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This story is the beginning of a thought experiment. What does a boy do if a mysterious stalker manages to be waiting everywhere he goes? What happens if he knows every single one of his dirty secrets? What should a boy do when that same man knows exactly what to do to push the proper buttons, making him yearn for more after every meeting?


In such a situation, what can a boy do but succumb?


Part One


Eleven-year-old Keith admired his young reflection in the mirror of the bathroom sink. Although it was in a somewhat dingy neighborhood, the restaurant he was dining in managed to be fairly classy and well-kept, and its fancy restroom walls provided a satisfying backdrop to the blonde-haired child's smooth and adorably boyish face. Keith smiled bashfully at his reflection, and swept a few shaggy locks of hair away from his big green eyes.


Turning the sink on to wash his hands, the young child wondered if it was really worth fretting about his appearance. Although he was normally a very shy boy, Keith had recently been experiencing flashes of innocent vanity ever since the pretty Sarah Turner for whom he had long nursed a soft spot gave him a discreet peck on the cheek on the last day of school.


Just as the boy finished drying his hands, however, a man walked into the bathroom and cast an appraising look towards the small boy.


Keith noticed.


Ever since a visiting cousin had pointed it out to him, he realized that lots of people tended to look at him like... that. Men, women, classmates, and as of late, even Sarah (which was a good thing). But what was odd about this man's gaze was not that it continued even after Keith saw him others before had been quite unashamed as well. What was odd was the subtle and cryptic expression on the man's face.


The stranger's eyes swept across Keith's entire body, as if scanning him head to toe, lingering over the boys pert buttocks before darting to the reflection of the boys crotch in the mirror. Then finally, as if nothing happened, the man looked over at Keith's face in the reflection and their eyes locked briefly through the mirror.


"Don't worry, you look plenty hot," the man said knowingly. "Sarah thinks so too."


Keith's large eyes widened in shock at the sound of that name.


"How do... you know her?" asked the confused boy. He talked to the man's reflection in the mirror, somewhat afraid to turn around. "Who are you?"


"Oh, I know plenty about her," the man said ominously. He slowly advanced towards Keith's body and very lightly touched the boys neck. The boy's fine neck hairs bristled. The man rubbed his finger in a small circle, delighting in the youth's tingles and shivers.


"I know," he said, "that she writes your name in hearts during class. I know that she thinks about you when she touches herself at night, when nobody is watching. I know that you touch yourself at night as well, but more importantly..."


Keith squeaked. The man, now standing behind the boy, wrapped his warm arms around Keith's slim body. Keith's small frame was pressed against the front of the mans body, and warmth of the contact caused a definite stirring in the 11-year-old's shorts.


"- more importantly," the man continued, "I know that girls aren't the only ones you've thought about."


Now grinding his hips into the smaller boys back, the stranger smiled sinisterly at Keith's flushed cheeks and shocked expression.


Keith's face turned even redder, however, when the man started to firmly slide his fingers up and down the length of the erection that was straining in the boys knee-length cargo shorts. The stranger used his other hand to explore the small child's chest. Smiling, he reached through the short-sleeved shirt Keith was wearing and let his fingers focus tortuously on the panting youth's puffy and sensitive nipples.


As the stranger fondled the helpless boy, he could feel Keith's breathing turn increasingly labored. The child's chest was heaving harder and faster in tandem with the expert stimulation on his body. With each passing second, the man could feel the rapid beating of Keith's heart as his hands pinched and tweaked the tender nipples. Slowly, very slowly, the innocent boy was falling under his control.


He could feel it.


There was fearful lust, clouded reasoning, a rush of hormones, and a darker and more secret underlying desire for the simple illicitness of an encounter. The rush of being naughty instead of nice. Mixed with the almost infinite list of smaller factors in play, the man knew it was a deadly combination - a wrecking ball that smashed its way through this young boy's inhibitions against sex.


