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Chris Carr

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Gonna Cost Ya


By Chris Carr


Copyright August, 2010






Days later he was in a near panic, Rayshon mysteriously absent. He'd seen nothing of the boy, neither about campus nor on camera. His worst fears surfacing he couldn't imagine why the boy was suddenly so scarce.

Had his hasty actions made him guilty? Was he having second thoughts? Maybe he'd talked to his mom? Talking himself off the ledge he patrolled the campus, determined to keep his cool. Every "skinny jeans" sighting reminding him of Rayshon, his task wasn't easy.

What was it with these skinny jeans, he pondered? Now, not only were the kids wearing skin tight jeans that left little to the imagination, they were also sagging, their little asses hanging out their drooping jeans! With the "baggy look", at least their shirts hung low enough to cover their sagging pants. But now there was boy ass out at practically every turn.

By the end of the week Dennis had gone through a full range of emotions, from near panic to quiet acceptance. Like all good things, his boy candy was obviously gone. Several times he'd resisted the temptation to visit Rayshon's Spanish class, afraid he'd draw suspicion. You could at least walk by. Wrestling with that option more than once, he couldn't even bring himself to consider it.

Resolving himself that `all good things come to an end', he almost didn't notice the movement on cam three. Earlier that day a student had brought a puppy on campus. Dennis had to take the boy and his puppy home, clear across town. If he hadn't been such a nice piece of eye candy, Dennis would've been sorely pissed.

When he'd returned Rita wasn't in the guard office, leaving the cameras unmonitored. Wondering what was so important she'd leave her post, he was just about to call her cell when he saw the slender figure casually walk past the camera.

Camera three monitored the lunch area. Couldn't be, he thought, certain the boy wouldn't be so careless. His cell phone dangling mid-air, he stared at the screen.

The display even more grainy than cam six, he wasn't certain it was Rayshon. Captivated, he moved closer, squinting to see. Yes, he had on skinny jeans but he didn't look as small as Rayshon. And he didn't have a silly hat on.

Bent over, he gazed at the screen, his heart pitter-pattering. Looking around, the boy walked to the far corner of the brick wall enclosure nearly out of the camera's range. Turning his back to the camera, he pulled his pants down, revealing his bare bottom.

Fucking KIDDING ME! Dennis gasped, his mouth dropping open. Rayshon's pert ass unmistakable, Dennis's heart leapt in his throat as he watched the boy pointing his ass at the camera!

In a near panic, Dennis squinted at the screen, every minute an eternity. Crazy fool! Bending closer, he gawked at the boy's adorable ass, a chubby developing in his pants.

"Wasssup?" Nearly jumping out of his skin, Dennis faced Rita.


"What're you so jumpy for?" Rita said.

"Nothing. Where you been?"

"Kid went off on a teacher."

Praying Rayshon's show was through, he hovered in front of cam three's display.

"How'd it go?"


"With the kid? With the puppy?"

"Oh! Took him home, without incident. Still can't believe that idiot brought a dog to school."

Still standing in front of the screen he smiled at Rita when she moved to sit down. Peering over his shoulder, he chanced a peek at cam three. Sighing a big sigh of relief the display was vacant, save the lunch tables.

Composing himself, he finished up his report, eventually clocking out. Leaving the office he hurried to the play yard. Before he got to the lunch area Rayshon mysteriously appeared from behind a bungalow.

A wide smirk on his face, he approached Dennis. "Are you CRAZY?"

Surprised, Rayshon froze. "What?"

"Rita walked in while you were giving your little show!!"

With a giggle, Rayshon covered his mouth.


"Oops nothing. You gotta be cool man. What if somebody had walked in there?" Dennis said, gesturing at the empty lunch area.

"I checked," Rayshon said, head down. "And I'm sorry bout your partner. I saw her on patrol. I figured she wouldn't be in there."

Shaking his head, Dennis couldn't stay mad at the adorable boy. "You're just lucky I was there to cover up the screen."

A wicked grin spreading across his face he taunted, "You liked it?"

"Enough to spank it!" Dennis teased, smacking the boy on his saucy bottom.


At his place Rayshon was more at home than before, plopping down on the couch and kicking his shoes off, soon as they were inside. Dennis observed him, his heart pounding like before. That this cute boy was in his place again was almost unimaginable.

"Can I have a beer?" Rayshon petitioned.

Reluctant to give the boy liquor, he conceded it couldn't be worse than sexually corrupting him. Rayshon guzzled like before, making Dennis think he wasn't a novice to drinking. When he threw Dennis a lopsided smile, his heart almost burst.

"Thought you were gone," He said.

A confused look on his face, Rayshon asked why?

"Because... You were gone for so long."

"Had a lotta work to do."


Happy he'd returned, Dennis didn't press him for more. It wasn't until Rayshon walked back to the living room he noticed the shoes, shirt and pants he'd gotten from his last trip.

