Grounded in Air


Gee Whillickers

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** 5 **

Monday morning Donny arrived at school in a better mood than, well, ever at this school. His smiling face and relaxed demeanor must have had an immediate effect of the other kids around him, even the teachers, because he received more nods, more hellos, and more smiles than he could remember receiving before. Ray spied him in the hallway and said hello. Ray told him that he was looking forward to him coming to the barbeque and meeting everyone. News seems to travel fast in that group. He also smirked and waggled his eyebrows while asking, in a much quieter voice and referring to Fred, "so how was he?" much to Donny's embarrassment. Donny knew there was nothing to tell, but he just smirked back and told him it was none of his business, which made Ray laugh. He sat down at his desk and pulled out his math book, smiling to himself.

"Hi Donny." Rick sat down in the desk beside him and smiled.

For probably the first time with Ricky, Donny met his eyes firmly, smiled back, and said more than a two word response. "Oh, hey Rick. How're ya doing? Have a good weekend?"

It wasn't much, but it was a lot more than before.

Rick answered with a smile, obviously pleased that he was finally getting a response from Donny. "Yup. I saw that new horror movie. My older brother snuck me in, he works at the theater, mom thought I was seeing the Disney movie. It was awesome! Especially the scene where the guy's arm gets ripped right off and you can see, like, bones and tendons hanging out and everything!"

"Wow, sounds awesome. That was cool of your brother to do that," said Donny.

"Yup. Every now and then he's kinda nice to me. He even bought me popcorn. So what'd you do on the weekend?"

"I had a race on Saturday then I went to a steakhouse with Fred. I mean Mr. Dorian. It was fun."

"A race? What kind of race? And do ya mean Mr. Dorian from here, from our school?" Rick looked surprised at this sudden information.

Donny realized with a funny feeling in the bottom of his stomach that Ricky, not to mention pretty much everybody else, didn't know anything about him. That was something he could change. He explained his motocross racing to a fascinated Rick, then explained how Ray had introduced him to Mr. Dorian, leaving out most of the details.

"Oh man, that's so cool! I gotta come and watch you race sometime," an envious Rick said.

Donny knew what was happening. He could feel it. Just like with getting to know Fred, part of his brain was screaming "No! It'll hurt too much!" over and over, but Donny firmly pushed that away. He was damned tired of being alone all the time. He was, he knew, for the first time in years, making a real friend.

After school he and Rick were walking to Donny's place. Donny didn't even really remember it happening, but somehow he had invited Rick over. Donny showed Rick his room and then headed towards the garage.

"C'mon, lemme show you my bike. It's in the garage." With that they entered the garage and Donny opened the big door to let more light in.

"Oh wow. That's yours!? Cool!" Rick said.

"Well don't sound too impressed. It's pretty old and beat up. You should see the bikes some of the kids have."

Donny pulled the bike off its stand and sat astride it. Thumbing the kill switch he pulled out the kickstarter, gave it a bit of gas, pulled in the clutch, and gave the kickstarter a mighty heave with a sneakered foot. The bike roared to life. Rick looked like he was going to pass out from excitement.

"Oh wow! Oh man, can we ride it?!" Rick asked, yelling over the noise of the engine.

"No way Ricky, not here. It's not street legal, and I'm not old enough. Track or official dirt riding areas only. Sorry. There's no way I'm gonna take a chance and do something stupid by riding it here."

Rick looked disappointed, but understanding. "Ok, but it's so cool. I've never ridden a motorcycle before."

Donny turned off the bike. "You know, there are beginner classes at the track. They have a whole course and everything, using the track's bikes, so kids can find out if they like it. I don't think it's real expensive. You should get your parents to take you there. That's how I started."

"Really? I'm going to do that."

Closing the garage the boys went into the house and spent an enjoyable hour killing carnivorous alien zombies with plasma rifles and chainsaws.

"You want a snack or something?" asked Donny, turning off the console.

"Sure. So, like, where's your parents?"

