So listen up, dude; if it ain’t cool for you to be readin’ this shit, you jus’ better keep real quiet if the cops come knockin’, you dig? We wouldn’t want you givin’ them no jive about how it was my fault or Nifty’s fault, now would we?

Well, I guess that made a change. There’s not much more to say except read on and enjoy! More feedback is still welcome; please send your comments to and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


It’s the week before the half term break. As I come out of the refectory after supper, Teddy’s waiting for me.

Toby,” he says quietly, “you know I asked you about, you know, doing stuff with one of the younger boys? Well, me and Deon want to do it, but he says I’ve got to sort it out with you first.”

I pretty well knew this was coming from a couple of things Deon’s said when we’ve been in our extra maths classes.

That’s right,” I say, “but it’s not actually me. You’ll need to speak to Rob, you know, Rob Shearsby the rugby captain; he’s in charge. But let me have a word with him first so he knows the score, okay? I’ll speak to him this evening then you can ask him tomorrow.”

It’s a bit weird, isn’t it,” he says, “having it all organised like that?”

“That’s what I used to think,” I tell him. “But we do it because it works. It makes sure there are no fights, no arguments and everything’s kept quiet. Otherwise it could get out of hand.”

“Oh,” he says. “I’ll see you after breakfast tomorrow then.”

“Yeah, okay,” I say, “but you’ll still have to ask Rob yourself; I can’t do that for you.”

It’s funny; when Rob and I got put on the list this time last year, Will asked Jeremy for us. Rob won’t allow that; he insists on anyone who wants to be put on the list asking him personally, so he can spell the rules out to them. I guess that’s his army background coming out. But it works; he makes sure everyone knows what’s expected. There’s no loose talk going on this year.

I head off back to the prep room; I’ve still got work to finish before bedtime. I wouldn’t have believed I’d ever have to work as hard as I am at the moment, but if I’m going to get that scholarship I don’t have a choice. Just after eight o’clock I stroll back to the dorm. Rob’s lying on his bed reading.

Teddy Larsen, the new kid, has been asking me about getting put on the list,” I say quietly. “He’s teamed up with Deon Hayes; they’re spending most of their free time together.”

“Yeah, I heard about that,” he says, “another of your match-making stunts. I’m not sure about putting him on the list though. James asked me last week and I said yes so that’s nine of us now and that makes it pretty tight; I didn’t really want any more.”

“Putting Teddy on won’t make any difference,” I say.

“What?” he says.

“Monday, Tuesday and Thursday before prep, what are we doing?” I ask.

Rugby training,” he says. Then the penny drops. “Oh, sorry, I’m being thick,” he says, grinning. “Teddy and Deon aren’t rugby players.”

You could give them those three slots every week,” I suggest. “Nobody else uses them.”

“Yeah, okay,” he says. “Tell Teddy to see me tomorrow.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The half term break has come and gone. I did spent some time with the old gang, but I just can’t feel part of it any more. Since that business with Sean, everything’s changed. I used to think I’d always be one of them, but I’m not. They’ve gone one way; I’ve gone another. I saw Luke a few times, which was fun; now I’ve got to know him I like him a lot, but I don’t have the sort of feelings for him that I have for Ian and Alex. So we had sex, full stop; that’s all there was to it. I actually spent most of my time on my own. I had so much work to do, maths especially, that I spent hours and hours up in my room just getting on with it. Liz and Kate were very surprised; I guess I’ve never done anything like that before. I don’t think they knew what to make of it.

We’ve been back at school for three days. I walk into the dorm after prep. Rob’s lying on his bed. He’s looking miserable, which is not like him at all. I squat down next to him.

“What’s the problem?” I ask.

“Oh, nothing,” he says, trying to brush it off.

“Come on, Rob,” I say, smiling down at him. “I’ve known you too long to let you get away with that.”

“It’s Peter,” he admits. “I don’t like him going with Mr. Burman. He bloody loves it! He actually told me that during half term he went to Mr. Burman’s flat near Victoria to have sex with him. It was like he was trying to rub my nose in it.”

Well, it makes sense. Peter lives near Clapham Common; it’s easy to get to Victoria from there. So Mr. Burman makes a trip up to town and gets a nice little bonus for his trouble.

“Well, I don’t know what you’re so miserable about,” I say calmly. “He’s given you the perfect excuse.”

“Toby!” he protests. “What are you talking about? Excuse for what?”

