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I'm not the subject of this story --just the witness to its telling. The subject is a young man named Hank.

The name might conjure up Western-movie-style all-American cowboy type, but this Hank played completely against that type. He is small and very light (about 5'4" 120), with an air of vulnerability about him, hinting at feminine but not nelly. In fact he's a very capable runner, dedicated to 1600 and 3200 meter events, and a fierce competitor when he wants to be.

Above all, Hank is beautiful. Silky light brown hair sets off his very smooth, luminescent skin that older guys call "lickable." His face is young with a hint of girlish, medium-set eyes, and high cheek-bones that suggest some kind of eastern European ancestry. His quiet, infectious laugh and personal intensity set him apart even in a class of college freshmen.

I was leading his Fall-semester "First year seminar" at a small college in Pennsylvania when I first met Hank. As a middle-aging educator struggling to stay in good shape, twenty years a teacher, I've seen a lot of handsome straight boys, pretty gay boys, and a lot of boys who are the walking wounded. So when Hank came along I noticed him --for sure!-- but I didn't go crazy. College students usually barely see their instructors as human beings, much less as sexual beings. Their interests are elsewhere. I'm not unhappy in my love life, and its fine with me that college boys are focused elsewhere.

Something about Hank stuck in my memory, though. One day it hit me: he looked very much like a boy or young man in a porn video I liked. That evening I dredged up the disc and looked at it again --the boy in the video had hair a little lighter and certainly shorter than Hank's. The boy had very little body hair, a nice cock, and a splendid smooth small ass. Two somewhat older-looking boys fucked this boy bareback pretty hard, in a cabin on a bed. But it couldn't be Hank --this video was a year or two old, and Hank was a college freshman. I assumed he was eighteen, but he looked sixteen. And this video had the usual notice that 2257 forms were on file at some address also in Pennsylvania. I knew that the producer and owner of the company (named after a snake) lived up there somewhere. The whole thing didn't add up. But it is a beautiful video, and I had it again. This time I noticed that the Hank-boy had a little 8- or 10-point star tattooed on the small of his back, just above the waistband of his shorts.

That sent me to the porn producer's website, where I located this boy, and damn but what he really didn't look very much like Hank. An older brother, I thought, Gotta be --where's Hank from? The website said that this boy was from New Jersey and was attending college in Maryland, and was 19. Older brother for sure, I thought. Well that's interesting.

The next day I used my instructor's privileges to access some personal information about Hank. He was from New Jersey, but had turned eighteen the day before classes had started. His mother and father lived at different addresses. Had to be an older brother --otherwise Hank would have been fifteen or sixteen when that video was shot. I was amused, tucked this little fact into the back of my mind, and went on with my work.

I became aware of Hank's ability to run because I served on the College's faculty athletic affairs committee and sometimes would turn up at practices. I like to run myself, but never ran with them: too embarrassing. They're all way faster. But I keep an eye on the athletes --both boys and girls-- but also on the coaches and the program, and I don't show up every day. But one warm October day I did show up, and Hank was in the mix. He had been stretching, pretty as ever in his shorts and running shirt. Hank greeted me casually and then bent over in front of me to tie his shoes again before going out for a practice run with the cross-country runners. His shirt hitched up slightly when he crouched, and there in the small of his back was a red-and-orange tattoo of an eight-pointed star.

I blushed and coughed and looked away --nobody noticed what I had noticed. Whew.

Some months later --Spring semester of that year-- circumstances lent a hand. It seems that the porn producer in question had been caught with an under-age boy and charged with various things, and somehow evaded the serious charges on a technicality. A report came out in the local paper. I had been dimly aware of this case, but since it was out of the immediate area, and I didn't know this guy, I thought of course "poor slob got caught with his hand in the cookie jar." I'm used to getting a cup of coffee in the morning at the campus cafe, called the GQ after the quarters of the general who is the namesake of the college --but the students all call it the GQ after the pretty boys in the magazine. Hank and other students would turn up there for coffee as well, and with several other faculty I would pause to chat with some of them.

The morning the report came out in the paper I happened to run into Hank in the GQ, and happened to have a copy of the paper in my case.

I unfolded the paper to the inner page where the article appeared, handed it to Hank, and said quietly, "Here's something I thought you might find interesting."

