This is a work of erotic fiction, depicting sex acts involving both underage boys and one adult male. If it’s illegal to read that sort of thing where you live, then don’t. and if you’re too young to read that sort of thing, well you’d better not do it either, except I don’t know who these jerks are who decide how young is too young. And if you just don’t like stories like that, then what the f*** are you doing here? But anyway, if you read it and you shouldn’t, that’s down to you, right? So don’t come blaming me or Nifty if the Gestapo come knocking.

Well, for all that he’s been caned a few times; Toby’s had a pretty easy ride so far. But that’s about to change. How he deals with it will be the main subject for the next ten chapters or so. Please let me know what you think. E-mail your comments to and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


I creep down the staircase from the attic. Halfway down, I check to make sure there’s nobody about. It’s all clear. I trot the rest of the way down and stroll back towards the dorm like nothing’s happened. It has, of course; Callum’s just given me the best bumming ever! I can’t believe how good it feels when he does it; I got so excited he had to tell me to keep quiet. Meeting Callum has been the best thing that’s happened to me since I came here, that and finding out about Dom, of course. Bumming Dominic is just the icing on the cake. It’s funny; I used to do all sorts of stupid things and got caned every time. Now I’m breaking just about every rule there is and getting away with it. That’s much better! I’m actually quite pleased I’m here; I’d never have got to do any of this stuff if I’d stayed at the junior school where I was before.

I haven’t stayed out of trouble completely, of course; I don’t think I could ever do that. I’ve been caned twice so far this year, but that’s a lot less than it used to be. The first time was for getting into an argument with Perky. He said that you could work out that God exists. I said you couldn’t; you either believe in God or you don’t, but he can’t prove that God exists any more than I can prove he doesn’t. Then he started having a go at me, calling me ‘wicked’ and ‘immoral’ and stuff. I said he was pathetic, which he is, so I got caned. Well, I don’t give a shit.

The other time I was caught smoking. It was just something I had to try; I’m like that. I like to make up my own mind about things. I guess it’s a bit a symbol of rebellion, something that kids like me are expected to do, which is why I tried it. As it goes I really didn’t like it much, but I’d still like to have a go at smoking pot sometime if I got the chance

I go to the boys’ room and lock myself in one of the stalls. I pull down my shorts and underpants and sit on the toilet. Callum’s spunk comes running out; he makes a lot more now than he did the first time he did it, and today he shot his biggest load yet. He said he hadn’t cum since the last time he bummed me, so I guess that was why. I look down; there’s a small stain in my underpants where it leaked a bit before I got here. It’s not too bad; I don’t think anyone will notice. I stand up and wipe my bum; I’m so used to it now it’s not even sore. I get myself dressed, wash my hands and saunter out onto the corridor. Mr. Atkinson’s there. He gives me a funny look but doesn’t say anything. That’s really odd. It’s very unusual for any of the teachers to be around the dorms at this time; they’re either supervising activities or relaxing in the staff room after a hard day’s teaching. Or something! Anyway, they leave it to the prefects to make sure we behave ourselves.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We’re about three quarters of the way through prep when Mr. Atkinson appears again; I’ve pretty much finished anyway. He has a word with Mr. Chandler, who’s supervising us, then comes to my desk.

“Come to my classroom at the end of the session,” he says quietly. “I want to talk to you about the story you just gave me.”

That’s pretty odd, too; he always gives me plenty of attention when we’re in class, probably ‘cause I’m loads better at writing stories and stuff than anyone else, but he’s never done that before. Anyway, it’s not a problem; I really like him and I wouldn’t be doing anything else. Ten minutes later, Mr. Chandler lets us go. I stroll along to Mr. Atkinson’s room. He’s sitting at his desk.

“Toby! Come and sit down!” he says, pointing to the chair next to him.

He starts going through my story, telling me how good it is, pointing out a few things I got wrong, suggesting a change here and a bit of polishing up there, all very helpful, except I’ve got this weird feeling that it’s not really why he asked me here.

“Are you okay?” he asks quietly, smiling down at me.

I nod, still wondering what’s going on.

“Come with me,” he says. “I want to show you something.”

