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Chapter One.



A combination of circumstances, such as being openly gay and the recession that had hit everyone as a result of seriously bad banking practices in the US, had made it almost impossible to find meaningful employment.


I'm a Swede living in England. Five foot-nine, slim, hairless apart from my head and reasonably good-looking, I reckon. The year is 2013.

I'm not overtly camp, but if I'm asked about my sexuality, then I honest about it, but that brings with it its own problems.


I'm degree educated from one of the best faculties in Sweden. My qualifications and work-history should make me ultimately employable. But I'm gay and I get side-lined, or should that read, Ignored?


I realise that this preamble is boring but stay with me and all will become clear.






I'm living in a bedsit in the centre of Oxford; strapped for cash, lonely and frustrated, so one evening it got too much to bare, so I showered and changed before heading into town to find some company. Not difficult in a University town, but when money is tight, there's no comfort in sitting over a Coke all night, but I was rescued by a man asking if he could sit at my table.


"Not seen you here before? Are you local?"

"Local enough to walk here, but what with the rent and food bills..."

"Tough times son. Tough times indeed. I take it you realise that this is a gay bar?"

"Yeah. I know how it works, I just don't get out much."

"Are you like, looking then?"

"I suppose I must be; not that there's much going on here."

"You could always come back to my place?"

"Thanks, but without meaning to be disrespectful, I prefer younger guys."

"Haha! One cock is much the same as another, especially when you're blindfolded

And tied down."


This little snippet caught my imagination. I had always had this fantasy of being bound and gagged, unable to resist the advances of another guy, so rather than ending this conversation right there and then, I answered him.


"That sounds... interesting?"

"I'm pleased you think so. You could at least give it some thought, and if you decide

not to allow yourself to be used, then at least I can furnish you with a proper drink

rather than Coke."

"I'll take you up on the drink offer, but I'll have to think about the sex bit."

"Then leave your drink. You can enlighten me as to your preferences as we walk."






We didn't have much of a conversation; noise of the rush-hour traffic and so many pedestrians made it difficult to talk about things that personal, but it wasn't that long before my new friend paused and rummaged through his pockets for a set of keys, and on finding what he was looking for, let us in to a building which I assumed was a part of Kings College rather than a private dwelling; something which my friend caught on to.


"This part of the College had been neglected for years, so they conducted a structural survey and realised that it was either a significant amount of money that was needed to restore the place or, condemn it to the demolition people. But this building is Grade One listed, and to demolish it would take more organising and funds than its restoration; neither of which the College had much of which is where I stepped in."

"You bought it then."

"I bought the lease and funded the restoration. The accommodation isn't what you might call sumptuous; it's good enough for my needs, but it comes with a feature you may well appreciate."

He showed me into a very comfortable living room. The walls hadn't been rendered or plastered and the bare stonework gave it an air of timelessness. A few nice (and I guessed expensive) oil painted portraits were hung in strategic locations, the carpet was rich and deep piled; the furniture, old, but again expensive.


"What may I offer you by way of a drink?"

"Vodka if you have it, with tonic water please."

"Go easy with it. This isn't the rubbish you buy in an off-licence; this is the real deal imported from Russia."

"Thanks. So what's this added attraction I might be interested in?"

"Oh that! The largest space in this my humble abode, is below ground level. The College used it for storing historical records pertaining to its past, but these were transferred to the library to prevent them from deteriorating. Since then I've managed to discover the source of the damp that had made this part of the building unusable; had contractors in to put a stop to it so now it's my private playroom; a dungeon if you will. Some people enjoy the mix of sex and pain, and my facility allows them to indulge themselves in a safe and private environment."

"I'm not sure that's my thing. I'm interested in bondage and being humiliated, but

pain? Sex is about enjoyment."

"That's my point. Some people enjoy pain. Are you an anal virgin might I ask?"

"No, but I'm not that experienced."

"But it hurt the first time you were penetrated yet you went back for more? You got pleasure from that pain otherwise why bother."

"Yeah, it hurt alright, but it was something I had to overcome like a challenge I

couldn't walk away from almost."

"I understand that. I think that's how all of us saw it. But now I'd like to ask you about your other preferences. You've already made it clear that older men do nothing for you, so am I right in assuming you're into younger men, perhaps even boys?"

"That's getting a touch personal isn't it?"

"Well, I've been honest and up front with you, so I thought the least you could you is to reciprocate? Just understand that whatever is spoken about here, stays here. I have no desire for the world and his mother to know what goes on under my roof, so you can rest assured that your secrets are safe with me."

