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Everything changed right there. Mike had always been able to watch the boys strip naked and take a shower without any problem. Suddenly it was a problem. He only needed to see one of his runners naked for him to get a raging erection, his mind filled with lustful thoughts as he imagined what he’d like to be doing to the lad. Seeing Patrick was the worst. Patrick was beautiful, absolute perfection in his eyes; he wanted the boy so badly.

Mike wasn’t sure if Martin knew; if he did, he apparently didn’t care. To Mike’s surprise, Martin’s attitude in class had improved almost overnight; quite suddenly, he seemed eager to do well, no longer just doing what he had to. More than that, he was running superbly. In response, Mike’s feelings for him grew stronger by the day. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, Mike would take the dark-haired lad into the mathematics store room. After the briefest of foreplay, he’d fuck the boy senseless. It was wonderful sex, but Mike needed more, to spend longer with the boy, really get to know him. The store room was not really suitable for that, but Martin was pretty much a loner; the other lads were unlikely to ask where he was or what he was doing. He decided to take a chance.

After training on Sunday morning, come over to the gatehouse,” he suggested. “Come to the Upper Flat. Mr. Chandler’s never around at the weekend so nobody will see you. Bring your maths books with you; if anyone asks, I was giving you some extra help.”

Yes sir,” Martin said, smiling. “I’ll be there!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Sunday training completed, Mike accompanied his young charges back into the changing room, watching with interest as they stripped off to go into the showers.

“Don’t stay in there too long,” he told them, “and no fooling about please. Well done today; I’ll see you all again tomorrow.”

He hurried back to his apartment, had a quick shower then put on a clean tee-shirt and some tennis shorts. He sat down to await Martin’s arrival. Five minutes later the doorbell rang. He went to answer it; Martin was standing there, exactly as arranged. Mike shepherded the boy inside, closing the door behind them. He wrapped his arms around the lad, drawing him into a gentle hug.

“I’m glad you came,” he said gently.

He leaned forwards. Martin responded instantly, their lips meeting in a delicate, sensuous kiss.

“You do that beautifully,” Mike cooed as their lips parted. “Come on; you’ve got far too many clothes on.

He guided Martin into his bedroom, gently undressing him, right down to his white briefs. He ran his fingers over the front. The boy was as hard as stone. Mike sat on the bed and slowly pulled the underpants down to the lad’s ankles, Martin raising one foot at a time, allowing him to remove them completely. And there he was, in all his glorious, delicious nakedness; not the prettiest boy in the team, but possessed of a beautiful body with its uncut, four and a half inch penis and the hairless balls just dropping into place. Mike stroked between Martin’s firm, silk-smooth thighs, leaning forward to devour the lad’s stiff little spike. He sucked it eagerly, easing back the foreskin and working his tongue over the small, shiny head. He looked up, licking his lips.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” Martin breathed. “It’s much better doing it here, isn’t it? I want to undress you now.”

Mike allowed the boy to help him off with his tee-shirt. He stood up. Martin knelt in front of him, pulling down his shorts. Mike kicked them off. Martin wrapped his hand around the man’s penis, running his fingers along its length.

“You’ve got an amazing cock, sir,” he commented, almost giggling. “I’d never have believed it would be as big as this!”

“And you like it, don’t you?” Mike asked provocatively.

Yes sir,” Martin confirmed, holding it around the base and guiding it into his mouth.

“Good boy!” Mike whispered, running his fingers through the boy’s short, spiky hair. “Let’s get on the bed!”

Moments later, they were snuggled up together, kissing passionately, Martin’s penis grinding against Mike’s stomach. Mike ran his hands along Martin’s back and over his bottom. The boy’s slim young body pressed tight against his own was far more of a turn-on than any girl had ever been. Their lips parted.

“That was wonderful,” Mike cooed, gently rubbing noses with the boy.

“You do like me, don’t you sir?” Martin enquired.

“Of course I like you,” Mike said, smiling indulgently. “You’re a very special boy.”

“Sir,” Martin said, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you still going to get married?”

“I’m not sure,” Mike responded. “I need to think about that.”

“I like you a lot sir,” Martin said, moving in to kiss him again.

Mike was in ecstasy, transported to a different world where normal rules didn’t apply. It wasn’t that he was a novice, far from it. He’d had sex with any number of boys during his final two years at school, but it had never been like this. Since then he’d had sex with girls; that hadn’t matched up either, not even with Claire, whom he really cared about. The sensation of Martin’s tongue intertwined with his own, the boy’s hard penis grinding against his tummy, the aroma of hot, sexy boy flooding his nostrils; there was something special about having a boy who was really his, words simply couldn’t describe it.

Without a word being spoken they snaked around into a sixty-nine. The ecstasy continued. Martin’s technique was nothing special, but somehow the boy’s lack of experience made it seem even more magical. Mike slipped his hand between Martin’s legs, fondling the lad’s balls and gently stroking his perineum. He squeezed some KY onto his fingers. Locating the boy’s anus, he pushed inside. He touched Martin’s prostate; the boy’s penis twitched sharply, striking the roof of his mouth. He did it again. Martin’s body tensed, little jets of boy-cum squirting from his penis. Mike licked it all up, swallowing it eagerly before releasing him. They snuggled up again.

“Mmmmm!! That was delicious!” Mike commented, smiling.

“That was great, sir!” Martin responded, his chest still rising and falling. “Nobody ever did that before. I mean, Justin sucks me, but not all the way.”

“So when did Justin fuck you last?” Mike enquired.