I follow him out of the classroom, along the corridor past the art room to the lower school trunk store. He unlocks the door and lets us in. That’s odd too. Last year sometime Rob needed to get something from in here, so he asked our form tutor, Mr. Davies. He said he’d have to see Mr. Halford ‘cause only Mr. Halford and Mr. Chambers, the headmaster, have keys, plus the caretaker, of course, but he’s not allowed to let anyone in. Mr. Atkinson’s one of the youngest teachers in the place, so what’s he doing with a key? He closes the door behind us. I take a look around. Apart from the trunks there are a few other bits and pieces that seem to have been dumped in there out of the way. There’s an old desk, a foldaway bed and a few other things; they’ve been in here for as long as I’ve been at the school. But the bed’s not folded up in the corner like it usually is; it’s been set up along one wall. There are even a couple of pillows on it.

“Sit down,” he says gently, pointing to one of the trunks that’s sort of on it’s own in the middle of the floor with the others stacked up behind it.

I do as he says. I’m not a nervous type of kid but right now I’m very nervous; this just isn’t right. He sits down next to me; we’re facing the bed. He puts his arm around my shoulder and starts stroking my leg just below my shorts. Oh, fuck! I’ve HEARD about teachers doing this sort of thing; I thought it was all rumours. I never thought it’d happen to me!

“You’re a very cute, very special boy, Toby,” he whispers.

Shit! My dick’s starting to get hard! I just can’t help it.

“I’ve seen you and Callum together,” he continues. “It seems as though you like him a lot. You were with him before prep, weren’t you, up in the attic.”

Fucking hell! I was sure nobody saw us, but he obviously did. So now what happens? I could cry out, but down here at this time of day it’s unlikely anyone would hear me. Even if they did, he could get me and Callum into a lot of trouble. He runs his had under my sweater and begins undoing my shirt buttons. Shit man! This is blowing my mind! Mr. Atkinson is the last guy I’d have thought would want to do sex-stuff with a kid my age; I thought it was all dirty old men. He helps me off with my sweater and my shirt.

“Very nice!” he breathes, running his hands over my back and my chest, using his fingers to massage my nipples. “You’ve got a beautiful body!” He pauses for a few moments while he fondles me some more. “Take your shoes off,” he says finally.

I kick them off.

“Okay! Stand up!” he says.

I stand in front of him. I know what’s coming; he doesn’t have to tell me. He undoes the clip at the top of my shorts and pulls down the zip. He looks up at me then eases them over my hips. They fall to the floor. He licks his lips and skins my underpants right down to my ankles. My hard cock is sticking straight up.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” he gasps.

He holds it between thumb and index finger, gently pulling it away from my tummy. He leans forward, taking it right into his mouth, plunging down so he’s got my balls in there too, sucking me, licking me, his tongue going everywhere, his hands running up and down between my legs. It’s obvious he’s had plenty of practice. Without even thinking about it, I hold his head, urging him to continue. I know we shouldn’t be doing this; I don’t even WANT to do it, but the feelings are way out, even better than when Callum does it. After a minute or so he lets me go. He looks up, smiling and licking his lips again.

“Beautiful” he says again, his voice all breathy.

He reaches down and examines my underpants. He’s looking for the stain and I guess he’s found it.

“Okay, take them off,” he says.

I kick off my shorts and pants, leaving them piled on the floor with the rest of my clothes. So here I am, stark, bollock naked apart from my socks.

“Turn round!” he says.

I turn my back to him.

“Bend over!” he tells me.

I bend forward, resting my hands on the bed a couple of feet away.

“Just as I thought,” he says with a note of satisfaction. “Callum’s been sticking it up your bum, hasn’t he? That’s very naughty! He could get in a lot of trouble, doing that to a younger boy like you.”

A chill runs down my spine; you’d have to be a complete moron not to understand what he’s saying. Suddenly I’ve got something else to think about, something warm and wet attacking my hole. Shit! It’s his tongue! The dirty bastard’s licking my bum-hole! Man! That is gross! Gross or not, it’s very exciting; my dick’s gone harder than ever. His tongue pushes its way right inside. I’m gasping for breath. Fuck! That is far out! After what feels like ages he pulls away.

“Wow, you are so sexy!” he whispers. “Why don’t you find out what I’ve got for you?”

I really don’t want to; I ought to stop it right now, but it’s not just about me. If I do that, I’d have to stop going with Callum or he could get us both sent down. I don’t care that much about me, but I’ve never once dropped another kid in the shit and I’m not about to do it now. And anyway, Mr. Atkinson’s always been all right with me; the easiest thing is just to do what he wants. I get onto my knees and undo his zip, reaching inside to pull out his cock. It’s big and very hard, well over six inches and thick, the large purple head completely exposed beyond his foreskin. I fondle it nervously.

“Suck it,” he says quietly.

