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Classes have finished for the day. I stroll back to the dorm, aiming to chill out for an hour before going to prep. After my little excursion last night, I’m a bit tired. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but this morning I had to jump straight out of bed when the bell went to go and meet Ian; I wasn’t going to miss that. So I’m not just a bit tired; I’m knackered. Fortunately, I’ve got the place to myself. I lie on my bed, thinking about nothing in particular. Last night was weird. I still can’t get over Will going with Jeremy AND Mr. Cooper, but he obviously likes it, so it’s not really any of my business. Even fucking him felt weird; good but weird if you know what I mean. I’m guessing I’ll probably do it again though; I can’t see me being able to bum Ian any time soon, well, not without hurting him and I don’t want to do that.

The other weird thing was that after I’d told Will about Mr. Atkinson, I felt sort of relieved, like I didn’t have to carry it round on my own any more. Will was so cool about it, but that’s what he’s like; he’s one of the nicest kids you could ever meet. But that thing about liking it when Jeremy got rough with him; man, that blew my mind!

The door opens and Rob walks in; he looks excited about something. He sits on my bed.

I’ve got something to tell you.” he says


I was on my way back here when this third year kid came up and started chatting to me; said he’d seen me at rugby training yesterday, said he thought I looked really good, it was a bit embarrassing. Then he smiled and asked me if I’d like him to be, you know, my friend; came right out with it, just like that; I couldn’t believe it!”

So what did you say?” I ask.

“Man, I said yes, of course!”

“So you’re into that, then?”

“Fuck, man!” he whispers. “I get hard all the time; having one of the younger kids to help me out with it’s going to be a lot better than just wanking off!”

“True,” I say, grinning at him. “So who is this kid?”

“Peter Cranham.”

Not the cutest, but he’s okay, “I say casually. “You could do better if you wanted to. Have you seen that new kid in third year?”

No, man,” he says, shaking his head. “I’m too shy round kids I don’t know; I couldn’t just start chatting to them like that. Well, now I don’t have to. Peter’s nice, anyway; cute little arse!”

“That’s cool, then,” I say, smiling to myself; it seems like Rob knows more about what boys get up to than he’s letting on. “So have you fixed up to meet him again?”

“Yeah, tomorrow before lunch. Toby, d’you mind if I ask you something?”

I shrug.

“Last year, were you, you know ---?”

“Yeah,” I say, grinning.

“Callum Shawcross?”


I thought so,” he says quietly. “I never said anything; it wasn’t my business. So what’s the routine, you know, about taking kids to places?”

“Well first you’ve got to get on the list, and that means dealing with you-know-who,” I tell him. “After that you just have to slot in. Upper Fourth get first pick; they always do. Getting on the list shouldn’t be a problem for you, once you’re in the rugby team. I don’t think Jeremy will want me on the list whether I make the team or not.”

So have you found a younger kid too then?” he asks.

Yeah, pretty much like you did,” I say. “Remember when I showed the film I took of sports day? Well after I’d showed it to the first years, one of them waited outside the science lab for me, told me how clever I must be, all that shit. It was obvious what he was after. Anyway, I bumped into him on Monday. He didn’t actually ask me, he sort of got me to ask him.”

“So how old is he? Rob asks. “Nine?”


“Isn’t that a bit young?”

“Yeah, but he’s very cute.” I say.

“So I guess you haven’t been able to do anything yet either,” he says.

Well, I have actually,” I say quietly. “Monday to Friday after breakfast Upper Fourth have a meeting with Mr. Halford. You know the corridor by the science lab?”

He nods.

There’s never anyone up there at that time,” I continue. “Wednesday morning I took him to the boys’ room then I had him there again this morning. I wouldn’t want to have to do that all the time though; somebody would find out sooner or later and I’d be right in the shit.”

“So what did you do?” he whispers.

“Sucked each other,” I tell him. “He sucked me right off. I never asked him to; he just did it.”

“Did you cum?”

“Yeah; he swallowed it.”

“That’s hot, man!” he breathes. “You didn’t bum him, then?”

