Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It does not and will not exist outside the fantasy world.

Matt Caper





Chapter 2

"Okay, boys," I said, ushering them inside the apartment.  "Before you even think about doing anything else, you have got to shower.  You're both dirty, and you smell like you rolled around in dog shit all day."  They laughed, but I sure as hell wasn't joking.  "There's a little laundry room off the kitchen.  Take off your clothes and put them all in the washer first."  I wasn't like my mother, who separated colors and whites and all that jazz.  I just washed what was dirty.  "Then you can go shower or take a bath, or whatever you like to do.  I don't care if you take turns or shower together.  But I want your clothes off now so I can start washing them.  Don't worry, the water heater's big enough for both."  I took their sacks of clean clothes from them, and Nicholas immediately went toward the laundry room.

"So..." Noah hesitated.  "Are we gonna walk around naked?"

"Until you're clean, yeah," I answered matter-of-fact.  I noticed how nervous he looked, still hesitating, and tried to put him at ease.  "I bet you didn't know this, but I've actually seen a naked boy before.  I think I saw one in the mirror last night."

Noah laughed, and apparently I said the right thing to make him comfortable.  He followed me into the laundry room, where Nicholas was just peeling off his filthy shorts.  Even his tighty whities weren't so white.

"Sorry guys, I wasn't prepared for kids.  We all have to share a bed tonight, unless you wanna sleep on the couch or the floor.  But I don't have any extra blankets or anything.  It's a big bed, but it'll be a tight squeeze."

"It don't matter," Nicholas shrugged.  He bent down as he slipped off his briefs, and his little white ass nearly blinded me and Noah.  I chuckled to myself as he went on.  "Me and Noah sleep in the same bed at home."

"Okay.  That's cool.  All your clothes in there, Nicholas?"  He nodded proudly, while unconsciously fondling himself.  Though his body was as hairless as Mr. Clean's head, he was obviously hitting puberty already.  At least, his private area was more developed than I had expected, since his body was pretty small for his age.  Noah, I noticed, had a few hairs sprouting under his arms; barely noticeable, but there nonetheless.  When he finally managed to remove all his clothing, he revealed a tiny tuft of crotch hair as well.  Not that I would have paid much attention, but my eyes were automatically drawn to where his little cock was halfway hard.  He was also furiously blushing.  I decided not to make a big deal of it.  I remembered what it was like to be fourteen.  Hell, even at nearly nineteen I often couldn't control my erections.

I shed my clothes as well, down to my briefs, putting the rest in with the boys' clothes.  After starting the load, I led the way through the bedroom and into the bathroom, gathering towels and delivering their respective toothbrushes.  "Brush your teeth and get it out of the way."  I grabbed my toothbrush, and we all stood in front of the counter-to-ceiling mirror that ran the entire length of the wall, silently brushing our teeth together.  By the end of the ritual, Noah had a full hard-on.  If Nicholas noticed, he didn't seem to care.  But if they shared such close living quarters, they were probably used to each other's body habits.

"I wanna go first," Noah announced.

"Nooooo, Noah!" Nicholas whined.  "Let's go together," he pleaded.

Noah looked frustrated and a little upset.  I placed a hand on Nicholas's shoulder, coming to Noah's rescue.  "Maybe you can shower together next time.  Let him have time to himself this time."  We left Noah and reclined on the bed, chatting.  Fifteen minutes later, we hadn't moved, and the shower water still hadn't shut off.

I got up and opened the bathroom door.  "Hey man, the hot water only goes so far," I hollered at Noah.  A few seconds later, he shut the water off and opened the shower curtain.   I handed him a towel.  "Is there any left?"

"Yeah."  His voice cracked.  "I think so."

I snorted.  "Nicholas, you and I might get cold showers tonight."

"Can I shower with you?" he piped up from behind me.

