Hair Salon Boys
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. While certain characters are based upon real life persons, the events depicted here are purely fictional. Names may have been changed or rearranged at the authors discretion and no animals were harmed in the making of this This story may depict sexual acts between minor boys and adults and if reading such is offensive to you, or illegal where you reside, or you are not of legal age, please leave now. To all other: enjoy. Feedback is welcomed and all emails will receive a prompt reply.
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Hair Salon Boys
by: Kewl Dad

It was the first week in December and what with working practically every day I needed a hair cut bad. I had a regular place I went to, but they were closed so on the advice of a friend, I decided to try some place new. The place was downtown and I'm not used to driving down there so at first I couldn't find it. By the time I found the place and a place to park it was pushing two o'clock. This was the first Saturday I'd had off in forever and I didn't want to spend all day getting a haircut, but really didn't have much choice. I was at the mercy of the customers and the stylists.

It was really busy that day. There had a been a small snow storm two days before and people were catching up on things so I had to wait a while. There was a boy in the chair nearest to where I sat and being a boy-lover I couldn't help but watch him as he got his haircut. I estimated him to be about 13 or 14 and he was very cute. He had long dark hair that curled up in the back like little kids hair sometimes does and he was actively discussing with the stylist how he wanted it cut. In the mirror I could see him frowning and then smiling and my interest was peaked. He had dark brooding eyes but a smile that would melt any heart and he was talking loud enough that I could overhear.

I learned that he was home schooled and that he had a little brother who might or not be home schooled when he got old enough for school and that he liked video games and baseball. It's amazing what you can learn if you just stay still and listen. I glanced at the mirror again and our eyes met and he smiled shyly and I swear he blushed. Devil that I am I winked and he grinned as if we shared some secret. I was in love with him already and didn't even know his name. That would soon change.

As if on cue mom and the little brother appeared at that instant and I got a glimpse of what the little Adonis must have looked like at that age. Little brother was the spitting image of older brother except for the size difference of course and just as cute and endearing. I was in love all over again. Mom seemed trendy and social and was talking animatedly with the stylist and her son. Occasionally she glanced my way and flashed me a smile and I figured she was either divorced or a flirt. I'm not a bad looking guy, at 35 I still have all my hair and it's the original color and I take care of my body, hitting the gym twice a week and eating fairly healthy but being gay and a BL I didn't date much, at least not women.

I knew if I listened long enough I'd catch names and that happened next as big brother said to little brother, "Dakota, come over here." The little boy bounced over and it was obvious that the two brothers had a good relationship. It was Dakota's turn to reveal his brother's name then, "Okay, Joshua." he said on his way over. Joshua, Josh, Jo, the names simply rolled off my tongue. And Dakota was a cute name for the cute brother.

They exchanged a few words and Dakota ran back to mom and as she bent down he whispered something in her ear and she straightened up and nodded. A moment later she went toward the front of the salon and Dakota was left alone. With mom out of sight he turned his attention to the other customers and when he spotted me he smiled shyly twisting and fidgeting like little kids do and I noticed he had dimples as he smiled at me. His hair was lighter than Josh's but his eyes were the same color and the resemblance was undeniable. My heart lept as he started toward where I sat.

"Hi," he said shyly as he bounced over tipping from foot to foot and twisting as before, "I know your name," he said giggling.

"You do?" I asked in my kid friendly voice that kid's warm up to. I was surprised at his boldness and his claim. The stylist chose that moment to swing the chair around and Josh looked at his little brother with amusement. Apparently this was Dakota's opening line for anyone new he met.

"What is it?" I asked calling his bluff.

He smiled and the dimples reappeared, "I don't know, but I know what letter it begins with," he said with amusement.

"What letter is that?"

"I don't know," he admitted then laughed, "Can you give me a hint?"

"It begins with an R," I said wondering if the kid could even spell. He didn't look older than 5 or 6.

He surprised me by saying,"Roger?"

"Close," I admitted, at least he had chosen an R name.


"Nope, closer though." I said enjoying his attention and the game.

He squinted his eyes with a blank look on his face and said, "Come on, tell me."

"Robert," I said laughing, "you were really close though. You're a smart little guy. How old are you anyway?"

"Six. Bet ya don't know my name," he giggled.

"Bet I do." I said grinning, "I bet it's the name of a state." I said as his mouth fell open in disbelief, "One that has a north and a south in front of it."

He laughed and covered his mouth with his hand then said, "How did you know that? Are you magic?"

"Naw, I can't lie Dakota, I overheard your brother Joshua say your name."

He laughed, "You know my brother's name too."

"Yep, is he a good big brother?" I asked mesmerized by this little bundle of boy joy.

"Yep, we are like best friends," he said smiling and showing those adorable dimples again. 

