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Jim Cooper was not expecting to be appointed as Head of Physical Education at Hartswood Priory; he was pleasantly surprised even to be offered an interview. Although he was public school and university educated and had done very well in his first teaching post, at only twenty six he lacked experience. He arrived on the day of the interview to be confronted by three other candidates who all had been teaching for considerably longer than he had. Although he would have dearly loved to teach in a school like Hartswood, it seemed to be a lost cause; he was simply there to make up the numbers. The only sensible course, he decided, was to do the best he could in the interview; at the very least it would be useful experience.

Headmaster Gordon Chambers had quite different ideas. Following his appointment two years previously, he had identified a number of areas where the school would need to improve if it was to attract enough of the sort of parents who would pay the not inconsiderable fees that the school needed to charge. Games was among them. Although the school had a fine tradition in cricket, which was run by his deputy, the excellent John Halford, standards in both rugby and athletics were no better than mediocre.

He was presented with an unexpected opportunity to address the problem when the incumbent games master was forced to retire early because of ill-health. He now needed to find the right man to fill the post. The applications were whittled down to a short list of four who would be invited for interview. Of those, he provisionally rejected the two most experienced; married men with young families were rarely willing to put in the time and effort that would produce the improvements he was looking for. It was true that John Halford was married, but he had come into teaching late, having spent five years playing first class cricket. His two sons were away at public school; he also had a very understanding wife. This enabled him during the summer term to totally devote himself to coaching the cricket team. The results spoke for themselves.

More usually, results of that standard were achieved by men like music master Richard Burman. Although Mr. Burman owned two highly desirable properties and was in receipt of a private income, he chose to teach at Hartswood not only because he loved music, he loved boys. In return for being allowed to indulge his sexual desires, he gave time and commitment far in excess of what the school paid him for. As a result, the musical standards that the boys at Hartswood achieved were nothing short of remarkable.

Gordon Chambers was, by conviction, a liberal, and by nature a pragmatist. He was certainly no supporter of the quite impractical prohibition on sexual activities that some prep schools tried to enforce. However, he also disliked the sexual free-for-all that existed in other schools, including Hartswood, where younger boys were more or less expected to service the older ones. Although he did not wholly approve of Mr. Burman’s sexual predilections, he did not in any way regard him as a predator. Not only did the man behave with quite admirable discretion, he restricted himself to one boy at a time, the boy being fully complicit in the relationship, and once such an arrangement was established, he devoted himself to the boy’s progress and well-being until the lad left the school.

It was, Mr. Chambers had decided, a model for the way such relationships should be conducted, not just between masters and boys, but among the boys themselves. Accordingly, he had taken discreet steps of his own, having quiet chats with a number of influential senior boys. His message was simple: casual sex was not encouraged and anything that amounted to bullying would result in the perpetrator being immediately sent down. However, as long as the boys adhered to his principles, they would be left in peace. At first, there was some resistance from older boys who objected to such a curtailment of their freedom, but two summary expulsions saw it off. Thus the ‘rules’ were established.

In seeking to appoint a new games master, Gordon Chambers was looking for the same level of commitment that Mr. Burman demonstrated. If the man appointed happened to be of the same persuasion as Mr. Burman in ‘other’ ways, that was of no great concern as long the new master understood how such matters were to be conducted. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to brief the man himself; to do so would amount to giving his seal of approval to activities which were strictly illegal. He would simply ask Mr. Burman to have a quiet word.

Of the four short listed candidates, there was one who stood out. James Cooper, although the youngest and least experienced, was actually the best qualified, with a good honours degree in history from Newcastle University and a physical education certificate from Loughborough College, where he had obtained a distinction. However, rather than going on to teach history and physical education at a state grammar school, the obvious career path for someone with those qualifications, he had chosen to work in a prep school. Mr. Chambers considered that interesting.

Mr. Cooper’s confidential reference made clear that he had made an outstanding contribution in his present post, as the assistant physical education master in the junior department of a well-respected public school, where he had been for nearly four years. Further discreet enquiries revealed that he routinely put in far more time and effort than the school could have expected. On the other hand, his life away from the school was something of a closed book. He played club rugby in the winter and was a member of a local athletics club for whom he occasionally turned out in the summer; that was all anyone seemed to know. He might, Mr. Chambers speculated, be just the man they were looking for.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jim Cooper first became attracted to boys when at prep school himself. Like so many others, he was initiated by an older boy; with smooth fair hair, a beautiful smile and a slim but athletic physique he was an obvious target. The school was extremely traditional; when not in class, the younger lads were largely under the authority of boys in their final year, with masters turning a blind eye to the sexual activities that inevitably resulted. Accordingly, when he was still several weeks short of his eleventh birthday, he was somewhat cursorily de-flowered by the school rugby captain. Similar connections with several other team members soon followed, before one of them eventually claimed him as ‘his boy’.

The following September, when that cohort of boys had moved on, Jim was seduced by the games master. This certainly facilitated his selection for the rugby team, although in truth he would probably have made it anyway. A few months later, with puberty in full swing, he discovered the delights of being on the other end of such a connection, penetrating a very cute nine year old. Having not yet reached his final year, he was privileged to be allowed the experience, but as he was still some way down the pecking order, he was by no means the first to have had his penis inside this particular lad. It was, nonetheless, the defining moment of his life.

