Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It does not and will not exist outside the fantasy world.

Matt Caper




Chapter 4



It was a good thing I wasn't sexually active.  It was hard enough (no pun intended) trying to jerk off in private when two boys slept with me every weekend.  My only respite was that they slept at their own house during the week.  But even then, I only had time to myself when it was time to sleep.  It was actually rather frustrating, probably the only frustrating part of having the boys around so much.  Eventually I started going home after class before picking them up, just so I could strip off and masturbate in peace, usually with a porn video online.  That way I had a better chance of remaining erection-free until the next morning, given how we all loved to lounge around in our briefs.


Things got a little sticky (again, no pun intended) soon, however, and it was partly my fault.  Noah had finally finished his Saturday school detentions, which meant May was here and school was nearly out for the summer.  It was a typical Friday night where we stayed up late watching movies and ended up crashing on the couch.  Usually we crawled in bed at the last minute before sleep, but this time we apparently didn't have the energy.


I don't know if it was noises that woke me up, or if Nicholas's heavy body cutting off my circulation roused me.  He was sprawled completely on top of me, clinging to me as if for dear life.  I could hardly breathe.  I struggled underneath him, wiggling gently as I could to work his body off mine.  It was doubly awkward because of his boner pressing into my crotch.  We had underwear on, and he was dead asleep, but I blushed furiously all the same.  I should've been used to it by then, as many times as that had happened, but it was a situation I preferred didn't occur at all.


When I finally heaved him off of me - obviously not interrupting his slumber in the least - it dawned on me that Noah wasn't with us.  I think that's when my brain tuned in to the noises coming from the bedroom.  I felt my way through the dark until I came upon Noah sitting at my desk.  The computer screen was the only light in the room, but it was more than enough to see what was going on.  A totally naked Noah was watching a porn video and jerking away.  And when I peered around to see the screen better, I was horrified to see it was a gay video that I had recently watched.


My movement in the room caught Noah's peripheral vision, and he jerked his head in my direction.  Gasping, he tumbled out of the chair, nearly falling to the floor, and stood away from the desk while staring at me in horror.  And the video kept on playing, guys moaning and grunting and talking dirty to each other.


Quietly I closed the door.  Not that Nicholas would wake up, even if a tornado came through.  I turned on the bedroom light and faced Noah.  After our eyes adjusted, I approached the computer and closed the browser.  What the hell was I supposed to do and say now?  He obviously would know it was me who'd been watching that video in the first place.  I stared at him, no words coming to me at all.


"Are you mad?" he finally asked.


"Mad?  No.  No, I'm not mad at all, dude.  I'm...embarrassed," I admitted.  "Oh my god, I'm a terrible influence, aren't I?"  I couldn't even clear my browser history!  "Shit.  Let's talk about this, okay?  Put your underwear back on."


I stretched out on the bed and patted the bed, inviting him to join me.  He seemed very grateful to be welcomed so warmly.  I put my arm around him as we reclined against the headboard, and he gladly snuggled up to me.  "I guess you know my secret now."


He peered up at me from my shoulder with a wide-eyed, affectionate gaze.  "So you're really gay?"  I felt my heart banging mercilessly against my chest as I nervously nodded.  "I'm gay, too," he confessed.


"Yeah, I kinda figured that," I said, and we both laughed.  "It's totally okay, you know.  I should've made the effort to talk to you before.  But I'm here for you now if you wanna talk.  About anything.  I mean it.  I had to figure out stuff about sex and puberty by myself.  I won't make you do the same."


Noah sat up, grinning brightly at me.  "Cool!" he said, though I was sure that was a small expression compared to how relieved he was.  "I didn't wanna ask because I was too embarrassed."


"Dude, you can always ask me anything you want to.  I'll never blow you off.  No pun intended."  When I said that, Noah immediately blushed darkly but burst out laughing all the same.  I playfully pushed him, making him fall over on the bed.  He continued laughing for a minute, and I rested easier now that we'd gotten our secrets out.  "Have you fooled around with any guys yet?"


He sat up shaking his head.  "I really want to, though," he admitted.


"Okay, well before you do, I'm going to give you all the info I can about sex.  It's a lot easier to experiment if you have all the facts.  Um...  What about Nicholas?  Does he know you're gay?"


