby Filet will be our chef for that ten days. I almost forgot we will use one of the cruise lines busses to get around.”

“So how much will we save by going this route?”

“Sorry I wasn’t clear, but this won’t cost anything.”

“You are telling me that Bobby Filet is free?”

“In a way yes. He and a lot of famous chefs have restaurants at our resorts. When we are aboard the Sweet Indulgence one of those chefs is offered the chance to work that voyage. It is a fixed fee, but much less than if you tried to hire them for something. They are offered the duty and Bobby was at the top of the list of those that said they wanted to take this voyage. He will bring his wife and basically enjoy a luxury yacht for ten days. He will make the menus and supervise the staff, but he is basically on vacation and being paid. As I understand it we have never offered a voyage without plenty of volunteers. One of the security guys should be here shortly with information packages for you. In them will be the information for you to be able to tell us about food allergies and how many you will be bringing. Please provide all the information for every passenger, because badges will be required for security purposes.”

“Why are you doing all this for us?”

“Why not? Outside of having to make the ID cards, we are not doing more than we would do for just us. The difference is a different plane is being scheduled and a buss instead of a limo. These are company owned, so it is all funny money internally.” I sighed. “I know we are new and we don’t want to overstep any boundaries, but we will do anything for this team. Please forgive us if we do overstep.”

Coach stood beside me. “I guess we are not used to walking in the financial circles you do and so it is a big deal to us. Like this temporary field. Anyone would think this is a fantastic field as it is, but you guys are building even better fields. I would like to be the first to thank you for everything you are doing for this team.” The parents and kids all were agreeing. The boys were actually hugging Adam and myself. The security guy stepped up with packages for everyone.

“May I make an announcement?” He asked. We nodded. “We have a website for this trip, actually it is for the team. If you don’t have a computer or have trouble please call me. My number is on the front sheet. The website will keep you informed. Right now it is just for this trip, but Adam and Jim said they thought it would be a good way for the team to communicate between yourselves. Each family will be given as many IDs as you need or want. All will be controlled by your sons.” He laughed. “Your sons logon ID is in the packet. His birthday is his password and once he logs on the first time he will be asked to change his password. It needs to be at least eight characters with at least one number and one special character. Once the player is online, he can submit Names of family members. Even young brothers and sisters need to be submitted so that they will be given an ID for the plane and boat. Of course, I’m sure you parents will enjoy this site once it is up and running. Your coach can keep you informed and up-to-date as soon as he has information to share. He can text you all automatically when he has new information for you. You can also talk about anything you choose on the site.”

“I have a one of the guys coming tomorrow to teach me how to schedule practices and other stuff, but I will let you know that we will be practicing a lot this week. Right now we plan to practice Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. I know it’s a lot and if you can’t make it just let me know. One another note, Jim and Adam’s assistant offered to renegotiate our room reservations for us this tournament. Or reservations in Dallas are now twenty-two dollars a night cheaper that when we confirmed our reservations.”

“How did he get that discount?”

“I don’t know, but I figured someone would want to know that. I just sent him an email to ask him. He might not see the email until tomorrow. I will let you know when I find out.” I said.

“You know when I talked to him this afternoon he said something about corporate travel agency, I was so excited I didn’t care.” Coach laughed.

My phone rang. It was Dave.. I kept him on the phone while I relayed what he told me. “Dave says that he booked and renegotiated our rooms through B & M East corporate travel. He said we can use them legally because we don’t resale them. They get deeper discounts because B&M East owns so many resorts and cruise lines.”

“Can we us this agency outside the ball team.” Timmy’s dad asked.

I asked Dave and then relayed the answer. “Dave said if you can talk me or Adam into calling him, he can.

Coach said. I’ll need four additional ID packages for the four pitchers we will be taking with us from the fourteen year old team. With so many games during that week we will need them so that we don’t get short of pitching.

“Do you have their names and birthdates coach?”

“I have them right here. I anticipated you would need them like our boys.”

“Okay, I’ll get the set up and bring them tomorrow when I show you how to use the website. Since you appear to have more Black Sox teams, I will have the website to manage other teams.”