“Nah;” I say shaking my head and grinning. “He’s only nine and he’s very tight; I’ll have to take my time before he’s ready for that.”

He looks surprised.

You’ll have to be careful when you go with Peter,” I continue. “Don’t expect to bum him the first time you do it; if he’s never taken it, you’ll hurt him. You have to get him used to taking your fingers first.”

“Oh, right,” he says, clearly not quite getting it. I’m not even sure he knows about using lube. I may need to give him a few tips, but that can wait.

“Anyway, we both need to get on Jeremy’s list before we can do too much,” I say, stretching.

“Well, let’s wait till after the trials on Monday,” he says. “Once we’re both in the team we’ll sort it out with him.”

“I’ve got to get in yet,” I remind him.

“You’ll get in easy,” he says reassuringly. “Phil Cotton’s nowhere near as good as you.”

So that’s it; we wait until Monday and see what happens.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Sunday morning, lying in bed; I’ve just woken up and my dick’s rock hard. What’s the time anyway? I check my watch; it’s quarter past five. Shit! I can’t see Ian this morning ‘cause Upper Fourth don’t meet Mr. Halford on a Sunday; I won’t be seeing him till tomorrow. Well, I’ll have to do something about it. Go to the boys’ room for a piss; come back and have a wank before any of the others wakes up. I get out of bed and pad quietly across to the door. Peeing when you’re in this state is really difficult. I have to wait for what seems like ages for my dick to go down before I’m able to do anything. Eventually I manage it. Fuck, that’s better!

I wash my hands and stroll back to the dorm. I could jump in with William again, I know he wouldn’t mind, but I don’t feel comfortable with it; it’d be like I was taking advantage of him. Sure, we’ll do it again, but I’ll fix it up with him first. So it’s going to have to be a wank then. I reach my bed. In the early morning half-light I can see Rob, sleeping peacefully in the one next to mine. I get another of my mad ideas. He wants to bum Peter; maybe I should give him a bit of practical instruction. I open my locker, grab my old towel and a tube of KY and slip in next to him.

He’s sleeping in pyjama bottoms with no underpants. I reach in through the fly and gently get his cock out. I’ve seen it loads of times, but I’ve never seen him with a hard-on before. It’s not that big, but it’s already as big as Callum’s. He’s not got any hair down there yet, but that’s understandable; he won’t turn twelve for a couple of weeks. I quietly scoot down the bed. I hold the base between thumb and forefinger and lick it a couple of times. Nice! I slide my lips over it, pushing down till they meet my fingers. I suck slowly up and down, working my tongue over the small, spongy head. I breathe in deep, taking in his sexy boy-smell. Man, this is good! Suddenly he jerks violently, his cock springing out of my mouth. I look up at him; he’s staring at me, his eyes almost popping out.

“What are you doing, man?!” he whispers.

“Just helping you out,” I say, grinning at him. “Did you like it?”

“Fuck!” he gasps. “That felt incredible!”

I go right back to it, taking it nice and slow; I don’t want him to cum. Just listening to the way he’s breathing tells me all I want to know; he loves it! He’s getting too close; I let him go and snuggle up next to him.

“D’you want to bum me?” I whisper.

“Are you for real, or what?” he asks.

Sure,” I say nonchalantly. “I like it both ways. Right, first we need to get these off. I tug at his bottoms. He lifts his bum, enabling me to pull them down. I slip off my briefs.

“Now we need to get you ready,” I say, showing him the KY.

I smear some over his dick then get into position, pillow in the middle of the bed, towel over it; I lie face down, legs spread apart. I pass him the tube.

“Work some into my bum,” I whisper. “Use one finger to start with, then two.”

He looks a bit nervous, but he soon gets into it, pushing a finger right up me. He hits my prostate. Oh, yeah! He works it in and out. Man, that’s good! He puts a second finger in. Owww! He needs to be more careful doing that! The pain subsides. I look back at him, grinning.

“Okay!” I mouth.