Noah shrugged.  "We've never really talked about it.  He jerks off too, though.  He says he doesn't, but I can feel him doing it sometimes in bed."


"All boys masturbate.  It's just a fact of life.  Men do it, too, especially when they don't have a partner to have sex with."


"So do you masturbate too?  I've never seen you do it.  Do you have a partner to have sex with?"  I should have seen those questions coming.


"Yeah, Noah, I jerk off.  All the time," I laughed, and so did he.  "I've never had a proper boyfriend, but I've had sex before.  Just not in a really long time.  I don't let you see me do it because I could get in big trouble if I did."




"Because you're fourteen and I'm nineteen, that's why.  You're still a kid.  I was stupid to be so careless with the computer.  I never even thought about you finding that stuff.  Shit, I could probably get in trouble for that alone."


"I won't tell anyone!  Cross my heart!" he assured me.  I felt really guilty for asking him to keep things a secret for me.  But I figured I had to if I wanted to keep the kids around me.


"Thanks, Noah.  It's really important that we keep this between us.  I'd never intentionally do anything to hurt you.  Ever.  Ever ever.  But the last thing we need is someone thinking I would just because I'm gay.  Sadly that's all too possible in this part of the country."


"So since it's just between us, does that mean we can jerk off together?"


His question caught me by surprise.  "Uh, no.  That's not a good idea."


"Why not?" he asked pleadingly.  "Since we're both gay, can't we do stuff together?  I wanna be your boyfriend."


Oh god! I thought.  What now?  "Listen," I said softly.  I took him in my arms and caressed him tenderly.  "I love you more than life itself.  You have to remember that.  But I'm your big brother, not your boyfriend.  You're cute and sweet, and some boy will be lucky to be with you someday.  Tomorrow you and me will have a long discussion about sex and anything else you wanna talk about.  And if it's okay with you, I'd like Nicholas in on it, too.  He's starting puberty and needs to know this stuff, too."


"'Kay," he mumbled, still clinging to me.  I pushed him away from me and held him at arm's length so I could speak to his face.


"Do you realize how much I love you?"  A hint of a smile played on his lips.  "More than Minnie Mouse loves Mickey Mouse."  He giggled and couldn't help grinning.  "More than what's-her-name loves Popeye."


"Olive!" he said brightly.


"Yeah, Olive.  And that's a lot, you know."  I leaned forward and kissed Noah's forehead.  He was absolutely beaming.  "So don't forget it."


"I won't," he promised.


That next day was an interesting one.  From the moment we woke up, Noah was bursting at the seams waiting for "the talk".  But I put it off.  We walked to the park sometime mid-morning and played for a while.  It was only our intense hunger that sent us home mid-afternoon.  As I was preparing lunch with their help, I decided to start the conversation.


"Okay boys.  Stop what you're doing and just sit there at the table.  I want your full attention.  I'll cook, you just listen."  They sat side by side, chairs turned to face me.  Noah seemed extra excited since he knew what was coming.  They had to look at my backside part of the time, but it turned out to be serendipitous that they had just played hard in the park and expended so much energy.  Because of that they were more attentive than usual.


"Nicholas, Noah and I had a talk last night, and we both wanted to include you."


Nicholas beamed at both of us.  "What're we gonna talk about?"


I turned around to face them.  "Sex, puberty, masturbation, boyfriends, girlfriends, and anything else you can think of."


Nicholas's eyes grew wide, and he instantly sat up straight, as if to pay closer attention.  "Really?!"


"Yep," answered Noah.  "We talked about it last night.  Grey said all boys jerk off and that it's totally normal."


If possible, Nicholas's eyes widened even more.  He looked from Noah to me.  "Really?!" he said in a higher pitch than before.


I chuckled.  "Yeah, Nicky, that's absolutely true."  Nicholas gaped at me, mouth hanging open, which made me chuckle some more.  "But you're getting ahead of me.  First, I have a secret to tell you.  I've never told anyone this, not even my parents.  And Noah last night.  Can you promise me to keep my secret, Nicky?"


The fair-haired boy nodded vigorously.  I noted how long his hair was getting and decided a haircut would soon be in order.


"Do you know what it means to be gay?" I asked.


"It's when a boy likes boys instead of girls," he answered confidently.


"Basically.  Anyway, that's my secret.  I'm gay."


