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And so the story moves on. Patrick’s at home for the summer holidays and getting bored. You can imagine what that leads to. Read on and enjoy!

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Patrick and Brian had sex three more times before term finally ended, each occasion etched firmly in Patrick’s memory. Then they said goodbye, knowing that their paths would probably never cross again. It would have been easy enough for Patrick to invite Brian to stay with them during the summer holiday, but they knew they shouldn’t do that. Brian needed to make a clean break to prepare himself for the challenge of starting at public school; hanging onto old friendships would simply make things more difficult.

So Patrick spent some time with his mum’s parents in High Wycombe, then he and Tom enjoyed two wonderful weeks in southern Spain, basking in the sunshine, taking in the culture, and getting to know each other better than they ever had. On several occasions they ran together in the early morning, Patrick taking great delight in the fact that Tom, though an excellent all round sportsman, found it hard to keep up with him. For his part, Tom was more than impressed by how fit and strong his son was becoming.

Back home in Guildford with Tom back at work, Patrick was at something of a loose end. He worked conscientiously at both piano and guitar. He went out running occasionally, as Mr. Thompson had suggested they should. He visited the local record shops, seeking out discs by the jazz musicians whose work he’d discovered through spending time with Leo: Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, and the brilliant young pianist Keith Jarrett among them.

He also spent time with his old friends from primary school. That proved difficult. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to see him, but they had grown so far apart since he’d started at Hartswood that they didn’t understand each other in the way that they previously had. They were all ‘big boys’ now, about to start at the local high school, a passport to the world of adolescence; they considered themselves very grown-up and sophisticated. They thought that the fact that Patrick had to wear shorts when he was at school to be very strange; as far as they were concerned, only little boys wore shorts.

To Patrick, the situation was almost the exact opposite of the way his friends saw it; they seemed positively clueless. None of them knew anything much about sex. A couple of them expressed an interest in girls, but in a way that made their lack of experience perfectly obvious; it was very clear that none of them had ever actually done anything. They seemed to have little idea what ‘doing things’ entailed; they didn’t even seem interested. And none of them had experienced a relationship such as he and Brian had enjoyed, or understood what it meant to care about someone like that. In the face of such ignorance and indifference, it was simply not something he could discuss with them.

And so his frustration grew. He wanted desperately to share his thoughts, desires and feelings with someone who would understand, but there was nobody he could talk to. It wasn’t only that, of course. He didn’t just miss Brian, he missed the physical intimacy. Even while he and Brian had been together he’d continued to have casual sex with the boys in his dorm, Deon especially. And now that he was spending so much time on his own, the lack of such intimate contact was becoming difficult to bear.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Patrick wandered aimlessly through the recently constructed shopping centre. It was a hot day and he was bored. Feeling the need to relieve himself he headed for the toilets, situated at the back of the development, a few yards from the main shopping parade. He went inside, finding the place deserted. As he stood at the urinal he became aware of the writing on the walls; it was all about sex. His task completed, his penis had become almost painfully hard. Without any conscious thought, he went into one of the stalls, bolted the door and sat down, his jeans and underpants around his ankles.

There was even more writing in here, messages for guys to meet each other, even some with telephone numbers. There were pictures too, quite poorly drawn in the main, some of penises, others depicting acts of sucking and fucking. There was even a story written by a man who claimed to be having sex with his twelve year old stepson. Patrick had never seen anything like it. He became aware of something else too; there were two holes, a very small one in the door, just above the bolt, which enabled him to look along the length of the steel urinal, and a larger one in the side wall which would give him a clear view of anyone sitting on the toilet next door.

