All the usual dislaimers apply; here endeth tonight’s lesson.

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I spot Eliot and his friends heading towards the refectory. I call him over.

“You okay?” I ask.

He nods, giving me a sexy grin.

“You know the big oak tree by the cricket pitch?” I ask.

Another nod.

Meet me there after supper, okay?” I whisper.

“Yeah, where are we going?”

“I’ll show you,” I say, not wanting to give too much away.

Eliot trots off to re-join Michael and André. We wander into the dining room. Steve’s there as usual, but he’s got someone with him, big guy, around forty I’d guess, dark wavy hair just starting to go grey; still very good-looking for someone that age. He must be someone important; I can tell by the way Steve’s talking to him. At the end of the meal, Steve comes across to me.

“When we’ve finished, come to the office,” he says quietly. “Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble.”

He makes the afternoon announcements and sends us on our way. I stroll along to the office; the door’s open so I walk straight in. Steve’s there and the big guy’s still with him.

“Close the door, please,” Steve says.

The big guy gets off his chair and puts out a hand.

“So you’re Toby,” he says, “pleased to meet you.”

We shake hands.

I’m John Slater,” he continues, “managing director of Apollo Children’s Holidays, Steve’s boss in other words. I’m very concerned about what happened last night; that was a very nasty attack. It was lucky that Steve and Matt were close by and were able to deal with the situation. The first thing I wanted to do was to make sure you’re all right.”

“Yeah,” I say, grinning at him. “My neck’s still a bit sore, but I’ll be fine. I went canoeing this morning, no problem.”

“That’s good,” he says. “I hear you’re doing very well with your canoeing.”

“Yeah, I’ve never done it before; it’s great!”

“Toby,” he says, looking more serious. “I have to ask you this. What are you going to say to your parents about what happened?”

“Nothing,” I say, shrugging. “Dad couldn’t care less and mum would get worried and wouldn’t let me come back next year.”

“So you do want to come back, then?” he asks.

“Oh yeah! I’ve been having a great time!”

I have to stop myself giggling, wondering what he’d think if he knew what I’ve been doing to have such a great time; he obviously hasn’t a clue.

“That’s good!” he says. “We talked about canoeing. I notice you’re only down to do it this week.”

Yeah,” I say, giving him a wry smile. “I asked dad if I could do it both weeks, but I’ve never done it before and he said I might find I wasn’t any good at it and he’d have wasted his money.”

“So would you like to do it next week as well?” he asks.

“Yeah!” I say enthusiastically.

“Are there any spare places, Steve?” he asks.

Yes,” Steve says quietly. “There are only five boys down to do it next week.”

“Excellent,” John says, smiling. “You can have that on us. Are there any other activities you’d like to try?”

I think for a moment. I can do all the stuff I want to do when we go to the beach, I’m learning to play table-tennis, and with the canoeing and getting together with Ben and Eliot I’ve got plenty to do.

“Not really,” I say. “There is one thing though.” I turn to Steve. “You know Sam? Well he told me he’d have liked to do canoeing but his mum and dad couldn’t afford it. “Would it be okay for him to do canoeing next week too?”

Steve nods.

“Excellent!” John says. “It’s good to meet someone who doesn’t just think of themselves all the time”

“Oh,” I say, feeling a bit embarrassed, “it’ll be cool to have one of my mates in the class.”

“Toby,” he says, looking serious. “You’re an intelligent young man; you might as well know the background to all this. But it is confidential; you must not repeat what I tell you to anyone. D’you understand?”

“Yeah, sure,” I say.

Roderick lives in a children’s home,” he says. “He’s been in care since he was four. Now in the five years we’ve been running this business we’ve taken quite a few kids from deprived backgrounds, and up to now there’s never been a problem. So when we were asked to take Roderick, we asked about behaviour, as we always do, and we were told that he’d had some problems in the past but he was much better now and there should be nothing to worry about. If we’d had any idea what he was really like and how violent he could be we’d never have allowed him to come here. We’re not geared up to deal with kids like him, and in any case you wouldn’t want us watching you every minute of the day, now would you?”