Joining him, he was apprehensive again, like a teen on his first date. Chancing stolen glances at the boy, his heart rate increased with every look. Sipping his beer, Rayshon sat quietly, his feet dangling over the edge of the couch.

"Wanna...wanna go to my room?" Dennis ventured.

"K," Rayshon said, standing.


Following his cute buns to the room, Dennis felt weak with desire. Plopping down on his bed, Rayshon studied his feet, his toes wiggling in his socks. When Dennis joined him he inquired,

"You gotta girlfriend?" Dennis shook his head.

"Kids?" Dennis shook his head again. "So it's just you?" Rayshon said, gesturing at the empty room. Dennis nodded.

"Cool place." Looking around, his eyes stopped at the computer. "Oh wow, a Dell?" Standing, he walked to it. "We got a Dell. But it's hella old. How big is the hard drive?"

"Uh... I don't know?"

"How much memory you got?" Dennis hunched his shoulders. "Can you burn DVD's?" Dennis stared at him, dumbfounded.

"Dude, you've got all this computer and you don't even know if you can burn DVD's?"

"I just got it to be on the internet."

"Porn!" Rayshon joshed. His face reddening, Dennis said nothing.

"You really know a lot about computers huh?"

"A little," Rayshon said, reaching for the power button. "Can I?"

"Sure," Dennis said, joining him.

"Say, can you fix my DVD player?"

"What's wrong with it?" Rayshon said, watching the computer boot.

"Uh... the thingy doesn't open all the time."

"The thingy?" That sinister smirk returning Rayshon looked down at his groin.

"Not that. This!" Dennis said, pointing to the DVD drive door.


Waiting until the computer was fully booted, Rayshon pushed the release button for the DVD door. With a sputter, the door wheezed open. Pushing it closed, he pushed the release again. This time the door churned loudly but didn't open.

"You probably need a new drive."

"Hmm, what do those cost?"

"Like 80 bucks."

"And... You could put it in for me?" Nodding his head, Rayshon popped programs open on Dennis's computer.

"Sweet, what's this?" Opening his video player Rayshon clicked the play button. A demo film starting he looked up at Dennis. "Porn," He taunted. "Wow and you got iTunes?"

"My buddy put that on there," Dennis explained. "What is it?"

Gawking, Rayshon shook his head again. "Dude, I could do SOOO much with your computer!"

"Can we start with the DVD thingy?"

Looking down at his groin again, Rayshon smirked. "Fine! If THAT'S what you want..." When Dennis started to unzip his pants, Rayshon laughed.

"I'm just saying. You keep calling it that," He giggled.

"But can you?"

"Yeah, pretty sure." With a devious grin, Rayshon added, "And what do I get for fixing it?"

"Ha! What do you want?"

"Umm... Maybe... some more of those clothes?"

"Oh wow, you're a cheap date," Dennis laughed. "Lil fella, you don't have to earn those clothes. I told you, my nephew doesn't even remember he left them. Take as much as you want."

"But you said I could only take a couple of things last time."

"Because I don't want to alert your mom," Dennis explained.

"Dude, you have no idea. My clothes is the last thing my mom would notice," Rayshon scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"Well, go ahead and get some more," Dennis said, excited he'd see the boy undressing again.


Putting together several ensembles again, Rayshon soon settled on a cute set of jeans and T-shirt with a red hoodie. The bright colors looked good on him, his cherub face framed by the hoodie.

Satisfied with his choice, Rayshon started removing clothes until he was only wearing socks and briefs. Walking to the bed, he laid down, pulling his feet up on the bed. Languidly laying there, he studied the ceiling, as if it was suddenly important.

Soaking up his cute form, Dennis approached. Like a dream you don't want to end, absolute perfection was in his bed again. His trembling hands passing up the boy's smooth legs, he marveled at how passive he was, allowing Dennis to part them, exposing his swelling package.

Running his hands up the boy's extra smooth thighs, he glanced up at him when they passed over his burgeoning member. His eyes still studying the ceiling, he quietly bit his bottom lip when Dennis pulled his hard dick out.

Amazed, Dennis held his boy hardness upward, his hand slowly pulling the skin back until the angry red head was exposed. Bending down, he gently flicked his tongue across the bundle of nerves, beneath the head.

His body shaking, Rayshon let out a surprised gasp. Dennis's tongue laving the head of his dick, he'd never felt such intense sensations. His toes wiggling in his clean white socks, he was soon nearing orgasm, his teen body virtually on edge, 24/7.

Just when he thought he might cum, Dennis stopped, his dick flopping back on his stomach. Feeling him tug at his briefs, he raised his hips, allowing them to clear his smooth bottom. Glancing down, he watched as Dennis pulled them over his sock clad feet.

