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So here we are again, with another new snapshot of life at Hartswood Priory, although this part all happens before Teddy actually gets there. I’ve never written about a boy like Teddy before, so writing this was hard work but fun too, if you understand what I’m saying. Anyway, read and enjoy!

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Teddy was weird, an odd-ball; that was what everyone said. He didn’t fit in; from the day he started school he never had. The boy was a mass of contradictions, or to be more exact, one big contradiction. He hated school; from the very first day he had struggled to cope with the work they were expected to do. He was about average height, but scrawny and poorly co-ordinated, his writing a badly formed scrawl. Even when his teachers could read it, he couldn’t spell and the sentences he wrote were ungrammatical and poorly constructed, hardly sentences at all most of the time. Maths was even worse; he had difficulty with the most basic arithmetic. And most of all he hated games; he was totally useless at everything.

The contradiction was that he was the best reader in the entire school, and had an extensive vocabulary far beyond most children of his age. He read voraciously, not children’s books, but ones from his parents’ extensive collection, including classics by Dickens, Hardy and the Brontë sisters, twentieth century works by Graham Greene and George Orwell and the detective fiction of Raymond Chandler. But most of all he read science fiction, anything that he could get his hands on; that was his passion.

His favourite author was Arthur C. Clarke. As he never tired of telling anyone who was prepared to listen, what Clarke wrote was not so much science fiction as a vision of the future; the science and technology in his books would all come to pass, and some of it much more quickly than most people thought. It goes without saying that Teddy’s obsession with the topic merely added to his reputation as an odd-ball.

There was one other thing that he was good at: dismantling items of electrical equipment. This in itself is not that unusual; many boys enjoy taking things to pieces. Teddy, however, could put them back together. Poorly co-ordinated as he was, he could re-assemble whatever it was he’d taken apart and get it working again, every time.

Teddy’s teachers had never put much effort into dealing with his problems. His reception class teacher had asserted that there was nothing to worry about; he could read well and the other things would follow in due course. They didn’t. By the time they realised that Teddy was not making the expected progress, he was so far behind his classmates that bringing him up to the required standard would have required a far greater commitment of time than any of them was willing to make. So Teddy was labelled as ‘lazy’ or ‘difficult’ and as his parents did not seem overly concerned, the situation of a bright, intelligent boy performing well below his real capabilities was allowed to continue.

And continue it did, throughout his years at primary school. The school itself was generally considered to be a good one. Discipline was strong and the children were happy. Most of them performed well up to expectations, so the fact that Teddy didn’t was of little concern, his teachers brushing it off with the line that nobody can win them all. It goes without saying that he didn’t have any friends, but the one good thing, from his point of view, was that he wasn’t bullied. The other children simply left him alone.

The only time of conflict was in games classes. Unlike most poorly co-ordinated children who go through the motions, hoping that the ball won’t come their way too often, Teddy made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want to be there and the fact that nobody wanted him on their team was absolutely fine with him. When the ball came his way he made not the slightest effort to catch it, stop it or do anything else with it; he simply watched it go past. This caused a level of exasperation among whichever group of boys had him on their team, bringing about numerous confrontations which the teachers had to deal with. It made no difference; Teddy was not going to play and that was an end to the matter.

It was just a few months before he was due to leave primary school that his private parts began to grow at quite an alarming rate. He didn’t really notice when his testicles began to develop, but pretty soon his penis followed suit. He couldn’t help noticing that; it seemed to have grown bigger every time he looked at it. In addition, it became hard for no apparent reason. He wondered if this was normal, or if there was something wrong with him. He certainly didn’t feel unwell; in some ways he felt more alive than he ever had.

There were no books at home to help him, so he went to the library. He soon found what he was looking for. He was relieved and excited at the same time. He was beginning puberty, a little early according to what the book said, but not exceptionally so. The new feelings he was having were about sex, something that was never even mentioned at home. As he read, his penis became harder than ever. He wondered if any of the other boys at school were experiencing the same things that he was. For reasons that he couldn’t explain he was suddenly obsessed with the idea. He had to find out.

As they didn’t get fully changed for games or physical education, his only opportunity was to try checking out the other boys when they went for a pee. It quickly became a daily routine. Some of the boys were very shy and kept their hands in the way so that he couldn’t see them properly, but most of the boys seemed quite unconcerned; they didn’t even seem to realise that Teddy was looking at them. He soon discovered that none of the other boys had a penis anywhere like as big as his had recently become. Even the biggest boys in the school still had little ones. He found that fascinating; this was one area in which he clearly was ahead of the game.

But interesting as his voyeuristic activities were, Teddy was disappointed by the complete lack of reaction. He wanted to do things, although he wasn’t quite sure what. He was hoping that one of his classmates would notice what he was doing and that his penis would get hard too, but it didn’t happen. The other lads simply peed, zipped up and left. None of them showed the slightest sign of becoming erect; it was all very frustrating.

The summer holidays arrived, which put an end to it. But that had its compensations; he could spend as much time reading as he wanted, and he could go out into the woods close to where they lived and hide himself away where nobody could see him. Then he would pull down his jeans and his underpants and play with his penis, savouring the wonderful tingling sensations it gave him. Even so, it wasn’t what he really wanted. He wanted another boy to be there with him so that they could play with each other, maybe one of his classmates, like Philip or Daniel who were both very good looking.

The problem was that he didn’t know them very well. They did well in class; he didn’t, so he’d never had much to do with them, and like all the other kids, they’d simply ignored him. He’d got a good look at both of them when they were peeing. Daniel was still very small, but Philip had a nice one; apart from his own it was the biggest he’d seen. He visualised what it would look like when it was hard; dreamed about wrapping his fingers around it while Philip did the same to him. That would feel fantastic; he just knew it would.