I moisten my lips and take it into my mouth. It’s so big, I can’t get down much past the head and even that makes my jaw ache. He ruffles my hair.

“Oh, yeah!” he coos. “That’s wonderful! Think how good it’s going to feel having this up your bum!”

I am thinking about it and good isn’t the word that springs to mind.

“Okay, you can stop now,” he says.

I let him go, just kneeling where I am, looking at his cock, all slick and shiny.

“Turn round and bend over again,” he tells me. “I need to get you ready.”

I turn back round and bend over like I was before. A greasy finger is poking at my hole. It slides right in, touching my sex-button. My cock jumps up like I just stuffed it in the light-socket. A second finger goes in behind the first. There’s a sharp stab of pain; his fingers are much thicker than Callum’s; they feel harder too. He works them around, stretching me, opening me up.

“You sexy little boy!” he gasps. “Now I’m going to fuck you properly!”

I’m wondering if he’s going to do it right there, but he’s got other ideas. He picks me up and deposits me face down on the bed, one pillow under my hips, the other under my head. He pulls my legs apart and gets on top of me, his cock aimed right at my bum-hole. I clamp my bum cheeks as tight as I can. If I make it too difficult, maybe he’ll give up on it. He pulls away and smacks me sharply right across the bum.

“Stop that!” he says firmly. “You’re just making it harder for yourself!”

A moment later he’s back, pushing his big cock hard against my hole. I try to resist, but it’s useless. After a couple of seconds it thrusts right into me. THAT FUCKING HURTS!!

“Sir, Sir!” I wail. “It’s too big! Please take it out! Please!”

“Just relax, Toby!” he says breathlessly, “You can do it, you know you can!”

He pushes in a bit deeper. I let out another yelp, I just can’t help it.

“Keep quiet!” he snaps. “You’ve got a lovely tight little bum! This won’t take long!”

He grabs my discarded underpants and stuffs them in my mouth.

“Now just relax and enjoy it!” he tells me.

He sets to work, bumming me with long, powerful thrusts. Funny, now that he’s in there, it’s not actually that painful, and he’s right about it not taking long. After about a minute his breathing goes harsh and raspy, his hot, stale breath swirling round my face. His cock rears up inside me, load after load of his thick creamy spunk flooding into my arse. Suddenly it’s over. He stays where he is for several seconds, his weight resting on his forearms, his cock still buried deep inside me. Very slowly he takes it out. My bum’s a bit sore, but not as bad as I’d expected. I don’t want him to know that though. Very gingerly I get off the bed. He pulls out a roll of cotton wool and gently cleans me up with it. He touches my bum-hole.

“Yeowww!!” I gasp, wincing visibly.

“You’re a very sexy boy, Toby!” he whispers. “That’s the best fuck I’ve had for ages!”

As I pull on my underpants he pushes another piece of cotton wool down inside them.

“Keep that in there for a few hours,” he says casually, “even after you’ve been to the toilet. We don’t want you making a mess.”

I finish dressing and make my way out of the trunk store. I head for the nearest boys’ room, walking as normally as I can in case anyone sees me. I lock myself into one of the stalls, pulling down my shorts and pants. His spunk comes pissing out of me before I’ve even sat down properly. I sit there trying to get my head straightened out. I’m confused and bewildered; the one teacher I thought was okay goes and does that to me. It’s not that I don’t like having it up my bum; it’s just that I didn’t want him to do it. I begged him to take it out but he just wouldn’t listen. And now he’s had it once, he’s going to want it again and again. I’ve not just been bummed; I’ve been well and truly fucked.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When I wake up the soreness is almost gone. I can still feel it, but it’s not a problem. I guess that’s because I’ve been bummed before; if I hadn’t I’d have probably been sore for days. I’m thinking a bit more clearly too. I’ve got to decide what I’m going to do. Uncle Andrew said I shouldn’t let somebody do something to me that I didn’t want them to, but it’s not that simple, is it? I could tell someone, but who? Mr. Davies? Mr. Halford? After all the trouble I’ve been in for the past two years I don’t think they’d believe me. They’d ask Mr. Atkinson and he’d say I was making it up. They’d go to the trunk store and everything would be back where it’s supposed to be. Then Mr. Atkinson would tell them he’d had a word with me because he’d seen me and Callum together, or some bollocks like that. No, telling someone just isn’t worth the risk.

