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It’s Saturday morning; in half an hour’s time I’ll be playing in my first school rugby match. Training’s gone well; it feels like me and Julian have been playing together for years. It’s been a good week; cancel that, it’s been a bloody excellent week. Getting into the team on Monday, sex with Will on Wednesday morning, and my first ‘official’ sex session with Ian after supper on Thursday. He was all over me; it’s funny, he looks so innocent. If you saw him round school you’d never think he was like that. I managed to get my finger in up to the second knuckle. He’s still very tight though; it’s going to be quite some time before I’ll be able to bum him.

I walk into the changing room and start to strip off. Mr. Cooper hands me a brand new school rugby shirt, white with alternating blue and black hoops. Mine has the number ‘9’ sewn on the back. I look at it with a feeling of pride. I’ve worked bloody hard to get it, now I’ve got to make sure that I hang onto it right until the end of the season. I slip it on; it fits perfectly. I guess that’s because Mr. Cooper waits until he’s picked the team before he asks Matron to sew the numbers on. This will be the first time I’ve played thirty minutes each way. That’s a big challenge in itself.

We trot out onto the field. In our school shirts, white shorts and blue and white hooped socks, we really look like a team. We’re playing St. George’s; they follow us out; navy blue shorts and socks, maroon and navy hooped shirts. This is it, my first proper fifteen a side game; my heart’s thumping. Mr. Jones, our old maths teacher, is here; he’s not in charge of their team, he’s just come to support. He greets us as we make our way onto the pitch. He seems much friendlier than he used to; I guess that’s because he doesn’t have to teach us any more.

The whistle blows and we’re off. The first half goes past in a blur; I’m so focussed on what I have to do that I hardly remember any of it. Our pack’s bigger and stronger than theirs; we’re winning a lot of possession. Julian and I are solid, doing our job, getting the ball out to the backs, setting up attacks, supporting where we can. When we do have to defend I get stuck into that too, hurling myself into the tackles. We score two tries. Julian converts one; the other was out by the right hand touch line, a difficult one for a right footed kicker. He kicks a penalty as well. The whistle goes for half time; we’re leading 16-9.

After a short break we’re back out there. The play follows much the same pattern; we’re on top and we’re staying on top. The half drags on; I’m so tired I hardly know where to put myself.

“Come on lads! Five minutes to go!” someone shouts from the touchline.

Five minutes, I can hang on for five minutes; anyone can hang on for five minutes. We’ve got a big lead; we’ve got to make sure it stays that way. It feels more like five hours. Eventually the final whistle blows; we’ve won 34-19. We shake hands with our opponents and trudge from the field. Man! I’ve never been so tired in my entire life!

We’re applauded by our supporters, younger kids mainly. Ian’s there and Peter Cranham; the new third year kid is there too. I couldn’t miss him; he’s like Dominic-cute. He smiles at me. If I didn’t already have Ian I’d be after him like a shot. At the very least I need to find out what his name is. We head into the changing room and strip off. The showers have never seemed more welcoming.

It’s been a great morning. We won and I played well. I was struggling towards the end, but that’s because I’m not used to playing for that long. The only disappointment was Will. He played terrible. He fumbled the ball when it came to him, spilled it when he got tackled, and in defence he was useless; he never completed a tackle, not one. He’ll lose his place if he plays like that again. He looks really down.

Showered, dressed and feeling a bit more like myself again, I leave the changing room with several of the other boys. Apart from Will, we’re all quite pleased with ourselves. A few of the supporters are hanging around outside, including the new kid. He smiles again. He really is cute, but I’ve got to be careful. I’ve already got Ian; he’s my boy. Jumping from one kid to another is not done; it causes upset, arguments, and I’m not going to give Jeremy an excuse to ban me. For the moment it’s strictly look, don’t touch. He’ll soon find someone else in any case.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The last couple of weeks have absolutely flown past. We’ve had rugby training and another match, away at Alverley. This time we were well-matched up front and so we didn’t enjoy as much possession as we had in our first match. They also realised quite early on that we had a weakness on our left wing. Time and again they set up attacks down that side, with Julian and I having to sprint across to put in tackles that Will should have made. It was a real see-saw game with the lead changing hands several times. Eventually we squeaked a win, 23-21, but it could have gone either way to be honest. Will was distraught afterwards; he knew he’d played badly. I seemed unfair to for him to be in that position.

And I’ve had sex of course. Ian’s great, and he’s really into it, kissing, sucking, fondling; he loves it all. We haven’t talked about me bumming him, but I can sense that he’ll let me do it any time I want to. He’s still very tight though. Yesterday I put a second finger in; he didn’t say anything but I could tell it was hurting him. I guess I’ll just have to be patient. I’ve been in Will’s bed a couple of times too. Man! He can’t get enough of it; Jeremy, Mr. Cooper and now me and Rob. I’m certainly not objecting.

