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Chapter 10

At 6:00 that evening the boys were down in the stables with their favorite horse, and/or puppy (so far none had been brought into the house, dog or horse). I was in the ‘game room’, watching some movie, when Jim appeared, saying Mrs. Gunther had just passed the gate.

I was waiting out front, when she pulled up in the new minivan. She got out, and ran to me, and hugged me tight. Wow!

He is so mad. He tried to hit me, but I got in the car and took off. The kids are so scared. I’ve never seen him so pissed off.” She gasped out.

I patted her back, then pulled away, and went to the door of the minivan. I looked in, there were the two kids. Both had the same color brown hair, and brown eyes. No one would ever doubt they were brother and sister. “Hi, I’m Tom Richards. You will be staying here for awhile. Dinner will be in about an hour. If you go around the house that way, I pointed, you will see a barn. My sons are there playing with some puppies. Why don’t you two go find them?”

Genny was excited by that, but Todd kept looking back and forth between his mother and me. When Genny jumped out to ask her Mom if it was okay, I said quietly to Todd. “A friend of yours is there. You knew him as Hubert but he goes by Monty, now.”

His eyes got big, and then he looked really scared. “Huey? Here? But…”

Todd, it’s okay. I know, and it’s okay. You need to talk it out with Monty. If you two want, I’ll be glad to help. Just know you are safe, and your father can’t hurt you, any of you anymore.” I told him.

He didn’t look like he believed me, but he did get out, and he and his sister went towards the barn.

Mr. Richards, I really don’t know what to say.”

I smiled, “First, please call me Tom. You are my guest. Seeing you and the kids happy will be plenty of thanks for me. Now let’s go in, and find you some place to stay.”

Call me Alice, Mr. R…, ah Tom.” She smiled shyly.

Jim was waiting at the door. “Jim, this is Alice, she will be staying with us for awhile. Please find a suite or set of rooms for her and her two children. Their things are in the van.”

I turned back to Alice, “Dinner is at 7:00. Jim will show you the way. It’s easy to get lost.”

As they walked away I heard Jim say, “I need to make him a map.”

Alice giggled.

I heard that!” I said, loud enough to be heard.

Alice laughed out loud, a very pleasant sound. “Use colors!” I added and they both laughed.

I went out to the barn, to see how the crew was doing. They were easy enough to find. In the third stall were seven little bodies, being over run by an equal number of puppies. The Mama was watching but not too upset. My guess is the pups were almost weaned. Neal was the first to notice me.

Dad! Look a puppy for each of us!” he said, the obvious question in his eyes.

Sometimes being the adult sucks, “No.” Jeez, that was hard, just two little letters, such a small word.

But Dad,” chorused all three of my boys.

We’ll talk later, but Mrs. Johnson will have a fit, if we bring five puppies into the house, five puppies, that aren’t housebroken.” I explained.

Aww, Daaadddddd.”

Come on it’s almost dinner time. Neal and Jimmy, take Genny, and get washed up; I need a word with Monty and Todd. Ben and Nate headed to the office to find their dad, and go home for their dinner. Todd looked scared again, and Monty came up and gave me a hug. “What’s up, Dad?”

Well, I need to know if you are okay with Todd being here?” I asked. Todd’s eyes got huge, and pure terror showed on his face. I held eye contact with him willing him to stay calm.

Sure, Dad. We get along fine. Duh! You know.” He made gesture like pulling down his pants. I thought Todd would pass out.

I reached for Todd, and he cringed like I was going to hit him. I pulled him into a hug instead. “Todd, you’re safe here. If Monty had been uncomfortable with you here, I would have explained that what happened wasn’t your fault, it’s your father’s.”

Oh, God, I hate him! I wish he would just die.” Todd exclaimed, and then broke into tears. I hugged him, and Monty added his arms, and we stayed there until Todd regained his composure.

It’s over, Todd. I’m getting him out of our lives.” I promised.

Todd had a death grip around my neck, “If he finds out about me, he’ll kill me like he did that man.”

Monty gasped, and I tried not to react too strongly. “No he wont, because you are here. He isn’t going to be allowed near you again, ever, not if I can help it.”

Finally, he calmed again. “Monty, you two better go get washed up, don’t forget your faces.” The two twelve year olds ran off towards the house.

After dinner, I placed a call to the cell phone number Detective Debois left with me. “Detective, this is Tom Richards. Look I have a situation here, which is way out of my league. I’m afraid I have stumbled across a murder, and I am not sure the locals are the ones to get involved.”

Crap, Tom, are you some kind of trouble magnet? Okay, I know someone in the State Police. I’ll have him give you a call. Maybe I’ll come on back, cause my buddy here is on vacation, so my surprise visit was a bust.”

You are always welcome here. I’ll let Jim know you’ll be back early.” We said our good byes and hung up.

About an hour later, my security system alerted me. I switched to the monitor and there was an old beat up car at the gate. I activated the intercom. “Good evening,” I couldn’t resist sounding like Alfred Hitchcock, (sorry if you young folk don’t know what I’m talking about).

State Police to see Mr. Richards.” Came the reply.