Teddy knew where Philip lived. He could have gone round to see him to try to make friends. Philip was quiet and studious; he wouldn’t have been unpleasant, but Teddy was too shy. Even if he managed to make friends with Philip, he reasoned, it probably wouldn’t do him any good. How would he raise the subject of playing with his penis? Philip had not shown the slightest interest when he’d seen him in the toilets. He might even tell his parents and then there would be real trouble. It was a stupid idea, he concluded, and rejected it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

September arrived all too quickly. Teddy was dreading the new term. He’d hated primary school but at least he’d always felt safe there. He somehow sensed that things would be much tougher at high school. The sheer size of the place was intimidating; with over twelve hundred students it had nearly five times as many as his primary school.

Over the first few weeks all Teddy’s fears were confirmed; for him, high school was a nightmare. At primary school, because of the small numbers all the kids had been mixed up together. For most classes at high school they were grouped according to how well they were doing, and as he was doing very badly, he was in the bottom group for every one. Most of the children in his classes had no interest in school or learning of any sort. Some were troublesome and disruptive, a few were openly aggressive.

He could hardly have found himself in a more hostile environment. While most children considered him weird and ignored him, several of his new classmates made their dislike of him very obvious. Darren Brooks was the worst, belittling Teddy at every opportunity, making fun of his name, calling him a weirdo and generally being as unpleasant as possible. Darren wasn’t a big lad, a little shorter than Teddy and almost as slim, but he was foul-mouthed and very aggressive; Teddy had never encountered anyone like him. To make matters worse, he had several of his mates in the class, and where he led, they would follow. Teddy did his best to ignore them, but it was very difficult.

There was little actual violence; they’d barge past him on the corridor, one of them might casually kick him in the shins as he passed, but most of their torment was verbal and psychological.

“Think you’re better than us, don’t ya?” Darren sneered. “Well, you fuckin’ ain’t, you weirdo!”

If one of the teachers tried to give Teddy some help, Darren and his friends would cause a commotion to prevent it. Teddy found that the most depressing thing of all; it was very clear that as long as he was in class with these kids, he wouldn’t make any progress.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For games a gym, Teddy was grouped with the other boys in his tutor group, 1-T and the boys in tutor group 1-S. This contained a pretty fair cross-section of boys, including some the he would have liked to get to know, if only he wasn’t so shy. Two of Darren’s mates were in the group, but without Darren to direct operations, they left him alone. But this was not the end of his problems. The tactic he’d used at primary school of simply ignoring the ball when it came his way landed him in trouble in their very first class. He was given a detention and made to run around the playing field for twenty minutes, although in truth he walked more than he ran. Even so, Teddy understood that games teacher Mr. Jenkins was definitely not somebody to be messed with. There were other boys in the group who were almost as poor as he was; he was going to have to learn to go through the motions, just like they did.

Games and gym were not wholly without interest though, Unlike at primary school, they not only had to change completely, they all had to have a shower afterwards, which gave Teddy plenty of opportunity to check out the other boys without being the least bit secretive about it. He soon discovered that his penis was the biggest by some margin. Most of his classmates were still very small. A few of the boys were starting to develop, including Danny Croft, whose penis had a little patch of dark hair above it, but none of them came close to Teddy’s size. But his frustrations continued; none of the other boys showed the slightest interest.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The first half term finally ended. It had been the worst he’d ever endured, Teddy decided. He hated high school even more than primary school. It was all so pointless. He wasn’t learning anything; Darren and his friends made sure of that, and their open hostility towards him was wearing him down. He knew that they would give him a beating if they thought they could get away with it. He was glad to have the week off school just to get away from them. But the half-term break was over all too quickly and he was back at the place he hated more than anywhere.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Wednesday afternoon and maths was there last class of the day. Darren was even more disruptive than usual, earning himself a detention and a referral to Mr. Jones, the Head of First Year. At last, the bell for the end of the class sounded. Instinctively, they began to pack away.

“The bell is a signal to me, not to you,” Mr. Greenway snapped. “After the time you’ve wasted this afternoon you’ll carry on working till I say you can stop.”

“Sir!” Darren protested. “You can’t do that! I’ve got to get home; my mum’s waiting for me!”

“Then she’ll have to wait a bit longer, won’t she?” Mr. Greenway retorted, recognising it for the lie it was. “And when you do get home, perhaps you’d like to tell her why you’re late.”

Darren backed off; it was an argument he wasn’t going to win. Mr. Greenway was a big, powerfully built man. If he tried to walk out he’d be returned to his seat twice as fast as he’d left it. For two minutes or so the class worked on in silence.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t manage that a little earlier,” the teacher commented. “Right! Put your things away and stand behind your desks.”

They did as they were told.

“Put your chairs up!” Mr. Greenway commanded.

Chairs were placed on top of desks.

“First line, walk out quietly!”

They trooped out; the other lines followed. Once on the corridor, Darren and his mates sprinted towards the door, waiting until they were a suitable distance away before hurling a string of obscenities in the direction of the classroom.

Sitting in the line closest to the window, Teddy was one of the last to leave. He didn’t care. He’d made it through another day; that was what mattered. He strolled along the now-empty corridor. Reaching the door, he decided he’d better have a pee before setting out on the fifteen minute walk home. He headed for the toilets. Stepping inside, he noticed an older boy standing at the long porcelain urinal. He stood a few feet to the lad’s right, unzipped, pushed down to front of his briefs and got out his penis. He began to relieve himself, taking delight in watching his strong stream of yellow piss. He shook the last few drops off his foreskin. He was about to put penis back into his underpants when he realised that the older boy was still there.

