Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It does not and will not exist outside the fantasy world.

Matt Caper




Chapter 7

Either Sheila Henderson had failed to give me all the information I needed, or I wasn't listening very carefully, for when I received my packet containing paperwork and pages to read, I noticed, only then, that the nightly foster training didn't take place in town.  It was an hour away.

"Oh good god!" I exclaimed.

"What?"  Nicholas turned from the kitchen counter, where he was working on dinner while I was sitting on my ass at the table.

"The foster parenting class is in Amarillo every night.  I thought it was here."

"You're still gonna do it, aren't you?" Landon's voice came from the livingroom, where he was also sitting on his ass.

"Yes," I sighed.  How could I not?  "But you guys have to come with me.  There's no way I'm leaving you here alone.  Or if you stay here, you have to stay with Granny or my parents."

Nicholas shrugged.  "That's no big deal."

"Yeah, but it's gonna cost a buttload in gas," I mumbled with a frown.  I finished the lifeguard class on a Friday, and the following Monday my foster parent class started.  No rest for the weary.

As soon as it started, though, I knew I was doing the right thing.  I began learning how to better relate to the kids, as well as how the whole foster system worked.  It actually seemed like a sad situation to me, with so many kids being shuffled around, not being adopted.  In this area of Texas, many of them were black or Hispanic, or they were special needs kids.  I had noted before that Landon had several Hispanic foster siblings.

What really impressed me - and surprised me - was that the foster system, at least this particular group, was glad to train single parents and gay parents, as well as married couples.  Granted, some of the married couples held disdain toward singles and gays.  But I didn't interact with them anyway and basically kept to myself.

On the very last day of my training, those of us who had persevered to the end received a certificate to show we'd completed the course.  It was all very exciting.  Pending a home visit, Sheila agreed to get the ball rolling to officially make Landon my foster kid.  Needless to say, we were all very excited during the drive home.

"Just think!" said Landon.  "Pretty soon I'll never have to go back to the Stouts' house ever again!  And me and Noah can always be together!"

"You might wanna give each other some space every once in a while, just so you don't get sick of each other.  Sometimes you have to do that to make a relationship work."  Like I knew how to make a relationship work.

"And did you hear Mrs. Henderson?" Landon continued.  "She said you can't spank foster kids."  He raised his chin defiantly.

I laughed and reached over the seat, playfully slapping him.  "Oh yeah?  Well you remember that when I'm paddling you."  Noah giggled, and Landon scowled dramatically.  "Don't make me pull this car over and put you over my knee."

Nicholas giggled, too.  "That would be funny."

"You won't think so when Grey paddles you," laughed Noah.

I shook my head.  "I'd never paddle Nicky.  He's a good kid and doesn't need it."

Landon and Noah erupted into shouts and calls of "not fair!" and "unbelievable!"  Nicholas and I merely laughed.

As the drive went on, the conversation gradually slowed until it ceased all together.  I think primarily that was because of the gloomy weather.  Not only was it dark, but the wind also picked up immensely.  In fact, after a while, I was having trouble keeping the wheel straight.  I could see lightning in the distance, but the rain hadn't reached us yet.  It seemed we were going to drive straight into it.  And so we did!  It was terrible, too.  I could hardly see and had to slow way down.  The water droplets pelting the windshield were so deafening, we couldn't have heard each other even if we wanted to speak.

This went on for twenty minutes or so, but it seemed like forever.  We had just hit our city limits when the rain stopped.  The wind was still angry, but at least I could somewhat see better.  Nicholas exhaled as if he'd been holding his breath the whole twenty minutes.  "Looks like the worst part is over," I tried to assure them.

No sooner had the words left my mouth, the town's tornado sirens sounded.  All of us gasped.  "Oh shit," Nicholas squeaked.  "Oh shit oh shit oh shit."