“No,” I say. “They don’t even do that at school. Thanks for telling me; I promise I won’t say anything.”

And let me also say,” he continues, “that I think you did exactly the right thing, intervening the way you did. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and I’m pleased you were prepared to do that. If you hadn’t, those three youngsters would have had their holidays completely ruined.”

“Thanks.” I say quietly.

Right!” he says. “Off you go and enjoy the rest of your holiday!”

I head off down the corridor like I was walking on air. I’ve got another week of canoeing, and to make it even better I’ll have Sam alongside me. Man, what a gas that’s going to be! But best of all, John talked to me the same way Uncle Andrew does. He’s a cool guy; I wish more adults would treat me like that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After a couple of hours playing rounders I meet up with Sam. We check that’s nobody’s watching us then head towards the pool.

“So which bit of good news would you like first?” I ask quietly.

“What?” he says. “What good news?”

Well,” I say, the first piece of good news is that the big guy who was with Steve at lunchtime is the boss of the company that runs this place. He was obviously worried about what I was going to tell mum and dad. I told him straight that I wasn’t going to say anything; for fuck sake dad would probably say it was my fault and mum would stop me coming here next year. Well, he seemed pretty relieved about that. He said I could go canoeing next week free, so I asked if you could do it as well, and he said yes.”

“Hey! Thanks, man!” he says, grinning at me. “That’s going to be great! Er, so what’s the other good news?”

“You’ve got an appointment after supper.”

“Appointment? Who with?”


“Ben? Are you serious?”


But don’t you mind? I thought, you know?”

Yeah, but it’s not like we’re at school, is it? So let’s just have fun! I told Ben you fancy him. He thought I wouldn’t like him going with someone else, but when I told him it was okay he went for it like a shot; I knew he would.”

Thanks man!” he says, smiling warmly. “But what are you going to be doing?”

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” I tell him.

He pauses for a few seconds. Suddenly his face brightens.

“It’s that younger kid, isn’t it; the one you rescued.”

“Could be,” I say.

“Does Ben know?” he asks.

Yeah,” I say casually. “He wants to go with you, so he can hardly object to me going with Eliot, now can he?”

“Man! You are something else!” he says, shaking his head in disbelief.

We reach the den.

“So what d’you think?” I ask.

“This is good,” he says. “Once you’re in here there’s no way anyone would spot you.”

“That’s right,” I tell him. “This is where Ben will bring you after supper; we use this place a lot.”

“Man, I can’t wait!” he breathes.

“Just one thing,” I say. “Have you got any lube?”

“Yeah, sure!” he responds, grinning at me. “I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get to use it!”

You’ll need plenty,” I continue. “Ben’s unbelievable sex, but he’s very tight. He’s only ever been with me and this kid from his school, and it sounds like he’s not very big either. So take your time, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” he repeats. He pauses for a moment. “You do care about him then?”

“Ben’s a great kid,” I say quietly. “I care about him not getting hurt.”

“Yeah, well I’ll be careful,” he says. “If he can’t take it, I’ll stop, I promise.”

“That’s cool,” I say. “Okay, there’s somewhere else I want to show you.”

We leave the den. I lead the way to the shed.

“Man, what’s this place doing here?” he asks, his eyes widening.

“Fuck knows,” I say. “Looks like it hasn’t been used for years.”

We make our way inside.

“Wow, this is amazing!” he whispers. “You could do just about anything in here!”

I reach down and feel his hard bulge.

“Want some fun?” I ask.

Yeah” he says, sucking in some air. “Let’s do it!”

