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I’m still pretty confused about this; Sean having sex with his step-dad just doesn’t seem right. It sounds like me and Mr. Atkinson, except Brendan’s even older than Mr. Atkinson is. I know I wouldn’t want to do what Sean’s doing, but he seems quite happy with the arrangement, so who am I to argue? I close the front door behind me and head towards the newsagents, half of me hoping that Sean won’t show up. As it goes he’s there waiting for me, dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt. He looks so sexy! Well, there’s no bottling out now.

Hi, man,” I say smiling at him. “You okay?”

“Yeah!” he says, grinning back. “Let’s go, then!”

We start on the short walk to Luke’s house. There’s no conversation; I’m very nervous and I’m guessing Sean is too; my heart’s thumping like crazy. Man, this is so exciting! We walk up the drive and ring the bell. Luke answers the door dressed in a tee-shirt and his usual denim shorts. He looks a bit surprised that I’ve got someone with me.

This is Sean,” I say quietly. “You were right; he’s not as innocent as I thought.”

We make our way up to Luke’s bedroom; he’s looking a bit apprehensive, like he’s not sure that Sean is someone he can trust. I’ll have to put him right on that one.

“I need a piss,” Sean announces when we get there.

“Across the landing, second door on the right,” Luke tells him.

“So what’s the score?” Luke asks as soon as he’s disappeared.

“He’s been messing about with Richard, one of the other kids in the gang,” I say quietly. “He likes it up the bum; he wants us both to do him.”

Richard? Is that the tall skinny kid, a bit dopey-looking?”

Yeah, sort of,” I concede. “He’s not dopey at all, really.”

“Wow! So have you, you know … ?”

Yeah, yesterday afternoon, round at Richard’s house. It was way out, man!”

Sean, is he all right?” he asks, sounding a bit unsure.

“Yeah,” I tell him. “Sean’s the best; he won’t breathe a word to anyone, not even Richard.”

Great; I was just a bit worried, you know? But he’s very cute; I really want to fuck him. So has Richard got a big one, then?”

“A bit bigger than mine, he can cum too; not as big as yours though.” I say, smiling at him.

“Nice!” Luke breathes. “Should be pretty tight then!”

Hmmm! Well, I’m not too sure about that. From what Sean told me, Brendan probably fucked him about three hours ago. I’ll just have to hope Luke doesn’t realise.

Bang on cue, Sean re-appears, grinning cheekily. I can’t imagine anyone looking sexier than he does when he grins like that. Now it’s my turn to watch as Sean and Luke get to know each other, carefully stripping off each other’s clothes. Neither of them has much to take off; within about half a minute they’re both down to their underpants. Sean reaches out and pulls Luke’s briefs right down to his ankles.

Beautiful dick, man!” he comments, giving us a blast of his cheekiest grin. “Toby said you’d got a nice one!”

Luke quickly returns the favour, looking as surprised as I was that Sean isn’t hard.

We’ll soon get that going,” I comment, stretching out a hand to fondle Sean’s cute little prong. Straight away it comes to life between my fingers. Without a foreskin it looks like a bullet poking out above his balls. So sexy, man!

“Wow, you are so cute!” Luke breathes.

“We doing piggy-in-the-middle?” Sean asks.

“Yeah,” I tell him.

I quickly give Luke the low-down.

“That’s far out!” he says breathily. “Let’s do it, man!”

We get into position. Luke doesn’t waste time; as soon as he’s got Sean’s cock in his mouth he lubes up his fingers and starts working them into Sean’s bum-hole.

“Beautiful little bum!” he gasps, slurping round Sean’s dick. “You’re even sexier than Tim, the kid I go with at school.”

Sean doesn’t respond; he’s got other things to think about, working overtime on my cock, just like he did yesterday. I run my fingers through his thick wavy hair. Fuck! I’ve not met anyone who gives blow-jobs like he does; in barely sixty seconds my tummy goes tight. I’m gasping for breath, my muscles twitching, my cock jumping to life in his mouth. Oh, yeah!

I push his mouth off my super-sensitive cock. Luke and I swap places. I’m going to take my time over this, give my dick a chance to recover. Sean’s got this down pat. He doesn’t suck Luke like he was doing with me; he knows Luke’ll cum if he does that. Once you can cum, you don’t recover as quick, and the more you cum, the longer it takes; that’s what it seems like, anyway. So after sucking it for a few seconds, he pulls off and licks it like a lollipop, working his tongue all over it, licking Luke’s big heavy balls too.

As it goes, Sean’s bum doesn’t look as red today, so maybe Brendan didn’t fuck him this morning. Even so, it doesn’t take long to get him ready, sliding two greasy fingers into his hole and gently twisting them round. I let my fingers slip out and pull him up onto his knees. Man! Am I looking forward to this! I never had a wank last night; I’m ready to go and then some. I crawl in behind him, guiding my cock right onto his bum-hole. It twitches invitingly. I give one hard thrust and it slides right up him. Oh, shit! Man! This is the best! I start fucking him without even thinking about it, slamming into his cute little arse as hard as I can go.

Oooh! Do it man!” Sean moans, his tongue still working on Luke’s dick. “Oooh, yeah!”

I reach down and grab his throbbing cock. Fuck! This kid is something else! My orgasm’s getting close; somehow I sense that his is too. I’m sweating like a pig, the perspiration running off me. I’m nearly there; I drive myself on, determined to keep it going. Suddenly everything explodes, Sean’s whole body bucking violently, his bum gripping my cock like a vice, his dick swelling and pulsing between my fingers. It’s like the room’s been hit by a major earthquake, the bed shaking beneath me. I’m so light headed I hardly know where I am; I hold him round the hips and hang on as best I can, my cock jerking into action deep inside his bum, over and over, five, maybe even six times. Finally I collapse on top of him. Fuck, man! That was too much!

Very slowly I pull out, sinking back onto the bed. Sean’s bum-hole’s twitching even more. I’m right out of it. Man, I could sleep for a week after that!

“My turn now!” Luke says, grinning at me.

He moves round to where I just was, picking up the KY and smearing it over his cock. I’m thinking that we’re going to do it like we did at Richard’s house yesterday, but Luke has other ideas, flipping Sean onto his back. Sean smiles up at him, pulling his legs back, his knees wide apart.

“That’s beautiful, man!” Luke breathes, moving into position.

“Go on, then!” Sean tells him. “Fuck me! Hard as you like! I want your spunk up my bum!”

I move round to the side to get a better view. Luke guides his dick onto Sean’s twitching pucker. With one well-practised thrust he goes right up him. Wow! That is so sexy!

“Oh, yeah!” Sean moans. “Do it man! Give me your spunk!”

Luke sets to work, fucking his hard cock into Sean’s cute little bum. I move in close. Sean grabs my head, pushing me down onto his stiff little spike. I don’t have to do anything, his cock fucking my mouth as Luke pounds his arse, Sean moaning and squeaking just like Dominic does when he gets fucked. I’m completely mesmerised by what I’m seeing, the ultimate close-up of Luke’s cock fucking my best mate’s bum. Several minutes pass; Luke hasn’t missed a beat. Suddenly, Sean’s breathing gets very ragged. A few seconds later his legs are flailing out of control, his dick jumping around in my mouth.

“Oh, fuck!!” Luke gasps. “I’m cumming!!”

Fill me up!” Sean moans.

Luke thrusts right in, hanging on just like I did. After a few seconds I carefully pull off, still unable to take my eyes off them. Shit! he’s just fucked the kid senseless! It’s fully half a minute before he withdraws, his cock glistening with a mixture of KY and spunk. Wow! That is something else!

“Thanks, man!” Luke says, still trying to get his breath back. “That’s the best fuck I’ve had in ages!”

“I’ve got all your spunk up me!” Sean says, grinning at him. “That’s wild, man!”

He turns over and gets onto his knees. He lets go a big fart, some of Luke’s spunk leaking out of his bum and dribbling down his legs.

“You cum loads!” he says, still grinning. “Toby said you did. Better get to the bathroom before I make a mess.”

He pads out of the room. Luke and I settle back on the bed. I’ve got this warm sort of after-glow. I don’t believe in heaven and all that shit, but even if there was one, it couldn’t be better than that.

“Thanks for bringing him,” Luke says, smiling. “He’s so sexy! He was begging for it!”

Yeah!” I say. “That surprised me, too. He’s so tough and cheeky, I’d never have guessed he was even into it. The two of us used to get in loads of trouble when we were at junior school together.”