Early this morning,” Martin said without a hint of embarrassment. “Sunday mornings are wild; I was in bed with Justin, same as usual; Robert had spent all night bumming William, then just as it was starting to get light, he moved over to Toby’s bed and bummed him too; they woke us up. I got really sexed-up watching them, so I asked Justin if he wanted to bum me; he never says no!”

“So you like Justin then?” Mike enquired.

Oh yes,” Martin said. “Justin’s great; everyday likes him. He’s really sexy too; it’s just that . . . , you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” Mike confirmed.

Mike found it hard to rationalise. He’d enjoyed having sex with the younger boys when he’d been in the sixth form at school, Paul and Anthony especially, but he’d never had the sort of feelings for either of them that he had for Martin. He couldn’t explain why; he just hadn’t.

“I’m surprised that Toby likes being bummed, “Mike commented, reflecting that it seemed rather at odds with the boy’s rather abrasive manner.

Oh, Toby got into it before any of us,” Martin said blandly. “He certainly had an older friend when he was in third year and I think it might have started before that; I’m not sure. Of course Toby’s got a younger friend now, little third year kid, been going with him since last year, but it seems he still likes getting bummed; he likes Rob doing it for him anyway. Rob and Toby are really close; they always have been.”

“Oh, I see,” Mike said, stroking Martin’s cheek.

They lay there for a couple of minutes, quietly snuggled up together, not saying a word.

“Martin, what does your dad do?” Mike asked finally.

“Builds electronic equipment,” Martin said proudly. “He’s got his own business; he’s really clever.” He paused for a second. “I think he hoped I’d be clever like him; he was a bit disappointed when he found out I wasn’t. He’d have liked me to be good at football too, but I’m not; I’m not even that interested.”

“I’m sure he just wants you to do your best,” Mike said soothingly. “What about your mum? What’s she like?”

Oh, mum’s really pretty, and she’s a very good cook. Dad often invites people to dinner at our house, you know, people he does business with. They always say how delicious mum’s cooking is. I just have to sit there and behave myself; it’s boring.”

“So what else does your mum do?” Mike asked. “She can’t be cooking all the time.”

“Oh, she goes out with her friends a lot,” Martin said, stretching. “That’s why she likes having me away at boarding school; it’s easier when I’m not there.”

“No brothers and sisters, then?” Mike enquired.

“No, just me,” Martin confirmed.

Mike drew Martin a little closer. The boy had a father who was disappointed in him and a mother who didn’t want him around, Mike noted; it was hardly surprising that the lad had shown so little interest. Mike rolled onto his back, pulling Martin over on top of him, the boy’s penis pressed against his tummy; the lad was rock hard again.

So what would you like now?” Mike asked.

“I want to suck your dick again,” Martin said, grinning. “Then I want you to bum me.”

Sounds good!” Mike whispered, licking Martin’s nose.

Martin rolled off onto his side, leaning across to rest his head on Mike’s tummy. He held Mike’s penis between thumb and forefinger, sliding his lips over the large purple head. Mike lay back, completely at peace, transported to Planet Ecstasy by the warm wetness of Martin’s mouth. With his right hand he stroked the boy’s hair, his left arm reaching down Martin’s back and onto the lad’s anus. He inserted one finger, then two. The boy was more than ready.

“Mmmmm!! Tell me what you want,” Mike said dreamily.

I want your cock up my bum, sir!” Martin said.

Mike placed a pillow in the middle of the bed, spreading a towel over it.

“On your tummy,” he said quietly.

Martin got into position, the pillow under his hips, his legs spread. Mike knelt between them, smearing KY over his penis. He lowered himself onto the boy, Martin reaching back to hold his cheeks apart. Mike settled his penis onto Martin’ sphincter; he pushed hard, penetrating him immediately.

“Ahhhh!!” Martin sighed.

“Is that good?” Mike whispered into Martin’s left ear.

“Yes sir,” Martin gasped. “I want you right up me.”

Mike resumed pushing, his penis slowly disappearing into Martin’s bottom. He thrust over the boy’s prostate, Martin squeaking excitedly. A few moments later the boy was completely impaled. Mike settled himself, resting on his forearms. He slowly withdrew, leaving just the head of his penis inside. He thrust powerfully back in; Martin whimpered, the man’s penis penetrating far deeper than anyone else had been able to. Gradually, Mike established a rhythm, fucking the boy with long, powerful thrusts. He settled himself lower, nuzzling Martin’s neck, licking his ear, drinking in the wonderful aroma of freshly showered boy.

Martin moaned and whimpered, the pain from his over-stretched sphincter counterbalanced by the indescribable pleasure produced by the man’s penis massaging his prostate. Instinctively, he joined in the action, pushing his hips upwards to meet his teacher’s downward thrusts, the tingling in his prong increasing with every stroke. Almost without warning, his breathing shortened, his body gripped by violent spasms. His legs flailed uncontrollably, his fingers clawing helplessly at the mattress. A moment later his balls churned into action, little jets of boy-juice spurting onto the towel.

“Oh yes!!” Mike gasped, gripping the boy’s shoulders. “Yes!!!”

His orgasm swept over him. He plunged his full length into Martin’s anus, rope after rope of thick, creamy semen flooding into the boy’s body, feeling as though it would never stop. Finally it was over. They lay there, motionless, as though frozen in time. Very gently, he withdrew. Martin’s anus was stretched and chafed. The boy farted noisily before he had even moved; Mike’s semen spluttered out, dribbling down between his legs.

“So was that what you wanted?” Mike asked.

