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Teddy found starting at Hartswood difficult. It was all so new, so different from what he’d been used to; he had so much to learn. Having to wear shorts was one thing; he hadn’t done that for years. He was sure he’d get used to it though, and he certainly liked seeing the other boys in shorts.

He’d been placed in Rutherford Dorm. All the dormitories that the older boys occupied were named after famous scientists and engineers; he liked that. The hardest part was that all but one of the boys in Rutherford had been at the school for years. They knew what to do and what was expected; he didn’t. He was being looked after by James Corless, who had been given the task of making sure he didn’t get lost and wasn’t getting homesick. James was pleasant and helpful, about the same height as Teddy but not quite as slim; a good looking boy, Teddy thought, definitely a boy he’d like to get to know better.

Rutherford’s other new boy was Marcus Northam. He was a good six inches taller than Teddy and looked very strong. Teddy was surprised to find that he spoke with a strong Birmingham accent, quite different from the other boys. It made him sound a bit rough, but he seemed okay; Teddy thought he might like to get to know him better too.

Just before nine o’clock on their first evening, all eight Rutherford boys trooped along the corridor and into the shower room, the last of the boys from Cavendish heading the other way. Without the slightest hesitation they all removed their underpants and headed into the showers. Teddy looked around. Not only was Marcus the tallest by some margin, he had a great body and the largest penis, a little longer than Teddy’s and noticeably thicker, a little patch of sandy-coloured hair just starting to sprout above it. All the other boys still had small ones, even Timothy Price who was three inches taller than Teddy and somewhat overweight. James and Marcus were the pick of the group, Teddy decided; he just hoped one of them might be interested.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy approached his first games lesson with trepidation. He’d never played rugby before and couldn’t imagine what it would be like. He changed into his kit and joined the other boys on the field. To his relief, he found that catching a ball was a good deal easier than kicking one, even if it was a rather odd shape, and Mr. Cooper, the games master, though just as firm as Mr. Jenkins had been, was far less fierce and a good deal more patient. He even praised Teddy once; that had never happened when he was at high school.

For tackling practice Teddy was paired with short, chubby Owen Jeffries, another boy from Rutherford dorm. At first he was disappointed that he wasn’t working with James, but James and Marcus were working with a group who all seemed to be good players. Owen wasn’t good at all; he was slow and awkward. Teddy found he had to slow down just so that Owen could tackle him. When their roles were reversed, Teddy found that tackling Owen was easy. As his practice partner lumbered past him, he bent down low, wrapping his arms around the chubby boy’s legs. They landed in a heap on the grass, Teddy’s hands resting on Owen’s thighs just below his shorts. That was okay, Teddy reflected, except that Owen wasn’t cute at all; it would have been much nicer if it had been James’s thighs he’d had his hands on.

After half an hour of skills practice, the whole group came together for a game, each team containing some good players and some weaker ones. Teddy and James found themselves in opposing teams. For the first few minutes, Teddy milled about aimlessly; the ball never came anywhere near him so there was no possibility of him catching it or running with it. Then it happened. James collected a pass and began running towards the try-line. To get there he was going to have to run right past Teddy. Teddy knew what he was meant to do, tackle him. And he wanted to; it was the opportunity he’d been waiting for. He went into the tackle much as he had with Owen, but there was one big difference; James was quick and much stronger than he looked. As Teddy attempted to wrap his arms around James’s legs, James’s knee came up, catching Teddy in the face. Teddy landed heavily on the grass, clutching his jaw.

Mr. Cooper blew the whistle, stopping the game. He crouched down beside Teddy.

“Let me look at it,” he said quietly.

He gently moved Teddy’s hand and ran his finger along the boy’s jaw.

“Nothing broken, as far as I can tell,” he said reassuringly, smiling and ruffling Teddy’s hair. “You’ll live!”

“So why did he get hurt just then?” he asked, turning to the other lads, who’d gathered round. Several boys put their hands up.

“Craig?” he said, pointing to a slim, fair-haired boy.

“He didn’t go in hard enough, sir,” Craig responded.

“A bit like you then!” Mr. Cooper said, grinning broadly. “That’s right though,” he continued, turning back to Teddy. “You were too hesitant; you didn’t hit him hard enough to knock him out of his stride, so you got his knee in your face. But you did well; we’ve got boys here who wouldn’t even have tried, so well done for having a go. Now we’ll see how it should be done.”

“Robert! Toby!” he called, turning back to face the assembled boys.

He tossed the ball to a tall, very athletic looking boy, who trotted back about twenty yards, turned and began to run towards them. A boy with mousey, collar-length hair was going to tackle him. Teddy could hardly believe it; the mousey haired boy was scarcely as big as he was. As the tall boy approached, his tackler ran in hard, ducked down low and hurled himself forwards, knocking the bigger lad off-balance. They landed on the grass much as Teddy and Owen had done. As they got to their feet, Mousey-Hair was smirking; he obviously didn’t have so much as a scratch on him.

“That’s how you do it,” Mr Cooper said approvingly. “You have to really commit to it. Toby was giving a lot of weight away there. He just went in as hard as he could. If he hadn’t, he’d have got hurt just like you did.”