Upon entering his final year, he was appointed rugby captain, a position for which he had worked very hard and richly deserved. That placed him right at the top of the tree and he took full advantage, having anal sex with a succession of younger boys, three of whom he de-flowered. It was, in fact, pretty much what was expected. Some of the younger lads were willing partners, eager even; others were rather less so, but they all knew that the rugby captain’s word was law, simply accepting that that was how it was.

When he moved onto public school, the regime was much the same, the prefects having almost unlimited powers. The pattern of sexual activity was very much the same too. He began at the bottom of the pile, serving the needs of a string of older admirers, before slowly making his way to the top where he was once again able to enjoy the favours of any younger lad that took his fancy, and although that included a wide range of cute boys, he developed a particular fascination for slim, long-legged lads, especially those just on the cusp of puberty.

Going up to university came as a shock. Along with most of those with whom he had gone through school, Jim had always said that once he left he would give up boys, begin dating girls and become totally ‘normal’, just like everyone else. While most of his friends did this with apparent ease, for him it proved impossible. He found no difficulty in dating girls, and by abstaining from masturbation for a day or more, he was even able to become sufficiently aroused to have sex with a couple of petite, boyish looking ones. The problem was that he simply had no enthusiasm for it, and every time he saw a cute boy out on the street somewhere, he became aroused in an instant, painfully aware of what it was he really wanted.

He finally admitted defeat. He volunteered to assist as a leader and sports coach at the boys’ club in the working class neighbourhood close to the university. His offer was readily accepted and within a few weeks he was assigned a group of lively ten to fourteen year olds. He worked tirelessly for them, and it was soon apparent that he had a natural rapport with the boys and they with him; all the parents and youth workers associated with the club considered him a great asset. Together with playing rugby for the university second team and working hard at his studies, as he had always needed to, the time he had available for socialising was severely curtailed. This suited him perfectly.

What was far less perfect was that having sex with any of the boys in his charge was highly problematic. There were certainly boys he could have seduced quite easily, but the threat of discovery was ever-present. This was a close-knit community; the boys all knew one another, as did their parents. Any attempt to separate one boy, or a small group of boys, away from the others would have caused resentment and aroused suspicion; it would not have been worth the risk. Even so, he loved being with them; he felt alive when in their company in a way that he never did at any other time; he never considered giving up, even if sex was off the agenda. He would simply have to be patient, he told himself. In the fullness of time he would go back and teach in the type of school where he had been. Then he would be able to indulge himself to the full.

In this respect, his first teaching post had proved a disappointment. Prep schools of the sort that he would have liked to work in were mainly quite small and only employed one physical education master. Unless they were extremely hard pressed, they were reluctant to appoint someone fresh out of college. Instead he took up a post at Sheldringham College Junior School, a much larger establishment, where he developed his teaching skills under the guidance of an experienced, successful colleague.

Having sex with the boys there was just as big a problem as it had been at the boys’ club. To begin with, only about a third of the boys were boarders; the remainder were day-boys, and far less susceptible to such advances. To add to the difficulties, the school was run by a religious foundation for whom sex was completely taboo. The boarding houses were under the supervision of two strict disciplinarians whose obsession with ‘the sins of the flesh’ bordered on paranoia. The system of surveillance that they had in place would have done justice to the Gestapo. Jim’s frustration mounted. There were several highly desirable boys among the boarders that would have been more than willing to have sex with him, but the risks were simply too great.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The four candidates were met by John Halford, the deputy head. After the initial introductions, he told them about the school and what would be expected from whoever was appointed. An open question and answer session followed. It was all very friendly and informal. Jim felt very much at ease. The school needed someone to really develop both rugby and athletics, the two sports in which he specialised; they also wanted someone who would give some attention to the weaker boys and not leave them feeling excluded. He liked John Halford; after his experience at the boys’ club he was very much in tune with the man’s down to earth, common sense approach.

After a short break, they were introduced to Mr. Chambers, the headmaster, who took them on a tour of the school. No sooner had the tour begun than the bell sounded. Boys began to move between classes. Jim’s excitement level rose. All the boys wore shorts, and as had recently become the fashion, the shorts were much briefer than the ones he’d worn during his prep school days. He noticed several slim, long-legged beauties, the expanse of exposed thighs causing his penis to rise to attention.

Despite Jim’s attempts to hide it, his arousal was not lost on the ever-observant Mr. Chambers. The Headmaster smiled to himself, his suspicions having just been confirmed. Mr. Cooper, he judged, liked boys in very much the same way that Mr. Burman did, which explained both his voluntary work at the boys’ club and the career choice that he had made. He must, Mr. Chambers reasoned, also be capable of exercising both discretion and self-restraint. He knew the type of regime that existed at Sheldringham College Junior School. Had there been the slightest hint of any inappropriate behaviour, he would have been required to leave. Instead, the school had given him a glowing reference. He was now a very strong candidate.

