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Chapter 22



Sometime Sunday afternoon, Pete took Eli's friends home, and I took my four boys to see Granny. Nicholas had barely said a word to me all day, but I gave him grace, knowing what he was about to encounter. We all gave Granny a hug as we came in, but Alicia wasn't in the room. Granny fawned over Nicholas, noted how big he'd gotten, and loved on him extra. He loved it, of course.


"Where's Mom," asked Noah.


"She'll be along in a minute," said Granny. "She wanted to freshen up for Nicholas."


Eli sat with me in the recliner, and the rest of the boys claimed the couch. Alicia walked in momentarily, and Nicholas stood. "Hi, Nicky," said Alicia, wringing her hands together the way she did when she was nervous. "My, you got so big. I missed you so much. Can you ever forgive me for being a bad mom?"


"You're back for good now, right?" he wanted to know.


"Yeah, baby, I got a job and everything. No more drugs. And I ain't leavin' no more."


"Promise?" he asked.


"I promise." That was apparently all he needed, for then he ran to her and hugged her fiercely. She wept over him and caressed him lovingly. "Thank you, baby," she managed through her sobs. "Momma loves you."


"Love you, too, Momma," Nicholas clung to her for dear life, separating only when Alicia broke the hug.


"I gotta fix my make-up now," she laughed. "I bought sodas. They're in the fridge. You boys help yourselves." She left to clean her stained face, and the boys headed to the kitchen.


Granny sighed. "That makes Granny happy," she smiled. "I never thought this day would come."


"I'm glad it has, for the boys' sake. For her sake, too," I commented.


The day went smoothly, and everybody seemed happy when we drove home. But when Sunday night rolled around, Nicholas seemed resolute to remain in the basement. He had apparently taken some of his clothes down there when I wasn't around. I crawled in bed relatively early, since my work days started earlier than they used to. But when Nicholas didn't show up after a while, I got up and marched into the basement. Nicholas was in bed, but was sitting up and texting. He looked up when I entered, but only barely. He resumed texting without a word.


"I thought you'd come back upstairs after Garrett was gone?" I said.


"You thought wrong," he murmured, keeping his gaze on his phone. Angrily, I jerked the phone out of his hand and turned it off. "Hey!" he cried, grabbing for it. Since he didn't give up trying to steal it back, I turned and ascended the stairs with it. He followed me and screamed when we reached the livingroom, causing his voice to reverberate throughout the whole house. "GIVE ME MY PHONE!"


"NO!" I screamed back. In my bedroom, I put it in the drawer of my nightstand and stood in front of it, not allowing him to approach. "I want you to talk to me!"


Growling angrily, he turned to leave, but I ran and closed my door, trapping him in. "Fuck you!" he cried, and tears began to spill from his eyes.


I grabbed him and hugged him tightly. He fought me, but I held on fast, until at last he stopped moving. "Where is my Nicholas?" I whispered with a breaking heart. "What happened to him?"


Suddenly he returned my embrace, clinging and weeping on my shoulder and chest. We stood there for a long while, until my feet began to hurt. I gently led him to the bed, and there we sat while he wiped tears and snot away.


"I met a boy at camp," he began softly, and I feared I already knew where this was going. "His name is Kevin. He was, um, one of the leaders, about your age. He said he loved me, and I gave myself to him. I'm not a virgin anymore." My heart broke into a million tiny pieces. I was the one weeping then, even while he continued. "I thought I was the only one, until TJ told me Kevin fucked him. TJ didn't know about me and Kevin. He still doesn't know. After that, I was so mad, I fooled around with any boy who wanted to. I even fucked TJ. I'm so ashamed of myself." He joined me in my tears, and we hugged and wept all over each other.


When we separated, I found us some tissues. I still didn't know what to say, but Nicholas kept talking. "You know what the kicker is? I was never in love with Kevin. I'm not in love with any of those boys, not even TJ."


"That happens sometimes," I said. "It's a sad part of life. You have to try to move on and forgive yourself."


"I hope you can forgive me," he replied. "When I came home, I wanted everything to be like it used to be, so I could forget the bad part of camp. But then Garrett was here, and it seemed like you didn't need me anymore, because you had him."