Please hold your badge out the window.” I said.

A hand held something shiny out the window. I zoomed in. Nice gold shield with the State seal, and the name Captain Eric Henry. I hit the open command for the gate. “Thank you Captain Henry. Please drive up to the house.”

Five minutes later, I was sitting with a real life Columbo. Old beat up car, crumpled clothes, and he needed a shave. Sorry for my appearance, but I was out with my grandson’s Boy Scout Troop, at Summer Camp. I got a call from a student of mine in Detective training, saying I needed to talk to you ASAP. Since I was so close I drove over.”

I filled him in on the events, and Todd’s cryptic comment.

Well I’ll be. I’ve been stonewalled on this case, for two years. Every time I get a lead, the County Mounties screw it up, and so contaminate the evidence, that it will not hold up in any court. Can I talk with the boy?” Capt. Henry asked.

He is pretty shaky, after today’s events, but that might work for you. I will insist on being present, and possibly his mother.” I replied.

No problem. Neither of them will have to testify if we do this right. I have some evidence, but haven’t been able to put it all together with a suspect.” He said.

I went to the door, and of course Jim was waiting. “Jim, please get Captain Henry some refreshments, while I go get Todd and Alice.”

The boys are all in master Neal's room. Alice is out in the common room with Genny.” He informed me.

Thank you, Jim.” I quickly covered the distance, and found Alice, watching a movie on HBO, and little Genny sound asleep with her head in her mother’s lap.

I sat next to Alice, and in a soft voice said, “Todd told me something about his dad, and a murder.” She gasped in surprise. “Yeah, I know. Now there is a police detective downstairs. I would like Todd to talk to him. I insisted that I be present, and you too, if you wish.” She shook her head and tears were running down her cheeks. “I don’t know anything. I don’t even know what I ever saw in him.”

It’s okay now. I’ll handle it.” I patted her hand, and went and knocked on Neal’s door.

A sudden hush, and, “Who is it?”

John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt.” I sang.

Jeez, Dad.” The door opened, and the four boys stood there, looking way to innocent, Hmmmm.

Todd, I need to talk to you.” I said.

He moved towards me, followed closely by Monty. Neal and Jimmy watched as these two went by.

Monty, you don’t need to come.” I said.

Todd spoke up, “Please?”

Sure.” I led the way. Outside the library, I stopped. “Todd, inside is a policeman that would like to talk to you, about what you told me this afternoon. I contacted him, through a friend, and think we can trust him. Okay?”

He nodded, and took my hand and Monty’s. So into the library we went. I introduced the boys.

Todd, I’m Captain Henry, I’m a homicide detective. You mentioned something to Mr. Richards, and I’d like to hear your story.”

Todd was standing next to where I sat on a love seat, by the window. He nodded to Capt. Henry, and scooted up next to me and pulled Monty up next to him too. It was like he was fortifying himself. “It was about two months after he threw Monty out. He was talking about hurting a fag, and since that is what he called Monty, I was real worried. So I hid in the backseat of the car. He drove to that place in town, the Rainbow, and he got out and took the jack thing out of the trunk. He waited till this guy came out, and, and…” Todd gulped for air. He was literally shaking. I pulled him up into my lap. I felt tears falling on the arm, I had around his waist.

Oh, my God. Todd, did you actually witness what he did.” Capt. Henry asked.

Todd nodded his head. “He kept hitting the man, over and over, he was laughing, and hitting. He got tired, I guess, cause he came back and put the thingy back in the trunk, and drove to a place called the Rooster’s Lady. He was there a long time, and really drunk, as he drove home. I waited in the car until I thought he was asleep, and snuck in through my window.” I had tears running down my cheeks, and Monty was trying to comfort both of us.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded. Jim stuck his head in, “Someone just drove through the gate.”

Captain Henry pulled a gun out of somewhere, and asked if there was a safe room.

I shook my head. “Get the boys upstairs.” I said to Jim. “And keep them there.”

Jim got the boys moving, and we could see headlights swerving up the drive. It didn’t take a rocket surgeon (or is that a brain scientist?) to figure who the drunk madman was. I looked at the Captain and said, “I believe you suspect approaches.”

He grinned at me, “Really, how convenient.”

The car stopped, with the headlights pointed at the front door. Suddenly, all Hell broke loose. Captain Henry tackled me as the window exploded, and glass fell all over us.

Capt. Henry was up, hit the light switch and dove out the window. Another shot came through the window, and into the shelves behind me. I crawled out the door and into the hall. I then ran into the Game Room. There was a rifle over the fireplace. Not loaded. A quick search and I found a box of ammo. One in the chamber and some for my pocket, and I was out the side door, making my way to the front. Another shot, and glass breaking. Off in the distance I heard sirens. Jim must have called 911. I had moved out about 100 feet from the building, in the darkness.

I made it around the corner, just in time to see Captain Henry stand behind Mr. Gunther, and hold a steady aim on his head. That was when I realized, the guy was wearing body armor. I lay down in the prone position, and also took aim. There was plenty of light from the house, for the scope to give me a clear shot.

Police! