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Sunday, and I’m on the train heading back to school. Man, that was the best school holiday, like, ever; three weeks of great weather, hanging out with all my mates, and more sex than I ever dreamed of. Meeting up with Luke was a real bonus. Shit, he’s changed so much; he’s grown into almost as much of a rebel as I am, except he’s not quite so upfront about it. Piers is nice too, very nice in fact, and man, what a dick he’s got! After the other kids went back to school I had to go round there on my own for a few days. That meant I got to be piggy-in-the-middle, being the youngest; not that I was objecting. That was wild, even if it did get very messy. I was a bit sore after the first time, but I soon got used to it.

And as for Sean; man, that kid is something-fucking-else! He’s always been the hard, cheeky kid, not scared of anything, but I never dreamed he’d be like that! We did get together on Friday. So why aren’t I telling you all about it? ‘Cause you know what we did, right? Which was romp around naked for a bit, you know, everybody sucking and groping everyone else, then finally we did what Sean wanted, which was to take turns fucking him stupid, me first, then Luke, and finally Piers. He loved it; orgasmed every time, I couldn’t believe it.

Piers was pretty unreal too. I don’t think he’s bummed a boy as cute as Sean for a couple of years; it was like he’d died and gone to heaven! (Well, if there was one, you know what I mean.) Sean was down on all fours; Piers got his cock right up him, the whole thing, fuckin’ unbelievable! I wish I’d been able to film it. Sean was just kneeling there begging for more. Afterwards his bum was a MESS! That’s why it had to be Friday; he doesn’t have sex with Brendan at the weekend ‘cause his mum’s around the whole time, so he’s got till tomorrow morning to recover. As it goes, it didn’t seem to bother him one bit, he just grinned and shrugged it off. I guess that’s ‘cause he’s used to having Brendan’s up him five days a week, but he’s like that, same as at Ridgeway Pool after he came down the Death Slide. He could have been really hurting; he’d have shrugged it off just the same.

I guess I should be disappointed to be going back to school. Well, I am a bit, but not really. I’m looking forward to getting together with Callum again, plus Dom and Russell of course and this year I’ve made other friends too. The other boys don’t shy away from me the way they used to, so it’s not just Rob that I hang out with; he’s still my best mate though. Then there’s the filming. I’m really hoping this weather keeps up so I can get to do some more stuff, learn more about using the camera, all of that. I’d love to do a film with Russell and Dominic, but it’s not going to happen. I don’t have any lights, so we can’t do it in the trunk store, and it’d be too risky to do it outdoors. Sure, there are places in the woods where you can have sex in the good weather, but they’re pretty dark too so it wouldn’t work. I’m not sure they’d be willing to do it in any case.

One thing I’m not looking forward to is having sex with Mr. Atkinson. Over the holiday I’ve missed that like a hole in the head. But it’s only one more term, just a few weeks really. Then Callum leaves to go to senior school, so when we get back in September I’ll tell Atkinson to fuck off, the dirty pervert. It’s really screwed my head up, him being like that. He was my favourite teacher, the only one I really got on with, but all he wanted was to fuck my arse. That’s not right. It’s like Uncle Andrew said, you either want to be with someone like that or you don’t. Well, I didn’t and he knew I didn’t, but he went ahead and did it anyway. That’s sick. But it’s okay; I’ll get through it. I check my watch; it’s ten past three, we’re nearly there.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Apart from a few odd days, the weather stays mainly dry and sunny, giving me plenty of chance to use the camera. The problem is what to film. I can’t film cricket because I’d have to film from the boundary, over fifty yards from the batsman and bowler. You need a really long lens to do that, and you can’t put a lens that size onto the sort of camera I’ve got, even if I could afford to buy one. Using my camera they’d come out looking like match-stick men and you wouldn’t be able to see the ball, so that’s out.