I sit down on the old trestle and undo the button at the top of his denim shorts. I pull down the zip. He’s so slim they fall straight to the floor. The hard bulge in his underpants sticks up above the waistband; he’s got an amazing cock for a twelve year old. I pull them down, allowing it to spring free. Wow! A thick five and half inches, the piss-slit just visible past his foreskin; I slide the skin back to expose the head, my tongue working all over it. I slide the skin forwards again, then take it into my mouth, gradually working my way down till his pubes are tickling my nose. I begin to suck, taking it nice and slow, my finger caressing his large heavy balls.

“Oh, man!” he groans “That’s way out!”

I suck it some more, twisting around on it, working my tongue all over the shiny purple head. His breathing starts to get ragged. I let him go, licking my lips. Man, he’s got a beauty! I hope mine will be that size in a year or two. We swap places without a word. In a matter of seconds my shorts and briefs are round my ankles. He plunges down on my cock, sucking it right down to the base. His hand slides between my legs, a finger quickly locating my bum-hole. Oh, yeah! I flex my knees, sitting back on it. He releases my cock, looking up expectantly.

“Can I bum you?” he whispers.

“Yeah!” I tell him.

He gets to his feet.

“Shit!” he curses. “I didn’t bring the lube.”

I’ve got some,” I say, retrieving it from the pocket of my shorts. I pass it to him. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” I ask, grinning. “You’ll be meeting Ben straight after supper; you wouldn’t want to disappoint him!”

“Don’t worry about that,” he assures me. “I haven’t cum for two days; give me half an hour and I’ll be ready to go again.”

Not sure I will,” I say. “I fucked Ben just before lunch, so don’t touch my cock, okay? I want to have some spunk left for Eliot.”

Sure, not a problem” he says. “Are you going to bum him?”

Dunno,” I say shrugging. “He says he wants to suck me off, so we’ll see how it goes.”

“He’s got a beautiful little arse,” Sam whispers, the tone of his voice telling me exactly what he’d like to do. “Have you seen those shorts he’s wearing?”

I nod, trying to stop myself giggling; I’ve been thinking the same thing just about all day. I position myself over the trestle, a position I’ve had Ben in four times at least. Sam begins to work the jelly into my bum. He knows what to do all right, using just one finger for the first minute or so then pushing in a second one.

“Are you ready?” he whispers.


It’s been three weeks since I got bummed. Mind you, that was Piers’ monster and even Sam’s not as big as that. He moves in behind me, his greasy cock nuzzling against my hole. He pushes hard. I relax and let it slide into me. Very slowly he pulls me back till I’ve got the whole thing, his pubes squished up against my arse.

“I don’t know about Ben being tight,” he growls, “you’ll do for me!”

He’s off and running, bumming me with long, powerful thrusts, pulling almost right out before he stuffs it back in again, his cock hitting my prostate every time. Man, this kid can fuck! Gradually the pace increases and the intensity with it. He’d only have to touch my dick and I’d cum all over the place. He doesn’t, of course; he does what I told him. Behind me, he’s going at it harder than ever, his breathing getting noisier with every thrust; if Ben can take it up there he’s going to love it.

Oh! Oh yeah!” he gasps. “Fuck! Nng! I’m gonna cum!! Nnng! Nnng! Aaarrrggghhh!!!”

His cock rears up inside me, several volleys of thick, creamy spunk spurting into my bum. My dick’s twitching like crazy. Fuck, I missed cumming by millimetres! Still, I’ve got to save that for later.

Slowly he pulls out. I squat down in the corner and let the spunk run out of me. He’s cum loads, like Piers and Russell do. I clean myself with a tissue and place a piece of cotton wool in my underpants as I pull them back up.

“Seems like you were expecting that,” he comments.

Pretty much,” I say casually. “You told me what you’re into.”

You’re unreal, man,” he says, putting an arm round my shoulder. “You’re only the second kid I’ve bummed. That was fantastic! Best fuck ever!”

You did okay yourself,” I say, grinning at him. “I nearly spunked without you even touching my cock. And if you think that was good, wait till you’ve done it with Ben!”