He knew that he ought to leave; waiting around in a place like this was potentially dangerous, he reasoned, and in any case boys like him didn’t look for sex in public toilets, did they? But he was mesmerised, quite unable to move. At that moment someone else entered and made their way into the adjacent stall, bolting the door behind them. A few seconds later an eye appeared by the hole in the side wall. Patrick was alarmed, his heart pounding. He quickly covered up; pulling down his tee-shirt to cover his privates. The eye retreated. Very gingerly, Patrick moved his head towards the hole and looked through. He worst fears were confirmed; the occupant of the adjacent stall was at least middle aged and considerably overweight. He grabbed some toilet paper from the holder and stuffed it into the hole.

For a couple of minutes there was a stalemate. Patrick stayed where he was; so did the man in the stall next to him. Someone else entered. It seemed that whoever it was had walked across to the urinal. Patrick stood up, leaning forwards to put his eye to the hole in the door. A dark haired boy whom he judged to be in his early teens was standing at the urinal, his uncut penis clearly visible. It appeared to be quite large, though just how large was difficult to tell. Patrick sat down again, afraid that the boy might see him. He was more frustrated and excited than ever; if only the man next door would leave, he thought. A moment later his prayers were answered; the toilet flushed, the bolt was drawn back and the man made his way out.

After what seemed like an eternity, Patrick heard the stall door close again followed by the unmistakeable sound of the bolt sliding into place. The problem was that he didn’t know who had gone in there; was it the boy he’d seen at the urinal or somebody else? He could have simply removed the paper that was blocking the hole in the dividing wall, but for a first move it seemed too risky. Instead, he bent down as low as he could, keeping his head as far away from the dividing wall as possible. Whoever was next door was wearing jeans and trainers, much the same as he was, so they probably weren’t that old. The boy at the urinal had been wearing jeans, but he hadn’t noticed what shoes he had on.

Patrick took a deep breath and moved the paper slightly, enabling him to get a partial view of whoever was next door. He could see a pair of thighs, fairly slim and completely smooth. It was definitely a boy; there was no doubt about it. Taking his courage in both hands he dislodged the paper, causing it to fall to the floor. He leaned forward so his eyes were in line with the hole, though still a couple of feet away. It was enough for him to see that it was the boy that he’d seen earlier; he could tell by the red tee-shirt the lad was wearing. He moved closer to the hole to get a better view. He caught his breath. The boy was fondling his penis which was fully erect, a little longer than Brian’s but much thicker, maybe even thicker than Ashton’s; it was an absolute beauty. The boy himself wasn’t bad either, Patrick concluded; not stunning like Brian or Russell, but nice looking all the same.

As he watched the boy passed a pencil and paper through the hole. Patrick nervously unrolled the paper. It bore two questions: ‘How old?’ and ‘Likes?” He scribbled ‘11’ then considered for a moment. Not wanting to give too much away he wrote ‘sex’, adding the question ‘You?’ underneath. He rolled it around the pencil and returned it. A few seconds later it came back. He unrolled it again, studying it carefully. In answer to his questions the boy had written ‘14’ and ‘same’ then added the instruction ‘stand up’.

Patrick glanced to his left. The boy’s eye was right by the hole. Patrick swallowed hard and did as he’d been asked, lifting his tee-shirt to give the boy a clear view of his hard penis. After ten seconds or so he sat down again. The boy gestured to him to return the paper and pencil. He passed them back. Almost immediately the paper was returned, but this time without the pencil. Patrick looked at it. It gave him another instruction: ‘Meet me outside’. He looked across again. The boy nodded at him and smiled. Patrick nodded back. The boy stood up, flushed the toilet and left.

Patrick’s heart was pounding. He desperately wanted to meet this boy; he simply didn’t know if it was safe. The lad was older and bigger than he was; he looked much stronger too. Going with him for sex was a huge risk; anything might happen. But it was a risk he was going to have to take. It was four weeks since he’d last been with Brian and this was the first opportunity he’d had; he wasn’t going to turn it down. He pulled up his jeans, flushed the toilet and followed the boy outside.

He spotted the lad about twenty yards away, pretending to look into a shop window. He strolled across and stood next to him, trying to stop his heart leaping out of his chest.

“Hi,” the boy said. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Patrick replied nervously.