The fingers slide out. He lowers himself onto me. I reach back, pulling my bum-cheeks apart. His cock settles right on my hole. I relax; it pushes right in, his tummy pressing tight against my arse. Man! That is nice! He starts to move, pulling back, thrusting in; pretty soon he’s got a real good rhythm going. He fucks me relentlessly, his cock hitting my prostate on every inward thrust. I needed this; it’s been two weeks since Matt and Sam bummed me at the holiday centre, but it’s not just that. Rob and I have been best mates for so long, for us to finally have sex is something else. My dick’s rubbing against the towel. I try to stay relaxed but it’s a lost cause. I shudder violently, my bum tightening sharply around Rob’s thrusting cock. My spunk squirts onto the towel in three or four little jets. Rob’s still going, pounding away harder than ever, his hot breath flooding my nostrils.

“Oh, fuck!” he gasps.

His cock swells and pulses inside me, his cum squirting into my arse. Oh, that was good! He slowly eases himself off me. I roll onto my side, putting the pillow back in its place. He flops down next to me.

Man!” he breathes. “That was far out! I never knew it’d feel that good! So have you bummed another kid?”

Yeah, a boy I met at the holiday centre,” I say casually. “He was well into it.”

“So are you going to bum Ian?”

“Yeah, when he’s ready; I’m not going to rush it.” I hand him the tube of KY. “You keep this,” I tell him, “I’ve got some more. And don’t be in too much of a hurry.”

“I won’t,” he says, grinning. “And thanks.”

I slip on my underpants and hop back into my own bed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Monday afternoon’s finally here. I make my way to the changing room and start to get into my rugby kit. This is it; this is where I have to show what I’m capable of. We trot out onto the field and sit on the grass while Mr. Cooper organises us into teams. For the first session, I’m partnered with Craig at fly half. He’s okay, but he’s not the quickest; not the most aggressive either. We win a scrum. I put the ball in and move around behind. It comes out on our side. I grab it and launch it at Craig. He fumbles and loses it. Damn! Another scrum; it’s their put-in this time, but our pack’s stronger than theirs. We win it against the head. I pick up the ball and send Craig a perfect pass. He takes it cleanly, but he’s too slow getting it out to the backs and the attack breaks down. This is not going well.

Now the other side’s on the attack, quickly moving the ball out to Jonathan Moore on the right wing. He’s not as quick as Will, but he’s not slow. He evades the first tackle and accelerates towards the corner. I sprint across and hurl myself at him. My arms close round his legs, bundling him into touch just a couple of yards short of the line. I get in a couple of other good tackles; that’s about it. The whistle blows; it’s time to change round.

This time I’ll be working with Julian Lees, Dominic’s brother. Now he’s a good player; he got in the team towards the end of last season when the regular fly half got injured. At our first scrum, I collect the ball and spin it out to him. In one movement he gets it out to the backs and we’re on the attack, surging downfield. I sprint forward to join the line; there’s an overlap on. Ashton Hayes moves the ball back inside. I take it on the run and head diagonally for the left corner. Outside me, Will’s moving up on the wing. The defenders charge across to cover us. Instead I flick the ball the other way, leaving them stranded. Brian Harper collects the pass and sprints to the line, crashing over under the posts. Now that was much more like it!

For the final match-up I’m partnered with Julian again. This time the other side has the stronger pack and we’re struggling to win much ball. Finally we win a scrum on the halfway line, ten yards in from the left touch line. The ball comes out on our side. The defenders are covering Julian and the backs, ranged away to my right. But they’ve left a big gap; between the centre marking Julian and Jon Moore on their right wing, there’s nobody. I grab the ball, but instead of passing it, I sprint round the other side of the scrum and charge towards the line. One of their loose forwards breaks away from the scrum and tries to tackle me, but I’m too quick for him. Jonathan sprints across but doesn’t go in hard enough. I break the tackle and plough on. I’ve made twenty five yards before they finally bring me down.