I’ll have to do what Mr. Cooper suggested, and film the athletics. That’s not really my sport. On the Rugby pitch I’m very quick over a short distance, like twenty metres, and I can twist and turn on a sixpence, but on the track even a hundred metres seems a long way, and I’m completely useless at the longer distances. As far as the field events go, I’m about average. I’m okay at long jump and high jump, but nowhere near the best. I can throw the cricket ball pretty well, but Rob’s loads better; he can throw it miles, and we won’t learn shot, discus and javelin till next year.

In a way, though, that’s good; I won’t be filming it when I ought to be doing it. On the other hand, it’s not something I’ve ever taken much interest in, so I’m going to have to learn. Well, the first thing I learn is that filming kids running round a track is pretty boring. Correction, it’s very boring. There’s another problem too; when they’re on the far side of the track, they’re too far away for me to film them, like with the cricket, only worse. All I’ll be able to do is film the end of each race, if it’s worth filming that is.

“Bring your camera out this afternoon, before you go to prep,” Mr. Cooper suggests. “I’ve got a group of lads practising high jump; you can film them if you want. I think you may find that quite interesting.”

Well, I’ve got nothing better to do. At the end of class for the day I get my camera and take it out to the high jump area. Will’s there with four older boys, including Callum. They’re dressed in white tee-shirts and these really sexy athletics shorts that are even shorter than our ordinary gym shorts. They’re all buzzing about this new style of high jump called the Fosbury Flop. It’s quite dangerous in a way, because you sort of go over the bar backwards and land on your shoulders, so you can’t jump into a sand-pit like they used to or you’d break your neck, but the school’s just bought a new landing area so they can do it.

I settle down with my camera to watch and film. It’s not just interesting, it’s absolutely fascinating! After a few minutes I’m moving to different positions so I can film all the different aspects of it. Somehow I hadn’t expected to enjoy this, but it’s great, and what makes it even better is that all the important action takes place in quite a small area, just like it will in those porn films I’m going to make. After they’ve practised for a bit, they have a little competition. Will’s a star. The bar goes up until there’s only him and Callum left in. In the end Callum beats him; jumping 5’5” to Will’s 5’3”, but Callum’s two years older and taller as well. It’s ten to five. We pack everything away and head back to the changing room; prep starts in ten minutes.

“Will, how tall are you?” I ask.

“About five foot two,” he tells me.

“Fuck, man! You just jumped over your own height!” I say, totally amazed that anyone could do that.

It’s what proper high jumpers do,” he says casually. “That’s what Mr. Cooper said.”

It’s strange; I’ve just seen Will and Callum in a completely new light. I’ve never thought of either of them as sports stars before; well, I know better now.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I spend a couple of hours with Mr. Chandler processing the film. Man, he is so patient! I used to think Mr. Atkinson was the only teacher who had any time for me; well I found out what that was all about. Mr. Chandler’s not like that at all. We’ve been together in the dark room for hours; he could have done anything he wanted. He’s never even touched me. It suddenly clicks that he’s had to learn about this stuff just so he can help me. I don’t think many teachers would do that. He’s a star too; that’s what I think.

Not everything I filmed has come out that well, but some of it is very good, and I’m starting to learn about what works and what doesn’t. That’s important; when I make these porn they’ll have to be able to use most of what I’ve filmed. As it goes, we’ve got about seven minutes worth out of just over twenty. I’m going to do some more filming then Mr. Chandler says we can come back, process it, then join it onto the stuff we’ve already got.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I try filming some of the other field events. Discus you can forget ‘cause they throw from inside a cage and you can’t see anything. Shot’s okay, but there really isn’t much to see. I get a few good shots, but after that it’s all much the same. Javelin’s interesting but difficult to film. Finding a position where I can see the whole run-up and throw but still be close enough to see it all properly is very tricky. I want to do it though because Russell’s our best thrower; he’s hoping to break the school record before he leaves. To start with, I film some stuff from quite close to the run-up. As soon as I’ve done it, I more or less know it’s not going to work. I move further away, and let the camera follow him as he runs in. I think I’ve got some stuff we’ll be able to use, but I’m not too sure.