And I’ve been with Rob again, early Sunday morning, the same as the week before; it seems like that’s going to be our time. He hasn’t managed to bum Peter yet so he welcomed me with open arms. He fucked me senseless. Even though I’ve got Ian now, I still enjoy taking it and Rob’s perfect. And finally I’ve found out the name of the cute new kid in third year, Patrick Naylor. I was right about him finding someone; he’s become attached to Brian Harper, who plays inside centre. It’s not a bad choice; Brian’s a nice looking kid, and good at both rugby and cricket, he’s just a bit full of himself sometimes.

Mr. Chandler helped me develop the film that I shot at the holiday centre. It’s all come out pretty well. When we put it together afterwards we were able to use a much higher proportion of what I’d filmed than we could when I first started. Filming in black and white seems pretty tame after working in colour, but it’s fine to practise on. I like Mr. Chandler a lot. He’s been alone with me loads of times; he’s never even said anything, you know, let alone made a move on me. So I can just relax and be myself without worrying about what he’s thinking.

We’ve just finished rugby training. Mr. Cooper’s running through the team for our next match, away to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School. This is going to be a tough one; they’ve got a hundred and twenty boys in each year compared to our thirty. Will’s been dropped; it just had to happen. Paz will move onto the left wing with Hugh Cameron from Upper Fourth coming in at full back. Will looks almost relieved.

“So don’t you mind?” I ask.

“Not really,” he says quietly, shaking his head. “I know I haven’t played well enough. I wanted to be in the team because I knew you and Rob would get in, and Justin probably would too. We’ve always done stuff together; I didn’t want to be left out. But I’m not good enough and I hated feeling that I’d let the other boys down.”

“You’re cool,” I say, grinning at him.

We head back into the changing room. Ten minutes later we’re ready to go.

“Come with me,” Will says. “I want to show you something.”

We stroll along to the gym. The new high jump landing area has been set up at the far end.

“Mr. Cooper’s had it set up in here so I can train all through the winter,” Will tells me.

“Cool!” I say.

We make our way to prep. I can’t help wondering if Mr. Cooper would have done that if he wasn’t fucking Will’s arse, but Will seems happy so who am I to argue?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Rob comes into the dorm looking very excited. He sits on my bed. He checks around to make sure we won’t be overheard. Paul Barnes is on his bed in the far corner, reading. He won’t hear anything as long as we keep it quiet.

“I finally did it!” Rob whispers breathlessly.

“You bummed him?” I ask.

“Yeah! It was ace, man! It’s his birthday, so I thought I’d give him a special present.”

“And was he okay with it?”

“He gasped a bit when I stuck it in, but once I started doing it he loved it. He dry-cummed while I was up him.”

“Cool!” I say, slapping hands with him.

“Man! He was so tight!” he continues. “I came loads! So you’ve not done Ian yet?”

“Just taking my time,” I say casually. “I’ve got to be careful; he won’t be ten till next June.”

I feel happy for him; he’s been wanting to do that since he first met the kid. Well now he has, and it was every bit as good as he thought it would be. As for Ian, I’m still not in any hurry. He’s still very tight and the last thing I want to do is hurt him. He gives unbelievable blow jobs in any case. I’m just going to carry on the way I’ve been going; I’ll get there soon enough.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The match against Queen Elizabeth’s was every bit as tough as I thought it would be. Man! The kids in their team were so big! We got completely out-muscled up front. You can’t play without the ball and we weren’t getting any, well, not very much. The one time we did get some decent ball we sent Paz away and he jinked his way through to touch down in the corner. That was the only time we crossed their line. We defended like demons right up to the final whistle; even so, they breached our line three times. Adding on the penalties and stuff they won 17-10.

Before we drove back, Mr. Cooper got us together and told us it was the best we’d ever played. I know what he meant, but I hate losing. It seemed a long journey home.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ian follows me up to the attic. I like it up here. I guess it’s not that comfortable but it’s very private, and we can get down on the floor together, which is really cool. We’ve both got our shorts and underpants off. I’m on my back; Ian’s kneeling over me, sucking my cock, his cute little bum right in front of my face. I push myself up onto my elbows and start licking him. I push my tongue right inside; he moans with pleasure, slurping round my cock. I get out the KY and squeeze some onto my fingers. I push my middle finger right up him. Without warning he stops sucking, turns round and flops down on top of me.

“Toby,” he asks, “aren’t you going to bum me?”

“Yeah, sure,” I say, smiling at him, “when you’re ready.”

“So when’s that going to be?” he demands. “You’re taking ages! Gavin got bummed the week after we got back here.”