“Oh, yes sir!” Martin breathed. “That was the best ever!”

“It was for me too,” Mike whispered. “You’re a very special, very sexy boy.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The October half term was just over a week away. The scholarship group was working well, but there was a problem; Dominic was struggling to keep up. Their Friday afternoon class was drawing to a close. An excuse to spend some time alone with Dominic Lees was not one that Mike was going to pass up. With his collar-length chestnut-brown hair and near-perfect features, Dominic was exceptionally cute. He was small for his age, a little smaller than Toby, though that was understandable as Toby had just turned thirteen, while Dominic would not be thirteen for several months.

Mike thought for a moment. The following day Toby and Justin would be away with the rugby team, but the cross-country team didn’t have a race. It was perfect.

Do some work on these during prep,” he said gently, “just do what you can. Tomorrow morning, come over to my apartment and we’ll go through them. Come over about nine o’clock. Don’t worry; you’ll be fine as long as you keep putting the work in.”

Thanks sir,” Dominic replied, smiling.

“Would it be okay if I came along too?” Craig asked.

Mike hesitated. It certainly wasn’t what he’d had in mind, but he couldn’t think of any reason to refuse. In any case, it was pretty much an open secret the Craig and Dominic had been sleeping together for more than a year. The relationship was, it appeared, strictly one-way; the tall, athletic Craig was a top, small, pretty Dominic was a bottom.

Mike had also gleaned from Martin that when they’d been in third year, Dominic had been the younger friend of a lad called Russell Pearson, a very good-looking boy that Mike had met while visiting the school prior to taking up his appointment. Russell was an outstanding athlete, and if Martin was to be believed, exceptionally well-endowed for a thirteen year old. Dominic, it appeared, was no stranger to having a large penis inside him. Mike realised that he would need to be very careful, but a threesome with Craig and Dominic would not be an unwelcome prospect.

Yeah, if you want to,” he acknowledged.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mike sat on the sofa with the boys either side of him. He concentrated his attention on Dominic; he after all was the one that was having problems, just checking with Craig each time they completed an example that he was happy with it. After around fifteen minutes, things began to click into place.

“Oh, I think I get it now!” Dominic announced, the light finally beginning to dawn.

Mike allowed Dominic to take the lead as they worked through the rest of the exercise. Apart from a couple of minor slips, he did it all perfectly.

“Thanks sir!” he said, smiling at Mike. “I understand it now,” the relief at having overcome the problem showing on his face.

“Well done!” Mike said generously, running his hand along Dominic’s thigh. “I told you you’d be okay as long as you worked at it.”

There was a momentary pause, Mike watching intently as Dominic became instantly aroused, the boy’s penis standing up in his shorts. Mike took a deep breath. If Dominic had been there by himself, it would have been straightforward; could he risk going through with it with Craig there as well?

“It seems like there might be something else you need a little help with,” he said quietly, gently massaging Dominic’s thigh.

I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing, sir,” Craig commented.

Mike glanced to his other side. Craig was erect too, the tall lad’s erection even more prominent.

“Well, I spent a long time at boarding school,” Mike responded. “It does happen, you know.”

Craig leaned forwards, looking across at Dominic. Dominic smiled and nodded; the decision was made. Although this was completely unexpected, for Dominic it was unbelievably exciting. Mr. Thompson was not only a wonderful teacher, he was very sexy, looking far younger than his twenty eight years. Craig was excited too, the prospect of having sex somewhere far more private and comfortable than their dorm simply too good to turn down.

Mike guided the boys into the bedroom before helping Craig to divest Dominic of his clothes. As Dominic was neither a runner nor a rugby player, Mike had never previously seen him naked. He was stunningly beautiful, with a slim three and a half inch circumcised penis and the most perfect bottom Mike had ever set eyes on.

To his surprise, the boys then set about undressing him, with Dominic being the one to pull down his jockey shorts.

“Wow! It’s big, isn’t it, sir?!” the smaller boy commented, unable to take his eyes off the man’s penis.

Finally Craig was undressed too. Mike was familiar with the sight of the tall lad’s naked body, but touching it was a different matter completely, the boy’s thighs hard and smooth, almost like polished marble; he was very sexy. Given the choice, Mike would have fucked them both, but all the indications were that Craig was a virgin. Although Mike would have liked a virgin boy to fuck, Craig was not the one and this was not the day.

Almost inevitably they fell into a game of ‘Piggy in the Middle’, with Dominic as the pig. They began with Mike sucking on Dominic’s penis, while Dominic sucked Craig’s. Mike applied some KY to his fingers, pushing his index finger deep into Dominic’s anus. There was little resistance, the fact that Dominic was well accustomed to having Craig’s five inch penis inside him readily apparent. He pushed in a second finger; the boy didn’t even flinch. He forced it in deeper, touching Dominic’s prostate, the boy’s penis twitching in his mouth.

After a few minutes, Mike and Craig changed places. Dominic sucked eagerly on Mike’s penis, his prowess in this department coming immediately to the fore. Within twenty seconds he had taken it right into his throat, his nose buried in the man’s golden pubes. At the other end, Craig was getting ready for the final act, manoeuvring Dominic onto all fours, smearing KY over his penis and moving in behind.

Mike snaked around, so that he was lying on his back with his head directly below Dominic’s genitals. He watched, completely spellbound, as Craig’s penis disappeared completely into Dominic’s bottom. He continued to watch as Craig began to fuck, his eyes glued to the action, the vigour of the boy’s thrusts increasing with every stroke. It didn’t last long. After barely a minute Craig’s breathing became harsh and uneven. He gripped Dominic firmly around the thighs. His penis swelled and jerked, depositing boy-spunk in his friend’s bottom. After a few seconds, he withdrew, sinking back onto his heels.