"Wow!" he breathed.  "Does that mean you have sex with boys?"


I took a deep breath.  "Well, yeah.  I mean, I've had sex before, but not since I was seventeen.  I might find a boyfriend someday, who knows.  Like I told you before, I'm kind of too busy with you boys to go out with any guys."


"And guess what, Nicholas?" Noah interjected.  "I'm gay, too."


Nicholas gaped at both of us.  "Does that mean I'm gay, too?"


"No, man.  Not at all," I assured him.  "It's okay if you are, but you got some time to figure all that out.  Right now I just wanna give you all the facts about sex and everything else a boy needs to know."


And so we talked.  And talked and talked.  They asked questions, and I did my best to answer them.  Noah asked a lot about actual sexual acts, which was a little embarrassing, but I plowed through it.  Nicholas wanted to know more about his body, how big his dick was gonna get, and if it was bad to jerk off too much.  I told them every term concerning sex and puberty I could think of; I hadn't realized before that there were so many.


When we were eating, they came up with a few more questions.  I was sort of amazed at how creative they were in their curiosity.  Then they started asking questions about me personally.  I squirmed a bit, but I answered them all honestly.  Noah and I also ended up telling Nicholas about the previous night's incident with the porn.


"Listen guys.  We're all boys here, so no need to be embarrassed about anything.  It's totally cool if you need to jerk off.  And I won't stop you from using the computer.  But if you don't mind, I think I should monitor your activity on there since it's my computer.  My job is to keep you safe.  I don't really know the rules, but it's probably not legal for you to watch porn until you're eighteen.  So no more of that, okay?"


Both boys agreed, and I was relieved.  They didn't mind talking about sex now, and that was fine and dandy with me.  Nevertheless, I sure remembered from then on to clear my browser history!


But then things escalated a bit, and I had to figure out how to deal with things again.  My gay little brother suddenly found himself a boyfriend.



As the time drew nearer for school to be out for the Summer, I began to realize our routine would be changing.  I decided to visit with Granny about what we would do for the summer.  It was one of my late days at the community college, which meant I picked up the boys at Granny's house.  I came in and sat in what had become my usual recliner when I was there.  It had been Granny's husband's chair years before.


"Boys, would you mind playing outside for a few minutes?  I want to talk to Granny about something."  The boys were obviously curious, but they obeyed and left me alone with Granny.


"What's on your mind, darlin'?" Granny asked.


"Well, I wanted to talk to you about the Summer time, since our routine will be changing."


Granny nodded her head as her feeble fingers crocheted an afghan.  "I expected that's what it was.  It's okay if you want the Summer to yourself.  Granny can manage her boys.  I hope you'll watch them again in the Fall?" she asked hopefully.


I was caught off guard a little.  "What?  No!  That's not it at all.  I don't want the Summer to myself.  The boys can be with me as much as you want!"


Granny's face brightened; she seemed pleasantly surprised.  "Oh darlin', that sounds wonderful, but I can't pay you what you're worth."


She started to say something else, but I interrupted.  "I'm not asking for more money, Granny.  I don't want more money.  Granted, I'll have to get another part-time job, but I really don't mind.  I was mainly wondering if you wanted me to keep them the entire summer, instead of just on the weekends.  I thought maybe they could walk over here while I'm working so they can do their chores and spend some time with you, then come home with me afterwards.  If I'm overstepping boundaries here, you'll tell me, won't you?"


She snorted and waved a dismissive hand.  "Nonsense.  You're an important part of their lives.  Honey, if you want to keep them all Summer, you do that.  I've never seen the boys so well-behaved and happy as they've been the last few months.  Just as long as Granny gets to visit with her little darlins once in a while.  Including you."


I smiled.  "I always enjoy visiting with you."


"Me too, darlin'.  You're as dear to me as my own son."  She frowned then and sighed, going quiet.


"What is it?" I asked.


"I was up in age already when I had my son," she said softly.  "I was forty-seven when Michael was born.  I never thought I'd be raising kids again in my seventies and eighties.  I don't know what will happen to them when I'm gone."  She took a deep breath and resumed her crocheting.  "Perhaps that's a conversation you and I should have soon."


I had never thought about Granny not being around.  "There's nothing wrong with you, is there?  I don't want you going any time soon.  We all need you here."


