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The Lent term’s winding to a close. I’ve been with Russell a couple more times since we had the foursome in the trunk room. It was his idea; he said it would be okay as long as nobody found out about it. Well, as he keeps everything in order there’s not much chance of that. So he bummed me while Callum was off somewhere else with Dominic. I didn’t mind at all; I love having sex with Callum, but getting bummed by Russell, man, that is something else! He can keep going for ages and he cums loads! I’ve still been bumming Dominic a couple of times a week, of course; I love it and so does he. That’s our little secret.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

So, the Easter holidays are finally here and I’m on the train back to London. Being at home, I’ll have to put up with my two sisters, of course. Liz is thirteen and Kate’s nearly ten. They’re both real daddy’s girls; they can twist him round their little fingers. He describes me a thorn between two roses. Bollocks! They get to live at home; okay, they do go to a posh girls’ day school about a mile from where we live, but they didn’t get sent away to boarding school like I was.

Even so, this is the holiday I really look forward to. At Christmas we have to do all sorts of family stuff and in the summer we go away for a couple of weeks, then I get packed off to a kids’ holiday centre. At Easter we don’t do anything much, so I get a chance to catch up with the kids from my old primary school, Alan, Carl, Sean, Richard and Jason. I still miss them, Sean especially; he was my best mate ever. He’s pretty small for his age, a bit like Dominic, very bright and as hard as nails; he isn’t scared of anything, and he’s so cheeky! We were always getting into scrapes together; I’d dare him to do something; he’d dare me to do something else, you know how it is.

Dad hated it, of course, and the fact that Sean lives on the council estate down the road and his mum and stepdad aren’t actually married just made things worse. According to dad, he was not the sort of boy I should be mixing with. Well fuck that! Sean’s a great kid and there’s no way he was going to stop us hanging around together. I guess that was part of the reason that I got sent to Hartswood, but to be honest, I think he’d have sent me there anyway; me and Sean getting in trouble was just an excuse.

I’m not the only kid from round where we live that goes to boarding school; there are a few, but I’ve never had much to do with any of them, they’re all snobs. The Robinsons live just around the corner. Luke’s a couple of years older than me and Piers must be fifteen or sixteen. Their dad’s a top barrister; earns a bloody fortune. They’re so full of themselves; they think that going to a posh boarding school makes them better than the other kids. Well it doesn’t. I can’t stand kids like that; we’ve got plenty of them at Hartswood, like Idiot-Face Wyndham and his mates. I hate them!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The last few days have been great fun, going down to the park to kick a soccer ball about, going to the swimming pool; we even played cricket one day when it was really warm and sunny. But there’s a problem; if I’m not actually running around doing something, I get a hard-on just about all the time. Sure, there are a couple of the lads I’d love to do stuff with, but somehow I just don’t think they’d be into it. When we’ve been hanging out together I’ve waited to see if any they’d start talking about sex, but nobody has, not even once. I don’t even know if they’ve noticed me getting a hard-on, but if they have, they haven’t said anything.

I’ve been back at home for nearly a week and the frustration just keeps building; I’m going to explode if things carry on like this. I could take a chance and jump in with both feet; that’s what I usually do, but it’s not as easy as that. Now I’m away for so much of the time, it’s like I don’t know these kids that well any more, not like I used to. I guess we’ve all changed a bit as we’ve grown up; I know I have. I’m just not sure how they’d react if I tried something.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

I spot him coming out of the newsagents; it’s Luke Robinson. Normally, I’d just ignore him, but today he looks, well, different somehow. He’s grown a lot since the last time I saw him. He’s let his hair grow too; that’s certainly different. It’s very dark, almost black; having it longer really suits him. It’s warm again today, probably the warmest day we’ve had. He’s wearing a bright yellow tee-shirt and denim shorts, and when I say shorts, I mean really short; pretty tight too, very sexy, there’s no other way to describe it.

“Hi!” I say brightly, strolling across to him.

“Hi,” he responds, smiling. “You home for the holidays?”


“Me too,” he says, still grinning. “How’s it going? Still causing trouble?”

“Yeah, a bit,” I tell him, “not as much as I used to. What about you?”

“Okay. I did Common Entrance last term; I’m just waiting for the results.”

So where will you be going next year?” I ask.

Charterhouse, if I do well enough; that’s the plan anyway. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s not just the ordinary stuff, though that’s pretty good. They do a lot of music there, rock bands and jazz groups that the boys organise themselves; I can’t wait.”

“Do you play then?” I ask, rather taken by surprise.

“Yeah, guitar; I’ve been playing for nearly three years.”

“So who’s your favourite guitarist?”