He helped Teddy to his feet.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, thanks sir,” Teddy said.

“Right!” Mr. Cooper responded, smiling. “Well you know what jockeys do when they fall off, don’t you?”

Teddy looked at him blankly; he hadn’t a clue what the men was talking about.

“Justin,” Mr. Cooper asked, “what do jockeys do when they fall off?”

“They get straight back on again,” a tall, fair-haired boy answered.

“Correct,” Mr. Cooper said brightly. He turned back to Teddy. “And that’s what I’d like you to do. James will run along here again, like Robert just did, and I want you to tackle him, only this time you’ve got to go in hard. Okay?”

Teddy nodded. He’d have liked to say no, but he didn’t want to look like a softy in front of the whole class. In any case, he still wanted to do it. Mr. Cooper tossed the ball to James who trotted along the touch line, turned to face them and began running.

“Wait till I say,” Mr. Cooper said quietly, right into Teddy’s ear. “Then really go for it. You can do it.”

James approached.

“Go!” Mr. Cooper barked.

Teddy ran forwards as fast as he could, focussing on James’s legs, trying to blot out everything else, especially how nervous he was. He ducked low, driving his shoulder into James’s left thigh, hitting the boy much harder than he had the first time. It was amazingly easy. His arms closed around James’s thighs; a second later they landed quite painlessly on the grass, his head on the boy’s tummy, tantalisingly close to his privates, his right hand still on James’s thigh, touching the hem of the lad’s shorts. As they got up, the other boys gave him a round of applause. Teddy grinned. He’d actually done something right for once.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Back in the changing room, they stripped off and headed for the showers. Teddy looked around; it was his first chance to check out all the boys in his year. In this company his penis was nowhere near the biggest. Several of the boys were quite tall, like Marcus and Robert; most of them had big ones. Then he noticed a powerfully built boy a little shorter than himself. The lad had an absolute monster! It was the same size as David’s, by far the biggest he’d seen on a boy his own age.

Trying not to make it too obvious, he checked some more. Most of the boys still had small ones, but mousey-haired Toby’s was almost the same size as his. Tall, lanky Craig’s was quite long but very slim, just like the rest of him. He spotted a couple more that were showing signs of beginning to grow before hurrying back to his clothes, anxious to get dressed before he got an erection. There were definite possibilities here, he told himself; there just had to be.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was the third week of term. Teddy was getting used to his life at Hartswood. In some ways, it was much better than he’d been used to. He wasn’t being bullied, and as he’d never been especially close to his parents homesickness hadn’t been a problem. The teachers were helping him a great deal, far more than the teachers at his previous schools, Mr. Thompson for maths, Mr. Farnham for English and Mr. Chandler for science. He was definitely improving, although still a long way behind most of the other boys. He’d even improved at games. That was because Mr. Cooper helped and encouraged him, instead of barking at him and making him feel useless, the way Mr. Jenkins had. He still wasn’t very good, but he felt better about it than he had before.

Teddy certainly missed having sex with David; since his arrival at Hartswood, he hadn’t had sex with anybody. There was certainly sex going on; several of the boys in the rugby team had younger friends that they did it with. It was all kept very quiet, but it was definitely happening. Marcus was going with a tall, skinny third year boy with sandy hair and a face covered in freckles; Teddy had seen them together a couple of times, presumably when they were going somewhere private where they wouldn’t be disturbed. He’d tried asking James about it, but had been told very firmly that it wasn’t something you could talk about.

But although Hartswood wasn’t as bad as the other places he’d been, it was still school. Teddy hated school; he always had. He hated English, he hated maths, he hated games; he hated the whole lot of it. Despite the improvements he was making, he still didn’t want to be there. His biggest disappointment was that he hadn’t made any friends. Marcus was in most of his classes, but pretty much ignored him, spending his free time with some of other rugby players. James was polite and helpful, but once Teddy had got to know his way around, he’d gravitated back to his own little gang. Teddy had tried tagging along, but he’d felt uncomfortable, like a fish out of water. It wasn’t that James’s friends didn’t like him exactly, but his shyness had got in the way. He just didn’t feel he had much in common with them.

Inevitably, he had reverted to doing what he always did, spending time on his own, reading. The only boy who’d seemed interested in being friends with him was Timothy Price, but not only was Timothy overweight and not in the least bit cute, with a tiny penis that Teddy thought looked stupid on such a big lad, he was conceited, spoilt and very lazy. Teddy decided that he’d rather have no friends at all than spend time with someone like Timothy.

Apart from the boys in his dorm, Teddy had learned the names of the boys he was in class with. That included Adam Hayward, the stockily built boy with the very large penis. Adam struggled in class too; his spelling was almost as bad as Teddy’s, and he had a rather aggressive manner which Teddy found unsettling; it reminded him of Darren Brooks. Teddy stayed out of his way as much as he could.