Teddy’s heart pounded, his throat feeling as dry as sandpaper. This was odd; he hadn’t seen the boy come in, so he’d obviously been there for some time. He couldn’t be . . , you know, could he? Very furtively he peeked to his left. His eyes widened; the older lad had his penis out, it was rock hard, very big and he was stroking it. Teddy’s boyhood hardened immediately; after waiting so long, it had happened when he’d least expected it. The older boy grinned and moved towards him.

“Nice cock!” he whispered. “What d’you like doing?”

Teddy shrugged; never having done anything he didn’t know what to say.

“D’you want to come to my house for a bit,” the boy continued. “It’s not far.”

Teddy paused for a moment. He was supposed to go straight home, but his parents were both at work so as long as he got back for half past five they’d never know. And the older boy was nice looking, with light brown collar length hair and that beautiful penis. He was desperate to play with it.

“Okay,” he agreed nervously.

They made their way out of the building and strolled across the now deserted playground.

“What’s your name?” the boy asked.


“Hi, I’m David,” his new friend responded. “You’re in first year, aren’t you?”


“You’ve got a big cock for a first year,” David commented.

“Yeah, it suddenly started growing a few months ago,” Teddy told him. “None of the other kids in my games class has got one as big as mine. Mind you, I guess I must be one of the oldest; I had my birthday two weeks after the start of term.”

“Oh, so you’re already twelve,” David said. “I was fourteen last week.”

That put him in third year, which was pretty much what Teddy had guessed. They turned out of the gate and walked the short distance to David’s house. There was no more conversation; Teddy was too nervous and David didn’t offer anything. Finally David let them in through the front door. Teddy followed the older boy upstairs to a large bedroom situated at the back of the house, a typical young teen’s room, with clothes, books and records strewn all over the place. Teddy was surprised by how messy it was; he would never be allowed to leave his room like that. His father moaned at him if he left just one thing out.

David closed the curtains.

“Let’s get out clothes off,” he said, turning to Teddy and smiling.

Very nervously Teddy began to undress, watching David as he did so. Shoes and socks were removed, followed by sweaters, ties and shirts. David had a nice body, Teddy noted, slim but strong, with a little muscle definition just beginning to show. David unzipped his trousers and pulled them off; Teddy followed suit.

“Leave your underpants on,” David said quietly, sitting on the side of the bed. “I want to take those off for you.”

Teddy stood in front of him. David hooked his fingers into the waistband of Teddy’s white underpants, pulling them down to his knees. Teddy wiggled, causing them to fall to the floor. He kicked them off. David wrapped his fingers around the younger boy’s penis, caressing it gently. Teddy almost passed out, the tingling sensations way beyond anything he’d experienced when playing with it himself.

“Is that good?” David enquired.

Teddy nodded.

“Okay, your turn now!” David continued, smiling.

They swapped places. Teddy carefully lowered David’s skimpy briefs. He could hardly believe what he was looking at; fully exposed, David’s penis looked even bigger, a small patch of brown hair sitting proudly above it. He ran his fingers over the shaft. He loved the way it felt, silky smooth but hard and hot. They got onto the bed.

“It’s my lucky day,” David whispered, wrapping his arm round Teddy’s shoulder. “After school me and Paul usually have fun together. We’ve been mates for as long as I can remember; we do everything together. But he had to go to the dentist today, so I went to the toilets, hoping just to get to see some nice cock. I never expected to meet anyone, certainly not someone as cute as you.”

Teddy smiled. Nobody had ever called him cute before; to most people he was just an awkward, scrawny kid. He fondled David’s penis. It was a real beauty, not just long, but so thick he could barely close his hand around it.

“How big is it?” he asked.

“Six inches, just over,” David said, grinning. “What about yours?”

“Dunno,” Teddy said, shrugging.

“Let’s measure it,” David suggested, grabbing a ruler from the desk that stood at one side of his bed. He placed it against Teddy penis. “Four and a half inches,” he declared, “very impressive for a kid your age. Mine didn’t start growing till this time last year, but by the time the summer holidays came round it had turned into this monster.”

David reached down, once again caressing Teddy’s penis, masturbating the boy with a milking action.

You like that, don’t you?” he said, smiling at Teddy. “Can you cum?”

Teddy looked blank.

“You know, make your spunk squirt out.”

Teddy understood now; he’d read about that in the library, although the book he had read didn’t call it spunk.

“Dunno,” he replied. “I’ve never tried.”

“Looks like you should be able to,” David informed him. “I had my first cum last Christmas and back then mine wasn’t as big as yours is. Want to feel something even better?”

“Yeah, okay,” Teddy responded, hardly able to imagine what could possibly feel better than David’s fingers.

David scooted down the bed, settling his head on Teddy’s tummy. A moment later he took the younger boy’s penis into his mouth, sucking it gently. He ran his hand between Teddy’s slim, silky smooth thighs, fondling the lad’s balls and stroking his perineum. Teddy was in a state of sensory overload. Having his penis fondled was wonderful enough, but being sucked like this was in a different league completely, the intensity of the tingling sensations so much greater.

After a couple of minutes David let him go. Teddy was gasping for breath.

“Will you suck mine now? David asked gently.