Sensing no resistance, the sly man slipped his hand down the front of Keith's baggy shorts. He pushed past the squirming youth's tighty-whities and gently grazed the boy's tiny cockhead with the tips of his fingers. With a grin, the man gradually slid the boy's foreskin up and down with each light motion, teasing little Keith to no end before cupping the small dick and balls in his large hand.


"This is familiar, isn't it," whispered the well-dressed stranger. "It's just like in your fantasies."


Keith gently bucked his hips at the warm hand that had stolen its way underneath his shorts. Unable to take his mind off the discreet stimulation of his privates, Keith's mind was slowly clouded by the tingling pleasure that grew stronger and stronger with every second.


"You know what comes next," the expert crooned. "You want to. This is your chance."


The man grasped his youthful beating cocklet for emphasis. The stranger raised the pace of his fondling, and Keith's knees buckled slightly with a moan.


"I've already locked the door. Nobody will ever know what happens here except you and me."


The man's words and teasing touches struck a chord in the boy. Keith was like many young children; his head was a mess of fetishes and fantasies that were never expected to come true. Part of him hoped that this was just still another one of them.


"This is your chance," whispered the manipulative stalker. "You want this to happen."


The man turned Keith's small body around to face him. Then, grinding his thumbs into the grade schooler's sensitive nipples, the stranger leaned over and kissed the boy tenderly on the mouth.


The effect was exactly right.


The stranger successfully threw his target's mind into temporary system overload, and a glassy-eyed Keith fell to his knees shaken, blushing, and awfully horny.


Somehow, this man seemed to know Keith's most secret thoughts private fantasies that the young boy would look to when he would, in moments of privacy, innocently explore his slender body. The fantasies though... were not as innocent as his uneducated explorations. And somehow, this man also seemed to know the thoughts that troubled him - and excited him - the most.


Keith shivered. It was deeply humiliating that this stranger knows those secrets, those fantasies. But even worse is that he was offering to make those fantasies all real.


"Just say yes," said the man. He offered little Keith what society so rarely does permission.


"Yess," whispered a red-faced Keith. A dreamy, dazed expression decorated his adorable young features as he caved in to his buried childhood lust.


"How do you want to start," the man asked politely. Keith was sure the man already knew, and simply wanted him to ask for it himself.


"May I... suck you?" the boy asked hesitantly, "... your penis?"


"My cock, you mean."


"Yeah, your... your cock."


The stranger smiled and stood upright. He unzipped his fly to reveal his semi-erection before the kneeling and horribly embarrassed Keith.


The man's cock was hefty, throbbing, and drooling. The head flared enticingly. Keith licked his soft lips in nervous anticipation. The cock in front of him felt like it pulsed thicker and grew longer with each moment he waited.


Almost hoping that this wasn't real, Keith moved his head forward and, very hesitantly, reached his tongue over to lick the precum that leaked from the circumcised tip. The salty fluid lingered on his soft tongue, which he then swirled around the head of the strangers cock. Tasting it. Keith moved his head closer to the man's groin, planting his pink lips over the head of the penis.


The boy quietly suckled for more of the filmy goo, and a few strokes of the shaft delivered globs of precum straight onto his eager tongue. The young Keith pulled away and licked his lips discreetly.


A few more globs, and Keith could no longer deny to himself that he liked it.


"You like the taste," noted the man. "I can tell just from how you're breathing and looking at me."


Keith pushed his blonde bangs away from his eyes and blushed deeply upon hearing this, casting a glance towards the door in the fear that someone would hear them.


Slowly, Keith moved his head toward the drooling cock once again and gently lapped up more precum. Then, perhaps emboldened by the salty taste, the tender student opened his lips wider to let the aching shaft slip into his wet mouth. Moaning softly, Keith worked his tongue along the length of the stranger's penis as about several thick inches of it throbbed behind his lips.


The stranger ran his fingers through the kneeling boy's shaggy blonde hair, drinking in the look of submission in the innocent child's beautiful green eyes. Keith's head bobbed back and forth along the length of the man's veined shaft. The tongue swirled, darted, worked side to side on the man's cock, bringing the unknown man to orgasm.