After the tour, the candidates went to lunch in the refectory. Jim made full use of this further opportunity to observe. Not only were there many beautiful boys on view, the atmosphere was orderly but relaxed, a world away from Sheldringham’s oppressive regime; overwhelmingly, the boys seemed happy to be there. Also absent was the rigid pecking-order that had characterised his own prep school days; the younger boys at Hartswood were treated with respect, not as lesser mortals who were required to do the older boys’ bidding. But sex was going on, lots of it. There wasn’t anything he could put his finger on, but he could sense it. It all seemed quite idyllic.

Finally, the formal interviews began, with Mr. Chambers and two of the school governors. They were called in alphabetical order, which put Jim first. He strode confidently into the interview room; as the outsider he had nothing to lose. He talked fluently about his work at the boys’ club and how he’d made sure all the boys were involved, including the weaker ones. He told them too how he’d encouraged a few particularly talented lads to join local sports clubs where their talents could be properly developed. He spoke enthusiastically about the work he’d done at Sheldringham, not only about coaching rugby teams and athletes but about building the confidence of the less talented boys.

The interview lasted twenty five minutes. Jim felt certain that it wouldn’t be enough to secure the appointment, but he knew he’d done well. This opportunity had arisen a little too early, but there would be others over the next couple of years, and as long as he could perform as well as that, he was sure that before too long he’d succeed in landing the sort of job he was looking for.

Finally all four candidates had been interviewed. Mr. Chambers and the two governors set about their deliberations. The Chairman was keen to appoint the most experienced candidate who would be, as he put it, ‘a safe pair of hands’. Mr. Chambers would have none of it. If the person appointed was merely required to build on existing high standards, he argued, one might reasonably consider appointing ‘a safe pair of hands’, but that was not the position they were in. They needed someone who would raise standards quite dramatically, and that required an altogether bolder appointment. He pressed the case of Mr. Cooper, whose enthusiasm and commitment set him well apart. The governors were hesitant, concerned by the man’s youth and relative lack of experience, but Mr. Chambers was not to be deflected. Eventually the governors gave way.

The Chairman entered the staff room. The four candidates sat up nervously, anxious to learn of the decision.

“Mr. Cooper, would you come in please,” he intoned quietly.

Jim followed him in a daze. Surely they weren’t going to offer him the job? Maybe they had some further questions for him, he reasoned. The door of Mr. Chambers’ study closed behind him.

“Mr. Cooper,” the Chairman said, “After a long discussion, we have decided to offer you the post. Are you going to accept it?”

Yes, thank you very much,” Jim responded, his heart thumping in his chest. “You can be assured that I will do the very best I can for the boys of this school.”

“Welcome to Hartswood Priory,” Mr Chambers said, rising to his feet and shaking Jim’s hand.

The other governor followed suit. Jim could hardly take it in. He had beaten the challenge of three candidates who among them boasted a dozen years more teaching experience than he had. He’d been appointed to teach at a school where his dreams of sexual nirvana might finally be realised.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jim arrived at Hartswood a week before term was due to start. As well as a considerable increase in salary, his new post provided him with free accommodation, a small but very comfortable apartment in the gatehouse at the end of the drive. Although not quite the place of his own that he aspired to, it was a definite improvement on living with his parents.

Having settled himself in, he spent the remainder of the time familiarising himself with his new surroundings, making sure that he knew exactly what equipment the school had and where it was stored, preparing himself meticulously for what lay ahead. In particular, he checked every inch of the gymnasium and the sports pavilion. The set-up was almost perfect; there were several places where he could be alone with a boy. Whenever or wherever the opportunity arose; he’d be in a position to take it. Making sure that there was nobody about, he went to matron’s store, took a spare pillow and hid it in his office, whish he considered the most likely venue for any sexual activity to take place. He hoped it wouldn’t be long before he’d need to use it.

Deputy head John Halford was around for much of the time, as was Mr. Chambers, although the latter spent most of his time working in his study. Jim and John Halford chatted frequently.

You don’t have too much of an act to follow,” Mr. Halford reassured him. “Your predecessor was not very good. He went through the motions; that was about it. I hate to say it, but he drank very heavily, which is why he’s had to retire, liver damage. So you’ve got a big opportunity here. There’s a great deal of potential that’s been going to waste. The rugby players in particular are crying out for someone who can sort them out and make them into a decent team.”

“Thanks,” Jim said, nodding thoughtfully. “I’ll certainly do my best.”

“A few of the older lads will try it on with you over the first few weeks,” Mr. Halford cautioned. “You’re new; so they’ll try to test you out. Be firm but fair and don’t stand for any nonsense; they’ll soon fall into line.”

I was expecting that,” Jim told him. “It’s pretty much what happened when I started at Sheldringham. I got through it okay.”

As the week wore on, other masters began to appear. Jim took particular note of music master Richard Burman. He talked with an impeccable, cut-glass accent, dressed in quite an old-fashioned way, with a waistcoat, pocket watch and bow tie, and drove a Jaguar. He was clearly not short of money. Jim wondered if he liked boys too, speculating that there might be a little group of musicians and choristers that he had sex with. He would have liked to get to know the man, find out how such things worked, but it was hardly a subject that he could broach with a total stranger.

