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Gonna Cost Ya


By Chris Carr



Part IV





Days racking up, Dennis tried telling himself it was no big deal but by the tenth day he grew concerned. Was he sick? Maybe he'd moved?

Going about his duties he found himself constantly thinking about the boy. His sultry, piercing eyes, those voluptuous lips and that smooth, saucy bottom. By day 11 he was a nervous wreck, his mind wandering.

Sometime after lunch he ran into the Vice Principal. "Hey, you know that kid Rayshon?"

Panicked, Dennis tried to mask his emotions. "Rayshon?"

"Yeah. Rayshon Mitchell, I think? Been absent almost two weeks now."


"Yeah," The Vice Principal said, looking into the distance. "Damn truant officers are swamped nowadays," He muttered. "Hey, you mind running over to his place, see what's up?"

He looked at Dennis. Though it wasn't his job Dennis was practically jumping at the idea. Not wanting to give himself away he feigned annoyance. "Ah man..."

"I know, I know. Normally I wouldn't ask but this is a good kid. Just hate to loose another one," The Vice Principal quickly explained.

After some hesitation, Dennis finally agreed. "Just tell Rita to cover for you. And let her know she's covering dismissal," He added, with a wink.

Retrieving Rayshon's address information from the attendance office, Dennis practically ran to in his car. He couldn't believe his dumb luck; not only was he going to visit the boy of his dreams but he was doing it on school time! What's more, he had all the time he needed, the guilty Vice Principal granting him the rest of the day off.

Zipping across town he marveled at how far the boy had to walk every day for school. Parking up the street from the address he decided on a stealthy approach, certain the boy wouldn't just let him in. Tipping across the yard he watched the windows of the surrounding houses for signs anyone was watching.

Satisfied he was alone he dipped below the front window. Peering inside his eyes bucked. There, naked as the day he was born sat Rayshon, happily jacking off to something on his computer. The screen at an angle away from him he couldn't be sure what he was watching but one thing was for sure, it was making Rayshon hella hot.

Standing he rapped loudly on the window. "School Security!" He bellowed. Jumping sky high Rayshon ducked beneath the window. Walking to the door Dennis rapped loudly. "School Security, open up!"

After some time the door creaked open. "Hey," Rayshon muttered, a pair of shorts on his deflating boy cock. Stepping inside Dennis smiled, his eyes dancing.

"Tha fuck?" Rayshon said, walking into the living room.

"Same thing I was thinking" Dennis returned.

"Man, you scared the shit outta me. What you doing here?"

"Like I said, that's same question I'm trying to get answered."

Plopping down on the ratty couch Rayshon looked defeated. "They told you?"

"Told me what?"

"Bout me not being in school?"

"Yeah. The VP sent me."


"The hell were you thinking man?"

Shaking his head, Rayshon studied the floor. Taking a seat, Dennis looked around at the cluttered room. Old, mismatched furniture dominated the living room, the old recliner he was sitting in poking him in odd places. Pictures of Rayshon throughout the years adorned bookcases and various odd tables around the room. Even as a young child the boy was quite attractive.

In a corner he noticed an old TV, a digital converter perched precariously on top. No cable, he surmised. Rayshon's discarded shirt, shoes and pants lay on the floor beside the table beneath the computer. An older model, it was connected to a cathode-ray monitor. The desktop a picture of Rayshon he imagined he was the primary user.

"So wassup?" He inquired, Rayshon's head still down.

"Man, I..." Dropping his head, he looked defeated.

"Just tell me why you've been missing so much school?"

Shaking his head, Rayshon made several attempts at an explanation but said nothing. Standing, Dennis walked to the small kitchen. Opening the fridge he was met with stark, empty shelves, a few leftovers scattered about. Hoping to find a drink he finally closed the door when all he noticed was a pitcher of water.

"Are you in trouble?" He asked, returning to the front room.

"Man, I can't believe you're here," Rayshon bristled, shaking his head. "Why the fuck they send you?"

"Told you, the VP saw me on campus and hit me up to come. Why, is that a problem?"

"Yo, I just..." Looking away he let out a troubled exhalation. "Just ain't in the mood to be talkin," He conceded.

"Well, I need to tell them something."

"Them WHO?"

"The school. If I don't have a decent explanation, the next thing they're gonna do is send somebody to your mom's job. Probably me," Dennis explained.

Sucking air through his teeth Rayshon rose, walking to a patio window. Looking out the curtain he ground his teeth.