“You’re tall, aren’t you?” the lad commented. “Are you really only eleven?”

“Yeah,” Patrick responded. “That’s what everyone says.”

“Nice little cock though,” the boy whispered. “What’s your name?”

In one way Patrick didn’t care to be reminded that his penis was still quite small; on the other hand the older boys seemed to like it that way, Brian always had.

“Patrick,” he answered, smiling.

“I’m Gary,” the boy told him. “You got anywhere to go?”

“Sort of,” Patrick said, shuffling about uncomfortably. “I guess we could go to mine; it’s not far, ten minutes on the bus. Dad’s at work; he won’t be home till six. And there are some woods just over the back; I guess we could go there too.”

“What about your mum?” Gary asked.

“She got killed in a car smash,” Patrick said quietly, looking at his feet.

“Sorry, man!” Gary responded, sounding very embarrassed. “I didn’t mean . . . , you know.”

“It’s okay,” Patrick said, giving the boy a slight smile. “You didn’t know.”

They headed off towards the bus stop.

“So have you done this before?” Gary asked quietly.

“Well sort of,” Patrick said guardedly, “but not here, not like this. What about you?”

“Not really,” Gary responded. “I’ve been in there a few times, but mostly it’s just old geezers. I did meet one guy; he was seventeen I think. We went in the park, behind the groundsman’s hut; wanked each other off. That was it.”

“I go to boarding school,” Patrick confided. “I mess about with some of the boys in my dorm. I’ve got an older friend that I go with too. Well, I did have; he left at the end of last term.”

“So old was he, then?” Gary enquired.

“Thirteen,” Patrick informed him. “He starts at public school in September.”

They boarded the bus. There was no more conversation; the other passengers were too close. Gary’s brain was spinning. He’d known he was attracted to boys of his own age and younger for several months, but had had no opportunity to do anything about it. He was popular enough at school, a member of the soccer team in the winter and the athletics team in the summer. He had a circle of friends that he spent time with. They fell into two camps, those who showed not the least interest in sex, and those who clearly were interested but had their attention firmly directed towards girls. Revealing his desires in that company would have seen him labelled as a queer and a pervert; he simply couldn’t do it. As a result, he’d begun spending increasing amounts of time on his own.

He’d begun visiting various men’s rooms around the town some two months previously, but apart from the encounter with the seventeen year old he hadn’t met anyone he would have considered going with, and even that had fallen well short of what he was really looking for. But today his patience had been rewarded. Not only had he met a boy who was younger than him, the boy in question was as close to perfect as he could have imagined, even cuter than the young soccer players at the school he attended. Even better, Patrick went to a posh boarding school and obviously had far more experience of sex with other boys than he did. It was almost too good to be true.

They got off the bus a short distance from Patrick’s house. As arranged, they didn’t walk together, Gary following Patrick at a distance of some twenty yards. Patrick reached the corner of Westfield Crescent. He turned into it and walked the remaining hundred yards to his house, letting himself in though the front door. He kicked off his trainers and hurried up to his room, closing the curtains before pulling off his jeans and slipping on a pair of brief denim shorts.

Gary waited on the corner for just over a minute, his heart pounding, his throat as dry as stone. He took in his surroundings. It was nice round here, he reflected, posh even, a world away from the council estate where he lived. He checked his watch then followed where Patrick had gone, quickly locating number 22. There was nobody about. He walked up the drive and rang the bell. He was greeted a moment later by a smiling Patrick. He stepped inside.

“Come on,” Patrick said brightly.

He followed the lad upstairs, his eyes feasting on Patrick’s cute little bottom, and long, slender legs. Patrick led the way to his bedroom.

Nice place, man!” Gary commented, looking around, the room seeming so spacious and airy compared with the one that he had to share with his eight year old brother.

“Yeah, it’s okay,” Patrick confirmed, turning to face his new friend, his arms slipping around the older boy’s waist. “Just relax,” he continued. “I’m not going to bite.”