Finally it was Sunday. Shortly before midday half a dozen boys arrived, delivered to the school by their various parents. Jim judged them to be around twelve, probably boys beginning their final year. They were certainly all familiar with the school, making their way to their dormitories and settling themselves in without any prompting or supervision.

At half past twelve Jim headed to the refectory where a buffet lunch was available for any masters and boys who had come in early.

“All set?” John Halford asked him.

“I think so,” Jim told him. “I’ve prepared as well as I can.”

“You’ll be fine,” the older man assured him, smiling warmly. “It won’t be long now.”

They collected their lunch and sat down to eat. The group of boys entered, giving Jim his first opportunity to get a good look at them. One was a little overweight, another was rather plain and definitely not what he would have described as cute, but the other four were all nice looking boys, two of them exceptionally so. It was not a bad ratio, he told himself, wondering if the same proportion of good-looking boys existed right through the school. He watched as they filled their plates and sat down at a large table a few feet away. They all seemed relaxed, self-assured and happy, boys that he’d enjoy working with. It remained to be seen whether anything further would develop with one or more of the nice looking ones.

Jim and Mr. Halford were joined by three other masters and the boys on the adjacent table were temporarily forgotten. They finished eating. While their colleagues excused themselves, Jim remained behind with Mr. Halford.

These boys will be supervising the new intake between the time they arrive and supper,” Mr. Halford said quietly. “They’re all nice lads and very sensible; it’ll do them good to have a bit of responsibility. I’ll brief them on what to do then leave them to it, basically. They’ll know where to find me if there’s a problem. Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

They strolled across to the table where the boys were still sitting.

Good afternoon, lads,” Mr. Halford said brightly. “Good to see you all. This is Mr. Cooper, our new games and physical education master.”

An athletic looking boy sitting close to them rose to his feet. “Welcome to Hartswood, sir,” he said confidently, giving Jim a big smile.

“Thank you,” Jim responded. “And you are?”

Jean-Pierre Mallalieu, sir. Will you be coaching the rugby team?”

“I certainly will!” Jim said, smiling back.

I’ll look forward to it,” Jean-Pierre said.

Okay boys,” Mr, Halford interjected. “I just need to collect a few things from my office. I’ll be five minutes, so don’t go wandering off.”

The two adults headed out onto the corridor.

You’ll probably have four or five of them in the rugby team,” Mr. Halford said quietly. “Nothing’s been said, but Jean-Pierre is generally expected to be made captain. He’s a good player, he works hard and is well respected by the other boys; he’d be a good choice. But it’s your team, so it will be your decision. Just come and chat to me before you make an announcement, okay?”

Yes, thanks for the advice,” Jim said quietly as they arrived at the deputy head’s office. “Is he French? He certainly doesn’t sound it.”

“Not really,” Mr. Halford told him. “They came here in the seventeenth century during the persecution of the Huguenots. It’s a family tradition that they’re all given French names to remind them of their ancestry. Okay, I’ll see you at supper”

I’ll be there,” Jim responded.

He stepped out into the September sunshine. He was impressed with what he’d seen; the lads in the refectory seemed so mature, so self assured, Jean-Pierre in particular. He strolled back towards the gatehouse, looking forward to an afternoon of boy-watching.

They began arriving just before three o’clock. Within an hour, the place was thronged with boys, many accompanied by their parents. By half past five almost everyone was back and the parents had left. Jim spent the time in quiet observation. While the overall proportion of good looking boys was not as high as he’d observed in the refectory, there were a great many that he found enticingly attractive, including several of the slender, long-legged beauties he particularly favoured.

He watched from a distance as the senior lads went about their task of meeting new boys and their parents. He was impressed with them too; they were courteous, friendly and helpful, with none of the heavy-handedness that he remembered from his own school days. Hartswood seemed every bit as good as it had on the day of his interview. All he needed to do now was to be patient. Get to know them; give them time to get to know him and wait for the right opportunity.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following day Jim set about his task, using all his skills and experience to get himself established. John Halford was proved right about some of the older boys ‘trying it on’. Jim put them firmly but quietly in their place; an important battle for him to win. Most of the boys responded well but there were considerable challenges to be met. The shortcomings of Jims’ predecessor were all too obvious; the boys were not used to hard work and their skills were poorly developed. Worse still, the man had completely abandoned the weaker boys who appeared apathetic and demoralised. He was going to have to put that right.

On the first Wednesday, after morning break, Lower Fourth gathered for their gym class.

“Sit on the floor please lads,” Jim instructed.

The boys complied, silently looking up at him.

Over my first few days here,” Jim said quietly. A number of things have become apparent. Although most of you work quite well, we have a number of boys who seem to think that these classes are a waste of time and they don’t matter. You are wrong on both counts. They are not a waste of time and they do matter. I expect every one of you to do the best you can, just as you would in any other class.” He paused for a moment, surveying the group. “Now I’m not stupid,” he continued. “I realise that some of you hate games and gym; you’re not very good and you don’t find these classes enjoyable. That doesn’t matter; I still expect you to do your best, and if you do that you will improve, which is what I’m looking for. First, you will get fitter and stronger; that’s what we’ll be working on in here. When we go onto the field for our games class, we’ll be working on skills. Everybody here should be able to catch a tennis ball or a rugby ball, pass a rugby ball and tackle a boy his own size. I don’t expect miracles, just that you learn to do simple things properly. Are there any questions?”