"My mom's working two jobs, it's like I hardly ever see her anymore. My dad's dead."

"Oh." Rick paused uncomfortably. "Um, sorry about your dad." Another pause. "So, you get the house to yourself all the time?"

"Yeah, but it's not as cool as it sounds. Actually it mostly sucks." Donny's expression soured. "It's lonely."

Donny felt his emotions rise yet again and fought them down harshly. He didn't want to look like some kind of pansy in front of Rick.

Rick didn't seem concerned. He looked at Donny's face and just answered, "I'll bet. Well, maybe I can come over sometimes and make it less lonely."

Donny blinked. Rick seemed sincere. It was the best offer he'd heard in an awfully long time. He just smiled as best he could. "Thanks. That'd be cool."

* * *

"Why are you so quiet?" asked Fred.

"I'm nervous," answered Donny. He looked out of the passenger window if Fred's car, watching the buildings and trees go by as they headed to Patrick's barbeque. "I'm just not used to being in groups of people."

"Ok, that's no problem. They're all the most easygoing group of people I've ever known though, for what it's worth. Don't feel like you have to put on a performance or anything. No expectations."

Donny sighed. "Ok, but promise me we'll leave if I'm feeling all weirded out."

"You got it kiddo."

It was just about the oddest experience Donny had ever had. These people, all these odd, interesting, weird people. They talked about everything. About anything. With a blush Donny remembered that they really did talk about anything. He had tried to hang back and figure things out for a while, but Ray and Dennis had pulled him into a game with Fred, Patrick and Dennis' dad. It wasn't long before he was having too much fun to be shy. Still, he thought he was going to fall over dead when he saw Ray run up to Patrick and kiss him, hard, for a long time, on the lips. Right in the middle of the party where anyone could see! He was sure their mouths were even open. Strangely, nobody seemed to really even notice or care at all! He saw Fred looking at him after that, half amused, half concerned. Donny just smirked at Fred, laughed and shook his head in astonishment before returning to the game. Fred smiled in relief. Donny found himself liking these strange people more and more. Maybe he should try and actually relax and be himself for a change. Maybe it might be worth it.

Another thing he noticed at the barbeque. For some reason he found himself feeling, well, hornier than he ever remembered. No, not for some reason. It was from watching Ray and Patrick and Dennis and all their subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, looks, comments, and groping hands. Not to mention hearing all the conversations around him.

Afterwards, Fred and Donny had just left the barbeque and were driving back to Donny's place.

"My mom's working you know. For another four hours. The house is empty." Donny wondered if Fred would take the hint, or if he would have to be more direct.

"So what are you going to do when you get home?" answered Fred, his voice sounding bored.

Donny pouted, angry that Fred didn't figure out what he was getting at, until his saw Fred's teasing smile.

"Well, I thought you could come in and maybe we could, um..." Oh god. Thinking it and hinting at it was way, way easier than saying it.

"Could-um? What's could-um? Is that like making pasta or something Donny?" teased Fred.

"Could, um...could, um....dammit Fred! You know what I'm getting at!" he laughed and slapped Fred's thigh with his open hand.

Fred laughed. "Well, I think so. But if you can't even tell me, maybe I'm wrong. So I'd better be on the safe side and assume you mean watch TV. Ok, sounds good, I think a rerun of Gilligan's Island is on."

Donny turned to Fred. He wasn't laughing anymore at all. "No, not TV Fred. Very funny. I want you to come inside so we we can have sex." He blushed so hard he swore his face was going to melt right off his bones. But he kept looking at Fred defiantly.

Fred looked back steadily, his expression soft and serious. It took him a long time to answer. A really really long time. Donny could see him thinking hard. "Well, if that's what you want, then I guess maybe that's what we'd better do." A smile again teased his lips. "Maybe if we're lucky it'll even be more fun than watching Gilligan's Island."

That got Fred another, much harder, slap on his thigh.

"But listen Donny, I think we have a bit of talking to do first." Fred's voice was uncertain now.