Teddy was very nervous but he couldn’t say no; he didn’t want to say no. He positioned himself much as David had done. He held it between thumb and forefinger, licking tentatively over the shiny purple head. It didn’t taste bad; in fact it didn’t taste of anything much.

“Put your lips over your teeth,” David advised.

Teddy did as instructed, sliding his lips over the head of David’s penis and pushing part way down the shaft. He couldn’t get it fully into his mouth, but David seemed happy enough. He began to suck, a little tentatively at first. Gradually he relaxed, settling into a rhythm as he found how much he enjoyed feeling David’s hard penis in his mouth.

“Oh, yeah!” David moaned, his breathing already short and uneven. “That’s fantastic!”

Teddy redoubled his efforts, working his tongue all over the older lad’s penis.

“Oh! Do it faster!” David gasped.

Teddy complied, speeding up considerably.

“Nng!! Nnng!! David groaned, placing his hand on the back of his younger friend’s head. “Aaarrrggghhh!!!!”

His penis jerked wildly, several volleys of warm, tangy semen spurting into Teddy’s mouth. From his studies at the library Teddy knew immediately what had happened. His first instinct was to spit the stuff out, but it didn’t taste unpleasant and it was only protein; that’s what the book had said. He gulped it down. David was on cloud nine; Teddy had sucked him off far better than Paul ever did. He’d hit the jackpot. Not only was Teddy very cute, he was as sexy as all hell. Both he and Paul wanted to try fucking; the problem was that neither of them wanted to take it. But Teddy would, he could sense it. He pulled in a few deep breaths.

“That was unbelievable!” he said, smiling. “Okay, let’s see if you can cum.”

He took hold of Teddy’s penis, masturbating it vigorously. He pushed his free hand between Teddy’s thighs, his fingers stroking the boy’s perineum, slowly advancing until he was probing the lad’s anus. Teddy was back in sensory overload. Although it didn’t feel as good as being sucked, it had an intensity all of its own. His breathing became harsh and raspy, just as David’s had done. His whole body shuddered, wracked by uncontrollable muscle spasms. He felt an irresistible urge to pee; instead his penis swelled and pulsed between David’s fingers, two little jets of watery semen, squirting onto his chest. He lay back, gasping for air; he’d had his first orgasm and he’d loved everything about it.

“I told you you’d be able to cum!” David said triumphantly, wrapping his arm round Teddy’s shoulder.

They lay there recovering from their exertions for several minutes, just enjoying being close to each other. Finally they got dressed.

“Would you like to meet again tomorrow?” David enquired.

“Yeah,” Teddy confirmed.

“Is it okay if Paul comes along too?” he asked. “He’s okay; it’ll be great fun with the three of us.”

“Yeah, okay,” Teddy said, shrugging.

“Great!” David said, smiling at him. “After school meet us by the newsagents; we’ll come back here.”

It was all arranged; Teddy set off for home. A bad day had turned into a very good one; he’d finally had sex with another boy and it had been even better than he’d hoped. He could hardly wait for the next time.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Teddy was a little disappointed when he saw Paul. He wasn’t ugly, just ordinary looking, the sort of kid you’d walk past without a second look. Still, he was David’s friend and he seemed nice enough. Once inside David’s bedroom they quickly undressed. Teddy grinned. Paul wasn’t as good looking as David, but he had a great body and a beautiful penis. At a little over five inches it wasn’t as long as David’s, but it was just as thick and his balls were even bigger; it suited him perfectly.

The three of them settled themselves on the bed with David sucking Teddy while Teddy sucked Paul. Teddy could hardly believe it; just twenty four hours earlier he’d never done anything like this, now here he was, sucking one older boy while the other one sucked him; the sensations were everything he could have wished for. David put some Vaseline on his fingers, slipping his hand between Teddy’s thighs until he located the boy’s anus. He worked around it for minute then pushed inside as far as the first knuckle. Teddy winced but didn’t pull away; it hurt but in a funny way it felt good too.

Paul started to groan, his breathing ragged and uneven. Teddy speeded up; after the exploits of the previous day he knew exactly what was going to happen.

“Oh fuck!” Paul moaned, grabbing Teddy’s head.

His penis sprang into action, wad after wad of thick creamy semen flooding into Teddy’s mouth. It had a different taste from David’s, Teddy noted, swallowing it eagerly, sweeter and less tangy.

“Wow!” Paul gasped, still struggling to get his breath. “That was way out! David said you were good at sucking!”

Paul and David changed places. The routine began again. Paul’s sucking was different too, Teddy observed; he did it much harder than David had. Paul pushed a finger inside him, paused briefly at the first knuckle then pushed it in as far as it would go, touching a hard sensitive spot deep inside the lad’s rectum. Teddy was almost delirious with pleasure, his boyhood twitching violently in Paul’s mouth as he continued to work on David’ penis, spurred on to ever greater efforts by the older boy’s moans and gasps.

“Oh, do it, kid!” David groaned. “Oh man! That is something else!”

Teddy kept right to it, eager to have a second load of semen in his mouth. He didn’t have long to wait; barely two minutes later David’s breathing became noisy, a clear signal of his impending orgasm. Teddy sucked even harder. His reward was delayed by no more than a few seconds, his mouth filled with boy-nectar for the second time in barely five minutes. As he was swallowing it, Paul half withdrew his finger, paused for a moment than thrust it back in again. Teddy’s climax was on him in an instant, his watery semen squirting into Paul’s mouth. It was the perfect finish.

Paul pulled away quickly, spitting Teddy’s boy-juice onto a tissue.

“You never told me he could cum!” he said, looking at David accusingly.

“You didn’t ask,” David responded, smiling.

