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It’s a couple of days later when I find Dominic coming out of the refectory after lunch. I steer him away to somewhere we won’t be overheard.

“When are we going to get together again?” I ask quietly.

“I don’t think we ought to do that,” he says, frowning a little. “Russell says that boys our age going together’s bad form.”

“You didn’t tell him about doing it with me, did you?” I respond, more than a little alarmed.

“Oh no, just asked him, you know, if it’s okay for kids our age to do stuff together if they want. He said playing with each other’s dicks was okay, but that was it; definitely not bumming!”

“That’s stupid, man!” I tell him. “You liked it, I liked it so what’s the problem?”

It’s just not the done thing,” he says in a very matter-of-fact way. “Russell told me all about what you can do and what you can’t do.”

“So what did he say?” I ask.

Well, first of all only Upper Fourth and Lower Fourth are allowed to go with younger boys and, you know, bum them. And you’re not supposed to do it with a boy more than two years below you; it does happen sometimes, but it’s, well, frowned on. You can’t do it with first year boys though; that’s not done at all! And the younger boy must want to go with you; that’s very important. But boys our age aren’t supposed to do it together; that’s what he said anyway.”

This place is unbelievable; they have rules for everything you can think of! So there are even rules for which boys can have sex with each other, not written rules, of course, but rules just the same, handed down from one year to the next. That is far out! It’s very frustrating; I was really looking forward to bumming Dominic again; I even bought some of that jelly. Well, it looks like I might to have to forget that idea for a while.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I take a check around then head up the stairs to the attic. Callum’s already there waiting for me. We manoeuvre our way into our little hiding place, sitting on the floor, with Callum stroking my legs. I love it when he does that.

“I was chatting to Dominic,” I say quietly. “He was telling me about all sorts of rules about who can have sex with who. That’s stupid, man! If you both want to, just do it, what’s the problem?”

“The rules are there to protect us,” Callum answers, smiling at me, “stop things getting out of hand.”

“Protect us?” I ask. “What from?”

From getting caught, for one thing,” he says, still smiling. “Think about it. You know we have to keep it quiet; that’d be hard to do if it was a free-for-all. There’d be fights about who got to go with some really cute younger kids; there’d be all sorts of shit going on. Then they’d have to clamp down on it, send boys down and stuff. It just wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I concede, realising that I hadn’t really thought about it.

You know we come up here or go to other places,” he says. “Ever thought why we never bump into anyone else doing the same thing?”

Now he is making sense. That could cause some very difficult situations but it never happens ‘cause the rules make sure it doesn’t.

“How does it work, then?” I ask.

“Well, Upper Fourth are in charge, ‘cause we’re the prefects. Apart from one duty master, we keep order at breaks and lunchtimes and that. So if we want to let a few people use certain places around the school, that’s okay. Basically, Russell organises it, ‘cause he’s our top man. If I want to come here with you at a certain time, I just have to check with Russell, and if nobody else is using it, that’s fine. If someone else has already booked it, we have to use somewhere else, or meet at a different time, that’s all.”

Well, that makes sense as well, I guess. As long as everybody sticks to the rules, nobody gets caught and the whole thing just carries on.

“So how did it work last year, when you were in Lower Fourth?”

“That was more complicated,” he says, grinning. “Fortunately, I had a friend who was going with one of last year’s Upper Fourth. I had to get him to check for me.”

Thinking back, I can remember several times back before the summer holidays when we had to change our plans; I understand now.

“Are most of the boys in Upper Fourth going with younger boys?” I ask.

“Oh no,” he says, trying to stop himself laughing, “there’d be nowhere to put them all! No, there are only a few of us, seven or eight, I think. It’s the ‘stars’ mainly, you know the top Rugby players and cricketers and so on. I just got lucky when I met you; it’s not really supposed to happen like that.”

“So did some of the other boys get jealous, ‘cause you’d got a younger boy to go with and they hadn’t?”

Well, sort of, I guess,” he says, snuggling up and wrapping his arm round me. “At first it was, ‘How did HE manage to get a younger friend?” and then it was ‘Oh, it’s only Toby Redman!” so I think they are a bit jealous. I know I don’t think of you as ‘just Toby Redman’,” he whispers right in my ear, “so right now I want you to remind me how lucky I am!”

Well, I’m more than happy to do that! I undo his shorts and pull them down to his ankles, his white underpants quickly following. I rest my head on his tummy and take his slim four-inch cock fully into my mouth, sucking it nice and slow, my tongue running all over it. He runs his fingers through my hair.

“Ooh, Toby!” he whispers, “Oh, that’s fantastic!”

I let him go and move down to lick his balls. They’re pretty big; I can only get one of them into my mouth at a time and I have to be careful doing that. It’s not as good as sucking his dick though, so I let him go again, grab the tube of jelly from the pocket of his shorts and lube up my middle finger. Then I go back to sucking him, only this time I stuff my finger right up his bum. I touch his hard little prostate.

“Ohh!!” he gasps. “Fucking hell! That’s something else!”