I turned around, considered it for a moment, then shrugged.  "Sure.  Might as well."  I ushered Noah out of the tub and bent down to test the water.  Not hot, but warm enough.  I tore off my briefs and tossed them into a dirty clothes basket in the corner.  "We should hurry while it's still warm."  Nicholas scurried in, and we giggled as we playfully fought for time under the water before soaping ourselves up.  He had me wash his back since he couldn't reach, so I had him wash mine, too.  It was all innocent, but somehow it was really enjoyable, too.  Like brothers truly bonding.  I hoped he felt the same way.

By the time we were done, we were truly out of hot water.  We continued to play around while drying off, tickling each other and performing pseudo Karate chops on the body of the other.  I noticed Noah watching from the doorway, towel wrapped around his waist.  I could see envy oozing out of every pore of his body.  For a while, though, I devoted my attention to Nicholas.

When I was dry, I tossed my towel over the shower curtain rod and slowly sauntered toward Noah.  "What, you think you're too big to be tickled?  Are you too good for us?"  I smirked and started poking his ribs.  He squealed, voice cracking all over the place.  In a flash I had his towel yanked off and was attacking him with my fingers.  He collapsed into laughter, retreating toward the bed.  I followed and pounced on him as we both bounced on the mattress.  "I'll teach you!"  I tickled him, with the help of Nicholas, until he couldn't breathe.  I was having a hard time breathing too, actually.  It was really fun.  I almost felt like I was their age again.  At last, however, all three of us were collapsed on the bed, absolutely pooped.  Just three boys relishing their time together.

Another thing I decided I needed, besides an extra bed, was a TV.  If nothing else, we could watch movies together in the apartment.  Otherwise, I thought, it might get boring at times.  But that first Saturday night we found plenty to keep us occupied.  Mostly I let them play on the computer, which they rarely had the opportunity to do before.  It was late when we finally crashed.  I guess we were having too much fun to sleep.

Our sleeping arrangement was interesting, to say the least.  They insisted on snuggling up with me.  When we finally settled into our positions, I was on my side facing Nicholas, with his back to me and body up against mine.  I wrapped him in my embrace, and he didn't move again.  Noah put his back to my back and pressed close as well.  Sometime in the night, I turned over - as I often do - and wrapped Noah in my embrace, which he gladly snuggled into.  And Nicholas turned over and pressed his front against my back.  And that's how we stayed `til morning.

It was all really very sweet.  It was interesting, though, because our bodies did what boys' bodies do.  'Interesting' isn't what I would've called it at the time.  It was more like 'awkward'.  I woke up with a massive erection in my briefs, and once I remembered I wasn't alone, I began to panic.  What if they woke up and noticed me in that state?  As carefully as I could, I disentangled myself from the snuggle party and made it to the kitchen for a glass of juice.  Then I simply lounged in the living room while they continued to sleep.

I must have dozed off on the couch, for somehow Nicholas ended up in my arms again without me realizing it.  As I came to, he was apparently also just waking up again.  He was facing me this time, body pressed against mine.  I knew I was definitely going to have to find another bed.

"Good morning," I mumbled.  His morning breath reeked, I suddenly noticed.  I was betting mine did, too.

"I'm hungry," he announced.

I laughed.  "I bet we can find something in the kitchen.  Just let me go to the bathroom first."  I groaned while getting up; this couch wasn't the most comfortable in the world.  I found the bathroom to be occupied, however, and stumbled back to Nicholas and sighed.  "Maybe not.  How about some cereal today?  It's probably all I got right now."

"Cool!"  Nicholas joined me in the kitchen, much too perky for my taste this early.  I guess I didn't mind too much.  After only one night, I was already feeling not-so-lonely anymore.  Oddly enough, though, it all seemed like a dream.  Had I really established all this after just one meeting with them?  Was this going to turn out okay?  Or was I just plain crazy?  Anything was possible.

Soon we heard the toilet flush and Noah appeared.  He hadn't bothered to dress, either.  And we all stayed that way until noon, just being lazy and enjoying one another's company.

When lunch time rolled around, I decided it was time for my parents to meet the boys.  I turned off the computer, much to the boys' dismay, and began pulling out clothes for myself.  "Get dressed," I told them.  "We're gonna go to the house so you can meet my parents.  And if we're lucky, Mom'll be making lunch."  The promise of food sent them into gear.