"Whatever it is, you know you can tell me," Dennis counseled.

"Yo, its YOU!" Rayshon accosted, facing Dennis. His eyes blazing, they brimmed with tears.

"Me? What did I do?"

"Man, you don't understand." Frustrated, Rayshon stepped through the patio window. A cool breeze jetting through the open door, Dennis became concerned for the half naked boy.

Joining him, he studied his troubled face. "Just tell me."

Looking up at him, Rayshon crossed his arms across his bare chest. When he started shivering, Dennis coaxed him back inside.

Taking seats opposite each other, a long silence passed. Gazing at his exposed body, Dennis couldn't prevent his dick from swelling, despite the strained environment. His eyes roving up the boy's lightly fleeced calves, he stopped himself before he got to his wide splayed legs.

"Man, you looking at me now, huh?"

Caught off guard, Dennis winced, his face reddening.

"Yo, that's part of the problem. FYI, I ain't gay man!" Surprised, Dennis looked away. "And I ain't doing that freaky shit no mo."

Saddened, Dennis folded his hands on his lap, his face hot with embarrassment. He hadn't planned for this eventuality.
"Is that why you been missing school."

Shaking his head, Rayshon stared at him for some time. "A'ight, you wanna know? It's them damn clothes man."

"The clothes? What's wrong with the clothes?"

"Ain't nothing wrong with them. Just they caused me a butt-load of problems." Standing, Rayshon walked to his computer, shutting it down. Dennis waited, hoping he'd volunteer more information. When the screen went dark, Rayshon turned the chair in front of it around and sat, facing Dennis.

Wounded, Dennis glanced at him. "What kind of problems Rayshon?"

"I wear them one day and everybody was all up on my nuts, looking at me and shit. `Damn nigga, you rob a Macy's'?" He leered, obviously mocking someone. "Oh, I didn't know you had it like that," He continued. Glaring at Dennis he finally declared, "Only choice I had was to keep wearing the same thing every day or stay home."

Finally understanding, Dennis rose, approaching the boy. "Hey, I'm sorry lil fella. I never meant for those clothes to cause trouble."

"Why you couldn't just give me more? Like I TOLD YOU?"

Squatting before the boy, Dennis looked up at him. "Lil man I'm truly sorry. All I was trying to do was keep you out of trouble. I figured you showed up with a lot of new clothes your mom would get suspicious and start asking questions."

"Told you, last thing mom would notice on me is clothes. Her ass workin' all the time but we ain't never got no money. Half the time she ain't here and when she is, she in her room. I would've took them clothes off by the time she got home."

Wishing he could hug the troubled boy, Dennis looked earnestly into his eyes instead. "I had no idea. You know it's no problem getting more clothes. I can't wear them and I was just gonna give them away anyway."

His face calming, Rayshon maintained his resolve. "Still, that other shit ain't cool. Be making me feel bad and shit."

"That's all good. You don't want to, we cool." Standing, Dennis headed for the door. "So what's say we go get you some more clothes."

Beaming, Rayshon hopped up, quickly dressing. On the way over he was first quiet, eventually opening up the further they went.

"Hey, can you spot me $10?" Looking at the diminutive youth Dennis couldn't resist the temptation.

"What for?" He ventured.

"Never mind." Looking out the window, Rayshon gnawed on his finger.

"You don't have to tell me." Glancing at him, Dennis added, "Got a pretty good idea what for though."



Blushing, Rayshon's eyes darted away. "Boy I ain't giving you money to support your habit," Dennis goaded. Riding along in silence, he occasionally glanced at the boy, his heart aching. To loose such beauty... and so quickly.

"What?" Rayshon inquired, catching him glancing. Smiling, he shook his head. "Oh I get it. In order for me to get what I want..."

Nodding his head knowingly, he returned to biting his finger.


At his house Dennis watched, wondering what Rayshon would do this time. Like before he seemed rather at home, plopping on his couch, his shoes off no sooner he was seated.

"K, guess we need to go the room," He suggested, still observing him.

In the room Rayshon happily browsed through clothes, making a selection. To Dennis's chagrin, he left the room to change. When he returned with the new clothes on, he checked himself in the mirror, a look of contentment on his face.

Repeating the process, he tried on several outfits, his face beaming more with each selection. It was like he was modeling for Dennis, somehow enjoying the attention. Frustrated, Dennis sat on the bed, regretting his loss.