“Getting rid of him, of course!” I say, smiling at him. “If I’ve got this right, you’d much rather be with Darren. So you give Peter the heave-ho; he goes swanning off with Mr. Burman and you’ll be able to fuck young Darren to your heart’s content.”

“I don’t know,” he says, looking very uneasy. “I’d have to tell him I don’t want to go with him any more.”

Rob’s impossible sometimes; he’s so obsessed with doing things ‘the right way’.

“D’you want me to sort it out for you,” I ask.

I ought to do it myself,” he says, squirming around like there are fleas biting his arse.

Fuck it, Rob!” I say, grinning. “Leave it to me; it won’t be a problem.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Peter, Can I have a word?” I ask.

“Sure,” he says, shrugging.

We wander out to the far side of the playground and park ourselves on one of the benches where we won’t be overheard.

“It seems you’re getting on very well with Mr. Burman,” I suggest.

Yeah, thanks,” he says casually, “Mr. Burman’s great.”

“Unfortunately, Rob’s not too happy about it,” I say quietly. “When he said he’d be your special friend, sharing you wasn’t part of the deal.”

“Well, he’s no room to talk,” Peter says, sounding irritated. “He’s been doing stuff with Darren Proctor. He hasn’t told me about it but I know he has. I think it’s because Darren’s mad on rugby and I’m not. I tried, but I just couldn’t get interested in it.”

Well that’s fair enough,” I say. “It’d probably make it easier for you to see Mr. Burman if you’re not going with Rob as well.”

“That’s okay,” he says. “I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.”

“So you really like Mr. Burman then?” I ask.

“Oh yes,” he says. “I’m not a musician but I do like music; I always have. I suggested to Mr. Burman that I could start a music appreciation society, you know getting together to listen to records.”

“And what did he say?”

“He thought it was a great idea. We’re going to have three sessions a week, one for the first and second years, you know, stuff like ‘Carnival of the Animals’, one for the older boys and one where boys come and present some music that they like, and that can be anything, except that you can’t just come and play pop records; there has to be a theme to it and you have to present it properly.”

“Like the music of Jimi Hendrix,” I suggest. “I’d do that for you.”

“Yeah!” he says. “That’s the idea.”

I’m a bit taken aback; I’ve never known Peter get enthusiastic about anything.

“And the other thing I’ll be doing,” he continues. “You know, when he puts a concert on, I’ll be helping with sending the tickets out, doing the seating plan, all that sort of thing.”

Great!” I say. “That should keep you busy.”

Yes,” he agrees, “and it means I can be round the music rooms whenever I want.”

“So you’re really into having sex with him then?”

“Yeah!” he says giving me a big grin.

“Why?” I ask. “He must be nearly forty and he’s not exactly hot.”

But he likes me,” Peter responds.

There’s a long pause, or at least it seems like one. For once, I don’t know what to say next.

I was an accident,” he says baldly, making me sit up. “When I was born my sister was twelve, my brother was fifteen, my parents were both forty something and daddy was well on his way to becoming an ambassador. They weren’t going to let something like having another child get in the way.”

I’m very rarely embarrassed but I am now, the hurt and bitterness in Peter’s voice quite unmistakeable. Knowing your parents never wanted you; that’s horrible!

I’m sorry, Peter,” I mumble. “You should have told me to mind my own business.”

It’s okay, he says casually. “I’m used to it. I haven’t seen my parents since Easter; they weren’t around at all during the summer. I can stay at home if my sister’s there to look after me, but she was away quite a bit during the summer, so I got moved about all over the place.”

And when you’re at home, I guess you’re sister must be at work most of the time,” I suggest.

“Yeah,” he confirms. “She’s a civil servant, works in Whitehall.”

“Giving you plenty of time to visit Mr. Burman’s flat without anyone knowing about it.” I continue.

“Yeah,” he agrees, smiling. “I like him because he cares. He’s already told me I need to work harder. I never used to work because my parents didn’t care whether I did or not, but he does, and he’s offered to help me if I need it.”

Well,” I say smiling back at him. “It sounds like you’ve got it all worked out. So there’ll be no hard feelings between you and Rob?”

No, of course not,” he says. “Rob’s cool; I guess it just didn’t work out.”