Before we left the apartment, however, I stopped them at the door.  "Okay guys, listen up.  You better be on your best behavior over there.  I want you to make a good impression on them.  Got it?"

"Yes sir," they replied innocently.  I knew they were good kids, but boys can be unpredictable.

"Awesome.  Let's go."  We entered the house through the side door, like I always did.  It led into a pantry right off the kitchen.  "Mom?" I called, entering the house first.

"You're just in time," she called back.  "Lunch is almost ready."

I rounded the corner, very closely followed by two nervous boys.  "I brought guests," I announced.

Mom turned to face us.  "Oh!"

I urged the boys from behind me to one on each side of me.  "I got a new job yesterday watching these boys every day.  They live with their granny, and she needed some help.  This is Noah, and this is Nicholas."  Each boy said "hello" when they were introduced, and I fairly beamed with pride.

"You're Mrs. Taylor," said Nicholas suddenly.

My eyebrows lifted in surprise, until I remembered.  "Of course!  I forgot you work in the office at their school!  Duh."  Both boys giggled.  "Noah's in eighth grade, and Nicholas is in sixth."

"Well isn't that nice," Mom said, smiling.  "Are you boys hungry?  I'm making Spaghetti."

"Yeah!" Nicholas exclaimed.  I whacked his shoulder with the back of my hand.  "I mean, yes ma'am."

"Yes ma'am," Noah echoed."

"Is there anything they can do to help?" I asked.

"Sure!"  Mom began directing the boys at once.  "Noah, the plates are in that cabinet over there.  Nicholas, get the glasses, please.  They're in the cabinet next to the plates.  Five each please, boys."

"Yes ma'am," they echoed and went straight to work.

"Such well-mannered boys," Mom remarked.

"I'm gonna tell Dad we're here."  I traversed to the living room and found Dad watching a western on TV.  I sat on the couch with him.  "Hey."

"Greyson," he greeted.  "We haven't seen you lately.  Things going okay?"

I nodded.  "Yes.  I got a job yesterday."

This news made him turn his eyes from the TV and onto me.  "Is that so?  What're you doing?"

"It's a babysitting job, basically.  I met these two boys in the park yesterday.  They have only their granny to take care of them.  I met her too, and she offered me the job of watching them if I was willing.  They're good boys, both of them in junior high.  I brought them over to meet y'all.  They're in the kitchen helping Mom."

"That's quite a responsibility," he said.  I knew he was going to say that.

"I know."

"Do you think you're up for it?  How often will you keep them?"

"Every day after school.  We'll all do our homework together, I'll feed them dinner, then take them home.  And I'm letting them stay with me on the weekends."

Dad's brow lifted, and he nodded for a moment silently.  "This is going to teach you more responsibility.  I think that's a good thing."

I smiled.  "They have their rambunctious moments."

Dad snorted.  "Don't I know it," he chuckled.  "Well let's go meet these youngsters."  He got up, and I followed him to the kitchen.

"Boys, this is Mr. Taylor, my dad.  That's Noah, and that's Nicholas," I pointed them out.  Dad shook hands with both boys, and I noticed how each of them seemed to retreat into themselves in his presence, like they shriveled up or something.  Being a blue collar, strong and stout worker and rough-looking, my dad certainly could be intimidating.

At the lunch table, mom and dad both asked the boys questions about themselves, typical questions about school and hobbies.  The boys answered politely but didn't divulge any information beyond what was asked.  Particularly when Mom ventured into talking about their family.  She liked to know things about people, especially kids at her school.

"You live with your grandmother, is that right?" she asked casually.

"Yes ma'am," Noah replied, looking mighty uncomfortable.

"Are your parents not living?"

Noah blushed and looked at me.  I could tell he wanted help.  "Yes ma'am, they are."

"Mom," I interjected.  "That's probably not something they like to talk about.  Their dad is in prison, I'm not sure why.  Their mom isn't reliable.  Supposedly she's here in town somewhere but rarely comes around.  To tell you the truth, I don't know how they've done so well `til now.  Except their granny really loves them and does her best with them."