"K, I'm cool," Rayshon finally announced, a bundle of clothes draped on his arm. "Hey thanks," He said, his voice low. "Yo, you can't hook me up though?"

"The $10?" Dennis asked. Nodding his head, Rayshon looked longingly at him. He's got it bad. Taking a big gamble, he slowly approached him. Stepping behind him, Rayshon eyed him warily. Extending his hand, he cupped the boy's pert ass. "Gonna cost you."

"Man I told you, I ain't gay."

"Didn't say you were," Dennis rebutted, his hand forming around the curve of the boy's ass. "Just `cause you mess around, don't make you gay," He instructed, his hand tracing up Rayshon's ass.

A long silence following, Dennis gazed at him in the mirror, Rayshon's intense eyes holding his. After some time he further gambled on moving his other hand to Rayshon's groin. His heart racing, his eyes danced when he found the youth's hard-as-nails dick.

His respirations increasing, Rayshon bit his bottom lip when Dennis reached in his pants. By the time Dennis's fingers wrapped around his throbbing length, his breaths had become audible, the boy's heart racing. Though he was loathed to admit it, he found nothing more exhilarating than Dennis's touch.

Grabbing Dennis' arm when the man attempted opening his pants, he eyed him warily. "So what I gotta do?"

"Have a little fun," Dennis retorted, palming his cute ass.

"With my ass?"

His hand slipping inside the boy's pants, Dennis taunted, "With that bomb assed weed you gonna get."

Turning to face him, Rayshon held him with a quizzical gaze. "Why you like my ass so?" Flummoxed, Dennis had no answer. Looking over his shoulder at his reflection in the mirror, Rayshon continued. "Cuz, it ain't that big. I mean, it's almost flat." Pushing his ass out, he studied his reflection, shaking his head.

Looking back at Dennis, he tossed Dennis an expectant gaze. Reaching around him, Dennis cupped his small ass with both his hands. His cheeks practically covered by the man's hands, Dennis looked up at him.

"It don't look like that to me." Squeezing the soft cheeks in his hands, he felt his dick jump in his shorts. "I think it's because it's you," He finally concluded.

"Hmm, so that mean you want this?" Pointing at his ass, Rayshon looked at Dennis in the mirror.

"Hell yeah," Dennis said, squeezing his ass.

"Gonna cost you." That sinister smirk returning, he was playing Dennis like a fiddle.

Smiling Dennis raised his eyebrows "Oh... We negotiating now?"

Returning his smile with a wicked leer, Rayshon nodded his head. "Guess so."

His heart pounding, Dennis walked behind the boy. His hand on his chin, he studied the boy's saucy ass. Then, without warning, he started pulling down Rayshon's pants.

"Hey!" Rayshon protested.

"A man's gotta see the goods," Dennis countered, with an equal leer. Catching his drift, Rayshon said nothing when he started working his pants down again. His breathing raspy, he could literally feel himself trembling as Dennis bared his ass. What was it about this illicit behavior that thrilled him so?

His ass exposed, Rayshon felt his dick leaking in his shorts. "You don't even know how much it's gonna cost," He announced, hoping to slow things.

Feeling somewhat bolstered by his wily counter move, he lost all confidence when he felt Dennis's hand on his bare ass. Closing his eyes, he bit his lip, Dennis's hand caressing the smooth curve of his ass. When it moved to trace up his crack, he suppressed a lusty moan.

"How much?" Slipping his finger between Rayshon's warm cheeks, he watched him in the mirror. With a small shudder, Rayshon boldly offered,


Chuckling, Dennis informed, "Baby boy, I pay that much and I'm definitely getting this tonight." His finger finding the boy's virgin hole, he punctuated his statement with a slight stab at it.

"Let's say 75 and we both go home happy?"

A shrewd negotiator indeed, Dennis smiled, his finger finding Rayshon's taut hole again. Looking over his shoulder, Rayshon trembled when Dennis's fingertip delved in a quarter inch.

"Sweet ass," Dennis breathed, his other hand snaking up the boy's shirt. Tracking across the scant form of the boy's chest, he felt his heartbeat hasten when his fingers bumped against his small nubs. Wagering any price was worth one chance at perfection, he struggled with the notion he would be supporting the boy's vile habit.

"Thought you said you were gonna fix my computer," He submitted. Shaking, Rayshon eventually found his voice.

"If that's what you wanna pay me for, that's cool," He said, laying his head against Dennis's strong shoulder.