We stroll back towards the buildings without saying another word. I can hardly believe how much Peter’s changed, and it’s all down to Mr. Burman. I’ll have to re-think my ideas about older guys having sex with boys. Peter doesn’t just like having sex with him, it actually seems to be helping him, just like Will with Mr. Cooper. I had a bad experience with Mr. Atkinson, ‘cause he didn’t give a shit about me; he pretended he did, but all he really wanted was to fuck my arse. But from what Will and Peter have told me, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Burman aren’t like that at all; they really do care. These things just aren’t as black and white as people want us to believe.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So how are things going with Gavin? I ask.

Great, man!” Marcus replies, giving me a big grin. “He’s so fuckin’ sexy! Can’t get enough of it! Man, I really owe you for fixing that up for me!”

“That’s cool,” I say, grinning back. “What about Teddy?”

He’s great too,” he says. “Beautiful arse! I go with him the days I haven’t seen Gav,” he continues quietly. “He always lets me fuck him. He likes it; cums while I’m doing it. Mind you, these days he spends most of his time with that younger kid, you know Super-Brain. He’s settled in much better since they started hanging out together; he actually seems to like being here now.”

“Wow! That’s good then!” I say. “Look, I’ve got this little project going you might be able to help me with. Meet me down by the art room, half past seven, and I’ll show you, okay?”

“Yeah cool, man!” he confirms.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I let us into the trunk store, locking the door behind us.

“Wow, man! How d’you get the key to this place?” he asks, looking around. “Nice set-up; you’ve kept that very quiet!”

“Yeah, well that’s the idea,” I say. “There’s only a handful of kids know about it, so I’m trusting you not to say anything, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” he says confidently. “I’m safe, man!”

“Cool!” I say, motioning towards the trunk in the middle of the floor. “Take a seat, I want to show you something.”

He sits down. I set the projector running and plop down next to him. The opening credits roll and ‘Carsten and Franz’ get down to business. It’s not long before he realises who he’s watching and what’s about to happen.

“Shit, man!” he gasps, his eyes glued to the far wall. “Did you make this? Fuck! That’s hot, man!”

I don’t say anything, just let him keep watching. Peter’s giving Rob a blow-job. He can’t take his eyes off it; he’s getting more sexed-up by the second. Rob spunks in Peter’s mouth; he nearly cums without even touching himself.

“Fuck!” he breathes. “I never saw nothing like that!”

The film continues. Pretty soon Peter’s on all fours with Rob fucking him senseless. Marcus looks like his eyes are going to fall out. We reach the final shot, the spunk leaking out of Peter’s bum. The film fades to black.

“So what d’you think?” I ask casually.

“I knew you were supposed to be good,” he says, like he didn’t believe what he just saw. “Man, you’re a fuckin’ genius!”

I pull out my bank book, indicating one of the entries.

That’s what we got for making it,” I tell him. “That’s two-two-five each.

“Fuck!” he says, looking at me like I just told him I robbed the local post office.

I point to a later entry.

I made another one a few weeks back; with Peter again and Ian, the kid I go with. We got two-fifty each for that one.”

“Really?” he says. “Jesus! I’d no idea that sort of thing went on here!”

It doesn’t usually,” I say calmly. “They’ve asked me to do a third one, but with different boys. Would you fancy being in it?”

“Are you serious?” he asks, looking at me intently.

I nod. “How much?” he asks.

“Two-fifty each, same as last time; you and Gavin.”

Okay,” he says, shrugging. “I get bugger all pocket money while I’m here; I could use a bit extra. Count us in; I know Gavin will do it; he’d do anything, sexy little bastard!”

Can we trust him to keep his mouth shut?” I ask.

Oh, yeah!” he says. “He’s pretty wild but he’d never grass us up.”

“Okay, that’s settled then!” I say, grinning and offering him my hand.

He accepts the handshake; that’s another deal I just made.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s midday Sunday; I’m lying on my bed relaxing. Sure, I’m still working my socks off, but other than that life could hardly be better. After chapel I had a very nice session with Alex up in the attic, early tomorrow morning I’ll be in bed with Will and tomorrow evening I’ll be seeing Ian. I can hardly complain, now can I?

Justin appears. I’m about to say something when I notice he’s looking worried, which just isn’t like him. Tigger’s pretty pale most of the time; right now his cheeks are almost grey. He jerks his head towards the door; I follow him out. He leads the way downstairs, across the courtyard and into the main building.

“Something’s happened,” he says quietly. “I need to speak to you in private. Follow me up to the attic. It’s okay; I just came from there.”

