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I’m sitting in the dorm with Rob, Will Lawrence and Justin Armstrong. Will and Justin are good kids; they were both in on my chalk throwing stunt. It’s funny, since the ambush on Perky I’ve suddenly become a lot more popular; even the boys who used to shy away from me are being really friendly. They know I set it up, of course. Some of them want me to do some really mad things like blowing up the science lab. Well, I’m not going to do anything like that! For a start, we WOULD get found out, and in any case somebody might get hurt. So I’ve been waiting for my opportunity; I knew something was bound to turn up soon. I check to make sure there’s nobody else about.

“Okay,” I tell them, “Next time we have chemistry, I’m going to play a joke on Mr. Chandler.”

Mr. Chandler’s our new science teacher. He’s much younger than any of the other teachers, even Mr. Atkinson. He’s okay too, very enthusiastic; really tries to make it fun for us.

“What are you picking on him for?” Justin asks. “He’s about the best teacher we’ve got.”

“Yeah, but he’s a bit, you know, green,” I say, grinning at him. “He doesn’t seem to know what kids our age get up to. Don’t worry; I’m not going to do anything bad, just a bit of fun, that’s all.”

“So what are you going to do, then?” Will enquires.

“You know he always gets us to sit round the front bench while he heats something up with the Bunsen burner?” I say quietly. “Well, I’m going to arrange for it to go out; he could find it pretty hard to re-light too, for a while, anyway.”

“How are you going to do that?” he continues.

“Blow down one of the gas-taps. My uncle told me about it; one of his mates used to do it when they were at grammar school.”

“So what have we got to do?” Rob asks.

“Absolutely nothing,” I say casually. “Just make sure that everyone keeps watching the experiment. If anyone turns round to see what I’m doing, Chandler will spot me and I’ll get fried, again!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Okay, boys” Mr. Chandler says brightly. “Bring your stools and gather round the front bench.”

We do as he says. The Bunsen’s already lit; he’s using one, that’s the important bit. I stay at the back, behind most of the other lads. I’m not the tallest kid in the class so I wouldn’t normally do that, but right now it’s perfect. As soon as the experiment’s in full swing, I duck down behind the other kids, take a very deep breath and put my mouth over the nearest gas-tap on the bench behind me. Then I open the tap and blow out as hard as I can. As soon as I’ve finished blowing, I close the tap and sit up again. Right, now let’s see if this works! Thirty seconds later, the Bunsen flickers and goes out.

“Hmmm! That’s odd,” Mr. Chandler says, looking puzzled.

Right, so maybe he doesn’t know about this little trick! He pulls out a cigarette lighter and tries to re-light it; nothing doing. He examines the burner and has another go; it still won’t light.

“I’m just going to check that the gas is turned on properly,” he says.

He walks to the back of the lab and checks the gas supply; there’s no problem there. He returns to the front bench. The other boys are getting fidgety. He’s starting to panic; I can see it in his face. He examines the Bunsen again and opens the air-intake at the bottom. You’re not supposed to do that; it’s not a good idea. Then he tries to light it again. By now, all the air I blew into the pipes has come out, so he’s got gas again, lots of it. The Bunsen explodes into life and almost takes his eyebrows off! Even better, Idiot-Face Wyndham’s leaning over the bench and it almost sets his hair on fire! The rest of us nearly wet ourselves!

“Okay, boys!” Mr. Chandler says, trying to sound stern. “Let’s have some order here!”

We quieten down. Man, that was a gas! And the best part is that he hasn’t a clue how we did it!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having sex with Callum is the best; I love it! Somehow, it makes all the shit we have to go through at this place worth it. I’m wondering though; am I the only kid in third year who’s having sex with one of the older boys? I wouldn’t think so. I mean Callum’s really nice and VERY sexy, but he’s not one of the stars, the boys that all the younger kids want to be like. And as far as the boys in Upper Fourth are concerned I wouldn’t think I’d be their first pick either. So I can’t be the only one; it doesn’t make sense.