I gasped. "Oh my god, that could never be true! I need you like I need oxygen! I was moping about the place and neglecting Eli, because I missed you so much. He finally got my attention," I chuckled.


"What did he do?"


"He took the meat mallet and smashed up the microwave, then threw the computer monitor on the ground and broke it, too," I laughed in spite of the previous gloomy talk.


"Oh god!" Nicholas cried, putting his hands to his cheeks. I immediately thought of Macaulay Culkin in `Home Alone'. "What did you do?"


"I paddled him," I said. "I gave him a good bustin', but then I had to promise to devote my entire Summer to him."


"I think maybe you should paddle me for my behavior," he said quietly.


I shook my head. "I couldn't paddle you. Besides, you didn't destroy anything. Well, except for my heart," I joked, though it was pretty well true.


"God, I'm sorry, Grey." He reached out and hugged me once again, then started kissing my cheek and head. Presently he straddled my lap and continued to kiss my forehead, down my temple, and eventually to my lips. We kissed chastely for a moment, but then it quickly escalated. Somehow our mouths opened up to each other, and as we passionately made out, he began to grind his ass against my lap.


I moaned and broke our kiss, though I was growing achingly hard already. "Nicholas," I whispered, but he interrupted.


"I couldn't be in love with Kevin or TJ or anyone else, because I was already in love with you," he said, and a thrill surged through my body. "I know you're in love with me, too. I know it. We were meant to be, and I know that now better than ever. I'm not waiting four stupid years to be with you just to make it legal."


I stared at him in amazement and shock, and he stared back with great confidence. How could I deny my own feelings? Not only did I love him with every fiber of my being, I was also now, obviously, physically attracted to him in the worst way. "Say something, dammit," he commanded.


Instead of saying something, I attacked his mouth with mine. I kissed him like I'd never kissed him before, and I touched him in ways like never before. When I pushed him off of me, he understood my meaning. We both shed our underwear with lightning speed, stretched out on the bed, and rolled around with heavy, passionate fervor, kissing the hell out of each other. He tore away after several minutes, both of us panting heavily. He reached into the nightstand drawer, and I thought this was a crappy time to get his phone. Instead, he pulled out the bottle of lube.


"Lay back," he ordered. When I did, he lubed up my cock as I watched in wonder. In a few seconds, he hovered over me and slowly impaled himself onto my shaft. I cried out in complete ecstasy, and so did he. We didn't stop crying out, either. "Oh mother of fuck!" he shouted, and suddenly he was impaling himself repeatedly at a fast rate. "Oh god! I've dreamed of doing this with you. Oh my god, it feels so good! Yes! Oh yeah!"


"I fucking love you!" I cried, thrusting in tandem with his movements. "Fuck, that's good! Oh!" We moaned and groaned and shouted expletives the faster we moved. I grabbed his bouncing cock and stroked it mercilessly.


"Faster!" he pleaded. "I'm gonna cum! Cum with me, Grey!" I was so close to cumming it wasn't even funny. When I did, it almost hurt, it was so powerful. "Fuuuuuck!" Ugh! Ohhh fuck!" I screamed. Seconds later, there was a shower of cum in my face, and on my throat, chest and stomach. I'd had no idea he could cum that much. He screamed louder than I did and kept bobbing up and down, until both our highs were well spent. Then he just sat there on my cock, which refused to go soft.


Suddenly the door burst open, and Eli marched in. Also at the door, apparently having been listening to us, were Pete, Noah, Landon and Will. "Eli!" whispered Landon.


"Are y'all okay?" Eli asked. "Because there's a lot of screaming going- Oh." He saw our current position, blushed, and stammered awkwardly. "Well, okay. I mean, I was just making sure... Um, you have cum on your face."


Landon came in and started to pull Eli out again. "Sorry, guys." He smirked at the sight of me.


"It's about time y'all started fucking," said Noah. They closed the door and were gone.


"Well, now we don't have to tell everyone," I said with a grin.


"We're boyfriends now, right?" said Nicholas, as he began to work my cock again with his tight ass.


"No, hon, we're more than that. You're it for me. If you ever fall in love with someone else, fine. But you are the one for me. You're my soulmate," I said simply.


