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Chris Carr

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Gonna Cost Ya


By Chris Carr


Copyright August, 2010




Pt. II





Days later, Rayshon hadn't surfaced. Confused, Dennis made it his business to be in the monitor room at the appointed hour, but nothing. Why he'd ran, Dennis wasn't sure but he wanted to find him. It was the only way he could be certain he wouldn't repeat his performances.

But Dennis had little to no information. In fact, he didn't even know the kid's last name. It took him several days of investigation, searching through the school database, then confirming with his teacher but eventually he found him.

Deciding a frontal assault would prove more effective, he purposely went to the boy's class that afternoon. The very same Spanish class he'd previously ditched for his cam shows.

Stepping through the door, he immediately spotted him. Whispering to his teacher, he pointed at boy for effect, informing him he needed to see him in the office. The teacher complied, calling an obviously anxious Rayshon to the front of the class.

"Mr. Overland needs to see you in his office," He told Rayshon, turning him over to Dennis. Following him out the class, Rayshon said nothing. In silence they walked to the office, Rayshon skittish, like he might run again.

"No problem, kid," Dennis consoled. "I just wanna talk to you." Holding the office door open, he closed it behind them.

"Have a seat." Dennis motioned at the chair. Perching on the edge of his seat, Rayshon's eyes darted about like a caged animal.

"Why'd you run?" Dennis began. Hunching his shoulders, Rayshon looked at his worn tennis. Waiting, Dennis gazed at his slight form. God, this boy was fucking cute!

"Well?" Dennis prompted.

"I dunno," Rayshon muttered. Hunching his shoulders again, he picked at a hole in his jeans. "Thought you was gonna arrest me or something."

"Arrest you?" Dennis chuckled. "I'm just a school security guard. I can't arrest you kid."

"Well, I didn't know," Rayshon blistered. "Besides, I thought you'd tell my mom."

"Moms would kill you huh?"

"Dead," Rayshon said.

"Maybe I should tell," Dennis taunted. "Teach you to not do shit like that on camera."

His face reddening, the slightest hint of fear registered on his face. Staring for some time, that devious smirk eventually returned. "You liked it?"

Caught off guard, Dennis looked away. "You did, huh?"

Reclining in the chair, he held him with that devilish smirk. It just said so many things while revealing little at the same time.

"Why'd you stop me then?" Flummoxed, Dennis hunched his shoulders like a kid. Looking down, Dennis noticed the bulge in the boy's pants. Ah, hell, what the fuck was happening?! On instinct, he took a step backwards.

"You...We... I can't," Dennis stuttered, his eyes returning to the bulge, nonetheless.

"But it was cool," Rayshon countered, that bulge a virtual tent now.


"Cuz..." His gaze dropping, he quietly added, "Cuz I knew you were watching."

"It's not safe," Dennis instructed. "What if my partner had been watching?"

"I knew."

"You knew? How?"

"Cuz... I always waited till I knew she was on patrol."

Smart kid: his heart in his throat, he fought it hard not to look at the kid's groin. He wasn't sure why but something about the kid's smirk made him uncomfortable. In fact, it was almost unnerving... like he knew the urges that were driving him.

"S'not safe," Dennis protested, more to himself than the kid.

"I won't tell." Dennis stared at him for some time, his thoughts racing.

"Ok," He ventured, "Say I don't tell. What then? I'm supposed to let you go back to your daily shows?"

With a little snicker, Rayshon solicited, "Shows?"

"Yeah, your little, on cam, exhibitions," Dennis said, gesturing at the monitors.

"If that's what you want." Confused, Dennis gazed at that adorable face.

"What do you want, then?"

Holding him with that piercing gaze, Rayshon said nothing. It wasn't until some time Dennis finally realized he couldn't step up to the bat. Sure, he had enough balls to start this but he still was a kid when it was all said and done.

"Look kid, I got my job to think about," Dennis petitioned. "All you got to worry about is what your mom may or may not do to you."

"It's totally cool," Rayshon countered. "You don't have to worry."

Against his better judgment, Dennis chanced a glance at the boy's groin. Sure enough, the prominent swell was still there, but now there was also a tiny wet spot.

"Want me to take it out?" And before Dennis could say no, he'd unbuttoned his jeans, ripping them open. Reeling, Dennis got a face full of hard, boy dick.

"Damit boy," He exclaimed, rushing to lock the door, "you trying to get me fired??"

"Sorry," Rayshon said, that silly smirk widening.