He slid his hands under Gary’s tee-shirt, his fingers gently massaging the boy’s back. Gary kicked off his shoes. Without saying a word they began to undress each other until they were down to their briefs, Patrick’s white, Gary’s pale blue.

“Time these came off,” Patrick announced, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of Gary’s underpants. He pulled them down, his eyes widening as he got a close-up view of the older boy’s penis, fully five inches long and the thickest he’d ever seen.

“You’ve got a big one, haven’t you?” Patrick commented.

Gary nodded, looking embarrassed. He hadn’t been an early starter, but a few months previously puberty had hit him like a runaway train. While most of his school friends seemed to be developing quite gradually, in short order he had gone from being rather on the small side to one of the largest. He was only grateful that he had not started getting erections in the changing room; that would certainly have given the game away.

“My turn now,” he croaked, still sounding very nervous.

He returned the favour, skinning Patrick’s white briefs over his hips and down his legs. He exhaled sharply, hardly able to believe what he’d just done. After all the months of dreaming and hoping, he was finally doing it, and doing it with one of the cutest, sexiest boys he’d ever seen. They sat on the bed, eyeing each other warily.

“So when were you fourteen?” Patrick asked.

“A couple of weeks ago,” Gary said.

“I was eleven back in April, Patrick informed him, “just after Easter.”

He reached across, taking hold of Gary’s penis, so thick that even with his long fingers he could barely close his hand round it. Was he really going to be able to take one as big as this, he wondered. Martin seemed to take Ashton’s without any problem, so he guessed it had to be possible. Gary moaned with pleasure, the touch of Patrick’s fingers giving him sensations he had never thought possible, so much better than when the young guy had masturbated him in the park.

He ran his fingers over Patrick’s boyhood, satin-smooth to the touch, but steel-hard beneath and throbbing with the boy’s heartbeat. Patrick lay back on the bed, pulling Gary towards him, his mouth moving towards his new friend’s lips. Gary could hardly believe it; Patrick was going to kiss him. Boys didn’t kiss, did they? A moment later he had his answer; Patrick’s lips were locked with his own, the younger boy’s tongue pushing insistently into his mouth, the scent of hot, sexy boy flooding his nostrils like some magical sex-drug, making his penis harder than ever.

He responded instinctively, thrusting his tongue into Patrick’s mouth. Never in his wildest imaginings had he dreamed of kissing a boy, but this was wild, sexy, wonderful! When his friends Stephen and Andrew had talked about kissing girls he’d thought it all rather silly, but he understood now. It wasn’t silly at all; it was fantastic. Their lips parted.

“Was that good?” Patrick whispered.

“Yeah,” Gary breathed, now feeling much more relaxed. “So d’you do that at school then?”

“Not with the boys in my dorm,” Patrick said in a matter of fact tone. “Brian and I used to kiss a lot though.”

“Brian,” Gary questioned, “That was the older boy you went with?”

“Yeah,” Patrick confirmed, grinning mischievously.

Patrick was used to the older boy taking the lead; at school that was what was supposed to happen, but Gary was too inexperienced. Patrick didn’t mind; it was fun being in charge for once. He scooted down the bed, resting his head on Gary’s stomach. He held Gary’s penis around the base, running his tongue up and down the shaft. Gary gasped audibly. The touch of Patrick’s fingers had been fantastic; his tongue was taking things to a completely new level.

Patrick licked his lips, surveying the prize in front of him. This was a real challenge, so much thicker than any of the others he’d sucked; he’d have to be very careful. He opened his mouth wide, sucking in the head and on down for another two inches. It was as far as he could go. He began sucking with an easy, well-practised rhythm.