After a couple of wet days, the sun returns and I can go back out there again. It’s time to try filming the long jump. It’s the most popular of all the field events, because it’s fairly simple to do, I guess. There are nearly a dozen boys practising, including Rob and Callum. I soon find my position; a couple of yards beyond the end of the sand-pit and five yards to one side. I get some great stuff; I know before I’ve even seen it. Callum’s the best at this too; he looks so graceful when he jumps. Everybody here idolises the top Rugby players and cricketers. I’m starting to realise that maybe some of these guys don’t get the credit they deserve.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Are you bringing the camera out after school?” Will asks, a touch of excitement in his voice.

“Yeah, probably,” I say.

“We’re doing a hurdles session,” he tells me. “I’d really like you to film that. Callum will be there too.”

“Okay, I’ll be there,” I say, grinning at him. I’m a bit alarmed at him mentioning Callum, but only a bit. Even if he knows about what we get up to, he wouldn’t breathe a word, so I’ve nothing to worry about.

It takes them nearly fifteen minutes to set all the hurdles out, but finally they’re ready. There are only four boys doing it, Will, Callum, Tim Westlake, (one of Callum’s mates from Upper Fourth), and Julian Lees, Dominic’s older brother, who’s in Lower Fourth. That’s quite a surprise; Dom’s not athletic at all; apart from cricket, he’s pretty useless at just about everything. Finally they’re ready and the training session starts, with Mr. Cooper coaching them. They start off with a series of drills and exercises. I can tell straight away that Will and Callum are better than the other boys; I can hardly believe some of the positions they get into, and going over the hurdles they look really smooth. By comparison, Tim and Julian look stiff and awkward. Even so, they’re a whole lot better than I’d be.

I move around, trying to find the best place to film them. The experience of working with the long jumpers and javelin throwers helps; I don’t waste time getting too close to the track, I know that won’t be any good. I settle on a spot about ten yards back, just past the last flight of hurdles. I can’t see the start too well, but as they come down the track the shots get better all the way.

After half an hour they’re going to finish off with a race. They’re all taking it very seriously; Mr. Cooper’s even brought the starting pistol out, and he’s got a couple of kids at the finish to time it. This is exciting; my heart’s thumping. I’m determined to get it right; it could be my best bit of filming yet. It’s exciting in another way too. Will and Callum seem so closely matched, just like they were in the high jump; I really want to see who’s going to win.

The gun sounds and they’re away. I watch intently through the viewfinder, slowly moving the camera round as they come past me. To my amazement, Will blows everyone else away! Callum’s just as good as he is going over the hurdles, but Will can run so much faster, it’s no fucking contest. Wow! That was unbelievable! Will really is a star; I just hope the film I’ve got does him justice.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s Sunday morning and we’re back in the darkroom, putting the finishing touches to my latest film show. As ever, Mr. Chandler’s been really patient, explaining everything we’re doing and making sure we make the film as good as possible. I’ve done better this time; we’re using well over half the stuff I filmed. Most of the long jump footage is in there, together with some nice stuff of Russell throwing the javelin, but pride of place goes to the hurdles race. It’s come out even better than I’d hoped; Will looks superb. Finally it’s finished; we’re going to get the boys together after supper on Thursday to show it.

“Sir,” I ask, “Why d’you spend all this time helping me?”

“Don’t you think I should?” he comes back.

“No, it’s not that; I think it’s great. I just wondered why you did it, that’s all. I mean, you could be going out doing, well, whatever you like. Instead, you’re stuck in here with me.”

It’s not that bad,” he says, smiling warmly. “Most kids never attempt anything like this, but you have and I thought I might be able to help, you know, make a difference. That’s what this job’s all about; it’s what I came into teaching for.”

“Thanks, sir,” I say quietly.

He’s certainly given me something to think about. He’s right, of course; I just wish a few of the other teachers thought of it like that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s Thursday evening and I’m very nervous; after the reaction to my previous film show, I don’t know why I should be, but I am. The boys troop into the science lab where we’re going to show the film of the athletics training. Like last time, some boys have turned up that weren’t even taking part; they just want to see it, I guess.