"You never can tell what will happen, can you?  If I die before the kids are grown, their mother will be responsible for them.  I can't imagine anything more terrible."


I frowned, afraid of that thought.  Nevertheless, I spoke confidently.  "That's not gonna happen.  You're going to stay around for a long time to come."


She placated me with a smile.  "Well if you say so, dear."


"I do."


She chuckled, but then suddenly looked up from her work.  "Those boys are making a racket out there."  Sometimes I thought she paid attention better than I did.  I went to the door to see them arguing and pushing each other.  So much for well-behaved.


"Hey!" I yelled, opening the door in a hurry.  "Do I need to straighten you two out?"


Immediately they ceased their yelling and pushing.  "No!" they chorused.


"Come inside," I ordered.  In they came, all sweaty and dirty.  I pointed to the floor in front of the two recliners, instead of having them sit on the couch in their dirty state.  "Sit."


They complied, and I took my seat again.  "We're sorry," said Noah quickly.


"I actually don't care what you were fighting about.  As long as it stops.  I brought you in here to discuss what Granny and I have been talking about."


The boys looked scared all of a sudden.  "About what?" asked Nicholas in a small voice.


"Don't be scared, it's nothing bad.  Unless you really don't want to live with me for the Summer."


I got the expected reaction, their demeanors changing with lightning speed.  "For real?!" asked Noah, lifting off the ground slightly.  I nodded, and whoops of joy echoed around the room.


"But here's the thing," I continued.  "I have to get another job.  At least part time.  I've already put in a few applications, but nothing has come through yet.  When I do find something, you two will come over here while I'm working.  You'll do your housework like always.  And you'll just stay here until I come get you.  You can play outside or go to the park if you want, but you're gonna have to check in with Granny on a regular basis.  We'll work something out.  I don't feel comfortable leaving you unsupervised the whole time.  Especially with the tendency you have toward fighting."


"But we get to stay with you every night and not just on the weekends?" Noah asked.


"Exactly.  This weekend, I guess, we'll take all your clothes and stuff to my place.  We'll get another bed, too.  You guys got everything done today that you were supposed to?"  Both of them nodded.  "Okay, let's get going.  I'm ready for supper!"


We decided to move all the boys' stuff to my place on Friday.  It didn't take long at all.  In fact, I realized while sorting through their clothes that they were in desperate need of new ones.  My debit card was about to be put to work again.  I hoped I could find a second job quickly!


After dumping their stuff at my place, we immediately went shopping for a bed.  I found the cheapest double bed I could.  Thankfully it came with free delivery.  It wasn't much later we were dumping that in the apartment with everything else.  We would sort it out later, but I wanted to find them some new clothes before everything closed.


Actually, Wal-Mart was open 24 hours.  But that would definitely be our last stop, hopefully late when no one else was there.  The Salvation Army was our first stop.  I'd never been in there, but it was a big place and seemed to have a large selection of clothes.


"I'll buy you some new clothes later," I told them as we walked in the downtown building.  "But let's find as much as we can here first.  As much as you're growing, there's no sense in buying all new stuff."


"Granny's brought us here before," said Nicholas.  "But it's been a long time.  Last time we got clothes was from our neighbor's grandson, 'cause he outgrew them."  He led me straight to the boys' section, and we spent until closing time going through stuff and trying things on.  I even found myself a new wardrobe, surprisingly.  Usually I had a hard time finding my size in thrift stores and the like.


Both the boys came out of there with large sacks of clothes.  They were excited and so was I.  When we finally made it to Wal-Mart, all the clothes I had to buy were socks, underwear, and new swimming shorts.  Well, shorts for Noah.  Nicholas insisted on a speedo.  After buying a brand new bed, I was super happy to be spending less on clothes than I had anticipated.


When we got home, I put the bed frame together first and set it up beside my bed.  It wasn't until I began folding clothes that I realized I had forgotten something important.  "Damn it.  I don't have a place to put all this shit."  There was no way my dresser could hold all their clothes, too.


"We never even used our dresser until Granny started making us clean our room," Nicholas informed me.  "That's when you said we had to do chores there."


I looked at Nicholas, shaking my head in wonder.  "Where'd you put all your clothes before that?"


He shrugged.  "On the floor, I guess."


