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Rob’s dad collects us from school and drives us back to their place. It’s quite an old house in a village somewhere between Guildford and Aldershot. It’s pretty big but not posh at all; it’s got a nice, homely feel to it. Rob’s room’s on its own right at the top of the house. It’s huge, with twin beds and lots of storage space.

“Nice room, man!” I say, grinning at him. “You could have loads of fun in here.”

“Yeah,” he says, smiling back. “I often hang out here with friends from the village, especially when it’s wet and we can’t play outside.”

We start sorting our stuff out. As I knew I’d be coming here, I crammed all my playing out clothes into my case when I went back to school after half term so I wouldn’t have to go home to get them. By the time we’ve finished, lunch is ready. We eat at a large pine table in the kitchen-breakfast room. Rob says it’s what they always do when his parents are there. It’s not a problem; that’s how we eat dinner at home. Rob’s dad is quite chatty.

“Robert told me about your last cricket match,” he says. “Wonderful effort; I’d have you in my regiment any time. You’d have to get your hair cut though.”

“Thanks,” I say, grinning at him. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but Rob tells me you want him to go into the army. He wants to be a doctor. It’s his life; don’t you think he should be able to do what he wants? He said it’s because you want him to keep up the family tradition.”

“Oh, did he now,” he replies. “Well, that certainly comes into it, but I don’t think you’ve got the whole story.”

Rob’s looking embarrassed.

“Now tell me,” his dad asks, “where did you finish in the end of term exams?”

“Second,” I reply.

“And where were you?” he asks, turning to Rob.

“Ninth,” he says, answering through gritted teeth.

“Right,” his dad says, turning back to me. “Does he work hard?”

“Yes,” I say nodding.

“I know he does,” his dad continues. “Grade A for effort all the way down his report. Now have you any idea how hard it is to get into medical school? I know the standards at Hartswood are pretty high, but I don’t think that’s going to be good enough, do you? Especially as you come from a family with no background in medicine, and that does count, you know.”

Well, that seems like the end of the argument, but his dad hasn’t finished.

“Now I believe that you want to be a film director,” he says to me. “Is that right?”

“Yes,” I confirm.

“Well that’s pretty hard too,” he says. “Now apart form the fact that you do very well in class, Rob tells me that you spend quite a bit of your spare time filming stuff, sports day, things like that, trying to learn how films are made. What else do you do?”

“Well, I go to the cinema a lot, and I read stuff, you know, about the top film directors, trying to understand how they work. I’m trying to understand some of the technical stuff too, like lighting and that. One of my uncles is a film critic; he knows quite a few film producers and directors; I’ve met a few of them. Mainly I just listen to what they talk about. Oh, and he’s promised to take me to Pinewood Studios before we go back to school, so I can see what it’s like.”

“Very good,” he says. “For twelve year old you’re doing just about everything you could to understand what’s involved in the job you want to do. Now Robert here hasn’t done any of that. Of course, we meet doctors all the time, so we think we know what they do, but we don’t, not really.” He turns to Rob. “The truth is, you haven’t got a clue what being a doctor’s really like, have you?”

Rob doesn’t answer; there’s not much he could say.

“So let me explain why I want him to go into the army,” his dad continues. “In the army we take in young men from very ordinary backgrounds and ask them to risk their lives in some pretty dangerous places. Now if we’re going to do that, we need to make sure that they’re properly led, and that means recruiting good officers. Now I’d like to imagine that you’re a young soldier, fighting some rebels in the back of beyond somewhere. Now think of your classmates, the boys you know. Which one would you want as your company commander?”

Well, that’s the easiest question of all. Rob’s not just the obvious choice; he’s the only choice. I don’t say anything, just grin and point my finger at him.

“Exactly!” his dad says triumphantly. “I want him to do it because he’d be good at it, and the army desperately needs officers like him. You know,” he continues, “one of the biggest problems in the army is bullying. Some of these young soldiers do well, so they get promoted; they become non-commissioned officers. In a few cases, the power goes to their heads, and the nasty side of their character comes out. They get away with it because their commanding officers are weak. D’you think Robert would let them get away with it?”

“No,” I say, shaking my head. I know damn well he wouldn’t; he hates bullies almost as much as I do.

“So there you have it,” his dad says quietly.