He heads up the stairs. I wait to give him time. Now I’m worried too; if he’s just come from the attic that means he’s just been with Patrick, so whatever’s happened must have something to do with him. I haven’t a clue what, but it must be serious; Justin’s not the type to panic over nothing. I follow him up to the main dorm corridor, check that there’s nobody about and trot up the attic stairs. Justin’s sitting on the floor waiting for me.

“So what’s the problem?” I ask quietly.

This morning,” he says, almost in a whisper, “Patrick was getting changed after cross-country training when Martin told him he was going over to Mr. Thompson’s flat for half an hour to watch a film of some big cross-country races. He asked Patrick if he’d like to go with him. Well, Patrick said yes so off they went. They were sitting on the sofa watching these races, Martin in the middle, Patrick at one end, Mr. Thompson at the other. Well they’d been watching for a bit when Martin put his hand on Patrick’s leg and started opening the top of his shorts. When Patrick looked across, Martin had his shorts and pants down round his knees, and Mr. Thompson was playing with his dick. Mr. Thompson had his dick out too; Patrick says it was huge. Anyway, Patrick nearly freaked! He told Martin to stop. Mr. Thompson put his cock away and told Martin to pull his shorts up. Then they just sat and watched the races like nothing had happened. I know it’s a bit silly, but Patrick’s quite upset about it. And I know it’s genuine; he’s not the type to make stuff up.”

I’m not surprised he’s upset,” I say, feeling very uneasy. “Are you quite sure he had no idea what was going to happen when he went there?”

I asked him that,” Justin says. “He says he hadn’t got a clue. Did you know Mr. Thompson was like that?”

Well the answer to that is no I didn’t; I’m shocked to be honest.

Has Patrick said anything to anyone else?” I ask.

No,” Justin tells me. “He met me as soon as he got back from the gatehouse. I could see he was upset. When I asked him what was wrong he tried to brush it off at first but then he told me. I asked him not to say anything and told him we’d get it sorted out. What are we going to do?”

We’ll have to talk to Martin for a start,” I say. “Rob’ll kill him!”

We head back to the dorm. As soon as we get there I go into a huddle with Rob; the other boys know better than to disturb us when we do that. Rob’s not pleased. He’s done everything he possibly could to keep things in order; then bird-brain Martin does something as stupid as that.

I’ll see him straight after lunch,” Rob says firmly. “I want you to sit in on it. Ask Justin to guard the door to make sure we aren’t disturbed.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We’re all set. Rob’s sitting on the edge of my bed, which is the one furthest from the door, with me sat behind and to one side, propping myself up against the wall. The door opens. Martin walks in. Justin closes the door behind him. Martin walks over to us.

“D’you know why I’ve asked to see you?” Rob asks.

“Sort of,” Martin says, looking uncomfortable.

I want you to explain what you thought you were doing this morning, taking Patrick Naylor to Mr. Thompson’s flat.” Rob says evenly. “As I understand it, you didn’t tell Patrick what was going to happen or make sure he was okay with it. Is that correct?”

“Well, I knew he was going with Justin,” Martin says, “So I thought it’d be okay.”

You’re a bloody idiot!” Rob snaps. “You can’t make assumptions like that. As a result of your stupidity we’ve had a situation that could have caused serious problems. As a result of Justin’s good sense, I think we may have kept a lid on it, but if Patrick had told anyone else, Mr. Thompson might have had to leave. Can I point out that he’s the only proper maths teacher we’ve got? If he suddenly disappeared, the boys working for Common Entrance and Public School Scholarship wouldn’t have anyone to teach them. I don’t think they’d be too pleased, do you?”

There’s an uneasy silence.

“So how did you start doing things with Mr. Thompson in the first place?” Rob demands.

Again Martin doesn’t say anything.

I’m sorry,” Rob says calmly, his eyes boring right into Martin’s skull, “I didn’t hear your answer.”

“I seduced him if you must know,” Martin says.

Rob and I look at each other, eyes wide. I don’t know what we expected him to say, but it certainly wasn’t that.

“Go on!” Rob says.

I knew he wanted to,” Martin says. “I’d seen him looking at us in the showers, at Patrick especially, but he never did anything. Well, after Ashton left, I was getting fed up with being Justin’s bit on the side, so one Wednesday afternoon, when we have maths last period, at the end of the class I asked him if he’d help me with something I was stuck on. We were sitting together at his desk, so I put my leg right against his. He got a hard-on; I could see it, so I put my hand on his leg and started stroking it. He asked me what I was doing, so I told him. At first he made all sorts of excuses; it was against the law, he hadn’t touched a boy since he left school eight years ago, he was about to get married, all sorts of stuff. But he’d still got a hard-on, so eventually he said okay. We went in the maths store room and he bummed me.”