Unfortunately, most of the boys that Teddy would have liked to know were in the top group for every class; he’d put some names to faces, but that was as far as he’d got. There was the little gang in Newton dorm that seemed to pretty well run things; Robert, who was captain of the rugby team, Toby, who was Robert’s right hand man, Justin, whom everyone called Tigger, and a tall, slim, blond boy called William. William was beautiful! Teddy had noticed the boy in the changing room after games, bending down to dry his feet; it was obvious he was being fucked. Teddy had heard a vague rumour that William was having sex with Mr. Cooper, but nobody would talk about that either. He longed to get to know the boy, but hadn’t a clue how to go about it. His thoughts drifted back to the guy who’d fucked him in the Town Park toilets. He wondered whether one of the masters might want to have sex with him, but quickly dismissed the idea; there hadn’t been the slightest hint of it.

Apart from the group in Newton, he’d identified a boy in Cavendish dorm that everyone called Paz, while the tall, lanky Craig, who captained the cross-country team, was in Brindley with a very cute, dark haired boy called Dominic. From what little Teddy had been able to make out, it seemed that Craig and Dominic pretty well slept together, but that was something else that nobody would talk about. He wished he could have been in Brindley; there was nothing like that going on in Rutherford. The boys went to bed and went to sleep; that was it. It was all very frustrating.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy was surprised when Toby asked to have a chat with him, even more surprised by the direction that the conversation took; he’d had no idea that Marcus had noticed him checking out the other boys in the showers, much less that the big lad fancied having sex with him. He’d have preferred it to have been James, but James didn’t hang out with Toby’s gang. Marcus was okay in any case; he wondered what he’d be like as a sex-partner.

“You don’t need to worry about the other boys seeing you,” Toby reassured him as they headed towards their next class. “As long as it’s what you both want and you’re not hurting anyone else, nobody will say a thing. Just keep it quiet, that’s all.”

Teddy nodded. Toby was okay, he decided. He wasn’t at all sure if the mousey-haired boy really would try to think of a younger lad who’d like to be friends with him, but he hadn’t made any promises so it wasn’t important. But he’d sorted something else out; although Robert was supposed to be in charge, it was Toby that was pulling the strings. He’d suspected it before, but after their little chat he had no doubt at all.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy stirred and shook himself awake, trying to work out what was happening. There was someone in bed with him. Then he remembered; it was Marcus, they’d fixed it up a few hours earlier.

“You okay?” Marcus whispered.

“Yeah, cool!” Teddy responded, savouring the warmth of the bigger boy’s body next to his own.

“Better get these off then,” Marcus said, gently tugging at Teddy’s underpants.

Teddy raised his hips, allowing Marcus to slip them down his legs and over his feet. Teddy tried to return the favour, but found that Marcus was already naked. He wrapped his hand around the boy’s erect penis, at just over five inches a little longer than his own, a fraction thicker too. It was nowhere near David’s size, Teddy concluded, but very nice just the same. Marcus followed suit.

“Big cock for a kid your size,” he breathed.

“Yeah, but what about Adam?” Teddy countered. “He’s not as tall as me and he’s got a monster!”

“Yeah, but he’s built like a tank,” Marcus said. “You’re right though; I feel sorry for the kid who’s getting that thing up his arse.”

“So has Adam got a younger friend then?” Teddy enquired.

“Yeah,” Marcus whispered. “I can’t say who; we don’t talk about that sort of thing; Rob’s very strict about that.”

Teddy snaked around, moistened his lips and took Marcus’s penis into his mouth. He sucked it slowly at first, pushing down further each time until he’d got the whole thing. He began to speed up, working his tongue all over the small shiny head. Marcus lifted Teddy’s legs, pulling the smaller boy over on top of him. Very carefully, he guided Teddy’s penis into his mouth. Teddy was on cloud nine; he hadn’t done a sixty-nine before; he found it very exciting. Instinctively he pumped his hips, sucking Marcus even harder.

Marcus rolled onto his side, taking Teddy with him. He slid his hand between Teddy’s legs, working a slimy finger into the smaller boy’s bottom. He pushed it in and out, going deeper each time till he touched the lad’s prostate. Teddy was more aroused than ever. He wasn’t sure what Marcus had on his finger; it felt like the stuff the guy in the park toilets had used. A second finger pushed in behind the first. Teddy winced slightly, but pretty soon he began to relax, his sphincter gradually opening up. After a couple of minutes, Marcus pulled away; it was time to move things on.

“Lie on your tummy,” he whispered, moving the pillow into the middle of the bed.

Teddy suddenly realised he was going to need an old towel or something; he’d never been fucked in this position but knew that he was bound to ejaculate. There wasn’t one to hand. He grabbed his underpants, placing them on the pillow right where his penis would be. He lay down, his legs spread apart. Marcus got down on top of him.

“You’ve got a beautiful little arse!” he growled into Teddy’s ear.

He lifted himself slightly, guiding his boyhood onto Teddy’s anus. He pushed hard, penetrating the boy at the first attempt. Very slowly he pushed it in deeper until Teddy was completely impaled. Instinctively he began to fuck, gradually building up the pace until he was pounding his smaller friend’s bottom as hard as he could. Teddy was in ecstasy, Marcus’s heart thumping powerfully against his back, the young teen’s aroma filling his nostrils and that beautiful hard penis thrusting over his prostate; after nearly four weeks, he needed this more than he ever had.

The muscle spasms started right down by his toes, spreading uncontrollably right through his body. He shuddered violently, his legs flailing, his fingers clawing at the mattress. A moment later, semen spurted from his penis, soaking his underpants.