“Are you ready for mine now?” Mike whispered.

Dominic nodded nervously. He wanted to do it; he’d missed having a big one inside him, but it was going to hurt, he just knew it was. Mr. Thompson’s penis was far bigger than he’d expected; it had been weeks since he’d taken one anywhere like that size. Just after the start of term he and Craig had had a foursome in the woods with rugby captain Robert Shearsby and his younger friend Peter Cranham. Taking Robert’s thick six inch penis had left him sore, and Mr. Thompson’s was considerably larger than that. Mike pulled a pillow into the middle of the bed.

“Lie on your tummy,” he instructed.

Dominic did as he was asked. Mike lubed himself up, lowering himself into position. With one determined thrust he was inside.

“Arrgghhhhh!!” Dominic gasped, his sphincter stretched almost to its limit. “Ooooohhh!!!”

“Good boy!” Mike cooed. “Just relax; I’m going to make you feel really good.”

Very steadily Mike continued to press down, his penis slowly advancing until it was completely buried in Dominic’s rectum. He paused for a moment, savouring the boy’s tight little sheath; concluding that the lad probably hadn’t taken anyone’s but Craig’s in quite some time. He set to his task, fucking the boy with long, steady thrusts.

Dominic lay submissively beneath him. Second by second, the pain ebbed away, masked by the unbelievable sensations coursing through him. Mike redoubled his efforts, thrusting his penis in even harder. Dominic shuddered from head to toe, his hard little spike tingling and jiggling against the pillow. With one final effort Mike was there too, his penis jerking into action, thick wads of semen spurting deep into Dominic’s bottom. After almost half a minute to recover his breath, Mike gently withdrew. Dominic’s anus was stretched even more than Martin’s had been, the area to each side severely chafed.

“Oh, sir! Dominic gasped. “I’ve got all your spunk inside me! You’ve cum loads, haven’t you sir?”

“I certainly have,” Mike whispered. “You’ve got the tightest little bum I’ve fucked in a long time!”

Dominic made his way to the bathroom, walking with obvious difficulty, Mike’s semen trickling down his legs. He didn’t return for more than five minutes. The two boys dressed almost in silence, said a cursory goodbye and made their way out, Dominic still moving rather awkwardly.

Mike returned to his living room, flopping down in his favourite armchair. It had been a fantastic experience with two of the sexiest boys he’d ever met, but he’d obviously left Dominic very sore, which certainly wasn’t what he’d intended. It probably meant that there would be no repeat performance, which was disappointing, but he was sure that the boys wouldn’t say anything; it just wasn’t in their interests to do so. And that, when it came down to it, was what really mattered.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The half term break finally arrived. Mike had already decided to break off the engagement. He wasn’t looking forward to telling Claire, but she actually seemed relieved. Since starting at Hartswood, Mike had shown far more interest in the job than he had in her, a situation that Claire had been concerned about for months. So they parted without any of the recriminations that Mike had expected. His mother was disappointed, but that, Mike decided was not his problem. It was his life and it was for him to choose how to live it.

One memory of his prep school days kept coming back to him; Carl Sinclair fucking him in his gym shorts. He wanted to do that; he fantasised endlessly about it. But there was a problem. In the intervening years the cotton shorts of the type that he’d worn had been replaced by nylon ones; all the Hartswood boys wore them. Mike judged that the rough cotton shorts of the type he’d worn would be much better than the more modern type, but acquiring them would not be easy.

He didn’t want to try either of the sports shops that he patronised; he doubted that they would have them and it might have led to awkward questions. He looked through the classified telephone directory. He rejected all the sports shops and turned to school outfitters. Almost at the top of the list was Alexander & Sons of East Grinstead, who seemed to stock the school uniform of most of the independent schools in the area. It seemed like just the sort of place that might have what he was looking for.

With time on his hands, he drove the ten miles to the town. He quickly found the shop and went inside. It was like stepping back in time, the shop almost identical to the places he’d been taken for the purchase of his prep school uniform all those years before. He was approached by a middle-aged assistant.

“Can I help you sir?” the man asked respectfully.

“I’m looking for some cotton gym shorts or football shorts for boys between eleven and thirteen,” Mike said evenly.

“We don’t get much call for those these days,” the assistant answered. “I’m not sure if we have any. I’ll go and see what I can find.”

He hurried off into a store room. He returned five minutes later carrying three boxes.

“These are all we have, sir,” he said.

Mike quickly sorted through them. The first box contained shorts that were too large; the second contained three pairs that he judged would fit Martin almost perfectly, the final box containing two pairs of a somewhat smaller size.

“I’ll take those and those,” Mike said, indicating the second and third boxes.

He paid for the shorts and headed out into the autumn sunshine, looking forward to making use of his purchases.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was the first day back after the half term break. Upper Fourth bottom group had maths directly before lunch. When the class ended, Martin left with the other boys. He wasted a little time by going to the toilets for a piss although he didn’t really need to. Stepping back out onto the corridor, all his classmates had gone. He smiled to himself; instead of heading for the refectory or out onto the playground, he slipped back to the classroom. Mike smiled as the boy entered, ushering him into the store room.

I’ve been waiting for this, sir,” Martin confided, smiling at the man. “I’ve not done anything all over the holiday”

“So didn’t Justin fuck you this morning, then?” Mike enquired.