"You can't spend it all on weed Rayshon," Dennis cautioned.

"I won't. I ain't THAT big a addict," He snickered. Cooing softly, he felt his dick expand, Dennis's fingers thrumming his raw nipple. Working him into a near frenzy, he could've had him for a dime. From that first time Dennis had taken him to his office he'd fallen under his spell, though he'd be hard pressed to admit it. More than once he'd masturbated to images of Dennis's ample dick, his body writhing in ecstasy. Truth be told, the guilt that plagued him was no match for his burgeoning desire.

With great effort he added, "Got a MP3 player I wanna get," His voice trembling.  Satisfied he wasn't totally responsible for furthering the boy's habit, Dennis unfastened his pants. His randy dick unfurling, Rayshon looked down amazed at how hard it was. Though he'd jacked off several times this week, it was nothing to compare to how sensuous Dennis' touch felt. His body responding, he felt the familiar ripples of desire caressing him.

Peering over his shoulder, Dennis gazed at the boy's excited extension. He equally enjoyed how hard Rayshon would get, his dick a virtual bamboo stick. Stroking it, he reveled in Rayshon's raspy response, his hips edging forward. Slowly peeling the skin back, they both marveled at the swollen, moist head. Hissing loudly, Rayshon trembled when Dennis slipped the skin back, capping his sensitive head.

Aware the boy was hot as a firebrand, he released his anxious dick. "Let's get you outta these," He said, pulling Rayshon's shirt over his head. Removing his pants, he gazed at the youth's sexy ass, the white briefs still tucked beneath his slight curves. Kneeling, he moved his mouth towards his ass, playfully biting it.

"Hey," Rayshon warned, looking over his shoulder.

"Sorry. Couldn't help it," Dennis snickered. Grabbing the elastic band of his shorts, he slowly pulled them below his hips. Had he ever seen such a sweet ass? Laying his cheek to the boy's cheeks, he lightly caressed them with his face.

The fires ignited, he began licking them. The sensation unexpected, Rayshon shuddered. No one had ever played with his ass like this. Grabbing both cheeks in his hands, Dennis parted them. The faintest hint of boy funk filling his nose, he greedily dove in, his tongue gliding up Rayshon's near hairless valley. Startled, Rayshon's rose up on his toes, his asshole afire. Dennis' tongue lapping at his tight aperture, he reeled, his dick jumping in response. Never in his life had he felt such intense sensations.

Though it felt weird having his ass licked, he slowly inched his ass back against the man's diddling firebrand. Spreading his cheeks further, Dennis feasted on the boy's quivering hole. Loud smacks filling the room, Rayshon's toes wiggled in his clean, white socks.

Standing, Dennis walked him to the bed. Removing his shorts, he lay him on his back, raising his legs. His heart pitter-pattering, Rayshon peered between his upraised legs, curious as Dennis went to work. Gasping, he felt lightheaded when Dennis' wicked tongue found his ringed opening. His dick dancing mid-air, it oozed boy juices.

Never in a thousand years would he have thought something so wicked could be so erotic. While somewhat repulsed, his heart pounded with excitement. Up and down his parted ass Dennis lapped, eliciting soft moans from the excited boy. His sock clad feet high, his toes wiggled inside them. Dennis' tongue working him into a frenzy, his hips undulated in response. How incredible this new sensation was!

Enjoying the boy's defenseless submission, Dennis ringed his tongue around Rayshon's twitching pucker. Reveling in his soft moans and helpless writhing, Dennis feasted on the boy's wares. Reluctantly pausing, he ripped his clothes off, darting to his bathroom for the lube.

Returning to the room he noticed that Rayshon had removed his socks, his cute boy feet salaciously exposed. Charmed, he was drawn to them, the boy's bold move significant. Taking one in hand, he raised it to his mouth. His eyes locked on his every move, Rayshon whimpered when Dennis licked his big toe. Encouraged, Dennis licked the boy's foot from heel to toe in one broad sweep. His dick standing erect, Rayshon moaned erotically.

"Like that huh?" Dennis taunted, licking up his sole again.

"Oh damn!" Rayshon quivered, his toes wiggling. Logging the newfound g-spot away, Dennis knelt between the boy's legs. "Your dick is sooo hard," He observed, pulling it upwards. Rayshon looked at it, again amazed at how hard he was.