Gary moaned in delight. Having a cute pre-pubescent boy sucking his penis had been an enduring fantasy these past few months; now this beautiful, sexy boy was doing it for him and it was far better than his fantasies had ever been, far better than he’d ever dreamed possible. He’d ejaculate in Patrick’s mouth if he kept going for much longer. Patrick was far too smart to let that happen, gently pulling away when he sensed that Gary’s orgasm was getting close. They’d barely started; he wanted things to carry on for much longer. He had other ideas in any case.

“Oh, man!” Gary gasped, still breathing hard. “That was way out!”

“Do you want to suck mine?” Patrick responded, giving Gary another mischievous grin.

Gary was very nervous, but there was no question that he wanted to do it. He’d lost count of the number of times he’d masturbated while imagining himself doing exactly that. He positioned himself much as Patrick had done, took a deep breath and set to his task. Patrick’s penis was quite slim and barely three and a half inches long; sucking it right to the base was easy. In no time he was sucking the lad like he’d been doing it for years, his tongue flicking out to slash at Patrick’s balls. Patrick took Gary’s hand, pushing it between his legs, guiding the older boy’s finger onto his anus. Gary tickled it eagerly, but made no attempt to enter.

“You’d better stop now,” Patrick groaned, the onset of a dry orgasm just seconds away.

Gary let him go.

Patrick swallowed hard. “D’you want to bum me?” he asked.

“You mean fuck you up the bum?” Gary answered, not daring to believe that was what Patrick meant.

“Yeah,” Patrick acknowledged.

“Have you taken it before?” Gary enquired.

“Brian used to bum me all the time,” Patrick said nonchalantly.

“Did he have a big cock?” Gary questioned.

“Not as big as yours,” Patrick replied, grinning again. “You’ll need to take it slow,” he continued, handing Gary a jar of Vaseline. “I haven’t done it since school finished.”

He got up onto all fours.

“Put plenty on your fingers,” he instructed. Then push your middle finger right up me, nice and slow, okay?”

Gary did as he was asked, burying his finger in Patrick’s rectum.

“Now push it in and out,” Patrick told him.

Gary complied, remembering not to go too fast.

“Okay, now push your index finger in sort of behind it,” Patrick said, “Just be careful.”

Very gingerly Gary pushed his index finger in behind the middle one, taking it as slow as he could. Finally, he had both fingers right inside.

“That’s good!” Patrick cooed. “Now twist them round; just keep it nice and slow.”

Once more Gary followed the instruction to the letter, gently opening Patrick’s sphincter.

Patrick considered for a moment. With Brian, this preparation had been more than adequate, but Gary was so much bigger, it might not work.

“Okay,” he said firmly. “Put your third finger in.”

In his fantasies Gary had never envisaged this sort of preparation, but he could understand the reason for it; Patrick was so tight that he wouldn’t be able to penetrate him otherwise. He inserted his third finger, pushing it forward to sit alongside the others.

“Oww! Patrick groaned.

“You all right?” Gary asked.

“Yeah,” Patrick confirmed, still wincing slightly. “Not your fault, I’ve never taken three fingers before. I’ll be okay in a minute.”

They held perfectly still, Patrick pushing out against the fingers until his muscles relaxed to accommodate them.

“Now twist them round again,” he said quietly.

Gary followed this final instruction as carefully as all the others, his fingers slowly loosening Patrick’s anus.

“Okay,” Patrick said. “You can take them out now.”

The fingers gently withdrew; the moment of truth had arrived. Patrick had given some thought to the position that they should adopt. His favoured position when Brian fucked him had been down on all fours, but that would never work; he wouldn’t be able to hold himself steady enough. He could have tried lying on his back with his legs raised, holding his knees close to his shoulders. That might have worked, but on the few occasions that Brian had done him like that he’d found the position uncomfortable. Lying on his tummy was another possibility, but he was unable to fully relax his sphincter muscles in that position. In any event it would give Gary too much control. It might be excruciatingly painful; if Gary was unwilling to stop, he would have the older, heavier boy on top of him and be completely unable to prevent him continuing.

