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The summer term’s nearly over; in just over a week we’ll be going home for the long summer holiday. I’ve got mixed feelings about that. Callum will be leaving; I’m going to miss him a lot, Russell too for that matter. But for that chance meeting just over a year ago, I might never have got into boy-sex the way I have. It’s hard to imagine that now; having sex with other boys is part of my life. But being with Callum has been about a lot more than sex; I didn’t understand that at first, but I do now. I hope he settles in well at Charterhouse; I think he will. Maybe he’ll hook up with Luke; that’d be really cool.

As for me, well, once we go down I’ve got a week at home, which I’m really looking forward to, two weeks in Italy with the family, two weeks at the kids’ holiday centre where I went last year, a week staying with Uncle Andrew, a few days back at home, then I’ll be back here to start Lower Fourth. That will bring a lot of new challenges. If I play anywhere like as well as I can, I should get into the school rugby team, ideally as scrum half, but I can play at centre as well. I don’t care if Concrete Head is captain; I still want to be in it. I guess I’ll still be bumming Dominic, but I want to find another boy to have sex with, one of the younger kids. Will I find one that wants to go with me? I mean, not just anyone, he’s got to be cute. It’d be a real slap in the face If Rob got a younger boy and I didn’t. Man! That’s such a weird thought! Rob isn’t even into boy-sex, well, not yet anyway. But he will be; I just know he will.

I open my eyes shake myself properly awake. This is it, Sports Day. The morning sun’s streaming through a gap in the curtains, signalling the start of a glorious sunny day. Well, we’ve got the weather; the rest’s down to me. We’ve been preparing for weeks, me and Mr. Chandler that is. Man, he is such a cool guy! He’s even got Mr. Cooper to put a couple of gaps into the program so we can go back to the science lab to change the film without missing anything. It’s a great opportunity; I’ve just got to stay calm and keep my mind on the job. The wake-up bell sounds and I hop out of bed; before any of that happens I’ve got another appointment to keep.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Dominic’s waiting by the science lab when I get there. We head straight into the boys’ room. I really need this today, you know, to settle the nerves. I’ll feel so much more relaxed afterwards; I always do. We go into our usual stall and bolt the door. Because it’s so warm we’re wearing white short-sleeved shirts with nothing underneath. We quickly slip them off. Man! He is so cute; his skin’s like silk! He sits on the toilet, undoes my shorts and pulls them down over my hips, letting them fall around my ankles. He quickly pulls my briefs down too, leaving me standing in front of him virtually naked. He leans forwards, taking my cock into his mouth, sucking it right down to the base and working his tongue all over it. Fuck! That is so good! I run my fingers through his thick, silky hair. Man, I’ll be lucky to find a younger kid who’s even half as good as he is.

After a couple of minutes he lets me go, grinning up at me and licking his lips. We swap places. A moment later his hard little spike’s in my mouth, my tongue working overtime on it. I pull out the KY and lube up my fingers. I slide my hand between his legs, quickly locating his bum-hole. There’s no need to wait; I push straight in, right up to his prostate. He goes wild, grabbing my head and pumping his hips, fucking his hard cock into my mouth. I push a second finger in; he fucks even harder. Wow! He is so sexy! Another thirty seconds and he’s gasping like an old steam engine, his cock jerking wildly in my mouth. He lets out a big sigh and slowly pulls away.

Now it’s my turn. I stand up and shuffle round behind him as he positions himself over the toilet. I smear some KY on my dick and move in close, guiding it onto his pucker. One hard thrust and I’m inside him, right up to my balls. Fuck! Nothing could possibly feel better than this does! I hold him around the tops of his thighs then set to work, bumming him as hard as I know how, his quiet squeaks and moans turning me on even more. A couple of minutes pass, maybe three; I can feel myself getting close. I reach down and fondle his cock, rock-hard and throbbing like crazy. I give it one last effort, fucking him with everything I’ve got. Moments later everything explodes, his bum clamping tight round my dick, his cock jerking into action for the second time in less than five minutes. I slam right into him, my cock, swelling and pulsing deep inside his bum. Oh, yeah! That was what I wanted! I’ll never be able to get enough of that!

