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Chapter 18



After the week of Dad's work accident, I gave the boys a break from school that would last until sometime in January.  The weather hadn't turned cold yet.  Texas was strange and stupid when it came to weather.  Most of the lawn was dead, but Noah still mowed it like Pop asked.  We also visited Dad every day in the hospital, until he came home a few days later, then we were at the house a lot, helping around the place however we could.  Dad was immobile with his casts and, predictably, grumpy as could be.

The whole lot of us - everyone who lived in the guest house, plus David and TJ - were at Mom and Dad's one evening about a week before Christmas.  Nicholas and I cooked for them, not even letting Mom help. Afterward, we all lounged in the family room together.  Even Dad was with us for a short time in his wheelchair.

"I hate this thing," Dad told us.  "Makes me feel like a cripple."

"You are a cripple," Mom said.

Dad scowled at her.  "Why don't you tell Greyson and the boys what we've decided."

Mom suddenly looked uncomfortable, and I began to have a sinking feeling.  "What did you decide?" I asked.

With a sigh, Mom sat up a little straighter in her recliner, adjusting Eli's position.  I had thought it the sweetest thing when Eli asked Gram if he could sit with her.  They both seemed to enjoy it greatly.  "Believe me, we wouldn't do this if we didn't have to.  But there's just no other way.  Dad and I have a lawyer who's trying to settle with Dad's company.  But until then...well...we just can't afford to stay in this house.  We'll have to rent us a small apartment and sell the house until the settlement."

Gasps and groans echoed around the room, but no one said anything in response.  Dad spoke up again.  "I don't suppose you can afford the house payment?" he asked me.  I could see he was actually worried about us.


"There's no way," I said sadly.  "How long is the settlement supposed to take?"


Dad shook his head.  "Ain't no tellin'.  Those bastards ain't in no hurry to pay out what they should.  You think you can swing the rent on the guest house?  We won't sell the house to nobody who won't rent it to you."

I groaned, but I nodded.  "Yeah, we'll manage.  I'll get extra work, if I have to.  I'd really hate to move to an apartment with all of us."

"I'll help out, Grey," said Will.  "I'll pay as much as I can on utilities and rent, so you won't have to get another job."

"Me too," said Landon.  "You don't have to give me an allowance, either."

"Me neither!" said Noah.

"Me neither!" said Nicholas.

Eli didn't say anything, but I didn't want him to.  "No way, guys.  As long as I can manage, you'll still get your allowances.  I always got mine, even when Gram and Pop barely had anything."

"You give these boys allowances?" Dad asked.

"Yeah.  You didn't know that?" I replied.

He shook his head.  "Well, I'm right proud of you, son.  I really hate to do this to you right now."

"This isn't your fault, Dad.  Don't worry about us.  We'll manage."

Mom turned to Jake, who had been silent this entire time.  "Jake, we would like to use your services, if that's okay with you.  Would you list our house for us?"

Jake seemed surprised and touched that they would ask him to be their realtor.  He smiled and cleared his throat.  "I, um...  I've got a better idea."  He paused, and everyone else was on pins and needles, waiting for more.  "I've already got a buyer for your house."

"Who?!" Mom cried joyfully.

"Me," he grinned.  In shock, no one responded right away.  "Let me buy your house, and no one has to move.  We'll all stay where we are until the settlement."

"Then what?" I asked curiously.

Jake shrugged, and Mom spoke.  "The truth is, we'll need a house that will better accommodate us.  The doctor says even if Dad walks again, he'll be using a walker."

"I ain't using no damn walker," Dad growled.  "I'll use a cane if I have to."

"Fine," Mom said, exasperated.  "A cane, then.  Even so, we'll need a place we can get in and out of easily, instead of all these steps here.  We could make changes to this house, but both of us really want to build a house in the country somewhere."

"You wouldn't move away from here, would you?" I asked.

"What, and leave my grandchildren?  Hardly!" Mom said, squeezing Eli tightly.  "We were thinking maybe north of town.  It would be closer to my work anyway."

I looked at Jake.  "You'd really want this house?"

"Why not?" said Jake.  "It's a nice house.  Especially with a new guest house and garage.  I wouldn't live in this house, though."

"You wouldn't?!  Why not?!"  I was astounded by his statement.

"'Cause you would," he stated.

"I'm confused."

"It's simple," he continued.  "You and everyone else will live in the house.  I want to live in the guest house by myself."