“Who’s Gavin?” I ask.

“You remember last term,” he says, a note of excitement in his voice, “when you showed us the film you’d made? Gavin was the kid that was with me, tall and really skinny, sandy coloured hair and lots of freckles.”

Oh,” I say. I don’t really know the kid, but I recognise the description. He’s got ‘mischief’ written all over him; he makes me look like an angel. “So who’s he been going with?”




“I thought Upper Fourth weren’t supposed to go with second years?” I question.

“They’re not really,” he says, “but Gavin started it. Max is really good looking and he’s got a big cock. Gavin likes big cocks. Anyway, Max is sort of mates with Jeremy so it was okay.”

“Jeremy’s an idiot,” I tell him.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Everyone knows that. I’ve no idea why he got made rugby captain.”

I could tell him but think better of it. Max is the biggest kid in the school, not as heavily built as Jeremy but several inches taller. He plays in the second row and he’s very strong. He might have got the captaincy, but apart from playing rugby the only thing he’s interested in is rock music, well that and bumming Ian’s mate. I’m pretty sure he smokes pot too; they’ve just never caught him doing it.

“So anyway, when are you going to do me? Gavin keeps asking me and I have to keep telling him you haven’t done it yet.”

“So Max bummed him the second week we were back here?” I ask.


“Didn’t it hurt?”

“Gav said it hurt really bad when it first went up, but after that it was great. Now he says it’s the best feeling ever.”

“So is that what you want?” I say, teasing him.

“Yeah! he says, his eyes sparkling. “Please Toby!”

“Okay, we’ll do it tomorrow,” I tell him. “Meet me outside the art room after supper, say half past seven, okay?”

“Yeah! And you promise we’ll do it?” he insists.

“Yeah, promise!” I say, grinning at him.

I pull him into a wild kiss. I never expected him to be as sexy as Ben, but he is, and the thought of bumming him, man! I just can’t tell you how excited that’s got me.

“Okay, mister!” I continue. “For today, you’d better get right back to doing what you were doing!”

He doesn’t hesitate, snaking around to kneel over me again, my cock disappearing into his warm, wet mouth. I get some more KY on my fingers, pushing the middle one right up him. I touch his knobbly little prostate; his cock twitches just like mine does. His sucking technique is amazing; the sensations he’s giving me are incredible. I push my index finger in behind the middle one. He’s still very tight, but he seems to be taking it more easily than he did the last time I tried it. Very gently I work my fingers around, opening him up. He winces slightly then carries on sucking. I’m getting close. With my free hand I reach up and fondle his hard little bullet. He goes bananas, bucking like a wild animal, his bum jamming tight around my fingers. His cock jerks into life. He’s nowhere near being able to cum, but I guess it must have felt pretty nice for him.

A moment later he’s sucking me harder than ever. Oh, fuck!

“Ian!” I gasp. “I’m gonna cum!”

He doesn’t even think about pulling off. He just stays right where he is, slurping and swallowing as my spunk squirts over and over into his mouth. Man! That was something else! How could anyone not enjoy doing that? I don’t get it. And tomorrow I’m going to bum him. I’m going to bum him because that’s what he wants and I’m not going to turn him down.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I stroll down to the corridor by the art room. The place is deserted; it seems it always is at this time in the evening. I make one final check then let myself into the trunk store. Everything’s where I left it before the summer holiday. I quickly set up the bed. It smells a bit musty but I guess that can’t be helped; it’s okay. I position one of the trunks in front of the others so we can use it to sit on if we need to. I’m not expecting to use it this evening, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy later. Everything’s ready. I check my watch; it’s seven twenty eight. I quietly let myself out and head back past the art room. Ian’s already there, facing away from me.

“Hi!” I say brightly.

“Where did you come from?” he asks, looking startled.

“Let me show you,” I say, smiling.

I lead the way to the trunk store and let us in. I turn on the light, locking the door behind us.

“Man! This is cool!” he says, looking round in amazement. “How did you get the key?”

I give him the same story that I told Callum the first time I used the place. He accepts it without a word.

“So why don’t we come here all the time?” he asks.

“The best thing about this place is that hardly anyone knows about it,” I say, “you, me and three others, and two of them have left. Using this place the whole time would be too much of a risk. Someone would find out, then Jeremy would start thinking it was part of his empire; that’s the last thing I want. So I don’t want you telling anyone else about it, not Gavin, not anybody, right?” He nods. “So if you’re going to tell Gavin that we finally did it, and he asks where, it was in the boys’ room by the science lab; that’s where we’re supposed to be.”

“You like having secrets, don’t you?” he comments.

“Yeah,” I say. “It helps me keep one step ahead.”

He looks up at me, wrapping his arms round my neck.