Well the argument’s definitely over now and I got my arse kicked. The next time I take on somebody like that, I’ll make sure I know what I’m talking about.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We spend the afternoon in the back garden with a rugby ball, practising our passing skills. The garden’s massive; there’s no way we could do that at our house. After dinner we watch some telly then go and hang out in Rob’s bedroom.

“You think dad’s right, don’t you?” Rob says, “about me going into the army.”

“I think he’s got a point,” I say guardedly.

“Well, I know he’s right,” he says, giving me a wry smile. “I was day-dreaming; I wouldn’t get into medical school, I’m not clever enough. He was right about the other thing too; oh sure, I’d like to be a doctor, but I don’t want to be a doctor like you want to be a film director.”

“So you’ll be going to Welbeck then?” I ask.

“Yeah, looks like it,” he says.

It’s finally time for bed. Tomorrow Rob will show me round the area a bit, introduce me to some of his friends; I’m looking forward to that. We start to strip off. I’m not quite sure what to expect. Over the last few months Rob’s got into having sex like you wouldn’t believe. Peter, Will, Martin, me; he must have been having it a dozen times a week. He’s grown quite a bit down there too; it’s not that much longer but it’s got a lot thicker, and his pubic hair’s really noticeable now. He’s not as big as Sam was, the kid I met at the holiday centre last summer, but he’s well on the way. He’s not a little boy any more; that’s for certain.

“So are we going to, --- you know?” I ask.

“Not now,” he says, “mum and dad are still up.”

“When, then?” I query

“You know the time,” he says, grinning at me. “Only I’ll come to you.”

I know the time all right, half past five, the time I climb into his bed every Sunday morning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I blink and shake myself awake. I’m aware of having someone in bed with me. I check my watch; its 5:32. Oh, right.

“Good morning,” Rob whispers. “Sleep okay?”

“Like a log,” I say, yawning and stretching.

“You ready then?” he asks, reaching down and fondling my cock through the soccer shorts I’m wearing.

“I need a piss first,” I tell him.

“Off you go then!” he says, patting my bum. “I’ve already had one.”

I wander along to the bathroom, suddenly aware of how noisy it is; the birds outside are going nuts! It’s like that at school; at home in north London it’s as silent as the grave at this time in the morning. I have to wait, like, forever for my dick to go down, but finally I’m able to pee. The job done, I wash my hands, splash some water over my face and make my way back to Rob’s room. I slip back in under the covers.

“We can take our time this morning,” he says quietly. “Nobody else will be awake for ages.”

He gently eases my shorts down. He’s wearing pyjama bottoms; they disappear just as quickly. We lie snuggled up together, fondling each other. I love the way Rob touches me, firm but gentle, just the way you’d expect him to be.

“I’m glad you came,” he whispers. “You’re the best mate I’ve got. I get on pretty well with the kids round here but because I’m away most of the time I’m not really mates with any of them, if you know what I mean.”

I know exactly what he means; now Sean’s gone I’m starting to feel like that about the gang back home. Of course, I don’t know if he’s doing stuff with any of the local kids; even if he is, I don’t imagine it goes much past a bit of messing about.

“You’re mine too,” I say. “You’re always there when I need you; that’s what being mates is about.”

There’s no argument about it; my porn film wouldn’t have got made if he hadn’t agreed to do it. He didn’t really want to, but he’d said he would, so he did it. And he didn’t just go through the motions like a lot of people would have done; he did it brilliantly. I owe him big time for that; if he wants to fuck me three times a day for the next two weeks, I won’t be complaining.

“Thanks,” he says.

He leans forwards, resting his head on my tummy. He licks the end of my cock. Oh, yeah! That is nice! He gradually works his tongue right down my shaft and over my balls. Oooh! That’s great! He takes my cock into his mouth, his lips sliding right down to the base. He begins to suck, but only slowly; he knows I’ll cum if he overdoes it. He slips his hand between my legs, his fingers tickling the sensitive area behind my balls. I pull my knees up to make it easier for him, resting my feet flat on the bed. He squeezes some KY onto his finger and touches my hole. Slowly but insistently he pushes it in. I stroke his hair, urging him to continue. Fuck! He can do this as much as he wants. A second finger joins the first, slowly twisting around to loosen my ring. Finally the fingers slide out.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I tell him. “How d’you want me?”

“The usual,” he says.

I grab one of the pillows and put it in the middle of the bed. Rob takes an old towel out of his sports bag.

“Better put this here,” he says, spreading it over the pillow, “I know what you’re like!”

