I just disclaimed again, right? And if you don’t know what that means by now, well tough!

So Toby’s off on his holidays. I wonder what sort of naughty things he’ll get up to this time?

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So I finally make it back at home for the summer. We usually go on holiday straight away, but dad’s got to go to a big conference in Paris. It starts on Monday and goes on for three days, so they’ve had to put the holiday off for a week. After the fun I had at Easter, that suits me just fine.

I spend Thursday evening and most of Friday just pottering around, relaxing and trying to stay out of my sisters’ way. They irritate me more than ever. If girls are all like these two and their friends I don’t think I’ll ever like them! Finally it’s quarter past three. I wander down to my old primary school to meet the lads when they get out. Man, it’s such a gas to see them all again! It seems like they’re as pleased to see me as I am to see them; we have such a laugh.

“It’s weird,” Jason comments. “You go to this posh school with all these rich kids, but you haven’t changed at all. You’re still one of us.”

He’s got that right on. I’ll always be one of them.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We spend almost the whole weekend together. Dad hates it, but I don’t care; I stopped worrying about what he thinks ages ago. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just a world class pain in the arse. My school report’s far better than I’ve had before. I’ve not been in much trouble and apart from religious studies I’m doing well in all my classes, very well in some of them, English, art, science and history. Does he give me a pat on the back, praising me for the improvement? Does he fuck! He just says, “This still isn’t good enough, you know!” Well fuck him! I don’t give a shit what he thinks. Mum says to him, “Oh, I think you are being a bit harsh, dear.” He just ignores her, the same as he does when anyone says something he doesn’t like.

So we play soccer in the park, we go to the pool and in between times we just hang out together, at Jason’s house mainly. His mum and dad are pretty cool; they never seem to mind having the whole gang of us round there. With parents around I don’t get a chance to get together with Sean or Richard, but I’ve fixed up to meet them at Richard’s house on Monday after they finish school. I’m looking forward to that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Monday morning dawns bright and sunny. The lads don’t finish school till Wednesday afternoon, so I’ve got most of the day to myself. I eat breakfast then check the time; it’s ten past nine. I may as well go and see if Luke’s at home. I take the short walk to his house. I’m a bit wary about this; his parents don’t like me; if they’re at home there could be some awkward questions asked. Well, there’s no car in the drive, so I’m going to chance it. I ring the bell. Thirty seconds later the door swings open and there he is, wearing tight shorts and a tee shirt that’s a couple of sizes too small for him. Man, he is sexy!

“Hi, man,” he says, giving me a big smile, “How’s it going?”

“Not bad,” I tell him. “You?”

“Pretty good, thanks. I got into Charterhouse.”

“Cool!” I say, grinning back.

We make our way inside and head up to his bedroom.

“You know I told you about Callum, my older friend at school?” I ask.


“Well, that’s where he’s going. Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve told him that you’ll probably be there, He says he’ll look out for you. He’s a good kid; you’ll like him.”

“So what’s he into?” he asks.

“Everything!” I say, grinning at him. “Bumming, getting bummed, you name it.”

“So he likes it both ways then?”

“Yeah! So do I.”

“And me!” he responds, smiling at me. “Piers is staying at his friend’s house at the moment, but when he gets home he’ll want to fuck me the first chance he gets; he always does. I don’t mind; I love having his big cock up my arse.”

“Cool!” I say.

“Yeah! He rolls a joint and we smoke it together so I’m really relaxed then he fucks me stupid. It’s way out, man! So have you hooked up with your little cheeky friend yet?”

“Yeah; we haven’t had a chance to do anything yet; I’m meeting him this afternoon round at Richard’s house. They don’t finish school till Wednesday.”

“Oh, right!” he says. “So d’you think you could fix something up, you know, for Thursday morning, like we did before?”

“Probably; dunno, I’ll have to ask. Will Piers be back?”

“I’m not sure; he hasn’t said. I’ll have to ring him.”

“We’ll only have a couple of days,” I tell him. “We go to Italy on Saturday, and I get packed off to this kids’ holiday centre as soon as we get back.”

“I’ll tell him; I don’t know what they’ve got planned, but I’m sure he’ll make the effort to get home if he knows you two are going to be around.”

“Cool!” I say, giving him another cheeky grin. “So what’s his friend like, the kid he’s staying with?”