I stared at him like he was an alien.  "Are you crazy?  Why wouldn't you live in the house and let us stay in the guest house?  That makes much more sense."

He stared hard at me in return.  "It's true, I may be clinically insane.  But the way I see it, it makes more sense my way.  You all need more room than I do.  I don't mind living with you guys, but I'd really like having the place to myself."  None of us mentioned it, but we all knew with his sexual exploits, he was much better off by himself.

"So you'd buy the whole house just to live in the guest house?  I know you're a nice guy, but that's more generous than I've ever seen!  How long would that arrangement last?"

He shrugged.  "As long as you want.  Maybe someday you'll want to buy the house.  Or maybe someday you'll move somewhere else.  Or maybe we'll stay that way forever.  Doesn't matter to me.  We're not going to play the who-owes-who game.  David's still alive because of Nicholas.  I have a rent-free place to live away from my parents because of your generosity.  If your parents want to sell me the house, that's what I intend to do with it."

Immediately Nicholas rose from his seat and hugged Jake tightly.  "Thanks, Jake," he said.  "Will you still hang out with us sometimes?"

"Of course I will, pal.  You and TJ and David can stay overnight there sometimes, if you want.  But this won't be for a while yet.  We have to wait for your Pop's settlement."

"Son, we appreciate it," Dad told Jake.  "If you're willing to buy the place, we're willing to sell it to you."

"Great, Mr. Taylor!  I'll write up the paperwork tomorrow," Jake smiled.

So the house changed ownership, and everything stayed as it was.  It felt weird knowing that Jake now owned the place.  In fact, he not only paid the mortgage, but the utilities as well.  Dad nearly had a fit about that, but there just wasn't much he could do about it.  Jake also took over paying the guest house utilities.

"Fine," I told him when I learned of it.  "But you're not paying for food anymore.  I want your grocery list, but no money from now on."

"Yes, your majesty," he replied with a cheesy grin.

I stole a hug from him and a kiss on the cheek.  "You're a good friend.  Thank you for making things easier on us."

"Hey, you know this guest house is the perfect bachelor's pad.  I can shag the ladies all over this place when you're gone without the young'ns walking in on us.  I can't wait."

I had no doubt he would do just that, too.  Though he didn't take any break from that kind of activity to wait 'til we were gone.  Even the day before Christmas Eve, Eli, Nicholas and I got an eyeful of Jake's ass and a girl's legs wrapped around his back, as he fucked her on our kitchen table.  I ushered the boys quickly down the hall, but Eli slipped away and went back to watch a bit more.  I grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the bedroom.

"I wanna see how it's done!" Eli protested.

"Well, let's have a talk about sex," I said.  "And I'll tell you how it's done."  I even pulled up some diagrams online of drawn figures in various positions, while filling him in with all the details.  He asked lots of questions, though he knew some things already, and Nicholas delighted in helping me answer.  He was particularly interested in masturbation, but lamented that he couldn't cum, yet.

"It's not fair," he mumbled.

"Don't worry, you'll be able to cum in a year or two," said Nicholas wisely.

"Can you cum?" Eli asked him.


"Will you show me?"

"Wanna go take a bath with me?" asked Nicholas.  Eli nodded, and they began removing their clothes.  Both of them sported boners that bounced as their naked bodies left the room.  My eyes were drawn to Nicholas' package, because it was clearly making progress in growth, even if his body wasn't.  Though there still wasn't an ounce of hair on him.

As usual, their baths together were noisy, and presumably messy, as they giggled, laughed and played.  I took advantage of the time to myself to undress and watch a little porn on the desktop computer, instead of my laptop, merely because I was already using that one.  I kept the sound down low and idly stroked myself while watching vid after vid of young guys getting it on.  When I heard the bathroom door open, however, only then did I realize I had taken too long.  I panicked, shooting out of the chair and under the bed covers, so the boys wouldn't see my erection.

Eli walked in first, just as I covered myself.  He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but he was never too observant, either.  Nicholas soon followed and immediately noticed something was different.  He furrowed his brow and looked around, until his eyes landed on the computer.  In my haste to cover up, I'd forgotten to close the browser.  The explicit video was still playing.  Nicholas sat his bare ass in the chair and simply watched, and Eli soon became aware of it and joined him.

"Shit!" I cried, jumping out of bed.  I rushed to turn off the computer all together, except that gave them a full view of my own arousal.  Nicholas was hard again in seconds while watching the vid, but then his focus was on my cock.  "I'd meant to be done before you finished your bath."