“Oh, fuck!” Marcus groaned.

He ejaculated repeatedly, rope after rope of thick creamy fluid flooding into Teddy’s rectum. His orgasm finally subsided. Totally exhausted, he lay on top of the smaller boy, desperately trying to get his breathing back in order.

“That was something else, man!” he whispered when he was eventually able to speak. “Amazing fuck! Did you cum?”

“Yeah!” Teddy responded.

“Wow! That’s hot, man!” Marcus enthused as he slowly withdrew. “See you again, yeah?”

“Yeah!” Teddy confirmed.

Marcus slipped on his briefs and returned to his own bed. Teddy didn’t really want to put his soiled underpants back on, but he didn’t seem to have much choice. He didn’t want to venture out to the toilet so late at night, but unless he did, Marcus’s semen would seep out onto the bed. Reluctantly, he pulled them on and lay down on his side. Within a few seconds he was fast asleep.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was six o’clock; prep had just finished. Teddy was heading towards the new accommodation block when Toby approached him.

“Hi,” Toby said brightly. “Let’s go somewhere quiet; I’ve got some news you that might interest you.”

They went outside, and sat on one of the benches by the edge of the now deserted playing field.

“Getting on with Marcus okay?” Toby asked quietly.

“Yeah, cool,” Teddy said, grinning. “Thanks for fixing that up for me.”

“Well he’s very happy,” Toby informed him. “Anyway, you asked about finding a younger friend. I think I might have got someone for you. His name’s Deon; he’s in Lower Fourth, but he’s quite small for his age; you’d probably think he was in Third Year. He’s reasonable looking, not stunning or anything, but not bad, cute little body. The thing is; he’s as mad on science as you are. He wants to be a nuclear physicist. He’s into reading the same sort of stuff you read too; you know, Arthur C. Clarke and that. I only know him because Mr. Thompson’s started a special class to do ‘O’ Level Maths next summer; there are four of us from Upper Fourth and him. He’s brilliant; runs rings round the rest of us. After the class yesterday I told him about you; he hasn’t got an older friend at the moment; he did last year, and he’s very keen to meet you. I told him about you being behind in class and he’s cool with that; suggested he might be able to help you. So would you like to meet him?”

“Yeah!” Teddy breathed. “Of course I would! I’m a bit worried about him being so clever, but he sounds okay.”

“Yeah, he is,” Toby said, grinning. “He’s not big-headed at all. What I’ve said to him is to get to know each other first, okay?”

“Yeah,” Teddy said, nodding.

“I’ve told him to meet us outside the refectory after supper,” Toby continued, “so we may as well eat together if that’s okay.”

“Yeah cool,” Teddy agreed. “I just need to go and put this stuff in my locker.” There was a short pause. “Toby,” Teddy went on. “I know that Rob’s supposed to be in charge, but it always seems like it’s you that runs everything.”

“It’s not really like that,” Toby said, smiling. “Rob and I have been mates since the day we started here. I pretty much know what he thinks and the same goes for him. We agree about most things, so if I suggest something to him, most of the time he’ll say yes. But he does say no if I want to do something completely mad. And the thing is; the other boys respect him much more than they do me. They all know I can be a bit wild; I used to be really wild when I first came here. Rob’s great at keeping everything, you know, in order. Firm but fair; the other boys respect that. There isn’t a kid in the school who’d argue with him.”

So it wasn’t exactly as he’d thought it was; Teddy reflected as he returned to Rutherford dorm, but Toby was definitely the power behind the throne.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After supper, Toby made the briefest of introductions and left them to it. Toby had been right about Deon’s appearance, Teddy decided. The boy wasn’t pretty, but he had a very nice body and the most intense blue-grey eyes he’d ever seen, which gave him a sort of cuteness that was hard to describe. After collecting a few books from Teddy’s locker, they headed to the recreation room, ensconcing themselves in the back corner. They clicked immediately; they had so much in common, the interests, the ideas, the books they’d read. For Teddy, it was though an enormous weight had been lifted from his shoulders; he’d finally met another boy who didn’t think he was odd. He chatted enthusiastically, feeling none of the shyness he experienced around other boys. Almost before they knew it, it was half past eight and time for them to return to their dorms.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Over a period of a few days Teddy and Deon became almost inseparable; that they would want to take their relationship further was almost a foregone conclusion.

“We can’t just do it though,” Deon counselled. “Well, we could but we shouldn’t; Rob would go mad at us if he found out. You’ll need to speak to Toby about it.”

Toby had referred him to Robert, and so he was on his way to Newton dorm to ask for approval. He was very nervous; Toby had been right about the respect that Robert commanded. As far as the other boys were concerned, Robert’s word was law. Teddy wasn’t at all sure how he did it; he clearly wasn’t a bully. He was obviously very good at rugby, which seemed to carry a lot of weight, and he was team captain; apart from that, he seemed rather quiet. Perhaps that was it, Teddy speculated. ‘Firm but fair’, that’s what Toby had said.

He knocked on the door and entered, closing the door behind him, just as Toby had said. Robert was on his own, seated on the bed in the far corner.