Friday was a busy day without us having to do anything special. Steve spent the night again Friday. Saturday morning after our run, Kyle looked at his phone before we started working out in the gym. “Hey guys, Andy texted me early this morning, but I just got it. He said Artie and Mike got sick last night and have been in the bathroom all night. It looks like he is going to have to work the show alone. He said he was scared shitless, but he put and L-O-L behind it. I think he is excited, but didn’t want to say so.”

We called Sam and he had just heard that Artie and Mike were sick. “Sam, would you like to go to Little Rock to help Andy through this? Jim just checked and we will have a jet ready by the time we can shower and be there.”

“That would be fantastic if you don’t mind. Mike said he thought Andy could handle it. He said that kid is a natural motor head. He said the kid was a natural with the crowd too, but he doesn’t need to have everything on his shoulders. Are you sure you don’t mind? I can’t get a flight out until this evening and it cost an arm and a leg.”

“Get ready and we will pick you up on the way to the airport.” We hung up and I turned to Kyle, Corey, and Steve. “If you boys want to go with us, you need to call your folks and check with them Steve. We will be back Sunday afternoon.”

“You will have to loan me some clothes.” Steve told Corey.

“No problem. Call the rents and get permission. Hurry we need to shower.” We all got ready and headed to get Sam at the shop.

When we got to the shop, Sam asked. “If we follow you in another car do you have room for a few more?”

“As long as it isn’t more than ten or so, I’m sure we can handle it. If you need to bring more, I bet we can get another jet in a little while.”

“We are only eight. I thought we would bring everyone. We are four adults and four more boys.”

I saw they had a Suburban and knew it would hold them all. “Sure follow us to the terminal or if we lose you, we will be going to the terminal marked Executive R5.” We left for the terminal and I called Dave to let him know we needed a limo that would hold sixteen if possible. I told him that we would have thirteen coming in today and if they couldn’t handle us all to schedule two.

Once we got to the terminal and parked, we walked on to the plane. The boys (I noticed Sam checking it out too) boys were all over the plane checking out the new experience. When the hostess felt us start to move to the taxi ways she asked the boys to find a seat until we were airborne. The boys all did as she asked quickly. Soon the captain came over the intercom and said. “Good morning. I’m Eric Chambers your captain today. Please buckle up for takeoff, we are second in line. I will let you know when it is safe to move about the cabin.” We climbed out quickly and were soon at cruising altitude. “This is your captain again. We should be in Little Rock in about hour. You can safely move about the cabin.” The hostess set out some sandwiches and sodas. The boys went into a feeding frenzy. It was funny to see them devour the sandwiches. The captain opened the cockpit door and asked. “Do any of you boys want to get a look inside the cockpit?” When all seven of the boys rushed to the front, he laughed and said. “Okay, but one at a time please.”

As the boys came out of the cockpit they were all talking about what a cool video game that could be. I heard Kyle say. “Can you believe they can move all those screens around and switch the head’s up display. That would be so cool for the Swing-Tec displays. The information is available it would be so cool to customize it as you need it into a head’s up display.”

“Hey bud, remind me next week and we will talk to the Swing-Tec folks. Even if they don’t want to market it, we might talk them into doing it for us if we pay for it. Think about what you want to see and we will see what we can get them to do.”

“That’s so cool.” He went off and started telling the boys what he thought would help give better feedback and asking them what they thought. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how this was going to be on his mind until we talked to the people. Kyle is one of those people that takes improving something very serious.

When we landed at Little Rock, we were met by the longest limo I had ever seen. One of the security team got in the passenger’s seat. The rest of the security team got into the suburban that was parked there for them. We made the short trip from the airport to the convention center. One of the security guys got out and Adam and I got the message to go check-in and then he would have our tickets for us.

Dave had scheduled half a floor for us to the delight of the security detail. They always like it when no one can get off on our floor without a key. Our area had four suites and eight rooms. With the boys wanting to buddy up, we had several rooms that wouldn’t be needed. I gave up trying to figure it out and just gave all the keys to Patrick the security agent in charge today. I took one of the single room envelopes and gave Adam his key card. Patrick, Adam and I are in 1406. You work out who is in what rooms.” Adam and I chuckled as we headed to our room. “Oh, boys, we need to be in the lobby in ten minutes or you will miss the duck march.”

“What is the duck march?” Kyle asked.