“Daniel?” Oh, he’s okay, quite cute actually. He’s fifteen, the same as Piers, but you’d never think it. He looks younger than me; he hasn’t even got any hair on his dick. Piers fucks him senseless.”

“Funny; I sort of guessed that’s what he’d be like. So what d’you want to do now?”

“You know what I want!” he says, smiling and licking his lips.

After five days with no sex I can hardly wait. We quickly undress each other, not that we’ve got much to take off. We fall back onto the bed, kissing and fondling each other, our cock’s grinding together, Luke’s tongue running over my teeth. Our lips pull apart. I snake around, putting my head on his tummy. He’s got more pubes than he had at Easter; his cock’s bit bigger too. I’m going to enjoy this! I pull the foreskin back slightly and lick the small, purple head. This is it! I moisten my lips and go right down on him. I love it, hard and hot in my mouth. I suck him eagerly, twisting my mouth around and working my tongue all over it.

“Oh, man!” he gasps. “That is way out! You and Sean suck better than any of the kids I’ve been with at school.”

I let him go and grin up at him. Without a word we swap places. I don’t know about the other kids at his prep school, but he sucks beautifully. A hand goes down between my legs; I spread them apart and pull my knees up. His lubed-up fingers stroke the sensitive area behind my balls until one of them touches my hole and pushes its way inside. Oh yeah! I want this! A second finger pushes in behind the first, the two of them twisting around, opening me up and stimulating my prostate. I feel myself getting close.

“Let’s do it, man!” I moan.

He releases my cock, his fingers sliding out of my bum. I get onto all fours.

“Can you cum yet?” he asks.

“No,” I tell him, shaking my head. “I think it’ll happen soon though.”

“Shouldn’t need a towel under you then,” he says. “Move back a bit so I can have you standing up.”

I do as he says. A moment later I’ve got his stiff cock right inside me.

“Do it, Luke!” I gasp. “Fuck me hard! I want your spunk up my bum!”

He sets to work, gradually building it up until he’s pounding my arse like the world’s about to end. My cock’s as hard as iron and throbbing wildly. He reaches down and fondles it. I almost explode.

“Ooooh!” I moan, hardly able to breathe. “Oh, fuck!!”

In less than a second I’m shaking all over, my bum tightening around Luke’s dick. My cock throbs and jerks between his fingers till it’s so sensitive it almost hurts. I push his hand away. He’s really going for it, fucking my harder than ever, his breathing becoming harsh and ragged. He grabs me round the hips, pulling me right onto him. His cock rears up inside me, his spunk flooding into my bum. After a few seconds he slowly pulls out.

“That was way out, man!” I tell him.

“Fuck!” he gasps, still trying to get his breath back. “It was for me too! Wow!”

I go to the bathroom to get cleaned up then we snuggle up on the bed. Right now life could hardly be better. This afternoon I’ll go to Richard’s house and the pair of us will fuck sexy little Sean into oblivion. Tomorrow I’ll be back here, and Thursday morning, well who knows? The next few days are going to be something else.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Those few days before we went on holiday were even wilder than I could have dreamed of; they were a complete gas! I’d tell you about it, but well, you know the pack-drill. So right now we’re in Italy, staying in a villa just outside Florence. It’s pretty cool, actually; the views are amazing. Today we’ve come into the city to visit some of the art galleries. We start off at the Uffizi. Man, this place is something else! It’s huge, and there are rooms full of stuff by all the great Italian painters, Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio, loads of them; I’ve never seen anything like it. They’ve got five rooms filled with stuff by Botticelli; amazing! I find the one Uncle Andrew told me about, ‘The Adoration of the Magi’, only the Magi aren’t the magi at all; they’re members of the Medici family who used to run this place. Well, they didn’t just run it; they pretty well owned it, you know, the whole fuckin’ city.

“That’s Cosimo de Medici,” I say to Kate who’s standing next to me, looking bored and fidgety. “That’s Lorenzo the Magnificent in the dark tunic and that’s his brother Giulliano standing by the horse. They had it painted as a symbol of how important the family were, like a bit of sixteenth century propaganda.”

She turns away, looking irritated.

“Why are you taking such an interest all of a sudden?” Dad says coldly.