Lowering his hips to the bed, he looked away when Dennis looked at him. He wasn't sure why but he couldn't look at him, not while he was...

His dick ensconced in Dennis's warm mouth, he breathed loudly, his heart pounding. Up and down, Dennis's mouth traveled, quickly working him into a frenzy. Peering down again, he trembled when Dennis suddenly lapped at his balls.

Looking up, Dennis spied the boy looking at him, his eyes darting away again. Wondering if his ministrations were good or not, his only clue was Rayshon's bobbling dick. When he took it in his mouth again, Rayshon emitted another excited gasp, his eyes squeezing shut.

Seconds later, his dick jerked, filling Dennis's mouth with hot rushes of boy cum. Panting loudly, Rayshon bucked his hips, his toes dangling over the edge of the bed. His eyes still shut, he squirted lustily until finally, his convulsions decreased.

Lowering his hips on the bed, he felt the last excited ripples of his dick, Dennis's mouth incredible. He especially liked the way the man swirled his tongue about his sensitive head. Quivering like a leaf, he suffered the last few passes of Dennis's tongue, then he felt the cool room air on his wet dick.

"Your turn!" Sitting up, he gazed at Dennis's groin. Somewhat surprised, Dennis sat back on his knees.

"Oh yeah!" Rayshon remembered, turning on his stomach. Presented once again with those luscious buns, Dennis swooned. His hand reaching to caress the smooth skin, he quickly extracted his dick.

"How come you don't take your clothes off?" Rayshon inquired, half turning to his side. Like before, his randy dick was well on its way to a full blown erection.

"Uh.. well.."

"S'matter, you shame?"

"Uh... sort of."

"Why? You look cool!"

And with that, Rayshon yanked Dennis's guard shirt open. In a matter of minutes he had the man down to his briefs, again removing his socks like before.

"Those too," He instructed, pulling on Dennis's briefs. When Dennis was fully naked, Rayshon laid on his tummy again, raising his ass toward Dennis.

Dick in hand, Dennis freely palmed the boy's velvet soft bottom. God, what he'd do to that ass! Stroking madly, he panted, his eyes locked on the boy's sweet ass. His hand traveling down the smooth crevice between Rayshon's smooth buns, he was just nearing the prized possession when he felt his dick leap.

With a loud whoop, he thrust his hips forward, cum slamming into the bed beneath Rayshon's upturned ass. Whipping his head around, Rayshon peered over his shoulder, watching in awe as Dennis's dick blasted, a few droplets landing on his ass.

Wishing for more, Dennis rode his urgent release out, eyes locked on Rayshon's ass. Just be thankful you've got this, he conceded, passing his hand over his wondrous ass one last time.


As they quickly dressed, Rayshon's repeated promise he'd replace Dennis's DVD drive assuring him he'd return, he found it twice as confusing when the boy disappeared again.






Days racking up, Dennis tried telling himself it was no big deal but by the tenth day he grew concerned. Was he sick? Maybe he'd moved?

Going about his duties he found himself constantly thinking about the boy. His sultry, piercing eyes, those voluptuous lips and that smooth, saucy bottom. By day 11 he was a nervous wreck, his mind wandering.

Sometime after lunch he ran into the Vice Principal. "Hey, you know that kid Rayshon?"

Panicked, Dennis tried to mask his emotions. "Rayshon?"

"Yeah. Rayshon Mitchell, I think? Been absent almost two weeks now."


"Yeah," The Vice Principal said, looking into the distance. "Damn truant officers are swamped nowadays," He muttered. "Hey, you mind running over to his place, see what's up?"

He looked at Dennis. Though it wasn't his job Dennis was practically jumping at the idea. Not wanting to give himself away he feigned annoyance. "Ah man..."

"I know, I know. Normally I wouldn't ask but this is a good kid. Just hate to loose another one," The Vice Principal quickly explained.

After some hesitation, Dennis finally agreed. "Just tell Rita to cover for you. And let her know she's covering dismissal," He added, with a wink.

Retrieving Rayshon's address information from the attendance office, Dennis practically ran to in his car. He couldn't believe his dumb luck; not only was he going to visit the boy of his dreams but he was doing it on school time! What's more, he had all the time he needed, the guilty Vice Principal granting him the rest of the day off.

Zipping across town he marveled at how far the boy had to walk every day for school. Parking up the street from the address he decided on a stealthy approach, certain the boy wouldn't just let him in. Tipping across the yard he watched the windows of the surrounding houses for signs anyone was watching.

Satisfied he was alone he dipped below the front window. Peering inside his eyes bucked. There, naked as the day he was born sat Rayshon, happily jacking off to something on his computer. The screen at an angle away from him he couldn't be sure what he was watching but one thing was for sure, it was making Rayshon hella hot.

Standing he rapped loudly on the window. "School Security!"




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