"Geez.  I swear.  Well, good thing I have a walk-in closet.  Hang up your shirts in there and put your shoes on the closet floor.  I guess we can put your pants on the lowest closet shelf.  I'll clean all the crap off of it.  It's just stuff from my old school anyway.  Just...find a place for your socks and underwear.  We'll find something tomorrow to put them in.  Maybe the Salvation Army has something.  And keep your stuff separated from each other.  It's not like you can wear each other's clothes yet.  I hope you guys won't feel too cramped in here this Summer."


"No way, this is great!" Noah exclaimed.


"Yeah?  Well at least you have another bed now."


"But..." Nicholas began.  "Do we have to sleep in the other bed if we don't want to?"


"No, I guess not.  If you wanna sleep with me and let Noah have the other bed to himself, that's fine."


"I don't wanna sleep by myself!" said Noah emphatically.  "I wanna sleep in your bed with you, too!"


"Seriously?" I asked.  "Great, so I bought this bed for nothing.  Super."


That night, the new bed indeed remained empty while the boys snuggled up to me.  I thought about returning it, but then I wondered, too, if our situation might change in the future.  Eventually Noah, at the very least, would probably wish to have a bed to himself.  I rather hoped so, anyway.


It was the next night that I began to see another possible use for an extra bed.  Only I didn't like it one bit.  During the day - Saturday - we decided to break in the boys' new swimming gear.  I took them to the Youth and Community Center with the indoor pool instead of the outdoor public pool.  It would be less crowded, and I didn't like the idea of nursing sunburns later on.  That decision turned out to be both serendipitous and somewhat disastrous, at least from my initial perspective.


The first thing I noticed upon entering the YCC was the sign at the counter: "Now Hiring".  Nothing else had panned out so far, so I was gonna test this one out.  "You boys go shower and change.  Go ahead and get in the pool.  I'll be there in a bit."  They went on their way, and I approached the lady at the front desk about the job.


"It's only part time," she said.  "Ten to four, Tuesday through Saturday.  Responsibilities include a little of everything; cleaning, front desk, answering phones, supervising parties.  Just wherever you're needed.  Are you looking just for the Summer?"


"I wouldn't mind working part time during school.  I go to the community college, so I couldn't work those same hours."


"I bet we could work something out.  It's tough to hire young people after Summer is over.  Here, fill out this paperwork.  If your background check is good, you're hired.  We're desperate."


I laughed.  "Awesome.  I'm desperate for work."  I filled everything out and gave it back to her, then joined the boys, who were having a good time in the pool.  Not necessarily with each other, though.  Both had found other kids around their own age to play with.


Nicholas ran up to me when I came in.  "Don't run!" I yelled.  I noticed the lifeguard was about to blow her whistle at him.


"Did you apply for a job?" he asked excitedly.  He looked cute as a button in his speedo.


"Yep.  Probably will start work soon.  They need workers pretty bad."


"Does that mean we can play here while you're working?"


"I don't know.  Maybe.  That's not a bad idea, is it?  I'll have to start making sack lunches for you, though.  I'll be working during lunch time."  I slipped down a ladder into the water, which was wonderfully warm.  "Who's your friends?"


"Boys I know from school.  Adam and Josh.  Can I keep playing with them?"


"Yeah, man.  Of course.  I'm just gonna swim some laps."  I was hoping I'd get the chance to swim more during the summer.  I was fairly good at it, and it always had a calming effect on me.  Plus it was good exercise.


When I had completed a few laps across the length of the pool, I took some time to watch Noah.  He was playing only with one other kid, one who looked a bit older.  I swam to them in the deep end and hung on to the wall for a minute.  "Hey Noah," I called and beckoned them over to the side.  Noah came to the wall beside me, while the other kid remained treading water in front of me.


"I'm Grey," I said to the kid.  "What's your name?"




"Nice to meet you.  Do you know Noah from school?"


"Nope.  I go to high school.  We just met."


"He's sixteen," Noah added.  "He's gonna be a junior next year.  He already drives and everything!  He said I can hang out with him next year at school."


"Hey, that's nice," I said.  "It's always good to have an upperclassman friend.  You won't mind being seen with a freshman?" I asked Landon.


"Nah.  Not this one, anyway.  I like Noah."  Noah grinned and blushed.  "How old are you?" Landon asked me.