“Hendrix, of course!” he says, giving me a huge grin. “I cried myself to sleep when he died,” he says quietly, suddenly serious again. “Choked on his own vomit; yeukk!!”

Oh, right!” I say. “I listen to all that sort of stuff when I go to my Uncle Andrew’s place; he’s really switched on, and I always listen to the John Peel show.”

He really has changed! The Luke I used to know would never have been into stuff like that. I look him over. He’s very good looking; with the way he’s grown and his hair’s grown, he’s nearly as nice-looking as Russell. The thing is; I’m pretty sure he’s looking at me too. Well, it wouldn’t be a total surprise. I mean, I remember what Uncle Andrew said about boys at schools like the ones we go to. Shit! I’m getting hard again!

“Dad hates it,” he says, jerking me back to the present. “I had to pester him for ages to buy me an electric guitar and an amp. I got them Christmas before last; I practise every chance I get.”

Doing something his dad doesn’t approve of? I can hardly believe it’s the same kid! Wow! And being into Hendrix and all that stuff; I like that!

I thought you’d be hanging out with your mates,” he says, eyeing me intently.

“Yeah, I do, most if the time,” I tell him.

“So what are you doing now?” he asks.

“Nothing much.”

Fancy coming round to mine for a bit? I’ll put some music on.”

“Yeah, sure,” I say casually.

Before today I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to his house, but if this ends up where I think it’s going to, I certainly won’t be complaining. It takes us about five minutes to walk there. It’s a big, detached house set back from the road, definitely one of the most expensive places round here. I’m surprised to find that we’ve got it to ourselves.

“Where’s your mum?” I ask.

Oh, she’s at work,” he tells me. “As soon as they’d got me packed off to prep school, she went back to her old job. She’s a solicitor; works for one of the big firms up in town. And before you ask, Piers is staying at a friend’s house, so he’s not going to be around either.”

It couldn’t be better; with nobody else at home we can do whatever we want. We get ourselves cold drinks and head up to Luke’s bedroom. It’s a big room with not that much furniture in it, except for a rather nice-looking stereo. He puts an album on and flops down on the bed, motioning me towards the chair a few feet away. We listen to the music, chatting about this and that. I’m sure he’s eyeing me up, but he’s not making any moves. Well, I don’t want to rush things either; after all it’s his house. I’ll let him make the running. The music finishes.

“Where’s the guitar?” I ask.

Downstairs,” he tells me. “What used to be our play room when we were small is now the music room. Dad won’t let us play up here; he says the sound would carry too far.”

So does Piers play too?”

“Yeah, but he’s classical.”

“Oh! So does he go to Charterhouse?”

No, he’s at Stowe; that’s where dad went. I was supposed to be going there too; it took ages for me to talk him into letting me go to Charterhouse. Well, I think it was mum who talked him into it really. So d’you want to see it then?” he asks. “The guitar, I mean,” he adds, grinning at me.

“Yeah, sure.”

I follow him downstairs. The music room’s at the back of the house; it’s large and airy. A piano occupies one corner. Luke takes the guitar from its case. It’s a deep shade of red and highly polished.

“So is this what Hendrix used to play?” I ask.

“Nah; he played a Fender Strat. I tried one of those, but I preferred the sound of this one. It’s a Gibson SG. Clapton uses one sometimes; a lot of good players do.”

“It looks expensive,” I say absently.

“Yeah, well dad’s like that; if we’re going to have something, it has to be the best.”

“Let’s hear it then.”

He plugs it in to an amplifier with the name ‘Marshall’ on it. He fiddles about for a moment, getting it in tune, then breaks into Hendrix’s ‘Hey Joe’. Man! The sound is amazing; rich, powerful and very loud. And he can play; somehow I hadn’t expected him to be as good as that.

“That’s something else, man!” I say. “Don’t the neighbours complain about the noise?”

No, we’re pretty enclosed here; all the trees and stuff soak up a lot of it, and we’re not that near any of the other houses. Anyway, Piers is as bad. He plays the trombone; makes a right bloody racket!” He grins. “That’s a bit unfair; he’s pretty good, actually.”

He puts the guitar back in its case. We collect some more drinks and make our way back upstairs. My dick’s so hard it almost hurts. He’s got to make a move now, surely? He flops back on the bed, grinning at me, his hard cock clearly outlined by his tight shorts. I shift awkwardly in the chair. I’m wearing shorts too and my dick’s sticking right up; he must be able to see it. He still doesn’t say anything. Oh well, here goes.

“You look really sexy in those shorts,” I say.

There’s a pause that seems to last forever.

“Have you got a hard-on?” he asks quietly.