"Don't worry, Nicky," I soothed.  "We'll make it home.  There's a cellar in the garage and a basement in the house.  You'll be safe."  But despite my calm voice, my heart was frantic in my chest.  Lightning was illuminating some really wicked skies, and the wind only got nastier.  "Listen guys," I instructed.  "When we get home, everyone get out on this side of the car.  I'll park near the back door of the house so we can go to the basement with my parents.  The garage door is probably locked anyway."

That turned out to be an ironic statement.  When we pulled into the driveway, I stopped beside the house and turned off the car.  And before I could utter another word, I saw the wind take hold of the side door to the garage, rip it off its hinges, and hurl it straight at my car.  All of us screamed milliseconds before it slammed into my windshield.

"Out!  Now!" I yelled.  Landon and I fought to open our doors, barely managing to crawl out.  Nicholas slipped out my door after me.  I ushered Landon and Noah forward toward the door; we really had to struggle against the wind to take even one step.  Once I got the two older boys going, I began to usher Nicholas in front of me.  But before I could get him anywhere, I experienced one of the most horrifying moments in my entire life.  Just as it had done the garage door, the wind took hold of Nicholas and lifted him straight into the air about two feet.  I grabbed for him, but the wind was quicker than I.  It hurled my boy down the driveway, where he landed about twenty feet away.

I nearly lost my mind.  I screamed to Noah and Landon to get in the house, and I tore after Nicholas.  He was bawling when I reached him.  I wrapped both arms around him, and he did the same to me, and I turned and carried him toward the back door.  I had never known such strength before.  I was angrier than the wind could ever be and shot like a bullet through the air streams.  I made it inside but still didn't let go of Nicholas, not until we were safe down in the basement.

Everyone crowded around us as I collapsed on the floor.  Both of us were crying, and I simply rocked him back and forth.  He only cried for a couple of minutes, but I think I cried longer.  I had never been so scared in my life, nearly losing him like that.  Finally he lifted his head from my chest and saw my tears.

"Don't cry," he said.  "I knew you would save me.  Everything's all right now."

"What happened?" my mother asked for the second time.  "Are you hurt?"

"Nicky flew in the air," Noah breathed.  He looked as scared as I felt.  "I thought the tornado was taking him."

Mom gasped, putting a hand over her mouth.

"Yeah," Nicholas added.  "I was standing beside the car, and all of a sudden I flew away and landed way down the driveway.  I landed on my butt, and it really hurt."

I cleared my throat and wiped the tears from my eyes.  "I never wanna see that again, that's for sure.  That scared the shit out of me.  Can you walk?  I hope nothing's broken."

Nicholas stood, though with a bit of a struggle.  But then he walked back and forth without much problem.  "I think I'm okay," he said.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked the other two.  They both nodded, while still clinging to one another.

"The side door came off the garage.  It also smashed into my car," I told my dad.

"Thank God for insurance," he mumbled with a groan.

Eventually we all fell asleep.  There was only one double bed down there, which my parents claimed.  The rest of us spread out blankets on the floor and snuggled up together.  When I awoke, everything was silent.  I could see daylight when I glanced up the stairs, so I traipsed upward with a bit of trepidation.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I found the house still standing.  At first glance, I didn't even notice any damages.  But then I walked out the back door.

"OH. MY. GOD!" I hollered.  There was an empty space where my apartment and the garage should've been.  Gone.  Completely gone.  I hollered again when I realized my car was also missing.  And yet there seemed to be no damage whatsoever to the house.

Not thirty seconds after I hollered the first time, Nicholas came bursting out the back door.  He gasped, then screamed, covering his head with his hands.  "NO!"

A few seconds after that, everyone else came running out the door, each reacting in horror to the sight.  And we all just stood there staring, as if waiting for it all to come back.  "I guess you're moving in with us," my dad broke the silence, and my heart sank.  My life as I knew it was over.

We would have sorted through the rubble, but there was no rubble to sort through.  The tornado took the apartment and everything in it, just like it took Dorothy's entire house.  I hoped someone in Oz was enjoying our new TV.

Dad drove me to work while Mom graciously watched the kids.  I hadn't wanted to depend on them for anything concerning the kids.  I enjoyed being responsible for once.  But now I had no choice but to rely on their help.  It sucked.