Across from us Joshua was listening raptly and as our eyes met in the mirror he smiled and winked. I was liking these two boys more by the minute. The were just so cool. It was a little sad to think that our interaction would soon be over and I would never see the two again.

Mom still hadn't returned by the time Josh was out of the chair and then it was Dakota's turn to get his hair cut. The stylist helped him get up in the chair and Joshua explained how Dakota wanted this hair. The stylist nodded and began and Joshua looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back boldly. Why was it that boys always recognized my interest in them and seemed to welcome it? I had never had a boy refuse my friendship and if it came to it, my advances.

I had stopped at 7-11 on the way to the salon and purchased a Big Gulp and my bladder chose that moment to begin protesting. I wasn't familiar with the place but I had seen a couple of people go toward the back and assumed there was a bathroom there, but I decided to ask just to make sure. The stylist pointed toward the back and I was off. 

As I passed Joshua I noticed he seemed interested in my sudden departure and the look on his face was one I was familiar with, one of indecision. Apparently he got over it, because I hadn't been in the bathroom more than a minute when the door pushed open and the young Adonis appeared looking flushed and grinning like the cat in Alice and Wonderland.

"Hi," he said in a voice so cute and sexy that I would have given him anything he asked for at that moment, my cash, my car, the deed to my house.

"Hi Joshua, or is it Josh?" 

"My friends call me Josh, you can call me Josh," he said blushing deeper as he moved up to the next urinal. 

My God, was it possible I might actually get to sneak a peak at Josh's goodies. I was swooning and afraid I might pass out but I had to keep up my end of the conversation, "I'm Robert, but you can call me Rob, all my friends do."

"I know,"he said, "I mean I heard my brother talking to ya, he always does that to people. Pretends to know their name so he can find it out." he had unzipped his jean and was digging for his penis as he spoke. He was slender but not skinny but the penis I glimpsed as I snuck a peek was fat and long for a kid his apparent age.

I was actually done peeing and just stood there shaking off the last few drops as he began. Suddenly to my surprise he looked boldly over at my penis then up at me an smiled. If that wasn't an invitation for more, I'm not a card carrying boy lover.

"Nice," I said boldly checking him out now that he'd made the first move.

"Thanks, for 13 I'm pretty big. All the guys I know say that," he said blushing again.

"Yes, you are. When I was 13, I'd just reached puberty and was nowhere near that big. Have you measured it?"

"Uh huh, it's 5 inches," he said proudly, "then whispered, when it's hard."

I laughed and he smiled, "I'm not much bigger, only 6," I confessed. It was one thing I had in common with a lot of boys, size wise I mean.

"It's nice though, I like the skin," he said boldly staring at my rapidly growing uncut cock.

"It's handy for choking the chicken," I teased, "Do you do that? Dumb question," I quickly added giving him the out he needed if he was shy at confessing, "All boys do it, of course you do. I bet a little stud like you does it twice a day."

He grinned, "One time I did it four times in one night."

"I knew it," said giving him a gentle shove with my free, non-penis holding hand.

"You mean you do it too?" he asked suddenly realizing what I had said earlier.

"Oh, yeah... a lot. I got no one else to do it for me," I said suggestively.

"I....I shouldn't say, but,"he began and I knew this was gonna be good, "Me and my little brother do stuff."

God, I knew it. They were so close and so cute together and it was only natural that they should go that route.

"Cool, I wish I'd had a brother to do stuff with, but I did have some cousins and we did a lot of stuff."

"Like what?" he asked still holding his penis even though he had dried up quite some time ago.

"Like touching each other and well...eventually we sucked each other."

He grinned really big, "Yeah, me and Dakota do that stuff, it's fun aint it?"

"The most fun two guys can have," I said truthfully.

He looked toward the door and I knew what he was thinking.

"Wanna go back there?" I asked taking a chance and motioning toward the back stall.

He nodded and smiled excitedly and I knew it was all good. We didn't bother to zip up though we did stuff our junk back in the fly but as soon as we got to the stall and the door was latched we pulled them back out again.

"Can I...touch it?" I asked as nervous as my first time. I wasn't worried in the least about getting caught or him telling on me, we already had each other pegged. He knew I was a boy-lover and I knew he was a boy who needed loving.

He nodded and thrust his slender hips forward causing his now hard 5" to jut out obscenely. I didn't waste a moment. I reached over and gave it a gently squeeze. It felt hot and spongy and I could smell his delicious boy aroma and I was swooning.

Without asking permission he boldly reached over and began exploring my slightly larger cock and he smiled as he shook with excitement.

So, our relationship thus established, I now took control. Moving away from him causing him to frown at loosing contact with my cock, I sat down quickly on the toilet seat and grasping him by his slender hips, I gently pulled him to me. He knew immediately what I had in mind and he sighed gently shaking with anticipation.