"I'm your husband," he said. "And Landon and Eli are my step-children." We laughed, but those laughs soon turned into moans as we started going at it again. I rolled him onto his back without pulling out and fucked him until I came again.


"Are you close" I asked, panting.


"Why don't you give that pretty mouth a job?" he smirked. I giggled and closed my lips around his gorgeous, hairless cock. He growled and thrust it deep into my throat, though he was small enough for me to handle it easily. Not two minutes later, he was dancing around and cumming into my welcoming mouth.


I sat up and wiped my mouth, even as he continued to whimper and suck in air. "We need a shower," I declared. Once there, we sweetly made out, which was my new favorite thing to do with him.


I left him sleeping in the morning, though I still stole a kiss from him before going to work. Later, on Will's break, he came to my new office. We had continued to take breaks together, even after I was promoted. He grinned at me cheekily as he sat down, and I blushed, tossing him a soda.


"That was hot last night," he smirked. "All of us in the guest house heard Nicholas scream at you, and Eli said that was before you went to your room. We all came over, but we didn't hear anything, so we went to the kitchen for a snack. But then," he laughed. "We heard a different kind of scream. We all stood at the door for a while, and I was fucking hard as could be. I'm kinda glad Eli opened the door, `cause then I had something to go jerk off to."


"Will!" I laughed and threw a pen at him, as he cackled.


"Nicholas really grew up over the Summer, huh?" he noted.


"For sure," I said. "The first time I saw him naked after he got back, I popped an immediate boner. His ass is so full and...MMM!"


"Fuck, you're gonna make me hard again," he said, fondling himself. "I'm fucking the shit out of Dane when I get home."


"We're so lucky, Will," I sighed. "We have the best boys in the world. I love Nicholas so much, I couldn't live without him. We should never take them for granted."


"Amen to that," he agreed.


When I arrived home, Nicholas lured me to the bedroom before I could do anything else. I walked in and removed my shoes, while he closed the door. I didn't have a chance to remove anything else, but he did it for me. Sinking to his knees, he unbuttoned my pants and yanked them and my briefs down simultaneously. My cock was flaccid when it was engulfed between those full lips of his, but in less than ten seconds, he was slurping on my stiff member with incredible skill. I framed his head in my hands and resisted thrusting, lest I choke him.


In the middle of that scene, Eli opened the door and came in. I knew I was going to have to issue a knocking policy. Nicky didn't stop, and I waved Eli away. "God, y'all are always fucking!" he cried dramatically and left again.


"Baby, I'm gonna cum," I warned, and he eagerly increased his speed and sucking power. "Fucking hell," I growled, then cried out as I spilled my seed deep in his throat. I knew he had to have done that before, because he didn't miss a beat. He sucked and swallowed like he'd been doing it forever, and I nearly collapsed, my knees grew so weak. In fact, when he pulled off at last, I did collapse and brought him down on top of me.


"Welcome home," he purred and kissed me lovingly.


"You're the best," I panted.


"I know."





By the end of August, Will managed to buy himself a car. It made him and Dane happy most of all, but it made it easier on the rest of us who had vehicles, too. It also prompted me to do something I desperately needed to do. When he came into work one morning, just before Labor Day, I called him into my office.


"Sit down. Gotta talk to you about something," I said.


He sat, peering at me warily. "What is it?"


"Will, I think you're no longer suited for your position here," I began. I kept my face expressionless, so he wouldn't guess where I was headed with the conversation. He looked so horrified, however, I felt bad.


"What? Why?! What did I do wrong?" I actually thought he was going to cry, and I decided I couldn't play my charade any longer.


"Calm down, Will. You're not going to cry, are you? Please don't cry. I'm not firing you."


He frowned. "You're not? What the hell was that all about, then?"


"I need a sex slave here at work, and since Nicholas can't be here, you'll have to do." He stared at me, unimpressed with my humor, or the lack thereof. "Okay, fine," I relented. "I need to hire someone else for maintenance. I'm sorry about giving you a promotion to Assistant Manager and a significant raise, but you'll just have to get over it."


He came out of his seat, leaning toward me over my desk. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" he cried and began jumping up and down. "You're giving me the job?!"


I laughed and nodded. "Even without your own car before, you were never late, you do a super job every day, and you often do work you're not even required to do. If you're going to do the work, you might as well get paid more for it."