It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard, but that’s why I believe it; if he was making it up he wouldn’t have come up with something as weird as that.

“So when was that?” Rob enquires.

“Beginning of October,” Martin says. “Don’t remember exactly.”

“And presumably you’ve been having sex with him ever since?” Rob continues.

“Yes.” Martin confirms.

Well that’s a matter for you,” Rob tells him. “It’s nothing to do with me. However, taking Patrick Naylor with you certainly is.”

“I’m not the only one who goes there,” Martin says defensively.

“Really?” Rob says. “So who else is involved?”

Not sure,” Martin says. “Mr. Thompson said something about having a couple of boys over for some extra maths classes, but I don’t think maths was all they were doing.”

Rob looks at me.

“I’ll find out,” I say casually.

There aren’t too many people it could have been; I’ve got a pretty good idea already. Rob turns back to Martin.

“So when was that?” he asks.

“One Saturday morning when you were away playing rugby.”

That fits in too, except for one thing.

“I thought you went to races on Saturday mornings,” I say.

“We do,” Martin confirms, “but not every week.”

Right,” Rob says evenly, “As I told you, if you choose to continue visiting Mr. Thompson’s flat, that’s up to you. However, under no circumstances are you to take anyone else with you, is that clear?”

Yes,” Martin says, a note of resignation in his voice.

And you won’t be getting any night time visits from Justin or anyone else for the time being,” Rob continues. “I’m putting you off-limits to everyone at least until this thing blows over. Okay; that’ll be all.”

As Martin leaves the room I allow myself a little smirk. Rob did that just the way his dad would have done. I almost expected him to say “About turn, quick march!” at the end there. I’m not criticising; he handled it superbly, much better than I would, it’s just funny, that’s all. Now I’ve got to confirm my suspicions about who’s been having the extra maths classes.

“Well that’s Martin dealt with,” Rob says, “but what are we going to do about Mr. Thompson?”

I’ll have a word with Mr. Burman,” I say.

“Why Mr. Burman?” he asks.

“Because, after out little encounter in the trunk store, I know he’ll take me seriously. And anyway, he likes things kept very quiet. He’ll make sure Mr. Thompson gets the message.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It has to be Craig and Dominic. Craig’s captain of the cross-country team and doing really well. He’s been in the top three in every race they’ve been to, and won a few of them. So he’s got pretty close to Mr. Thompson. I wander along to Brindley dorm; he’s not there. One of the other boys says he’s working; that means the library or the prep room. I try the prep room first. He’s sitting at one of the desks working quietly. That’s what I need to be doing as soon as I’ve got this sorted out.

“Craig,” I say quietly. “Can I have a quick word outside?”

He follows me onto the corridor. I take a quick check; the place is deserted.

“Did you and Dom go to Mr. Thompson’s flat one Saturday morning for an extra maths class?” I ask.

“Yeah, why?” he says, eyeing me suspiciously.

This morning two other boys went there. Let’s just say that one of them wasn’t too happy with what happened, so Rob’s got involved. It’s been suggested that one Saturday while we were away playing rugby, two boys went there for an extra maths class, but that maths wasn’t all they were doing. I need to find out if that’s correct. So when you went there, did anything happen?”

“Like what?” he asks, sounding very defensive.

“You know,” I say pointedly. “Look, you haven’t done anything wrong, but something happened this morning and we just need to know how far things have gone. Don’t worry, we’re not going to say anything about you.”

“Yeah, well it did actually,” he admits. “I’m not even sure how it started, but we ended up having a threesome on his bed.”

Thanks,” I say. “Now you can forget about it, but I’d suggest going there again is probably not a good idea.

I don’t think we’d have done that anyway,” he says. “It was okay; he didn’t force us or anything, but I know I don’t want to do it again; I don’t think Dom does either.”

“Cool,” I say. “I’ll let you get on with your work; I’ll be joining you in a few minutes.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s Monday morning break before I get to see Mr. Burman.

What are you doing here, Toby?” he says, eyeing me suspiciously, like he thinks I’m going to try to screw some more money out of him.

I briefly tell him what’s happened.