Donny just smiled and ignored that. He didn't feel at all uncertain. Not even a little bit.

Donny was out of the car like a shot once they arrived at his place and was unlocking the door even before Fred had his seatbelt off. Once they were both inside Donny took Fred's hand and pulled him upstairs and into his room, and then closed the door behind him. It was at that point that he suddenly felt some of his confidence leave him. Suddenly things felt a bit different, now that they were standing here. In his room. Alone.

Donny hugged Fred hard, and turned up his mouth for a kiss. Fred returned the hug, then began, every so gently, kissing his forehead, his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose, and finally, his mouth.

Donny knew about french kissing. He had experimented with opening his mouth slightly the last couple of times he and Fred kissed, but now he wanted to try it for real. He opened his mouth wider and allowed his tongue to play on the edges of Fred's lips, making it known in no uncertain terms what he wanted. Fred took the hint. Their tongues were soon twisting and rubbing against each other while their lips slid wetly against the other. Donny could feel his heart hammering in his chest and he could feel every nerve in his body vibrate like they were alive, sensitive, especially the ones in and around his very aroused penis.

Fred sat down on Donny's bed, pulling Donny into his lap, facing him. Donny could plainly see the bulge of Fred's erection through his pants and he suspected his own, though much smaller, was just as obvious. Their lips met again for a kiss. Donny's hands found the bottom of Fred's shirt and then slipped underneath, rubbing his warm naked back. Fred stopped the kiss and grabbed hold of the bottom of Donny's shirt at each side and then lifted it up and pulled it off, Donny raising his arms to make the task easier. He could now feel Fred's arms rubbing all over the bare skin of his chest, sides, and back. The warmth, the friction, of his hands and his arms was delicious ecstasy.

Donny returned the favor, undoing the buttons on the front of Fred's shirt. He tried to do this while kissing Fred, but got stuck and found himself giggling into Fred's kiss as he struggled with the third button. He pulled back grinning and paid more attention to his task. Finally he had the pesky shirt out of the way. They came together for a hug again, their smiles showing nothing but love and longing. Oh, the feel of Fred's skin against his own. It didn't compare at all to his fantasies.

They pulled apart again and Donny watched Fred's hands move downwards, towards the button of his tented shorts. Fred's hands reached the button, held it, and stopped. Fred looked into Donny's eyes.

Fred's voice was quiet, gentle, but clear. "Kinda a big step here Donny. There's no going back after this. You're smart. You know the implications, the complications. Is this what you want? What we want?"

Donny looked at away from Fred's warm eyes and down at his hands on his button. His eyes were more impatient, more charged. He had been fantasizing about this moment. He heard his own voice, husky sounding, "Just hurry up and get me naked, willya?"

Fred smiled and nodded in meek compliance. He popped open the button. Things had changed in their short relationship, and they both knew it.

Donny watched as Fred pulled down his zipper, then held the cloth on either side of his shorts and pulled downwards. Donny shifted his weight, lifting his butt off of Fred's lap to allow his shorts to slide down and off. Fred's eyes were fixed on Donny's tented boxer shorts, a glimpse of his hard stalk and a testicle peeping through the slightly parted fly. Fred then repeated his motions with the boxers, pulling them out at the front so as not to catch on Donny's boner. He was naked. He felt wide open. Vulnerable, and yet safe. It was wonderful. It was lovely, and yet somehow a bit scary. He could hear Fred's rapid breathing, see his flushed face. Fred's hands rubbed up and down Donny's thighs, and across his penis.

"God you're incredible. Perfect. Every single part of you is cuter than every other part." Fred's eyes, and his hands, traveled up and down Donny's body as he said this.

Donny felt warm all over, even warmer than before, at these words. He didn't think he was much. He was just him. Fred, on the other hand....Now that was something.

"I want to see you too. Without your clothes," Donny managed to say. His eyes fixed firmly on the bulge of Fred's erection.

