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As the team made their way onto the field, Jim was impressed with the number of boys there to support them; he estimated between fifty and sixty. That was, in part at least, a result of John Halford’s exhortations. He hadn’t been in the least bit heavy-handed, but such was the respect that he commanded, what he asked for he invariably got.

It was close all the way through, with the home supporters cheering enthusiastically from the touchline. The boys played as well and they knew how; their attitude was exemplary, but inevitably they made mistakes. They gave away two tries and several penalties; they were presented with scoring opportunities that they failed to take. At the end they lost by twenty points to twenty four. They trudged off the field looking somewhat dejected, having given it everything and still lost.

Jim waited until they were all showered and changed, asking them to sit down until everyone was ready.

“Okay,” he said. “Would someone like to tell me why we lost?”

For a few seconds there was silence. Scrum half Thaddeus Morley put his hand up.

“We lost because they were better than us,” he offered.

“I don’t agree,” Jim countered. “On the whole I think we were every bit as good as they were, better probably, but we still lost. Why?”

Another hand went up.

“Because we made too many mistakes,” suggested John Clifford, the big back-row forward.

“Exactly,” Jim said quietly. “And that’s what we’ve got to work on. We’ve only just started so you shouldn’t be too disappointed about today, but we have to learn from it and cut down the number of errors we make. So far your attitude as been superb and as long as you maintain that, keep working and keep learning, the results will come. So well done everybody; I’ll see you all for training on Monday.”

The boys filed out, except for Jean-Pierre who hung back slightly.

“Thanks sir,” he said, smiling appreciatively.

“We’ve just got to keep it going,” Jim said, ruffling the team captain’s hair. “Wait till after Christmas; this is going to be a good team.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jim rose at six thirty, very early for a Sunday. He washed and shaved then sat eating a bowl of cereal with a sense of eager anticipation. During the week, the other gatehouse apartment was occupied by George Perkins, the elderly religious education master who would definitely not have approved of Jim receiving visitors from among the boys. At the weekend, however, Mr. Perkins returned to his house near Tunbridge Wells, and would not be back at Hartswood until late on Sunday afternoon.

But would Duncan turn up, Jim wondered. Would he remember? Would he get up early enough? Would he have the nerve to sneak out and walk over to the gatehouse? There were so many questions, he just couldn’t be sure.

Two days previously they’d met in Jim’s office after classes finished. As there were never any sports training on Friday afternoons, the place was deserted. They’d repeated their activities of Wednesday lunchtime almost exactly, but wonderful though that was, this would take things to a new level. Here they could be together naked on his bed, and they’d have plenty of time. He could properly make love to the boy, which he wanted to do more than anything.

At five to seven the doorbell rang. Jim went to answer it, his heart pounding in his chest. He opened the door to find his boy standing there, exactly as arranged.

“Great to see you,” Jim said, ushering him into the apartment. “I wondered if you’d come.”

“Of course I was going to come!” Duncan responded, grinning cheekily. “We’ll have nearly an hour; I wasn’t going to miss that!”

Jim led him into the bedroom. They began to undress each other; in barely a minute they were down to their underwear. Jim sat on the edge of the bed, carefully removing Duncan’s briefs. The boy was already full aroused. Jim leaned forward, taking the lad’s stiff penis into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly.

“Oh sir!” Duncan whispered. “That feels great!”

After about a minute, Jim let him go. Without waiting to be asked, Duncan knelt in front of him. Jim raised his hips allowing the lad to remove his jockey shorts.

“You’ve got a beautiful cock, sir!” Duncan commented, grinning again.

He gripped it around the base, holding it away from Jim’s body, bending forwards to push his lips over the head and down the shaft. He sucked it slowly, using his tongue to maximum effect.

“Good boy!” Jim cooed, stroking Duncan’s hair. “Let’s get on the bed.”

He moved across, lying down towards the far side of the bed, allowing Duncan to snuggle up next to him. He wrapped his arms around the boy’s back. Their eyes met. Duncan’s were sparkling, making him look more beautiful then ever. Very gently, Jim drew him a little closer, their noses almost touching. He paused for a few seconds then slowly moved in, kissing the boy lightly on the lips. For a moment, Duncan seemed hesitant, possibly a little nervous; in the next instant Jim had the lad all over him, kissing him passionately as though he was born to it, their tongues wrestling together. Jim rolled onto his back, pulling Duncan over on top of him. He ran his hands down the boy’s back and over his beautifully firm bottom. He slid his right middle finger down the crack and onto the lad’s anus. Eventually their lips separated, Duncan pushing up on his hands.

“Wow!” Jim said, gazing up at the radiant, smiling Duncan, any doubts he had held about how much the boy wanted this relationship completely dispelled. “Thank you,” he continued. “That was very special.”

“I love you, sir!” Duncan breathed. “You’re the best!”

Jim remained where he was, letting Duncan’s words sink in. He suddenly felt a great responsibility, his conversation with Richard Burman flooding back to him. Duncan had said he was the best and now he would have to be the best. He’d look after the boy and help him to become the best, just as Richard had said. Unlike the boys he’d been with when he was at school, or the Asian boys he’d met on holiday, it was no longer just about sex. Oh, they’d still have sex; he felt sure Duncan wanted that as much as he did, but Duncan was his boy now, and for the first time he fully understood what they meant.

“Thanks,” he said quietly. “That’s quite a bit to live up to, being the best.”

Duncan grinned, lifting himself up and sitting back on his heels. He shuffled forwards until his penis was right in front of Jim’s face. Jim didn’t need to be asked, pushing himself up on his elbows to devour the boy’s hard little spike. Duncan placed his hands behind Jim’s head, pumping his hips, fucking his penis into the man’s mouth. Instinctively Jim pushed his right hand between Duncan’s legs, locating the boy’s sphincter and pushing a little way inside.