“Come and take a seat,” he said, indicating the bed opposite.

Teddy sat down as requested.

“I understand that you’ve become very friendly with Deon Hayes, and you’d like to be put on the list,” Robert continued.

“Yes,” Teddy confirmed.

“That might have caused a problem,” Robert told him. “There are ten ‘older boys’ on the list already and I’m running out of space to put everybody. However, all the others are rugby players, so when we’re training there are some spaces available. That’s the attic above the main dorm corridor; Deon will know where it is, and the toilets by the science lab. I’ll give you the attic on Mondays and Thursdays and the toilets on Wednesdays, quarter to four till half past. Fair enough?”

“Yes. Thanks.” Teddy acknowledged.

“It’s quite unusual for a boy who’s not in one of the sports teams to have a younger friend,” Robert commented, “but you and Deon seem to be something of an exception. Let me just point out a few things. Deon is your younger friend now, and you’re expected to stick with him and look after him. You can’t just swap from one younger friend to another. I know that happens in some schools, but we don’t do it here. If there’s a problem, you must come and see me. Understood?”

“Yes.” Teddy confirmed.

“Second,” Robert continued, “you stick to the slots I’ve just given you; I don’t want to find you turning up at any other times.”

“Okay,” Teddy said.

“And finally, we have to keep it quiet,” Robert told him. “If we don’t, Mr. Halford will clamp down on it, and that would be bad for everyone. So I don’t want you discussing what you and Deon get up to; even more important, you must not discuss what other boys are getting up to. If you have a close friend, there’s no harm in you comparing notes, but if you do, you must make sure it stays confidential. And it’s your responsibility to make sure Deon understands that too.”

“Yes, I understand,” Teddy told him.

“Well, that’s it then” Robert said, smiling broadly. “Now go and enjoy yourselves!”

He extended his hand.

“Thanks,” Teddy said, accepting the handshake.

Teddy left Newton dorm feeling as though he’d passed an important test. Robert had really impressed him; he was so quiet but so authoritative. More than that, everything he’d said had made perfect sense; it was no wonder the other boys respected him so much.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Rather nervously, Teddy followed Deon up to the attic.

“It’s good up here,” Deon said brightly. “We can strip right off, well down to out socks anyway.”

“What if anyone comes up? Teddy asked, looking round apprehensively.

“Oh, nobody can come up here unless they’ve booked it with Robert,” Deon replied nonchalantly. “That’s how it works. Everyone knows what goes on, pretty much, but as long as we keep it quiet nobody interferes.”

“What about the teachers?” Teddy questioned. “You know, Mr. Halford.”

“Oh, he knows what goes on, all right!” Deon said, smiling. “He knows everything! But as long as everybody’s happy and it’s all kept quiet, he looks the other way.”

“What d’you mean by ‘everybody’s happy’?” Teddy persisted.

“Well, if you tried to make a younger boy go with you, you’d be thrown out straight away, no question,” Deon explained. “And you can’t touch the first years, even if they want you to.”

“Oh,” Teddy responded, still rather puzzled by how organised it all was.

“Come on,” Deon said, grinning. “We’re wasting time. We haven’t got all day, you know!”

They began undressing each other. Teddy was enraptured; Deon had a beautiful little body, just like Toby had said, with an all-over tan which stood out against the whiteness of his briefs, contrasting sharply with his own pale skin. They were both fully aroused. Deon might be small for his age, Teddy noted, but just like his own, Deon’s penis certainly wasn’t. He reached forwards, lowering the boy’s underpants, exposing his slim four inch penis, large well-developed balls and the pale stripe that the sun had never reached.

“Wow!” he breathed, eyes sparkling. “You’ve got a beauty! Can you cum?”

“Yeah!” Deon said, grinning wickedly. “Now let’s see what you’ve got!”

He quickly returned the favour, skinning Teddy’s underpants down his legs.

“You’ve got a nice one too!” he said, eagerly running his fingers over Teddy’s penis. Teddy could hardly believe it. Since the day he’d first visited the school he’d fantasised about having sex with a younger boy and now it was actually happening. He knelt down, taking Deon’s boyhood into his mouth, sucking it eagerly. Deon stroked his hair.

“Let’s get on the floor,” Deon suggested. “Then we can suck each other.”

They did as Deon suggested, facing in opposite directions.

“Have you done this before?” Deon asked.

“Yeah!” Teddy told him.

“Okay, lie on your side,” Deon instructed.

Teddy did as requested; a moment later, his penis was enveloped by Deon’s warm, wet mouth. The sensations were too wonderful to describe. Instinctively, he plunged down onto Deon’s rampant boyhood, working his tongue all over it. He ran his hand over Deon’s thighs, the skin soft and silky-smooth; it seemed the most perfect thing he had ever touched. He pushed his hand between the younger boy’s legs, his finger quickly locating Deon’s anus.

“Have you brought any lube?” Deon asked, letting him go for a moment.

“Yes,” Teddy confirmed.

He retrieved the tube from the pocket of his shorts and squeezed some onto his fingers. Slowly and carefully he worked his index finger into Deon’s bottom, savouring his young friend’s hot, tight tunnel, gently pushing it in and out.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked nervously.