“At eleven in the morning the ducks march on their red carpet to the lobby fountain. They stay there all day and then march back to their duck palace at five in the afternoon.” We need to be there, pretty quick.”

“Boss, don’t you want one of the suites?”

Adam answered. “Kyle and Corey already said they wanted to room with the boys. We don’t need the room. If the adults don’t want the suites let the boys have them.” He laughed. “We are going to dump our bag and then head down to the lobby.”

That got the ball rolling and soon the boys were coming back out of their rooms and heading to the lobby. The crowd in the lobby was excited and cheered at the ducks when they got into the fountain and started to preen themselves. They seemed unfazed by the crowd cheering for their march.

We went outside and the driver was holding open the limo door. “It’s just a block and it’s a beautiful day. We will let you know as soon as we decide about dinner. Have a wonderful afternoon.”

“Thank you sir.”

Patrick gave us our tickets and ballots. “What are these ballots for?” Steve asked.

“They make sure you only get one vote for the best in show by giving you the ballot with your ticket.” Sam explained.

“Who should we vote for?” He continued.

“Well, there are a couple of categories beside best in show for you to vote. You should vote for who you think is the best.”

“Don’t you want us to vote for your cars?”

“Not unless you think they deserve it. The winner is not always the best, but you will be surprised at how many times the crowds are correct in their selections.” We soon found Andy having fun with the crowd around his four cars on display. He didn’t see us until Sam had snuck up on him.

“I’m sorry sir you need to stay outside the ropes. Oops, I’m sorry Sam. Folks this is my boss. Or as he has been known to be introduced as the head truck in this garage.” He made a motion with his arm like he was turning it over to Sam.

“Go ahead Andy, we are just here for moral support. Folks this young man has only been with us since Thursday night and when his team mates became sick he had to step in and be the whole team. From what we hear he has done a fantastic job.”

A man from the crowd said. “We didn’t have a clue he was such a rookie. He is very interesting and I would never have guessed he was new to your organization. He is so refreshing. Most of the exhibitors with representatives are large chested beauties that can’t spell car let alone talk about one.” He laughed at his own joke.

“Well, I love cars and Mike one of my teammates that ended up allergic to seafood made a great presentation and I could follow his notes. I was scared to death when I gave the presentation last night, but once I got started it was awesome fun. If you catch the next presentation at two, Mike should be back.”

Mike walked up. “Not on your life. From what I heard, you were awesome. I want to see you in action.”

“I’m not sure I can do this with all of you watching. I didn’t have a choice last night.”

“You’ll be fine. Now, you, Mike and Artie need to check out of your hotel rooms. We have the whole half of the fourteenth floor. I think Jim’s son Kyle is counting on you being in the room with him. Unless that is a problem, he will go help you get your bags moved.” I notice Kyle was a little shy looking standing close.

“No, I think I like that.” Kyle and the other three left with a couple of security people. Andy and Kyle came back about twenty minutes after the others made it back. They both had grins on their face. I’m sure they both knew what we were all thinking.

When it came time for the A&J Performance presentation Andy was brilliant. His presentation was smooth, entertaining and the audience appeared to want even more. They gathered around him and continued to ask him questions and everyone told him how entertaining his presentation was. To his credit he gave the credit to Mike for making the Powerpoint presentation so easy to follow and understand. Mike laughed and told us he couldn’t believe the kid gave him credit. He said his presentation was very little more than the visuals. He said the presentation Andy gave was so much better than what he gave Friday evening, it would be impossible to think they were from the same notes.

When the crowd cleared out, I told Andy. “Wow, Andy, you did a fantastic job. I think you must be a natural. Have you ever had aspirations of being an actor?”

“No sir, I just love cars. That reminds me, can I paint your RV? That ugly brown needs to be changed. Kyle and I have been talking and we think maybe a form of blue or burgundy with some graphics. I would like to paint a golf, tennis, or baseball scene on it.”

“We don’t mind at all, but we will have to leave Friday for a tournament in Dallas.” Adam told him.

We went to a steak house in North Little Rock that one of Sam’s friends recommended. It had a unique name. It was called Sir Loin’s Inn. Since we had late reservations and so many people they put us in a party room. They had one of the best salad bars I have ever had the pleasure to visit and it came free with the steak. The grill area was open and you could watch the steaks being cooked. We all agreed that the steaks were cooked to perfection and no one had room for dessert. With that many teenagers, I think we were all amazed they didn’t at least try to get a dessert down.