It’s all over; I’ve given it everything. We squat down on the grass, while Mr. Cooper finalises the team. He’s got Mr. Farnham, the new English teacher with him; I thought he might be a rugby player; he’s certainly got the build for it. It sounds like they’re discussing one or two places; I hope scrum half isn’t one of them. Finally Mr. Cooper calls us to order. I listen intently as he reads out the names. He starts with the forwards. Justin has got in at hooker, Adam Hayward, who’s built like a tank, as loose-head prop and Rob as open side flanker. All the rest of the pack is from Upper Fourth. That’s to be expected; size and weight count for a lot if you’re playing there. This is it.

“Scrum half, Toby Redman,” he announces.

I thump the ground. I’ve worked my socks off; I’m over the moon to have made it. Rob puts out a hand and smiles.

“Told you!” he whispers.

I listen almost in a daze while the rest of the names are read out. Julian will be at fly half, but he was always going to get that place. Will’s going to play on the left wing and a new kid in our year called Paz will be at full back. Actually his name’s Pascal Donnelly, but Paz is what everyone calls him. He’s a fraction taller than me with long ash blond hair, a pretty good player from what I’ve seen of him. We trudge back to the changing rooms to shower and dress. Rob and I wander back to the dorm to collect our things for prep.

“I can’t believe Will got in,” he says.

“Oh, I can,” I say, smirking.

“Uhh?” he says, giving me a strange look.

I check to make sure there’s nobody about. There isn’t.

“Jeremy’s fucking his arse,” I tell him. “And Mr. Cooper.”

He looks at me like I’ve gone mad. I take a deep breath.

You, me and Will have been mates since we started here, right?” I say.

“Yeah, course we have,” he says.

So what I’m telling you is between the three of us,” I say firmly. “If anyone else realises what’s going on, that’s down to them; we don’t breathe a word to anyone.”

I don’t wait for a response, there’s no need; Rob’s lips are sealed. I tell him the story, from seeing Will’s bum while he was drying himself right down to my visit to Will’s bed.

“That’s bad, man,” he says, shaking his head. “A guy like Mr. Cooper shouldn’t be having sex with kids our age.”

“That’s what you think and what I think,” I say. “But Will likes it; seriously, he told me. It blew my mind, man! But it’s his life; if that’s what he wants, I’m not going to stop him.”

I guess not,” Rob says, still struggling to understand it all, “but him liking Jeremy; that is very weird!”

“Yeah,” I say grinning. “I couldn’t believe it either. Well, we’re both in the team; I guess we’re going to have to deal with the arsehole to get ourselves on his bloody list.”

Rob’s a step ahead of me.

Why bother?” he says. “We’ll just get Will to ask him for us.”

“Man, you are a genius!” I say, grinning at him. “I never thought of that!”

I guess I didn’t think of it because I like being in charge of everything; asking Will like that isn’t my style. But it’s a good idea; Jeremy’s almost bound to agree if Will asks him. We’ll give it a go.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’m lying on my bed, reading my latest discovery, ‘1984’. It’s an amazing book. I left the other boys in the recreation room so I could finish it before bedtime. It’s quarter past eight when Will comes into the dorm; he’s got a big smile on his face. He sits on my bed.

So what did he say?” I ask.

He said he was quite happy with Rob being on the list,” he says quietly, “but he thought you might attract younger boys for the ‘wrong’ reasons, whatever that means. But I said “Please, Jeremy” and promised you wouldn’t cause any problems, and he said okay. Just ask me when you need somewhere to go; I’ll find out what’s available.”

“Thanks, Will,” I say. “That’s cool. So what did Jeremy do after you’d pleaded with him?”

“Gave me a good spanking then fucked the arse off me,” he says grinning. “What did you expect?”

“Thanks, man!” I say, grinning back. “I owe you one.”

“Well, you know what I want,” he says, smiling.

Does he mean what I think he means? Now that would be a bonus!

“Really?” I ask. “When?”

How about tonight?” he suggests.

How about early in the morning,” I counter “You know; about five o’clock?”