We slowly make our way back, wandering into the buildings and along to the games room like nothing’s happened.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As I stroll across the playing field, Eliot’s sitting under the large oak tree. I flop down next to him.

“You, okay?” I ask.

He nods.

Where are Michael and André?” I ask.

“Not sure, the television room I think. They know I’m meeting you. Don’t worry; they’re cool.”

“Are you sure?”

They’re at boarding school too,” he says casually. “They know what goes on. They’ve never been with an older boy, or at least they say they haven’t, but they know boys who have.”

I’d never thought of it like that. It sounds about right. André and Michael are both quite ordinary looking, not the sort of kid that the older lads would chase after.

“Are you ready then?” I ask.

“Yeah, where are we going?” he responds, repeating his question from earlier.

“A place in the woods that Ben and I use,” I say quietly. “I discovered it when I was here last year.”

We get to our feet. I check around; nobody’s paying us any attention. We’re on our way. We don’t talk much; I guess we’re both a bit nervous. Five minutes later we arrive at the shed.

“This place is cool,” Eliot says, giving me a sexy smile. “You’d never guess it was here.”

Yeah,” I whisper. “I don’t think we’ll be disturbed.”

I lead the way to out usual spot behind the tractor. He doesn’t hesitate, running his hand over the front of my shorts.

“You’re hard already!” he breathes, his eyes shining.

I don’t even have to ask. He kneels down in front of me, quickly pulling down my shorts and underpants.

“Nice cock!” he whispers. “Can you cum?”

“Yeah!” I mouth, nodding.

He licks his lips and swallows it whole, his nose pressed to my tummy. He sucks eagerly, his fingers caressing my balls and the sensitive area just behind them. Fuck! He is good! My cock twitches in his mouth. This will be over far too quickly if I’m not careful.

“Stop now,” I tell him. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

He does as I say and smiles up at me.

“Up you get,” I say.

He stands up. I sit on the trestle and skin his tight tennis shorts down his legs. Underneath he’s wearing skimpy red briefs that match his shirt. Man, he is sexy! I slide them down to his ankles. He’s hard too; his cock a little over three inches, slim and uncut. Nice! I go right down on it, sucking it right to the base. It feels great, warm and hard in my mouth. My tongue flicks out to slash at his cute little balls. He holds my head. Oh, he likes this! I slip my hand between his legs, sliding the middle finger along his crack. I touch his bum-hole. It’s very tight. I release his cock.

“Can I bum you?” I whisper.

I’ve never done that,” he says nervously. He pauses for a moment. “I guess I owe you, don’t I?”

That really hits me, all Uncle Andrew’s words flooding back. I tap the trestle, motioning for him to sit down. We squeeze up together, my arm round his shoulder.

I don’t want you to think that,” I say quietly. “You don’t owe me at all. Roderick was a dickhead. I want to bum you because you’ll like it.”

“So have you been bummed?” he asks.

“Yeah, lots,” I say, smiling at him. I don’t tell him that Sam did it a couple of hours ago; right now it’s probably better if he doesn’t know about that.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” he says.

The first couple of times, it hurt when it went up me,” I say. “But the boy I was with knew what he was doing, and he wasn’t very big, about like I am now, I guess, so it was okay. And when he started, you know, actually bumming me, that was fantastic.” I pause for a second, anxious not to seem too pushy. “How old are you anyway?”

“Nine,” he says proudly. “I’ll be ten in October.”

“Which day?”

“The seventeenth,”

Your birthday’s two days after mine,” I say, smiling at him. “I’ll be twelve; all the best people were born in October. And you like sucking?”

Yeah!” he says, grinning up at me. “I’ve sucked off quite a few of the older boys at school. I don’t do that now though. I met Martin; he’s really nice. The other boys liked to take me in the boys’ room and let me suck them off, but outside they wouldn’t even talk to me. Martin’s different; he looks after me.”

