It was in the year 2002 that we all moved to a city in central California, had to get Out of the city, was to much with three boy's. Just a little about me. I am 36, 5 feet 10 in tall, blond hair, blue eyes, stocky, hairy Build. I will tell you now that two my boy's are straight, and the 15 year old just Came out to the gay world. I really had no problem with this, as he was fun for me, And some of his new friends were ok as well. This is the on going story of all the Friends, and what happens around the family house.

I my yard we have a trampoline, and that does bring in the neighborhood kids, Small to large, and the ones that I like are the little Mexican, and white boy's, And there are quite a few of them. Well I will tell you first of a boy who is 12 Years old, Latino, and was a good friend of one of my straight boy's, he and my boy Eric, were run running together all of the time, where you saw eric you would see Raul. When this all started with raul, I was taking his picture, all of the time, with, And without his shirt, soon it got to the point that he would pull his pants down just A little above his dick.Well being Latino, and age 12, he was starting to develop, his Hair around his dick, as when I would take pictures of him, I could see, some of the Hair.

Well the boy would stay with us over night all of the time, and one night he asked If he could take a shower, and let me tell you it was hot, and I told him ok, and I was Just laying on the sofa watching TV, when he was finished, he came out and I asked Him to come over to me, when I noticed that he had a big hard on tenting the shorts That he was wearing, and I asked him why he was hard, and he told me he was playing With himself in the shower, and so I asked to see his dick hard, and he pulled down the Shorts, and showed me, I just wanted to suck on that all night if I could, but I held Back, now as I have seen all of him, I can tell you that his ball, had dropped into his Large hanging bag, and the hair around the dick was as black as night. I just lay there With the hardest dick you have ever seen. I guess his dick was about four inches uncut And quite big around for his age.

I guess it was a few weeks later, and it happened again but this time we had some fun, I now had my bedroom set up and other others were playing games in the back bedroom, And so we went to my bed room, and he took off his shorts, and there he stood in the nude, A perfect Latino angle, he asked me if I was not going to get undressed as well, as he Wanted to see me, in the nude as well, as you would expect I was hard as well, He told Me he thought that he was gay, and so I asked him why, and he said he liked looking at Older men, and he loved men with hair all over as I had, on me.We I asked him if he wanted To play around, and I also asked him if he could cum yet, and he told me no, well just looking at him I could see the pre cum coming out of him, so I knew that he was just Ready for the taking, and it just might be me that gets his first load. He could not get Over all of the hair I had on my body, and around my dick, my dick is only about 5 and half inches long but very thick, and he was just playing with it, and I asked him if he had Every been sucked, and he said yes, and I asked who, and he said that it was his dad, and I even know his dad, I would love to have him in bed as well. Well he told me that when His mother is gone, that he and his dad take a shower, and then they got to the Bedroom and raul gives his dad a real good sucking, just to explain something, Raul has two more brothers, and their names are Alex, and Arnold, Alex is very Handsome, and built just like raul,and Arnold is just a very fat little boy.

I asked Raul if his dad was playing with Alex, who is eleven, and he said he thought He was letting him suck him off, and I asked about Arnold, and he said he did not think So as he really did not like Arnold that much.

Well back to the bedroom, and I was now playing with that nice dick of his, and it was Jerking all over the place, as I was feeling his good size balls and bag. I started to pump On him, and I could feel the pre cum start to come out of him, and so I wanted to have A taste of it and so I put my mouth on him, and played with his dick head, and Raul was Just moving all over the place, by now he was jacking me, very fast and hard, and I could Tell that I would be Cumming very soon, if he did not stop, so I stopped him, and I lay him Down beside me, and started to jack on him, as I wanted to see him shoot for the first time, And so I took it very slowly, and I was rubbing the hair above his dick, which was so soft, And one of my turn on's as well. I could see his breathing taking a change, and he was telling me, that he was having some funny feelings happing with in him and his dick, As I was looking at his dick I could see all of this clear pure pre cum, dripping out of his Head. I could now tell that he was either going to have a dry cum or he was going to shoot All over the bed, and he was now making very loud noises, and he arched his back, and He shoot all over me, him, and the bed. I can tell you his chest was full, and so I wanted To see how it tasted so I started to lick it off of him, and he had a lot run down the dick, So I put my noise and mouth in his hair, and cleaned it up and his hair again was very wet And soft. He was telling me how he felt, and said that it felt so neat and funny and he wanted To do it again, and again. I asked him if he would like to make me cum, and he said yes, So I just lay back and he started to pump me, and with in seconds I was Cumming all over The place, and he said he wanted to lick up my cum, as he said that he does that to his dad, And he likes the taste of it. Well we were both very tired, and he said that he need to go Back and play the games again, and asked me if he could come back later, and I told him He could sleep with me if he wanted, and he said he was going to stay with the others as He really did not want them to know to much about what he and I do, but he smiled and said he would be back for more.