“I don’t know why you don’t just swallow it,” Teddy said. “It’s only protein; it won’t hurt you.”

“I just don’t like it,” Paul said a little grumpily.

“He always spits it out,” David said, putting his arm round Teddy’s shoulder. “He’s not brave like you.”

All too soon it was time for Teddy to go home. He headed off with a spring in his step. School wasn’t any better but at least he had something to look forward to at the end of the day.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The pattern of their activities continued for a couple of weeks; the only difference that Teddy noticed was that David and Paul were paying more and more attention to his anus. Having started by inserting just one finger they’d moved on to using two. He’d found that quite painful at first, but the whole experience was so exciting he never tried to stop them. Once he’d got used to that, they’d taken to pushing a carrot up there. The first time they’d used quite a small one, which he’s taken with no problem at all. They’d moved onto bigger ones; he hadn’t had much difficulty with them either. Actually, he found it very exciting, especially when they rubbed that sensitive spot.

So they were there again, stark naked in David’s bedroom. Paul rubbed some Vaseline over the carrot that David had taken from the kitchen. Teddy’s eyes widened; it was the biggest one they’d used yet.

“Get on all fours,” David said gently.

Teddy readily complied, eager to feel the carrot thrusting its way into him. Paul slowly pushed it in, gradually working it deeper into Teddy’s rectum.

“Ohhh!!” Teddy gasped as it hit his sex-button, his penis twitching like it had been given an electric shock.

Paul worked the carrot in and out, thrusting it repeatedly over Teddy’s prostate. If one of them had so much as touched his penis he would have cum right off.

“He’s ready,” Paul announced quietly, slowly removing the carrot.

Ready for what, Teddy wondered, looking up at David.

“We’re going to fuck you,” David said, answering Teddy’s unspoken question.

Suddenly all the activities with the fingers and the carrots made sense; they’d needed to get him ready so they could get their penises up there. Teddy was alarmed; he’d never dreamed they’d want to do that! And although the carrots they’d been using for the last few days were pretty big, they were still quite slim at the tip where they first went in. His friends' penises were much thicker.

Paul and David moved the desk away from the wall. David picked up one of the pillows, placing it on top.

“Stand here and bend over the desk,” he instructed.

Teddy complied in the manner of a condemned man heading for the gallows. This was going to hurt; he just knew it was.

“You’ll be all right,” David said reassuringly. “Move your feet apart a bit.”

Teddy did as he was told.

“Beautiful little arse,” Paul commented.

A moment later the head of Paul’s boyhood was probing Teddy’s anus. Suddenly there was a violent explosion of pain as it speared into him.

“Yeeeoowwww!!!” Teddy screamed, totally unable to stop himself, his erection disappearing in a heartbeat.

David picked up the boy’s discarded underpants, stuffing them into his mouth.

“Just be quiet,” he said softly. “It’ll feel really good in a minute.”

Paul set to his task, holding Teddy round the thighs, fucking him with long, powerful thrusts. Teddy bit into the soft cloth, fighting back the tears; the pain was excruciating and the shock of losing his virginity quite indescribable. But then a strange thing happened; despite the pain it did start to feel good, just like David had said it would. His penis began to stiffen again; in less than two minutes it was as hard as it had ever been.

Behind him Paul’s breathing was becoming harsh and ragged. Teddy knew what was going to happen. Paul held on tight as his orgasm hit him like a major earthquake, his penis jerking violently, rope after rope of thick, creamy semen spurting into Teddy’s rectum. After several seconds to recover from his exertions, he slowly withdrew.

“My turn now!” David said.

He moved in to replace his friend. Teddy’s anus was still a little open, the area to either side red and angry-looking. Paul’s semen began to trickle out. David guided his penis onto its target. It met little resistance as he thrust it in. He began to fuck the boy just as Paul had done. To his surprise, not only did Teddy find himself enjoying it; he wanted more. It still hurt, but nowhere like as much, the pain masked by the pleasure David was giving him. Being longer, David’s penis didn’t just touch his prostate as Paul’s had done, it thrust right over it, taking him to heights he’d never believed possible.

His climax approaching, David reached down to fondle Teddy’s penis. He could hardly believe how hard it was. The touch of David’s fingers was all it took. Teddy shuddered uncontrollably, his sphincter clamping tight around his friend’s invading penis. A moment later his boyhood sprang into life, little jets of semen spurting into David’s hand.

“Oh, fuck!” David gasped. “Man, you are so sexy! Oh!! Ohh!!! Ohhhhh!!!!”

His penis swelled and jerked, more thick, creamy fluid flooding into Teddy’s bottom. It was by far the biggest ejaculation David had ever experienced; he was so light-headed he could barely stand up. He sank down over Teddy’s back, his heart pounding against the lad’s spine, his hot breath filling Teddy’s nostrils. It took several seconds for him to recover his senses. He eased his way out, his penis feeling more sensitive than it ever had. He stepped back, getting a full view of Teddy’s bottom. It looked even worse than before, the older boys’ semen seeping out and dribbling down his legs. Teddy remained where he was, his underpants still in his mouth. David leaned forward, gently pulling them out.

“That was fantastic,” he whispered. “You were amazing!”

Rather gingerly, Teddy stood up.

“Are you okay?” David asked.

“I need the toilet,” Teddy responded quietly.