"I'm nineteen."


"Are you and Noah brothers?"


"I call him my little brother, but we're not blood related like he and Nicholas are."


"Can Landon come over after this?" Noah asked.


"I don't know.  Depends on his parents.  I don't mind, though."


"I don't have to check in until dinner time," Landon informed me.


"Okay," I agreed.  "But when you come over, I want you to call your parents and tell them where you are."


"They're not really my parents," he said.  "I live in a foster home."


"I still want you to call them.  They should know where you are in case they need you."




I went back to swimming laps, and I couldn't help glancing a time or two toward Landon.  He was way too hot to be only 16.  His hair was darker than Noah's, his eyes a sensual pool of midnight blue.  And when I saw him out of the pool, I was even more jealous of him.  Not an ounce of fat on his body, but not scrawny like me.  He was like a young Greek god.  He obviously spent time in the sun; he wore a speedo, and every visible part of his body was tan.  I could only imagine how hard Noah must've been falling for him.  How could Noah not fall for him?  He made me want to shoot myself.


When we all were finally done swimming and had made it to the shower, I learned there was an untanned part of Landon's body after all.  I also learned that there was some chemistry between Noah and Landon.  Sensual chemistry.  It was completely obvious, the way they looked at each other as they showered.  And both of them showed a bit of arousal, not to mention continued to touch each other in affectionate ways.  It was time for me to worry.


"Hey," Landon said as we all stepped outside.  "Noah's gonna ride with me, if you don't mind.  We'll follow you home."


I turned around to face Landon.  "I do mind, actually.  Nothing personal, but I don't know you well enough to let him ride with you.  He'll ride with me, and you can follow us there."


"It's no big deal, dude.  It's not like I'm gonna kidnap him or anything."


"I'm responsible for him, so I make the rules.  Maybe that's not something you're used to, but you'll follow my rules as long as you're with me.  Got it?"  He nodded, though he didn't look happy about it.  "Just let me get to know you first."


Landon got in his car, and Noah sulkily got in mine.  "Someone sure likes you," I said to him in the car.  He grinned and blushed deeply yet again.


Nicholas leaned close to us from the back.  "Is that your boyfriend, Noah?"


"No.  He's sooo nice, though.  He started talking to me first in the pool.  He said I was cute."


I smiled.  "He seems nice, if a little independent.  Just take it slow, okay?  Take time to get to know him.  Even if he's nice now, that could change later.  Some guys are like that."


"He's not like that!  He really does like me."


I sighed.  I could remember being as naive as Noah at one time.  I let it go and decided merely to watch the two of them together.  Closely.


When we arrived at the apartment it was already nearly supper time.  I made Landon call his foster parents to make sure it was okay if he stayed for dinner.  I gathered from conversation with him that he had many foster siblings and it was likely his parents had more than enough to think about with the younger ones without keeping track of him, too.  So I made us all dinner, and afterward we settled down to watch movies.


The situation was expectedly much different than usual this time.  Nicholas immediately began shedding his clothes before we got settled.  Seeing Nicholas do it, Noah obviously wanted to do it, too.  But he stood around awkwardly instead, probably waiting to see what I was going to do, as well as Landon.  Nicholas disposed of his clothes in the bedroom and returned.


"Aren't you going to get undressed?" he asked all of us.


I shook my head.  "I'm not going to this time, Nicky, since we have a guest.  Come sit with me in the recliner, and we'll let Noah and Landon have the couch."  I took off my shoes and sat, and Nicholas gladly joined me.


Landon grinned wickedly.  "I don't mind taking off my clothes."  He began taking off his shoes as well, and Noah followed suit.


"No, you guys keep your clothes on, too.  You should get to know each other better before getting too intimate.  I know you're attracted to one another, but there's more to a relationship than that."  Never mind that I had never practiced what I was preaching.


"It's not like we're gonna fuck in front of you," said Landon.  Noah blushed terribly while I glared at Landon.


"Hey, if you don't like my rules, you don't have to be here.  Noah says you're a nice boy, so how about proving that to me?"


Landon conceded and sat on the couch.  "Can we at least take our shirts off?  It's pretty hot in here."


"At least you asked permission this time, instead of telling me.  Yeah, you can take your shirt off."