A few seconds later, we’re dressed and ready to go. As usual, I let Dom leave first, taking a few seconds to check myself out in the mirror. I grin at my reflection; I’m ready now.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The day goes just the way we planned it. Mr. Chandler stays with me the whole time. He never interferes though, just gives me a quiet word here and there, making sure everything’s okay and answering my questions about which event’s on next. The weather’s perfect, warm and sunny with very little wind; it brings out some great performances. Russell breaks the school javelin record for the third time this term, a staggering one hundred and thirty four feet; I’ve got some great footage of that. There’s a school record for Callum too as he soars over five feet eight inches; I’ve captured it perfectly, or at least I think I have. Will’s the only boy in our year that does the hurdles, so he has to race the older boys. He still wins easily; not a school record, but he should break it next year. The way he moves is unbelievable; he just flies over them. I think that might be the best footage of all.

Finally it’s all over. It was hard work, but if I’ve done my job right it should be worth it. Russell comes across to me. He’s got his dad with him, late thirties I’d guess, but still really good looking. He dresses okay too; pretty much like Uncle Andrew does, nothing like my dad or the teachers at this place!

“Hi!” he says, smiling warmly. “So you’re Toby, the film-maker; Russell’s told me how good you are.”

“Thanks,” I say, feeling a little embarrassed. “And thanks for getting the colour film for me and getting it processed.”

“It’s my pleasure,” he says. “Talent needs to be encouraged, and it didn’t cost me anything; I just called in a couple of favours. I believe you’re going up there Sunday morning to edit the film?”

“Yes,” I say nodding.

“Well, enjoy yourself,” he says, still smiling. “Tim, the engineer you’ll be working with, is a top man; he’s done some great work for me over the past couple of years.”

They accompany us back to the dark room. We unload the final reel of film and Mr. Chandler gives him all three cans to take up to London.

“Well,” he says, “great to have met you both. I’d better be going; get these up to Soho so they can start work on them.”

I watch as he drives away. Man, he is so cool! I wish I had a dad like that. It’s not surprising that Russell’s such a great kid.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We leave right after breakfast in Mr. Chandler’s Ford Cortina. I guess it doesn’t compare too well with Mr. Burman’s Jag, but I don’t care; it goes okay. We chat about this and that, films mainly; it seems like he’s seen a lot of the same films that I have. Even though we don’t agree about some of them, there’s none of this “I’m an adult and you’re just a kid, so I’m right” like I get from most adults. We have different views; I respect his and he respects mine. He has to be the coolest teacher ever. After forty minutes driving through the countryside we reach the edge of London, the streets unusually quiet. We drive on, past Clapham Common and The Oval cricket ground with the big gas-holders next to it. We cross the river, quickly finding ourselves in the heart of London. It’s the first time I’ve seen this area with hardly any people in it. Around Trafalgar square, through a few back streets and across Shaftesbury Avenue; we finally come to a halt outside a building in Wardour Street.

“Well, this is it,” Mr. Chandler says quietly.

I take a look around; the area seems to be completely deserted. We get out of the car, go to the door of the building and ring the bell. We stand there for what feels like ages. I’m worried; suppose Tim’s not here? We’ll have made the journey for nothing and we’ll have no film to take back to school. Shit! Suddenly the door swings open. A tall, slim guy with shoulder length dark curly hair is smiling at us.

“Come in!” he says brightly. “I’m Tim.”

We go inside.

“Paul Chandler,” Mr. Chandler says. “And this is Toby.”

“Hi Toby!” Tim says, grinning at me. “So you’re a friend of Russell’s?”

“Yeah.” I say quietly.

“His dad says you want to be a film director.”


“That’s pretty cool,” he says. “We know James very well here,” he continues, talking more to Mr. Chandler. “We process almost all the stuff he works on. He’s great; he’s produced some of the best drama’s the Beeb’s ever shown, really nice guy too. You meet some right arseholes in this business, I can tell you!”

I smile to myself. I sort of knew most of that already; if it says ‘produced by James Pearson’ on the credits you know it’s going to be worth watching.

“Want a cup of tea?” Tim asks.

“Please!” we chorus in unison.

We sit around, drinking tea and chatting about this and that. I find out that Tim’s twenty four, a year older than Mr. Chandler, and he’s been working there since he left school six years ago.

“Okay,” he says grinning at me. “Time to get some work done!”

We move through to the editing suite. Shit! The equipment they’ve got is amazing; I’ve never seen anything like it. Tim takes a little time to explain what each piece of equipment does and then we get down to it.

“You’ve done pretty well,” he tells me, “very well, in fact. Not everything has come out perfectly, but you’ve got some really good stuff here.”

We start working our way through the film, deciding which parts to leave out and how to cut the film together. Man! He is so cool! He never says, “Oh, we’ll do it like this,” he explains the different alternatives we’ve got then lets me make the decision. Russell’s javelin throw has come out beautifully, and Callum’s high jump. Finally, we reach the part I’ve been itching to see ever since I filmed it, Will’s hurdles race.