I told my story at work while everyone balked.  I suppose it wasn't devastating, considering insurance would pay for everything.  But it felt good to complain nonetheless.  After all, my mementos from my old school were now obliterated, and that made me kind of sad.  But admittedly the only thing that really bothered me was no longer having the privacy that I had so enjoyed.

I caught a few moments with Corey during a break and, of course, complained to him too.  "Man," he sighed.  "That really sucks.  Are your parents gonna have it rebuilt?"

"Dunno," I shrugged.  "They have three extra bedrooms, so it's not like they need the apartment.  They don't even really use the garage.  Good thing, I guess, or their cars would be gone, too.  But you know what this means?  Jordan won't get to come over anymore."

"Why not?"

"Why not?  Because my parents don't know I'm gay, that's why not."

"Oh," he murmured.  "But he could still come over, right?  As a friend?"

"I guess.  It's just so uncomfortable around my parents.  Like I can't even be myself."

"You could tell them you're gay," he suggested.

I snorted.  "No way.  They'd freak out.  And I don't want to disappoint them, ya know?"

"You gotta tell them sometime, right?"

"Yeah, I guess.  But not today."

I hadn't really thought about it, but if I wanted a boyfriend, I would have to tell my parents about him.  And about me.  I mean, I suppose I could move away somewhere and avoid the subject all together.  Tell them he's just a roommate.  But the mere thought of doing all that exhausted me.  I needed a life that was more honest and true to myself.

At the end of my work day, I jumped in the pool since Dad wasn't scheduled to pick me up for another hour.  Swimming those laps felt good, and it helped me think.  I actually felt pretty refreshed after 20 minutes or so of that.  Then Ryan stripped down to his speedo and joined me, and for once we had fun together without any sexual tension between us.  Ryan couldn't help flirting a little still.  But if Ryan wasn't flirting, he wasn't breathing.

We found ourselves sitting on the edge at the deep end, just chatting after our play time.  We'd only been sitting there a few minutes when I looked up and saw Jordan approaching.  I immediately brightened.  I hadn't seen Jordan since the weekend before, mostly because of my foster parenting classes.  He had visited the apartment again, and it was much the same as before.  Very enjoyable, but nothing romantic or sexual between us.

I stood and greeted him with a smile.  I felt like I hadn't seen him in weeks.  "Are you okay?" he began.  "Corey told me about the tornado taking your place.  Is there anything I can do to help?"

His concern for me melted my heart.  "Naw, man, I'm okay.  We're all okay.  We just have to do all the insurance stuff and find me another car.  We're all gonna move in with Mom and Dad."

"Damn.  That's pretty rotten.  What about shopping for new clothes and stuff like that?"

I sighed with a groan.  "Yeah, that's gonna be a bitch."

"Well, if you need someone to tag along and help out..."  He smiled warmly.  "I'm just sayin'."

"I'd like that.  What're you doing in about twenty minutes?"

"I have a few ideas what he could do," Ryan broke in with a smirk.

I elbowed him and continued to speak to Jordan.  "Do you mind being dragged to Wal-Mart?"

"Whatever, Grey.  I just wanna hang out with you again," said Jordan.

I smiled.  "I'm gonna go shower.  My dad's supposed to pick me up.  I'll call him and tell him not to, if I can catch a ride with you."

"Sure thing."  We made our way to the showers, after saying our goodbyes to Ryan.  Jordan was in need of a shower as well, obviously having just played a hard game of racquetball.  This would be the second time I saw him naked.  This time, however, there were other guys in the shower as well.  So I kept my head down and kept my thoughts on our situation at home.  That was guaranteed to help me evade arousal.

Watching him dry himself right in front of me at the lockers, however, did not help me evade arousal.  And he didn't seem bothered about me watching, or anyone else for that matter.  He was casual and easy with his movements, obviously totally comfortable in his skin. I watched as he slipped on a pair of silk boxers, totally enamored with the curve of his hips and the V of his hip bones that accentuated the delicious area on his front side where the skin disappeared into the boxers.  And the healthy silk-covered bulge down below.  Now, if only he'd turn around so I could see how his ass looked in silk.