“Cheek!” I say, grinning.

“The other boys I do it with can’t cum yet,” he says by way of explanation. “I’m looking forward to this,” he continues, “I gave Peter a right seeing-to the night before we left, but I never came at all yesterday.”

I lie face down with the pillow under my hips. Rob gets between my legs, moving them wider apart. He lowers himself onto me, the head of his cock prodding at my hole. I reach back, pulling my bum-cheeks apart. He presses down. There’s a slight stab of pain as his cock spears into me; it touches my prostate and the pain’s forgotten. He settles on top of me, his firm, flat tummy pressed tight against my arse.

He draws back, leaving only the head of his cock inside me, pauses for a second, then plunges back down, his dick driving over my prostate on the way through. Oh, yes! He repeats the exercise, gradually building up the pace. He’s a superb athlete, as good as anyone I know; he keeps right on building it up till he’s fucking me senseless, pounding my arse as hard as he can. The intensity of it is unbelievable. He’s breathing hard now, his sexy boy-smell wafting up my nose, the force of his thrusts repeatedly driving my cock over the rough towel. Almost without warning, my whole body’s wracked by convulsions, my legs flailing uncontrollably, my fingers clawing at the bed. My balls fire into action; a moment later my spunk squirts over and over onto the towel, making me all sticky. Rob’s cock rears up deep inside me, his thick creamy spunk blasting into my bum.

Quite suddenly it’s all over and everything’s peaceful again, the only sound coming from the birds in the garden and the surrounding fields and woods. Man! That was as good a fuck as anyone’s given me. Rob’s still on top of me, totally spent, breathing like he’s just run the four hundred metres or something. We’re both covered in sweat. Very slowly he lifts himself off, his cock making a slight pop as it comes out. I get off the bed and walk slowly towards the bathroom, taking my shorts with me. On my way, I let go a big fart, I just can’t help it. Some of Rob’s spunk splutters out and runs down my legs. Fuck! I am a mess! And I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The morning’s warm and sunny. We stroll into the centre of the village. Three boys are sitting on a bench looking out on the green. We go over to them.

“Hi lads!” Rob says, “This is Toby, my mate from school. He’s staying with us for a couple of weeks while his parents are in Egypt.”

Rob introduces me to them and we shake hands. There’s Neil, who’s fifteen, quite a big lad with fair curly hair, David who’s thirteen, and slim with short dark hair, and Jack who’s nearly eleven. He’s slim too, with collar length light brown hair and a cheeky smile; he’s cute!

“Wanna play a bit of cricket?” Neil asks.

“Sure,” I say, noting the bat and a proper cricket ball lying on the bench. “Where?”

“Out here,” he says, “just on the edge of the square. As long as we stay off the pitch they’ve prepared for tomorrow’s match, we’ll be okay.”

We wander out into the middle.

“Rob says you can bat a bit,” Neil says.

“Yeah, I’m not bad,” I say.

“Scored sixty two not out in our last match,” Rob chimes in.

“Sixty two?” Neil says. “That’s good whoever you’re playing against.”

“Yeah, but my highest score before that was fourteen,” I say.

“You playing tomorrow?” Rob asks.

“Yeah,” Neil replies, “Well, I’m making the numbers up. Bat down the order and probably won’t get to bowl. That’s okay; you’ve got to start somewhere. It’s only the second time I’ve got to play with the big boys.”

They produce a set of stumps and set them up right on the edge of the square.

“Okay,” Neil says. “We’re not using pads or anything so we only bowl gentle; we don’t want anyone getting hurt. Wouldn’t want to spoil your chances for later in life,” he says, grinning and giving me a wink.

I can’t help giggling; sod later in life; it’s right now I’m worried about.

“You wanna bat first?” he asks me.

“Yeah, thanks.”

Neil and Rob take it in turns bowling at me. They’re only running in two or three strides, so they’re very accurate but not at all threatening. I don’t want to show off; I just keep punching the ball away, not trying to hit it too hard. I soon realise that against this sort of bowling I could bat all day if I wanted to. Rob bowls to me again. Jack’s fielding thirty odd yards away. I deliberately chip the ball high in the air, virtually straight to him; I want to see how he handles it. He steadies himself under it, watching it all the way. He takes it right in front of his eyes. As his hands ride with the ball he rolls onto his back, the ball clutched triumphantly to his chest. We all congratulate him; that was a very nice catch for a ten year old. I wander away to do some fielding. I like Jack; he’s not just cute, he’s a good kid. If that catch had gone through his hands it could have broken his nose or knocked his teeth out. Mind you, he’s obviously been taught properly; the way he took it was straight out of the text book.