“No sir,” Martin said. “He’s got a cold; he said he didn’t want to give it to me.”

Oh, really!” Mike said quietly, nuzzling Martin’s ear. “Well I haven’t done anything either, so I’m really looking forward to getting my cock up your arse. You want that, don’t you?”

Yes sir!” Martin agreed, giggling.

Their foreplay was even briefer than usual. Barely a minute later Martin was bent over the desk, his shorts and underpants around his ankles, Mike’s penis thrusting relentlessly into his rectum. The boy whimpered quietly, his sphincter having tightened considerably since the last time the man had penetrated him. He didn’t care; painful as it was, the pleasure was even greater, the man’s penis driving repeatedly over his prostate.

The intensity built all too rapidly; within a short time Mike felt his orgasm approaching; he reached down, wrapping his hand around Martin’s throbbing spike. The boy bucked wildly, little jets of spunk squirting through Mike’s fingers. Mike gripped the lad round the thighs, sinking his full length into him. A moment later, his penis reared up, depositing copious amounts of semen deep inside Martin’s bottom. After a few seconds, he carefully withdrew.

“Wow, sir!” Martin breathed. “That was incredible! You’ve filled me right up!”

Mike took the packet of cotton wool from its hiding place, helping the boy to clean up.

Tomorrow evening, I want you to come to the gatehouse after supper,” he said, “so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your prep done beforehand, okay? There won’t be a problem; Mr. Chandler always goes out Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

“What’s that, sir?” Martin asked.

You’ll find out when you get there, silly!” Mike said playfully, giving the boy a gentle squeeze.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

So what’s the surprise, sir?” Martin asked as Mike welcomed him into the apartment.

“Oh, plenty of time for that,” Mike replied mysteriously, guiding the boy into his bedroom.

They took their time undressing each other then snuggled up on the bed.

“D’you like coming here?” Mike asked, stroking Martin’s hair.

Of course I do!” Martin replied, his eyes shining. “It’s much better than doing it in the store room. Will we be able to do this every Tuesday and Thursday?”

“Yes, if you want,” Mike confirmed.

“Cool!” Martin breathed.

Within seconds they were kissing passionately, their tongues intertwined. Mike could hardly believe how affectionate the boy was. Finding a boy to fuck had been wonderful, even if the circumstances had been rather strange. For the boy to kiss as enthusiastically as Martin did was wholly unexpected. Their lips parted.

“I need to say thank you,” Mike said cryptically.

What for, sir?” Martin asked.

“For helping me find myself again,” Mike explained. “If it hadn’t been for you, I’d have got married next summer; I might even have had kids of my own. But sooner or later I’d have found out what I really wanted. That could have caused a real problem.”

So you’re not going to get married then?”

No, fortunately,” Mike said, giving the boy a wry grin. “As it goes my fiancée had already realised that my heart wasn’t in it any more; she told me I’d married the job.”

“But she doesn’t know the real reason, does she?”

Good god, no!” Mike said, smiling. “I don’t think she’s got a clue about that; there’s no reason why she would have.”

Martin snuggled up closer pushing his tongue into Mike’s mouth, running it all over the man’s straight, even teeth. Mike was in ecstasy; though facially rather plain, Martin had a gorgeous body, and his love-making was absolute perfection, the best he’d ever experienced. He ran his hand over the boy’s back, firm and silky smooth, pushing his finger along Martin’s crack until he located the lad’s anus. Martin responded enthusiastically, kissing even more passionately, cocking his leg up to give the man easier access.

Mike squeezed KY onto his fingers, pushing first one then two into Martin’s bottom. Martin pulled his head back a few inches.

“Oooh, that’s good, sir!” he cooed. “Are you going to give me that surprise now?”

Mike reached under the bed, handing the boy a pair of the cotton football shorts he’d bought.

“Will you put these on for me,” he requested.

Martin gave him a slightly odd look but did has he was asked. They fit him beautifully.

“Very sexy!” Mike commented.

“They’re a bit scratchy,” Martin said.

“That’s the whole point; you’ll see,” Mike told him. “I used to wear shorts like that when I was your age; we didn’t have nylon ones then.”

Mike stood up, moving the bedside cabinet away from the wall and placing a pillow on top.

“Okay, bend over there!” he instructed.

Martin complied, still unaware of what was to follow. A moment later the man’s finger slid up the leg of his shorts and into his anus. A second one quickly followed, the fingers pushing in deeper and deeper. They touched his prostate, his cock twitching sharply against the coarse cotton material. A few seconds later the fingers slid out. Mike’s hands went onto the waistband of his shorts, gently easing down. Martin expected them to be pulled right off, but after lowering them a couple of inches, the man stopped. Suddenly, the maths master’s penis was up inside his shorts, probing at his sphincter. With one determined thrust Mike got it inside him, pushing it in steadily until the maths master’s tummy was pressed tight against his bottom. So this was his surprise!

A moment later Mike began to fuck him. It was the most incredible thing he’s ever experienced, the man’s penis massaging his sex-button while his throbbing prong rubbed against the rough cotton shorts; it drove him almost delirious. He wanted desperately to make the wonderful feelings last; he remained perfectly still, tried to stay relaxed, but it was hopeless, the tingling in his cock building by the second.

Sir! he moaned, his breathing harsh and ragged. “I’m gonna cum!!”

“Do it!” Mike ordered.

Martin shuddered violently, his anus clamping tight around Mike’s thrusting penis. A moment later his cock jerked sharply, his spunk squirting powerfully into his shorts.