"Grey?"  I jerked my head upward to a grinning Jordan and instantly felt heat radiating from my skin.  Realizing with horror I was half hard, I yanked on my briefs.  Which, really, didn't hide my arousal in the least.

"Fuck.  Sorry.  I was just..."  I faltered.

"I was saying maybe you could spend some time at my house in case, you know, you didn't want your parents finding out about you.  You can even bring the kids, but I don't mind if you come alone."

Still blushing intensely, I stared into his eyes for a moment in silence.  "What about your parents?"

"They know about Corey and me.  They're cool with it.  They really want to meet you, too."

"They want to meet me?"

"Yeah, of course.  I mean, I tell them sometimes when I like a guy."

I smiled and bashfully ducked my head, focusing on getting the rest of my clothes on.  "I wish I could tell my parents about you."

"Maybe you will one day.  Who knows."

"Yeah.  Maybe.  Hey, let's get out of here."  Finally we were both dressed.  We got our things together, and I high-tailed it out of there.

"What's your hurry?" Jordan asked, jogging to catch up once outside.

"Eh.  Was just hot in there.  Shit, it's hot out here, too.  So much for the rain cooling us off."

"I don't mind, you know."

"That it's hot?"

"No," Jordan said slowly.  "If you get a hard-on in front of me."

"Oh god," I mumbled.

"Wanna go park somewhere and make out for a while?"

I laughed, but only out of nervousness.  "Um.  No.  I mean, yeah.  I really, really do.  But I gotta get back to the boys."  We slid into his car, and I turned and waited before catching his eye.  I was having difficulty forming coherent thoughts in my brain.  "Jordan..."  Deep breath.  "I like you a lot.  I don't wanna mess up anything between us.  It's just...  The boys are the most important thing to me right now.  I hope that doesn't drive you away, but if it does, I understand."

"It's cool, Grey.  It's not like I want you all to myself.  But to be honest, I want a part of you that no one else has."

"Wow.  Don't you think that's moving a little fast?"

Jordan shrugged, looking away and down, like he was suddenly ashamed.  "Sometimes I get attached too easily.  I didn't mean to.  I just like you.  A lot."

Against my better judgment, I admitted my feelings.  "Truth?  I've been really hoping this works out between us."

When he looked up again, his smile told me I'd said the right thing to assuage his guilt for falling too quickly.  "Really?"

"Yeah, totally.  I'm just scared."

"Scared of what?"

"Getting hurt."

His eyes softened, exuding a wonderful tenderness.  Taking a deep breath, he scooted nearer to me and leaned into me.  I didn't know what to expect until his lips were touching mine.  And they continued touching mine for the next five minutes or so.  Gentle at first, but then more passionate and heavy.  As in, heavy petting.  Our hands eventually decided to roam - on their own accord, I'm sure, because my brain was seriously not even active then.  When he squeezed my crotch over my pants, I broke the kiss to moan.  And then I stopped moving all together.

"Dude.  Holy shit.  Someone's gonna see us."  We were both flushed and highly aroused, and I really didn't think I could go any further without tearing off his clothes.

"Right.  Yeah."  In one quick motion he was back in the driver's seat.

"Can you stay over tonight?"  Again, I spoke against my better judgment.

He grinned brightly.  "Yeah."  With that, he started the car and off we went toward my house.

Upon arriving home, I found my mother had already begun to organize the new situation.  She'd been cleaning and preparing the extra bedrooms for us, and as soon as she saw us, she announced we were going shopping.  "I'm going to buy you and the boys some clothes," she stated with an air of finality.

I objected anyway.  "Mom, you don't have to do that.  I can buy us clothes."

She squared off toward me and firmly placed her hands on her hips.  "Until you decide to get married and have your own kids, these are the closest to grandchildren that I have.  And I'm allowed to spoil my grandchildren once in a while.  And my own son, thank you very much."  The boys were beaming when they heard this, and it made me smile too.  "Have you adopted another one?" she asked, indicating Jordan.  All the boys laughed, and so did Jordan.  I blushed.