“Ohhhh!” Duncan groaned.

He shuddered violently, his jerking penis jamming itself against the roof of Jim’s mouth. After around twenty seconds his orgasm subsided, He held still for several seconds then eased himself away, sitting back across Jim’s stomach. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“You sexy little boy!” Jim whispered, a satisfied smile on his face.

Duncan flipped onto his side and snuggled up again. Jim put his arm around the boy’s shoulder; it just felt so perfect, lying there like that. For the first time that he could remember he felt completely at peace. He was working at a great school doing a job he loved, and to top it off, he’d found beautiful, sexy, affectionate Duncan who was snuggled up next to him, waiting to be fucked. Life simply couldn’t get any better.

Within a few seconds they were kissing again. This time it was gentler, their tongues sensuously exploring each other. The aroma of eager, sexy boy flooded Jim’s nostrils, transporting him to another world. Inevitably his hands roamed down Duncan’s back and over the lad’s bottom. Duncan cocked his leg over Jim’s, an invitation the man couldn’t resist. He squeezed some KY onto his fingers, working it gently into Duncan’s anus.

“Oh, sir!” the boy moaned. “I want you to fuck me! Come on, sir!”

“Just let me finish getting you ready,” Jim said quietly. “There’s no rush.”

A couple of minutes later the job was done, Jim allowing his fingers to slide out. He got onto his knees, smearing a little KY over his penis. He was about to turn the boy onto his tummy but Duncan had other ideas, pulling his legs right back so his knees were almost touching his shoulders, his little puckered hole completely exposed.

“So that’s how you want it, is it?” Jim said, smiling down at him, reflecting that he’d never fucked a boy in that position.

“Yes sir!” Duncan breathed. “I want to watch you sticking it up me.”

“So did you and Stephen do it like that?” Jim queried.

“We did sometimes, sir,” Duncan confirmed.

“I can see why you’re so good at gymnastics,” Jim said, grinning, “You’re beautifully loose-limbed. Okay, if that’s what you want!”

He shuffled in close, aiming his penis onto Duncan’s sphincter. One hard thrust took him about halfway in.

“Oh, sir!” the boy gasped. “That feels fantastic! Come on, sir! Fuck me! I want your spunk up my bum!”

Jim held him around the thighs, pushing slowly forwards until his penis was completely buried. He looked down to see the lad smiling up at him; he looked so beautiful. After taking a moment to settle himself, Jim began to fuck, driving his penis relentlessly into Duncan’s tight little tunnel, the expression on the lad’s face one of complete ecstasy. Instinctively he leaned forwards, pushing his body down between the boy’s legs. Duncan drew him in, wrapping his legs around his teacher’s back.

Their mouths met in another passionate kiss. The intensity was like nothing Jim had ever experienced, kissing and fucking as though nothing else mattered, and right then, it probably didn’t. He fucked even harder, consumed by lust for the amazing, sexy boy that lay beneath him. Without a moment’s warning, Duncan shook from head to toe, his legs flailing, his anus flaring and tightening around Jim’s penis. Within an instant Jim’s testicles fired into action. Semen surged through his manhood, spurting repeatedly into Duncan’s rectum, his orgasm so long and so powerful, he thought he might black out.

And then it was over, finishing as suddenly as it had started; apart from each other’s breathing, the birds singing outside the window was the only sound they could hear. Very slowly, normal consciousness returned. Jim carefully withdrew, resting his hands on Duncan’s thighs. The boy’s anus was stretched wide, the area to either side glowing bright red. Jim grabbed the towel from the bedside cabinet. He spread it out, laying Duncan down on top of it before flopping down next to him. Duncan snuggled up close, resting his head on Jim’s chest, and fell asleep.

Jim smiled to himself, reflecting on the wonder of it all. Nothing, he considered, could surpass what had just taken place. He was very fortunate, he told himself, and such good fortune should be treated with respect. He stroked the lad’s hair. Although he would not in any way neglect the other lads, Duncan was his special boy, and he would help him in whatever way he could.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Autumn turned to winter; now winter was slowly turning to spring. Over the previous few months Jim’s life at Hartswood had been all he’d ever wanted it to be. After a great deal of hard work, the rugby team had finally started to play well. Since the turn of the year they had won five matches out of seven, and had given a good account of themselves wherever they’d played. Equally important was that standards in gym and games lessons had been raised considerably. With only a few exceptions the weaker boys were working well, and improvements in fitness, skill and confidence were beginning to show. And, of course, he had Duncan, his boy, who seemed to become sexier and more affectionate with every passing week.

It was Thursday afternoon in early March; classes were over for the day. Jim kept rugby training short. The team was playing well and confidence was high. With the end of the season approaching it was too late to make any major improvements, and with a big match coming up on the Saturday it was more important to keep the lads fresh. Afterwards, most of the boys showered and changed quickly, eager to enjoy some free time before prep began. Unusually, Jean-Pierre hung back, taking his time. By the time he’d finished getting dressed, all the other boys had gone.

“I didn’t expect to find you still here,” Jim commented, emerging from his office.

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for the rugby team,” Jean-Pierre replied, smiling at him.

“Oh, you don’t need to thank me,” Jim said smiling back. “I’ve had a great time; I’ve really enjoyed working with you all.”

Jean-Pierre paused before replying; the tension in the air was palpable. Jim glanced down, noting the boy’s shorts, tented by a very obvious erection.

“Sir, would you like to fuck me?” he asked, looking right into Jim’s eyes.

Jim hesitated, Richard Burman’s admonitions about serial monogamy ringing in his ears.