"I guess I was about fourteen when I was raped by an older man. I knew I was gay,

but that doesn't mean I was promiscuous, so that encounter put me off men in

general; especially older men. I had various encounters with other boys at school,

one of them was very special to me and I fell head over heels in love with him. The

problem was, he and his family emigrated to New Zealand leaving me to stumble

around half-heartedly looking for a meaningful relationship."

"And nothing or no one has come along to rescue you thus far?"

"Nope. Looks as if it'll never happen either."

"Why so?"

"The boy I told you about was younger than me. I was fifteen and he was twelve,

which means what I need to make life perfect is very illegal, and anyway, there are

no boys out there who find guys of my age attractive."

"You're wrong. That is a common misconception. There are many boys who find men very attractive. The illegality or otherwise is a matter for conjecture, but what if there was such a boy? A boy who could love you and you could love in return, but free from all the concerns about interference by the police. How does that make you feel?"

"Do you think that isn't something I dream about? But it can't happen."

"What if I could persuade you otherwise?"

"Ha! What, by conjuring up some angel who will fall madly in love with me, and me

with him, yet protected from prosecution and many years spent behind bars? You're


"Old yes, crazy no. I want you to come and see my playroom."

"You're not planning on hurting me are you?"

"Good Lord no! Let us agree on something. I promise I won't so much as touch you, and pain isn't on the menu so long as you do exactly as I tell you. Do we have a deal?"

"I guess so. I want to see what this place is all about, and you could even tie me up,

but no hurting me alright?"

"Very well. Shall we go?"






Back down in the entrance hall and into a small but well equipped kitchen, my host lifted a trap door set into the floor. He motioned me to follow as he made his way down a steep flight of steps.

The air was cooler down here and the smell reminded me of holidaying on the coast; fresh and clean.

My host hit the light switches and I saw for the first time what he's described as his dungeon. Looking around at some of the contraptions, I tried unsuccessfully to imagine what they were used for. In pursuit of pain was all I managed to come up with, but then my thoughts were interrupted.


"Strip naked please. No arguments, we have a deal remember?"

"But I..."

"Now please."


I did as I was asked. I don't mind people looking at my body. I'm quite proud of it actually, but being under the microscope of a man who I definitely didn't interest me was weird.


"You're nicely put together! Yes, I believe you'll do nicely."

"What? Do what nicely?"

"Never mind. Take no notice of me, I was thinking out loud.

I want you to sit on the end of that examination couch with your arms above your head and hands together."


I complied. I think I was too scared to do otherwise.

My captor moved a frame down the couch, and once satisfied it was correctly positioned, bound my wrists to the centre pole then using leather manacles, secured my ankles rendering any movement impossible.

Next he put a blindfold over my eyes and also secured this to the pole. I couldn't even move my head now!

I was hopelessly erect; this was turning me on no end, but I was pleased that he had never once touched me intimately meaning our bargain was holding.


"Are you reasonably comfortable?"

"Yes. Perfectly comfortable, but what happens next?"

"I am going to prove to you that all things are possible, but I do have one stipulation.

From here on, you are not permitted to talk. If you so much as utter a single word, what you are about to experience comes to an abrupt halt. There will be no second chances, no reruns or further performances. Your answer to my next question are the last words you may speak until such time as I tell you otherwise.

Do you fully understand what you have to do and the implications if you fail?"

"Yes, I understand. Not a word right?"

"Now silence, otherwise our association is over. I am testing you; the rewards for a successful conclusion are beyond measure, so I urge you to fight the temptation to speak."


I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I held faith in the fact that so far he'd kept to his side of our agreement so satisfied that I wouldn't be harmed.

I could see nothing, and apart from sensing movement over the other side of the room, this was sensory deprivation the likes of which I'd only ever read about.


The movement came closer and I could make out two voices, one of which was my captor, the other was barely audible, but whoever it was, was receiving instructions.

"This is who you chose, and I believe your choice was a very good one to make, but now it is time to see just how compatible you two are. You know what you have to do, so I wish you well, for now your time has come."


Oh God! I could smell BOY! That aroma that only a pubescent boy secretes, but then a voice; not a voice of a pre-pubescent boy, but that belonging to one in the very early stages of maturity.


"Please don't be afraid and please don't talk. I chose you, and this is my only opportunity to convince you to love me. I'm going to give myself to you, and I hope you'll accept me."


I felt something hard yet soft touch my lips so I instinctively opened my mouth to take whatever was being offered.