Whatever his inhibitions were before, they were quickly failing in the face of such unexpected beauty. Though he'd seen the kid's dick before, it still caused him to swoon. Sinking fast, he glanced up at the boy, desperately trying to communicate his distress. Rayshon met his anxiety with a smile, none the wiser. It was like he was proud of himself... of his great achievement.

You like it? His face seemed to be saying... and how he did. His heart pounding, Dennis couldn't find the will to tell him to put it away. Throbbing to his heartbeat, his dick hovered above his taut belly, the head slightly glistening with his juices. He's uncut? Dennis accounted, wondering why he hadn't noticed the extra skin before.

Raising his shirt higher, Rayshon lay back in the chair, his groin exposed. A decent growth of hair above his throbbing inches, they were curly like the hair on his head. As he watched, the wily youth spread his legs, his taut balls falling between them.

Like a moth to a flame, Dennis was drawn, his hand extending of its own volition. Clasping the boy's warm growth in his hand, he slipped it up the shaft and around the head. Rayshon's breathing raspy, his eyes widened.

Aware the monitor room wasn't totally safe, Dennis felt himself plotting. "Listen," He started, his hand still holding Rayshon's hard inches, "where do you live?"

"On the east side, near that Big K-Mart." Releasing the boy's throbbing dick, Dennis's resolve stood no chance.

"Come by my office after school," He conceded. "Now pull those up!"



The day flying by, Dennis went from moments of pure elation to sheer terror. Maybe he'll do me a favor and not show up. That's it! I'll really know how interested he is in then. Gambling on the boy not showing, he made it through the rest of the day.

Long after everyone had left, he finished up his paper work, convinced he wouldn't show. He was just about to lock up when there was a knock on the door. His heart suddenly pounding again, he opened the door.

"Sup?" Rayshon smirked.






Slumped down in his seat, Rayshon would look at him every few minutes, that curious smirk never waning. Still leery, Dennis had been peppering him with questions. Had he ever done this with anyone else? How old was he? Did he have a girlfriend? Was he gay?

Nearly across town, Rayshon peered out the window. "Where we goin?" Dennis said nothing, still debating whether he'd take the boy home or not. Sitting up, Rayshon looked around.

"We goin' to the mall?"

"Yeah," Dennis finally allowed.

"But why?"

"Cuz... it's safe."

Frustrated, Rayshon slumped back in his seat. "I told you dude, you don't have to worry." He seemed genuinely disappointed, his smirk disappearing.

"You don't understand," Dennis explained.

"Fine then. You don't want to, take me home then."

Taken aback, Dennis passed the mall. Turning back, he headed back across town. Glancing at the boy, he marveled at his temerity. Unlike most boys his age, he seemed almost at home with him, like he was comfortable around older people. Yet, by his own admission, he was virtually inexperienced as it concerned sex. From his questioning he'd learned Rayshon was 16, although he looked 14. He'd never been with a guy, not even one his age and yes, he did have a girlfriend.

Driving along, the tension lessened when Rayshon commented on a billboard, advertising an upcoming video game.

"Can't wait for that," He casually said.

"The first one was the bomb!" Dennis returned.

"You played Assassin's Creed?"

Smiling, Dennis glanced at him. "What, you don't think guys my age play video games?"

"You got a PS3?"

"360," Dennis beamed, delighted he'd found a common ground with the boy.

Talking at length, they shared video game stories, Rayshon quite impressed with Dennis's knowledge. As they continued, talking at ease about everything from video games to school bullies, Dennis found himself falling for the boy. A genuine charmer, his calm demeanor was damn unarming. Emboldened, Dennis affronted,

"So why'd you do it?" Caught off guard, Rayshon blinked, his mouth opened.

"Do what?"

"Com'on, you can tell me. Why'd you do it?"

"What're you talkin bout?"

"Stop it...for real. Just tell me. Why'd you do it?"

A long silence passing, Rayshon looked out the window, open fields passing by. "If I gotta explain that, you can just take me home," He finally muttered.

The tension returning, they rode in silence. Nearing his side of town, Dennis kept glancing at the boy, his heart in his throat. At the last minute he turned onto his street, his heart racing as he turned into his driveway.

"Just this once," He stated, staring resolutely at the youth. His trademark smirk returning, Rayshon answered,

"Ok," then jumped out the car.



Like a kid in a candy store Rayshon walked all around the house, pausing to look at practically everything and questioning him about various photos. When he spied the Xbox 360, he stopped dead in his tracks, gazing in wonder like a worshipper at a temple God.