“Oh, you needn’t worry about Duncan finding out,” JP continued confidently, “or anyone else for that matter. We’ve been talking about rugby. I’m the team captain and you’re the coach; what could be more natural than that?”

“So how did you know about Duncan?” Jim queried.

“It’s my business to know,” the boy replied, smiling. “Don’t worry sir. You’ve been very discreet; nobody’s going to say anything.”

“Fair enough,” Jim said, trying to appear as nonchalant as the situation would allow. “I’m still a bit surprised though; I thought you were into fucking the younger boys.”

“I am sir,” JP admitted, “but sometimes I really want to have someone do it to me. Oh, I don’t mean just anyone, sir, but you’re not just anyone, are you, sir? It has to be someone special.”

It was simply too good an offer to turn down. Jim locked the changing room door then collected the tube of KY from his bag. Returning to the changing room, he sat on the central bench, Jean-Pierre standing in front of him.

“So have you taken it recently?” he enquired, undoing the boy’s shorts.

“Yes, during half term as a matter of fact.”

“Really?” Jim said, getting more aroused by the second. “So who was that with?”

“My cousin Antoine,” JP told him. “We’ve always been close; he’s more like an older brother. He’s sixteen; he took my cherry when I was nine. He wanted to get me used to it before any of the bigger boys at school did it to me.”

“I see,” Jim responded.

“That was before Mr. Chambers came here,” Jean-Pierre continued. “Back then, if one of the big boys wanted to do something with you, you didn’t have much choice. Well Mr. Chambers stopped all that. I think it’s much better now sir, don’t you? We can still have sex, but the younger boys have to be treated properly.”

“Oh, quite right,” Jim said, lowering the boy’s underpants.

Jean-Pierre pulled up his shirt.

“You’ve got a beautiful cock,” Jim breathed, running his fingers along the medium thick, four and half inch shaft. “So does Lucas like having this up his cute little bottom?”

“How did you know it was Lucas I was going with?” JP enquired, mimicking Jim’s earlier question.

“Oh, listening to the boys supporting from the touchline,” Jim said, smiling up at him. “It’s not hard to work out who their older friends are.”

“Very good, sir,” the boy conceded. “I guess that makes us even. Well, yes he does, actually. He found it a bit painful to start with, but he loves it now. Just as well really; I’m pretty certain he’ll be Mr. Burman’s boy next year.”

“Very interesting,” Jim said grinning, aroused even further by visions of the music master thrusting his manhood into the cute not-quite-eleven year old.

He leant forwards, taking Jean-Pierre’s penis fully into his mouth, working his tongue all over it. He squeezed some gel onto his fingers. Slipping his hand between JP’s legs, he quickly located the boy’s anus. He pushed inside, first with one finger then with two. There was little resistance, adding credence to the boy’s story of recent penetration. Jim worked his fingers around, opening the boy up. Satisfied with his preparations, he gently withdrew. He got to his feet. Jean-Pierre needed no invitation, kneeling on the floor before pulling down his teacher’s shorts and jockstrap.

“It’s big, isn’t it sir?” he whispered. “I knew it would be.”

He ran his fingers up and down the length, moistening his lips. He swiped his tongue over the head. A moment later he closed his lips over it, pushing slowly down until his nose was buried in Jim’s pubic hair.

“Good boy!” Jim breathed. “I guess your cousin taught you to do that too.”

JP didn’t answer, sucking the man slowly, getting his penis thoroughly wet. Jim stroked the lad’s silky brown hair, revelling and the wonderful sensations the boy was giving him. After a minute or so, Jean-Pierre pulled away.

“Okay sir,” he said, positioning himself over the bench. “Do me just like that please; don’t put any more lube on.”

Jim moved in close, more than happy to oblige. He held the boy round the hips and pushed, penetrating him almost immediately.

“Ooooh!” Jean-Pierre gasped. “Oh sir!”

Jim held him around the hips, slowly drawing the lad back until he was completely impaled.

“So I’m a bit bigger than your cousin, am I?” Jim asked softly.

“Oh yes, sir!” JP responded. “Oh! Fuck me sir! Please! You know you want to!”

Jim did want to. Jean-Pierre wasn’t one of the slender boys that he normally went for, but he was very sexy and his anus was beautifully tight. Jim fucked him remorselessly, thrusting his penis into him with all the force he could muster, JP moaning continuously with a heady mixture of pain and pleasure. Jim was undecided about fondling the lad’s privates, not sure if it wouldn’t be better to suck the boy off after he’d ejaculated, but in the end the temptation was just too great. He slid his fingers over Jean-Pierre’s boyhood. The boy’s reaction was almost immediate.

“Ohhhh!” he groaned. “Sir!!”

He bucked wildly, his anus clamping Jim’s manhood like a vice. His penis jerked between Jim’s fingers, his boy-juice spurting forth, splattering the far side of the bench and the floor beyond.

“You sexy boy!” Jim growled. “Now take what I’ve got for you!”

He thrust in one final time, ejaculating powerfully, his semen flooding deep into the boy’s rectum. He stayed where he was for several seconds, slowly bringing his breathing under control.

“So was that what you wanted?” he asked eventually.

“Oh yes sir” JP confirmed. “That was fantastic! You’ve cum loads!”

Jim slowly withdrew.

“You may need the toilet,” he said gently. “You know where it is.”

“Yes sir! Thank you sir!”

Jean-Pierre waddled off, his shorts and underpants still down round his ankles. It had been fantastic, Jim reflected, almost as good as Duncan, a totally unexpected bonus. Even if it never happened again, he certainly wouldn’t forget it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Spring term drew to a close and the rugby season was finally over. Since Christmas, the school team had won seven out of nine matches, ten out of eighteen overall; the progress they’d made had been remarkable. As well as coaching the school team, Jim had established training squads for the younger boys, something his predecessor had never bothered with. Not only had this provided a very welcome outlet for the more energetic and talented younger lads, in the fullness of time it would ensure that boys selected for the school team would be far better prepared than the squad that he had inherited.