Moments later Sean’s back, diving onto the bed and snuggling up between us. Luke produces a pack of ciggies, offering one to Sean. He takes it. I’ve never seen Sean smoke before, but I can’t say it’s a surprise. After the last couple of days I don’t think anything he did would be a surprise.

“You guys coming over Monday?” Luke asks.

“When are you back at school?” I ask Sean.


“Yeah, well that’s okay with me,” I say. “What about you, Sean?”

“Yeah, same time?”

The thing is,” Luke continues, “Piers is coming back this weekend; he’s bound to want to join in.”

“How old’s he?” Sean asks.

“Fifteen; he’ll be sixteen next month,” Luke tells us.

“He’s got a big one, hasn’t he?” I ask.

Yeah, pretty big,” Luke says. “He’s okay though; Piers loves to fuck but he’s really gentle; he won’t hurt you or anything.”

“You okay with that, Sean?” I ask.

Yeah, man!” he says. “Sounds great; I never did a foursome like that before.”

“Okay,” I say. “We’ll be here about the same time as today.”

Great,” Luke says. “Piers will be well pleased when I tell him.”

“Is it okay if I have a shower?” I ask. “I’m all sweaty.”

“Yeah, you know where it is?” Luke asks.

“Yeah, think so.”

I head off to the bathroom. I’ve asked dad a few times about having a shower unit put in at our house. He’s said he’ll get it done but he’s not got round to it yet. They’ve got one here though; I saw it a couple of days ago. I love showers; it’s so much easier than having a bath. When I get back, Luke and Sean are kissing passionately. For a moment I feel a little pang of jealousy. I brought Sean here; it should be me he’s kissing, not Luke. Then I give myself a kick. It doesn’t really mean anything; he’s only doing it ‘cause it feels good. This is amazing. A year or so back you could never have imagined these two getting together; they were like oil and water, the snobby kid at the posh boarding school and ruffian from the council estate. Well, none of that matters now.

“Come on,” I say. “It’s five past ten; we’re supposed to be round at Jase’s for half past.”

“Yeah, okay,” Sean says, reluctantly breaking the kiss. He gives Luke a peck on the cheek. “See you Monday,” he says.

We climb back into our clothes. Sean and I say our goodbyes and head off to meet the other boys.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Saturday morning and I’m sitting in the back of Brendan’s car. We’re heading for the new Ridgeway Leisure Complex. It’s only been open a few months; the pool’s got diving boards, three water slides and a wave machine. There’s a diving board at the pool we usually go to, but we’ve never used water slides or a wave machine before; I’m really looking forward to it. It’s about seven miles away, much too far for us to go on our own, so Brendan’s offered to take us, Sean, me and Jason. Rich has got to go somewhere with his mum, so I got invited instead. I’m slightly wondering why Jason’s here. Yeah, he’s one of the gang, but he and Sean have never been that close, not that I’m aware of. He is a good swimmer though. Still, it’s not important; we’re going somewhere different and having a laugh, just like any other kids our age.

It takes around half an hour to get there. The place certainly looks impressive. We make our way inside, pay our money and hurry along to the male changing area. That’s when I get my first surprise; there are no cubicles like we normally use, just an open changing room. So is that why Brendan offered to bring us? Well, being at boarding school I’m used to getting changed with all the other boys; it doesn’t bother me at all. I quickly strip my clothes off and get into my swimming trunks, just trying to forget about Brendan being there. The other two do much the same. I sneak a glance out of the corner of my eye. Brendan’s watching Jase like a hawk. Well, that answers both my questions at once. Fortunately, Jason doesn’t seem to notice him doing it.

We head through into the pool. It’s quite busy already, with a few dozen kids and several adults. Man, this place is something else! There are three diving boards. A five-metre board like we’ve got at the pool at home, plus there’s ten-metre board and a spring board. I can’t wait to try the ten-metre board. I trot up the ladder with the other two close behind. Man! This is high! I’m the only one of us that can actually dive, but even I’m thinking twice about diving from up here.

“It’s okay,” one of the older kids says. “There’s twelve feet of water down there.”

I watch as he dives in. Well, if he can do it, so can I. I wait until the kid surfaces and swims to the side. This is it; I take a deep breath, trot to the edge of the board and dive. I seem to be in the air for ages, the surface of the pool rushing up to meet me. Suddenly I’m there, water rushing past my face, going deeper than I’ve ever gone, lungs bursting. Then the buoyancy takes over and I’m speeding back up again. A moment later I break the surface and swim slowly to the side, still gasping for breath. Man! That was fantastic! I stay there and watch as Sean jumps in, knees pulled up high, hitting the water with a huge splash. A few seconds later Jason follows in much the same fashion. This is great fun!