“Oh, when I stay with Uncle Andrew he always takes me to places like this,” I say, “you know, the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery. He explains stuff to me,” I continue pointedly; it’s not something he’s EVER done. “Shows me what to look for and that; he told me I had to see this one.”

“Hmmph!” he responds, clearly annoyed that I was able to have a dig at him like that. Mum beams at me; he doesn’t like that either.

We move on; it’s just one unbelievable room after another. The girls have been a pain in the arse since we got here; by now they’ve become just about impossible and we’ve only been here just over an hour.

“Dad,” Liz says simperingly, snuggling right up to him and giving him a stupid girly smile. “Can me and Kate go and look round the shops? Mum’ll take us, won’t you mum?”

I hate it! I hate the way they wheedle round him like that! Mum’s got a look of resignation on her face; she’s going to go along with it just to keep the peace.

“And leave me with the wretch?” Dad says, an expression of mock horror on his face, like it’s some sort of private joke. “Go on,” he says, smiling indulgently. “We’ll meet you outside at one o’clock.”

The three of them disappear. Dad and I carry on through the different rooms without saying a word. I’m seething. If I’d asked him something like that he’d have bitten my head off, but he lets them do whatever they like. I check my watch; it’s five to twelve. To be honest I could stay here all day, but there’s something else I have to see.

“Dad,” I say, “Can we go to the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo’s ‘David’.

“Hmmph!” he says. “We’ll have to queue for twenty minutes just to get in.”

“I don’t care,” I say, looking him right in the eye. “I don’t want to come here and not see it.”

“Oh, come on then!” he says grudgingly.

We set off on the short walk. That’s like an exhibition in itself; there are cute looking boys all over the place! Some my age, some a bit older, some a bit younger, some locals, some tourists; my dick’s gone so hard it almost hurts. We arrive at the gallery. There’s a long queue, just like dad said. He looks really cross; it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be here. Well, fuck him! The statue of David is one of the greatest artworks in history and I’m going to see it.

Standing in the queue is pretty difficult; I’ve got nothing to do but look at, well, you know, boys! Shit! I look down at the ground and try to think of something else. It doesn’t work; I’m getting so steamed up I hardly know where to put myself. I glance down. Fortunately it’s sticking up flat against my tummy so it’s not that noticeable.

Finally we do get in. Man! Now that WAS worth waiting for. I just stare at it, open mouthed. How the fuck could anyone have made something like that?! For a start, it is massive! But more than that, it’s absolutely perfect. I walk all the way round; every single detail is spot-on. That is unreal! I move round to the front again. He seems to be looking right at me. Wow! And it’s not just perfect; it’s beautiful, absolutely stunning. Man! It was worth coming here just to see it. Wow!!

It’s ten to one; time to go. We stroll back to the Uffizi to meet mum and the girls.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

So finally I get to the kids’ holiday centre, down near Chichester. Actually, it’s a boarding school during term time, like Hartswood, but bigger, and with a lot more sports facilities. Best of all it’s near the sea, so some days we get minibus trips to the beach. This year I’m actually looking forward to it. Now that I’m eleven and I’ve got all my swimming certificates I’ll be allowed to do the water sports activities that I couldn’t do last year. Then there’s some art stuff I want to do, plus I’ve got the camera and several rolls of film. If the weather’s good there’ll be plenty of stuff for me to shoot, only black and white, of course, but Mr. Chandler says he’ll help me with it when we get back to school.

There’s another reason too, of course. Having been here before, I already know my way around. If I do find someone to have sex with I know a couple of places we can go. Make that ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Not all the kids that come here go to boarding school, but a lot of them do; I’m not going to be the only one that likes having sex with boys. After two weeks without any I’m so steamed up I hardly know where to put myself. I saw plenty of cute boys in Italy; there were even a couple staying in our hotel, but I never had a chance to get together with any of them. Well, it won’t be like that here.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure I could have got some action last year; I was too cautious, and I guess the older boys were a bit wary about making a move on someone as young as me, so it never happened. It won’t be like school either, with all the rules about who you can have sex with. If it’s what you both want, then do it; just keep it quiet and don’t get found out, the eleventh commandment again. I’ll be looking for all the sex I can get.