Hank saw the news photo of the porn producer and scanned the article quickly and handed the paper back to me like it was radioactive. His eyes widened and he glanced into my eyes nervously --"Yeah, thanks -- wow." Obviously it meant more to him than just a story, and obviously he figured out quickly that maybe I knew something about him that most people didn't know. He looked scared. "Hey, no problem," I said, "nothing to worry about, you're OK. Come by my office some time if you want to talk."

"Yeah, OK," he said picking up his book bag. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. I thought, OK shit, I really scared him off. Well, nobody could say anything what I had done, I thought, I'm safe enough, I just fucked up what had been a cordial student-teacher bond.

Hank did come around to my office early that afternoon. He looked troubled, like a boy who's been in trouble, and his hands trembled just a little. I asked him if he wanted the door closed, and he nodded. When I sat back in my "teacher listening" chair, Hank just looked at me and couldn't find words. After a moment, I intervened.

"Look, whatever happened, your secret is safe with me. I'm not going to tell anyone, and I'm not going to take advantage of you," I said. "If you want, we can talk about this, you can trust me." I didn't say to him, and by the way, I would love to fuck you long and hard past the next blue moon. I'm old enough to keep my hands in my pockets --unlike that porn producer. I've had my fun in Prague, but I don't do that stuff where I work.

"Actually, I know that kid," said Hank, meaning the one the pornographer had been caught with, "and I know that guy, too. But I can't stay long --I have practice-- and I don't want to talk here." We agreed that he could come to my place, just a few blocks away from the College, that night after practice.

That's where he started to tell me his story, which took a couple of sessions. That's where he felt most comfortable, and where he looked at the video with me, plus another one I hadn't seen before with him in it. No matter how aroused I felt, really-truly I never touched him then, other than just a peck on the cheek. I'm telling this to other middle-aged gay guys: you don't shit where you eat. If you stop and listen, you can hear stuff you could never make up in your most vivid moments.

I have edited this story slightly for clarity and details, and made sure that it refers to no one by name. Here's Hank's story:

I was in middle school when my parents split up. It wasn't good: Dad took off to south Jersey with some woman he had met, and mom and I had to move out of the house in Chatham into an apartment. I stayed in the same school, but I was always the runt, the small kid, easy to beat up --it taught me to run fast. Money was tight. Sometimes I was teased for being gay, and the worst part of that was that I was pretty sure I was gay, even though I had never done anything about it.

That all changed when I met an older boy at the town pool the summer before ninth grade. I was scared of high school --all the stories of "freshman days," the days on which the older kids pick on the ninth-graders. Sean was real nice to me. One day we went back to his place when his parents were out and he showed me some porn vids his father had, straight stuff. The buff guys with the big cocks really turned me on, and pretty soon we had our shorts on the floor, stroking cocks. Sean reached over to touch mine, and when I looked at him he kissed me full on the lips. His tongue was deep in my mouth --strange but great. I didn't fight it, and pretty soon we were doing everything.

We met every day at the pool, swam for a while, then headed back to my place, 'cause my mother was working. Sean taught me how to suck, he rimmed and fingered me, and then one day he held me down and fucked me. I yelled and squirmed but he's strong and I couldn't get away. After we were done I had to admit I loved it even though I was sore. We kept doing it for a month and by then I was really used to it. It never occurred to me that I could have fucked him.

Late that summer Sean told me that I would have nothing to worry about in high school --he would make sure-- but I would have to do what he said. "I know guys who will want you," he said. I wasn't sure I liked this, but if it meant I wouldn't get beat up, fine. The guys he meant turned out to be some of the biggest jocks in the school, guys he was in good with. Sean worked it out that we could show up at this house just in back of a local mall that was owned by an older guy who didn't seem to mind horny teenagers coming over to use the old beds in his basement. You could park near the mall, and then slip over to this house on a little path through an unlocked gate in a fence. Pretty son five big guys were fucking me pretty often. It was a great arrangement, you could show up, fuck, clean up, and leave. No one said a word or ever lifted a finger at school. Somehow I was off limits. One guy minded when I showed up on the JV track team, but he swore me to silence, and I kept my word. I really liked sucking his cock.