We break for lunch around half past twelve and meet up again just before two. It’s very warm; the sun’s blazing down. We try a bit of catching practice. After half an hour it’s even too hot for that. We settle ourselves under the biggest tree we can find and just chat about this and that. After all the stuff we had on over the last few weeks at school, it feels great to just sit here and relax. It’s certainly better than going to Egypt would have been. And I like these kids; they’re okay, all three of them. I glance at Jack, trying not to make it too obvious, but he notices, although I don’t think anyone else does. He gives me a knowing grin. I’m not sure what that means; nothing probably.

“Okay lads,” Rob says eventually. “We’re going to get off; we’ll see you tomorrow.

Rob and I get to our feet and start heading back towards the house. It’s only just gone four; dinner won’t be ready for a couple of hours yet. Still, I guess it’ll be cooler indoors than out right at the moment. We’ve got about halfway back when Rob turns off along a track leading into the woods. Okay, so that was why we left early. I’m not complaining; I just hadn’t seen it coming. I guess I should have done. He guides us into a small space that’s completely surrounded by thick bushes.

“This remind you of somewhere you know?” he asks, grinning at me.

“Yeah,” I say, “I guess that must be why we’re here.”

“Yeah, right!” he says, pulling me towards him and running his hands over my bum.

“Are you horny again already?” I ask mockingly.

“You bet I am!” he breathes. “It’s been well over ten hours!”

“You brought some stuff?” I enquire.

“Of course,” he says, his hard cock pressed against my tummy. “I’ve even brought some cotton wool for you.”

Well that’s a relief. I don’t want his mum asking awkward questions about stains in my underpants; that would not be good.

“You can rest your hands on there,” he tells me, indicating the remains of an old tree-stump right at the edge of our little hideaway.

I get into position. The stump’s a little over a foot tall. With my arms braced, my back’s roughly parallel with the ground, just about ideal. Rob reaches round, undoing the button at the top of my shorts. He pulls down the zip and eases them over my hips. They fall to my feet. He makes short work of my briefs, skinning them down my legs until they’re round my ankles.

“You can still see where I fucked you this morning,” he observes, working some jelly into my hole. “It’s just as well we haven’t got anywhere to go skinny dipping round here; one of the other kids might notice.”

In a way I wish he hadn’t said that. I know he’s right, but the idea of other boys being able to see that I’ve been bummed sets my teeth on edge; I’d rather not think about it. His fingers slide out. Right, well now I’m going to get it again. He moves in close, his cock nuzzling against my ring. As he pushes forwards I relax; it slides right in. He holds me round the thighs and sets to work, building it up just like he did this morning. I’m definitely not complaining; I’ve got my best mate, who’s very good looking and a superb athlete, and right now he’s fucking me into the middle of next week. I can’t tell you how good it feels; my dick’s tingling like crazy.

“Play with my cock!” I moan.

He reaches down and takes it between his fingers. That’s all in takes; within a few seconds I’m tingling all over, my muscles convulsing wildly. My cock swells and jerks, my spunk squirting onto the top of the tree stump. Rob slams into me, gripping my round the thighs.

“Oh, fuck!” he gasps. “Nnng!! Nnnng!! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!”

His spunk spurts over and over, filling me up. Man! That was intense! He slowly pulls out.

“That was good, man!” he whispers. “I love to fuck!”

He hasn’t told me anything I didn’t know, but I don’t care. I owe him one, and now’s his time to collect. I squat down and let his spunk run out. He’s cum loads, again! He passes me the cotton wool; I slip it into my briefs before pulling them up.

“Let’s stay here for a bit,” he says. “We’ve got ages yet and I want to ask you something.”

We sit down on the ground, next to each other. Apart from having sex, it’s a great place to be on a hot day like this, sheltered from the sun.

“Do you like Jack?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure,” I say, not quite sure where this is going. “He’s a good kid.”

“I thought I saw you eyeing him up,” he continues. “Are you interested?”

“Depends,” I say. “What’s the score?”