“Okay, boys!” Mr. Chandler says. “Settle down quickly please! Now as you know, Toby’s been out with his movie camera again, filming you training for your athletics events. We’ve put a little film together that we hope you’ll find interesting. I know that some of you will be involved in the county championship trials next week and we’ve got a match against Welford Park the week after that, so I’d like to wish those of you taking part the best of luck. Mr. Cooper, could you turn the lights out, please?”

Mr. Cooper dims the lights and the movie starts. Apart from one or two murmurs of appreciation, for the next twenty minutes there’s hardly a sound, nearly thirty boys totally immersed in what’s happening on the screen. At the end there’s a round of applause, just like there was for my first film. I’m very pleased with how it’s gone. I’ve moved on a lot; the camera work on the first film wasn’t bad, on this one it’s much better. There’s really only one thing wrong with it; it’s in black and white.

The boys disperse to enjoy some free time before going to bed. Several of them make a point of telling me how good it was; it’s almost embarrassing. Mr. Cooper’s helping Mr. Chandler to put everything away.

“Sir,” I ask. “You know you asked about me filming sports day? Well, I really want to do it if the weather’s okay, but I’d like to do it in colour. I’d need some colour film; I don’t have any and I can’t afford to buy it. And we can’t process colour film here; we haven’t got the equipment. We’d need to get it done professionally. Do you think the school would pay for it, sir?”

Hmmm!” he says gruffly, smiling at me. “Well, you’ve done very well again and I’ve seen how seriously you take it. Doing it in colour would certainly be better. Let me see what I can do.”

“Thanks, sir,” I say quietly and make my way out.

When I get onto the corridor, Russell’s waiting for me.

“That was great,” he says, giving me a beautiful smile. “Tomorrow, meet me after supper, you know where. I’ve sorted it with Callum. Okay?”

“Yeah!” I say, grinning back. “I’ll see you there!”

Man! Am I looking forward to that!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I arrive outside the art room on the dot of half past seven; Russell’s there, waiting for me. I let us into the trunk store.

I’ve got something to tell you,” he says quietly, wrapping his arms round me. “I got the scholarship.”

“Millfield?” I ask, looking up at him.

Yeah,” he whispers, kissing my forehead. “Please don’t say anything; most of the boys are still waiting to hear, it wouldn’t be right. Callum knows, and Dominic, of course.”

I let myself melt into his arms. Getting to Millfield is what he’s been working for and dreaming about for as long as I’ve known him. I’m so pleased for him.

“I had to get a scholarship,” he continues, stroking my back. “The fees at Millfield are astronomical. Dad’s pretty well-paid, but we aren’t rich. They couldn’t have afforded to send me there without one; it’s been a struggle for them to send me here.”

“You deserve it,” I say. “You’ve worked so hard.”

“I couldn’t have done it without Dominic,” he says. “It’s been so important, having him there when I needed him.”

That’s one of the most amazing things I ever heard; I’m almost crying. Most kids would be boasting about how well they’d done; Russell thanks Dom for being there for him. He has to be one of the best kids I ever met.

I didn’t know Callum was a star high jumper,” I say quietly, looking up at him.

He wasn’t,” he says, still smiling. “Callum’s done really well this year; he’s got a lot more confidence somehow. I think it’s something to do with a boy that he spends a lot of time with.”

For a moment I don’t get it. Then the penny drops; he’s talking about me.

Thanks,” I say, trying to hold the tears back. “Callum’s great; it’s a gas to see him doing well.”

Come on then,” he says, stroking my hair. “We can’t stay here all night.”

We begin to strip off. In less than a minute we’re down to our white underpants. Fuck! I’ve been with a few different boys now; Russell’s the best looking of any of them; he is gorgeous! I pull down his briefs; he’s rock hard already. Wow! He’s got the most beautiful dick too; he is perfect!

He helps me off with my underpants and we get onto the bed. Everything about him is a turn-on, his touch, his smell, everything. Our mouths meet in a wonderful, passionate kiss. Fuck! I wish we COULD stay here all night! He licks his way down my body. He does it beautifully; my cock’s twitching without him even touching it. Finally he gets there, my dick enveloped in his warm, wet mouth. Oh, yeah! A hand slides between my legs, a slippery finger working its way around my bum-hole. After a few seconds it pushes inside. Oh shit! My dick feels like it’s about to explode. He gently removes his finger and lets me go.