"Oh!  No.  Sorry.  This is Jordan Kendall.  He's our friend.  I work with his brother, Corey."

Jordan shook hands with Mom.  "Nice to meet you, ma'am."

"You mind if Jordan comes shopping with us?  I'd planned for him to stay the night with us, too, if that's okay.  I'll even cook us dinner so you don't have to do the extra work."

"Nonsense," Mom replied.  "I don't mind cooking a little extra.  I'd already counted on your help," she smiled sweetly.  "Dinner first, then shopping.  Let's get started, shall we?"

I left Jordan to entertain the boys.  Not so much different than the way it was in my apartment, except I didn't have Nicholas at my side this time.  I definitely noticed the void.  "You know," I told Mom.  "Nicholas always helps me when I cook.  If you ever want him to help, just ask him.  He'd love it.  He's picking up what I teach him really well."

We were pulling ingredients and cookware from their hiding places, working together like we'd never stopped.  "Oh good!  I'm glad to hear it."  Mom was quiet for a few minutes while she prepared food.  We were having meatloaf and mashed potatoes and corn and green beans; this was one of her typical dinners.  "So tell me about Jordan," she said, surprising me.  But I obliged.

"He'll be a senior in high school this coming year.  He plays tennis and racquetball.  Awful good, too.  Corey's closer to my age, but Jordan and I like a lot of the same things.  He's more outgoing, too.  And he likes hanging around the boys as much as I do."

"I see," she said.  I thought her voice sounded funny, but I didn't question it.  However, her next question pretty much confirmed my thoughts.  "So is he your boyfriend?"

I nearly died right there at the counter.  I seriously thought I was going to have a stroke.  Or vomit everywhere.  "What?" I rasped, my breathing becoming shallow.  "Of course not."

"Oh, okay," she responded rather casually.  "Do you have one then?"

"God, Mom, no.  Why would you ask me that?"

This entire time, we'd barely looked at one another.  Except now she turned to face me directly.  "I want you to tell me the truth, Greyson.  Are you gay?"

I was panicking a little bit, looking around to make sure Dad wasn't listening.  I realized, however, that she was making the inevitable easier on me by asking, so I wouldn't have to bring it up.  I slowly nodded my head, terribly afraid of what she would say next.

"That's all I wanted to know," she said, turning back to the stove.  She pursed her lips a little, but that's the only reaction I could detect.

The next few moments of silence were almost more than I could bear.  "Are you mad?"

"Mad?  No, don't be silly, Grey.  A little disappointed, maybe.  But..."  She paused and drew a deep breath.  "A mother knows these things.  And I want to know what's going on in your life.  I noticed the way you looked at Jordan.  Is he your...lover?" she asked with some difficulty.

"No, he's not.  We're getting to know each other.  But yeah, I like him.  God, it feels weird to say that to you.  Are you going to tell Dad?"

"Do you want me to?"

"No!  I mean, I wish I didn't ever have to tell him.  But it should be me who tells him instead of you."

She nodded.  "I agree."

"So you're okay with it overall?  You don't mind if Jordan spends the night with me?"

"I love you no matter what.  And honestly, I'm glad I don't have to worry about you getting a young girl pregnant.  Jordan seems like a nice young man."

"I'm hoping it works out between us.  Except that means I have to tell Dad soon," I groaned.

Nicholas walked in, and the conversation stopped.  He leaned up to my ear and whispered to me, then left the room again.  I chuckled.

"And what was that about?" Mom raised a brow.

"Well, they didn't know how to say it, so they wanted me to tell you.  He says you assigned a bedroom to Landon, one to Noah and Nicholas, and the last to me."

"Yes.  Is there something wrong?  They could've told me if there was something wrong."

"It's not like that.  It's just...  Well..."  I hesitated.  Could I tell her about Noah and Landon now that I'd told her about me?  I just didn't know.  What if it was too much for her?