“Yes!” Mike breathed. “Good boy!!”

Martin sank submissively over the cabinet, the maths master’s penis fucking him even harder; a few seconds later it reared up, the man’s warm, creamy fluid flooding into him. It had been the wildest fuck ever. After a long pause the man’s penis slid out.

“Let it go,” Mike said quietly.

Martin farted noisily, a large wet patch appearing in the back of his shorts.

“Okay, you can take them off now,” Mike said.

Martin stood up.

“I think you enjoyed that,” Mike added quietly, wrapping his arm around Martin’s chest and licking the boy’s ear.

“Oh yes sir!” Martin confirmed, slipping off the soiled shorts and hurrying to the bathroom.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On the following Saturday, the cross country team took part in the Stansfield Trophy, which attracted schools from all over south east England. It was by far the biggest event that they’d been to. Before the race, Mike was apprehensive; it was six to score, which would stretch their resources more than he would have liked. In the event, the boys ran superbly. In dry conditions on a fairly flat course, Craig was in his element, running with the leaders all the way, before sprinting away over the last hundred metres to take the victory. Martin stayed with him until close to the end, but was let down by his lack of finishing speed, coming home in fourth place. With sixth scorer Mark Anderson finishing just inside the top fifty, they managed third team out of more than twenty schools. It was exactly the sort of confidence boost that the team needed.

The following Saturday was a complete contrast. They were running against four schools from Surrey and Hampshire. The course was by far the toughest they’d encountered, very hilly, and after two rainy days, it was muddy too. After barely half a mile, the tall, long-striding Craig began to struggle with the conditions. Three boys started to get away. Mike knew that Martin was running well enough to have gone with them, but he kept running just behind Craig, just like he always did.

On the positive side, both Jamie and Patrick were running beautifully, revelling in the tough conditions. It seemed that both Jamie and Patrick loved getting wet and dirty. They ploughed through the worst of the mud, completely unperturbed by how filthy they were getting. That Jamie, very much the little tough guy, enjoyed that aspect of the sport was not unexpected, but Mike was very surprised that the gentle, highly intelligent Patrick liked it too.

As the runners approached the finish, Craig out-sprinted Martin for fourth place, with Jamie and Patrick finishing strongly in eighth and ninth. With only four to score, Hartswood won the team race quite comfortably. Craig’s performance was no surprise; he was always going to find it hard in those conditions. Martin, however, should have made the top three; he might even have won. He lacked confidence; it was as simple as that. It was something that Mike knew he was going to have to deal with if the lad was ever going to get the best out of himself

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following morning, Mike and Martin were snuggled up on Mike’s bed.

I was a bit disappointed yesterday,” Mike said gently. “You should have beaten Craig; you’re running well enough to have made the top three.”

I could tell Craig wasn’t going very well,” Martin responded, “but when the other boys started to get away from us I didn’t know what to do. I know if I stay with Craig I’ll be all right, so I did.”

“You need to believe in yourself more,” Mike said quietly, massaging Martin’s back. “Craig’s good, but he’s always going to struggle on courses like that; it’s because of the way he runs. If you can tell he’s not going well, you need to take advantage. You can do it!”

“Thanks, sir!” Martin said, smiling. “I’ll remember that.”

For several minutes, they lay there, kissing and cuddling. After their morning run, it was the perfect way for them to relax together. Finally Martin pulled away.

“Are you going to fuck me in those shorts again?” he enquired.

“Is that what you want?” Mike asked.

“Of course it is!” Martin said, smiling broadly, his eyes sparkling.

“Then that’s what you shall have,” Mike confirmed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The last Saturday of November dawned bright, sunny and surprisingly warm for the time of year. It was the traditional date of the Ashdown Relays, a long established race meeting that always attracted a good entry. Mike was uncertain as to how well the Hartswood boys would perform. Recent results had been very encouraging and training had been going well, but they’d never run in a cross-country relay before. It was a different type of racing and he wasn’t sure how well they’d adapt to it.

They would run four legs of one and a half miles each, on a course that, though not totally flat had no severe climbs, and given the recent dry weather, would be firm underfoot. His first problem was to get the running order right. As Craig was the only one with genuine finishing speed, he was the obvious candidate to run last; if they were involved in a close finish Craig was the one who could deliver. The danger was that they might be too far adrift by the time Craig took over and his efforts would be wasted. On balance, Mike reckoned it was worth the gamble.

Having decided that, he settled on running Patrick, Martin and Jamie in that order. It was something of a stab in the dark, but it was the best he could come up with. He briefed the boys.

Your job is to keep us as close to the front as you can,” he said to Patrick. “The position’s irrelevant, the idea is to be within half a minute of the leaders when you hand over; if you can do that we’ll be in pretty good shape.”

Patrick nodded his understanding. He moved on to Martin.

“If all goes according to plan, when you take over, you’ll have runners lined up in front of you. Just settle into your running then steadily pick them off. Remember you’ve got a mile and a half to run; you don’t need to get them all in the first half mile. I’m looking for us to be right up there by the time you hand over to Jamie.”

After similar briefings to Jamie and Craig, and words of encouragement to their ‘B’ team, it was time to warm up. At quarter past ten, the under-thirteens race was under way, with thirty one teams representing eighteen different schools. With half the lap completed, Patrick was back in fifteenth place and already fifteen seconds behind the leaders, but typically he finished strongly, moving through to tenth and only twenty seven seconds off the lead. It was exactly the start Mike had hoped for.