Landon's shirt came off in a flash, and Noah's came off a little slower.  Noah was visibly nervous but seemed excited at the same time.  They snuggled on the couch the way Nicholas and I usually did, with Noah between Landon's legs and resting back against the older boy.  I pushed play on the remote and had Nicholas get up to turn out the lights.


All during the movie, I kept glancing at the couple on the couch.  Landon was affectionate with his hands and occasionally with his lips.  He'd kiss the back of Noah's head or his neck or shoulder.  Noah was surely soaking it all up.


Once I saw Landon sneak his hand down into the front of Noah's pants.  I cleared my throat, Landon looked over at me, grinned and retracted his hand.  I was feeling very protective of Noah and wasn't sure if I should trust Landon or not.  If all he wanted was sex, I wanted him to find some other boy to play with.


When the movie was over, Nicholas turned on the lights again.  "Time to say goodnight, boys," I announced.  "You can come over tomorrow if you want, Landon."


Slowly the two got up from the couch.  Both of them were clearly aroused.  Yeah, it was definitely time to say goodnight.  "You can walk him to his car, Noah.  But don't be long."  I figured I could allow them that much.  But yes, I watched them from the living room window.  I saw them talking for a few minutes, and then they were kissing.  Like really kissing.  And there was lots of fondling going on.  After a minute of that, I thought I was gonna have to open the door and holler out at Noah.  But they ceased finally, and Noah came trudging back up the stairs.  He was flushed and a bit sweaty when he walked through the door.  And still aroused, of course.


"I just had my first kiss," he breathed.


"I saw it," I admitted.  "That was one hell of a kiss!"


"Tell me about it!  Wow!"


We all gathered in the bedroom after shutting off the lights.  Noah undressed and crawled in bed with me and Nicholas.  "Aren't you gonna..."  I pointed at his erection.


"No.  I want the next time I cum to be with Landon."


Oh god, I thought.  I am not prepared for this.  "Take it slow, Noah," I reminded him.  "I don't want you getting hurt.  Get to know him before giving yourself to him."


"I won't get hurt, Grey.  I like Landon, and he likes me."


I sighed heavily and snuggled up with Nicholas in my arms.  Understandably, Noah didn't snuggle up to me this time.  I suspected he was having his little fantasy about Landon.  Though I didn't feel or hear him jerking off before I slipped into slumber, I hoped he really wouldn't hold out for Landon.


Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up.  Ever since the kids began staying with me, I seemed to be developing a sixth sense, knowing when something wasn't right with one of them.  Nicholas was still cuddling with me, but a quick feel of the bed behind me let me know Noah wasn't in it.  And when I checked, he wasn't in the other bed either.  Nor in the bathroom.


The thing that really told me Noah was up to something was the fact the bedroom door was closed.  I never closed it at night, but I found it shut all the way this time.  Quietly I opened it and stepped into the livingroom.  There were no lights on in the rest of the apartment, but I heard noises; distinct grunting and moaning sounds.  I turned on the light to reveal my fears had come true.  Noah was bent over the end of the couch, and Landon was behind him, fucking him senseless.  A bottle of lube was open and resting at Landon's feet.


Landon gasped and jerked his head toward me.  He didn't have a chance to do or say anything, however.  Without thinking I grabbed him, pulled him away from Noah, and threw his ass on the couch.  Next I took hold of Noah and tossed him onto the couch, though a little more gently than I had Landon.


"Sit there and don't move!" I yelled.  I was pissed.  More than pissed.  I paced back and forth in front of them, seeing almost nothing but red.  "Oh my god," I mumbled.  "I'm about to lose it."


I stopped pacing and glared at the perpetrators.  Understandably they both seemed rather wary of me.  "Noah," I said quietly.  "I am more mad at you right now than I've ever been."  Noah didn't respond, and I didn't expect him to.


I turned my attention to Landon.  I wanted to pop his little head right off of him.  Both heads, in fact.  "I could literally beat your ass right now."


"I'd rather you do that than tell my foster parents," he said timidly.  "I don't wanna have to go to another group home."


"Then maybe you shouldn't keep pulling shit like this!" I said, raising my voice.


Noah spoke up nervously.  "But I thought you didn't care if I fooled around with other boys?"