With a loud hiss, his hips flung upwards when Dennis slipped it in his mouth. Writhing in heat, he thrust his hips, meeting Dennis' down thrusts. He wouldn't last long at this rate. Sensing his nearing release, Dennis pulled off the boy's leaping dick. Holding the lube bottle high, he poured large amounts between Rayshon's wide-splayed legs.

Quivering to the cool sensation, Rayshon felt his heartbeat race. Could he do this? Raising his head, he watched as Dennis spread the slippery substance about his ass. Then he felt the man's finger, gently probing his hole. Gasping, he closed his eyes, his tight buttonhole refusing to relent.

Applying steady pressure, Dennis's finger finally popped inside. "Ahh!" Rayshon shuddered. Taking his time, Dennis inched his finger forward, widening the boy's super tight hole. After a long time, he'd worked most of his finger inside, Rayshon's dick never losing its urgent hardness. Slowly moving it back and forth, he loosened the boy's tight walls, eventually working a second finger in.

Yelping again, Rayshon grabbed his hand. "Just do it," He said, staring at the ceiling. Obeying, Dennis pulled his fingers out. Popping a condom on, he liberally oiled his hard inches. Moving closer, he held Rayshon's legs up, his dick aimed at the target.

For some time he pushed, Rayshon's opening refusing to budge. Leaning forward, he applied more pressure until, with a sudden pop, the head of his dick slipped in. Protesting loudly, Rayshon's hand shot between his legs. "Slow!!" He cautioned, holding the base of Dennis' dick.

The boy's channel unbelievably tight, it snatched at Dennis' advancing length. As inch after inch moved forward, Rayshon's dick bobbled excitedly, his toes wiggling. Halfway in, Dennis moaned, the boy's asshole better than he'd ever anticipated.

His ass spread atop the man's wicked hardness, Rayshon felt a combination of pain and pleasure. His dick still brick hard, he quivered upon each inch until, at last, he felt Dennis' groin nuzzle his smooth cheeks. To his own surprise, he'd somehow taken the man's sizable dick.

Closing his eyes, he sensed the fullness, his mind wandering back to the first time he'd seen Dennis' dick. Surprised he'd find another male's dick inviting, he couldn't believe how hot Dennis' dick looked. Sure he'd seen guy's dicks before, but never a man's. Especially not a fully erect, man dick.

Bowled over, he'd fell captive to its image, his every venture on the web an attempt to find one like it. In fact, he was jacking off to the image of a dick closely resembling Dennis' dick when he'd showed up at his house.

The war waging, he'd no sooner bust a good nutt and his conscience would smite him, filling him with guilt. Were his mother to find out, she'd probably send him off to bible camp. Why was something so right, so wrong?

Dennis' dick, inside me, he moaned, fulfilled. When it pushed forward, tremors seized him, from his wiggling toes to his sweat glistened brow. Slowly, the man worked up a rhythm, both man and boy whimpering with delight.

Pushing his legs all the way up, Dennis leaned into his thrusts, his ululating hips speeding up. Looking up at the man, Rayshon fought with the notion he might be gay. Concentrating instead on the intense pleasure of his closest friend's dick inside him, he shivered with contentment. More than any clothes, being this intimate with Dennis was far better.

Grabbing his ankles, he spread his legs further, his head spinning when Dennis' mast locked deep inside him. His mother's condemnation no match for the indescribable fulfillment of a man's dick, Rayshon surrendered to its bliss. 

"Oh God," He yelped, his eyes rolling inside his head. Bracing himself on the bed, Dennis laid into the boy, his hips whipping furiously. Dangling on the precipice, he'd never felt a fuck so good. Wishing he could stay here all night, he knew their time was short.

Leaning forward, he grabbed one of Rayshon's feet, pulling the wiggling toes to his mouth. His eyes bucking open, Rayshon sighed loudly when he felt Dennis' tongue, laving his toes.
"Shit!" He blasted, his dick jumping upwards.

Writhing and moaning, he watched the man painting his toes, the sensations almost unbearable. Shooting from his excited foot to his well plied hole, he felt something building that was like nothing before.

Dennis' tongue lapping at his soft sole, he pushed his foot at the man's mouth, his toes enfolding across his nose. Reeling, he knew he wouldn't last long.

Rayshon's foot sliding across his face, Dennis found it interesting something so unexpected could be so erotic. Frantically tracing his tongue up the boy's wrinkled sole, he felt his dick readily responding. Pushing it deep inside the boy, he wailed against Rayshon's foot.