"Grey?  You better tell me."

I sighed.  "Okay.  It's...  Geez, this is weird.  Okay.  Noah and Landon prefer to share a room with each other."

"Oh?"  Another raised brow.

"Mmhmm.  See, they're each other's boyfriend."

"Oh good heavens," she blurted.

"After I'd had the boys a while, I told them about me.  And Noah confessed then that he was gay, too.  Then he met Landon at the pool, and he just sorta became part of our family.  And then those two got romantically involved.  I didn't really know what to do about it.  I talked to them both about relationships and sex, at least as much as I knew.  I gave them condoms to use and told them they could only have sex at my place, where they could have privacy.  Anyway, they want to share a room, and Nicholas prefers to sleep with me.  You can still have a guest bedroom.  Except when Jordan sleeps over, of course."

Mom was obviously doing her best to take it all in but having some difficulty.  "I'm sorry," I added.  "I know this is a lot of info at once."

"It's quite all right.  I'm old enough to have seen a thing or two.  It's just that they're so young!  They haven't even experienced life yet."

"One of Landon's former foster fathers used to molest him.  He's experienced more than he should have.  I suggested to Noah maybe he might start liking girls later, but he says he won't.  And he and Landon really do adore each other.  For kids, they seem to have a somewhat healthy relationship."

"What about Nicholas?  Does he have any interest in...that sort of thing?"

"He doesn't have any interest in boys or girls, as far as I know.  Not yet, anyway.  Since he never really had a dad, he pretty much stays glued to me.  I'm hoping he stays innocent for a long while longer."

"Get started on the potatoes.  The meatloaf won't be much longer.  I'll start on the vegetables."

"I'll talk to Dad soon.  Maybe tomorrow."

"The sooner the better.  He may not pick up on things like I do, but he'll eventually notice if Jordan stays around a while."

I actually felt relieved after that conversation.  It didn't help me look forward to the conversation with Dad any, but it was nonetheless a weight off my shoulders.  When we went to Wal-Mart for clothes after dinner, I shared with Jordan what had happened.

"Wow!  That's great!" he said.  "I must have made a good impression."

"Yeah, well, I hope the same is true for my Dad.  That won't be an easy one."

"It'll be great.  You'll see."  And he kissed me on the cheek right there in the socks and underwear section.

"We're gonna get beat up if you keep doing that in this town!"

"I don't think that's a good reason not to show a little affection."

"I do!  I don't relish getting my face smashed."

"Then let's move to New England or someplace where haters don't live."

"How about you finish high school first?"

All of us, except Jordan and Mom, came away from Wal-Mart with at least a week's worth of outfits each.  I was blown away by the grand total!  But Dad was making more money now.  And the cost of living here was so much lower than where we were in Central Texas.  It's the only reason we lived in a decent house.

Now all I needed was a car.  Well, and my own place to live again.  But I didn't see that happening for a while.  At any rate, we were all happy with our clothes.  And we all thanked Mom with a hug.

On the way home in Mom's minivan, I garnered the boys' attention.  I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss what had taken place earlier between Mom and me.  "The living situation has been changed, per your requests.  Landon and Noah, you guys will share a room.  Also, Mom and I talked about the relationship between you two.  She also knows about me.  And she just bought you a bunch of stuff, so she obviously still likes you.  But the rule still stands.  Don't be inappropriate in front of her.  You don't have to pretend, but be respectful.  Okay?"

They agreed and were much relieved about the bedroom situation.  They also seemed excited about Mom being let in on their secret.  As soon as I said all that, they immediately began holding hands.  "Nicholas?  You're rooming with me.  But not tonight, okay?  Jordan's spending the night."  Nicholas brightened, then deflated when I mentioned Jordan staying over.  He merely nodded with a frown on his face.

Jordan, who was seated on the opposite side of me from Nicholas, leaned over me and whispered to the young one.  "I won't stay over if you ask me not to."

Nicholas automatically looked guilty for the way he was feeling.  "Can't I sleep in the same bed as y'all?" he whispered back.  "I don't take up that much room."