This time I’m in the big dorm with the rest of the eleven and twelve year olds; a dozen of us altogether. First off, I want to find someone in here. It’s not that I’m planning on any bed-hopping stunts, not unless some of the other boys are doing it. I’d maybe do that at school where I could be sure nobody would snitch on me; surrounded by a whole group of kids I’ve never met, it’s far too risky, and like I say, there are other places we can go.

When I get to the dorm, seven of the beds have already been taken. It’s not a problem; I pick one of the vacant ones and start sorting my stuff out. The other boys drift in and out. We introduce ourselves. There’s one obvious prospect. Sam’s twelve, goes to boarding school and seems very friendly. He’s several inches taller than me and slim, his voice has broken and by the bulge in his shorts I’m guessing he’s got quite a big one. Well, it looks like that’s one I’ve found! I’m not going to pursue it right now though. For one thing, he’s not really that cute, sort of ordinary looking; you’d walk past him in the street without even noticing him, and with him being older and taller than me it’s obvious he’d be the one doing the bumming. Right now that’s not really what I’m looking for. I’ll keep him for later.

There are a couple more twelve year olds. They’re very posh and think they’re so superior to everyone else; they’re harmless enough but not my type of kids at all. Wait till I meet them in some of the sports activities, then we’ll find out how superior they are! The other boys are all my age, only it doesn’t seem like it; they seem much younger somehow, all ‘mummy says this and daddy says that’, you know the type. There’s no way I could dream of trying anything with them. Shit! This is not looking good. Two more boys arrive, still nothing. Then HE shows up. He’s the one. Don’t ask me how, but I know straight away. It’s not that he’s stunning to look at; a bit smaller than me, slim, medium length brown hair, blue-grey eyes, a nice-looking kid but nothing exceptional. And it certainly isn’t that he’s got ‘I like boys’ tattooed on his forehead or anything; on the face of it he looks almost as ordinary as Sam. But there’s something about him, something in his eyes. I can’t put it into words, but it’s there.

He looks round rather nervously. As luck would have it, one of the only two beds still unoccupied is next to mine.

“Hi!” I say brightly, beckoning him towards me “Come over here, you can have this bed.”

He brings his things, dumping them on the bed next to mine.

“I’m Toby,” I tell him. “I just got here too.”

“Ben,” he replies quietly.

He starts to put his clothes into his locker. We chat about this and that. He’s at boarding school near Oxford and turned eleven only three weeks ago, so he’s nine months younger than me. He plays the piano, he’s into art and history, not that much into sport. He reckons the only thing he’s any good at is distance running, the one sport at which I’m completely useless; we have a good laugh about that. I show him the movie-camera. He seems fascinated, asking me loads of questions about my filming activities. Within a few minutes it’s like we’ve been mates for years. He’s quiet, a bit shy and clearly very intelligent. Best of all, he’s not got any of these stupid airs and graces; I like him a lot.

“Have you been here before?” I ask.

“No,” he says, shaking his head. “I’ve never been anywhere like this before; mum thought it’d be good for me.”

“I was here last year,” I tell him. “I’ll show you round if you like.”

“Thanks,” he says, giving me a little grin.

“Just a minute,” I say, smiling back. “I’m too warm in this.”

I pull off my Rugby shirt. I don’t want to boast, but I’ve got a bit more muscle on me than most kids our age, and not an ounce of fat anywhere. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him checking me out. I take a tee-shirt from my locker and pull it on. We head out onto the corridor, Ben walking along beside me, occasionally looking across at me with puppy-dog eyes. Oh yes! I knew he was the one the moment I saw him. I’m not going to rush things; there’s no need. By this time tomorrow we’ll have had sex; I just wonder how far things are going to go.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We wander back to the dorm. The last of the kids in our dorm has just arrived. His name’s Roderick; he’s twelve, about three inches taller than me, and very fat. He must weigh around one hundred and forty pounds, maybe more. Now he really does need a tattoo on his forehead; he’s got trouble written all over him. He finishes sorting his things out and stomps out of the dorm.

“I don’t like him,” Ben says quietly. “Did you see the way he was looking at people?”

“Yeah,” I tell him. “Well, if he starts trying to pick on you or anything, just tell me, okay?”