"It's okay," said Nicholas.  "You can jerk off if you need to."

"Yeah," added Eli.  "You jerk off, and I'll go watch Jake and that girl some more."

"You'll stay in here," I ordered.  "Now that I've deeply embarrassed myself, I'm going to go shower."

"And jerk off?" asked Eli.

"And jerk off," I answered.  Fortunately I met no one in the hall, and it didn't take me long after climbing in the tub to ejaculate everywhere.

The next night held some fun surprises, too.  It was Christmas Eve, and everyone was super excited.  I don't know how, but I had managed to have all my gifts there in time, despite the last minute shopping.  Sometime around two in the morning, I carefully separated myself from Eli and Nicholas and got out of bed.  Very quietly I snuck into Jake's room, where I'd been keeping my gifts, only to find he was awake and on his computer.

"Sorry, Jake.  I would've knocked, if I had known you were awake."  I was still wearing only my briefs, but it didn't bother me.

"I know, man, it's cool.  You told me you'd be coming in."  He moved his laptop aside and hopped out of bed in his boxers.  "I wanna help."

"Cool, thanks."  We carried the already wrapped presents from his closet to the livingroom.  There I set up stockings from Santa for everyone.  No one, not even Eli, believed in Santa.  But I thought it would be fun to do stockings every year, anyway.  Then I stacked presents underneath the small, meager tree we'd put up.  If we were going to be living in the main house next year, I planned on getting a much grander tree for us.

While we were putting the last of the items in the stockings, we heard someone go into the bathroom and then out of it a minute later.  "You think we could pass for Santa and his elf?" Jake whispered.

I giggled.  "Maybe," I whispered back.  "But you have to be Santa."  He elbowed me in the ribs, and we both giggled.  Just then, Will appeared from the hallway in his briefs.

"I thought I heard something," he mumbled, walking in to see what we were up to.  "Awww!" he said, when he saw there was a stocking with his name on it.  "You made one for me, too?  How sweet!"

I smiled.  "Of course I did.  But hey, I'm only Santa's elf.  This is the big guy in charge."  I patted Jake's belly.  "See?  Bowl full of jelly."

"You jerk," he laughed.  "I quit.  Find yourself another Santa.  Ho ho ho."

We all laughed, and Will began sorting through the gifts under the tree, then frowned over his shoulder at me.  "I thought we agreed I wasn't exchanging gifts with anybody?  I told you I couldn't afford it."  He had apparently found the ones with his name on them.

"I know," I said, chewing on my fingernail.  "So I got you a couple.  So what?  I couldn't help it."

He stood and faced me.  "Damn, Grey.  Now I feel bad.  I didn't get you anything."

"Aww, don't feel bad, Will.  Please?  You're my friend, and I love you, that's why I did it.  Actually, I didn't even intend to, but then I saw a couple of things that I knew you'd love, and I just had to get them for you.  It wasn't to make you feel bad or feel obligated or anything.  Just accept them and feel the love."

He sighed heavily, but he was smiling, too.  "You're always doing something nice for me.  And everyone else, too.  I wish I could do something nice for you, for a change."

"You can.  You can give me a Christmas hug.  It's technically Christmas day, you know."

"I can do that!" he said happily.  Without reservation, he hugged me fully and tightly and warmly, letting it last longer than usual.  I felt all kinds of warm fuzzies all over my body.  "Merry Christmas, Grey," he whispered while clinging to me.

"Merry Christmas, Will," I said.  I rubbed his back tenderly with one hand at first, then with two after a few moments.  There was a point when it became awkward to keep hugging, but we continued, anyway.  And it quickly went from awkward to sensual.  When his hands trailed down my sides, to my hips, and over my ass cheeks, sensual escalated to sexual in a heartbeat.  I instantly grew hard and began breathing heavier.

"Shit, Will," I whispered hoarsely, breaking the hug.

"I didn't mean for that to happen," he whispered fearfully.  Even as he said it, I looked down to see the bulge in his briefs growing.

"Keep going," Jake said.  He had placed himself on the couch, as if watching a movie.  We'd forgotten he was even there.  "I've never seen two guys getting it on."

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Will.  "You're Landon's best friend.  It's too weird," I said.  I felt very exposed and vulnerable, and a little fearful at that moment.  I knew I didn't look at Will as a kid anymore, but I hadn't realized until just then how much I really cared for him.  And there was no doubt how attracted I was to him, but I hadn't wanted to acknowledge that, lest it ruin our friendship.