We swap places. I go straight down on him. I can’t imagine anyone having a more beautiful cock than he’s got; I love sucking it. I push right down, taking it into my throat, slowly coming back up, working my tongue all over it before plunging down again. He strokes my hair, his gentle touch and steady, rhythmic breathing urging me on. After maybe a minute and a half I have to let him go, my jaw aching. I move back a little so I can admire it; all wet and shiny it looks more beautiful than ever. In a couple of minutes I’m going to get it up my bum. Right now I want that more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I lick his big, heavy balls. I know he’ll have lots of spunk for me; he always does. I lick right up his shaft, feeling it throb against my tongue. I suck it in again, savouring its warmth and hardness.

“Oh, Toby!” he breathes. “That’s wonderful, man! Oooh, you’d better stop or I’ll cum!”

I quickly release him and move back to how we were, with him sucking my cock and pushing his finger into my bum. He pushes a second finger in, both of them hitting my prostate. Man, I like that! He slowly works them round, gradually loosening me up.

“Are you ready?” he whispers.

“Yeah,” I tell him.

He doesn’t rush, slowly withdrawing his fingers and releasing my cock. I get into my favourite position, down on all fours, head and shoulders down on the bed, bum pushed right back. I look between my legs. Russell’s sitting on his heels, smearing KY over his dick. A few seconds later he moves in behind me, his hard dick prodding at my bum-hole. As he pushes forwards I relax, allowing it to slide in, the head just touching my prostate It’s a fantastic feeling; I can’t really describe how good it is, and right now I’ve only got about half of it. He grips me round the hips, pulls back a couple of inches then thrusts forward again, maybe an inch deeper this time. That’s even better!

A couple more thrusts and he’s right inside me, his balls colliding with my arse. He settles himself for a moment then sets to work, almost pulling right out before he slams it back in again. Man, this kid is some athlete, he’s fucking me harder than anyone else ever has, even Mr. Atkinson. I am in heaven, or I might as well be. I’d like to tell him that nobody fucks as well as he does, but that might not be a good idea. I don’t want him knowing that it’s not just him and Callum that have been bumming me.

“Oh, that’s fantastic, man!” I moan. “Just do it, Russ; I love having you fuck me!”

He’s fucking me senseless; I’m so far off on it I hardly know where I am. He just keeps right on going, never missing a beat; anyone else I’ve been with would have cum minutes ago. I don’t know about him, but I’m getting very close, my dick’s tingling like crazy.

“Play with my cock!” I whimper.

He reaches down and fondles it between his strong, gentle fingers. My body explodes in my most violent orgasm ever; I’m bucking like a wild animal, my head banging against the pillow, fingers clawing the bed, my bum squeezing tight round Russell’s cock. My dick jerks over and over between his fingers, trying desperately to pump out some spunk.

“Oh, Tobeee!” Russell gasps from behind me. “Oh, man, I’m gonna cum!!”

“Do it!” I moan. “Fill me up!”

“Nnng!” he responds. “Nng! Nnng! Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!”

His cock rears up deep inside me, almost lifting me off the bed, volley after volley of thick, creamy spunk flooding into my arse. Man! That was the best fuck ever!

After a few seconds he slowly pulls out, sinking back onto his heels.

“Thanks, Toby,” he says. I needed that.

We start to get dressed. I pull a wad of cotton wool from the pocket of my shorts and stuff it into my briefs. Russell raises an eyebrow.

“That’s a cool idea,” he says, smiling approvingly. “I’ll have to tell Dom to get some of that; he always messes his underpants.”