“Yeah, I will,” Ben responds, smiling at me. “Thanks!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The evening passes uneventfully. The fat kid doesn’t mix with anyone else in the dorm; well that suits me. Finally it’s time for showers before bedtime. A few of the kids are very nervous about stripping naked in front of everyone else, like they’ve never had to do that before. Well, if they’re not at boarding school, they probably haven’t. They still have to do it though. I take the opportunity to check out the other kids, taking care not to make it too obvious. One of the ‘mummy’s boys’ is very cute. That’s a bummer; I’d love to do stuff with him but it’s far too risky. He’d go and tell Steve, the centre manager, and I’d be out on my ear. Dad would have a field day with that; I’d never hear the end of it.

Roderick stomps across in front of me. His balls are quite big, but his cock’s partly hidden by rolls of fat. That’s gross!! I was right about Sam; for a twelve year old he’s got a monster, about four inches long soft, and thick, with big balls. There are already some dark pubes sprouting above his dick, loads more than Luke’s got. It looks like he’s checking the other boys out too. Ben’s showering right next to me. I guess he’s pretty average for a kid who’s just turned eleven, a slim uncut cock completely covered by his foreskin, small balls pulled up tight in their little sac and not a trace of hair on him anywhere. He’ll do for me!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After our morning activities we have half an hour free time before lunch. I find Ben sitting on his bed.

“Fancy going for a walk in the woods before lunch?” I ask quietly.

“Yeah, sure!” he responds, grinning up at me.

I lead the way, taking the path towards the open-air swimming pool. Right in the middle of the woods I veer off onto a side track.

“Where are we going?” Ben asks.

“You’ll see,” I tell him. “There’s something I want to show you.”

The track narrows down between some thick bushes then suddenly opens out onto a large clearing. In the middle is an old corrugated iron shed, open at one end. A small tractor is standing there, looking like it hasn’t been used for years. I lead the way past it. At the back of the shed is a work bench and a rough wooden trestle a couple of feet high.

“I wonder what this place is doing here?” he says.

“Dunno,” I say casually. “I found it last year when I was out exploring; looks like nobody uses it any more.”

“Cool!” he breathes, grinning at me.

I take a deep breath. This is it. We don’t have long; if I’m going to make a move I need to do it now. I put my arm round his shoulder.

“Do you like me?” he asks, looking right into my eyes.

“Yeah,” I tell him. “I like you a lot.”

“I like you too,” he says quietly.

I put my hand on the front of his shorts. He isn’t hard, but that’s probably because he’s a bit nervous. I’m guessing I won’t have too much trouble putting that right.

“Have you done this before?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says nodding. “I’ve got a friend at school. He’s twelve; plays in the Rugby team. He’s really nice.”

“Great!” I say, sliding my other hand up inside his polo-shirt. His skin is so smooth it feels like silk.

He helps me off with my tee-shirt. I drop it on the work bench.

“You’ve got a beautiful body!” he whispers. “Really strong!”

“So have you,” I say, returning the favour.

“No I haven’t; I’m too skinny,” he says disconsolately.

“No you aren’t,” I say, admiring his scrawny little body.” You’re just slim. That’s nice.”

He starts undoing the clip at the top of my shorts.

“Does anyone else come here?” he enquires.

“Dunno, never seen anybody.” I tell him.

He pulls down the zip and pushes my shorts down over my hips. They fall to the floor.

“You’ve got a hard-on!” he says, giggling. “My friend at school always has a hard-on when we do this.”

“So don’t you get hard then?” I ask.

“I do when he plays with it,” he says.

Hmmm! Like Sean then; well that’s not a problem. I lean forward, gently pressing my lips to his, my fingers running up and down his back. He’s not too experienced, but I’m guessing it’s not the first time he’s kissed a boy.

“Open your mouth,” I whisper.

He does as I say, allowing my tongue to probe inside. He goes wild! He’s hanging onto me like his life depended on it, our tongues mashed together. Wow! I never thought he’d go for it like that!

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps as we pull apart. “Oh, that was great!”

He kneels down and quickly pulls my briefs down round my ankles.

“Beautiful cock!” he breathes, smiling up at me. “That’s a real nice one, man!”

He holds it around the base and takes it into his mouth. Oh yeah! I’ve been waiting two weeks for this! It’s clearly not the first time he’s done it either; the sensations are way out. I stroke his hair. Man, I’ve hit the jackpot meeting him! He’s so sexy, exactly the sort of kid I hoped I’d meet. Fuck! What a holiday this is going to be!