The summer after ninth grade I would show up at this house less, but still maybe once a week. Bill, the older guy, who owned the house, sometimes would watch us suck and fuck, but never joined in. One day in June after the others had left he said to me, "I know a guy who would pay to film you doing this stuff." I was short of money, and it sounded easy enough.

"How much?"

"Coupla hundred, maybe more." I was figuring like twenty, thirty dollars. This sounded real good.

"I got his number here. His name is Brian. You can call him from here, set it up, if you want."

He gave me the number --I didn't recognize it. "Where is this guy?"


So I called him, and sure enough he sounded real interested. Yes, he would be in New Jersey soon, and he knew right where I was. In fact, he had heard about me from his friend. I thought that was a little strange, but didn't really care. We set it up that he'd be there in two days, maybe overnight.

I told Mom a lie that Sean and I were going to go out to Pennsylvania to see his grandparents, who had a place on a lake there. Well, that part of it was true, at least. She said OK.

Two days later I'm over that this house when Brian shows up. He drove a black car with deep-tinted windows. He was dressed nice, medium thin, seemed to look around real carefully. But he treated me real nice. I thought he might want to see me there, but the older guy who owned the house said, "Absolutely not." No, said Brian, we would go to a place out in the Del Water Gap. Another strange thing: he drove his car into this guys garage, and closed the garage door. Then I got into Brian's car, with the dark windows, and he opened up the garage door and drove away. Brian seemed to be looking out for someone following us, but no one saw us. He relaxed as we drove away.

When we got to the place in the Del Water Gap, it was some kind of cottage way way deep in the woods, off the highway and a bunch of little roads. It was a real nice place inside, and Brian had some video equipment set up already. He really relaxed, and changed into shorts and a loose t-shirt while I looked at all the equipment.

He explained what we were gonna do. I would change into a polo shirt and gym shorts, no underwear. He told me to strip, and I did it right away --he was surprised and pleased by that. "That makes this a lot easier," he said. He looked me over, told me to bend over, looked at my ass, my hole, told me to straighten up, looked at my nips, my cock --I got totally hard immediately. He was pleased that he wouldn't even have to trim my pubes, he said, I had so little. He chuckled, and then held up a couple of shirts of different colors. He picked a light blue one, with light grey flannel shorts, told me to calm down, and I changed put them on.

I would sit on the couch, and he would ask me questions, and then eventually I would strip, first the shirt, then the shorts, and jerk off for him. If I wanted, I could pull out my cock through the leg holes, or not, he didn't care. He told me to tell him when I was going to cum, that under no circumstances should I cum without telling him, and that I had to give him time enough to move the camera up. After I came I could eat my cum or not, he said, both are hot. I was already half-hard under my shorts.

"What if I leak precum?"

"That's hot, I can film that. Don't worry, just do what feels good."

Then came the slow part: he had to adjust the lights, and re-adjust the lights, and make sure the two cameras had the right settings. One was mounted on a dolly, the other he held real still, and he had chalk lines on the rug so that he wouldn't get in the way of the mounted camera when he moved around. After a while he seemed set.

He sat in back of the mounted camera, and said, "OK we'll roll from here."

"So today we have Hank, from New Jersey. So Hank, what do you like to do?"

I just talked about running and then he turned the talk to sex. Yes, I liked guys, yes I had sucked cocks and been fucked. I could feel my cock rising and I moved my hand to touch it through the shorts. "You want to take that out?" Brian asked. I took out my cock, and I was totally hard all right away. "So let's see what you have," said Brian, and that was my cue to take off my shirt.

I don't remember everything after that. I really warmed up in the lights, and Brian started to move around quietly with his hand-held. He adjusted the focuses several times. I stroked my cock, played with my nips, turned around and showed my butt to the cameras. I played with my hole and my fingers a little. Then I lay down with one arm cocked up over my head to show my pit. My cum got closer and closer and sorta whimpered and he moved in right away and I shot cum up onto my chest and then relaxed. He smiled and I smiled back at him and then scooped up my cum with my finger and licked it off. "Oh yeah, that's real nice," he said quietly, and then in a few minutes, he said, "Ok, that's a wrap," and he shut off the lights and handed me a towel. I was all sweaty from the lights.