I smile back; I’m just glad he didn’t ask me where I got the idea. We finish dressing and give each other one last kiss. Man, I won’t forget that session in a hurry!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Saturday afternoon, I meet up with Callum just by the edge of the woods. It’s a beautiful, warm day. We take a quick check; there’s nobody around watching us. I follow him through the trees and into a space between some thick bushes. We sit next to each other on the grass, Callum putting an arm round my shoulder. He’s very tense; I can feel it.

“Still waiting for the letter?” I ask.

Yeah,” he says, nodding. “Most of the boys have already heard; I’m still waiting. It’s killing me, man.”

“Don’t worry,” I say smiling up at him. “You’ll have done okay, I know you will.”

He leans across and kisses my cheek.

Thanks.” He whispers. “Twelve months ago I wouldn’t have given myself any chance, then I met you, and suddenly things started to go right. I started to believe in myself, I guess, and when I came to do the exams, they didn’t seem bad at all. I think I’ve done all right, but it’s horrible having to wait like this.”

I reach across and stroke his thigh. He’s so tall now, they’re longer than ever; not quite as slim as they used to be either, a nice bit of muscle starting to develop, his shorts really snug on him. I run my hand over the front of them and open them up. He lifts his bum off the ground; I pull down his shorts and briefs in one go. His cock’s bigger now too, around five inches, a few dark pubic hairs just starting to sprout. He’s growing up beautifully. I lean across and take it into my mouth. The feel of it is perfect; I could suck it all day if he wanted me to. Instinct takes over and I’m sucking him like my life depended on it. He lies back, stroking my hair, his quiet moaning all the encouragement I need.

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps. That is so good, man”

I suck him even harder, his breathing becoming more and more ragged. Suddenly he grabs my head, his cock jerking violently, several globs of his warm, creamy cum spurting into my mouth. I make sure I’ve got every drop and swallow it down. Finally, I let him go and smile up at him.

Oh, man! That was something else!” he says, still gasping. “Fuck! Thanks Toby, I’d forgotten just how good that was.” He sits up, grinning, all the tension and worry gone. “My turn now!”

He pulls down my shorts and pants and gives me the best blow-job in history.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s Monday morning break when I see Callum heading towards me. The smile on his face tells me everything.

“You got it?” I ask breathlessly.

“Charterhouse, where dad went.” He says, grinning. “It’s a great school, and it’s where dad wanted me to go. I’m so relieved; if I hadn’t got in he’d have thought he’d wasted his money sending me here.”

We just stand there smiling at each other; I’m so pleased I can’t think of anything to say. Hearing about Russell’s scholarship was great but this is even better.

Thanks for being there for me,” he whispers. “You don’t know how much help it’s been.”

Suddenly a thought strikes me. “You said Charterhouse? One of my friends from home’s going there, or at least he hopes he is. His name’s Luke Robinson. I used to think he was a bit of a snob but he’s all right, actually. He plays guitar, Hendrix and all that stuff; he’s pretty cool.”

“Thanks,” he says. “I’ll look him out when I get there. It’ll be nice to have someone I can talk to; I don’t think I’ll know anyone else.”

I head off to my next class with a spring in my step and a warm glow inside. It’s only been these last few days I’ve realised that being with Callum hasn’t just been about sex.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Wednesday, after our games lesson, Mr. Cooper asks me to stay behind.

I’ve been chatting to Russell’s dad,” he tells me. “You know he’s a drama producer at the BBC, don’t you? Well, most of the stuff he does is shot on film. He’s got lots of contacts who in the places up in Soho where they do all the processing and editing. “Anyway, since Russell got his scholarship he can’t do enough for us. He’s fixed up for us to get the film you need, and he’ll get it processed.” He smiles. “And here’s the best bit. On the Sunday after Sports Day, Mr. Chandler will take you up to London so you can work with the technician to put together the film you’re going to show us.” He gives me a wicked grin. “You’ll have to leave quite early, so you won’t even have to attend chapel.”

“Really, sir?” I ask, hardly able to believe what he just told me.

Of course,” he says. “You’re the film director; editing the film is just as important as shooting it.”

Thanks, sir! I say, grinning at him.

I head off to the refectory like I’m walking on air. I’m going to get to work in a proper, professional film lab! What a gas!