I took a seat on the couch, and he carefully did the same.  "I'm attracted to you," I confessed.  "You're really hot, not to mention decent and caring and affectionate.  But this would just be sex, because I don't think we're in love with each other."

"No, you're right.  I'm not even over Dane, to be honest.  But I can do just sex," he smiled.

I didn't respond, only gazed at Will.  Suddenly he was kissing me with such intensity, I had to moan because my chest was full of emotion that had to escape somewhere.  Our hands were all over each other, until he lowered me to my back and climbed on top of me.  After a few minutes of an intense making out session, we broke apart, panting.  I also realized Jake was still sitting next to my head.

"I thought you were kidding about watching," I said to him.

"Nope," he said.  "I was thinking about getting some popcorn."  He moved to a recliner and fixed his eyes on us once again.  "There, now you have more room."

"I don't care who's watching," murmured Will.  "I really need you to fuck me right now.

I grabbed hold of his underwear and pushed it down over his thighs, then did the same with mine.  "Jake, if you're gonna stay and watch, get us some lube."  Jake hurried away and returned within seconds.  Will practically ripped his briefs the rest of the way off, then mine, and tried to keep his moans at a minimum while we made out naked.  I felt like I wanted to pull his body into mine, intense as this was.  I positioned my lips on his neck and sucked like a vampire, probably giving him a hickey.  I urged his body to move upward, however, so I could lick the rest of his flesh, and I urged him up until his cock was hovering over me.

"Holy shit," he breathed, as I took him into my mouth.  Almost immediately he started thrusting into me, and I did my best to keep up.  "Oh, baby," he whimpered, thrusting faster and deeper, until he cried out.  Seconds later, I felt hot jizz squirting into my throat, and lots of it.  He finally slid off of me and stood, wobbling a little, while I tried to catch my breath. He soon bent over and placed his palms on the couch cushion.  "I'm so ready for your dick."

I was up in a flash, taking the lube from Jake, and then a condom.  Will moaned with anticipation as I placed hands on his hips, almost shaking with desire.  "Ohhh fuck," I moaned as I pushed in.  I thrust hard and fast and rammed my cock as deep as it could go.  His body was jerking wildly and pushing his ass harder against me, making me go even deeper into him.  I emitted some curse words and fucked him with wild abandon, until I, too, exploded with mind-numbing intensity.

"Hey, that was awesome," said Jake, standing.  He didn't seem aroused at all, and I really didn't know why he was interested in watching.  But I'd barely known he was even there.  He left and returned to his own room, and Will and I sat, recovering from our exercise.

"That was good," he whispered.  "Promise me it won't ruin our friendship?" he said hopefully.

"Aw, dude, you're one of my best friends.  It's all good.  If this is the only time, or if we fuck around sometimes, it's cool with me.  I still love you just the same."

"Thanks, Grey.  I'd die without your friendship."

I snorted, but grinned.  We kissed a little more and soon went to bed.

I couldn't have been asleep four hours before I awoke with a moan.  I think I'd had a sexual dream, but couldn't remember it.  However, I immediately knew why I was so aroused.  Someone was under the covers sucking on my dick.  A quick peek informed me that Will had snuck into my bed.  I brought both my hands to his head, and he responded by massaging my chest even while sucking like a pro.  Spreading my legs, I moaned his name and urged him on by pushing on his head, which he responded well to.

Right in the middle of my morning blowjob, Eli rolled over to face me and barely opened his eyes.  "Is it morning yet?" he mumbled sleepily.

"Not yet, babe.  Go back to sleep, okay?"

"'Kay," he barely managed and closed his eyes again.  He was snoring softly after a minute.

A few minutes later, however, Nicholas lifted his head and propped his elbow on his pillow.  He rubbed his eyes before squinting at me curiously.  Then he noticed the hump under the covers moving up and down, and his eyes opened a little wider.

"For God's sake," I groaned.  I took one hand off of Will's head and propped up my pillow beside me, blocking Nicholas' view of me.  Or at least of my face.  I wasn't about to stop Will now, when I was so close to orgasm.

"I'm there, baby," I said a couple of minutes later.  I couldn't help grunting and moaning as I shot into Will's willing throat.  I figured it was enough I kept from cursing.

When Will had sucked me dry, I put my pillow under my head again.  Will continued to suck and lick my dick and my balls, while I hummed happily.  I looked over to see Nicholas fondling himself, waiting somewhat impatiently for me to be done.  When he saw I'd put my pillow back in its place, he took the covers and yanked them off of all of us.