"Well yeah, except I was hoping to make out with Grey and maybe even more.  We'd kinda have to be alone to do that."  Nicholas looked defeated and turned to watch out the window.  "But we don't have to.  The three of us can just watch TV and sleep, and that's all.  If you really need to sleep in there, I understand."

Nicholas faced us again, and he looked straight up at me, as if looking for confirmation.  "I'm with him," I said.  "If you don't mind if he stays over but want to sleep with us, we'll postpone the steamy stuff for another time."

Mom pulled into the driveway, and Nicholas never answered.  We all climbed out and gathered our treasures.  "Thanks, Mom.  This meant a lot to us.  You really made this a special night for us."

"Yeah Mrs. Taylor," Landon added.  "It wouldn't have been as fun without you."

Mom obviously reveled in the praise, but tried to act like it was nothing.  "You boys are sweet.  I'm glad you had fun."  She raised her head and peered down her nose at Landon, either thinking something over or about to reprimand him.  I wasn't sure which.  "Landon, maybe you should find something else to call me besides Mrs. Taylor.  If you're going to be an official part of the family, Mrs. Taylor just won't do."  She peered at the other two, who seemed to be hoping to be addressed as well.  They weren't disappointed.  "The same goes for you boys.  Official or not, you are a part of the family."

"Sweet!" Landon replied.  "What can we call you?"

Mom thought for a moment, while we merely stood there at the back of her minivan.  "How does 'Gram' sound?"

"Cool!" they all chorused.

"And we'll think of something for Mr. Taylor, too."

Mr. Taylor was already in bed when we came in.  He awoke early for work on the weekdays and kept the same schedule on the weekends.  Personally I thought 10:00 was plenty early for me to start work.

Noah and Landon disappeared pretty quickly, once specific rooms had been claimed.  The rest of us convened in my and Nicholas's new room.  I assumed Nicholas was going to sleep with us, since he hadn't said differently.  I was a little disappointed, I had to admit.  But only because I was horny.  It wasn't entirely a bad thing to wait on the sex, and Nicholas would make us do just that.

After our clothes were all put away, Nicholas cleared his throat.  "I'll sleep in the other room tonight.  I was being selfish.  You guys should have a night together."

He looked miserable, but resolute.  I approached him and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.  "It's okay if you want to stay.  You're allowed to be selfish right now.  Especially since Jordan and I aren't even officially together."

"Totally, man," Jordan broke in.  "We should wait until you're really ready for this.  My hand won't mind being used a little bit more tonight."

Nicholas giggled and blushed.  "I'm kinda scared to sleep alone.  Does that make me a pussy?"

"God, no," said Jordan, before I could respond.  "I used to be scared, too.  I'm not scared anymore, but I still don't like to sleep alone.  If I were you, I wouldn't do it until I was sure I wouldn't be awake and miserable all night."

Nicholas smiled warmly.  "I like you, Jordan.  I approve if you want to be Grey's boyfriend.  You won't hate me if I sleep with you guys tonight?"

"Nope, not at all.  Like anyone could hate you anyway."

So that was that.  We each took our turn in the guest bathroom.  I didn't know if Jordan jerked off or not, but I decided not to.  I got the idea of saving it until we could fool around.  I wasn't sure how long I could last, but I was giving it a try.  I returned to the room and stripped to my briefs, while Nicholas did the same and Jordan showcased his silk boxers again.  This time I got to see his backside, and it completely matched what I had imagined.  I had to crawl under the covers quickly before my arousal was evident.

After watching television for a while, my arousal dissipated.  Nicholas snuggled up to me, and Jordan and I held hands above the covers and played footsie underneath.  It was all very sweet.  When we were ready to sleep, I spooned Nicholas as I often did, and Jordan spooned me.  Adding him to the equation changed the dynamics, but it was very comfortable.  More than comfortable.  It felt perfect.