“Stops the bullies picking on you?” I suggest.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Martin’s in the rugby team; nobody argues with him!”

“Big cock?” I ask.

“Quite big,” he says.

We sit in silence for several seconds.

“I can’t help being like this,” he says suddenly.

“Like what?” I ask, somewhat taken aback.

You know, girly, effeminate,” he says. “I was just made that way.”

Acting, singing, dancing; they’re all I’ve ever wanted to do. My dad hates it. He used to tell mum off for turning me into a sissy. She didn’t; all she did was encourage me to do things I was good at. Dad thinks I should be playing football and rugby and stuff, like you do, but I’m just no good at things like that. I wanted to go to stage school but he wouldn’t let me. Mum and dad are divorced now but he pays the school fees, so he insisted I went to a ‘proper’ school, as he calls it. I hated it, especially when I first started. Then I met Martin; he’s helped me a lot. It’s still hard though.”

I really feel for him; I know all about having a dad who’s down on you the whole time.

“And you like boys, especially ones a bit older than you.” I say.

“Yeah,” he says quietly

That’s what’s special about him; he’s not trying to hide the way he is. He’s saying, “This is the way I am; take it or leave it.” It takes a lot of balls to do that. I gently turn his head so he’s looking straight at me.

“I’ve got every right to be the way I am,” I say softly, “And you’ve got every right to be the way you are.”

Our lips meet in a delicate, sensuous kiss, my hand reaching across to fondle his hard little spike. His mouth opens slightly. I push my tongue forwards, running it over his perfect teeth. He responds eagerly, his tongue meshing with mine. After a minute or so our lips part; his eyes are sparkling.

“You’re cool!” he whispers. “Even Martin doesn’t kiss me like that!”

Everything goes quiet again. For once I’m caught in two minds. My head’s telling me to let him suck me off and settle for that; after all he’s very good at it. My dick’s got other ideas. He’s got the most beautiful arse I’ve ever seen; I’m desperate to bum him.

“So where’s Ben?” he asks.

“He’s with Sam,” I say casually.

“Sam?” he enquires.

“Tall kid, very slim, straight dark hair.”

“Oh, him!” Eliot says, giggling. “He’s got a big one! I saw him in the boys’ room when he was having a pee. He didn’t notice me peeking at him. Don’t you mind him going with Ben?”

“We’re not at school; we’re on holiday, so let’s have fun. Sam’s a great kid and Ben likes him a lot, so what’s the problem?”

“You’re cool!” he repeats. “So does Ben like getting bummed?

“Yeah, he loves it.”

Martin wants to bum me,” he says, looking at the ground. “He said when we get back to school, then we’ll do it. It’s not that I don’t want him to, but …..”

His voice trails off.

“You’re afraid it’s going to hurt,” I say, completing his sentence.

He nods.

“Has he ever been bummed?” I ask.

“Dunno; I wouldn’t think so.”

“Then he might not know how to do it properly,” I say. “I was lucky; Callum had been getting bummed for a couple of years when I started going with him. He knew how to do it so it didn’t hurt too much.”

“Would you teach me?” he asks.

“Yeah, if you’re sure you want me to,” I say. “But if it hurts, or you don’t like it, just tell me and I’ll stop, okay?”

“Yeah!” he whispers.

I position him with his hands resting on the trestle. I kneel down behind him, pulling his cheeks apart. His bum-hole is perfect! Oh yeah! I lean forwards and swipe my tongue over it.

“Oh, Toby!” he moans excitedly. “You’re licking my bum!”

It doesn’t taste dirty and the musky smell is, like, something else. I push my nose right in there, my tongue pushing insistently at his hole. After a few seconds it goes in.

“Oooooh!” he groans, clearly loving the feeling it’s giving him.

So far so good; I pull back and lube up my middle finger. I gently work it around his hole then push gently. It goes in as far as the first knuckle.

“Is that okay?” I ask.