He made his way awkwardly to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. The semen exploded out of him like bad diarrhoea. He sat there for a minute or so, trying to make sense of what had happened, annoyed with himself that he hadn’t seen it coming. The pain and shock of Paul deflowering him had been like nothing he’d ever experienced, but after that it had just felt better and better, especially when David did it. Eventually he stood up. He wiped the semen from his legs. He tried to wipe his bottom too, but it was so sore he could hardly bear to touch it. He guessed that he’d leave a stain in his underpants but it wouldn’t matter too much; he’d make sure that he put them straight into the wash so his mother wouldn’t see them.

He unlocked the door and walked a little more easily back to David’s bedroom. He was surprised to find that Paul had already left.

“Are you all right?” David asked, putting his arm around Teddy’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Teddy responded, flopping down onto the bed which was covered by an old towel. “My arse is sore as hell, but I’m okay. Where’s Paul?”

“He’s gone home,” David said. “I asked him to. I wanted to make sure you were okay. He was too rough with you; I should have stopped him. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean for us to hurt you like that.”

“It’s okay,” Teddy said, giving David a weak grin. “It’s weird though. It hurt like hell when Paul stuck it up me, but once he got going, you know, his dick rubbing that hard spot up my arse, it felt great, and when you did it, it felt even better! What is that?”

“It’s called your prostate,” David told him. “It’s the gland that tells your balls to make spunk. We’ve been learning about it in biology.”

“Oh,” Teddy said, grinning. “Well, you doing it to me was the best feeling ever!”

For a few moments they sat in silence.

“Paul and I had a bit of an argument,” David said suddenly. “When I told him I wanted to make sure you were all right he said I was queer for you.”

“What’s that mean?” Teddy demanded. “He couldn’t wait to get his dick up my bum!”

“Yeah,” David said, “but he just wants to fuck. He likes girls; he’s always talking about them, but he’s not getting anywhere at the moment. I’m not interested in girls; I like you.”

“I don’t like girls either,” Teddy said, smiling. “I like you though; you’re sexy!”

“This is a bit awkward,” David said, looking uncomfortable. “Paul’s still going to want to come round here, you know, but sometimes I’d like it to be just us two. Is that okay?”

“Yeah! That’d be cool,” Teddy said, grinning.

“You get a bad time from Darren Brooks and his mates, don’t you?” David asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah, he hates me,” Teddy confirmed.

“He’s a spiteful little shit,” David said, “but there’s not much I can do. He’s got a big brother in fourth year; Trevor Brooks is one of the worst kids in the school. If I so much as breathe on Darren I’ll have Clever Trevor and his mates after me and that’s not going to do either of us any good. I’d like to help, I really would, but I can’t.”

“That’s all right,” Teddy said. “They don’t actually hit me or anything; it’s not that bad.”

“Well if it does get bad you’ve got to tell your form tutor,” David said.

“Yeah, I will,” Teddy assured him.

A little reluctantly they got back into their clothes. After one final hug, Teddy started for home.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Over the winter, things settled into a routine. David and Paul soon patched things up. Paul found it hard to understand David being ‘queer’, as he put it, but they’d been mates for so long; they weren’t going to fall out over it. In any case, he still wanted to fuck Teddy and so the matter was resolved. Paul would be there at David’s house two or three afternoons a week; on the other days Teddy would have David to himself. He preferred it like that; David was the one person in the whole world who actually seemed to care about him, but in truth he didn’t mind either way. He got well fucked every time, whether by both boys or just by David, and barely a week after he’d been deflowered, it hardly hurt at all.

It was shortly before the Easter break that things took an unexpected turn for the worse. Teddy’s reputation as the first-year odd-ball had spread. The taunting and name-calling was no longer confined to Darren and his mates, older kids that he didn’t even know began to join in. It could happen anywhere, any time; on the corridor walking between classes, out on the playground, there was nowhere that he felt safe. Things escalated quickly; the more distressed Teddy became, the more the older kids baited him.

David would have liked to help but felt even more powerless than before. He reported it to his form tutor and told Teddy to do the same, but little was done; as long as there was no physical violence the teachers were not too concerned. They’d let things run their course in the belief that Teddy’s tormentors would soon get bored and find another way of amusing themselves.

It was morning break. Teddy headed out onto the playground as they were all required to. His heart was already pounding; he knew what to expect when he got there. Within seconds of him emerging the baiting and name-calling started. Teddy turned his back on his tormentors, walking quickly across the playground to get away from them. They followed him. Other kids came across to join the fray. Teddy was extremely distressed; it was all he could do to stop himself bursting into tears.

With no particular thought in mind he found himself heading towards the school gate, more than twenty pursuers in his wake, hurling taunts and insults at him. Without a moment’s thought he bolted, out of the gate and along the road, running faster than he would have thought he was capable of. Suddenly, he realised that he was free. His tormentors had stopped at the gate. Straying off the school premises was against the rules and transgressors could expect to be severely punished. Teddy didn’t care about any of that; all that mattered to him was that he had escaped. He was away from the classes where he didn’t learn anything, away from the sheer misery and torture that the place inflicted on him. He was finally on his own, out in the sunshine, able to do what he wanted to do without other people pushing him around.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple. His first thought was to go home, but the he figured that ‘they’, the school, the police or whoever, might come looking for him and drag him back to school. He would have gone to the library, but wearing his school uniform he would have been too conspicuous; he couldn’t go there either. Or could he? A plan formulated in his head. It would be too risky to stay at home, but if he just went there and changed into his playing-out clothes, he might get away before anyone found him. Then he’d go to the library and hope nobody noticed him. It was a risk, but one he was going to have to take.