“Have you done it before,” Deon asked.

“No, have you?”

“Yeah, with two of the boys in my dorm; they’ve both got older friends but they still like me doing it to them.”

“Oh!” Teddy responded, surprised and a little put out that some other dorms appeared to be so much wilder than Rutherford was.

“It’s okay,” Deon continued. “I like getting bummed, but you’ll need to take your time; I haven’t done it since we got back to school.”

So Deon had been getting fucked during the school holidays, Teddy reasoned, wondering who the lucky boy was. He’d ask about that later; this was not the time. Very carefully he pushed in his middle finger as well.

“Owww,” Deon protested, quietly. “Just stop there for a bit.”

Teddy complied, holding his fingers right where they were.

“Okay,” Deon breathed, sounding more relaxed again. “You can push them in now.”

Teddy slowly pushed his fingers into Deon’s bottom, touching the boy’s hard, knobbly prostate.

“Ohh!” Deon gasped, his penis twitching wildly.

Teddy worked his fingers around, gently opening the boy up, just like Paul and David had done with him.

“I’m ready now,” Deon informed him.

Teddy let his fingers slide out. Deon got onto all fours. Teddy grinned, smearing jelly over his penis; David had fucked him in that position more than a few times. Now it was his turn; he could hardly wait. He shuffled in close, aiming his penis onto his young friend’s sphincter. He pushed hard. For a second the ring of muscle resisted. Suddenly it relaxed, and he slipped inside. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, hot and tight.

“Ooooh!” Deon groaned. “Just hold it there till I get used to it.”

For several seconds they remained perfectly still. For Teddy, it seemed like an age; he was desperate to get on with it.

“Okay,” Deon said finally. “You can do it now.”

Teddy pressed forward, holding the younger boy around the hips, thrusting in deeper, right over Deon’s prostate until his penis was completely buried in the lad’s bottom. He knew what to do; he’d been on the receiving end often enough. He slowly pulled back then thrust right in again.

“Oh! That’s good, man!” Deon whispered.

Teddy began to fuck the boy. He’d enjoyed every sexual experience he’d had, but this was the best; fucking a cute younger boy like Deon was just the best feeling possible. Gradually he speeded up, driving his penis relentlessly into Deon’s rectum, spurred on by the younger boy’s quiet moans and whimpers. He reached down, wrapping his fingers around his friend’s throbbing boyhood. Deon shuddered from head to toe, his penis coming to life between Teddy’s fingers, jets of watery boy-cum spurting onto the old, worn-out carpet.

Teddy pressed on, fucking the boy harder with every thrust. Within seconds his orgasm swept over him. He held on tight, holding Deon around the hips. His penis swelled and jerked, wad after wad the thick, creamy semen flooding into his friend’s bottom. He collapsed over Deon’s back feeling totally drained. After nearly a minute he carefully withdrew, his penis so sensitive he hardly dared to touch it.

“Ohhh!” Deon breathed. “That was something else, man!”

“That was the best!” Teddy admitted. “I never felt anything as good as that!”

“Yeah, I knew you’d like it,” Deon said, rolling onto his back, grinning.

Somewhat reluctantly they climbed back into their clothes. Teddy let Deon leave first before heading back to Rutherford dorm to collect his things for prep. He couldn’t remember ever feeling so happy; there was a spring in his step that he’d never had before. Not only had he finally met a boy who shared his interests and didn’t think he was odd, the boy concerned had just given him the most fantastic sexual experience imaginable. It was a corner turned; a new chapter in his life had just begun.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After the half term break, Teddy returned to school with a new-found enthusiasm; he could hardly wait to get back. His friendship with Deon had transformed his life; it had given him a degree of confidence he’d always lacked. He was working much harder than he ever had before and it was paying off; although he still had a long way to go he was making good progress; all his teachers were delighted.

They’d been back at school a little over a week. Teddy was just coming out of the refectory when Toby approached him.

“Mind if I have a word?” Toby asked.

“No, of course not,” Teddy said, grinning.

They headed out onto the field. In Teddy’s eyes, Toby was the top kid; without Toby’s help he’d still be drifting along, miserable and getting nowhere.

“So how’s it going?” Toby asked.

“Pretty good, thanks!” Teddy said, smiling. “Thanks for helping me out; I really owe you for that.”

“That’s okay,” Toby said. “It’s tough coming to a place like this for the first time; I fuckin’ hated it when I first came here.”

“There is one thing,” Teddy said. “Being friends with Deon is great, and he’s so sexy, but I’d love to have some other friends too, you know, some of the boys in my dorm, James especially. But I’m so shy I just don’t seem to be able to talk to them.”

“It’s because you’ve got nothing to talk to them about,” Toby said bluntly. “It’s no good trying to talk to them about science; they won’t get it. I’m really into film-making, right? If I’m with someone else that’s into that, I can talk about it for hours. But I don’t do it here; I’d bore the other lads shitless. If you want to be friends with them, you’ve got to talk to them about things they’re interested in.”