Oh, we can’t have that,” he says, sounding a little alarmed. “It could make things very awkward. Thanks for coming to see me; that was exactly the right thing to do. I’ll speak to Mr. Thompson; make sure he knows what’s expected.”

I head back to the dorm to collect my books for my next two classes. I’m hoping that will be the last we hear about it. I’m still shocked about Mr. Thompson; I just wouldn’t have believed he’d be like that, but that’s what I said about Mr. Atkinson. Mind you, if Martin hadn’t gone after him like he did, he probably still wouldn’t have done anything. That’s weird!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’ve sorted out the script, briefed Marcus and Gavin and got everything set up. I let us into the trunk room. I’m not really looking forward to this. The truth is I’m bored with it; having to do them all in the same place is so limiting. Then there’s the problem that they always want me to use different boys, which means more boys finding out about what I’m up to, and finding out about the trunk store for that matter, which increases the risk that something will go wrong. It’s making me paranoid.

On the other hand, Gavin is very enthusiastic; he can hardly wait to get started. As usual we begin with an undressing scene. As the weather’s pretty cold now they’re both in full school uniform, so they’ve got quite a bit to take off, which works well for what I want. We finish up with clothes scattered all over the floor and Gavin down on his knees sucking Marcus’s cock.

“Cut!” I call.

I turn off the lights while they take a break, towelling off and taking large swigs of water. It’s time to go again. For the second scene Marcus is lying on his back with Gavin kneeling over him, sucking him off, his bum right above Marcus’s face. Actually, this is great to film because of the different camera angles I can get, long shots and close-ups from side-on, and close-ups looking right into Gavin’s face. I stay on that for half a minute or so, making sure the viewer will be able to see what a great job Gav’s doing and how much he’s enjoying it.

“Gonna cum!” Marcus warns.

I quickly move to the side, staying in quite close. Gavin takes Marcus’s first shot in his mouth then pulls off, taking the second one right in the face before plunging back down to finish him off. After a few seconds he lets Marcus go, smiling at the camera, showing his mouth full of spunk. Then he licks his lips and swallows it. Man! That was the best yet!

“Cut!” I call again, killing the lights and turning off the camera.

For all my misgivings beforehand, I really enjoyed that. Gavin’s a little star; he doesn’t have Peter’s imagination, but he’s so sexy it really doesn’t matter. I can hardly wait to get back here and shoot the rest of it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Well, this is it; we’re back and ready to go. My first film was ‘Carsten & Franz’ then I did ‘Franz and Bruno’; this one will be ‘Andreas and Dieter’. For the third scene Marcus is not at all keen on licking Gavin’s arse, so I’ve pretty much reverted to what we did in the first film; Marcus sucking Gavin’s cock and working lube into his bum. The one difference is that Gavin squirms around a lot, which looks really sexy. He pulls his knees up too so you can see Marcus’s fingers pushing right inside him. The stopwatch rolls just past four minutes.

“Cut!” I order.

It’s our final break. We all take several swigs of water; the boys towel off. It’s time to do it.

For the final scene I’ve got the old desk out into the middle of the room with the pillow on top of it. Gavin’s standing bent over the desk, his chest resting on the pillow. Marcus moves in behind and sticks his hard cock right up Gavin’s bum. I get some amazing shots! I take some from the side, some looking diagonally over Gavin’s back and some looking up from between Marcus’s feet. But the real bonus is that all the way through Gavin reacts like Marcus is sticking a red-hot poker up him! He’s so used to it I doubt if it’s hurting him at all, but with the way he’s moaning and grimacing, he’s certainly making it look like it is. Man! They’re going to love that!

“Cumming!” Marcus announces.

I hold my position as he slams in one final time, unloading his spunk up Gavin’s bum. After a few seconds he slowly pulls out, moving to one side so that I can get in position. I’m just in time to film the spunk spluttering out of Gavin’s bum and running down his legs. They were disappointed that they didn’t get that shot in the last film, but Peter doesn’t cum enough and I didn’t want to fake it. Well, they’ve got it this time!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The film’s on its way to Denmark and I’m feeling uneasy again. I’m not worried about there being any problems, and I’m certainly not worried that they won’t pay us. No, they’re going to love the film and within a couple of weeks we’ll have our money. But I’ll also have a letter asking me to do another one, and they’ll want different boys in it. They may ask for something different altogether; the three I’ve done have all been pretty similar. I’m just not sure I want to do it, but now I’ve started, it seems hard to give it up.