So which of the other boys in my year’s got an older friend like I have? It’s hard to explain why, but I really want to find out. I guess I just like to know what’s going on. It’s not going to be easy though; I mean you can’t just walk up to somebody and ask them. There’s no point in asking Callum; if one of his friends is having sex with a boy in my year he’s not going to tell me. He’ll just say he doesn’t know; that’s what I’d do. So I’m going to have to keep my eyes open; if there is something going on, I’m bound to pick up on it sooner or later.

I can pretty well rule out any of the other boys in my dorm; if any of them was doing stuff with one of the Upper Fourth boys I’d have realised already. That leaves three other dorms. We’re not in the same groups for all our classes; over the course of the week I must be in class with around twenty different boys. That leaves nine or ten boys that I really only meet when we have third year games on a Friday afternoon. So, like I said, I’ll just have to watch and wait.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’ve been at it for a couple of weeks and got absolutely nowhere. It’s the end of prep; I went with Callum yesterday so I’m not seeing him this evening. I stroll back towards the dorm to relax for half an hour before supper. Russell Pearson, one of Callum’s friends, is walking towards me along the main dorm corridor. We pass each other without a word. A few seconds later, Dominic Lees, who’s in almost all my classes, follows him. Normally, I wouldn’t even notice, but something strikes me as odd. For one thing, Russell’s dorm isn’t on this corridor; upper and lower fourth have their dorms in the new part of the school. More than that, they’re heading towards the attic staircase which leads to one of the hiding places Callum and I use.

I turn round and follow them, making sure to stay well back so they don’t spot me. When Russell reaches the bottom of the stairs, I duck into a doorway to keep myself out of sight. He has a quick look round and starts to climb towards the attic with Dominic right behind him. I was right! They’re doing it too! They’re going up to our hiding place. They must be; there’s nothing else up there. I’ve found someone at last!

There’s a certain amount of elation, ‘cause my persistence paid off, I guess, but the main feeling is relief. I didn’t want to be the only one; I wanted there to be someone else and there is. And when I found someone, I didn’t want it to be one of the pricks and it isn’t. Dominic’s okay; he was another of the kids who was in on the chalk-throwing thing. I reckon he’d be game for just about anything as long as he’s not going to get caught. He does pretty well in class, good cricketer too, well, batsman anyway. But what makes this so special is that he’s the nicest looking kid in our year; he looks like one of these kids you see in the mail-order catalogues, a bit smaller than me with collar-length hair, the same as I have, but his hair’s dark brown and silky, not mousey-fair and straggly the way mine is.

As for Russell, well he’s just the best looking kid in the entire school! Quite tall, slim without being skinny, medium-length blond hair; if I wasn’t doing it with Callum, I’d let him bum me without even thinking about it! He’s very clever too; he’ll get a scholarship to one of the top public schools next year, and he’s great at cricket, he should be team captain in the summer. And as if that’s not enough, he’s in the rugby team as well. But most important of all, he’s not the least bit snobbish. His dad’s a drama producer at the BBC; Russell’s one of the most with-it kids in this place. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t like him. If you’re looking for two ‘beautiful people’, Russell and Dominic are straight out of the top drawer.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I meet Callum by the sports pavilion. There’s a small space between the pavilion and the store room that goes into a sort of L-shape. Once you’re in there, nobody can see you at all. It’ll be no use in the winter; it’ll be far too cold, but for the moment it’s perfect. We settle ourselves in, sitting on the ground, our backs against the pavilion wall.

“I’ve got something to tell you!” I whisper excitedly.

“Yeah?” he responds.

“Yesterday, after prep I saw Russell and Dominic, you know, Dominic Lees, going up to the attic. They’re doing it together, like us!”

“You’re not supposed to know about that,” he says, looking alarmed. “You haven’t told anyone, have you?”

“Course not!” I protest. “Don’t be stupid!”

“Sorry,” he says, stroking my leg. “I know you wouldn’t say anything. I’ll have a word with Russell; tell him to be more careful.”

“So how long have they been going together?” I ask.

“A few months, I think,” he says, stroking my leg and feeling me up in my shorts. “It must have started a couple of months before I met you.”

“Russell’s really nice,” I say, snuggling right up. “It’d be great if we could, you know, all four of us.”

“Nice idea,” he says smiling and undoing my shorts. “It won’t happen though; there’s nowhere big enough unless we go in the woods, but it’s half term next week and it’ll be too cold by the time we get back.”

We quickly pull each other’s shorts and pants down. Fucking hell! He is so sexy! He puts his head on my lap, taking my dick fully into his mouth. He starts to suck, his tongue flicking out to lick my balls. It’s absolutely fantastic; I don’t want it to end, ever! I stroke his hair, urging him on. His hand slides between my legs, his lubed up finger pushing into my bum. Oh yeah! Man! This blows my mind! A second finger joins the first, stretching me, getting me ready. It doesn’t take long. He releases my cock, his fingers slipping smoothly out of my bum. He gets up on his knees, turning to face me.

“Get me wet,” he whispers.

I open my mouth, taking his beautiful hard cock right in, sucking it, licking it, working my tongue all over. That’s it; it’s time. Callum pulls off my shoes, slipping my shorts and pants over my feet. He turns me round, so I’m lying on my back, along our little den, with him kneeling between my thighs; it’s the way we always do it when we come here. I pull my legs up, my knees wide apart. He smears some jelly over his cock then crawls in close, guiding it onto my bum-hole. He pushes hard; it goes straight in. He pauses for several seconds then begins to push again. I watch, completely transfixed, as half an inch at a time it disappears into my bum. Oh, fuck!

Finally, he hits bottom, his balls nuzzling against my arse. There’s another short pause, then he starts, quite slowly at first, then picking it up, doing it harder, faster, my eyes glued to his cock as it pistons in and out of my bum. This is way out! He’s hitting my prostate every time, like having little electric shocks going through my dick. After a couple of minutes he reaches down and plays with it. That is too much! I can hardly breathe! My whole body bucks violently, legs flailing about all over the place, my bum gripping his cock like a vice. My dick jerks into action, throbbing and pulsing between his fingers. Moments later he’s gasping too, plunging his cock right into me. It swells and jerks, his little jets of spunk squirting into my bum.

“Fucking hell!” he gasps. “That was fantastic! You’re so sexy!”

It was fantastic for me too; he’s bummed me at least twenty times this term alone; it just gets better! He slowly pulls out, his cock all slick and shiny. In a matter of seconds he’s dressed and ready to go.

“Friday, after supper, yeah?” he whispers, giving me a peck on the cheek. “Main dorm corridor; we’ll go up to the attic.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there!” I tell him.

A moment later he’s gone.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I find Dominic just coming out of the door onto the playground.

“Hi, Dom!” I say brightly. “I need to ask you something.”

“Yeah, what?”

“Not here,” I say, “too many people about.”

I steer him around the corner to the alcove where the bins are kept so we won’t be overheard.

“Tuesday after prep,” I tell him. “I saw you and Russell Pearson going up to the attic.”

“Er, we, er, we weren’t ----,” he splutters, looking like he’s about to shit himself.

“Yes you were!” I say grinning at him. “Calm down, man! It’s okay, I’m doing it too.”

“You?” he says, his eyes out on stalks. “You’re er, you know ---,”

“Yeah, me and Callum.”

“Callum Shawcross?” he asks. “He’s one of Russell’s friends.”

“Yeah, I know,” I say, giving him a big smile.

“Has he got a big cock?” he asks.

“Bigger than mine, not huge though.”

“Russell has!” he says excitedly. “Got a big one, I mean.”

“So what d’you do?” I ask quietly.

“Everything!” he says, his eyes glowing. “What about you?”

“The same, pretty much,” I say casually. “So does Russell bum you?”

“Yeah!” he says, licking his lips at the thought of it. “Does Callum do that to you?”


“Great, isn’t it?” he says, getting more excited by the second. “Is Callum making spunk yet?”

“Yeah, not that much, but he does cum.”

“Russell shoots loads!” he says breathlessly.

I look around. We’ve got this little corner all to ourselves. The only people who can see us are the boys playing soccer on the far side of the playground and they’re too far away to notice. I reach across and put my hand on the front of Dominic’s shorts. His little cock is as hard as iron.

“Come on,” I say.

I lead him back into the building and onto the bottom corridor. It’s a pleasantly warm day; the place is deserted. I duck into the boys’ room, the one where I met Callum; Dominic follows me. We’re in luck; it’s empty. We’re still taking a chance, but I’m not really thinking about that and I’d guess Dom isn’t either. We head into one of the stalls and bolt the door. We don’t have any time to waste; we’ll have to go to prep in just over ten minutes. We quickly pull down each other’s shorts and pants. At two and three quarter inches, my dick’s a fraction longer than his, a bit thicker too. The other difference as that the skin completely covers mine, even when it’s hard. His doesn’t, about half the head poking out past where the skin finishes.

I sit on the toilet, lean forward and take it into my mouth. Fuck! I can’t believe how hard it is! It’s time to try something else. I open my mouth as wide as I can, taking his balls in there as well. I caress them with my tongue, working all over them. He runs his fingers through my hair. I think he likes it! I slide my hand between his legs. Then I realise; I don’t have any of that jelly stuff; I’ll have to get that sorted out before I do this again. Pretty much by instinct, I stop sucking for a moment and spit on my finger. I get back to it, my finger quickly finding his bum-hole. I circle round it for a second then push it in. It slides right in, no problem at all. Hmmm! So maybe Russell really does have a big one!

I push in a bit further, touching something inside him. From the way he reacts I know what that is; I’ve found his prostate. This is exciting! I release his cock and slowly pull out my finger.

“Turn round!” I whisper.

He does as I ask, bending over without me even having to ask him. My eyes widen. His bum hole’s twitching and there are two angry-looking red patches, one on each side of it. I guess it’s ‘cause he’s having a big one stuffed up there. Shit! I hope mine doesn’t look like that! I pull his cheeks apart. His hole opens up like it’s winking at me. Fucking hell! I let him go and get to my feet.

“Suck me; get me nice and wet!” I tell him, whispering right into his ear.

He turns to face me again, getting down on his knees. He takes my dick into his mouth, sucking it eagerly, doing exactly as I asked. After about a minute he lets me go; I’m as slick as he could have got me. He climbs to his feet.

“Ready?” I breathe.

He nods, getting into position, bent over the toilet. I move in behind him, aiming my dick onto its target. I push; it springs off his bum-hole, sliding harmlessly up his crack. I try again, holding it around the base to keep it in position. There’s a moment’s resistance then the ring of muscle opens up and I slide right into him, my tummy pressed tight against his arse. Oh yeah! The hot, velvety sheath gripping my dick is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

I start to move without even thinking about it, pumping my hips faster and faster until I’m bumming him as hard as I can go, the head of my dick jamming over and over against his knobbly little prostate, Dom’s stifled moans and squeaks spurring me on even more. Sure, I love getting bummed, but doing it to another, younger boy, especially one as cute as Dominic, man! That beats everything! I reach down to play with his hard little spike, the way Callum does with me. Within a matter of seconds his body starts to convulse, his bum gripping my dick even tighter. His back arches, his cock swelling and twitching between my fingers.

Suddenly he goes limp. I move my hand off his cock, focussing all my efforts on finishing myself off. I don’t have long to wait; in less than thirty seconds I’m gasping for breath, shaking like a jelly; I’m so light headed I almost pass out. My cock jumps up with a life of its own, jerking and pulsing inside his tight little bum like it’s never going to stop. Then it does. Fuck! It’s so sensitive I can hardly bear to have anything touch it! Very gingerly I pull out. Dom’s bum-hole is wide open, twitching like it’s begging for more. I can hardly believe what I just did; I bummed another boy and it was the most fantastic, incredible thing ever! Man! That was something else! I can hardly wait to do it again!