When we got back to the hotel and were stepping off the elevator, Kyle said to Adam and I. “Guys, can I talk to you for a minute?”

I looked at him with a little bit of a pained expression. “Of course you can. You can talk to us anytime about anything. I hope you know that.”

“I know, I just used a question to let you know I wanted to talk to you now.” He gave us that mischievous grin of his. When I asked him, he wanted a coke. Adam was filling glasses with ice while I got the coke out of the bar.

“What’s on your mind bud?”

“We need to go home tonight to be there for Tanner.”

“What’s up with Tanner?” Adam asked.

“I don’t know if Tanner threw him out or if Frankie just decided to leave, but they are no longer a couple.”

“Did Tanner tell you that?”

“No, Maggie called me. She wanted me to talk you into coming home. She said it would be better for me to explain than for her to try and explain why I would want to be there for him.”

He didn’t say more, so I said. “Are you going to tell us or make us guess?”

“Maggie is the only one that knows, I’m in love with Tanner. I was in love with him even before I knew he and Frankie were not getting along.”

“Well, go tell Corey and Steve to get packed and we will head to the airport. Adam call the pilot and I will call Sam.”

“Corey and Steve should be here with our bags any second.”

I called Sam. “Sam we have had something come up at home and we are heading back tonight. We will send the plane back for you and all you will have to do is let the pilot know when you are ready to leave. Same with the limo.”

“Okay, thanks for bring us here. I hope all goes well at home.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.” I hung up.

I heard Kyle tell the security team we were leaving and laughed when he said. “You should have figured out by now, I’m the one that wears the pants in this family.” He laughed again. “You want to talk to dad he is off the phone now?” Kyle hung up his phone and rushed to the door when he heard the knock. He let in Corey and Steve with their and his bags. “We’ll leave as soon as the security dudes are ready.”

“The pilot wasn’t too happy, but it was not him he was worried about. He was afraid his co-pilot had gone out, but it turns out the co-pilot was fine and they will be ready when we get there.”

“I’ll meet you guys down in the lobby; I’m going to make sure the hotel will put all the guys’ charges on our credit card.” As I opened the door Patrick was at the door ready to knock. “The security team is here, let’s go.” I did take care of making sure any additional charges would be taken care of when we got to the lobby.

We got home just a little after ten. Tanner and Frankie were in the pool which surprised us all. They were laughing and joking with Corbin, Dillon, Hank and Paul. Frankie said. “Hey guys, we were not expecting you guys until tomorrow. How was the car show?”

“The car show was great, I have never been to a car show that let some of the exhibitors give presentations. One of the cars that we sent was the Ferrari that was in ‘Farris Bueller’s Day Off.’ They said it was worth over ten million dollars.” Corey told them. ”Isn’t that cool?”

“Yes it is.” Frankie said. “Jim and Adam, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure.” Adam said. “Why don’t you get something on. Where do you want to talk to us? Is in your apartment okay?”

“That will be great.” I noticed that Kyle was sitting next to Tanner and they were talking in hushed tones. Frankie must have had his shorts close, because he was ready by the time we were on the stairs to his apartment. “I know you guys know that Tanner and I are breaking up. What you might not know is that we have been talking about this for over a month. When I was offered a tennis scholarship from USC, I couldn’t refuse it. I asked Tanner to let me talk to you without him being here, because he knows he is in love with Kyle, but won’t admit it because he thinks he is too old. Kyle has no such hesitation. I know that the two of you definitely know that their age difference might not be such a problem.”

“To be honest, my first thought was Tanner is too old for Kyle. Then I had to chuckle at my hypocrisy.”

“It’s funny I had the same thoughts. I do remember how hard it was to get you to admit age didn’t count in love.” Adam laughed.

“Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I love you and all the guys like brothers. I hope you don’t hate me for leaving like this.”

“We love you too and we could never hate you. You better look us up anytime you are in town.”

“Oh, here is my phone and laptop.”

“I don’t know about the phone, but you will need the laptop for school. We will get you a different phone if the security guys can’t get it to another plan. Either way, you need to keep your number so that you don’t have the hassle of changing numbers.”