“Now this I really like,” Tim says before playing the clip.

I watch as it goes through. YES! YES! YES!! I’m so elated; it’s the best thing I’ve done by miles!

“How did you learn to do that?” Tim asks.

“Just, you know, after school, when they were practising, getting myself into different positions to find out where I needed to be to get the best shots.”

“Any professional camera man or cinematographer would be happy to have got that footage,” he says quietly. “Keep working at it, you’ll do well.”

“Thanks,” I say.

I treasure those words. This is a guy that’s worked in the industry for six years; he knows what he’s talking about. He told me when I’d messed something up and we had a laugh about it. Now he’s just confirmed what I already knew; if I really put my mind to it, I can make it.

Half an hour later, we’ve finished. We return to the lounge room for another cup of tea while Tim runs off a copy to give to Russell’s dad. It seems he works unbelievably long hours. People think of the film industry as being very glamorous, with people going to parties the whole time; they don’t see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I’m just starting to learn about that side of it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s the last week of the summer term. Normal classes are suspended; we have three days of activities before going home on Thursday. Before the activities start, we have to collect our trunks from the trunk store and pack all our stuff in them. The van comes to collect them on Monday lunchtime, so that they arrive at home about the same time as we do. The collection of trunks is supervised by Mr. Halford. I can’t help smirking as I go to collect mine. I’ve got a key to the place right here in the pocket of my shorts and he has no idea I’ve got it, let alone what’s been going on in here, and I’m going to make damn sure it stays that way.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s Tuesday and I’m finally getting to show my film, three times in fact; once for upper fourth, once for third year and lower fourth, and once for the first and second years. It’s all voluntary though and there are other things going on at the same time, so I’m not sure how many kids will turn up. Suppose it’s only a handful? What a bummer that’d be after all the work I’ve put in! Upper Fourth get there turn first; fifteen of them troop into the science lab. That’s half of them, including kids who didn’t actually do that much; I can’t complain about that. There’s a buzz around the room as soon as they see how much better it is when it’s in colour. Then they settle down, watching with rapt attention right to the end of the film. At the end several of them come up to congratulate me, Callum and Russell, Henry Jarvis and two or three others.

“Man, that was fantastic!” Henry says, smiling broadly.

“Thanks,” I say quietly. “I’m pleased it went well. Mr. Chandler helped a lot, of course, and Russell’s dad, arranging to get the film processed. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

“But you filmed it,” he reminds me. “You’re a genius, man!”

That’s real praise; there’s a few seconds of him in the film, showing him winning the shot putt, and that’s it, but he’s still taken the trouble to come and tell me how good he thought it was.

The next showing is for third year and lower fourth. With twenty three boys and Mr. Cooper, the science lab’s almost full. More rapt attention and more praise afterwards with Will first in line.

“Thanks man!” he says, grabbing my hand, his eyes sparkling. “It was so clear; just amazing! I never thought you’d make it look like that! Er, any chance you could get a copy for me? I’d love mum and dad to see it.”

“Dunno,” I tell him. “I’ll have to ask Russell; see if his dad can fix up to get another copy made. If not, you can always borrow this one.”

“Thanks,” he says warmly.

The boys make their way out. Mr Cooper comes over to me.

“Well, that was even better than I expected,” he says, smiling at me. “You were right; doing it in colour makes such a difference. But it’s no less than you deserve; I saw how much work you put in beforehand.”

“Thanks, sir,” I say quietly.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The final showing’s for the first and second years. I’m very nervous about this; the film lasts almost twenty five minutes and there’s not much of them in it, it’s mainly the older boys. Will any of them turn up? If they do, will they get bored and start fidgeting and messing around? This could be a bit of a disaster. Anyway, it’s been timetabled in so we can’t call it off.

It’s time to go. Mr. Chandler opens the science lab door. Sixteen first and second year boys are lined up outside, not a huge turnout, but more than I thought we’d get, and quite enough to cause a problem if they do get restless They make their way inside and take their places. Fuck! Right now, all I want to do it get through it. Mr. Chandler makes the introductions; he’s just about to start the film when the door opens and Mr. Halford slips into the room! Shit! I’d never thought about him turning up! I wouldn’t say I’m pleased to see him, but at least it solves one problem; nobody’s going to mess about with him here!

The film passes off without incident; it was bound to really. As soon as it’s finished, Mr. Halford comes straight over to me.

“Well done, Toby, that was excellent,” he says, smiling at me. “Mr. Cooper and Mr. Chandler have been telling me about all how hard you’ve been working at it; that’s good to see.”