Stooping, he perused Dennis's stash. "How many games you got?"

"Just those you see there," Dennis said, his eyes wandering to the boy's pert bottom.

"Still more than I got," Rayshon jeered, picking up another game.

"What do you have?"


"But how'd you know bout all those games?"

"My buddies. All I got is a tired Game Cube." Reaching for another game he glanced up, his face sheer contentment. "I'd kill for all these!"

"Well, we'll see how things go. Maybe you can play them."

Standing, Rayshon approached him. "Why you so uptight?"

"You don't know," Dennis sighed. "They catch me and it's all over. I probably made a bad mistake just bringing you here." Looking away, Dennis walked to his front window, closing the blinds. "What about your mom?" He continued, facing the boy.

"Mr. Overland chill. She's at work. She won't be home for like another two hours. All I gotta do is answer my celly when she calls," he informed, pulling out a compact cell phone.

"I just hope you understand how risky this is. All you gotta worry about is...

"My moms," Rayshon said, finishing the sentence. "I know dude," He pleaded, placing a hand on his shoulder. "But you don't ever have to worry about me. It's totally cool."

Holding him with his piercing gaze, it was like he'd done this before, despite his assertions. Needing to calm his nerves, Dennis retired to his kitchen for a beer.

"Can I have one?" He'd followed Dennis to the kitchen. Still standing in the refrigerator door, Dennis stared at the strange boy. He smokes weed, jacks off on cameras and is totally at ease with someone nearly twice his age. What the who? He figured, reaching for another can.

Guzzling like a thirsty camel, Dennis cautioned him to slow down. "You ever drank before?"

"A little," Rayshon beamed with pride. "With my cousin."

Returning to the front room, Dennis sat on his couch. To his surprise, Rayshon sat next to him. Sipping on his beer, he sat back, perching his feet on the coffee table. His dark Vans worn, they weren't the only thing needing replacement Dennis observed. His pants and shirt almost threadbare, Rayshon's mother apparently couldn't afford the latest fashions.

"Come with me," Dennis said, standing. Walking to his bedroom he opened the closet. His mouth falling open, Rayshon gazed at the shoes and clothes. Picking up a pair of tennis, he looked at Dennis.

"My nephew. He used to stay weekends with me. He's gone to college now. Besides, he can't fit these things anymore. Go ahead, try them on." With a big smile Rayshon sat on the floor, reaching for his shoes. Untying them, he was about to snatch them off, then stopped.

"It's ok," He said, returning the shoes to the closet.

"What's the matter? You don't like them?"

Sitting for some time, Rayshon looked longingly at the shoes but said nothing. Confused, Dennis sat on the floor. "It's ok li'l fella," He consoled, "Like I said, Brian can't fit these anymore. He probably doesn't even remember he left them here."

Reaching for his shoes, he was about to remove them when Rayshon snatched his foot away. Even more confused, Dennis looked up. A panged look on his face, Rayshon's smirk was nowhere to be found. Finally understanding, Dennis said, "It's ok dude. He left some socks too."

His face relaxing, Rayshon didn't move his foot when Dennis reached for it again. Pulling his shoe off, Dennis saw the holes but made no acknowledgement, instead, putting the newer shoe on his foot. To his delight it fit almost perfectly. Beaming, Rayshon snatched his other shoe off, revealing even more holes. Pulling the other shoe on, he stood, looking at himself in the mirror.

"You like them?"

"Hell yeah!" Rayshon gushed, posing in front of the mirror. Returning to the closet he pulled more items down, throwing together a hasty ensemble. Without prompting he started removing clothes, exchanging them for the shirts, pants and hoodies in the closet.

Sitting on the bed, Dennis watched with satisfaction as the boy tried on article after article. Each combination better than the last, it was like Rayshon was modeling for him. Trying on outfit after outfit, at one point he bounded for the bed, bowling Dennis over.

"Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!" He raved, hugging the startled man. The youth's warm body suddenly laying atop him, Dennis blanched, his breathing accelerating. He was just about to reach around the boy when he lifted up. Their eyes locking, Dennis was certain the boy was about to kiss him. His heart pounding, he almost gasped when the boy fell on top of him, laying his head on his shoulder like a child.

"Thanks," He said, close to Dennis's ear. They lay like that for some time, heartbeats pounding against opposing chests. The sheer warmth of the boy's body electrifying, Dennis prayed it would never end. But, typical kid, Rayshon soon bounded for the closet, removing clothes in exchange for another outfit.