“He’s away at boarding school like us. The Websters own the biggest place round here; they’ve been farming here for generations. Jack’s dad’s always moaning about how hard it is to make a living off the farm, but it’s all bollocks; they’re well loaded. Anyway, Jack likes it, you know. I said I’d ask you if it was okay for him to join us.”

“Oh, I saw you chatting to him,” I say, grinning. “I wondered what you were talking about. Yeah, sure, if he wants to come along, great; he’s cute! So you’ve been with him before then?”

“Yeah, when I was home at half term,” he says. “It was his idea!”

“Well, I don’t imagine you took much persuading,” I say, giggling. “So what about the other two?”

“Dunno,” he says. “They just go to the local comprehensive school; well, it’s about five miles away. Neil’s dad’s the farm manager, works for the Websters; David’s mum and dad run the pub.”

“Oh, right,” I say absently. “So when are we going to do it?”

“Tomorrow, when the cricket match is on,” he says. “Neil’s playing, so he won’t be around. David’s dad will be playing too; he’s opening bat, so between the innings David will have to help his mum serve tea and clear away afterwards. Nobody will notice if we disappear for a bit.”

“Sounds good to me!” I say, smiling at him.

We get to out feet and stroll back towards the house. Things are getting better all the time; now I’m really glad I didn’t go to Egypt. Having some fun with a cute kid like Jack, what a bonus that’s going to be!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It seems like the entire village is involved in the cricket match it some way. Those that aren’t actually playing are here supporting, or selling refreshments, or, they’re just, you know, here. There’s a sort of party atmosphere. Living in London, I’ve never been to anything like this before; it’s fun. The opposition come from a village about three miles away and the local rivalry is taken very seriously on the field and in a very light hearted way off it. And the weather couldn’t be better, sunny and very warm, but not quite as hot as it was yesterday. A large group has gathered outside the pub; they seem to be having a high old time.

We settle down to watch, sitting on the grass right at the edge of the green. The home team are batting first. The two openers stride out to the middle. The crowd outside the pub cheer uproariously.

“That’s David’s dad,” Rob says quietly, indicating the guy who’s gone to the end closest to where we’re sitting. He’s big; not just tall but quite heavily built, nothing like David. A moment later the match is under way. The first thing that strikes me is that although this is only village cricket, the standard’s not bad at all. Their opening bowler’s a big guy too, mid twenties or maybe a bit older. He makes Devon Moseley look slow! Now I understand what Neil meant about ‘playing with the big boys’.

The match ebbs and flows. A couple of wickets go down, then the home team get back into it and start to get on top. Then they lose another wicket; that’s how it goes on. David’s dad can certainly bat. He’s not that good to watch, rather awkward-looking, but when he gets hold of one, he’s very powerful. But he’s out eventually, the fourth to go. A boy a few years older than us strides out to take his place, tall, blond and very good looking.

“That’s Jack’s brother,” Rob says quietly.

“So how old is he?” I enquire.

“Gideon’s sixteen,” Jack informs me.

I settle down to watch. He bats left handed, the same as I do, and he looks very good; plays some beautiful shots. He’s getting some enthusiastic support from the crowd too, especially the guys outside the pub. Then the big opening bowler comes back on. At first Gideon seems to play him okay, but then the guy digs one in a bit, not really short, just back of a length. Gideon tries to play a normal back-foot defensive shot, but the ball climbs on him and he edges it to third slip. He trudges off. Neil appears shortly afterwards, at the fall of the next wicket. He doesn’t last too long; he plays one or two nice shots then the big guy accounts for him as well.

The innings ends around ten minutes later. David scurries off to help his mum, leaving Rob, Jack and myself to our own devices. We’re all set; there’s no need to say anything; we just slip away. A few minutes later we’re manoeuvring ourselves into our hideaway out in the woods.

“Rob says you like doing sex stuff,” Jack says, eyeing me up.

“Yeah,” I say. “What about you?”

“Oh, I like it!” he says, grinning.

“So d’you do it at school?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says.

“So how long have you been doing it?”

“Since last September; when we got back to school after the summer holiday, I’d suddenly got all these older boys after me. It was quite cool in a way, but it was a bit scary; they were all so much bigger than me. Anyway, after a week or so I picked one and we’ve been doing stuff together ever since.

“Oh, right!” I say, smiling at him. “So old is he?”

“Barrington’s thirteen,” he says. “He just left. I had to pick one of the biggest boys, otherwise there could have been a fight over it. It was okay though; he’s really nice.”