After a few goes on the diving board it’s onto the water slides, like a sort of roller coaster, sliding down through these curly plastic tubes with water running through them. They are something else! No sooner have we all come down once than we’re trotting up the ladder for another go. Shit! This is the most fun I’ve had in ages! It’s pretty tiring though, after half a dozen goes we’re all feeling it; I guess it’s from us having to climb up there every time. We jump into the pool to relax and play around for a bit. Brendan seems to really like this bit, picking us up and dropping us into the water on our backs. He doesn’t actually touch anything he shouldn’t; I guess there are too many people around, but he gets pretty close. We’ve been in there about five minutes when the wave machine starts up. Brendan can keep steady enough, but us kids get tossed about all over the place! Somehow, Brendan always seems to be in the right place so that Jason keeps bumping right into him. That just confirms what I thought when I saw them in the changing room.

There’s one thing we haven’t tried yet, the third water slide. The two we’ve been on are all twisty and curly, and not actually that steep. The other one is an almost sheer drop of more than thirty feet; they’ve nicknamed it ‘The Death Slide’.

“You gonna go on it?” Sean asks.

“Dunno, what about you?” I reply, hedging my bets.

“I will if you will,” he says.

“Okay, come on then!” I say grinning at him.

“What about you, Jase?” Sean enquires.

“Yeah, okay,” he says quietly. “I mean, nobody’s actually died on it, have they?”

The way my heart’s thumping you’d think they had. We make our way up the ladder. This is fucking scary! We reach the top. I feel like the condemned man going to the gallows.

“You going on the death slide?” the attendant asks brusquely.

We nod.

“Okay, listen to the instructions and do exactly as I tell you.” he says.

I’m the biggest and the oldest so I go first.

“Knees up, feet down flat,” he tells me. “Now wrap your arms round your knees and keep them there. The most important thing is to keep your knees together. Right, go!”

I push off. Fuck! The other tubes are pale colours and let in quite a bit of light. This one’s black; I’m hurtling down through total darkness. I don’t remember ever being as scared as this; I just hang onto my knees and do as the guy told me. A second later I emerge into the light, hitting the water trough with a massive splash. As I reach the end, I stand up very gingerly, sort of surprised to find I’m still in one piece. Shit! That just blew my mind!

Ten seconds later, Jason appears. He gets out of the trough, looking like he doesn’t quite believe he hasn’t hurt himself. He’s as white as a sheet! We stand together waiting for Sean. He emerges from the tube, arms and legs all over the place, nothing like what the guy told us. Well, he never was very good at following instructions. He gets out looking very uncomfortable, hobbling across to join us.

“Shit, man!” he says quietly. “That fuckin’ hurts!”

“That’s why he told you to keep your knees together,” I tell him.

“Yeah, I’ll make sure I listen next time!” he says, grinning through gritted teeth.

He makes his way towards the men’s room, walking very awkwardly. I know what’s happened but I’m not sure if Jason does. I’m guessing you know too, so I won’t spell it out. It’s not long before he’s back, grinning cheekily like nothing happened. Well, that’s Sean all over.

After another twenty minutes playing around in the pool it’s time to go. We all have a quick shower then grab our stuff from the lockers and strip our trunks off. I make sure Brendan can’t see my bum. After the treatment I’ve been getting, he’s bound to realise I’ve been fucked if he sees it. Jason takes his time getting dry, Brendan watching him the whole time. I check him out myself; I can’t help it really. Same height as me, nice slim body, cheeky face, short mousey coloured hair; his dick’s uncut and about the same size as Sean’s, but his balls are smaller, very small in fact. And he still hasn’t realised that Brendan’s looking at him. That’s funny in a way. Jase likes people to think he’s very grown-up; the truth is that he hasn’t got a clue.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Overall, the weekend’s been a bit frustrating. Sure, the trip to Ridgeway was great and I’ve spent lots of time with the rest of the gang, but there was no chance of having a get-together round at Richard’s house, ‘cause his mum and dad were there the whole time. I couldn’t go round to Luke’s place either. Although his parents go out quite a bit, he never knows when they’re going to be back. He didn’t want his dad to walk in and find me there. As far as Luke’s parents are concerned, it doesn’t make any difference that my dad’s a top surgeon and that I go to boarding school just like Luke does. I’m an undesirable, a bad influence, and definitely not someone they want Luke to be mixing with. Bollocks!