He lets me go and looks up at me.

“Was that good?” he asks.

“Fantastic!” I tell him. “Okay, stand up; it’s my turn now!”

He gets to his feet. I squat down on the trestle and skin his soccer shorts down his legs. He’s still not hard. I run my hands over his bum and pull down his underpants. I lean forward and suck right down on it, my tongue darting out to slash at his balls. In less than five seconds he’s as hard as steel covered in velvet. Wow! I suck eagerly, working my tongue all over it. Fuck! I’ve missed this so much these past two weeks! Without missing a beat I take the KY from the pocket of my shorts and smear some on my fingers. I’m not sure if he’s into this but it’s worth a try; if he doesn’t like it I’ll stop.

I slip my hand between his legs, sliding my fingers along his crack. I locate his bum-hole, massaging it gently with my middle finger. There’s no hint of him pulling away. Let’s do it. I push inside. He opens his legs a bit wider and flexes his knees a little, allowing my finger to go right up him. I touch his hard little prostate. Suddenly he’s fucking my mouth like a wild animal, holding my head and pumping his hips like the world’s about to end. It doesn’t take long; in less than a minute his bum clamps tight around my finger, his cock jerking wildly in my mouth. He lets out a long sigh. I let him go. His cock’s still rock hard, a slim three and a bit inches, the foreskin completely covering the head.

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps. “That was fantastic, man!” He pauses for a second. “Are you going to bum me?”

“Does your friend at school do that?” I ask.


“And do you like it?”

“Yeah, I love it!”

“Come on then,” I say grinning.

He points to the tube of KY, which is next to me on the trestle. I stand up and pass it to him. He squeezes some out and smears it over my dick. Fucking hell! His touch is unbelievable; I almost dry-cum right there.

“Can you squirt?” he asks.

“No, not yet,” I tell him.

“That’s cool,” he says, grinning at me. “I still want you to do it.”

He positions himself bent over the trestle. I move round behind him. His bum-hole’s fully exposed. It twitches invitingly. I work a little more lube into him then move in close, guiding my cock onto its target. With one hard thrust the head’s right inside him.

“Ooh, Toby!” he gasps. “Oh, yeah!”

I hold him round the hips and slowly pull him onto me. I can’t believe how tight he is. I’d guess he’s not been bummed since the school holidays started, and he’s probably never taken a big one like Sean and Dominic have. I set to work, fucking him with long, powerful thrusts. His little bum is so hot and tight the intensity is unbelievable.

“Oooh!” he moans. “Oh, that’s fantastic! Do it harder!”

I pick up the pace, giving him everything I’ve got; in less than no time I’m getting close. I reach down and fondle his dick. It twitches between my fingers. A moment later his whole body bucks violently, his bum tightening round my cock, his dick coming to life in my hand. I’m right there too, balls churning, tummy muscles tightening, but there’s something different, my cock tingling like it’s about to explode. I’m so light headed I almost fall over. Then it happens. My cock rears up inside him, two or three little jets spurting into his bum. What the fuck??!! Then it hits me. Oh fuck! I’ve done it! I’ve shot my spunk into his arse! Man, that beats everything!

Slowly and carefully I pull out of him. I’m gasping like an old steam engine, my cock, well, sensitive just doesn’t come close, and my balls feel like they’ve been put through a lemon squeezer. Shit, man, that was too much! I’d no idea it’d feel like that!

“Oh, Toby,” Ben moans. “That was unreal!”

“Yeah, man!” I gasp. “Something else!”

He turns towards me, pulling up his shorts. “I thought you said you couldn’t squirt?” he says giggling.

“I couldn’t!” I say, still struggling to come to grips with what just happened. “I’ve never done that before!”

“Cool!” he says, giving me a big grin. “Well now I’ve got your spunk up my bum! Yeah!”

We quickly get dressed and make our way back. I’m on cloud nine and then some. I’ve been here less than twenty four hours and already I’ve found I cute little bum to fuck; I’ve cum for the first time right up the kid’s arse, and if I want to get bummed I’m sure Sam will be quite happy to oblige. Man, this is going to be the holiday of a lifetime!