There were none.

“Okay lads,” Jim said, smiling warmly. “Let’s get to work.”

The following afternoon, he had his first session with the boys in Upper and Lower Fourth who wanted to be in the school rugby team. The deficiencies were equally apparent. Not only were their skills less well-developed than he would have expected, their understanding of teamwork and tactics was almost non-existent. Pulling them together into any sort of a team was going to be very difficult. Finally they trooped off the field.

“That was great, sir!” Jean-Pierre told him, exuding the easy self-confidence he always showed. “We’ve never been expected to train like that before; I guess that’s why we never win very much. But we will with you in charge, won’t we sir?”

“You’re all going to have to work very hard at it,” Jim said quietly. “We’ve got a great deal to do and it won’t happen overnight. But if we stick together and keep working, the results will come, I’m sure of that.”

“Yes sir,” the boy responded, giving Jim a big smile. “I’ll make sure the other lads get the message.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Over the first two weeks, things settled down rapidly. With only a handful of exceptions, the attitude of the weaker boys had improved considerably. Working with small groups of less talented boys while still keeping an eye on what the others were doing was no easy task, but it was beginning to pay off. Some of the weaker boys even thanked him, clearly not used to having anyone give them much attention. The rugby team was showing signs of improvement too. There was still much work to be done, but the boys’ attitude and enthusiasm were exemplary. It was up to him to build on the good start they’d made, a challenge that he relished.

On the second Thursday afternoon, John Halford strolled out onto the playing field to watch them train.

“Excellent,” he commented to Jim as they left the field. “You’ve got them working really well; that’s exactly what we were looking for. I’ve never seen them so enthusiastic; they were eating out of your hand.”

Thanks!” Jim said, grinning broadly. “They’re great to work with; I’m really enjoying it. I’ve decided to make Jean-Pierre captain; he’s the only choice, to be honest, very talented and a born leader.”

“I’m pleased we agree about that,” the older man said. “He’s a very nice lad too. First match a week on Saturday then?”

“Yes,” Jim confirmed, “at home to St. George’s. That’ll be tough; they’re usually a pretty decent team.”

“Well I’ll be there,” Mr. Halford said, “and I’ll make sure we get plenty of support out.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

By this point, Jim had seen every boy in the school naked on several occasions, an opportunity he had not wasted. He was keen to make a move, but two questions remained. The first was whom to select. The school boasted plenty of beautiful boys, several of whom seemed very friendly, making a point of telling him how much they enjoyed his classes, how much they liked him, and what a great teacher he was. He discounted the first and second years; they were a little too young for his taste. That left eight very attractive boys. He’d have been happy to have sex with any of them, but he knew that his first selection would be crucial. The boy concerned would almost certainly assume the status of ‘his boy’, and so it was important that he select one with whom he could forge a strong, positive relationship.

The second question was more problematic. How exactly should he go about it? The sexual free-for-all that he remembered from his own prep school days did not exist at Hartswood. He was still convinced that sex was going on, in particular that Jean-Pierre and some of his associates were having sex with younger boys, but it was all being done so discreetly that a casual observer would be totally unaware of it. If he were not to be conspicuous, he would need to make his approach in the same manner, which was very different from the quite overt way things had been done in the schools he’d attended. It would require some careful thought.

Jim’s suspicions concerning the boys’ sexual activities were confirmed the next afternoon. Supervising the showers after third year games, he noticed a boy bending down to dry his feet. The lad’s anus was clearly visible, the area to either side chafed bright red. He had clearly been de-flowered very recently, probably within the previous twenty four hours, and whoever had penetrated him did not have a small penis. A couple of minutes later he noticed another lad whose anus was equally visible. This time, however, there were no chafing, which suggested that the boy was used to such intrusions. It was the signal that he needed. A three week trip to south-east Asia during the summer holidays had satisfied his desires for a while, but now he wanted more. Over the weekend he would decide whom to approach and how he’d do it. During the following week, the deed would be done.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On the following Monday morning Jim was surprised to be approached by Richard Burman.

“I hope you don’t mind,” the music master said, “but there’s a matter I need to discuss with you, in private if possible. Are you supervising prep this evening?”

“No,” Jim responded, intrigued by the man’s approach.

“Excellent!” Mr. Burman said. “You live in the gatehouse, I believe, the upper flat. We could meet there, if that’s okay. Would a little after five o’clock suit you?”

“Yes, that would be fine,” Jim confirmed.

Splendid!” Mr. Burman said, beaming. “I’ll see you there.”