I dried off and walked around the cabin, naked. Brian was fiddling with video equipment, and then said to me, "Hey, look at this." There on a big monitor I was laying on the couch, getting real close, then Bam! came my cum shot.

"You're right on the money," he said, "a real natural at this. You're really good, relaxed on camera. You sure you never did this before?"

"Like when?" I said, "I'm ..."

He interrupted me real quick. "Don't ever tell me how old you are," he said real cross. He breathed deep a minute, and said, "sorry -- I didn't mean to scare you."

I went out to the cabin porch and looked at the woods. There was some kind of creek running a little ways from the porch, I could just see it through the trees. Brian gave me a beer and I sat there feeling really grown up and felt my cheeks get red --I guess the beer. Then I heard him say, "Hank, come in here, honey."

I found him in a bedroom, naked, and he told me to sit on the bed while he took a pill, then he turned around and said, "I want you to suck my cock." I was a little shocked: Brian hadn't said much, but he hadn't said he planned to fuck me. I really didn't think he was all that attractive, but I knew I better just do it. I looked up at him, and he said, "I know you done this alot, just do what I say," and he gently pushed my head down to his cock, which was half hard. I took him into my mouth and he got real hard and really started to push into my mouth. I liked it though, his cock wasn't real big, and his hair felt nice --I had never felt a grown man's body hair before.

He got a little aggressive, and picked me up and set me face-down on the bed, pulled me over to the edge, and told me to get up on my knees and elbows. I felt his cock on my hole, and then he pushed into me pretty fast. I don't know when he lubed up, but he was quick about it, and slid inside easily. Then he fucked me pretty hard and slapped my ass --that was real hot-- and was saying stuff like, "take it bitch, little bitch boi," and stuff I had never heard, and it was pretty hot, I gotta say. Then he came deep inside of me, holding me down on the bed, and pulled out and flopped down beside me.

"Oh, god that was good," he panted, "you're a real nice fuck." I stirred and quick as anything he said, "don't move an inch." I sorta froze.

He wanted to see what it looked like when the cum dripped outta my ass. "Now push it out, a little," he said, "like you're gonna take a shit." I could feel the cum run out, and he said, "oh yeah, that will sell," and then he handed me a towel and told me to clean up and get dressed.

I felt kinda dirty and used and sexy all at once. I wasn't sure I liked it but I gotta say he got me going real hard.

Brian seemed real happy, and gave me three hundred dollars in cash. I was stunned, I had no idea what to do with that much money. He drove me back to Chatham, and let me out by the Mall, I could get a ride home from there. On the way back he talked about several other boys he wanted me to meet, and that if I wanted I could come out to his place in the Poconos and shoot more scenes there. He said that people would really like me, and he asked if he could use my name, Hank. I said sure, why not? He smiled, and said, "take care of yourself, and don't say a word to anybody, not even to Bill," when I got out of his car.

A coupla days later I was feeling really horny and thought about hanging around the mall but when I got over there I felt really overheated and just didn't want to go in. I saw the gate that led back to the house and on a whim I went in. Bill was there, always happy to see, and said, "Man, you look really hot." It was like a hundred degrees outside, and nice and cool in his house. "Honey, you stay here and cool down," he said, "Go ahead and take a shower and you'll feel a lot better."

He had a real big walk-in shower, like several guys could fit in there. After a while I came out but all my clothes smelled sweaty but I didn't care, I had already been naked there a lot. Bill was wearing just an old robe, open at the front --he had a pretty hair chest and kinda saggy stomach and a big cock. I knew he liked to see me naked, so I didn't put on anything. "Hey, you look happier now," he said, and he motioned over to the refrigerator where I could get a Coke or a beer.

"Brian says you're pretty hot," he said. I was kinda shocked.

"He told me not to say anything about it to you," I said.

"Well, let's just say he does favors for old friends. Anyway, your secret is safe here. Did you like it?"

I told him I wasn't really sure but yeah it felt OK, even good. My cock stirred and Bill saw that.

"You worried that you're not gonna do it good enough for him?"

"Yeah," I said, "kinda .... like I don't really know what I'm doing there in front of all those cameras ... I mean, I'm not a ripped jock or anything so why would anybody wanna see me."

Bill chuckled. "Oh, there are guys, believe me, who would wanna see you."