Not until he'd tried on practically everything did his attention return to Dennis. "Can I have this?" He asked, indicating the pants and shirt he was wearing.

"Much as you want," Dennis said. "But maybe just a couple of things today, so your mom won't get suspicious?"

Reluctantly Rayshon agreed, staring longingly at all of the clothes. "My moms wouldn't notice," He muttered, "But ok." Dennis realized his intentions were self-motivated, all in hopes he'd get the boy to return, but he said nothing.

Removing the shirt and pants, he stood in his worn underwear, gazing at the clothes.

"Let me get those undies," Dennis said. Walking to a dresser he extracted a handful of socks and briefs. Although Rayshon wore boxers, he imagined he'd gladly take a practically new pair of briefs. Handing them to the boy, he held his breath, waiting to see if he'd leave to change.

Pulling his socks off, Rayshon balanced on first one foot then the next, working the new socks on his bare feet. Wiggling his toes inside them, he glanced up at Dennis, a broad smile on his face. Reaching for the briefs, he paused a minute, then finally turned away as he pulled his old worn boxers down.

His pert ass momentarily exposed, Dennis's face flushed when the boy bent over to puts the briefs on. His crack parting, Dennis could almost see his diminutive button. Standing, he turned to face Dennis, that smirk on his face once more.

A slight bulge in his briefs, Rayshon made no effort to hide it. His breathing shallow, Dennis looked at the attractive boy, naked, save socks and briefs. Small in stature he stood just a mere 5'5". His body smooth, just the smallest hint of hair grew under his arms. He couldn't have been more than 115 pounds, his form slight. Yet he was everything Dennis could've ever wished for, his full, voluptuous lips inviting.

As he studied him, Rayshon's briefs filled with his anxious growth, the head leaking through the white cotton. Looking down, he peered at his bounding beauty, as if amazed. His toes wiggling, it was like he was lost in observation, his head down.

Dennis watched him for some time, the youth's dick fully erect beneath the briefs now but still he stared, head down. The pinprick of wetness spreading, his dick swelled, filling his briefs. After a long while Dennis finally moved closer.

Rayshon remained posted, his bound fist anxiously thumping the side of his hips. Reaching out, Dennis palmed the clearly outlined length beneath the boy's new briefs. His hand trembling, he heard his breath quickening as he thrummed the boy's anxious swell.

Prying his briefs open, Dennis gasped when he spied the boy's turgid endowment. Unfettered and uninterrupted, he gazed at the luscious offering, time frozen.

When he reached inside and extracted the randy rapier, Rayshon quivered with excitement. Glancing up at him, he was surprised to find his head still down, as if studying his feet. Slipping his hand up his slender blade, Dennis heard the boy's breathing speed up.

In a matter of minutes, the boy's dick twitched and enlarged, indicating he was near blowing. Though he wanted to fall before him and swallow him whole, Dennis kept stroking, his eyes glued on the boy's reacting body.

His toes clutching the floor, Rayshon let out an excited gasp, then, his dick swelling bigger, cum gushed from his swollen, red head, sailing across the floor to hit the carpet, several feet away. Bucking like he'd done on cam, he whipped his slight hips forward, flinging round after round of potent boy juice, his eyes squeezed shut.

Biting his lower lip, he wiggled and bucked, emptying his cannon until finally, heavy droplets dribbled from his erect member, plopping on the carpet. Exhaling loudly, he shivered when Dennis stroked him the few last times, then, beaming, he glanced up at him, a satisfied look on his face. Thank you, his face seemed to say.

Both of them surveying the mess he'd made, Dennis lead him to the bathroom, providing him with a towel to clean up. When Rayshon returned, that curious smirk was on his face again.

"What?" Dennis asked.

"What about you?"

Shocked, Dennis stared speechless. "Me?"

Nodding, Rayshon commented, "Yeah. Ain't you gonna get one?"

"O...Okay," Dennis stuttered, his heart thundering.


Walking towards him the boy stared at Dennis's groin, as if waiting for a movie to start. Still frozen, Dennis gazed at the half naked boy, his dick straining against his pants.

"Take it out," Rayshon requested, moving closer. In slow motion Dennis opened his pants, Rayshon's eyes locked on his groin.

"Wow," He gushed, his eyes widening when Dennis removed his growth. Mesmerized, Rayshon studied the man's appendage, moving still closer. Wondering if he was going to touch it, Dennis remained still.