The stranger's exceptionally large testicles stirred noticeably, pulling upwards as they released their storage of sperm that splashed out from the cock into Keith's waiting mouth. The first spurts caught the adorable Keith by surprise, and the boy was shocked at how hot the man's seed felt on the back of his tongue and coating his throat.


"Mmm, goood job slut," praised the stranger. "Mmm... take... all of it."


More slippery jets erupted from the cock and lined the back of his throat. Keith wrinkled his cute button nose as he shifted himself to accommodate the volleys of thick cream that rushed into his mouth. With a groan, the stranger pushed Keith's young head further down onto his spurting cock.


As the child's smooth cheeks widened from the load still being dumped inside his mouth, Keith pulled his head back so that only the head of the man's cock was still behind his lips. He needed to make room for more cum.


The boy's hand continued to milk the remainder of the shaft for more, and Keith was hardly disappointed somehow, this man just kept on going.


There soon wasn't enough room in the boy's mouth for the now-thrusting cock and its gifts. Cum began to leak from Keith's stuffed mouth, and the child was forced to prematurely swallow half of the very, very warm mouthful in order to make room for more.


By the time the victorious cock finally stopped spitting cum past Keith's pink lips, the boy's mouth was full once again. Keith took his small hand off of the long rod and stopped stroking, letting the head of the man's cock slip out from his soft mouth. What remained was a literal mouthful of thick, steamy cum that sloshed inside Keith's innocent mouth.


"Dont swallow," whispered the stranger. "Enjoy it."


The man knew, of course, the way that Keiths head worked. He knew that the flavor of his seed, swimming furiously in Keiths mouth, was slowly making an imprint in the boys mind, shaping the innocent youths lusts and desires. With each passing moment, Keith grew slowly more and more addicted to cum; hooked to the tang of a grown man's sperm on his prepubescent tongue, the smooth, buttery texture plastering his gums. Keith's sweet mouth was pulsing with fertile life, waiting to be swallowed and infused with his body.


Little Keith slowly swirled the thick, hot contents of his mouth in the same manner that he had once been taught to swirl wine. And much like wine, the flavor was quite intoxicating to the small angelic boy. His entire body was heating up with arousal. A man's cum was inside his mouth... the thought was crazy. A small trickle of sperm leaked from the end of his lips.




Keith moaned to himself. He was a sensitive boy, now lost in his own fantasy world. The child's senses were overcome by the load in his mouth, which did not escape the strangers attention. So, the man gingerly placed his index finger over the boys moist lips and said, "Now swallow."


And so the boy swallowed. There were two long, slow gulps that resounded through the room. Keith's body trembled slightly, reacting strongly after having consumed the most sacred fluid that a man has to offer, the hot cream sliding its way down his throat. Keith let out a shy giggle when the man reached his hand under his shirt and rubbed his smooth young belly, which was now satisfyingly occupied by a fresh load of his thick, hot cum.


Waving his still-erect cock, the stranger smiled as Keith's attention fell on the remaining sperm that continued to leak gradually out of the long shaft. His shame dulled by a strange sense of detachment, Keith planted his lips over the veined penis and greedily sucked out the lingering nectar. For a while, the boy simply stayed still and continued to lick the seeping fluids as they dripped out from the opening and into his waiting mouth. He suckled it like a baby's bottle, waiting for nourishment.


When he was satisfied that there was no more cum remaining in the man's cock, Keith fluttered his long blonde eyelashes as he licked the creamy sperm still coating his teeth, relishing the sensation as the lingering goo slipped its way into his tummy.


The man was satisfied; this innocent elementary school student named Keith had been irreversibly hooked on the flavor of cum, and was now a confirmed cocksucker for life. He would swallow every penis laid out before him, and there would be little the boy could do about it besides ask for more.


So, the man tucked away his penis and made his way towards the door when Keith asked,


"Who... who are you?"


The stranger smiled.


"Just think of me as a guardian angel. See you later."


And with a wink, he exited the bathroom, leaving a horny and simmering young Keith kneeling on the tiled floor with a belly full of sperm and a straining erection that pushed out against his shorts.





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