"Tell you what," he went on, "I know some stuff about videos. I can show you some tricks that will help you feel a lot more secure when he has the cameras on."

"Sure," I said, "like what?"

Bill had me stretch way out on the sofa, all fours out, and grab the top of the sofa with my hands. I was like totally open to him, hard and waiting. He threw off the robe and knelt in front of me and started to give me the most amazing blow job, like his mouth was jazz, so smooth. I felt my cum swell up really fast.

"No," he said, stopping and pinching me, "don't cum now --don't you cum, boy, Hold on to it. I'm gonna keep you near the edge. I gotta teach you how to hold your cum and then how to cum when you want to."

So he taught me how to hold my cum, how to signal that I'm gonna cum, and how to make it last as long as possible. He taught me how to keep myself hard if something went wrong and we had to do a scene over, and how to handle my cock so my skin wouldn't chafe. And he really taught me how great my nips are, and how I can really get going just from a good nipple session. And he told me never ever to tell Brian how old I really was, and that I could get in a lot of trouble if cops found out that I was in porn videos underage. I was just turning 15 at the end of that summer.

About a month later, Brian called again, this time to my home telephone. He said he wanted to make another scene, and he wanted me to meet this guy that would be in the scene too. He said I'd like him and that it would take four days and we would work near his house in Pennsylvania, and that he'd pay me a thousand dollars 'cause it would be bareback.

"Is that worth more?" I asked. "Yeah," was all he said.

So I told my mom the same lie about going to Sean's grandparents and actually she seemed relieved that I was getting out of town and out of her hair and going to someplace she figured was safer.

Bill told me that Brian would want me pretty well shaved --I have hardly any hair anyways, but Bill trimmed back my pubic bush and shaved my balls and made sure I was good to go. I only took like my toothbrush and my phone. Brian picked me up in that weird way again and drove out to his place near Scranton real fast, picked up some papers and things, and then headed down to a bus station where he would pick up a guy named Jason. Brian waited in the car until the bus left and Jason was looking around like, "so who's supposed to be here," and then pulled up and opened up a door for him. I leaned out and told him to get in. It was like Brian was afraid to be seen --maybe he was.

He drove us out to a nice place way out in the hills. This house was way set back above the road so nobody could see it. It had a pool nice cabin off to one side. Downstairs was a big room with a couple of sofas and beds and thats where Brian had set up all this video equipment and lights. Jason and I were really impressed --he was going to put us out in the cabin; he would stay alone in the house.

The cabin had only a big double bed and couple of rooms and nice screened porch. We set our stuff out there, and the Brian told us, "OK for the next coupla days I want your clothes off --you can wear those blue nylon running shorts I set out for you and sandals, but that's all, and when you're at the pool be sure to put on plenty of sun screen 'cause I don't want you sunburned."

So Jason and I stripped and compared bodies. He's taller than me, about 5'11" and thin and played soccer and basketball, he told me. He seemed really flexible. He had light brownish hair and was almost totally smooth, just a little silky hair on his legs. He had a long thin cock and nice balls and really nice nips, and was strong enough to pick me up. He really liked my body and I got hard as soon as he touched me. Brian had gone back to the house so we sucked each other for a while and kissed and made out a lot. It was so great just to touch Jason and he made me cum like twice. I found out that hes really a top and that Brian asked him to come down from upstate New York after he sent in a couple of pictures and a video of him shooting baskets. I also found out that Jason was going into 12th grade and wanted to go to college in California or someplace far away.

By the time we got back down to the house it was later afternoon and Brian had finished setting up our first shoot. We also met his assistant for the first time, and guy named Rob who was really cute and a little older and totally naked like us. Rob's job was to help hold one of the cameras and mind us and make sure we didn't wander off and to keep us hard in case there was some kind of delay. I heard him ask Brian, "Aren't you going to test them?" and Brian said "No, not going to bother this time." Rob looked surprised but didn't say anything.

Then Brian had us hold up two papers, some form and a birth certificate. I wondered where he had gotten my birth certificate, and then realized that it wasn't really mine, that he had gotten a fake one someplace. It had my birthday on it (how did he know that?) -- but the year was like minus four, so I would be 18. Like anybody would believe that. He filmed up holding these papers and did close ups on the papers, our faces, and our cocks.