“It’s been a great first season for you,” John Halford commented. “You’ve put in place the foundations for the future, and the response you’ve got from the boys has been exceptional. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Oh, there’s still a lot to do,” Jim responded, feeling a little embarrassed. “Next winter I’m going to get a gymnastics club going, even if it’s only a couple of lunchtimes a week, you know; something for the boys who aren’t ball-players. We’ve got a few who could really benefit from that”

“Like Duncan Hawksley,” Mr. Halford offered.

“Yeah, I expect he’d be one of them,” Jim said as casually as he could manage, wondering just how much the deputy head knew of their relationship.

“Well, you’ve made an excellent start here,” the older man said. “Just don’t over-stretch yourself; you can’t do everything.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Unlike many other prep schools, although the boys at Hartswood were strongly encouraged to take part in the school’s various sports teams, they were not forced to do so, another of the reforms introduced by headmaster Gordon Chambers. The predictions by several of the older masters of dire consequences arising from such a liberal measure proved to be unfounded. As far as the rugby team was concerned, the effect was rather the opposite. Both the school team and the junior training squads that Jim had established contained all the boys he would have wanted to be there, and the fact that they were all volunteers had strengthened team spirit considerably.

During the summer term, the main sport was cricket, and here again the respect that John Halford commanded and his expertise as a coach ensured that all the boys he wanted to take part volunteered to do so with hardly a second thought. However, the position as far as athletics was concerned was rather different. Jim’s predecessor had given it little attention, and although the cricketers were encouraged to take part, several of them chose not to, including a number of talented athletes. An added complication was that several of the events were potentially dangerous and could only take place under close supervision, and as Jim had to coach them all, they had to be scheduled at different times. As a result, he found himself working with several very small groups, spread across a wide range of events.

He noticed Jerome almost immediately. He was in Upper Fourth and hadn’t even tried for the rugby team. He was slim and very light, and disliked the rough and tumble that the game involved. But he was a high jumper of some ability, and having grown considerably over the previous two terms, his legs were now long and slender, just the way the young games master liked them.

Jim found himself in a dilemma. Jerome was certainly very sexy, but the boy seemed shy and nervous. And, of course, he still had Duncan, and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise that. Even so, the temptation was hard to resist.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The hurdles training squad consisted of Duncan, Jerome and rugby scrum-half Thad Morley. None of them had hurdled before, but Jerome and Duncan were beautifully supple and their movements wonderfully well co-ordinated. The lively, self-confident Duncan took to it immediately, hurdling fluently after only a few minutes instruction. Predictably, Jerome was nervous and hesitant, but with Jim’s patient encouragement, by their second training session he was hurdling well too. But there was a problem; hurdling is a sprint event and neither Duncan nor Jerome was quick enough to be really good. By comparison, Thad was clumsy and awkward, but he was faster over the ground and as long as he didn’t hit too many hurdles he could beat them both.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jim wandered down to the music rooms, pleased to find Richard Burman on his own.

“What do you know about Jerome Warner?” he enquired.

“Why d’you ask?” the music master asked suspiciously.

“Oh, he’s in a couple of my athletics training squads,” Jim said casually, “high jump and hurdles. I’ve not had much to do with him before. He just seems a bit strange.”

He’s always been a somewhat nervous boy,” Mr. Burman said quietly, “and when he was in second year, he was very badly abused by some of the older boys; they pretty much used him as a sex-toy. I believe they gang-raped him several times. Anyway, I’m not exactly sure how, but John Halford got to hear about it. He caned the ring-leaders and warned them they’d be sent down if there was any repetition, but I’m not sure that Jerome’s ever recovered; you’ll need to treat him very gently. Fortunately, the following year Mr. Chambers arrived and put a stop to that sort of thing.

Oh, I see,” Jim said. “Thanks for the advice.”

He headed back to his office. He was in more of a dilemma than ever. Sex with Jerome was still a very appealing prospect, but unless he could be sure it was what the boy wanted, he wouldn’t even attempt it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

High jump attracted one of the larger groups; seven boys ranging in age from second year to Upper Fourth, with Jerome the outstanding performer. Jim set him to work on his fitness while the other boys attempted heights that he could almost walk over.

Once the other boys had finished, Jerome’s jumping session could begin. Initially he used the scissor-kick, the same as the other boys, but he would need to change that if he was ever going to fulfil his potential. Jim demonstrated the straddle technique favoured by all the top high jumpers, clearing the bar face down.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said.

“I’m not sure I can do that, sir,” Jerome replied nervously.

Of course you can!” Jim said gently, crouching down so that he wasn’t standing over the boy. “The bar’s quite a bit lower than you’ve been clearing; you’ll do it easily. You just have to believe in yourself. You trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Jerome said.

“Then give it a try.”

Jerome ran up, clearing the bar by a big margin. He trotted back, a broad grin on his face, to where Jim was waiting for him.

“That was great,” Jim said, ruffling the lad’s hair. “I knew you could do it.”

Over the next couple of sessions Jerome’s confidence grew. The bar was gradually raised until it was approaching his own height of five feet four.

That’s your target for the season,” Jim told him, “to jump over your own head; that’s what real high jumpers do.”

“Thanks, sir,” Jerome said quietly, smiling up at him. “I’ll certainly try.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was the fourth week of term and the Thursday warm and sunny with just a gentle breeze. At athletics training that afternoon, once the other high-jumpers had finished, Jim spent nearly half an hour working with Jerome. The boy was making good progress, his technique becoming more dependable with every jump he took. He was jumping five feet two quite regularly, and had achieved five feet three on a couple of occasions. Jim was confident that it within the next few weeks the target would be met.

The session finally completed, they pulled the tarpaulin over the landing mats then returned to high jump stands and the bar to the store room. By the time they got back to the pavilion, the place was deserted, the last of the cricketers having just left.

“May I have a shower, sir?” Jerome enquired.

“Yes, go on,” Jim responded casually. “Don’t be long; you don’t have much time.”

Jerome quickly stripped off and headed through into the showers. He emerged two minutes later, his pencil-slim three and half inch penis fully erect. He smiled coyly at Jim, who was waiting in the changing room. It was obvious that the boy wanted sex.

“Not now,” Jim said quietly, “you’ll be late for prep.”

“Does it matter, sir?” Jerome enquired pleadingly. “We’ve done our exams and that.”

“I’m afraid it does,” Jim said gently. “A couple of your friends saw us come back in; they’ll know you had plenty of time.” He paused for a second. “Tomorrow, get up as soon as the wake-up bell goes,” he continued. “Get washed and dressed then report to my office, you know, inside the gym changing room. Be there by quarter past seven, and don’t breathe a word to anyone. Is that okay?”

“Yes sir,” Jerome said, grinning at him. “I’ll be there.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At just after 7.00 a.m. Jim left the apartment and took the short walk to his office. As expected, there was nobody about. He closed the door, sat down and waited. He felt sure that Jerome wouldn’t let him down, but until the lad actually appeared there was always a nagging doubt. The seconds ticked by. He checked his watch for maybe the third time; eleven minutes past the hour.

He was taking a risk here, he reflected, bending the rules, but if he’d calculated correctly it wouldn’t matter because nobody would find out. The prospect of sex with the delightful Jerome already had him fully aroused, the fact that he was going after forbidden fruit simply adding to his excitement. There was a light tap on the door. He stood up and opened it to see a smiling Jerome standing before him.

“You asked to see me, sir,” the boy said respectfully.

“Yes, Jim said, sitting on the middle bench and motioning for the boy to sit next to him. “So why have you come here this morning?”

“I want you to fuck me, sir,” the boy said nervously.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Jim asked quietly. “I had a word with Mr. Burman; he told me what happened to you.”

“Yes, sir,” Jerome responded. “When I started second year I wanted to have sex; I’d been dreaming about it for ages, but they were horrible.” He looked down at his feet. “They called me a slut.” He paused for a second. “But you’re great, sir; I want to do it with you.”

“Okay,” Jim said. “Get yourself undressed. Just leave your pants and socks on.”

As Jerome removed his clothes, Jim locked the changing room door. He turned to see the boy pulling his shorts off, his slim erection sticking up in his briefs.

“Are you thirteen yet?” he enquired.

“No sir,” Jerome said. “My birthday’s at the beginning of July.”

It made sense. He was still not quite into puberty, his penis markedly smaller than Duncan’s, who was several months younger.

“Bend over,” Jim said quietly.

Jerome did as he was asked, positioning himself over the bench. Jim ran his hand up the boy’s thighs, slim, hard and beautifully smooth. He touched the back of Jerome’s underpants. They were damp and slightly warm. He lowered them quickly, pulling them over the boy’s feet. He checked inside, quickly locating the tell-tale stain. He turned his attention to Jerome’s bottom. The boy’s anus had a somewhat puffy appearance. He inserted a finger.

“Well, well!” he commented. “It seems that someone else has been fucking you,”

“Yes sir,” Jerome conceded.

“And who would that be?” Jim asked.

There was no answer.

“Well?” Jim demanded.

“John, sir; John Clifford.”

Jim smiled to himself. The big rugby forward liked fucking Jerome too; it was hardly a surprise.

“So when was that?”

“About an hour ago, sir.”

“And did you enjoy it?”

“Yes sir. I’m a naughty boy, aren’t I?”

“Very naughty,” Jim breathed.

“I ought to get my bottom spanked, shouldn’t I, sir.”

Jim was taken aback; corporal punishment was not a usual part of his sex games, but it was clearly what the boy wanted. He stepped to the side and administered three hard smacks across Jerome’s buttocks, the boy’s anus dilating invitingly.

“Keep facing the front,” Jim ordered, pulling down his shorts and quickly moving into position. “So what d’you want now?”

“Your dick up my bum, sir!”

Jim held the boy around the hips and thrust right in, driving his penis fully into Jerome’s rectum in a single movement.

“Oh sir!” Jerome gasped. “You’re so big!”

“You’ve got a beautiful little bum,” Jim breathed. “And now you’re going to get a proper fucking.”

He fucked the boy unmercifully, driving his penis into Jerome’s bottom with long, powerful thrusts. It was one of the big attractions of these tall, skinny boys, Jim reflected; they were always wonderfully tight no matter how often they’d been fucked.

Jerome whimpered quietly; although John Clifford was a big lad for thirteen, at just shy of five inches his boyhood was nothing exceptional; nowhere like what the games master was giving him, the combination of pain and pleasure as intense as anything he’d experienced since the day of his deflowering almost four years previously.

Jim reached down, his fingers tugging at Jerome’s throbbing boyhood. A few strokes were all it took.

“Ooooh!” Jerome gasped. “Oh, sir!!”

He shuddered, wild muscle spasms sweeping through his body, his stiff little prong jiggling in the games master’s hand. Jim’s orgasm followed in an instant.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” he groaned. “Ohhhhh!!!”

He thrust in one final time, holding Jerome around the thighs. A moment later, his penis reared up, depositing copious amounts of thick, creamy semen in the lad’s rectum. For almost half a minute they remained exactly as they were.

“So was that what you wanted?” Jim asked finally.

“Oh yes sir!” Jerome confirmed eagerly.

Jim carefully withdrew. Although it was against the ‘rules’, it was an experience he was keen to repeat. Jerome would only be at the school for a few more weeks; as long as they kept it quiet, nobody would be any the wiser. He considered for a moment. Mr. Perkins left for his house in Kent as soon as classes finished for the week, which had enabled him to move his Friday assignation with Duncan from his office to his apartment, and now that the rugby season was over, his Saturdays were largely free.

“Tomorrow morning,” Jim instructed, “get up early and come to my apartment in the gatehouse, the Upper Flat. Can you be there by seven o’clock?”

“Yes sir,” Jerome responded.

“And remember, don’t breathe a word about it to anybody, you understand?”

“Yes sir; I won’t say anything, I promise.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jerome arrived at two minutes to seven.

“Great,” Jim said, leading the boy to his bedroom. “So what d’you want today?”

“The same as yesterday, sir.”

“Okay, strip down to your underpants,” Jim said casually.

He watched as Jerome did as he was asked. He found the boy incredibly sexy.

Sit there,” he said quietly, pointing to the side of the bed as Jerome removed his shorts.

Jerome sat down as requested.

“Now why don’t you get a good look what I’ve got for you,” Jim continued, standing in front of him.

Jerome reached up, undoing Jim’s shorts and easing them down over his hips, leaving the man standing there just in his jockstrap. He carefully pulled that down too before wrapping his hand around Jim’s throbbing erection.

“You’ve got a real beauty, sir,” he said, smiling at his teacher.

“Would you like to suck it?” Jim asked.

Jerome leaned forwards, taking it into his mouth, gradually pushing down until he’d taken it right down his throat. Jim was in ecstasy, the sensations quite exquisite.

“Wow, that’s fantastic” Jim breathed, stroking the lad’s hair, his orgasm approaching all too rapidly. “Okay, you’d better stop now.”

“So are you ready for me to fuck you?” he asked as Jerome let him go.

“Yes sir.

“Okay, bend over the bed.”

Jerome obeyed without a word. Jim touched the damp stain at the back of the boy’s underpants before pulling them down and off. He took a step back to admire his prize, Jerome’s long slim legs and beautiful little bottom the most perfect vision he could imagine. He inserted a finger into the lad’s anus, unsurprised to find it very messy.

“I see John’s had been stuffing his cock up you again,” he whispered. “You’ve still got his spunk up your bum!”

“Oh, no sir,” Jerome responded.

“So who then?” Jim demanded.

“Taddy sir,” Jerome told him. “He got into my bed after lights out. After he’d bummed me he fell asleep. Then when he woke up he did me again.”

Jim was more aroused than ever, the thought of feisty little Thaddeus fucking his disproportionately large penis into Jerome’s tight little bottom driving him wild.

And I bet you loved that, didn’t you?” he said.

“Yes sir, it was great,” Jerome confirmed. “Not as good as you though, sir.”

Jim allowed himself a smile, realising that he’d judged Jerome to perfection. He’d met boys like him during his own school days; the lad loved being fucked and simply couldn’t get enough of it.

“So how did he have you?” he asked.

“On my tummy, sir.”

“Show me.”

Jerome crawled onto the bed and flopped onto his tummy, a pillow tucked under his hips, his legs spread wide apart.

“So would you like me to have you like that,” Jim asked, positioning himself between the boy’s legs.

“Yes sir,” Jerome confirmed.

Jim lowered himself carefully, guiding his penis onto its target. He rammed it right in; the boy wanted to be fucked and that was exactly what he was going to get.

“Ohhhh!” Jerome gasped. “Oh sir! Give it me hard!”

Without even thinking about it, Jim grabbed the boy’s discarded underpants and stuffed them into his mouth.

“Bite on those while I give you what you came here for!” he growled.

Jerome submitted willingly, embracing the pain just as he always did. He bit hard on his soiled briefs as the games master’s penis pounded relentlessly into his rectum, pinning him to the bed. He was almost delirious; none of the boys had ever fucked him as hard as the games master was doing. Within a few minutes the man’s penis thrusting over his knobbly little prostate produced the inevitable result. The muscle spasms began right down in his toes; he thrashed about uncontrollably, legs flailing, his head banging repeatedly against the mattress. His boyhood jiggled wildly against the pillow.

“I knew that was what you wanted!” Jim gasped, his own orgasm just seconds away. “Now take my spunk!”

He gripped Jerome by the shoulders, burying his penis fully inside the lad’s bottom. In the next instant it began to swell and jerk, volley after volley of his thick cream spurting deep into Jerome’s hot little tunnel. It was almost a minute before he withdrew. Jerome’s anus was stretched wide open, a little semen beginning to seep out.

“You’d better get up before you make a mess,” he said quietly, removing Jerome’s underpants from his mouth and helping him off the bed. He guided the boy to the bathroom, watching as he squatted over the toilet, the creamy deposits running out of him.

“It seems I had plenty to give you,” he commented.

Yes sir, thank you sir,” Jerome said submissively.

“Well, I think we’d better give that little bottom of yours a rest for a day or two,” Jim continued, adopting a gentler tone. “We don’t want you getting too sore; you might not be able to jump. I’ll see you for training on Monday then we’ll think about Tuesday morning.”

A few minutes later Jerome was cleaned up, dressed and on his way. Jim could hardly believe what he’d done. Even though he didn’t have the sort of feelings for Jerome that he had for Duncan, he did like the boy and had particular admiration for the way that he’d overcome his nervousness. He hadn’t intended to treat him so harshly, but he’d got carried away. With Duncan he made love; with Jerome he had sex. That was just how it was.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The training session concluded. Jim and Jerome strolled back towards the pavilion.