"Do it," Rayshon enthused, looking up at Dennis. Complying, Dennis started stroking his dick.

"Wait," Rayshon said, stooping in front of him. His heart leaping in his throat, Dennis held his breath, waiting to see what the boy would do. To his surprise Rayshon started pulling on his shoe. Hopping about on one foot, Dennis watched as the eager boy yanked his shoes, then his socks off.

"Nice," he breathed, as if admiring Dennis's large feet. Then he reached up and yanked Dennis's pants down. "You have to get out of these," He calmly stated, pulling Dennis's briefs off too.

Naked from the waist down Dennis felt a little exposed, especially the way Rayshon stood staring at him. Go ahead, his eyes seemed to say. His drive diminishing, Dennis stood quietly, his dick wilting. His eyes roving over the teen's exposed torso, Rayshon volunteered,

"What? You wanna see it again?" Pulling his briefs down, he held his dick up, wagging it at Dennis. His dick slowly responding, it wasn't until Rayshon tauntingly turned around it jumped hard. Smiling, Rayshon pushed his luscious buns at the man, amused an ass as small as his could be attractive.

His eyes locked on the boy's sweet buns, Dennis flailed away, his breathing raspy. His moment drawing closer he chanced reaching his hand to caress the sweet cheeks. As soon as his hand made contact with the boy's smooth bottom, his dick leapt, huge loops of cum squirting from its swollen head.

Looking over his shoulder, Rayshon quickly turned around to watch, his eyes large with wonder. His eyes filled with boyish wonder he watched the fireworks display, Dennis's dick firing skyrockets of excited cum.

Dancing about on his toes, Dennis staggered, the force of his release mind-numbing. Just one look at Rayshon's delectable ass and he was hopelessly addicted. Rubbing his trembling hand once more on the boy's smooth ass, he shook, the last of his cum dribbling out. I'm fucked, he thought, forcing a smile when Rayshon threw him his trademark smirk.






Days later he was in a near panic, Rayshon mysteriously absent. He'd seen nothing of the boy, neither about campus nor on camera. His worst fears surfacing he couldn't imagine why the boy was suddenly so scarce.

Had his hasty actions made him guilty? Was he having second thoughts? Maybe he'd talked to his mom?! Talking himself off the ledge he patrolled the campus, determined to keep his cool. Every "skinny jeans" sighting reminding him of Rayshon, his task wasn't easy.

What was it with these skinny jeans, he pondered? Now, not only were the kids wearing skin tight jeans that left little to the imagination, they were also sagging, their little asses hanging out their drooping jeans! With the "baggy look", at least their shirts hung low enough to cover their sagging pants. But now there was boy ass out at practically every turn.

By the end of the week Dennis had gone through a full range of emotions, from near panic to quiet acceptance. Like all good things, his boy candy was obviously gone. Several times he'd resisted the temptation to visit Rayshon's Spanish class, afraid he'd draw suspicion. You could at least walk by. Wrestling with that option more than once, he couldn't even bring himself to consider it.

Resolving himself that `all good things come to an end', he almost didn't notice the movement on cam three. Earlier that day a student had brought a puppy on campus. Dennis had to take the boy and his puppy home, clear across town. If he hadn't been such a nice piece of eye candy, Dennis would've been sorely pissed.

When he'd returned Rita wasn't in the guard office, leaving the cameras unmonitored. Wondering what was so important she'd leave her post, he was just about to call her cell when he saw the slender figure casually walk past the camera.

Camera three monitored the lunch area. Couldn't be, he thought, certain the boy wouldn't be so careless. His cell phone dangling mid-air, he stared at the screen.

The display even more grainy than cam six, he wasn't certain it was Rayshon. Captivated, he moved closer, squinting to see. Yes, he had on skinny jeans but he didn't look as small as Rayshon. And he didn't have a silly hat on.

Bent over, he gazed at the screen, his heart pitter-pattering. Looking around, the boy walked to the far corner of the brick wall enclosure nearly out of the camera's range. Turning his back to the camera, he pulled his pants down, revealing his bare bottom.

Fucking KIDDING ME! Dennis gaped, his mouth dropping open. Rayshon's pert ass unmistakable, Dennis's heart leapt in his throat as he watched the boy pointing his ass at the camera!

In a near panic, Dennis squinted at the screen, every minute an eternity. Crazy fool! Bending closer, he gawked at the boy's adorable ass, a chubby developing in his pants.

"Wasssup?" Nearly jumping out of his skin, Dennis faced Rita.





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