After working with the rugby team, Jim returned to the apartment at quarter to five, had a quick shower and changed into some casual clothes to await the arrival of Mr. Burman. He was still uncertain what the man wanted to discuss with him. Anything of an official nature would be handled by John Halford or Mr. Chambers and on the face of it he and the music master had very little in common. The obvious conclusion was that he wanted to talk about sex, but if that was the case, how did he know? Maybe the music master had ‘recognised’ him in just the same way that he’d ‘recognised’ the music master, he speculated. The thought made him uneasy; he’d never considered that anyone would have any inkling of his unspoken desires.

At five past five the doorbell rang. Jim went to answer it.

Come in,” he said brightly, greeting a smiling Mr. Burman before leading the way to the living room. “Cup of tea? The kettle’s just boiled.”

Thank you,” Mr. Burman cooed. “That would be most welcome.”

Jim went into the kitchen, returning a minute later with a mug of steaming tea. He handed it to his guest.

“Thank you,” Mr. Burman said, “and thank you for seeing me like this. I’ll come straight to the point; it appears that you and I have a common interest. Let us not beat about the bush; the fact is that you and I are very fond of boys, especially boys of the age that you find here.”

“Really?” Jim said defensively. “What leads you to that conclusion?”

Oh, it wasn’t me that spotted it,” Mr. Burman replied. “It was the Headmaster. There were certain things on your CV (resumé) that seemed a little unusual; then there were other things that he noticed while taking you around the school. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, he spoke to me about it just before the start of term, asked me to keep an eye on you. Well, there are a number of boys that I am very close to and they have confirmed it.”

The alarm showed in Jim’s face.

Oh don’t worry!” Mr. Burman assured him. “You’ve been a big success. The boys I’ve spoken to all like you and tell me what a great teacher you are, and these are boys who in the main are not in the least bit athletic. They also tell me that you have been checking them out in the showers, but as far as they know you haven’t approached anyone yet.”

“Guilty as charged,” Jim admitted.

“Well it really isn’t a problem,” Mr. Burman said. “I reported back to Mr. Chambers and he suggested that it was time I had a quiet word, just to let you know how we do things.”

“It was a complete free-for-all at the prep school I went to,” Jim commented. “I can see it’s not like that here.”

It used to be,” Mr. Burman informed him. “But Mr. Chambers put a stop to it. Quite right in my view; it really was quite uncivilised. In a sense you can hold me responsible for the set-up we have now.”

“Please explain,” Jim requested.

Well, if one of the older boys wants to have a ‘younger friend’, for want of a better term, there are certain rules he is expected to follow. Number one is that first years are off-limits to everybody. Second, the older boy must find a younger boy who actually wants to have sex with him; if the younger boy says ‘no’, that must be respected. Under no circumstances are older boys allowed to make the younger ones have sex with them. Third, having found a younger friend, the older boy is expected to stick with them and look after them, right up to the time he leaves. Passing the younger boys around from one to another is not acceptable. For their part, the younger boys are expected to support their older friend, you know, going to watch them play rugby or cricket, that sort of thing. Casual sex is not encouraged, but as long as it’s consensual and doesn’t amount to an orgy, what happens in the dorms after lights out is solely the business of the participants. I’m responsible to the extent that it’s the way that I’ve operated since I came here eight years ago.”

Oh, I see,” Jim said. “I don’t imagine it went down too well when he introduced it.”

Well, there certainly was some resistance,” Mr. Burman conceded. “A couple of the boys in Upper Fourth declared that they were going to carry on as before; even raised the stakes by more or less advertising what they intended to do. It was a serious miscalculation; John Halford caught them flagrenti delecto. They were sent down the same day and that was the end of that.”

“Interesting,” Jim observed. “What were they doing exactly?”

“Making a second year boy suck them off,” Mr. Burman said casually. “Quite stupid; there were plenty of younger boys who would have been quite happy to do that for them, but they wanted to make a point. Unfortunately for them, Gordon Chambers is a good deal tougher than he looks.”

“Point taken,” Jim acknowledged.

The other aspect is discretion,” Mr. Burman continued. “It used to be very blatant; it’s a wonder we got away with allowing it. These days, one of the older boys takes responsibility for ‘unofficial activities’. He has to make sure that everything’s kept in order. Any boy who acquires a younger friend asks the boy in charge to be put on ‘the list’, and provided that’s agreed, which is almost always is, the boy is told when and where he and his younger friend can meet. That’s why you’ve seen so little evidence of anything happening. You will not be surprised to learn that the boy currently in charge is Jean-Pierre Mallalieu; JP as the boys call him.”

No that certainly doesn’t surprise me,” Jim agreed. “But surely Mr. Chambers doesn’t like boys too, does he?”

Oh, dear me no!” Mr. Burman responded, smirking. “But Gordon is a pragmatist. He wants this school to excel right across the board; that’s what will keep parents sending their boys here. To do that he needs masters who will put in the time and effort that you and I do; that’s why you were appointed. But we do it because we love boys; it’s as simple as that. The crux of the matter is that if the school is to achieve the standards he wants, he needs men like us.”

Well that’s quite a surprise,” Jim said, smiling, “but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it.”

“As far as we’re concerned, we’re expected to operate in much the same way; the name of the game is serial monogamy. We find a boy we like that wants that kind of relationship then stick with him and help him as much as we can till the day he leaves. I know it’s early days, but do you have anyone in mind?”