Martin set off with runners spread out at intervals in front of him. Mike was apprehensive; How well would the boy pace his effort, he wondered; if he went off too quickly he could struggle towards the end, too slowly and he’d leave himself too much to do. His fears proved unfounded; Martin paced it beautifully, steadily closing down on one opponent after another. As he turned towards the finish, he’d moved into second place, coming through just two seconds off the lead.

Mike was unconcerned about Jamie; even though he was giving away two years to most of his opponents, he was a talented runner and as hard as nails. He did his job exactly as expected, handing over to Craig in sixth place. Leaders King Edward’s Grammar School were already out of sight, but the other teams were all within catching distance.

Craig started steadily but halfway around the lap he began to reel in his opponents. With a quarter of a mile left he moved into third place; some two hundred yards from the finish he closed down on the boy in second. They ran shoulder to shoulder until they were only eighty yards left. Finally, Craig unleashed his trademark sprint finish, leaving the other boy trailing behind. They’d taken the silver medals, a splendid result for an excellent morning’s work.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Sunday was another beautiful autumn day. As they undertook their morning training run, the spirit among the squad was at an all-time high. They were working hard and running well; to be out there running through the English countryside on such a beautiful morning was a pleasure and a privilege, it was hardly like work at all.

With training concluded, Mike hurried back to the gatehouse to await Martin’s arrival. They had something extra to look forward to; the international races that had taken place the previous afternoon were being shown on television. They would sit together on the sofa to watch them, simply enjoying being close to each other. It would be an opportunity for Martin to learn more about the sport.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. When Mike answered it, he was surprised to find that Martin had brought Patrick with him. He invited the boys inside.

“Would you like a drink?” he enquired.

“Orange, please,” Martin said.

Patrick nodded in agreement. Mike headed to the kitchen beckoning Martin to follow him.

“What’s he doing here?” Mike asked quietly. “Is he okay. . . , you know?”

Oh, it’s cool,” Martin assured him. “I told you; Justin fucks him all the time, and I know you like him.”

“Fine, but just take your time,” Mike said. “Don’t rush anything.”

On the television, the women’s race was about to begin. They sat on the sofa, Martin in the middle with Patrick on his left and Mike on his right. Mike told them a bit about who the various runners were, but his concentration was severely tested by having Martin snuggled right up to him, the boy’s leg pressed tight against his own. Patrick, by contrast, was leaning forwards, completely absorbed in watching the races.

As the women’s race approached its climax, Martin reached across, running his hand over Mike’s erect penis. Before Mike was able to stop him, the boy pulled his shorts and underpants down below his knees, exposing his slim young cock. He grabbed Mike’s hand, placing it on his now naked thigh. Not content with that, Martin spread his legs so that his left thigh was rubbing against Patrick’s right one.

At first, Patrick didn’t react. Martin put his left hand on the younger boy’s leg, just below his shorts. Patrick looked across at him.

“Stop it!!” he shouted, a look of alarm on his face.

“Martin, pull your shorts up,” Mike said quietly.

Martin did as he was told. The three of them sat and watched the men’s race without another word being spoken, the atmosphere so tense you could almost feel it. As soon as the race was over, Patrick made his excuses and left; it was obvious he was upset. After seeing him out, Mike returned to the living room. Martin was still sitting on the sofa; Mike flopped down next to him.

“I thought you said it was cool,” Mike reproached. “Had you actually asked him?”

Well, not really,” Martin admitted nervously. “But I know he loves getting bummed so I just thought he’d be okay with it.

Martin, you can’t make assumptions like that,” Mike said gently. “Having sex with someone your own age or a bit older is completely different from doing it with someone like me. If Patrick starts telling everyone what happened I could be in a lot of trouble; I might even have to leave.”

Martin didn’t reply. Mike looked across. Tears were rolling down the boy’s cheeks.

I’m sorry sir,” Martin said disconsolately. “I’ve screwed things up, haven’t I? I know you like Patrick; I thought you’d be pleased.”

You made a mistake, that’s all,” Mike said softly. “So now we’re just going to have to hope for the best.”

“Yes sir,” Martin said, nodding.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For the rest of the day Mike couldn’t settle to anything. Things had been going so well, but in an instant all his fears about teaching in a school like Hartswood had been realised, and pretty soon the story would be all round the school. He couldn’t decide what he ought to do, resign or wait to be kicked out. He spent a sleepless night, going into school the following morning feeling tense and irritable.

Once he was back teaching again, his mood improved; the boys’ enthusiasm relieving the tension. Even so, he kept looking up at the classroom door, expecting at any moment to be summoned to John Halford’s office, or even the headmaster’s, but by morning break nothing had happened. After break he’d be teaching Lower Fourth top group; Patrick would be there.

As the boys trooped into the room, Mike’s heart was in his mouth, but to his surprise everything seemed completely normal. It seemed that none of Patrick’s friends knew what had occurred. Patrick himself was a little quieter than usual, but he answered questions when asked and generally behaved much as he always did. Was it possible, Mike wondered, that Martin’s little escapade was not going to have such dire consequences after all? It was far too early to get his hopes up, he told himself. He felt certain that Patrick would have told someone, and so the story would filter out sooner or later.

Mike was in his classroom preparing for the afternoon when music master Richard Burman bustled in.

“I have an important matter I need to discuss with you,” the man said in his impeccable cut-glass accent. “You live in the gatehouse, the upper flat I believe? Would it be convenient if we met there a little after five?”

Yes, that’ll be fine,” Mike said, completely taken aback by this turn of events.