Fred didn't answer, just unsnapped his own pants and shifted Donny off of his lap onto the bed beside him. Fred then looked at Donny, asking with his eyes if Donny wanted to do the rest. Donny reached over and pulled at Fred's pants, struggling a bit. Fred shifted around and helped. Both of them together pulled off his pants and boxers at the same time. Donny looked at Fred's hard penis, the short curly pubic hair, the heavy balls underneath, so much larger and lower than his own. His hand reached out, of its own accord, and he felt his fingers grasping the organ. He looked up at Fred's face and smiled.

"He's big. And hot. And real hard."

"Not that big, but hard, yeah, that I'd agree with. You got him that way. Your hand feels incredible Donny."

Donny began pumping up and down. Trying to figure out how to translate the actions he liked to do on his own much smaller penis to this so different one. He could feel Fred's fingers doing the same to his own. It felt so much better than when he did it to himself.

It wasn't more than two minutes before Donny could feel his orgasm coming. His legs straightened and tensed. His hand began pumping Fred harder and faster. It was then, just at that moment, that Fred stopped. Stopped both of them. Donny was breathing rapidly and not really thinking too clearly. He looked up at Fred with questioning eyes.

Fred said, his voice quiet, "I was about to cum. I think you were too. But I wasn't sure if you knew what would happen when an older guy cums. It wasn't fair for me to surprise you with that if you don't know."

"Um, you shoot jizz. You know I can use the internet, right? I know, and I've seen it. Well, on a screen, not in real life."

Fred smiled. "Ok then, you know. But it'll be different than seeing it on the computer. Mainly because how you'll feel after I give you an orgasm. How you'll feel after you give me one. That's the part you don't know. Maybe some complicated feelings. Good feelings hopefully or we'd better not be doing this. But it's just possible that some of them will be maybe not as good. I woudn't be surprised if you feel a bit odd afterwards. A bit uncertain or confused."

"How do you know that?"

Donny's hand was still on Fred's erection. He didn't resume pumping after Fred stopped him, but his fingers couldn't help wandering and rubbing a bit. He felt Fred's hand on his own dick. Not moving, well, barely moving. It still felt better than when he did it to himself, even that light touch. Before this, before when he just thought about this stuff instead of being here and doing it, he didn't know about the feelings on his skin, how it would make him tingle. And the subtle smell. Not a bad smell, he couldn't really even place it. But it was there, and somehow it made him hornier. He didn't know about all the rest of it. When he masturbated, it was mostly about the feelings in his dick. Now, it was still about that, but about the feelings in his heart and his mind too. He wanted to feel good, but it was just as important to make sure Fred felt good too.

Fred smiled. "Let's just say I've been there. Things will be different, just a little bit, after that. A little bit, but a kinda important little bit. Just like you, you'll be a little bit different. Not better, not worse, and not a lot. A little. You know, being here with you, like this, is enough. Sure I'd like to make you cum, and for you to make me cum. But if we just cuddle and kiss, and talk, well, that's wonderful too. Maybe that's enough for now. No rush, believe me."

"Oh sure," Donny answered, half serious and half smiling, "This is like before. You get me all hot and horny and then want to stop and chat. Look, I know I'm not an expert at this, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I want. Before I learned how to ride my motorbike I had no clue how to do it, but I knew I wanted to learn to jump and slide like the other kids. And I knew it wouldn't be perfect, that I'd crash sometimes and maybe be scared sometimes."

Donny didn't wait for an answer. He didn't allow Fred to answer. He just slowly started to resume his motions on Fred's penis, watching intently. Fred looked like he might stop him, but then he didn't, and he soon felt Fred's own hands resume their delicious fondling and rubbing. It didn't take them long, not for either of them. And Fred was right. After Fred helped wipe up the semen off of both of them and they had cuddled and hugged and kissed and talked for a while, Donny knew he was different now, just a little. And he knew he was feeling just a tiny bit...something. He wasn't really sure what it was, and it was just a tiny feeling...but something. More importantly, he knew he was a whole lot in love.