We got down to business. Brian chose shorts and a shirt for each of us and Jason was to walk in holding a pizza box like he was the pizza boy. I signed for it and then smiled at him and he reached out to touch my shoulder. Then we rehearsed how we would take off each others clothes, and blocked out how we would suck each others cocks and then he would turn me over and rim me and fuck me on the sofa. Then we shot the scene. Jason seemed to have a hard time getting really hard enough to penetrate me, so I sucked him really good for a while and Brian really zoomed in on that. We would stop the action every once in a while to adjust lights or camera angle or to move a leg that was in the way or something like that.

In the last part of the scene Jason was supposed to move me down on the sofa and fuck me on my back with my legs up while he kneeled on the floor. His knees got sore so Rob quick put in a little pillow for them. Then Jason got real hard and held back my arms and elbows and really went to town --he shook me and pounded me and we were both moaning and sweating.

I managed to remember my signal when I was real close to shooting. I shot hard with no hands. Brian managed to get it real good with both cameras. Finally Jason said he was real close and he shot deep into my ass and then pulled out slow so that the cum would drip down the floor. Brian got all of that and I could see that he was totally boned underneath his shorts and Rob was stroking just a little and dripping all over with the other camera.

Jason pulled off and stood up and Brian handed him a towel. I was laying there in sweat with cum all over and dripping out my ass when Rob knelt in front of me and pushed into me all of a sudden but he didn't last real long. He pulled out and then Brian fucked me hard, grunting away and clawing at me.

I felt really used but kinda hot too, to be the life of the party. I guess thats being a bottom boy. Then he told us to go wash in out in the pool. It was dark by then, but really warm still outside, and it was hot just to lounge around in the pool with Rob and Jason naked in the dark. I asked Rob if Brian was going to come out, and he said, "No, he really doesn't talk to anybody much."

We were there two more days. Jason and I slept in the same bed in the cabin and I guess Rob slept with Brian in the house. It was real quiet and nobody came around. Brian was messing around with this computer equipment he had and a big monitor. He really liked our scene. He showed us a couple of others he had done up there with other boys. I guess we were going to be in some combined vid or something. We did another scene each day, one out in the pool. That was my favorite, because Rob and Jason double-dicked me in my mouth and hole and then in my hole. Brian really liked it but said he would never use it, that it would be just for his friends. We did another hot one in the cabin.

When we left Rob drove me back in his car because he had to go back in the New York, he said. Brian was as good as his word and gave me a thousand in cash. I had no idea what to do with it and I hid it at home. I knew I couldn't spend it all at once or mom would wonder where I got the money. I still have some of it.

Later on I heard the Brian was in trouble because he had been caught with a boy. I guess he wiggled out it, until you gave me that newspaper. I can't figure out why people seemed surprised --I mean, look at his vids, and tell me that most of the boys aren't underage. Obviously he must have faked the paperwork big time --I'll tell you, that birth certificate of mine looked real. When I got home I got out my real one and it looked just like it, only the birth years had been changed. I don't know how he did that since he never asked me for mine. Bill said that Brian knew these guys in Maryland who could fake anything. I guess they're good, if that's who he meant. But I mean who could possibly look at me and Jason and think that either of us is eighteen. Wink, wink.

Hank was worried for a little while that I would talk to somebody about this, but I never did. He didn't work for Brian again, since he really didn't like him so much. Said he was always polite, but he heard him yelling at Rob really bad once, and Rob was crying. There was always something a little creepy about Brian, he said, like he was always watching out.

A couple of days later Hank came around again and we took a look at the porn producer's web site. Hank really got a laugh --all the information about him was wrong. It was all made up. He recognized about eight boys on the web site that he knew were underage when Brian videoed them, and point out several more than he thought were underage. Hank didn't seem to mind this, but didn't seem proud about it, either.

Mostly Hank wanted to forget he had done this. Later in college he grew a little mustache which looked pretty silly but made it harder to recognize him, if anyone else ever did. Heaven knows I would love to have fucked him, but fucking a student in my college is a major no-no. After he graduated a couple of years ago he came around and we messed around a little bit but just kissed. He was so grateful to me. I hear he's in California now doing some kind of video work, not porn. I hope he's happy.