“Oh,” Teddy responded, a little taken aback.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that,” Toby continued. “Over the past year or so, Deon’s always come out to support the rugby team when we’re playing at home. Last year his older friend was in the team; this year one of his best mates is. Last Saturday he wasn’t there; the kids he hangs out with said he was with you. We need all the support you can get, so next home match, it’d be great if you and Deon were both there.”

“Yeah, okay.” Teddy said.

“And it’ll help you too,” Toby said. “James and a couple of his mates are in the team, so afterwards you’ll be able to talk to them about it. You don’t have to be a rugby player; the kid I go with isn’t and he’s always there, even if it’s pissing down with rain. Deon understands the game well enough and he’s useless; he’ll explain what’s going on if you don’t understand.”

“Thanks Toby,” Teddy said quietly. “We’ll be there.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy and Deon walked out onto the field. It was a mild November morning. Teddy was nervous; Toby had given him plenty to think about. He couldn’t really argue because if all made sense, but he’d never done anything like this before; he couldn’t believe he was going to enjoy it. He was introduced to Deon’s two friends, Simon and Patrick. He relaxed immediately; not only were they both very cute, they seemed genuinely pleased that he was there. A few minutes later the match began. He was swept up with the atmosphere right from the first whistle. The sheer enthusiasm of the other boys was infectious. Deon and his two friends eagerly pointed out this and explained that, telling him who the various players were and what their role in the team was. They pointed out their friend Lee, a stocky, spiky-haired boy who played right in the middle of the pack, and he was easily able to identify Patrick and Simon’s older friends by the boys they shouted for.

Much to his amazement he found he was having a great time. He joined in enthusiastically, shouting encouragement to James and Marcus every time they got the ball. The Hartswood team was dominant, completely overpowering the opposition. They won a penalty, ten yards in front of halfway, and about the same distance from the right hand touchline. Robert and Paz consulted.

“Rob’s asking Paz if he wants to kick for goal or to kick for position,” Simon explained.

Rob retreated, leaving the fair haired boy to set the ball on the ground.

“He’s going to kick for goal,” Patrick said.

“He’s not going to kick a goal from back there, is he?” Teddy asked, surprised that Paz would even attempt it.

“Oh, he does sometimes,” Simon said casually. “He’s brilliant.”

Paz ran in, striking the kick perfectly. It flew true between the posts, clearing the crossbar by inches. The crowd in the touchline went wild. Rob might be captain, but Paz was the star player, there was no doubt about it.

The match ended, Hartswood winning by a large margin. The teams made their way back to the changing rooms, the Hartswood players thronged by enthusiastic supporters. Finally Teddy and Deon returned to the peace of the almost empty recreation room.

“I’m really glad we did that,” Teddy said quietly. “It was great. I never knew it could be so much fun.”

“We don’t always win as easily as that,” Deon said. “It is good though, and the boys really appreciate us being there.”

“I think we should be there every time,” Teddy said.

“Yeah,” Deon agreed. “I think we should.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy was lying on his bed reading when James came in.

“Great to see you out supporting us,” James said, smiling.

“I enjoyed it,” Teddy told him. “You played great.”

“I’m not that good really,” James said modestly, “but the forwards win so much possession it makes it easy for us. I did have a good game though; it certainly helps when you hear someone shouting for you.”

“Well, I’m going to be there every time from now on,” Teddy said. “I never realised how much fun it was.”

Over the next few days, Teddy made sure that he spent breaks and lunchtimes with James and his friends. Having been at the rugby match, he found he was able to join in their conversations, not saying a lot, mainly just asking questions here and there when he didn’t understand something. The other boys seemed much friendlier than they had before; he was showing an interest, and that made a big difference. As a result, Teddy’s shyness began to disappear; he was starting to fit in.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Thursday evening. After supper Teddy returned to the dorm. He’d had a wonderful time with Deon up in the attic before prep; it was time to relax. Everyone else seemed to have gone to the recreation room. Although he was making friends and enjoyed their company, he still liked to spend time on his own, losing himself in whatever book he was reading.

He was still on his own when James entered the dorm.

“You still enjoy reading then,” James commented.

“Yeah,” Teddy said. “I don’t think I’ll ever give that up.”

“That’s cool,” James responded, smiling at him. “Mind if I join you for a bit?”

“No, of course not,” Teddy said, sitting up to make room on the bed.

James sat down next to him.

“So have you got a younger friend now?” he asked quietly

“Yes,” Teddy told him.

“It’s Deon, isn’t it?” James continued. “I noticed you with him at the rugby match.”

“Yeah,” Teddy admitted. “He’s even more into science than I am; we get on really well. Have you got a younger friend then?”

“Yeah,” James said, nodding. “Xander; he’s in third year, cute little thing. It was obvious he wanted to go with me, so I asked him and he said yes.”

“Cool!” Teddy enthused.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” James said, “but I think I’ve been a bit of a disappointment to him.”

“How d’you mean?” Teddy asked.

“A lot of the younger kids think that if you’re in the rugby team you must have a big cock,” James whispered. “I wish mine would hurry up and start growing; I can’t even cum yet.”

“Most boys can’t cum till they’re thirteen,” Teddy told him. “I read up about it, you know, when mine started.”

“I won’t be thirteen till April,” James said. “I guess I’ll just have to be patient.”