It’s a pretty stupid question; he can bloody see it! I just nod and grin.

“Me too,” he continues, like he’s telling me something I don’t already know. “Do you want to do something?”

“Yeah,” I say, still grinning. “I thought that was why we came here.”

“Well, it was,” he admits. “I just wanted to be careful; you never seemed to like me before.”

You’ve changed,” I say, shrugging my shoulders. “Or maybe I never really knew you that well. It just seemed like you looked down on the kids I hang round with ‘cause you went to a posh boarding school and they didn’t.”

“Yeah, well I guess I have changed,” he says a little sadly. “I wouldn’t do that now. I used to be so full of it; you must have thought I was a right obnoxious sod.”

I kick off my shoes and get out of the chair. “Stand up,” I tell him.

We start to undress each other. With his top off he looks even better, not skinny, just lean and firm. I undo the button at the top of his shorts and pull down the zip. He wiggles his hips so they fall round his ankles. He kicks them off. Underneath he’s wearing a pair of skimpy red briefs that are even tighter than his shorts. I can see what he’s got without even taking them off. He’s not quite in Russell’s league, but he’s still got a nice one.

“Now I want to see something else,” I whisper.

I pull them down. I was right; he’s got a beauty, around four and a half inches and medium thick with a crop of sparse black hair growing round the base. I reach out and fondle it.

“Do you do this at school?” he asks.


“With an older boy?”

“Yeah, mainly.” I say casually.


“Yeah, well there’s this other kid in my year; we have fun together sometimes.”

“Great!” he breathes, gently pulling down my underpants. “Man! You’ve got a nice one! How old are you? Eleven?”


Man, that IS a nice one! Mine was still tiny when I was eleven.”

We snuggle up on the bed, stroking and fondling each other. Fuck! I really needed this!

“So you and this older boy,” he continues, “what do you do?”

“Everything, pretty much; sucking, groping, kissing, you know.”

“You kiss each other?” he says, sounding surprised. “So you really like him then.”


“Has he got a big one?”

“Not that big; about the same length as yours but not as thick. He can cum though.”

“Right! Does he fuck you?”

“Yeah,” I say nonchalantly. “We do that all the time.”

“Wow! So do you like it?” he asks, looking right into my eyes.

“Yeah, feels great.”

“Can I fuck you?” he asks nervously.

“Yeah, if you want. Got any lube?”

“Yeah,” he says, grinning, “wouldn’t be without it.

“There’s no hurry, is there?” I ask.

“No, of course not; I’ve got the house to myself all day.”

“Well, let’s take our time then,” I say, grinning at him.

I rest my head on his tummy. The tip of his cock is just poking out of his foreskin; I can see the pee-hole but not much else. I lick it, breathing in deeply, taking in his musky boy-smell. I hold it round the base and put my lips over it, slowly pushing down until I’ve got the whole thing, the head touching the back of my throat.

“Oh, Toby!” he gasps. “You are so sexy!”

I slide my lips slowly up and down, working my tongue all over it, Luke just lying there, moaning and whimpering. I love this! All I’d have to do is speed it up a bit and he’d cum in my mouth. I slide my lips up one last time and let him go.

“Wow!” he gasps. “That was amazing! I was nearly cumming!”

“Yeah, I know!” I tell him. “You suck me now?”

“Yeah! Come on then!”

He grabs a tube of KY from the sports bag by his bed then pushes himself up onto his elbows, his mouth open wide. He sticks out his tongue. Right, so that’s what he wants! I kneel astride his chest, crawling forward, aiming my hard spike right at his lips. He pushes up a bit further and sucks it in, sliding one hand between my legs the other holding me around my back. I’ve never done it like this before, but I don’t even have to think about it. I start pumping my hips, fucking my dick right into his mouth. A long, greasy finger pushes into my hole and touches my prostate. There’s no holding back; getting finger-bummed while fucking his mouth. Man! That is wild! In less than a minute I start shaking like a jelly. I’m gasping for breath, my bum clamping tight around his finger.

“Nnngg!!” I groan. “Oh! Ohh!! Nnnnnggg!!!”

My dick jerks wildly, hitting the roof of his mouth. Wow! Not quite as good as bumming Dominic, but not far off! After a few seconds I sink back, sitting on his tummy, his hard cock brushing against my bum.

“Did you like that?” he asks.

“Yeah, man!”

“When you’re dick jerked like that I thought you were going to cum. I was quite surprised when you didn’t. I’m sure you’ll start cumming soon.”

“Yeah, I hope so.” I pause for a moment. “Are you going to bum me now?”

“Yeah, if you’re ready.