“Cool!” he says, feeling me up through my shorts. “I’ll look forward to having that up me again.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s five past five when I slip into Will’s bed. I feel a lot better about it this time, knowing that he invited me here. He’s still fast asleep, dressed just in pyjama bottoms. I undo the top button and gently ease them down over his hips. His slim three and half inch cock is as hard as iron. I scoot down the bed and take it into my mouth, running my tongue all over it. I suck right down to the base, flicking my tongue out to lick his balls. I squeeze some KY onto my middle finger and push it up his bum. There’s no resistance at all; hardly surprising given that Jeremy bummed him less than twelve hours ago. He strokes my hair. Well, that was one way of waking him up. I let him go and snuggle up next to him.

“You okay?” I whisper.

“Yeah!” he breathes, giving me a beautiful smile.

“So are you ready for me?” I ask.

“Course I am” he says. He tugs at my briefs. “Let’s get these off!”

He pulls them over my hips; I skin them down my legs and kick them off. I pass him the KY; he smears some over my dick then rolls onto his tummy, legs spread, the pillow under his hips. I run my hands over his bum. It’s small, as small as Ian’s, maybe, but it’s not soft and pliable like Ian’s or Dominic’s; it firm, solid. There’s muscle there; the muscle that helps him run and jump the way he does. I pull his cheeks apart, his hole opening right up. Man! He has been well fucked! I get down on top of him, guiding my cock onto its target. One thrust and I’m inside him. I keep pushing till I’ve got it right in. I don’t know how much he’s getting from Jeremy and Mr. Cooper, but he’s still beautifully tight. He sighs contentedly.

I settle down on top of him, gripping the tops of his arms. I start to move, gradually building it up till I’m fucking him off this planet, his quiet moans the only encouragement I need. He bucks his hips, pushing them back to meet my invading cock. I plough in even harder. He whimpers quietly; a moment later his body’s wracked by crazy muscle spasms as he dry-cums against the pillow. I keep right on going, hardly missing a beat. I’m getting close. I give it one last effort. Everything dissolves in front of me; this just isn’t real anymore. Only it is. My spunk hurtles through my cock, spurting over and over into his tight little arse. Wow! That was way out, loads better than when we did it before.

I take maybe half a minute to get my breath back then slowly pull out. I lie down next to him. His eyes are shining.

“Was that good?” I ask, still breathing hard.

“Yeah!” he breathes. “I love having it up my bum.”

“So do I, sometimes,” I say. “I like it both ways.”

“So, have you found anyone to do that for you since Callum left?” he asks.

“Last Sunday morning,” I whisper. “I got in bed with Rob. He did it; it was great. He’d never done it before; he loved it.”

“Wow!” he says, looking me right in the eye. “I’d love him to do it to me; Rob’s gorgeous.”

“I’ll tell him,” I say, grinning.

He moves towards me, opening his mouth, his tongue slightly extended. In the next moment we’re kissing passionately, our arms wrapped around each other, our tongues mashing together. Wow! I never expected that; the intensity is unbelievable. I don’t know how long it continues for, five minutes, maybe longer. We’re both as hard as rocks.

“Do me again!” Will whispers, a note of urgency in his voice.

I make to turn him onto his front; instead he lifts his legs, spreading them wide. I get up on my knees and move in behind him, my cock brushing against his pucker. Doing it like this in a room full of sleeping boys is probably not the best idea in the world; if one of them wakes up they can’t miss what we’re doing. Well that’s tough; they won’t say anything; none of them would. I plunge into him, his bum already lubed with a mixture of KY and spunk. He wraps his long slim legs around my back, pulling me onto him.

Then we’re doing it, kissing and fucking like we’re the only two people on Earth. This isn’t going to be quick; I spunked less than ten minutes ago. I pound his arse remorselessly, fucking from memory; I’ve no idea where I’m getting the energy from. On we go, on and on. Suddenly Will’s legs are flailing, his bum tightening round my cock. A moment later my own orgasm kicks in, its intensity quite amazing, even though I hardly cum at all, a couple of fairly weak shots, maybe not even that. I’m completely drained, in every sense; it’ll be hours before I can do it again. I withdraw my super-sensitive cock, hardly daring to touch it. Will’s got a serene smile on his face. I kiss him on the forehead.

“That was unreal, man!” I whisper.

With a supreme effort I haul myself back to the other side of the dorm. Man, I am wiped out!