A cock. A slim, uncircumcised cock about four and a half inches long and around three quarters of an inch in diameter; rock hard and dripping with precum began to gently slide into my eager mouth. At no time did whoever this boy was attempt to face-fuck me; obviously he wanted things to last, and I was grateful for it, accepting his full length to the recesses of my mouth and running my tongue around the sweet, sensitive underside of his glans.

He moaned with pleasure and began to tease me leaving only the tip of his dick between my lips. I suctioned on it in an attempt to have more of him to suck on, but then he withdrew completely, replacing it with his immature balls and the delights of his velvet-smooth perineum to lick and tickle. I tried unsuccessfully to access his hole, but he moved away and again he fed me his cock.


"You can have that and so much more another time sweet man, but for now I just want you to take me to that heaven they call orgasm."


I pulled every trick in the book that I could remember. It worked, because a few minutes later I heard him gasp and felt his rod swell in my mouth. Seconds later my mouth was filling with his life seed and it was over. I savoured the sweet yet saltiness of his essence before swallowing it very thankfully.


Minutes passed, then I felt myself being lowered into a rather more comfortable position. My arms were still restrained and my ankles still spread apart by the manacles, but at least I could lie down with just my torso inclined as if half sitting up in bed.

I then heard the voice of my young lover.


"I want you to eat me out. Make me wet for you and open me up with your tongue. It will make things easier for what is to happen next."


Such a sweet and tender hole! I was in heaven doing this as he was spotlessly clean and so very soft.

He was obviously enjoying my ministrations on him equally as much as I was loving giving him such pleasure as his gasps and cries of lust were echoing around the dungeon, but then my captor spoke to him.


"I realise that you could have him do that to you for the rest of the day, but we have to get to the final test.

Just remember what we talked about. I know you're anxious to please him, but you're a virgin and you may well hurt yourself if you go too far too fast, not only that, you'll be very tight and there's the possibility you might also cause your lover a degree of discomfort. Just be gentle with each other and you'll be fine."


My young lover sat astride me and stroked my hair.

"This is the culmination of everything I've wished for. I've been waiting patiently for this moment so please, no talking now as I'm going to make you mine forever."


With that, I felt him take hold of my erection and place the tip against his hole. I think he was nervous because he paused momentarily and took a deep breath before lowering himself down, allowing my glans to enter him.

A sharp intake of breath and another pause in order to ready himself for yet more intrusion into his tunnel of passion.

Slowly and carefully his pushed himself down until I felt his hand cup my balls as he let out a sigh of relief.


"We did it! I have all of you inside me, so now I'm going to take from you the same as you took from me. We will be true lovers and if you like what you see, we can remain lovers for ever."


Despite having been sporting an uncontrollable hard-on for what seemed like hours, I managed to hold off from cumming for a decent amount of time, but he was loving this, especially as I was massaging his prostate at every downstroke. He was getting rather vocal and that alone sent me crashing head long into a massive climax which in turn made him cum again.

He collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest, both of us panting for breath.


Moments later my captor spoke.


"That, my dear friends, was a wonderful sight to behold, and for the purposes of the test, completely successful.

Young man? You are now free to speak and your lovely young lover can remove your bonds and blindfold so you can take, if not your first look at the boy who loves you, but the first for a very long time"

"The first for a long time? I don't understand."

"Be patient and all will become clear."


Delicate fingers released my ankles, then with the blindfold removed, and once my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I saw a truly beautiful young boy stood in front of me.

He did indeed have the face of an angel. His body was trim and firm; completely hairless aside from the lightest scattering of pubic hair around his crotch, but then the penny dropped and I burst into a fit of uncontrollable tears.


"Sven? It's you, isn't it? How can this be possible? By rights you should be about thirty years old now, but here you are, just as I remember you.

Please tell me this isn't a dream or a cruel joke?"


"It's me Andre, I've been waiting for you. I hope you're happy to see me?"

"Happy? I've missed you so very much. I cried like an infant after you left for New

Zealand, and in a way I've also been waiting for you, although I couldn't allow

myself to believe we'd ever meet again. But why haven't you aged?"

"It's a very long and complicated story Andre and one I'll share with you as I mean to share my whole life with you."


He looked at my old captor who nodded his agreement.


"My house is yours now. My work here is done and I have to return home. Treat each other with kindness and respect, and most of all, keep loving each other as you did tonight.

I will see you again, not here but in another time and another place.

Listen carefully to what Sven tells you Andre. As he said, it's a long and complicated story, and one you might have difficulty understanding, but all the signs are good for your life together so I wish you well.

Goodbye and good fortune to both of you."



Chapter One ends.



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