“Thanks, sir,” I respond, still very guarded when talking to him. “I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Chandler helping me, he’s been great, and Russell Pearson’s dad arranging to get the film processed; we can’t process colour film here.”

“Mr. Chandler tells me you want to be a film director,” he continues.

“Sir,” I say warily, expecting him to tell me I should be aiming for something a bit more, you know, ordinary.

“So what’s your favourite film?” he asks.

“‘If’,” I say provocatively. It’s not really my favourite, but I’m wondering if he’ll have even heard of it. If he has, I’m bloody sure he won’t like it.

“I thought you might say that,” he says, grinning broadly. “It certainly ruffled a few feathers, but it’s very flawed; the sort of regime it depicts, you know boys caning other boys, all that was abolished years before Anderson made his film. Have you seen ‘Kes’?”

“Yes, sir,” I say. “I saw it during the Christmas holidays.”

“And?” he asks.

I take a deep breath. “I was I tears at the end,” I tell him. “It was so sad.”

“Me too,” he says, nodding. “That’s a great film. So keep up the good work; I can see you making films like that one day.”

He leaves the lab; my head’s spinning. Usually he’s completely horrible to me then today he comes up and says that. I’m amazed he even knew about films like ‘If’ and ‘Kes’. I don’t get adults sometimes. I say goodbye to Mr. Chandler and make my way out onto the corridor. To my surprise a couple of first year boys are waiting for me.

Hi, Toby!” one of them says, smiling at me. “That was brilliant. You must be very clever to be able to do that.”

I look at him. There’s something in his eyes, something about the way he’s looking at me. Fuck! I’m caught totally off-guard; for one thing I don’t have a clue who he is. Last year I know just about everyone in the school, but this year I’ve not found out who any of the first year boys are; there’s been no reason to. Not a head-turner like Dominic, but still very cute, especially when he’s smiling like he is now. My dick starts to go hard in my briefs. Shit!

“Thanks,” I say, trying to get myself together. “I was worried you might get bored; most of it’s about the older boys.”

“Well I thought it was great,” he says, still smiling at me.

“And your name is?” I ask.

“Ian,” he says. “Ian Scott-Wilson.”

“Well, Ian,” I say. “Thank you very much. Have a good holiday; I’ll see you around in September.”

He walks off with his friend. After a few yards he looks over his shoulder, grinning at me. I can hardly believe it. He’s so cute; my dick’s gone so hard it hurts. What a fucking bonus this is! Well, I won’t have to worry about finding a younger boy to go with when we come back in September; he’ll be mine for the asking.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We’re nearly there; tomorrow morning we’ll go home and school will be over for another year. When I come back in September, Callum and Russell will have left and I’ll be in Lower Fourth. So this evening’s for Callum. I’ve enjoyed having sex with him from the first day we met, but it’s only in the last few weeks I’ve realised how close we’ve become, since he told me how much I’d helped him. I’d never thought about it before, but he’s helped me a lot too. I’m a lot calmer than I was; I still get into more trouble than most kids do, but I don’t do the stupid, spur of the moment stuff the way I used to.

We meet after supper by the edge of the woods. We could have used the trunk store, but now all the kids have taken their stuff out, it doesn’t feel so comfortable somehow. Anyway, on a warm summer evening like this, doing it out here seems much better. We make our way into the thick bushes and slip into our den. There’s no rush; we won’t be disturbed. I grin to myself; Russell and Dominic will be doing the same thing in another hiding place about fifty yards away. We sit on the ground just holding hands; neither of us seems to have much to say.

“You look sad,” I say finally.

“I am, a bit,” Callum says, not really looking at me. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I’m going to miss you too,” I tell him.

“But we have to move on, don’t we?” he says, putting his arm round my shoulder. “That’s how it is.”

I turn towards him, our mouths meeting in a delicate, sensuous kiss. Suddenly it’s not delicate at all; we’re all over each other, kissing passionately, tongues mashing together, feverishly pulling each other’s clothes off. In less than a minute we’re both naked apart from our socks. We don’t usually do that when we come out here, but today anything less would seem tame. Fuck! This is the last time we’ll do this; tomorrow we’ll go our separate ways and won’t ever see each other again. This needs to be something special!

