Well, I guess I’d better tell you, even though you’ve read it loads of times before; if you’re not supposed to read this for some reason, then you’d better not. And if you do, you can’t blame me or Nifty if the Gestapo come knocking.

So now Toby’s got that key, what’s he going to do with it? Read on and find out! More feedback, especially from guys who’ve not written before, would be very welcome. Please e-mail your thoughts to pinkpanther2@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


There’s no ‘other presence’ in the room this time, just me and Callum, doing what we like to do best. We’re both completely naked; it’s so much better like that, snuggled up on the bed, kissing and fondling each other, our hands going everywhere. I love everything about this kid, his silky dark hair, his smooth, slim body, his wonderful, sexy boy-smell, his stiff, uncut cock; yeah, that’s the best bit of all. Instinctively I lick my way down till it’s right by my nose. I take it between my lips, sucking it right down to the base. It feels wonderful, hard and hot in my mouth. Callum moans quietly, his breathing short and uneven, running his fingers through my hair, urging me to continue, not that I was going to do anything else. His legs are apart, knees slightly raised. I slip my hand between them, massaging the sensitive area right behind his balls. He moans even more; he likes that all right! Gradually my fingers work their way further back until I’m touching his bum-hole. I touch him there quite often, but this time it feels different, sort of greasy. I push very gently; my finger slides right in. Well! Shit! He’s been bummed! I let him go and snuggle up next to him again.

“Somebody’s, er, you know …” I whisper.

“Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

So who was it?”


“Really? I thought he went with Dominic.”

“He does, but only three times a week. Well, Russ wants to have sex much more often than that. We’ve been doing it for months, to be honest. Usually we do it in bed at night, but after prep he came up to me and said he wanted it right then. Well I wasn’t going to say no; Russell’s great and he’s got a beautiful cock. There was nobody using the attic so we went up there. Sorry; I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, of course not!” I say, stroking his silky dark hair. “I’m just a bit surprised, that’s all. So you still like taking it then?”

“It depends who I’m with; if it’s someone really nice like Russell I do.”

That sets me thinking; I’m sure when I’m Callum’s age I’ll feel the same way.

“That’s cool, man,” I tell him. “I like Russell too.”

“You know you said about us having a foursome with Russell and Dominic,” he says, grinning at me. “D’you still want to do that?”

“Yeah! Of course I do!”

“We could do it in here,” he says, looking straight into my eyes.

“That’s okay,” I say, “as long as Russell doesn’t think that he should have the key ‘cause he’s the oldest, or something; the key’s mine.”

“He won’t,” Callum assures me. “Russ isn’t like that.”

“Okay, when?”

“Well, today’s Monday,” he says, furrowing his brow, “how about Thursday?”


“I’ll talk to him,” he says quietly. “See me after prep tomorrow, by the science lab, okay?”


Well, that’s a bonus I hadn’t expected; I thought I’d have to push that idea. I’d never actually thought of us doing it in here, but if I’m going to use this place to make films, why the fuck not? It’s not like me and Callum are going to be the only ones who know about it. And anyway, Callum suggested it; I’m not going to turn him down.

“Great, he says, smiling and nuzzling my ear. “Now I’m going to give you what you need!”

He scoots down the bed, resting his head on my tummy. He takes my dick into his mouth, sucking it beautifully. Moments later a greasy finger slides into my bum. Fuck! This is far out! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough of it. I catch my breath; the tingling in my cock is unbelievable. I stroke his hair, like I don’t want this to stop, ever! A second finger pushes in behind the first. Oh, fuck! Man, that is something else! He finger-fucks me harder, twisting his fingers round as he does it. Finally both fingers slide out. He grabs one of the pillows, placing it by my hips.

“On your tummy!” he whispers.

After the first time Mr. Atkinson bummed me I’ve always been a bit wary about doing it like that, but this is Callum; if that’s what he wants, it’s okay with me. In any case, he must weigh less than half what pervy Atkinson does. I roll over on top of the pillows and spread my legs. I glance over my shoulder. Callum’s sitting back on his heels, smearing lube onto his cock. I put my head on the other pillow and relax, waiting expectantly for what happens next. A moment later Callum’s down on top of me, his dick pushing insistently at my bum-hole. I relax the ring of muscle, allowing it to slide in. Oh, yeah! That feels so good! It’s no wonder he still likes Russell doing it to him!