“I like you,” he says. “You’re cool.”

We kiss, delicately, sensuously. I run my hands under his sweater, slowly easing it upwards. He raises his arms, allowing me to pull it over his head.

“Are we, --- you know?” he asks.

“Yeah!” I say confidently.

We pull off our shoes and socks. In less than half a minute we’re down to our white underpants. It’s the first time we’ve seen each other like this. Man! He is so cute!

“Toby,” he says admiringly, “you’ve got a beautiful body; I knew you would.”

“Thanks,” I say, smiling. “You’re not bad yourself.”

We pull each other’s briefs down. Fuck! Completely naked he is just stunning. We get on the bed, our arms wrapped round each other, our lips meeting in the most amazing kiss ever. It’s hard to believe that he’s only nine. I run my hands down his back and over his bum; his skin feels like silk. I pull his left leg over the top of my right one to give me better access. I squeeze out some KY, reaching between his legs to locate his pucker. My middle finger slides right up him.

“Oooh, Toby!” he breathes. “That feels so good!”

“So d’you want me inside you?” I whisper.

“Yes!” he says excitedly.

“Sure?” I ask.”

“Of course I’m sure!” he pleads. “Please Toby, you promised we’d do it.”

“We’ll do it,” I say gently. “I’m going to put a second finger in. Just relax and push out, okay?”

I insert my index finger, pushing it right up alongside the other one. He winces for a moment then relaxes, his breathing slowing down again.

“You okay?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says, “just hurt a bit when it went up, that’s all.”

“You know that once I’m inside I won’t be able to turn back; You’re too cute; I just wont be able to stop myself.

“I don’t want you to stop,” he says firmly. I want you to fuck me; I want to feel your spunk squirting up my bum.”

I swallow hard. He’s still very tight; this is going to be an amazing fuck. I work my fingers around, loosening his ring. This is it; he’s as ready as he’s going to be. I withdraw my fingers.

“Suck me to get me wet,” I whisper.

He takes my cock in my mouth, slurping all over it. He lets me go. Now I’ve got to do it. I run through my options. My favourite doggy-style isn’t one of them; he won’t be able to hold himself steady enough. Every time I try to push in, he’ll move forwards; I’m never going to get it in like that. I could have him on his back, but that’s too awkward. I’m left with two possibilities; I either have him bent over the old desk or lying on his tummy. On his tummy it is. I grab the pillow, placing it in the middle of the bed.

“Lie on your tummy,” I whisper.

He rolls onto his front, the pillow under his hips. I spread his legs and kneel between them. Wow! I can hardly believe I’m doing this. He glances over his shoulder, watching nervously as I smear my dick with KY. I lower myself onto him, aiming my cock at its target. This is trickier than I thought. I use one hand to pull his cheeks apart while resting on the other one. I try to push in, but without my hand to steady it my dick slips down between his legs. This is no good.

“Hold them apart for me!” I hiss.

He reaches back, pulling his cheeks wide apart. Now we’re in business. I guide my cock right onto his hole and push. After a moment’s resistance it goes into him. He gasps.

“Just relax,” I say quietly. “You’re doing well; it’ll feel okay in a minute.”

I hold myself right where I am. After a few seconds his bum relaxes a little. I push further in, my cock hitting his prostate.

“Oooh! Toby!” he moans.

I’m guessing he likes it. One final push and I’m all the way in, my tummy pressed tight against his arse. I settle myself on top of him, holding the tops of his arms. I nuzzle into his hair, drawing in his sexy boy-smell. Pure animal instinct takes over; in a matter of seconds I’m fucking him like the world’s about to end, hitting his prostate with every thrust, the warmth and tightness of the little tube that’s holding my cock driving me almost insane. The intensity level’s gone off the scale. Pinioned beneath me, Ian’s moaning and whimpering, the mixture of pain and pleasure taking him to places he never even dreamed of.

“Ohhhh!!” he gasps.

He shudders violently, his bum clamping tight around my dick. It knocks me off my stroke, but only for a moment. Without pausing for breath I’m right back at it, pounding into him harder than ever. A few more thrusts and I’m there, my balls churning into action. Spunk barrels through my dick, spurting over and over into his cute little bum. I collapse on top of him, totally drained. Man! That was the best ever; it just has to be! I’m so light headed the room seems to be going round in circles. It’s fully half a minute before it stops; I gently lift myself off him.

“Are you okay?” I ask quietly, still gasping like an old steam engine.

“Oh, Toby!” he moans. “That was fantastic! Gavin said it would be.”

He rolls onto his side. I lie down next to him, pulling him into an unbelievable post-fuck kiss. Wow! What a kid! I don’t care how long I live; nothing will ever feel better than that did.