Our lips part; I quickly lick my way down his body; finally reaching my prize, his beautiful cock, longer and thicker now than it was when we first did this, but still looking slim in proportion to its length. I swallow it hungrily, the head touching the back of my throat. I suck up and down, running my tongue all over the small, shiny head and right down his steel hard shaft. I quickly change positions, kneeling between his legs so that I can lick his balls, sucking each one right into my mouth. He gently strokes my hair, the touch of his long, slim fingers spurring me on. I plunge down on his cock, sucking it eagerly, flicking out my tongue to slash at his balls.

“Oooh, Tobee!!” he moans. “Careful, I don’t want to cum yet!”

I let him go and sit back on my heels, licking my lips and grinning at him.

“My turn now,” he whispers, pushing himself up onto his elbows. “Come on!”

Is he asking me to, you know, like I did with Luke? He licks his lips. He is! He wants me to fuck his mouth! I crawl into position, straddling his chest. He pushes up a little further, gripping my bum-cheeks. Instinctively I pump my hips, fucking my dick into his warm, wet mouth. I hold his head, fucking harder, faster, giving him everything I’ve got. A greasy finger slides into my bum. Man! The tingling in my cock is like, something else! After barely a minute my balls start to churn, pulled up tight in their sac. I hang on as best I can as my cock jams itself over and over against the roof of his mouth. Fuck! That was way out!

He slowly withdraws his finger, allowing me to sink back onto my heels, his hard cock prodding against my bum.

“Fuck!” I gasp, still struggling to get my breath back. “That was the best, man!”

“Cool!” he says, smiling. “So are you ready for, you know?”

Man! I’m always ready for that! I quickly get into position, down on all fours, knees well in front of my bum, my head almost on the ground. Then I get a shock. Something warm and wet is lapping at my bum-hole. Shit! He’s licking my bum! Fuck! I never thought he’d do that! His tongue moves right onto the spot, pushing insistently against the ring of muscle. Suddenly it slips inside. Fuck!

“Ohhh! Callum!” I groan. “Fuck, that’s far out man!”

He pushes it in deeper, the tip brushing against my prostate; I almost explode. It slides slowly out to be replaced by a long, greasy finger. A second finger joins the first, the two fingers gently pushing deep inside, twisting around as they do so. After half a minute they’ve gone too. Callum moves in close, the tip of his cock nuzzling against my pucker. With one quick thrust he spears it into me. He holds me round the tops of my legs, slowly pulling me onto him till his tummy’s pressed tight against my bum. It’s what I want; it’s what we both want.

“I haven’t cum for two days,” he says. “I’ve got a load of spunk saved up for you!”

He starts to bum me, going quite slowly at first. Gradually he builds it up, fucking me harder, fucking me faster till he’s going at it like a wild animal; I can’t believe how intense it is. It’s only a few minutes since I dry-cummed in his mouth, but my dick’s rock hard and throbbing like crazy.

“Play with my cock!” I whimper. “Please Callum!”

He reaches down and fondles it. That’s all it takes. My whole body bucks violently, my bum clamping tight around his cock. My dick jerks wildly between his fingers till it’s so sensitive I have to push his hand away, and right through all of it he’s kept right on bumming me without missing a beat.

“Toby!” he gasps. “I’m gonna cum! Ooh!! Oooh!! Aaaarrgghhhh!!!!”

His cock rears up deep inside me, his spunk spurting over and over into my bum. Man! That was the best ever! What a fuck to remember him by! After half a minute he slowly pulls out. I squat down, allowing his spunk to run out. He’s cum loads; I don’t know about two days; you’d think he hadn’t cum for the past week. We quickly get dressed. I slip some cotton wool into my briefs as I pull them on. I know I’ve got rid of most of it, but there’s always a bit that leaks out afterwards.

It’s time to go. Callum puts his hands round my upper arms, looking right into me eyes.

“Toby,” he says. “I want you to know that whatever happens to me, whatever I do and wherever I go, I will never, ever forget you.”

“Thanks,” I say. “You were my first; I’ll never forget you either.” I pause for a moment. “Callum, does this mean you’re, you know, gay?”

“I think so,” he says quietly. “When I’m on my own and thinking about sex, it’s always boys I think about.”

“Oh,” I say. “I guess I’m the same. I don’t know; I might start liking girls when I’m older, like most boys do, I’m not sure. I’ll always love doing this though.”

“That’s what Russell says,” he tells me as we leave the den. “Well, he’s going to find out pretty soon. Millfield’s co-ed; he won’t be able to do this when he goes there.”

We make our way back onto the school field, totally unconcerned about whether anyone’s watching us or not. It’s the last night of the school year; nobody bothers, that’s part of the tradition. I’m sad that I won’t see Callum any more, but it’s like he said, we both have to move on; that’s just the way it is.