Well there are quite a few that I fancy,” Jim admitted. “I have the luxury of seeing them all naked, which I guess you don’t. I’ve more or less settled on Duncan Hawksley in Lower Fourth. I’m not sure he’ll make a rugby player, but he’s a very good gymnast and should do well at athletics next summer; hurdles, long jump, that sort of thing, and he certainly seems keen. He’s very nice looking of course, beautifully slim; I’ve seen him with a hard-on a couple of times too. He’s been coming up to me after gym classes, telling me what a good teacher I am, you know the sort of thing; seems a really nice lad. What d’you think?”

I think it’s an excellent choice,” Mr. Burman responded, smiling. “Duncan is very pleasant, just like you say; badly neglected by his parents as so many of them are. I believe he had an older friend last year who has now left, and if he’s been giving you ‘come-on’ signals, you can hardly go wrong. I’m sure he would benefit a great deal from having a mentor like you, and that is important, you know.”

Yes,” Jim agreed. “I guess it is.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Wednesday morning, Lower fourth gym class before he saw Duncan again. Although he wasn’t great at rugby, in the gymnasium Duncan really shone. Finally they headed back towards the changing room.

“You did well again today,” Jim commented, gently putting his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Thanks sir!” Duncan replied, smiling up at him.

Jim took a deep breath. “Come and see me before lunch,” he said quietly. “I’ve got something I’d like to show you.”

“Yes sir!” the boy said, his eyes sparkling.

Back in the changing room the boys were stripping off and heading into the showers. There were some delightful sights, Jim noted; overall these eleven-going-on-twelve year olds were his favourite group. He wasn’t even sure that Duncan was the pick of them, but he was the one he’d made the strongest connection with, and after his conversation with Mr. Burman, he was beginning to understand just how important that was.

After a few minutes, Duncan emerged into the drying area, almost the last to do so. He was fully erect, as he had been on a couple of previous occasions, and making absolutely no attempt to hide it. Maybe he was excited by the prospect of what was about to happen, Jim speculated. He certainly hoped that was the reason. Most of the boys dressed hurriedly, aiming to be ready to go as soon as they were released. Duncan, on the other hand was taking his time; he was in no hurry. Finally the lunch bell sounded.

Make your way out quietly!” Jim ordered before disappearing into his office.

Duncan was left with two other boys who seemed eager to get out as soon as possible. He pretended to be having trouble with his shoelaces, giving them time to leave. Once they were safely out of the way, he knocked on the office door.

Come in!” Jim called.

Duncan opened the door and walked in. Jim was sitting in his chair which was sideways on to the desk.

“You asked to see me, sir,” Duncan said politely.

Yes, come in and close the door.” Jim said.

Duncan did as he was asked, closing the door and standing in front of the games master who was looking him up and down.

“You’ve been doing very well,” Jim commented. “Do you enjoy gymnastics?”

“Yes sir,” Duncan confirmed. “I always have.”

Excellent,” Jim said quietly. “Next summer I shall teach you to hurdle; you have all the attributes to do very well at that. Now let me ask you something; do you like me?”

“Yes sir,” Duncan said, trying to hide his excitement. “I like you a lot.”

“I understand that last year you had a special friend,” Jim continued, but that he has now left. Is that correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“So would you like another friend like that?”

“Yes sir.”

“And would you like me to be that friend?”

“Yes sir,” Duncan breathed. “I’d like that very much.”

Jim leaned forward, running his fingers up the back of Duncan’s thigh, his skin soft and silky smooth.

“Wonderful!” he whispered. “I like you too; you’re a beautiful, sexy boy.”

He stood up and strolled out into the changing room, locking the door. Returning to the office he resumed his seat, undoing the top of Duncan’s grey school shorts and pulling down the zip. He eased them off the boy’s hips, allowing them to fall to the floor. Duncan was still erect, his penis sticking up provocatively against the front of his white briefs. Jim hooked his thumbs inside the waistband and carefully pulled them down, skinning them right down the boy’s long, slim legs.

“Pull your shirt up,” he said quietly.

Duncan readily complied. Jim feasted his eyes on the sight in front of him. Close up, Duncan was even more beautiful than he’d thought; he was gorgeous, his slim uncut four inch penis total perfection. He leaned forward, moistening his lips and taking Duncan’s boyhood fully into his mouth, sucking it hungrily, his hands running over the boy’s bottom and down the backs of his thighs.

“Ooh, sir!” Duncan moaned excitedly, stroking Jim’s hair. “Oh yes! Yes!”

Jim continued sucking, slipping his right hand between Duncan’s legs. He gently massaged the boy’s perineum, slowly working their way back until he was tickling his anus. With the boy close to orgasm he let him go.

“So what did you and your special friend do together?” he asked.

“We did everything, sir!” Duncan said breathlessly.

“Great,” Jim whispered. “Did he stick it up your bum?”

“Yes sir!” Duncan told him, his excitement very obvious.

“And did you like that?”

“Yes sir.”

“Did it hurt the first time he did it to you?”