So was that it, Mike speculated as the music master left the room? He knew that Patrick was an accomplished musician; had he confided in Mr. Burman? It all seemed very odd, and exactly why the man wanted to talk to him remained a mystery.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mike returned to the apartment at ten to five. He spent a few minutes tidying the place while he waited for Richard Burman to arrive. At five past five the doorbell rang. Mike welcomed Richard inside.

Thank you for seeing me like this,” the music master said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve invited Jim Cooper to join us. This was his apartment when he first started here, you know. Now I’m assuming you know why I’m here; as I understand it, there was something of a contretemps here yesterday morning involving Patrick Naylor and Martin Greenhall.”

“Well, I guess you could put it like that,” Mike conceded. “I guess Patrick must have told you.”

Oh dear me no!” Richard protested. “I wish he had; Patrick keeps our relationship on a very professional level, I’m sorry to say. No, he told his older friend, Justin Armstrong, who relayed it to Robert Shearsby who is in charge of the boys’ ‘unofficial activities’. Robert’s close friend and confidant came to see me about it because he knew that I’d know what to do.”

“Oh, I see,” Mike said, rather nonplussed by how convoluted everything was.

The doorbell rang a second time, and Jim Cooper joined them.

“I suppose you’ve come to tell me I ought to resign,” Mike said.

Absolutely not!” Jim said. “You’ve made a tremendous contribution in the short time you’ve been at the school; the boys would be devastated if you left.”

“But surely the story’s bound to come out,” Mike protested.

There’s no reason why it should,” Richard assured him. “Only a handful of people know, and none of them is going to say anything. We just want to give you a few tips about how we do things here so that unfortunate incidents like this don’t happen again. I have to say that the situation is partly my fault. When you first came here Gordon mentioned to me that he thought you might have similar interests to Jim and myself, but when I spoke to you, you told me that you were engaged to be married. I also spoke to some of my musicians. They told me that you were a superb teacher, in marked contrast to your predecessor, I have to say, but there was no hint of anything like that. So I just assumed that Gordon had got it wrong for once and rather took my eye off the ball.”

“So what made Gordon suspect I might . . . , you know,” Mike asked.

“Oh, Gordon’s very good at spotting wandering eyes,” Richard said grandly. “And you’d been right through the system, of course. It’s unlikely that a boy as good looking as you must have been could have spent ten years at boarding school without some experiences of that sort.”

But he still appointed me?” Mike queried.

Oh, Gordon needs teachers like us if he’s going to make this school as successful as he wants it to be,” Richard said. “We’re the ones that will put in the time. We do it because we love boys, not just for sex; we love being with them, helping them, opening their eyes to new worlds, new possibilities. Gordon’s quite happy for us to indulge our sexual desires as long as we keep to his rules; it must all be totally consensual, it should be essentially monogamous and it must all be done with total discretion. The same applies to relationships between the boys.”

“Oh, I see,” Mike said, nodding.

“Incidents like yesterday morning could cause a great deal of embarrassment and make things difficult for everybody,” Jim Cooper explained. “You just have to be a little more careful. You’ve got Martin, who’s improved out of all recognition these past few weeks, thanks to you. You’ve got a big job there; you need to stick to it, finish what you’ve started.”

I have a boy, so does Jim” Richard continued. “We commit ourselves to helping the boy make the best of himself, right up to the day he leaves. That’s what you have to do.”

I will,” Mike said. “Martin’s a great kid; I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing how much he’s improving.”

“So how did that start?” Richard asked. “It does seem an odd choice, I must say.”

Oh, Martin picked me, not the other way round,” Mike said, smiling. “I gave up sex with boys when I left school. I got into girls as soon as I started at uni; I was engaged to be married, as I told you. Even when I was appointed here I was determined not to go back to it. I never did anything for over a year, as you know, but Martin had other ideas. In the end I just couldn’t say no.”

“Well, I must be going,” Richard said briskly. “I’m sure Jim will fill you in on anything else you want to know.”

Mike showed him out, returning to the living room where Jim was still sitting in the armchair.

You may need to pick Martin up a bit the next time you see him,” Jim said. “By now he’ll have been spoken to by Robert Shearsby, so he’ll probably be feeling a bit bruised. Robert commands the respect of every boy in the school, very firm and totally fair, but he doesn’t stand any nonsense. He’s descended from five generations of infantry officers; it’s the way he’s been brought up.”

“I’ll make sure I do that,” Mike said. “Martin’s great, but his confidence is still pretty fragile; I don’t want him going backwards.”

And one other thing,” Jim said. “You don’t have to be completely monogamous. You can have a bit on the side, but if you do, you must keep it very quiet. I find before breakfast is a good time; there’s nobody about then. Inviting all and sundry over here is definitely not a good idea.”

Thanks,” Mike said, smiling. “I’ll remember that.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following evening Martin arrived at the apartment. He looked very nervous.

“I’m sorry, sir,” he mumbled.

Don’t worry about it,” Mike said, drawing the boy into a gentle hug. “It’s all being kept quiet so we can draw a line under it and move on, okay?”

“I spoke to Patrick after training,” Martin said, “apologised to him. He was cool about it.”

Well done,” Mike said. “I’m pleased you did that; it takes courage to apologise. And I want you to know this. I don’t care how beautiful Patrick is or anyone else for that matter; you’re my boy and you’ll carry on being my boy right up to the day you leave, if that’s what you want.”

Of course it’s what I want,” Martin said.

He melted into Mike’s arms, their lips meeting in a wonderful, passionate kiss.