Moments later we’re into it, Callum bumming me with long, powerful thrusts, hitting my prostate every time. He pushes his cock in harder and harder, his heart pounding against my back. His warm, sexy breath swirls around my face, making me feel giddy and light-headed, my dick throbbing and twitching against the pillow. Suddenly everything’s a blur. I grab the pillow that’s under my head, hanging on for dear life as my body shakes uncontrollably, my bum jamming tight round Callum’s dick, my cock swelling and jerking like it’s never going to stop. Callum doesn’t miss a beat, bumming me as hard as he can go, his breathing getting more ragged with every thrust.

“Nnnnnggg!!!” he gasps, grabbing my shoulders, his breath turning from warm to hot. “Ohh! Ohhh!! Aaarrrggghhhh!!!”

His cock springs to life deep inside me, his spunk spurting over and over into my bum. He pauses for a couple of seconds then collapses on top of me. Fuck! That was something else! He can do that any time he wants!

We get back into our clothes and quickly tidy the room. That was the best yet, but now I’ve got something else to look forward to, watching Russell bum Dominic while Callum does me. I can hardly wait.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I’m lying in bed, thinking about making my own porno films, ‘the project’ as I call it. It’s not going to be easy; there’s so much to think about. I’m going to have to be patient too. I can’t do it without proper lights, and I won’t get them till after the summer holiday, so I can forget about making a film with Russell in it; he’ll have left by then. And I’m going to need lots of practice using the camera and the lights, to make sure I’m up to the job; nobody’s going to pay for a film that’s shit. I’m sure I can do it, but it’s going to take time.

Once I’m ready I’ll have to talk a couple of boys into being in it. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem. They’d need to be nice looking, of course, like the boys in that film Mr. Atkinson had, but there are plenty of boys here who like to get into stuff they’re not supposed to do as long as they think they can get away with it; that business with Perky and the chalk proved that. I’d have to be careful, though; if some of the wrong kids find out what I’m up to, I’ll get sent down, no questions asked.

Then there’s the money. Yeah, I know we’re all from pretty well-off families, but that doesn’t mean we get lots of money to spend. Some of the kids do, the ones whose parents have got more money than sense, but most of us get very little money at all. Suppose I told them they could make two hundred quid each. That’d be a fortune to most of us; it certainly would be to me. Thinking about how much money they’d make selling the copies, that Danish lot could easily pay six hundred for an original film, more probably, so I don’t think that’s a problem either.

And once I’ve made the film, then what? I’d need to sell it to someone who could do the processing and do all the rest of the shit. So who would that be? Of course, I’m hoping that the outfit in Copenhagen might be interested. So how would I get in touch with them? Well, that film Mr. Atkinson showed me had an address on the box. I’ll need to get that. I guess I could ask Mr. Atkinson too, you know, like where they get their films from. Mind you, I couldn’t just send them the film without them agreeing to pay for it. I guess I’d have to make a sort of trailer and send them that, you know a few twenty-second clips. I wouldn’t be able to take them from the film itself because I wouldn’t be able to process it, so I’d have to shoot them separately.

Another thing I’ll have to be very careful about is telling them how to reply to me. It’d need to look like a letter from my Danish penpal or something. Then there are the arrangements for getting paid. I can’t just go waltzing into the bank with a cheque in whatever the Danish currency is; the bank might start asking questions. They’ll have to agree to pay us in sterling. From what Mr. Atkinson said, they sell by mail order all over the world, so I don’t think that would be a problem. In fact, I’d have to get them to pay us all individually. I can put money into my account without a problem, but I wouldn’t be able to draw out the sort of money I’d need to pay the lads who’d been in the film.

Finally, there’s Mr. Atkinson. I don’t want him involved, but it might be hard to stop him finding out what we’re doing. If that happens, I guess I’d have to cut him in somehow. That’s not what I want, but I don’t think I’d have too much choice. Shit! When I first got this idea, I never thought about how difficult it was going to be. Even so, if I can pull it off, wow! It’ll be the best stunt ever!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It’s the end of our English class. I’m slow finishing off what I’m doing and putting my things away, so that I’m the last to leave. I stroll past Mr. Atkinson’s desk.

“Half past seven, sir?” I say, grinning at him.

He nods.

“Can we watch that film again?” I ask quietly.