Perfect, that is, until morning.  As I drifted into consciousness, I became aware of my erection.  I was still spooning Nicholas, so I turned over to face away from him.  Consequently, I ended up in Jordan's arms.  He stirred because of my movements and snuggled closer to me.  That brought me even further into consciousness, and suddenly my heart was racing.  I don't think Jordan was quite awake yet, but I began to caress his body.  And I thought maybe I could wake him up with a kiss.  I began lightly at first, until he stirred a little more and started to respond.  We both had morning breath, but I personally didn't care.

Soon Jordan opened his eyes and pulled his head back.  "Morning," he whispered.

"Morning," I whispered back.  The last thing I wanted to do was to wake Nicholas just then.  "Did you jerk off last night?"

"No.  Did you?"

"No.  I wanted to wait for our next chance together."

"Me too," he smiled and snaked a hand to my package, fondling me over my briefs.  It took everything in me not to moan aloud.  My hand joined the party too and explored his silk package.  "You think we can be quiet enough to sixty-nine?" he asked boldly.

"Oh god.  I'd do anything for that right now."

With a grin he broke contact from my body and slithered under the covers, while I slid farther down at the same time.  Soon I had his crotch in my face, both of us on our sides, and greedily I pulled those boxers down over his thighs.  Then I lifted my hips so he could take down my briefs.

I didn't waste any time.  I took the gift that was presented to me and started licking it.  Jordan actually started sucking right away, and I nearly came undone.  Ordinarily I can go a real long time before coming, but I knew it wouldn't be long this time.  I was way too worked up, and it had been so long since I'd felt something this good.  So I started sucking him fiercely.  It wasn't like we had a lot of time anyway.  Nicholas could wake up at any moment.

We both found ourselves breathing heavy and thrusting lightly into each other's mouths.  My balls were boiling; they were going to erupt with a vengeance, I was afraid.  When I felt that familiar sensation of lava coming upward, I took my mouth off his cock just for a second.  "About to come," I whispered and continued sucking.  He continued sucking too, despite my warning.  And I don't know about anyone else, but to me being swallowed is one of the most intense sensations there is.  I moaned and grunted as I spilled into his mouth; I couldn't help it.  And Jordan took every last bit I had to offer.

Not thirty seconds after I orgasmed, then Jordan was tapping me to warn me of his.  Not to be outdone, I swallowed even more of his cock, and he erupted down my throat.  And sure enough, whimpers and moans could be heard under the covers as well.  The both of us kept sucking until we were completely soft.  Then he promptly turned back around and started making out with me.  I kicked off my briefs and rolled on top of him.  I relished our naked bodies clinging to one another.  And in those moments, I knew I wanted him for my boyfriend.  Him and no one else.  It could've been the sex making up my mind, but I didn't think so.  I genuinely liked him and everything about him.

While we were still making out, Nicholas finally stirred and rolled over.  He felt for me but found my previous spot empty.  "Grey?" he mumbled, opening one eye to search for me.

"I'm here, buddy."

Nicholas sat up and assessed the situation sleepily.  "Are you two fucking?"

Jordan and I giggled.  "No, hon, we're just making out."

"Aww, you call him 'hon'?" Jordan teased.

"I call him lots of things.  He's my special one."

"But not special ed," Nicholas added, and we laughed.  "I gotta go to the bathroom.  Don't go anywhere before I get back."  He threw the covers back and stumbled to his feet.  His briefs, I noticed, were tented with his little erection, though I swore he was getting bigger every day.

"Hey, Nicky?  Make sure my parents aren't out there before you go parading down the hall.  I don't think they wanna see that."

He looked down at himself but didn't seem bothered by it.  He cracked the door and peered out, then disappeared in a hurry.

"He's a character," Jordan noted.

"Yeah," I sighed.  "I love him to bits."

"I love you to bits."

I stared down into his eyes, not knowing how to respond.

"That was too serious, wasn't it?" he frowned.

"I dunno.  Honestly, I'm not an expert in relationships.  I do know I want you to be my boyfriend.  Exclusively.  Will you?"

His smile lit up the entire room.  "You bet!"  With nothing more to say, we went back to making out.