I work my finger in and out, sucking him and fingering him at the same time. He loves it! I guess he’d let me bum him if I wanted to, but he’s two years older than me; it seems wrong somehow. Dominic’s the one I want to do that with, if I get the chance! We swap over. He’s really good at this; the feelings in my dick are incredible. I stroke his hair, urging him to continue. His finger slides smoothly in and out of my bum; pretty soon a second finger joins it. A couple of minutes later I’m ready for him.

He pulls off my shoes, shorts and underpants, just like he does when we go behind the sports pavilion, only this time I get onto all fours, knees apart, bum pushed back, shoulders down almost to the floor. He smears jelly onto his cock and moves in behind me. We both push at the same time; it slides right in, hard and hot, his firm, flat tummy colliding with my bum. He holds me round the thighs and starts pumping his hips, the head of his cock hitting my prostate over and over, gradually building it up until he’s bumming me as fast as he can go. I love it! Man, the tingling in my dick is unbelievable!

He reaches down to fondle it. Oh, fuck!! It was throbbing and tingling before, but as soon as he touches it, it feels like it’s going to explode. In less than thirty seconds everything goes fuzzy, stars flashing in front of my eyes. My back arches all by itself, my bum jamming tight around his cock. A moment later my dick springs into action, jerking and jiggling between his fingers. He lets it go, holding me firmly, his breathing ragged and uneven.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!” he gasps.

His cock swells and jerks deep inside me, his little jets of spunk squirting into my bum. After a few seconds he gently pulls out.

“Man, that was way out!” he says quietly. “I love it that it gets you turned on so much.”

We dress quickly and arrange our next meeting. “Okay, see you then” he whispers, giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek. “I really did get lucky meeting you; the other boys have no idea what they’re missing.”

I let him go first, giving him time to get clear. Half a minute later, I crawl out of our little den and make my way down the stairs.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’ve spent the past week or so getting to know all about ‘the rules’. Every time I meet up with Callum I ask him about this or that. He tells me straight out; never questions why I’m asking, so that’s all right. But you know why I’m asking; I want to know everything about the rules so I can work out how to get round them. Well, I have; I’ve cracked it. Now all I’ve got to do is sell Dominic on the idea. I’ll have to tread carefully; I don’t want to seem too pushy. I’m sure he wants to go with me again, but he really likes Russell and I’d guess there must be a couple of dozen younger kids who’d like Russell to be their special friend, so he’s not going to do anything to upset him. But if I can convince him that Russell’s not going to find out, well, that might be different!

It’s after supper when I finally catch him on his own. “How’s it going?” I ask. “Still enjoying being with Russell?”

“Yeah! He’s great!” he responds enthusiastically. “I love doing stuff with him! How about you?”

Yeah, good!” I say casually. “I like Callum a lot too, even if he’s not one of the stars.” I pause for a second or two. “Callum’s been telling me all about the rules,” I continue. “Actually, there really is only one rule; it’s called the eleventh commandment.”

“The eleventh commandment?” he says, “I’ve never heard of that!”

The confused look on his face tells me that he hasn’t a clue what I’m on about.

“Thou shalt not get found out!” I say smugly.

“Oh, yeah! I see!” he says giggling. “The eleventh commandment; I like that!”

“So would you go with me again if Russell wasn’t going to find out about it?” I ask.

“But that’s the whole point!” he says, like he thinks I’m some sort of idiot. “He will find out because Upper Fourth control everything! I was bloody lucky he never found out the last time.”

It’s time to play my trump card. “Not all the time they don’t,” I say quietly.

What d’you mean?” he asks, eyeing me suspiciously.

“What do Upper Fourth do after breakfast?” I ask.

“They have to go to a meeting with Mr. Halford.”

“Precisely! And what are we doing?”

“Nothing much, getting ready for class and that.”

“So if we went off somewhere together, nobody in Upper Fourth would be any the wiser.” I say as casually as I can manage.

I’m not sure,” he says, looking doubtful. “We wouldn’t have much time.”

If we get up as soon as the wake-up bell goes, have a quick shower and go straight down to breakfast, we’ll have nearly half an hour.” I tell him.

“I don’t know,” he says. “I like Russell a lot. I’d hate it if he found out I’d been doing it with you when he told me we shouldn’t.”

He won’t, I promise,” I say, smiling at him, “and neither will anyone else. This is just between you and me. But it’s up to you; I’m not trying to force you. It’s just that, well, I like you quite a lot too, and I think you enjoyed it when we did it before.”

Yeah, I did,” he says. “You’re okay. That chalk thing with Perky was brilliant; nobody else would have thought that up. I want to; it’s just that, ---, you know.”

Yeah; you don’t want Russell to be angry with you.” I say quietly, sensing that I’m winning him over.

Anyway, where would we do it?” he asks. “We can’t use the attic ‘cause there’ll be kids all over the dorm corridor; somebody would see us, and it’s too cold to go behind the sports pavilion.”

“The boys’ room by the science lab,” I say quietly. “There’s never anyone up there.”