Well he was back again for the weekend again, and I knew that we would be playing around Some more, just to let you all know when in the house well all just run around in t-shirts And boxer shorts, when I do not have the A/C on it is really much cooler,and really know One thinks a thing about it.

This was Saturday and just eric, Manuel, Paul's friend, Raul and I were in the house, as the other boy was away in boot camp. I had a lot of running to do so I was out of the house, and the boy's were just staying in and Watching TV and playing games. When I got home, as I was very hot, I wanted to take a shower, so I went into my bed room And changed out of my clothing, and taking a clean pair of boxer's and off to the shower, as In this house, we only have one bathroom, it is sometimes, necessary for people to use the Bathroom while someone is taking a shower, and that was this case, as Raul need to use The toilet, and I was in the shower, it really did feel good, and I looked out and asked Raul if he wanted to take a shower with me, and he said sure, so off came his clothing and Into the shower he came, and he was as hard as could be, so he put soap on me and I did The same to him, as I really did have a plan this time for him, and that was To get his butt real clean, and do some finger work on him, I really did not Want to fuck him but I just wanted to feel his prostate, and see if it was a turn On for him as well. I cleaned him good, and soaped him up and put my finger Hear his very virgin hole, and as I touched it he jumped, and kind of backed into my Finger, and I could feel part of my finger going into him, and I asked him if it hurt, and He said no, as his dad does the some thing, sometimes, and I asked if his dad every fucked Him, and he said that he had put his cock just up to his hole but had never gone in, as He thought it would hurt him a lot, as my finger was going on, I could now feel his Prostate, and it was very hard, and I started to rub it with my finger, and he started to Jump around, and said that he felt like Cumming, and I told him not to pump on His dick, and he just stood there as I rubbed, and then I could feel that something Was going to happen, and I could see his dick got real stiff, and he started to shoot All over the place, and he just keep Cumming, and then he got real weak, and told Me that he had never ever felt like that ever. Well it was time for us to get out of the Shower, and he told me he would be in later to be with me some more.

It was Saturday evening, and eric, Adam, took off and went to the local show, so it Left Paul, raul, and I to home, we had some dinner, and I went into my bedroom, as Raul, followed, and, so did Paul, and I said are we all going to play around together, And they all smiled, and I said that it was ok with me, just to let you know a little About Paul, he is 15 years old, blonde hair blue eyes, and a husky build, just kind Of like me. The only hair he has on his body is the hair on his legs, and in the dick And ball area. He has a nice little patch of hair that runs down, from his belly button to His dick. I guess he is about 7 inches long and thick as me.

Well we all started to just feel each other over, and I started to suck on raul and Paul Was playing with his butt, and soon he had his face up his butt just eating away, and raul Was really getting off on it and his dick was hard as a steel rod, I could tell that Paul Had his tongue in his ass, and I was wondering what next would happen, Paul asked me For the k-y and that told me just what was going to happen, to raul, paul put the k-y On him and it was so cool, he just kind of shook a little, and then he turned raul on to His back, and then lifted his legs so that he could get his dick in line with the red virgin Hole,and as he put his head up close, I could feet raul tense a little, and then Paul started To push in a little at a time, tell his head was in, and raul was adjusting to it very well, He said that it feels much better, than the finger, as he relaxed Paul pushed more into Him, until he had all of his dick with in the tunnel of love. Paul started to pump in and Out, and was now hitting raul's prostate and raul was just jumping all over the place, Paul pulled out and I then lay on my back, and Paul put some k-y on me and I told raul To start to put his dick in me, as he was doing it, I can tell you it really did fell good and then he went all of the way in, and now Paul was behind raul and got lined up and started To enter him again, and raul took it real well for this time, as Paul and raul were pumping In and out I could feel me getting ready to come, and then I saw raul arch his back and Really shoved into me and I could feel his cum hitting my deep inner tunnels, and then I and Paul shoot as well, I shoot all over raul's chest, and Paul shoot into raul, and raul said That he could feel it hit his inner lining as we all relaxed, and all of our dicks became soft We were all just laying there, and talking.

The rest of the weekend went well, and we all had some more fun, I guess we will have To tell more about the weeks to come.