"Hell, yeah!" he exclaimed. He rounded the desk, pulled me out of my seat, and hugged the daylight out of me. "Thanks, amigo! You made my day!"


"Awesome! Actually, I'm not hiring your replacement, you are. You're in charge of hiring from now on. I trust your judgment. But like Gloria told me, you better not fuck it up, `cause then we're both in trouble."


He danced around my office, doing a little jig of celebration. I watched, completely amused. "How much am I making now?" he stopped to ask.


"Eleven dollars an hour."


He went back to dancing and added hollering to the fun. "Hallelujah!" he cried.


"Shush, you're going to scare people," I chuckled. "Here, take this intercom to your new office. You know where that is, I'm sure. This way I can have fast access to you from office to office."


"Woohoo!" he called, dancing out of the room.


"Will!" I hollered, and he came dancing back in. "We need a janitor, too. See if Dane or Noah is interested. With their short school hours, they could still get pretty good hours in here."


"Sure thing!" he said, and went to personalize his new space.


I knew that if Noah took the janitor's job, Nicholas was left to take care of Eli. But being the caretaker that he was, Nicholas could more than handle the task. I would ask him, to be sure, but I also knew he would be more than willing. I secretly hoped Noah would get the job instead of Dane, but I intended to keep that to myself. Well, and share it with Nicholas, of course. Whatever Will chose, I would support it one hundred percent.


As it turned out, Will gave Noah the job. He asked Dane first, but Dane didn't want it. Noah definitely did. He planned to start after Labor Day, and that gave me time to find him his own transportation. The Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I traipsed over to the guest house and knocked on Landon and Noah's door around lunch time. I should have expected what I encountered. Landon answered in the nude, his cock pointing straight up at me.


"Oh, hey," he grinned. "It cost five bucks to see the show."


I snorted. "Why would I pay for that, when I could star in my own show?"


"Hmm, good point," he mused. "What can we do for you, then?"


"Get dressed when you're done. We'll have lunch, then I'll take Noah shopping for his new job."


"Cool!" exclaimed Noah in the background.


I went to start lunch for everyone, which was simple, since I concocted various types of sandwiches and chips, along with soda and juice. Only Kyle and Matt were staying over, since Garrett was attending a family reunion that weekend. Incidentally, Nicholas was fine with Garrett sleeping with us when he stayed over again. He even apologized to the poor kid, and Garrett finally began to see what Nicholas was really like.


I gathered Nicholas, Noah, Landon, Eli and Kyle after lunch, and we set off. "Do I get new clothes for my new job?" Noah asked excitedly.


"You just got new clothes during tax-free weekend!" I reminded him. "Today is not for clothes shopping."


"Then what are we shopping for?" he asked, confused.


"Ah, well, you know. Just stuff." He growled at me and pouted, until they realized where I was headed. It was the same place I'd gotten my last three cars, including Landon's.


Landon was the one who picked up on it first. "Holy crap! Noah!"


"What?!" said Noah, alarmed. Landon pointed at the road, and Noah looked to see what was up ahead. "Oh my god! Really, Grey?!"


I giggled, unable to contain myself. "You need a way to get to work, don't you?" There was a celebration right there in my minivan, until we reached the lot. Then the vehicle was empty in about two seconds, save for Nicholas and myself.


"Our kids are growing up," Nicholas sighed.


I laughed and wished I could kiss him just then. "Let's go make sure little Noah makes a good choice."


Noah eventually fell in love with a cute little Toyota Corolla, and we went through the process in no time. It helped that they had all my information on file already. Noah even agreed to pick up Kyle every day, so he could homeschool with the rest of them, and I said I'd give him five dollars a week extra for the gas he would use doing it. I took Nicholas, Eli and Kyle for ice cream, while Noah and Landon went joy riding.





As each of my boys grew up, I can't say that life was perfect. But I can say that because we had each other and worked together, nothing could bring us down permanently. Eli wasn't my last foster kid by a long shot, and my house was constantly teeming with life, laughter and love. Grey Skies was always in flight, save for the brief times I needed to stop and refuel. But then I was in the air again, carrying more and more passengers every day. To me, that's what life was all about, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.