He made his way home by a back route he wouldn’t normally use. He turned into the quiet side road where he lived, checking carefully to see if there was anyone about. Everything seemed quiet. He let himself into the house and headed up to his room. In a little over two minutes he was changed and ready to go. He made his way downstairs, grabbed an apple and two small cakes from the kitchen and put them into a small carrier bag. He checked out of the front window; there was no sign of anyone coming to look for him. Then an even better idea occurred to him. He picked up the book he’d been reading, George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. He put into the carrier bag with the rest of his stuff, let himself out and headed for the town centre.

Instead of going to the library where his presence might have attracted attention, he made his way to the small park near the Town Hall. He sat on one of the benches, consumed the cakes and the apple and began to read. Within a short period the place was thronged with office workers on their lunch break, out enjoying the spring sunshine. Teddy smiled to himself. It was the perfect place to hide; no-one would ever look for him here.

After an hour or so he needed to pee; it was the one thing he hadn’t done while he was at home. He put his book back into the carrier bag and headed for the public toilets on the far side of the park. Walking in, three men were ranged at intervals along the urinal. Feeling a little nervous about standing between them, he went into one of the stalls and bolted the door. As he peed he couldn’t help noticing the writing and pictures on the walls, all about sex. When he finished he studied the walls more closely, playing with his penis as he did so. In a matter of seconds he was fully erect. Then he noticed the hole that someone had cut in the thin partition that separated his stall from the adjacent one, about two inches square and level with his crotch.

Very nervously, he bent down and looked through. A slim, good looking guy he judged to be in his twenties was sitting on the toilet. He was playing with his penis, which was about the same thickness as David’s but longer, with a thick crop of dark pubic hair above it. He was mesmerised; he couldn’t take his eyes off it. As he looked, a pencil and a piece of paper were pushed through the hole. He unfolded the paper and looked at it. He read the words ‘Beautiful cock’, ‘How old are you?” and ‘Can you cum?” He scrawled ‘12’, ‘You?’ and ‘Yes’ on the paper and returned it, along with the pencil.

A moment later they came back. This time it said ‘25’ and ‘Let me see your bum’. Without even thinking about it, Teddy turned his back to the hole and bent down. He waited for around five seconds then stood up and returned the paper and pencil. The guy wrote another message and back they came. It said “Who’s been fucking you?” Teddy was alarmed; he hadn’t realised that people would be able to tell he’d been fucked just by seeing his bottom, but he was so excited he didn’t care.

The correspondence continued.

‘An older kid from school’

‘Has he got a big one?’

‘Yes. Do you want to fuck me?’

‘Yes. Then I want to suck you off afterwards.’

‘Got any Vaseline?’

Instead of replying, the guy fished a small tube out of the pocket of his trousers, showed it to Teddy and smiled. It clearly wasn’t Vaseline, but Teddy presumed that whatever it was would do the same job. He backed up to the hole and bent down, resting his right hand on the toilet seat. A moment later he felt the guy working some cold, slimy gel into his bottom, first with one finger then with two. The stuff he was using was better than Vaseline, Teddy decided, much better, a lot more slippery. It felt great.

The fingers withdrew. After a few seconds Teddy felt the guy’s penis probing at his hole. He relaxed and pushed out. The guy penetrated him. Very slowly the guy edged his way forwards until his penis was completely buried in Teddy’s rectum. He took a moment to steady himself then began to fuck. Teddy was in ecstasy. It was even better than when David did it; he was hardly able to stop himself moaning out loud. The pace and intensity increased rapidly. Without a moment’s warning, Teddy felt the man’s penis jerk wildly inside him, volley after volley of thick, creamy fluid flooding into his bottom. Just as suddenly it was over and the penis slowly withdrew.

Teddy needed to get rid of the man’s semen but he was desperate to ejaculate. He stood up and turned around. The guy in the next stall was down on one knee, facing the hole. He grinned at Teddy, opened his mouth wide and put his tongue out. Teddy pushed his penis through the hole, the guy’s lips closing around it. Instinctively Teddy pumped his hips, fucking his boyhood into the guy’s eager mouth. It was over in a matter of seconds, Teddy’s penis swelled and pulsed, little jets of gooey boy-nectar spurting into the man’s throat. As he ejaculated, Teddy farted; he just couldn’t help it, the man’s semen spluttering out of his bottom and trickling down his legs. Very gingerly he moved away from the hole. The whole episode had been the sexiest, most exciting thing he’d ever done.

As the man dressed and left, Teddy sat on the toilet, the man’s ejaculate running out of him. He had produced far more semen than Teddy was used to; more than David and Paul put together. Teddy cleaned himself up as best he could, pulled up underpants and jeans and made his way outside. He quickly found an empty bench, sat down and resumed reading as though nothing had happened. After a few minutes he became aware of semen seeping into his underpants. It always happened, Teddy reflected. It didn’t matter how careful you were, there was always a bit that came out later. He just hoped that David wouldn’t notice; it was too bad if he did.

As the Town Hall clock sounded three thirty he started back towards school. He reached David’s house at ten to four. He walked up the front path and rang the bell. A moment later, David opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, looking surprised to see him.

“I’ve come to see you, like we said,” Teddy told him.

“You’d better come in,” David said, looking less than pleased. He closed the front door behind them. “I heard you ran off from school,” he continued. “You’re going to be in big trouble tomorrow.”

“I don’t care,” Teddy snapped. “I had about twenty kids after me, calling me names, saying they were going to get me; I couldn’t stand it any more. The teachers know it’s happening but they never do anything about it, so I went.”

“Oh,” David responded, looking very uneasy.