That left only one option, the position that they’d used when he met Brian and Jonathan down in the maths store. He got off the bed, picked up one of his pillows and placed it on the desk where he used to do his homework. He bent down over it, resting his chest on the pillow, his feet about shoulder-width apart.

For Gary it was as though all his Christmases had come at once. Beautiful, sexy Patrick was about to let him to fulfil what he’d thought of as his wildest, most perverted fantasy. And it wasn’t just a case of the kid merely allowing it to happen; he actually wanted it. He smeared some Vaseline over his penis then moved in behind the boy, guiding it onto its target. He pushed, but to no avail. After a few seconds his boyhood slipped off Patrick’s anus, sliding harmlessly between the boy’s legs. He tried again, Patrick pushing out as hard as he could, trying to relax his sphincter muscle. Suddenly the ring of muscle relented, allowing Gary to penetrate him. Despite his experience, the violence of the intrusion shocked him. He cried out in pain, beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead.

“Shall I take it out?” Gary asked.

“No,” Patrick whimpered. “Just hold still for a moment; it’ll be okay soon.”

Gary remained perfectly still, the head of his penis lodged in Patrick’s rectum. Very slowly Patrick’s anus relaxed, the pain beginning to dissipate.

“You can push it in now,” he whispered.

Gary pushed forwards, holding Patrick around the thighs, his penis sliding deeper into his young friend’s bottom. It encountered something hard.

“Oh yeah!” Patrick gasped, his boyhood twitching uncontrollably.

Seconds later Gary was fully inside him, the two boys’ bodies pressed tight together. Gary breathed in deeply, savouring the velvety warmth of Patrick’s tight little tunnel. Even his wildest fantasies had not done justice to how good it felt.

Okay; do it, man!” Patrick said, a note of quiet urgency in his voice. “Bum me!”

Gary pulled back a little tentatively, paused for a second then thrust back in again.

“Go on!” Patrick ordered. “Do it!”

Gary followed this instruction as he had all the others, thrusting his penis relentlessly into Patrick’s bottom, back, in, back, in; the younger boy’s moans and whimpers spurring him on to greater and greater efforts. Patrick was almost delirious, the intensity of both the pain and the pleasure far greater than anything he’d previously experienced.

“Play with my cock!” he moaned.

Gary grasped the boy’s throbbing spike, fondling it eagerly. Patrick shuddered from head to toe, the muscle spasms sweeping over him like a tidal wave.

“Ohhhhh!” he groaned, his anus clamping tight around Gary’s invading penis, his boyhood jerking wildly between the older boy’s fingers.

Gary pressed on, fucking his new friend with all the force he could muster, his orgasm hurtling towards him.

“Oh, fuck!” he gasped, the whole room seeming to shake as though hit by a major earth tremor. A kaleidoscope of colour exploded before his eyes. “Oh! Ohhh!! Nnnnnnggg!!

Semen barrelled through his penis, spurting repeatedly into Patrick’s rectum as though it was never going to stop. It was the most wonderful experience he’d ever had. Suddenly it was over; everything was quiet again. Gary breathed in hard, so starved of oxygen he was barely conscious of what had just happened. Slowly his senses returned. There he was, in Patrick’s bedroom, his penis still buried in the boy’s bottom. It hadn’t been a dream; he’d actually done it.

He withdrew very gingerly, his softening penis sliding noiselessly from Patrick’s anus. It was so sensitive that he couldn’t bear to touch it. He sank back onto Patrick’s bed, totally spent. It had been the defining moment of his life; fucking kids like Patrick was what he was born for; he just hoped that the boy would want him back.

Patrick stood up slowly. His anus was sore, worse even than when Jon and Brian had deflowered him in the maths store. He was very messy too; Gary had ejaculated far more than Brian did, the older boy’s semen seeping out and trickling down his legs. He didn’t care. He’d wanted to find out what it would be like to be fucked by a really big penis and now he knew; it was the most exciting, mind-blowing experience possible. He was already looking forward to the next time.