Anyway, I wanked off three times on Saturday just to relieve the tension; I did again yesterday morning too. I haven’t done it again though ‘cause I wanted to be ready for today. Well, right now, walking to the newsagents, I’m so sexed-up I hardly know where to put myself. As I approach the shop I can see Sean waiting outside, just like the last time. We slap hands and head off towards Luke’s place.

“Who’s idea was it to ask Jason to go with us on Saturday?” I ask quietly.

“Brendan’s,” he says. “You noticed, then?”

“Couldn’t miss it, it was that bloody obvious! Don’t think Jason clocked him though.”

Nah; Bren says he’d fuck him stupid if he got the chance,” he says casually. “He said you’ve got a nice dick for an eleven year old too.”

I wish he hadn’t told me that; for a moment it makes me feel very uneasy. Guys like Brendan and Mr. Atkinson wanting to fuck kids our age; it’s not right, or at least that’s what I think. Strange, though, it doesn’t seem to worry Sean one bit. I put it out of my mind; what they get up to isn’t my problem.

The walk to Luke’s house is the longest five minutes of my life; I just can’t get there quick enough. At last we’re walking up the drive and ringing the bell. Luke answers the door; he’s dressed in a black tee shirt and white nylon gym shorts. From the bulge in the front, I’d guess he’s not wearing anything underneath, which makes him look sexier than ever.

Come in!” he says brightly, giving us both a welcoming smile. “Piers is upstairs. We’ll use his room; it’s bigger than mine and it’s got twin beds.”

We follow him up. As we enter the room, Piers stands up to greet us; he’s wearing shorts too. I guess he’s always been slim, but now, man, he’s like a beanpole! I guess he’s not THAT tall, around 5’10”, but really skinny with legs that seem to go on forever; I’m only 4’11” and Sean’s even smaller, so he looks tall to us. He’s not as dark as Luke, straight, light brown hair and freckles. He’s a good-looking kid though, and he’s got a great smile.

Hi!” he says quietly. “Good to see you; Luke’s been telling me all about you. So you okay?”

“Yeah,” I reply casually. “Your mum and dad would have a fit if they knew we were here.”

Yeah,” he says, grinning broadly. “But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? “Do you want to … ?”


Sean makes a beeline for Luke; after the way they went at it last Friday I can’t say that’s a surprise. That leaves me and Piers to get to know each other. I help him off with his tee-shirt. He is so scrawny! It looks like he doesn’t eat; my chest measurement must be nearly as big as his. He returns the favour.

That’s nice!” he says quietly. “You’ve got a beautiful body!”

We’re getting to the serious business. I undo the clip at the top of his shorts and pull down the zip. They fall to the floor. There’s a big bulge in the front of his white briefs. I pull them down. HOLY SHIT!! I know Luke said he’d got a big one; that’s not just big; it a fucking monster!

Fuckin’ hell!” Sean gasps, rolling around laughing. “What a fuckin’ donger! It’s like a fireman’s hose! Have you got a licence for that thing?”

Piers grins sheepishly, looking embarrassed.

“Don’t worry,” I whisper, “I like it. So how big is it, anyway?”

“Nine and a bit, nearly nine and a half, actually.” He says, stroking my hair.

That’s a couple of inches longer than Mr. Atkinson’s, which is about what I’d have guessed, but it’s not quite as thick, and instead of standing up against his tummy like mine does, it sticks almost straight out. He still looks like a boy though; apart from a crop of thick brown hair above his dick he’s as smooth as the rest of us. Skinny or not, he looks good to me.

He helps me off with my shorts and briefs. We get onto his bed. He wraps his arms round me, his long slim fingers running down my back and over my bum. His touch is perfect; he’s every bit as gentle as Luke said he was. Before I know it, we’re kissing like we’ve been doing it for years. Very slowly, Piers licks his way down my body, paying special attention to each nipple. Man, he is good at this! Finally he gets there, his warm wet mouth enveloping my dick. Oh, fuck! It’s no wonder Luke’s so good at sucking; he was taught by an absolute master, the sensations are fantastic. I glance across at the other bed. Sean’s straddling Luke’s chest and fucking his mouth, just like I do. Shit! That is hot!