“Oh, you liked that, did you?” he says, smiling back at me. “Go on then!”

I make my way out. For once I’m actually looking forward to it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I stand next to Mr. Atkinson while he loads the film into the projector. I check out the box that the film was in. It looks a bit different from what I remember, but it’s still got the name Color Climax Corporation on it, and the address in Copenhagen. I recite it to myself several times; I can’t let Mr. Atkinson see me writing it down so I’ll have to memorise it. As soon as he’s finished, we settle down to watch. It’s pretty obvious why the box looked different; it’s not the same film. This one’s got a title, ‘Lover Boys One’. There are three boys in it, and man, are they cute! The oldest one’s probably thirteen, tall and slim, with long, straight blond hair. The middle one is very tanned, with brown eyes and thick, almost black wavy hair; he looks about twelve. The smallest kid can’t be more than ten, with collar length light brown hair and the cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen. He’s the cutest of the lot, even cuter than Dominic! Wow! I notice one other thing too.

“That’s odd, sir,” I say quietly. “They’re all circumcised.

A few of the kids here are circumcised, the Jewish boys mainly, but not very many.

“Oh, they’re probably American,” he says casually. “Most American boys have cut cocks”

“I thought this film was from Denmark,” I say.

“Oh, that’s just the company that processes and distributes them,” he says. “The films could be made anywhere.”

I just hit the jackpot! This Color Climax outfit buys films that other people have made, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t buy mine, as long as it’s good enough. I watch the film intently, hardly noticing Mr. Atkinson stroking my legs and feeling me up in my shorts. I’m not so much watching what they’re doing as studying the way it’s been filmed. The lighting is excellent; I’ll need some really powerful lights if my film’s going to come out as well as this. They’ve used all white backgrounds too, which helps. That’s not a problem. The walls in here are a sort of off-white colour, and I can easily ‘borrow’ a sheet from matron’s store to put on the bed. Apart from that, the camera work is okay, but it’s nothing I won’t be able to do once I’ve had some practice. I can do this!

The boys in the film are lying on their sides having a three-way fuck, the tall blond kid fucking the dark-haired boy, who’s fucking the cute little ten year old. It’s all right, but it looks a bit messy; I’m not sure I’d have had them doing that. And there’s another thing; there are lots of close-ups, but none of them show the kid’s bums, either before or after they’ve been fucked. Mine will, if I ever get to make them! Right in the middle of the action the film flickers and comes to an end.

“So how did you like that one?” Mr. Atkinson asks.

“That was pretty good,” I say, grinning up at him. “The boys were really nice!”

He starts to undress me. I’m so sexed-up after watching the film and imagining that it was me behind the camera, I’m ready for anything. Instead of just standing there and letting him suck me, as soon as I’m naked I start to get his clothes off; fuck knows why, I just do.

“Well, it certainly seems to have turned you on,” he comments. “Or at least something has.”

“Come on sir,” I say impatiently. “Let’s get on the bed!”

He seems happy enough with that idea. He lies on his back, sort of like he’s expecting me to snuggle up next to him. I don’t; I lie right on top of him, but the wrong way round, so my face is right by his crotch. I hold the base of his cock between thumb and forefinger, lifting it away from his body and working my tongue all over it.

“Oh, Tobee!!” he gasps. “Oh, that is wonderful!”

I’ve never been that keen on sucking his dick before, but right now that’s exactly what I want. I open my mouth wide and take it in sucking down as far as I can go, his thick pubic hair tickling my nose. The head touches the back of my throat. I gag slightly, pulling back a little. I’ve not got it all, but I’ve got most of it, much more than I usually take. I slide my lips back up till they’re just behind the head and set about giving him a nice steady blow job.

“Oh, wow!” he gasps, massaging my back. “Toby, you are so sexy!”

I’m not tall enough for us to do a sixty nine, but the second prize is pretty good. My bum’s right in front of his chin; he lifts himself up a bit and starts licking me out. Man! That’s the best! I can hardly wait to have his cock up me.

“Lube me up, sir!” I demand, pulling off his cock for a moment.

One greasy finger is quickly joined by a second, fucking their way into me. He touches my prostate. Oh fuck! That is way out! He pulls them back, twisting them round to loosen my ring before stuffing them right back in again.

“Sir!” I gasp. “I want your cock!”

The fingers slide out.