Mom nodded and dropped the subject.  I was glad, and I'm sure the boys were too.  Unfortunately Dad decided it was time for a good story.  I say unfortunately because the story was about me.

"Greyson, since you're their only male role model, does that mean you're gonna take them camping?"  Immediately he and mom began chuckling.

"Really, Dad?  Did you have to bring that up?"  He apparently didn't realize what a sore subject that was for me.

I was seventeen when we moved here.  It was the fall of my senior year.  In an effort to cheer me up, Mom and Dad took me camping before it started getting cold.  We hiked in a nearby canyon and camped outside in a tent.  I really wasn't the camping type, but it turned out not to be so bad.  At first, at least.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I climbed out of the tent and went behind a large group of rocks to take a dump.  It was pretty gross, but I had to do what I had to do.  That was Saturday night.  It wasn't 'til we got home on Sunday that I began to realize my mistake.

At first I didn't pay much attention to the itching.  But after a while, my ass was beginning to burn and itch like crazy.  I finally became conscious that something was really wrong and went to the bathroom to look at my ass in the mirror.  "Shit!" I exclaimed.  A bright red rash covered my entire ass!

In a panic I rushed to find my dad and showed him my ass.  "What is it?" I asked fearfully.

Dad gave a low whistle and shook his head.  "Looks like poison ivy, son.  What'd you do, do your business in a mess of plants?"

I shrugged.  "I guess.  It was pitch black outside.  I couldn't see a thing."

"I'll get your mom to pick something up for it."

"I don't think I like camping very much," I muttered.

Mom bought a poison ivy cream, and that night Dad applied it for me.  He even had to put it on my thighs, perineum and balls.  I was too miserable to be embarrassed.

On Monday morning, it looked even worse.  It honestly looked like I had welts all over my butt cheeks.  Dad applied more cream before school, which helped with the itching, but then I remembered about P.E.  "Fuck," I whispered.  How the hell was I supposed to shower after gym with a rash all over my ass?  I was already a reject from being the new guy.  This was really going to suck.

It even hurt to put jeans on.  I walked as gingerly as I could.  The hard desk seats were murder, and I whimpered a few times.  In the locker room I managed to change into my shorts without incident but wasn't so lucky afterward.  I did the best I could trying to stay facing everyone when my towel was off.  Ironic, I know, since any other time I'd be facing away from everyone.  But wouldn't you know it?  Dropping the soap in the shower was my downfall.

I bent down for the soap and grabbed it, but it kept slipping out of my hands.  "Fuck," I muttered, chasing after it.  Ryan Jennings happened to look over and of course noticed my plight.  Ryan Jennings was the hottest guy in school.  At least he was to me.  Slender like me but body more toned than mine; definition in his biceps, rock hard abs, a round butt tight as a drum, strong legs, and blond curly hair that framed his piercing blue eyes perfectly.

"Holy shit, Taylor!  Somebody whipped your ass good!" he called from under his spray.  Of course everyone had to look.  I tried to hide it, but someone turned me around so all could see nature's handiwork.  Ryan started talking as if speaking to a baby.  "Did daddy put wittle Gweyson over his knee?"  Everyone laughed harder, shouting out additional comments and jokes.

I decided I was clean enough.  I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me.  "It's poison ivy, asshole,' I spat and stormed out to the lockers.  I barely dried off before I dressed, hightailing it out of there.  I still had one class left in the day, and it was the longest class of my life.  I was never so glad to get out of school.

For the next almost two weeks, I was continuously ribbed about the state of my ass.  Ryan coined me a new nickname: "Tar".  It stood for "Taylor's Ass Rash".  I was completely mortified.  The name didn't stick, and I was only teased until the rash was completely gone.  But I felt a lifetime of embarrassment that I couldn't seem to forget, and I never said another word to Ryan Jennings.  Period.

So now Noah and Nicholas knew the whole story, except for the bit in the locker room.  I never mentioned that to my parents.  Don't intend to, either.