“So d’you want to see me tomorrow morning, sir?” Jerome asked.

“Are you sure you want to?” Jim enquired gently. “After our little session on Saturday I was worried I’d gone too far.”

Oh, it was fantastic, sir!” Jerome said, grinning up at him. “Nobody ever bummed me like that!” He paused for a moment. “I know it seems odd, sir,” he continued quietly. “I like doing it with you because you’re nice to me, the same as John and Taddy; I know you wouldn’t really hurt me. But when we’re actually doing it, I like it, you know, . . . .”

Jim glanced down. Jerome’s erection was sticking up in his shorts.

“I understand, I think,” Jim said, ruffling he boy’s hair. “As long as you’re sure it’s what you want, that’s fine with me.”

“Great, sir!” Jerome confirmed eagerly. “I’ll be at your office by quarter past seven.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The end of term was approaching. The annual school sports day had been a great occasion with a host of excellent performances and several new school records, of which Jerome’s new high jump record of 5 feet 5 inches was the pick of the bunch. John Halford and Mr. Chambers both expressed their gratitude for all the work Jim had done.

Mr. Chambers felt especially pleased. He’d won his argument with the governors and been proved right; he’d have no trouble getting his own way when future appointments came up. He knew full well that Jim was having sex with one of the boys, but as far as he was aware, the young games master had followed Mr. Burman’s model to the letter. It wasn’t quite true, of course. Apart from his one-off session with Jean-Pierre, Jim had continued his clandestine relationship with Jerome; the boy was hungry for sex and he was only too happy to oblige.

Jim wandered into the staff room to find Richard Burman reading The Times.

“Well done for putting on such a splendid show,” the music master said. “It was most impressive, far better than anything your predecessor ever managed.” He smiled as Jim sat down next to him. “This can be a most rewarding school to teach at,” he added. “I’m sure you’d agree.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following afternoon, with classes ended for the week, Jean-Pierre appeared at Jim’s office.

“I just wanted to say thank you, sir,” he said. “You’ve made such a difference since you’ve been here.”

Jim glanced down, the bulge in the boy’s shorts suggesting there were other reasons for his visit. Jim hesitated. Duncan would be coming to the apartment straight after supper and he didn’t want his performance to drop below his usual standards, which it certainly would if Jerome drained his balls the way he had on the previous occasion. An idea occurred to him.

“Thanks,” he said quietly. “I’m busy just now, but would you like to come to my apartment first thing in the morning, say around five past seven? It’ll be okay, Mr. Perkins will be away for the weekend.”

“Oh, yes, sir,” Jerome responded. “I’ll look forward to that. Would it be okay if I brought Lucas with me?”

Jim was taken aback; what he’d conceived as a threesome with Jerome and JP was about to turn into a foursome with Jean-Pierre’s cute little friend. It was too good an offer to refuse.

“Yes, sure,” he said, smiling. “Just keep it quiet; we don’t want anyone else finding out.”

“Oh, of course, sir,” Jerome confirmed. “We’ll see you in the morning then.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Why are waiting, sir?” Jerome asked as Jim took him into the living room and sat down him down on the sofa.

“I’ve got a little surprise for you,” Jim said, “you’ll see.”

He put his arm around Jerome’s shoulder then reached across, running his fingers up the boy’s slim thighs. The lad was already fully aroused, his erection straining to be released from the confines of his white briefs and grey school shorts. Right on five past seven the doorbell rang. Jim went to answer it.

“Excellent, right on time,” he said as he ushered Jean-Pierre and Lucas into the apartment.

“Well sir, you’ve kept this very quiet!” JP commented as they entered the living room. “I had no idea.”

“And I’m hoping it’s going to stay quiet,” Jim said, smiling.

“Oh, your secret’s safe with us, sir,” Lucas piped up, stifling a giggle.

“Sir, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” JP whispered, drawing Jim to one side.

“If that’s okay,” Jim said quietly.

Not quite what I was expecting,” JP said, smirking but it suits me; I haven’t had the pleasure, if you know what I mean. I know John and Taddy have been doing him.”

They moved into the bedroom and immediately paired off, Jean-Pierre with Jerome and Jim with Lucas, sensuously undressing each other. Jim eased Lucas’s white briefs over his hips and down his legs, admiring the lad’s slim three inch penis. He stood up, allowing Lucas to return the favour.

“I’ve never seen a man’s cock before,” Lucas commented, running his fingers over Jim’s shaft, “well, not with a hard-on anyway.”

“And do you like it?” Jim asked.

“Yeah!” Lucas said, grinning. “Big, isn’t it?”

The boy licked the head of Jim’s penis before taking it into his mouth. Jim was in ecstasy. Having turned eleven only a few weeks earlier, Lucas was much smaller than any of the other boys he’d been with, and very sexy. JP had obviously trained him superbly.

On the other side of the bed, Jean-Pierre was getting straight to it. He got Jerome onto all fours, pushing a finger into the slim boy’s anus.

“No need for any preparation there,” he observed. “You’ve already been fucked, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” Jerome confirmed.

“So who was it last night, John or Taddy?”


“Yeah, and you’ve still got all his spunk up your bum!” JP said.

He picked up the tube of KY from the bedside table.

“I’m glad you use the proper stuff, sir,” he commented, smearing some over his penis. “It’s far better than Vaseline.”

He moved in close. Lucas let Jim go and sat up, watching intently as his older friend’s boyhood disappeared into Jerome’s bottom.

“Wow! That’s cool!” he breathed. “I never saw another boy getting bummed before!” He paused. “Are you going to bum me, sir?”

“Is that all right?” Jim asked, fondling the boy’s hard little spike.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“JP tells me you’re going to be Mr. Burman’s boy next year,” Jim whispered.