“How d’you want it?” he asks.

“Can we do it lying on our sides, like the boys in the film?”

“Sure, if that’s what you want,” he says gently.

I lie on my left side, facing the wall, my knees pulled up a bit; not quite in the foetal position, but getting there. He spoons up behind me, guiding his dick onto my hole. I cock my right leg to make it easier for him. He holds me round the hips and thrusts it in. Oh shit! That is way out! He holds on tight, gradually pushing forwards, inching it into me. After about a minute his pubes are scrunched up against my bottom; I’ve got the whole thing.

“Bum me, sir!” I say insistently. “Bum me hard!”

He pulls back till only the head is left inside me then stuffs it all in with a single thrust.

“Is that hard enough?” he whispers.

“Oh, yes sir!” I tell him.

He sets to work, bumming me with long, powerful strokes. After a while he picks up the pace, fucking me harder, fucking me deeper. I moan quietly, I just can’t help it, the mixture of pain and pleasure so intense I scarcely know where I am. His fingers move off my right hip, sliding down to fondle my dick. It twitches wildly.

“You’re so hard!” he growls. “You love this, don’t you?”

I can’t speak; I can’t even breathe. With barely a second’s warning I’m thrashing around on the bed, my bum squeezing his cock.

“Ooohh!! Nnngg!! Nnngg! I moan, my dick exploding between his fingers.

A couple more thrusts and he’s there too, slamming it in one final time as he holds me tight against his body.

“Oh, you sexy boy!” he gasps. “Yes! Yes!! Take my spunk, Toby! Take it all! Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!”

It floods into me, over and over like it’s never going to stop. At last it does; we lie there not moving for several seconds. He slowly pulls out. I get onto my knees, his spunk squirting out of my bum and running down between my legs. Man! That was the best fuck in history!

I allow him to clean me up. We get dressed and I head back towards the dorm. Shit! My head’s spinning; I’m more confused than ever! One part of me still hates the idea of having sex with him; he’s a perv and he should never have got me doing it with him the way he did, but another part of me is completely turned on by it, especially since he started showing me those films. And I guess that must be the part that’s winning because I’m already thinking about the next time.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

We meet outside the art room just like we arranged. I haven’t even mentioned it to Dom; I thought it was better to let Russell do that. He’s looking nervous, but he often does; I’m sure he’ll be okay once we get going. I lead the way to the trunk store and let us in, locking the door behind us. Dom and Russell look round in wonderment.

“This is sweet, man!” Russell comments, smiling at me. “You’re a star, getting a key to this place. You’ll have to be careful though; you’re not thinking of bringing any other boys here, are you?”

“Of course not!” I say emphatically. “I only let you two in on it ‘cause Callum asked me. I don’t want any of the other kids finding out; they’ll all want to come here. It’d ruin the whole thing.”

“Too right!” he says, grinning. “I knew you weren’t stupid! Come on boys; let’s do it!”

We start to undress each other, me and Callum, Russell and Dominic, just like we usually do, I guess, only I’m not sure if the other two have done it completely naked before. I watch as they pull each other’s underpants down. Russell’s very nice looking when he’s got his clothes on; in the nude he is stunning! And his cock, wow! Well over four inches long, thick too, and it’s not even hard yet! Callum and Russell give each other a quick nod. Without saying a word, they swap over. Russell wraps his arms round me, guiding my hand onto his big cock.

“Suck it for me,” he whispers. “Get me hard.”

I’m completely taken aback; this wasn’t what I’d expected somehow. I look to my left; Dominic’s kneeling on the floor sucking Callum’s dick. I get down on my knees and take Russell’s cock into my mouth, sucking down as far as I can go; in no more than ten seconds it’s as hard as iron. I pull off and look at it. Around six inches and thick like I said, the head now completely exposed beyond his foreskin; above it, a few tiny hairs are starting to sprout, a large pair of balls hang beneath. He’s not as big down there as Mr. Atkinson, of course, but on a kid of thirteen, standing around 5’6”, it looks very impressive.

I hold it around the base and lick it all over. I put my lips over it, pushing down till I met my fingers. I begin to suck, quickly getting a nice rhythm going. After sucking Mr. Atkinson’s, this seems easy and a lot nicer. Russell runs his fingers through my hair.