"Yeah well...  That was before you started doing it!"  I knew that was illogical, and I was a hypocrite considering my own history.  I was beginning to understand, however, the feeling a parent has when wanting to protect their kids from all the harms of the world.  "What if he had hurt you?  Did he hurt you?"


Noah shook his head, blushing crimson.  "He showed me how to do all the things you told me about.  But he didn't make me!  I wanted to.  It hurt a little when he put his dick in me, but not much."


"I went real slow, too," Landon added.  "At first, I mean.  Then he said it felt good, so I started doing it harder."


"I really liked it then," said Noah, grinning shyly at Landon.


"I was gonna let him fuck me, too," said Landon.  "I really like Noah, Grey.  Please don't make us stop seeing each other.  I asked him to be my boyfriend, and he said yes."


As I stood there looking at those two naked boys, I was reminded of myself in younger days.  I was the type to fall in love easily, but had always gotten hurt.  No one had ever fallen in love back.


"You weren't a virgin, were you, Landon?"


He shook his head no.  "I told Noah that already.  I had a relationship with one of my former foster dads.  He's the only one, though."


I stared in amazement for a moment.  No wonder this boy was so sexually charged.  Just then I started to feel some compassion for him.  "Shit," I muttered.


They were apparently waiting to see what I was going to do.  I knew I had to decide something.  But it took me a few minutes to figure out what.  I paced back and forth again, thinking.  None of us said a word until I stopped again.


"Okay.  Here it is.  I'm not mad about the sex.  Not really.  I'm mad because you snuck in here without my permission."  I stood in front of them, hands on my hips.


"Landon.  I'll start with you.  It's okay with me if you want to keep seeing Noah and be his boyfriend or whatever.  But from now on, you follow my rules, no exceptions.  I may be only three years older than you, but I'm responsible for my boys, and I'm responsible for you when you're with me.  And if you ever - EVER - pull shit like this again - sneaking out with Noah or getting him into trouble somehow - if you're not caught by someone else, I swear to God I will wear your ass out.  I have a paddle my dad used to use on me, and I'll totally use it on you.  Just ask Noah if you don't believe me.  And if you won't accept that, I'll just have a talk with your social worker.


"That goes for you too, Noah," I turned to him.  "You know I'm not blowing smoke, because I've busted your ass before.  I'll do it again if I have to."  I took a moment to breathe deeply and calm down.  "So...  I won't bitch about the sex.  I was fifteen when I started fooling around.  I guess I was just trying to protect you.  But you should have rules about that, too.  Never fool around in public or in a car, because you can get caught.  And you probably can't do it at Landon's house, either.  Too many people.  So if you wanna do it, do it here.  It's the only place I can make sure you're safe.  If you don't agree to any of this, you better let me know now."


To my surprise, Landon was the first to speak up.  "I agree.  To everything.  I'd rather be busted than go to a group home.  But I won't get Noah in trouble!  I promise!  As long as we can have sex here, we don't need to do it anywhere else."


Noah nodded in agreement.  "I agree, too.  I'm sorry I snuck him in."


I breathed a sigh of relief.  "Okay.  Well...  Go ahead and finish what you were doing, I guess.  You should both wear condoms, though, since this isn't Landon's first time.  I've got some in my nightstand, hang on."  I left the room and grabbed a few condom packages from the bedroom.  Nicholas was still out like a light.


When I returned, the boys were making out again already.  I placed the packages next to Landon.  "Please use them."


He broke away from Noah and looked up at me with hopeful eyes.  "Could you, um, show me how to - you know - put it on?"


I never thought they were that difficult to figure out.  Nonetheless I tore open one package and took out the condom.  I guided it onto Landon's penis, speaking him through it the entire time.  I sincerely hoped he'd stick around our lives for Noah's sake.


"When you're done," I said, "there's an extra bed in there.  Unless you have to be home before morning.  From now on, though, you have to let your foster parents know if you're spending the night here."


"Awesome," Landon grinned.  "They won't even know I'm gone until school time Monday morning."  He and Noah were already standing to finish their deed, which was my cue to exit.


It was a long while before they crawled in bed.  I didn't want to lay there and listen while they fucked, but I had no choice.  I couldn't sleep until I knew they were safe in bed.  Now, apparently, I had three little brothers to look after.  I was mildly comforted only by the fact Nicholas wasn't sexually active yet.  And I hoped it would be a very long time before he was.