With a few more thrusts, he felt himself going over the waterfall, Rayshon's incredible asshole snapped tight around the head of his dick. His lips pressed against the boys quivering foot, he let out a muffled howl.

"Oh shit... FUCK ME!" Rayshon cried out, his hips slinging up, seating him solidly on Dennis' dick. Shaking and trembling his brain suffered near overload from all of the feelings assaulting it. Dennis' tongue, lapping at his foot sending him to heights of nirvana, he finally understood why he was always drawn to guy's feet. But beside that, something else was building, deep inside his asshole.

Riding the waves of excitement, he heard a wail start from deep inside his belly. Quickly grabbing his dick, he screamed in ecstasy as it careened towards release. On a whim, he ventured squeezing his ass muscles, a new wave of pleasure gripping him.

Certain he'd pass out, he couldn't stop the wails of contentment, his body bucking wildly. It was at that moment he felt the first gush. His cum sailing high, it collided with the wall behind the bed. Bellowing loudly, he squeezed his ass muscles again, another violent spurt, leaping across the bed.

Watching the sweet boy blast, Dennis joined him with a loud cry. That he could freeze this moment in time. His mouth still plastered against the boy's wiggling foot, he held it stationary as he continued licking. For some reason, licking the boy's dainty toes proving inexplicably erotic, he held onto his wagging foot, all through their orgasms.

Amazed at how incredible a fuck the boy was, he couldn't have ever imagined it this way. His dick thrust deep inside him, he moaned against Rayshon's toes as his dick leaped. Looking past his foot, he found the boy's contorting face almost angelic.

Both man and boy caught in the throes of sweet release, they selfishly basked in the waterfall of sensations. Rayshon's asshole aglow, he felt Dennis' dick exploding inside him, implanting him with his seed. Ripples of pleasure traveling the length of his tunnel, he felt his dick spasm with each thrust. Though he'd cum buckets, it was like his dick was dry heaving now. And Dennis' tongue on his foot was the icing on the cake, his toes wiggling about the man's face.

Likewise, Dennis was in total bliss, his dick blasting round after round inside the writhing boy. Gazing down, he spied their lewd union, Rayshon's little boy ass spread wide around his deep thrust dick. Up his eyes traveled, over the boy's taut balls, his quivering dick, cum oozing from its head. His tummy quivering beneath it, Dennis let his eyes travel further, pausing to look at his heaving chest, his small nubs erect. Oh, his boy was so fucking cute, writhing atop his dick, his eyes squeezed shut, his nostrils flaring.

Bending to kiss him, he startled the boy, still reveling in afterglow elation. His eyes flinging open, he was initially so taken aback, he almost pushed the man away. The moment tender, however, he fell into the kiss, his mouth opening of its own volition. Slinging his legs about the man, he flung his arms around his neck.

Kissing for what seemed an eternity, they both whimpered. Why hadn't they thought of this before, both of them pondered? Still planted deep inside the boy, Dennis felt his hole convulse, gripping his dick like a vice. Rubbing his raw hardness against the boy's seizing walls, he felt Rayshon's dick jolt between them.

Surprised beyond belief, Rayshon whimpered mournfully, a second orgasm slamming him. Pulsing wildly between them, Rayshon's dick shot so hard, it hurt. Holding Dennis in a near stranglehold, he rode the second climax out, whimpering and moaning like a baby.

When he sensed the boy finally coming down, Dennis raised up, looking him in the eyes. "I'd say that was totally worth the $75" He acknowledged. Unable to speak, Rayshon was still shaking, his mouth an orgasmic "O".

"Damn, lil fella, you're one hot fuck." Squeezing his ass muscles, Rayshon's eyes rolled into his head. "And who would've thought your fucking foot would be so hot?" Dennis added, licking the quivering boy's foot again.

"Oh God!" Rayshon yelped, his toes wiggling. "Fucking HOT!" He exclaimed, still sensing the many pleasures assaulting him. Grabbing Dennis by his neck, he pulled him to him again, locking lips. Their afterglow intimacies continuing for some time, it was well after dark when Dennis finally took a fully exhausted, yet totally satiated Rayshon home. Parked outside his house, he held the man's hand for some time, reluctant to end it all.

"Tomorrow," Dennis assured him, resisting the temptation to kiss him.

"Gonna cost ya," Rayshon taunted, that sinister smirk returning.


Hope you liked it and thanks guys for all the wonderful emails!