“Easy, Toby,” he says quietly. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

I pull off and grin up at him. To my complete amazement he puts his arm around Callum’s shoulder, pulling him backwards onto the bed, leaving me and Dom kneeling on the floor looking up at them. Wow! They’re kissing like you wouldn’t believe! There’s no room on the bed for us as well; we park ourselves on the trunk where I usually sit with Mr. Atkinson. I’ve seen Dominic naked in the showers and that, but close up he looks cuter than ever. I take hold of his hard little spike, fondling it gently.

“Let’s kiss,” he says grinning at me.

Our mouths meet, our tongues dancing together, his aroma swirling round my face. He smells so sexy!

Russell and Callum get off the bed.

“Okay, boys,” Russell says, smiling at us. “We can’t stay here too long; let’s get this show on the road!”

We can’t all fit on the bed so I’m not at all sure how we’re going to do it, but Russell’s got that sorted too. He and Callum pull the trunk into the middle of the floor. Callum comes up behind me, his left hand snaking round to fondle my dick, his right hand stroking my bum, his fingers running down my crack. Very gently, he manoeuvres me round till I’m facing the trunk.

“Bend over,” he says quietly.

I do as he says. Dominic’s standing on the other side of the trunk, but at the other end, so he’s not directly facing me. He’s bent over too, so my head’s right next to his bum. I watch as Russell works some lube into him while Callum gives me the same treatment. Man! This is far out! After a minute or so Russell’s fingers slide free. He squeezes out some more lube and smears it over his cock. I know what’s going to happen next and I can’t take my eyes off it. Russell moves in close, guiding his big, rock-hard dick onto Dominic’s cute little hole. With one hard thrust he pushes it all the way in, right up to his balls. Oh, fuck! That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! Wow!!

A moment later Callum’s inside me too, but I’m hardly thinking about that; I’m completely mesmerised by what’s going on next to me, Russell pulling his big cock well back before stuffing it right in again, Dominic emitting little high-pitched squeaks and moans as Russell pounds into his arse. I crane my neck to get a better view, hardly able to believe how much Dominic’s bum-hole’s stretched. Is that what mine looks like when Mr. Atkinson bums me? I guess it must be. Fuck!

After a couple of minutes, Russell pulls right out, his dick all shiny. A second later Callum’s out as well. I don’t get it.

“Stay where you are,” he whispers.

Then it hits me. Russell and Callum are walking round the trunk; they’re swapping over! Fuck! Russell’s going to bum me! On the far side of the trunk Callum moves into position, his slim cock spearing straight into Dominic’s bum. I’ve got Russell behind me, his big cock nuzzling against my hole. He holds me round the hips and stuffs it in! Shit, man! That is big! For once I’m pleased that I’ve got used to taking Mr. Atkinson’s; this would have killed me otherwise. Fuck knows how Dom takes it so easily. He starts to move, bumming me with long, hard thrusts. He’s an excellent athlete, much better than Callum, better than Mr. Atkinson too, I’d guess. Neither of them has ever bummed me as hard as this!

“Do you like having my cock up you, Toby?” Russell asks, reaching down to grab my throbbing dick.

“Oh, yeah! I moan. “Do it, man!”

He does too, fucking his dick into me like the world’s about to end, the tingling in my cock getting stronger with every thrust. In less than a minute, everything sort of dissolves, star’s flashing in front of my eyes, my body shaking violently. Russell hanging onto me is the only thing keeping me on my feet. My dick jumps into life, swelling and pulsing between his fingers. Russell pounds my arse even harder, his breathing raspy and uneven. He grabs me round the hips, his cock buried balls-deep inside me. It jerks wildly, glob after glob of thick, creamy spunk flooding into my bum. Fuck! He’s cum even more than Mr. Atkinson does! Shit! I love Callum bumming me, but it’s nowhere near as wild as that just was!

Very slowly he pulls out. He hands me an old towel. I clean up as best I can. I don’t have any cotton wool though so I’m going to make a mess in my underpants. I must remember to bring some if we do this again, and we will; I’m sure of that.

“Did you enjoy that?” Russell asks gently, giving me a beautiful smile.

“Yeah, man!” I tell him. “That was something else!”

“Now you know what it’s like to really get your bum filled!” Dominic says, smirking a me.

I could tell him that I already found out, but I don’t want them knowing about that. I just grin back and say nothing. We finish dressing and go our separate ways.