I lie on my back, feet apart, knees up, my cock now only semi-hard. “Use some more lube,” I tell him. “I haven’t taken it since I got home.”

He kneels on the bed and works some more KY into my bum, his long middle finger touching my prostate again. My cock stiffens immediately.

“Use two fingers,” I tell him.

Very gently, he pushes his index finger in as well, slowly working them round; it feels great.

“Are you ready?” he whispers.

I nod.

“Are we doing it like this?” he asks.

I don’t answer; just get onto all fours with my bum sticking up. He smears his dick with KY then moves round behind me, kneeling between my legs. He guides his cock onto my bum-hole, pushing insistently. I relax and push back. It slides right in, his hard, flat tummy pressed tight against my bum.

“Do it, man!” I gasp. “I want your spunk!”

He sets to work. I guess he’s not as good as Russell; he can’t get in as far, but I don’t give a shit. It’s like I’m on a different planet; I love it! Five minutes pass and he hasn’t missed a beat. I’m still there, moaning quietly, enjoying every second of it. It’s not long since I dry cummed in his mouth, but my dick’s rock hard again, throbbing and tingling like nothing else.

“Play with my cock!” I moan.

He does as say. Everything explodes, like an earthquake just hit us, my bum clamping tight round his dick, my dick jiggling and pulsing between his fingers. It’s so sensitive I have to push his hand away.

“Cumming!” he says breathlessly.

A moment later his cock jerks inside me, three or four volleys of spunk squirting into my bum. Wow! That was GOOD! After a few seconds he slowly pulls out. We flop down together, wrapping our arms around each other, our mouths meeting in a wild, passionate kiss. I can hardly believe it; I’m with a boy I’ve totally despised for the past three years. He’s just bummed me and now I’m snogging his face off. If someone had said that to me a couple of hours ago I’d have told them to fuck off.

Our lips finally part. “Thanks,” he says. “I really needed that. I haven’t had sex since I got home either.”

“That was good, man!” I say, smiling at him. “Callum never lasts that long; a minute or so and that’s it.”

“So what about the other boy you go with?” he asks.

“Dominic? Oh, he’s pretty small so I get to bum him. He loves it! He’s really cute, beautiful little arse.”

“Really? Wow!”

“Yeah, he goes with an older boy as well; Russell’s really good looking, a bit like you really, only blond instead of dark, not quite as tall as you, but a bit broader across the shoulders. He’s got a real big one, man.”

“Sounds like you know from experience!” he says, trying to stop himself giggling.

“Yeah, well me and Dom have swapped over a couple of times. He doesn’t know about me and Dom doing it together though; boys our age aren’t supposed to do that, you know?”

“Yeah, it’s like that at our place too; rules about who can go with who, just to keep everything in check.”

He reaches into the pocket of his shorts, pulling out a pack of No.6 and a lighter. He flicks the pack open and offers me one. I hesitate.

“D’you smoke?” he asks.

“Tried it a couple of times,” I say. “Didn’t like it much; it hurt my throat.”

Not a problem,” he says grinning and lighting up. “I don’t smoke that much; but I always like to have one after I’ve had sex, especially if it’s as good as that. It just seems to finish it off, somehow. Ever tried smoking pot?”

“Nah,” I say, trying to sound casual. “Have you?”

Yeah, do it quite often; it’s way out, man! Haven’t got any at the moment; I’ll have to wait till Piers gets back.”

The surprises just keep on coming! Luke wasn’t just a snob; he was a real Goody-Two-Shoes, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth type. Three years on, he’s a pot-smoking rock guitarist. His mum and dad would have fifty fits if they knew. More than that, his brother Piers, who was more of a snob and a mummy’s boy than Luke ever was, smokes pot too; it sounds like they smoke it together. I’m wondering if that’s the only thing they share; I’m guessing it probably isn’t.

“So you’ve not been screwing with any of your mates,” he says, taking a drag.


“I bet you’d like to though,” he continues.

Yeah, course I would; especially Sean.”

“Is that the small kid with really long hair?”

“Yeah; he’s really cute, good kid too. It’s just too risky, man; when I’ve been around nobody’s even mentioned sex. It might freak him right out if I tried something.”

You never know,” he says, “he mightn’t be as innocent as you think.” He pauses, taking another drag. “Still, you’re probably right,” he concludes sadly.

We lie there in silence for several minutes while he finishes the cigarette. He finally stubs it out.

“So, d’you want some more?” he asks, grinning at me.

I glance down. He’s rock hard again; I am too. I roll onto my tummy, stuffing one of the pillows under my hips. I spread my legs.

“Go on then,” I say quietly. “Let’s do it.”

Well, you didn’t expect me to say no, did you?