Yeah; he’s got a big one, or at least Alistair says he has.

That was the music master’s current boy he was talking about, Jim noted.

“Are you looking forward to it?”

“Yeah. I’ll miss JP, of course, he’s been great, but Mr. Burman will take me to concerts with him.”

“Oh, I see,” Jim said, continuing his ministrations. “So what happens then?”

“Well, you have to stay overnight at Mr. Burman’s flat because the concerts finish too late to get back to school in time.”

“So have you been with Mr. Burman yet?”

“Oh no, sir,” Lucas said, his eyes still glued to Jean-Pierre’s thrusting penis. “He’s still going with Alistair.” He lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Ali reckons he gets bummed three or four times when they go to a concert.”

Jim was more aroused than ever. He considered Richard to be very fortunate, having his own place like that and a perfect excuse for having boys stay there, but he was surprised that the music master stuck so strictly to his ‘one boy at a time’ rule; he certainly wouldn’t have done that. Stuffing his penis into Lucas’s cute little bottom before the music master got round to doing it was a real coup. He wasn’t worried that Mr. Burman might find out. It was in everyone’s interests to keep this little got-together strictly among the four of them; as far as anyone else was concerned it never happened.

He licked his lips and leaned forwards, devouring Lucas’s boyhood. He slid his hand between the boy’s legs, pushing a well-lubed finger into his anus.

“Oh, sir! Lucas cooed. “That’s fantastic!”

Lucas lay back, overtaken by the sensations that the games master was giving him. He stretched out an arm, wrapping his fingers around Jerome’s throbbing penis.

“Oh!” Jerome groaned. “Oh! Ohhhh!!”

His bottom tightened sharply; his hard prong coming to life in Lucas’s hand.

“Oh, fuck!” JP gasped. “Nnng!! Nnng!! Aaarrggghhh!!!!”

He held Jerome around the thighs, several volleys of semen spurting into the slim boy’s rectum. After several seconds he carefully withdrew. He flopped back onto the bed, watching eagerly as Jim continued to work on his Lucas’s sphincter.

“D’you want me to open him up for you, sir?” he asked, stroking his still-erect penis.

“Yeah, go on then,” Jim replied quietly.

Lucas quickly got onto all fours, a position he was well used to. Jean-Pierre moved in close, his penis nuzzling the younger boy’s anus. With one quick thrust he entered him, his boyhood sliding in right to the root.

“Ooooh!” Lucas moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jerome enquired.

“Oh, yeah!” Lucas confirmed.

JP quickly withdrew.

“Okay sir,” he said casually, “your turn now.”

Jim moved into position, eager for what he was about to experience. Since leaving prep school himself, he’d only fucked boys as young as this on his trips abroad. He admired his prize; although Lucas was smaller than Jerome, his bottom was much the same size, but softer and more pliable. He took a deep breath and thrust in, his penis penetrating about three inches into the boy’s hot tunnel.

“Ohhhh!!” Lucas squealed.

“Are you okay?” Jim asked quietly.

“He’s okay, aren’t you Luc?” JP said nonchalantly. “You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!” Lucas gasped.

“Just relax,” Jim encouraged. “Take your time; it’ll feel really good soon.”

Slowly and steadily he worked his penis in deeper, driving it over the boy’s hard prostate.

“Oh yeah!” Lucas gulped, his boyhood twitching wildly.

Jim slowly pulled back, allowing his penis to slide out until only the head remained inside. After a moment’s pause he thrust back in, savouring the tight little sheath that was gripping him so beautifully. Very gradually he built up a nice rhythm, fucking the boy deeper with every thrust until the lad was taking his full length. Jerome crawled round in front of Lucas, aiming his penis at the younger boy’s mouth.

“Suck me!” he hissed.

Lucas complied willingly.

“Wow! That is so hot!” Jean-Pierre said breathlessly. “Go on sir! Fuck him hard!”

Jim increased his pace, reaching down to fondle Lucas’s boyhood. It was one of the beauties of boys on the verge of puberty, he noted; they could have dry orgasms at five minute intervals, sometimes even less. Within half a minute, Lucas bucked like a wild animal, his sphincter gripping even tighter around the games master’s penis, his hard little spike swelling and jerking between the man’s fingers. A moment later, Jerome grabbed Lucas’s head, his own boyhood coming to life in the younger boy’s mouth.

“Oh, you naughty boys!” Jim groaned. “You’ve made me cum! Aaarrrggghhh!!!!”

He held Lucas around the thighs, semen surging through his penis and flooding into Lucas’s rectum in the longest, wildest climax he’d experienced in several weeks. After nearly half a minute to recover his senses he carefully withdrew.

“Wow, sir!” Jean-Pierre commented, masturbating eagerly. “That was amazing! I never saw anything like it!”

Jim pushed JP’s hand away and plunged down on the boy’s penis, sucking it hungrily.

“Sir! Sir!” Jean-Pierre protested. “I’m going to shoot!”

Jim redoubled his efforts, sucking and swallowing as the rugby captain’s boy-cum spurted into his mouth, licking the boy clean to make sure he’d got every drop. Finally he let him go.

“Thanks sir!” Jean-Pierre said, smiling warmly. “I didn’t think you’d do that.”

Jim checked his watch. It was quarter to eight; they’d pushed it pretty much to the limit.

“You boys need to get washed and dressed before there are too many people about,” he said quietly. “We don’t want anyone asking silly questions.”

In less than ten minutes all three of them were cleaned up, dressed and heading back to school. Jim sank into his favourite armchair, totally happy with life. His first year at Hartswood had been his best ever, and to finish it off he’d just hosted an impromptu end-of-year party with three of the sexiest boys he’d ever met. It couldn’t have gone better if he’d planned it.