I looked up and studied his face and gazed into his eyes and he smiled giving me the go ahead. I unbuttoned his jeans to give myself better access and tugged them down. He wore tighty whities, a real turn on for me, and I gently lowered them to reveal an almost smooth pubic area. There were a few hairs just above his gorgeous perfect cock but his balls were hairless and big for a boy his age. They had dropped and he had that type of scrotum that looks like it holds only one big nut rather than two. Again a big turn on for me.

I reached behind him and felt his warm smooth ass and pulled him against me. I inhaled his aroma and felt drunk with desire. I could wait no longer. I licked the end of his penis and he gasped with pleasure and took a deep breath. A soft "Oh" sound escaped his lips and that was all the encouragement I needed. 

Leaning forward I inhaled his boyhood and he grasped my head to steady himself and gave himself over to me. I devoured his cock as if it were food to a starving man. I felt up his balls and his ass as I sucked and licked until he was breathing so hard I thought he might hyperventilate. He was trembling and his legs seemed in danger of collapsing but I was prepared to support him should it be necessary. I knew how intense a boy's first real sex could be and I wanted it to be memorable for this special boy.

I grew bolder and wetting a finger I felt for his pucker. He tensed a little then relaxed but I didn't penetrate him, instead running my slick finger over his tight little hole causing him to tremble even more. I knew he was close when he began to thrust against my mouth and I let him take control. He seemed to understand exactly what I wanted and began to fuck my mouth with enthusiasm.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh...ohhhhhh....uhhhhh....ohhhh," he moaned as if he were being vibrated apart. Then with one final thrust he began to orgasm and I was rewarded with the tastiest boy cream I had ever had the pleasure of tasting. It was a little thin, but sweet and salty and plentiful. He continued to thrust slowly until his little balls were drained then he just stood there allowing me to hold him in my mouth until he cooled down. 

I pulled him to me and hugged him, letting his cock slip from my mouth and kissing his flat smooth tummy and pubis then smiling up at him, I said, "Thank you buddy, that was awesome."

He blushed, "Thanks."

"We better get back," I said realizing how long we'd been gone and not wishing to risk causing a problem for either of us.

"You....uh, don't want me to...uh, you you?"

"Buddy, I would love it, but I don't think this is the time or the place and we've been gone too long already. I'm happy just to have made you feel so good. You did feel good didn't you?"

"Boy, did I? It was was awesome, stupendous, ginormous," he said almost laughing, "The best ever."

"Good," I said helping him to clean up and zip up. I put my own stuff away and hugged him once again, "Thanks again buddy, this was fun and you're a really sweet boy. I wish I knew you and could see you again." I said feeling a little sad.

"I'll give ya my number, I got my own cell phone and you can call me." He was so sincere and despite my misgiving his excitement was contagious and I not only took his number, but gave him mine as well. Boy, I was infatuated big time.

I left first and got back just as Dakota was climbing down out of the chair. It was my turn and I hadn't gotten back a moment too soon. Suddenly mom returned in time to pay the stylist just as Joshua appeared from the rear. For one horrible moment I was panicked as I thought about what I had just done and what would happen if Joshua decided to tell on me, but one look at his face and I smiled with relief. I had seen that look before, I had unleashed the sexual beast in this beautiful boy and if I was lucky I would reap the rewards of my actions.

Dakota surprised me by running over and standing by me and in his cute little voice he said, "Bye, Robert. You're nice," then he ran over to Joshua and hugged him and they tussled for a few minutes like brothers do, giggling the whole time and then mom gathered them up with her eyes and they walked past me. The boys were behind her and she couldn't see as Joshua put his outstretched fingers to his ear and mouth pantomiming a phone as he winked. I smiled and Dakota slapped me playfully as he passed as if he knew exactly what was going on and I wondered if he soon would. Would Josh teach his little brother some new stuff tonight courtesy of the stranger at the salon? I laughed to myself as I sat down in the chair and then was shaken back to reality as the stylist spoke.

I wasn't sure if I would ever hear from Joshua again, or ever see him or his cute brother, but I would always have the beautiful memory of our chance encounter at the hair salon. I could still smell his sexy boy odor deep within my nostrils and I felt as if I had a part of him with me even later as I made my way home with a fresh haircut. 

I had only been inside my house a few minutes before the phone rang. I knew who it was even before I dug my phone out of my pocket.

"Hi, it's me," I heard Josh's sweet voice say.

"Hi," I said, and with that a beautiful new relationship was began.

The End

Hope you liked this little story. Of course it's pure fantasy, but the boys who inspired it were no less sweet or beautiful and I enjoyed their company no less than our main character in the story. Some things are best left to the imagination. No one gets hurt that way. As always, feel free to email me at:

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