I could just refuse to go with him again, but he could make trouble if I do that. Most of the other teachers here hate me; if Mr. Atkinson’s not sticking up for me any more my life could be hell. The only other alternative is to go along with it. It’s not what I want, but it won’t kill me. I got through it yesterday and it’ll never hurt that badly again. That’s the one confusing thing. I like Mr. Atkinson; he’s the only teacher here who’s really helped and encouraged me, but I don’t like him LIKE THAT, if you know what I mean. But I can do it. I might even be able to make something out of it if I play it right. There’s that room for a start. I’d love to be able to go in there with Callum or Dominic; get naked and do it properly. We could even have that foursome with Russell I’ve been dreaming about. I’d have to get hold of the key, of course, and that won’t be easy. I’ll have to work on that.

I just hope that he doesn’t want to do it too often. Somehow I don’t think he will. For one thing, if he was taking me there every other day somebody would be bound to notice, and he’s got more to lose than I have if that happened. I mean, he’s got a flat in the gatehouse. He could have asked me to go there, but he didn’t because a couple of the other teachers have flats there as well, and they’d have been asking questions if he’d done that. So I reckon it’ll be an occasional thing, maybe once a week, and that’s no problem. Meanwhile, I’ll just carry on like nothing’s happened.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s been nearly a week since Mr. Atkinson bummed me in the trunk store. Since then he hasn’t spoken to me except in our English classes. I’m beginning to think he’s decided not to do it again; maybe he realises I wasn’t very happy about it. We’re just going out of our English class when he calls me over.

“Come back here after supper, about half past seven,” he says quietly.

“Okay, sir,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I arrive at his classroom; it’s seven thirty on the dot.

“Hi, Toby!” he says, smiling at me. “I’m glad you decided to come. Listen carefully: I’m going to the trunk store. Give me a minute or so then follow me. When you get there, check that there’s nobody about, then knock on the door, okay?”

“Sir!” I say, frowning slightly.

He heads off towards the art room. I watch him for a few seconds then turn and walk slowly in the opposite direction. I check my watch; he’s had just over forty seconds. I read the Third Year notice board and check again. He’s been gone just over a minute. I walk back to his classroom and on to the trunk store. As expected, the place is deserted. I knock quietly on the door. A key turns in the lock and the door opens. I step inside. This is a pretty neat routine; I have to give him full marks for that. I look around. The place is all set up like it was last week.

“Let’s sit down,” he says quietly.

We park ourselves on the trunk, facing the bed.

“Are you okay?” he asks, putting his arm around my shoulder and giving me a little squeeze.

“Yeah,” I say casually.

“I was a bit worried after last time. I’ve not been with a boy since before the summer holidays; I guess I rushed things a bit.”

So pretty well raping me is ‘rushing things a bit’. I’ll remember that. And what was that about not having been with a boy since before the holidays?

“Well, I’m here, aren’t I?” I say, shrugging my shoulders again. “So who did you used to go with, sir, before the summer, I mean?”

“Oh, I don’t think you’d have known him,” he says awkwardly, clearly wishing he hadn’t mentioned it.

“Come on, sir!” I say, insistently. “I won’t say anything. He must have left by now in any case.”

He pauses, still looking very uneasy. “D’you remember Simon Faulkner?” he asks.

Simon Faulkner! Small for his age, quite slim, not bad looking, I guess. Totally useless at sport, very bookish and quite clever, but a pompous little prick; I remember him all right! I wouldn’t have thought he’d have been able to take a monster like Mr. Atkinson’s up his bum though.

“So did you bum him?” I ask.

“Oh, yes!” he says, smiling. “He found it quite painful to start with, but after that he couldn’t get enough of it. He was my boy for nearly three years.”

That’s come as a total surprise; I have to say I’d never really thought about it. Simon was ‘his boy’. Well, I guess I must be ‘his boy’ now, but it won’t last as long as that if I have anything to do with it.

“I had to share him with older boys, of course,” he continues. “Even last year one of the rugby team was fucking him in the dorm after lights out. He was good sex, but not really special like you.”

So he thinks I’m really special; well, isn’t that nice? He’s stroking my legs again; it’s having the same effect as it did before; my dick’s gone as hard as iron. Very gently he starts to undress me. It all follows the same routine as last week, sweater and shirt first, then shoes, and finally he pulls down my shorts and underpants. A moment later his mouth engulfs my cock, his tongue running all over it. Fuck! I love this! I don’t really want him to do it, but when he does it, I love it. That is confusing!! He opens wide, sucking my balls in too, his hands running over my bum and down the backs of my legs. Man! That is far out!