Adam called the security guys and then said. “They said it will work exactly like an iPhone on any iPhone network.”

“Cool, thanks again. I’m glad we are cool. Tanner and I are still great friends. I’m glad there are no hard feelings between us.” We hugged him. “I’m going to put on my street clothes and go to Brady’s. We are leaving early in the morning.”

“I take it Brady is going to USC too?”

“Yes, he has been there for a couple of years.” He shouted from the bedroom. He came out dressed carrying a bag. “He is the one that told me it was better to ship my stuff than it was to take it with us. He is riding back with me to keep me company. I think he is cashing his ticket in that his parents sent him to come home and back.” Frankie laughed. “So guys are you going to tell Tanner that you understand about him and Kyle and let the guy follow his heart?”

“Adam and I will talk about it, but I’ll tell you understanding and giving our blessing is a very different thing. Have a safe trip and don’t forget your friends.” Adam and I hugged Frankie again.

Frankie went inside the main house and said his goodbyes to Maggs. When he came out he told all the boys goodbye and I saw tears in all the boys eyes as they said goodbye to their friend. Everyone said to keep in touch and to dive safely.

Kyle came to us and said. “Sorry guys, I guess I jumped to the wrong conclusion, Tanner is happy for him and is not depressed at all.”

“Don’t worry about it. At least this way we got to say goodbye to him. In order to get his car out there and rest a little before he had to report he has to leave early in the morning. He was only notified Thursday that one of their new scholarship players got in trouble and couldn’t come and he was next in line if he could get there in time.”

“I didn’t know he needed the money from a scholarship.” Kyle added.

“He didn’t, I assume that he wanted the scholarship to insure he would be part of the team before he made the commitment to move there.” Adam paused. “I have a feeling there is more to getting on the USC tennis team than just wanting to play tennis for them.” I saw Adam’s smile turn into a smirk.

As we were walking into the house to change for our run, I put my arm around Kyle’s shoulder and said. “So, so you and Andy have a little thing going?”

Kyle laughed. “I told him you would assume that when we came back late, but I wanted to talk to him about his art. I thought maybe he could help me with this 3-D image thing I have been playing with. It lets you generated naked people. Mine always look like shit. He couldn’t do much with it in that short of time but he said he would ask Sam if he could download it on their computers and play with it and get back to me.”

“Andy is very cute and I just assumed you guys were having some fun. I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions.”

“It’s okay. He is cute and I wouldn’t mind having a little fun with him, but I didn’t. I think I have too much on my mind right now.”

I didn’t push him or ask about Tanner. We were soon changed and stretching before our run. As we were running I noticed that Kyle and Tanner were running side by side. I know it is hypocritical, but can’t help but think that Kyle was too young for Tanner.

After our shower, as soon as Adam climbed into bed he dove for my crotch and started loving my cock like he was starving for cock. He is usually very tender and loving with his mouth. Tonight he seems to be more wild and rough than he usually sucks my cock. He straddled my head with his knees to encourage me to love his balls with my mouth. He was attacking my cock so strongly that I was getting close way too quickly. He suddenly quick sucking me and swung around and kissed me passionately. That didn’t lessen my nearness to orgasm with his hot cock beside mine continuing to push me toward my eruption. To try and prolong our love making, I pushed him off me and on to his back. I was careful to keep my cock away from him and I started to worship his beautiful cock with my mouth.

What I didn’t realize was that he was just as close as I was. We are usually so well attuned that we know exactly when each other is about to cum. I don’t know how he managed to maneuver around to get my cock in his mouth. I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer and I let myself tumble over the edge and just as I fired my second shot into Adam’s sweet mouth, I felt his first volley into mine. I love the taste of Adam’s sweet cum. When we finally quit cuming, I couldn’t help myself, I just held his perfectly shaped cock head in front of my face and I gave it and its blinking eye tender kisses.

We were both laughing as we settled into the bed and I pulled the sheet over us. “That was awesome, I can’t remember ever trying to get us off so quickly. Reminds me of trying to suck in the back of the gym at boarding school. We had to hurry there. I guess it was the teenager in me.” He teased.

We kissed. “Are you trying to tell me something kiddo?” I asked as if I didn’t know the answer.


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