Are you certain?” he asks.

I checked it out the last three days, you know, hanging round up there for ten minutes or so; I haven’t seen a soul, no kids, no teachers, nobody. I stayed there this morning till the bell went for class; I still didn’t see anyone.”

Well, if you’re sure it’s safe,” he says.

“D’you think I want to get caught doing that?” I ask, grinning at him. “Have you any idea how many times I’ve been caned?”

“No.” he says meekly.

Neither have I; I’ve lost count. If I got caught, I’d be sent down, no question; you’d just say I talked you into it and all you’d get would be a slap on the wrist. No, man, this is safe; I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t.”

Okay then,” he says apprehensively “When are we going to do it?”

“Tomorrow morning? Meet me outside the science lab, okay?”

Yeah, okay” he says, still sounding very nervous. “I’ll be there!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When I get down to breakfast Dom’s not there; I didn’t see him in the showers either. Fuck! I hope he hasn’t changed his mind! He arrives a couple of minutes later. He doesn’t come to sit with me, even though the refec’s still pretty empty. I like that; it shows he’s thinking about it. I finish breakfast, clear my things away and wander out onto the corridor; Dom’s still eating so I’ve no need to rush. I take my time, strolling along towards the classrooms until I reach the main entrance hall. I take a quick look round, checking that there’s nobody about. Everything’s quiet; I head smartly up the stairs and along to the science lab. Now all I’ve got to do is wait.

Dom shows up about a minute later; he’s grinning nervously. I check my watch; the bell for class will go in just over twenty minutes. That’s not as much time as I thought, but plenty long enough. I head straight to the boys’ room without even speaking, Dom following a few yards behind. Within a few of seconds we’re locked in one of the stalls. We get straight to it, undoing each other’s shorts and letting them fall to the floor. I smile to myself. Now that we’re actually here, Dom’s nervousness has completely disappeared; he wants to do it just as much as I do!

We quickly pull down each other’s underpants, tucking up our shirts to keep them out of the way. We reach down and fondle each other. The touch of his fingers is too much; already I’m gasping for breath and my dick’s tingling like crazy, Dom’s hard little spike’s throbbing between my fingers. He is so sexy! He squats down on the toilet and moistens his lips, taking my dick fully into his mouth. I look down, running my fingers through his silky smooth hair as he bobs up and down on it, sucking me like it was what he was born for. Fuck! Getting sucked by a kid as cute as him is a real bonus!

I feel myself getting close, not surprising with the way he’s been sucking me. I ease back, gently pulling my dick from between his lips.

“Swap over!” I whisper.

We change places. I take the tube of jelly from my shorts and show it to him. He gives me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. There’s no holding back now. I plunge down on his cock, sucking it right to the base. He holds my head, eagerly pumping his hard little dick in and out of my mouth. I squeeze some jelly onto my fingers. I slip my hand between his legs, sliding my middle finger along his crack till I find his boy-hole. I work it around for a second or two then push. It slides right into him, touching his prostate, his cock twitching crazily in my mouth. I work my finger in and out; he loves it! After maybe half a minute I push my index finger in too. There’s some resistance now. That’s good; Russell might be bumming him several times a week but he’s still pretty tight.

It’s time to do it. I pull back off his cock and get to my feet.

“You okay?” I ask.

Yeah!” he says, giving me another gorgeous smile. Fucking hell! He is perfect!

He gets into position without me even having to ask him. I stand there looking at him, smearing jelly over my dick. He’s got the most beautiful arse I’ve ever seen. I move in close, guiding my dick onto his hole. I hold it around the base and push. It goes right up him; I come to rest with my tummy pressed tight to his bum. I’ve got those incredible feelings again, his arse so warm and tight around my dick; nothing else even gets close to the way this feels! I start to bum him, quickly building up the pace till I’m pounding into him as hard as I can go. He’s moaning and squeaking just like he did last time, getting me turned on even more.

I reach down to play with his cock; it’s throbbing like crazy. A few seconds, a few more thrusts and everything goes mental; Dom’s gasping for breath and bucking like a wild animal, his cock swelling and pulsing between my fingers, his bum tightening round my dick like it’ll never let go. It takes me right over the edge; I’m shaking like a jelly. I hold on tight, my cock jerking over and over deep inside his bum. I’m so dizzy and light-headed I collapse over his back, gasping like an old steam engine. Fucking hell! Now that WAS something else!

I gently pull out. My dick’s so sensitive I can hardly bear to have anything touch it. We quickly get dressed. Dom’s grinning like the Cheshire Cat; man, he loved it as much as I did! That’s the icing on the cake, it really is! I check the time; the bell for our first class will go in five minutes. It couldn’t be better, just time for us to collect our stuff and get to the classroom without having to rush. I let Dom leave first. He gives me a big sloppy kiss and he’s on his way. I follow a minute later, heading to our maths class like I’m walking on air. Not only have I just bummed one of the cutest boys of all time, I’ve beaten the system, the whole fucking lot of it. Man! What a gas!