Teddy eyed him up. David hadn’t said offered one word of support; he just looked worried, as though he might get into trouble for harbouring a fugitive or something. Teddy felt let down. David had been fucking him for months, but nice as he’d always seemed, he wasn’t going to do anything to help. As far as this was concerned, he was on his own.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The inquisition began as soon as Teddy’s parents returned from work. The school had contacted them to let them know that he had absconded. Teddy was defiant, telling them clearly and calmly all about the bullying that he’d been subjected to almost from the day he started, and how things had escalated over the previous two weeks.

“The teachers know what’s happening but they never do anything,” he concluded. “There must have been twenty kids after me this morning, calling me names, threatening to get me and stuff. I couldn’t stand it any more so I ran away.”

For once, his parents had to listen. His mother was sympathetic, annoyed that the school had done nothing to stop it happening. His father just moaned, both about the school and about Teddy not fitting in with his classmates. Teddy wasn’t surprised; his father moaned about everything.

The following morning Teddy’s mother took him to school to see Mr. Jones, the Head of First Year. The man was caught on the back foot. Discipline in the classroom was generally good but the school paid little attention to the way the students behaved out on the playground. Although he’d been aware of Teddy’s problems, he had no idea how bad the situation had become.

“I knew that you were getting a certain amount of stick from some of the boys you’re in class with,” he said, looking very uncomfortable, “but I’d no idea that things had got as bad as they have. Please leave it with me and I’ll deal with it.”

Teddy’s mother agreed readily enough, so that’s how things were left. Teddy would return to class and would not be punished for running away but had to promise not to do it again. Things, however, did not improve. Mr. Jones soon discovered that the situation had got so far out of hand that it would have been very difficult for him to have stopped it, and when he had so many other important matters to attend to, he simply couldn’t afford the time. More than that, it seemed that most of the kids involved weren’t even in his year, so dealing effectively with the problem would have required him to involve other colleagues, and they were busy too.

Shortly after the Easter holiday, Teddy ran away for a second time. A third time and a fourth time followed soon after. To his parents’ surprise, Teddy, who had always been rather placid, dug his heels in; he wasn’t going to put up with being treated like that and if the school didn’t put a stop to it, he wasn’t going to stay there. Finally it was agreed that he would have a home tutor for the rest of the term while his parents found another school for him to go to.

Teddy enjoyed being taught at home, working one-on-one with his tutor; both his writing and his maths began to improve. He wished that the situation could continue, but the local council wouldn’t pay for it beyond the end of term; another school would have to be found. He had plenty of time to go to David’s house too, although he’d lost any illusions that the older boy actually cared about him. He went there to have sex; that’s all there was to it.

Teddy was adamant that he wasn’t going to go to either of the other local high schools. Not only were they much further away, by reputation they were worse than the one he’d been attending. His tutor agreed, suggesting that a small boarding school might be more suitable. Inevitably, his father moaned about the fees they’d have to pay, but his mother insisted that they should at least give it a try.

At the first school they visited, the discipline seemed harsh and militaristic, the boys cowed and down-trodden. Worse still, the headmaster talked down to them, as though he would be doing them a favour by allowing Teddy to enrol. Teddy rejected it out of hand; he was not going to go there! His mother readily agreed; she didn’t like the place either.

They visited a second school. Teddy rejected that too; the boys were all snobs and the uniform looked ridiculous. This time his mother acquiesced more reluctantly, pointing out that he’d have to agree to one of the schools on her list. She thought the boys looked nice in their striped blazers, but Teddy was having none of it.

At half past ten on a sunny Tuesday morning they arrived at Hartswood Priory. It was further from where they lived than Teddy’s mother would have liked, but the nephew of one of her work colleagues attended the school, and she spoke very highly of it. Mr. Halford met them in the entrance hall and took them to his office.

The man’s tone was firm but friendly. He told Teddy that he wouldn’t be bullied, he’d get the help that he needed to improve his writing and his maths provided that he put the work in, that he’d be expected to participate fully in games and gym, and that if he was prepared to work hard and make a fresh start the school would be pleased to take him.

Teddy was still somewhat apprehensive about games and gym, but realised it was something he was going to have to do wherever he went. The rest of it sounded good, much better than the other schools they’d been to. Best of all, Mr. Halford hadn’t talked down to him; he’d treated him almost as a young adult; Teddy liked that. Maybe this would be the place, he speculated.

“Right!” Mr. Halford said brightly. “Time for you to have a tour of the school.”

He popped his head out onto the corridor, beckoning a tall, good looking boy into the room.

“This is Giles,” he said. “He’ll show you round, answer any questions you might have and take you to lunch. I’ll see you back here afterwards.”

Teddy took to Giles immediately. Although clearly very well-off, he was softly spoken, friendly and not in the least bit snobbish. Better still, in his short grey shorts and white polo top he looked very sexy.

“You’ll be living in a dorm with seven other boys,” Giles told him. “You’ll soon make friends.”

Teddy wondered whether anything went on in the dorms; he felt pretty sure that it did, though with his mother close by it wasn’t something they could talk about. Finally the tour was over. As they made their way to lunch, Teddy’s eyes were drawn to a whole succession of cute boys, ranging in age from nine to thirteen, all dressed the same way that Giles was. His penis stiffened rapidly, straining against the confines of his briefs, the prospect of sharing a dormitory with boys like these sending his hormones into overdrive.

The atmosphere in the refectory was relaxed but orderly, the boys seeming happy and very much at home; the food wasn’t bad either. Teddy’s eyes wandered around the room, taking in the numerous sights that presented themselves. His mind was made up; this was definitely the school for him.