Not really sir,” Duncan said. “You see, sir, last summer Neil, that’s my older brother, told me there was something I needed to learn before I started third year. Well, he played with my bum for a bit, then he put his dick up there. It hurt really bad when it first went up, but once he’d got going it felt great. So when Stephen wanted to do it I knew what to expect and it didn’t hurt much at all.”

“Right! Jim said, his arousal level rising by the second. “So how old’s Neil?”

“He’s fourteen, sir, he left last year.”

So was he doing that to you during this summer holiday too?”

“Yes sir,” Duncan admitted. “He loves it. Just before the end of the holiday, sir, one of his friends came to stay with us. They liked to, you know, take turns.”

Sounds wonderful,” Jim said. “Have they got big cocks?”

Yes sir, pretty big, especially Evan, that’s Neil’s friend.”

“And did you like them doing that to you?”

Yes sir, it was great! I loved having their spunk up my bum.”

“And would you like me to do that?” Jim asked finally.

“Yes sir!” Duncan breathed.

Well, why don’t you start by finding out what I’ve got for you,” Jim suggested, rising to his feet.

Duncan knelt on the floor, opening Jim’s shorts and pulling them down. The man’s jockstrap quickly followed. Duncan ran his fingers over Jim’s thick seven inch penis. Jim caught his breath. The sensations were exquisite; he could almost have exploded right there.

“It’s big, isn’t it sir?” Duncan commented, looking up at Jim, his eyes wide.

Jim ruffled the boy’s short fair hair. Duncan extended his tongue, swiping it over the large purple head. He flexed his jaw muscles, opening his mouth as wide as he could, placing his lips over the head then pushing slowly down until he’d taken almost half the shaft. He began to suck, twisting his head this way and that, working his tongue all over it. Jim was in ecstasy. Duncan was every bit as good as the Asian boys he’d met on holiday, but very much cuter; things could have hardly been better. After a couple of minutes Duncan pulled off, giving Jim’s penis one final lick as he did so.

“Good boy!” Jim whispered. “That was beautiful!”

So are you going to bum me, sir?” Duncan asked.

“Is that what you want?” Jim enquired.

Yes sir!” the boy confirmed eagerly.

“The correct word is ‘fuck’,” Jim said, helping him to his feet, “and if that’s what you want, that’s what I’m going to do.”

He retrieved the pillow from its hiding place and put it on his desk. Duncan shuffled into position, bent over the desk, his chest and forearms resting on the pillow. Jim took a tube of KY from his sports bag, carefully working some into the boy’s anus, beginning with one finger, then adding a second. He pushed them in deeper, touching the boy’s prostate.

Oooh, sir!” Duncan groaned. “Ohhhh!!!”

Jim continued his preparations, finger fucking the lad then twisting his fingers around to open his sphincter. There was not a murmur of protest. Finally he let his fingers slide out. He squeezed a little more KY onto his fingers. He smeared it over his penis, admiring his prize, Duncan’s beautiful legs, and his bottom with its little puckered hole, just waiting to be penetrated. He moved into position, guiding his manhood onto Duncan’s sphincter. Despite his ministrations, the boy was still tight; he was not going to be able to do this gently. He thrust forwards; in response, Duncan pushed out as hard as he could, willing the man to enter him. For a second or so the ring of muscle resisted. Suddenly it gave way and penetration was achieved.

“Oh, sir! Sir!!” Duncan moaned, clearly in quite considerable pain.

Jim held his position, allowing the boy time to become accustomed to his intrusion.

“Easy, Duncan,” he whispered soothingly. “Just relax, you can do it.”

After around a minute he slowly pushed forwards, his penis sliding deeper into Duncan’s rectum. He thrust over the lad’s prostate.

Ohhhh!!” Duncan gasped, his penis twitching uncontrollably.

Jim immediately began to fuck him, thrusting his penis deeper on every inward stroke until the boy was completely impaled. He held him around the hips, fucking him almost into oblivion, giving the boy everything he had. Duncan was in ecstasy, moaning and squeaking; he had enjoyed being fucked from the day his brother had deflowered him, but the games master was taking him to heights of pleasure he’d never even dreamed of. Jim reached down, fondling the lad’s throbbing boyhood.

“Ohhhh!! Duncan expostulated. “Nnng!! Nnnng!! Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!”

He bucked violently, his sphincter clamping tight around Jim’s invading penis, his boyhood springing to life between the man’s fingers. Jim’s orgasm surged over him almost without warning. Instinctively he gripped the boy around the thighs, holding on as best he could as his penis jerked into action, volley after volley of thick creamy semen spurting deep into Duncan’s rectum.

They remained where they were, completely bonded together, for around half a minute. Jim felt wonderfully fulfilled; the beautiful, sexy boy still impaled on his penis had just given him the most wonderful experience he could remember. He slowly withdrew.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, yes sir!” Duncan responded, turning to face him. “That was fantastic! I’ve got all your spunk up my bum! You cum loads, don’t you sir?”

“It was fantastic for me too,” Jim said, gently hugging the boy to him.

“So am I your boy now sir?” Duncan asked, looking up pleadingly.

Oh, yes,” Jim whispered, stroking the lad’s hair. “You’re my boy.”