“Some boys grow up earlier than others,” Teddy told him. “Mine started getting bigger when I was still at junior school; it used to get hard all the time too. I didn’t know what was happening; that’s why I went to the library to read up about it.”

“Oh, right!” James said, smiling. “Xander and I haven’t done all that much yet; I haven’t even thought about bumming him.”

“Have you ever had an older friend?” Teddy asked. “I got picked up by this older kid when I went to high school. He and his mate did everything with me.”

“Hugh and I were together for nearly two years,” James said quietly. “We did everything too. He was great; I really miss him. I miss, you know . . .”

He glanced down, observing the very obvious bulge in Teddy’s shorts. He opened his legs a little so their knees touched, reaching across to put his hand on Teddy’s thigh.

“You wouldn’t like to help me out, would you?” he asked nervously.

“Yeah, cool!” Teddy responded, his heart rate increasing rapidly. “When?”

“Tonight, after lights out,” James whispered. “You know, like you and Marcus only the other way round.”

“Yeah, man!” Teddy breathed. “Marcus was with me last night, so I’ll be on my own tonight. Shall I come to you?”

“Yeah, leave it till an hour after lights out, okay?” James instructed.

“I’ll be there!” Teddy said, grinning. He eyed James quizzically. “I thought you’d have asked Marcus rather than me.”

“Marcus is okay,” James said dismissively, “but I like you better.”

Teddy glowed with pride, reaching across to give James a quick feel in his shorts. The dark-haired boy was as hard as iron. Teddy could hardly believe his luck; he’d dreamed of having sex with James since the day they met and it was finally going to happen.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy was so excited when he went to bed that falling asleep was never a possibility. He checked his watch several times, the minutes seeming to drag. Finally it was eleven o’clock. He slid noiselessly out of bed, collecting the tube of KY from under his pillow. With James in the next bed, he didn’t have far to go. He quickly removed his underpants and slipped in next to him.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” James whispered, pulling Teddy into a hug.

“Me too,” Teddy breathed, wrapping his arms around James’s back, his dark-haired friend’s warm, sexy breath playing on his face. It was another first, he realised; nobody had ever held him like this. Sex was always great, but this was different, their closeness making it so much more personal.

James reached down, wrapping his fingers around Teddy’s erect penis.

“Oh, Teddy!” he cooed. “You’ve got a real beauty; I knew you would have!”

He pushed forwards, pressing his lips to Teddy’s. Teddy was startled, not knowing how to react. He opened his mouth, intending to say something; James’s tongue slipped inside. Teddy was consumed with passion, the two boys’ tongues wrestling together. He eased James’s underpants down over his hips, running his hands over his friend’s bottom.

Without a word, their kiss transformed into a sixty-nine; James’ boyhood was so small and hard, his testicles so delicate and the way he was sucking and licking on Teddy’s penis quite unbelievable. The two boys were joined together as one, the sheer intensity of it taking Teddy to levels he’d never even dreamed of. He retrieved the KY, squeezing some onto his fingers. He slid his hand between James’s legs, quickly locating the boy’s anus. He pushed inside.

“Oh, Teddy!” James moaned. “I want your cock up my bum!”

Very carefully Teddy worked more KY into his friend’s bottom, first with one finger then with two, working them round to open the lad up. The fingers slowly withdrew. James rolled onto his tummy, a pillow under his hips, his legs spread apart. Teddy smeared KY over his penis and lowered himself, probing around until he found his friend’s sphincter. He pushed hard, penetrating him at the first attempt.

“Oh, yeah! James gasped. “That’s fantastic! Do it, Teddy! Bum me!”

Teddy lay right down, his heart pounding against James’s back. He set to his task, gradually building it up until he was fucking the boy with all the force he could muster. Instinctively he buried his nose in James’s freshly-washed hair, the lad’s wonderful, sexy aroma spurring him on to ever greater efforts.

“Ohhhh!” James groaned, “Oh! Oh!! Ohh!!”

He shuddered violently, his sphincter tightening sharply around Teddy’s invading penis. Teddy’s orgasm followed in an instant. He gripped James by the shoulders, the muscle spasms hitting him like an avalanche. His penis swelled and jerked, volley after volley of thick, creamy semen spurting into his friend’s rectum like it was going to go on forever.

Eventually it subsided. Teddy lay where he was for what seemed like ages. He was completely exhausted. He could scarcely take it all in; he’d fucked Deon half a dozen times and enjoyed every second of it, but the intensity of this latest experience had taken things to a whole different level. He couldn’t really explain it; he enjoyed Deon’s company and chatting to him about science, but he didn’t have the feelings for the younger boy that he had for James.

He gently lifted himself clear, rolling off onto his side. James turned to face him.

“That was fantastic!” he whispered. “You’re incredible!”

“Thanks!” Teddy answered. “You’re pretty amazing yourself.”

He reached down, feeling around for his discarded underpants.

“Stay here,” James breathed. “Please; it’ll be okay.”

It was the final piece of the jigsaw; James wanted him there, not just to have sex, but to be close to him, and that was the best feeling of all. Teddy lay in his friend’s bed, perfectly at peace with the world, gently stroking James’s silky dark hair as the boy fell asleep in his arms.