Nicholas gasped.  "Will!" he exclaimed.

Will retracted his tongue from my balls and looked up sheepishly.  "Hey, Nicky."

"Are you Grey's boyfriend now?"

"Naw.  We were only having fun.  We both needed some sexual release," he stated.  I pulled up my underwear, and Will left the bed all together.  "I'm gonna sleep for a couple more hours."  He winked at us and left.

I snuggled up again with Eli, who was still snoozing, and so did Nicholas.  "What can I say?" I muttered.  "It just happened."

"I thought you were waiting for love?" Nicholas asked softly.

"I'd like to, ideally," I sighed.  "I sorta got carried away." He sighed and closed his eyes. "What is it?" I asked.


"Nothing," he hummed. "Go to sleep.

I leaned over, kissed his lips, and lay down for some more sleep.  Unfortunately, I was awake again only a couple of hours later, as two rousing boys began to make some noise.  I opened my eyes to find them mumbling to each other but couldn't hear what was said.  I lifted my head, and Eli turned over to look at me.

"Good morning, sunshine," I mumbled.  "Did you hear the reindeer last night?"

"Santa!" Eli cried.  He jumped out of bed and raced to the livingroom to find his treasures.  I laughed gleefully, kissed Nicholas again, and we both pushed ourselves up and trudged to the livingroom.  Eli was sorting through his stocking treasures and looking longingly at the presents under the tree.  "I never seen so many presents!  And Santa's never came to see me before!"

I bent down and kissed him.  "Merry Christmas, little one.  I love you."

"I love you, too!" he beamed.  Boy, was I glad he loved me now.  It made life so much better.

In a minute, three other boys in their underwear filed into the livingroom, rubbing sleepy eyes.  "Morning, boys," I greeted.

"When can we open presents?" asked Eli, and everyone laughed.

I glanced toward Jake's room.  I could see that his door was open, which meant he was already gone to his family's house.  "Tell you what.  Everyone take a seat, and Eli, you pass them out to everyone."  Eli went straight to work, as Nicholas cuddled with me on a recliner, Noah and Landon in the other, and Will on the couch.


Landon frowned when he saw Will was getting presents.  "You mean I could've given you a present, too?  I thought you weren't doing it this year?"

Will blushed.  "I wasn't.  But Grey got me something anyway, even though I told him not to."

"Did you get Grey something, too?" asked Landon.

"He sure did," Nicholas muttered.  "Grey got a great present this morning."

Will and I cracked up laughing, even though both of us were blushing, too.

"What do you mean?" Landon asked.

Nicholas got up, stretched out beside Will on the couch, on his back, and put his hands over his crotch like he was holding someone's head.  "I'm there, baby," he moaned breathily, thrusting up and down.  Everyone laughed so hard they could hardly breathe.

"Oh god!" I cried through my laughter.  "I'm so going to hell!"

Nicholas returned to me, while the others balked in disbelief.  "I didn't know y'all were fucking," Landon said.

"We weren't, `til last night," said Will.  "We were both horny and helped each other out."

"Are we gonna open presents, or what?" interrupted Eli, having passed out all the gifts.

I smiled.  "Okay, guys.  Go!"  Everyone immediately tore into their gifts.

And we had the best Christmas ever.  Later we went over to Mom and Dad's, and they had more gifts for the boys.  It was the absolute perfect day, until late in the afternoon when my phone rang.  I'd gotten lots of 'Merry Christmas' texts already, but this was my first phone call.  I didn't recognize the number.  "Hello?"

"Grey?"  I immediately recognized Pete's voice.  And he was crying.  "Can you come get me?  Please?"

"Yeah, of course!  Where are you?"

"I'm at the Amarillo Police Department.  I've been beat up.  I didn't know who else to call."

"Shit.  I'll be there as soon as I can.  I'm leaving right now."  I hung up, and everyone was looking at me.  "Mom, can I borrow your van?  Pete was beat up and needs us to go get him in Amarillo.  He's at the police station.  I'll run get my keys and trade with you, if that's okay."

"Of course it is.  Drive carefully."

"Okay, boys.  Everyone grab their shoes, wallets, whatever you need.  We're leaving in five minutes."  We actually left at least ten minutes later.  As we tore down the highway, as worried about Pete as I was, all I could think at the moment was that I probably needed to buy a van like this one, after all.