After a couple of minutes he lets me go and gets to his feet. I know what he wants; he doesn’t even have to ask me. I kneel down in front of him and lower his zip, reaching inside to fish out his big hard cock. I suck Callum’s and Dominic’s, so I can suck his; don’t think about it too much, just do it. I wrap my fingers round it and take it into my mouth, sucking down an inch or so past the head, making sure I keep my hand in place so he can’t push me down any further. He strokes my hair.

“Oh, Toby!” he whispers excitedly. “Good boy! You do that beautifully!”

My jaw’s starting to ache again. I let him go.

“Okay,” he says, smiling down. “Up you get!”

I climb to my feet. “So d’you really think I’m special, sir?” I ask, teasing him, although he seems not to notice.

“Oh, you’re special all right!” he says breathlessly, wrapping an arm around me and licking my face.

“So d’you want to bum me again?” I continue, winding it up a bit.

“Of course I do!” he says, getting more and more excited. “Is that okay?”

“Can we do it with me bent over the desk? I didn’t really like it the way you did it the last time.”

“Yeah, if that’s what you want.”

Will you play with my cock while you’re doing me, sir? That’s what Callum does. I love it when he does that!”

“Of course I will, if that’s what you like,” he responds, almost drooling at the thought of it. “You are a sexy boy!”

The old desk is right next to the bed. I grab one of the pillows, put it on the desk and bend down over it.

“Please take it slow, sir,” I say. “Your cock’s a lot bigger than Callum’s.”

“I will,” he says. “I promise.”

He starts with his tongue, licking at prodding, gradually working it right into me. Before he did it the last time I’d never have believed anyone would actually do that. It’s pretty exciting for me though. The greasy fingers come next, first one, which is quite easy, then two, which still hurts when they first go in. Gradually it gets easier as he works them in and out, twisting them round to loosen my ring. After a couple of minutes they slide out.

“I’m going to spank you a couple of times?” he says. “It’ll help your bum relax; make it easier when I put it into you.”

“Okay,” I tell him, not like he’s giving me the choice. “Not too hard though.”

He gives me a couple of sharp smacks across the bum. This is it. He’s right in behind me, his cock-head pressed against my hole.

“Just relax,” he whispers. “Push out like you’re having a shit.”

We both push; for a moment nothing happens. Suddenly my ring gives way and the large shiny head goes right into me. FUCK!!! I gasp for breath, praying for the pain to ease.

“Easy, Toby,” he coos, “You’re doing really well.”

He holds his position as the pain slowly ebbs away. He pushes in a bit further. The pain returns, though not as bad as it was to start with. He eases back slightly and the pain disappears. He pushes again. His cock hits my prostate, making it twitch like crazy. He does it a few more times until he’s got the whole thing inside me. I feel very full and bloated, but it’s not really painful. He reaches down and fondles my dick.

“You’re so wonderfully tight!” he gasps. “And still beautifully hard; that is excellent! What a sexy boy you are!”

“Your cock feels really big, sir!” I tell him.

“Yes!” he says triumphantly “And now I’m going to fuck you stupid!”

“Are you going to make your spunk squirt up my bum, sir?”

“Of course I am!” he rasps. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do!”

And he’s off, starting quite slowly, building it up and up till he’s bumming me as hard as he can go. The combination of his big cock rubbing against my prostate and his fingers playing with my dick is too much; with no more than a second’s warning I turn into a quivering jelly.

“Oooh! Oooh! Ooooohh!!” I moan.

My bum clamps tight around his cock, my dick jerking and twitching between his fingers.

“Oh! You naughty boy!” he gasps. “Oh, I’m cumming! Take it Toby! Take my spunk! Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!”

His cock jumps up so hard it almost lifts me off my feet, his spunk spurting over and over into my bum like it’s never going to stop. Then it’s over. He’s bent over my back gasping for breath like he’s had a heart attack. Slowly and carefully he pulls it out. I let go a big fart, his warm spunk exploding out of my bum and running down my legs.

“Toby!” he gasps, still struggling to get his breath back. “That was wonderful, the best ever!”

“I’m glad you liked it, sir!” I tell him, trying to hide the note of sarcasm.

I’m lying through my teeth, of course. I don’t give a shit whether he liked it or not; I’ve given him what he wanted. It’ll keep me and Callum out of trouble; that’s what matters at the moment. But I’ve worked out something else; he’s pretty nervous about all this. He knows he mustn’t push me too far; that’s why he was so worried about what happened the last time. That’s good. He’s just had what he wants; if I keep playing along, pretty soon I’ll get what I want.