My attention is quickly drawn back to the bed I’m on. Piers has got KY on his finger and he’s working it into my bum. His fingers are so long, he even does that better than anyone else I’ve had sex with, massaging my prostate so my dick twitches repeatedly in his mouth. When I first saw his cock, I wasn’t sure if I was going to let him bum me. Well, I will; I guess I’ll be a bit sore afterwards, but it’ll be worth it. A second finger works its way in, making my dick twitch even harder. Fuck!

“Toby, you’re so sexy!” Piers whispers. “You’ve got a gorgeous body for an eleven year old!”

“You gonna bum me?” I ask, grinning up at him.

May I?” he responds, eyes shining. “Man, that’s hot! I’ve not fucked a boy your age since I was at prep school myself. How d’you want it?”

It only takes me a moment to make my mind up, rolling onto my tummy with my legs spread and a pillow stuffed under my hips. An odd choice? Well yeah, but the thing is, he’s not heavy like Mr. Atkinson; he’s not rough either, and in this position his dick won’t go quite as far in. I guess I’ve been bummed often enough to know about these things.

As Piers lubes up his cock I look across at the other two. Sean’s down on all fours with Luke kneeling behind him, fucking him stupid, Sean moaning and squeaking like he always does. Wow! That is so hot! I could watch them all day and not get bored with it. Shit! I wish I had my movie camera here!

A moment later Piers lowers himself onto me, his cock pressing insistently against my hole. I try to relax, but for a second or two it won’t go in. It’s been more than two weeks since Mr. Atkinson bummed me; I guess my ring’s tightened up a bit. He pushes a bit harder. Suddenly he’s there, the first few inches of his cock right inside me. I gasp out loud. Fuck! That hurts!

“You okay?” he ask quietly.

I nod, burying my face in the other pillow, trying my best to relax. He eases back; the pain subsides. He pushes in again, a little further this time. It still hurts, but not as bad. To my surprise, he doesn’t wait till he’s got it all in; he starts bumming me right there, gradually working his way deeper, each thrust going in a fraction further than the last. In less than a minute he’s right down on top of me, his tummy pressed tight against my bum, his warm breath flooding my nostrils. The pain’s completely forgotten; my cock rubbing against the pillow and his massaging my prostate. Man, this is something else!

All too soon I’m getting close. I try to hold it off, but I can’t do it. A few seconds later my legs are flailing around all over the place, my bum rearing up like it’s trying to suck him in even deeper, my dick pulsing and jerking against the pillow. Piers goes fuckin’ mental, bumming me even harder.

“Tobee!!” he gasps. “Oh fuck! Ohh!! Ohhh!!! Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!”

His cock explodes deep inside me, load after load of his thick, creamy spunk flooding into my arse. Holy shit! He’s cum gallons! The twitching finally stops and he sinks down on top of me. We lie there for nearly a minute, I guess, neither of us able to move. Finally he lifts himself off me, his cock emerging with a quite audible pop. Sean giggles; I guess much the same thing just happened to him. Very gingerly I ease myself off the bed. My bum’s very sore, but I was right; it was worth it. That was one of the best fucks ever. As Sean and I head for the bathroom, I let go a huge fart, Piers’ spunk squirting out and running down my legs.

“So how was that?” Sean asks as we get cleaned up, giving me his cheekiest grin. “I never thought you’d take one that size!”

It was good, man!” I say casually. I haven’t told him about Mr. Atkinson; as far as I’m concerned it’s better that he doesn’t know.

“Yeah, I could tell you were enjoying it,” he comes back.

He beckons me towards him. I lean forward so he can whisper into my ear.

I want us to come here again,” he says.

“You’ve got to go back to school tomorrow,” I remind him.

“Yeah, I know,” he tells me. “Friday, after school, we’ll come here instead of going to Richard’s. I’ll tell Rich I’ve got to go somewhere. He won’t ask; he never does. Then all three of you can do me. You fix it up with them, yeah?”

“Yeah,” I breathe, trying to conceal my excitement.

This kid is un-fucking-real! He wants all three of us to take turns bumming him. Fuck! What a finale to the holiday that’s going to be!