“Yeah!” he breathes.

Okay, I’m going to push in a bit further,” I tell him. “Relax and push out like you’re having a shit. Try not to tighten up; that makes it worse.”

I push steadily in. He winces slightly then begins to relax. I touch his knobbly little prostate.

“Ohhh!” he gasps.

“You still okay?” I ask

“Yeah,” he says, breathing quite heavily.

“Did that feel good?” I ask.

“Yeah!” he responds.

“Cool! You’re doing really well.”

I begin to finger-fuck him, touching his prostate every time I push in. I reach between his legs and fondle his cock; it’s as hard as iron.

“I’m going to put a second finger in now,” I say. “This will hurt to begin with. Just do like you did before and it’ll be okay. You’re doing great.”

I push my lubed-up index finger in behind the other one. He winces sharply.

“Take it easy,” I coo. “Just relax and push out; you can do it.”

After a few seconds the pressure on my fingers begins to ease. I push them in a bit further, twisting them round slightly. I touch his prostate again. His cock twitches like I just gave it an electric shock.

“All right?” I ask.

“Yeah, it’s okay now,” he says.

He’s as ready as he’s going to be. I let my fingers slide out. I get to my feet, smearing KY over my dick. I move in close, guiding it onto his hole. With one thrust I’ve got the head right inside him.

“Owwww!” he whimpers.

“Just relax,” I tell him, “This is going to feel really good soon.”

I wait patiently for him to get used to having my cock inside him. After maybe twenty seconds he starts to relax.

“Good boy!” I whisper.

I hold him around the tops of his thighs and slowly push in. I hit his prostate.

“Ohhh, Toby!” he gasps.

A moment later my tummy’s pressed tight against his cute little bum. I pause for a few seconds then pull slowly back till only the head’s still inside him. I stuff it back in again, much harder this time. I do it again then a third time, back, in back, in until I’m pounding his arse as hard as I can go.

The sensations from the hot little sheath around my cock are unbelievable. Fuck! I thought Ben was tight; Eliot’s in a different league completely. And the realisation that I’m the first boy to do this to him; man, that’s such a great feeling! He’s moaning and squeaking, just like Dominic does. I slide one hand off his hip and take hold of his hard, throbbing dick. Without any warning he shudders violently, his bum gripping my cock so tight that for a moment I can’t move, his dick coming to life between my fingers. He’s taken me right over the edge. I hold on tight and slam right into him, my spunk spurting over and over right inside him.

I sink down over his back. My heart’s thumping like I just ran the full length of the Rugby pitch. Wow! That was the best ever! I’ve cum so much my balls feel like they’ve been squeezed dry. Nine years old, as cute as they come, and I just bummed him senseless! Man, that is something else!

I slowly pull out.

“Are you okay?” I whisper.

He turns to face me, his eyes shining.

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps.

He flings his arms round my neck, pulling me into the wildest kiss in history.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I stroll back into the dorm. Sam’s all on his own, lying on his bed. I sit down next to him.

Where’s Ben?” I ask.

“Watching telly.”

“How did it go?”

Unbelievable,” he says, smiling at me. “You’d never think he was like that.”

“So did you bum him?”

“Yeah; he squealed a bit when it went up him, but once I’d got it in there he was begging for more. He’s the best, man! I’m glad I went with you before supper; I’d have cum far too quick if I hadn’t. I filled his bum anyway; he loved it.”

“Sounds like Eliot,” I say, grinning at him.

“So you did bum him, then?”

“Yeah; I was his first time. Man, he is so tight! And it was such a gas knowing he’d never taken it before.”

Yeah, that’s hot, man!”

I cross the dorm and flop down on my bed. There’s no more conversation; we’ve said it all. So now I’ve got two cute kids to bum. Man, what a gas that is! And when I want to get bummed I’ve got Sam here to do it for me. Fuck! I wonder how much better this holiday’s going to get?