“It’s not really like that at our school,” I say quietly.

“I know,” he says, “Rob’s been telling me, you know about having rules on who they can go with and all that stuff. I wish our place was more like that; it was like being in a cattle market.”

“So what d’you like doing?”

“Everything!” he says, his eyes sparkling. “Rob says you do too.”

“Pretty much,” I concede. “Come on then, let’s get these clothes off!”

We help each other strip off while Rob watches. Finally Jack pulls my underpants down.

“Nice dick!” he breathes.

He reaches out and fondles it. I don’t know why, but there’s something about the way younger kids do it that makes me tingle all over; it feels fantastic. He drops onto his knees and takes it into his mouth, the head touching the back of his throat. He sucks on it with long even strokes, running his tongues all over it. Oh, fuck! I’ll cum before I want to if he keeps this up. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Rob, who’s stripped completely naked, playing with his hard cock while he watches us. Jack lets me go and licks his lips.

“I guess you want some now,” he says cheekily, turning to Rob.

I move to one side, allowing Rob to take my place. Man! This kid can suck! Rob’s quite a bit bigger down there than I am, but he’s sucking it right down to the root. He’s taking it down his throat; he has to be. It’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. After a couple of minutes he pulls away and gets to his feet. After what we’ve just been doing I’m surprised to find he’s still got his briefs on. I slip them down his legs. His cock’s still soft, slim and uncut with a nozzle of foreskin sticking out. It suits him perfectly.

“So who’s going to get me hard?” he asks, grinning at us.

I’m on the job before Rob has chance to move, kneeling in front of the kid and sucking him right into my mouth. He tastes as good as he looks, and in little more than five seconds he’s as hard as a rock. He holds my head, urging me to keep going. As I continue to suck, I run my hand between his legs until I touch his hole. Rob passes me the KY. I smear some onto my finger and stuff it into the kid’s cute little bum.

“Are you going to bum me?” he asks. “Rob said you would. I love being bummed!”

“Sure, if that’s what you want,” I say, releasing his cock and grinning up at him.

“I want you both to do it!” he says excitedly.

He gets into position bent over the tree-stump, just like I was yesterday. He’s got the cutest, most perfect bum ever; I can’t wait to fuck him. Rob and I don’t say anything; there’s no need. I’ll go first because I’m smaller. Rob hands me the KY. I squeeze some onto my fingers, quickly working some into Jack’s bum and smearing the rest over my dick. I move in close and stuff it right up him.

“Oooh!” he groans. “That’s great!”

I hold him round the hips and slowly pull back until only the head’s left inside him, pause for a moment then quickly stuff it right in again, savouring the tightness of the hot little sheath that’s gripping my cock. This is first fuck I’ve had since I got here, for it to be a kid as cute as Jack is a real gas. I keep pulling back, pausing and stuffing it in, gradually building it up, the withdrawals getting quicker, the pauses shorter. Within a couple of minutes I’m pounding his cute little arse as hard as I can go.

“Oh, Oh yeah!” he moans. “Do it Toby! Bum me harder!”

I would if I could, but I’m already giving it all I’ve got. It doesn’t matter anyway; my balls are starting to churn. I thrust right in, holding his bum tight against my tummy. My cock explodes, depositing four or five jets of spunk deep inside him. Man! That was something else! I slowly pull out, my cock glistening with a mixture of lube and spunk.

Rob quickly replaces me. Now he really can fuck; he makes me look like a pussycat. He gets straight to it, bumming him stupid, his cock stretching the kid’s bum-hole like you wouldn’t believe.

Oh! Oh, that’s fantastic! Jack gasps. “Come on, Rob! Give me your spunk!”

I reach out and play with Jack’s cock. It twitches between my fingers. A moment later his whole body bucks violently, his dick swelling and jerking until it finally subsides. I let it go; I know how sensitive it must be. He’s taken Rob right over the edge. He slams right into the kid and gives him what he wants. After a few seconds later he eases his way out, his cock emerging with a quite audible pop.

We start to get dressed, Jack making no attempt to clean up.

“Aren’t you going to, --- you know?” I ask.

“Nah!” he says, grinning at me. “I love having my bum full of spunk!”

Rob hands him some cotton wool. He slips it inside his underpants. A minute later we’re strolling back to the village. We watch the rest of the cricket match like nothing’s happened. Fuck! I can hardly wait to do that again!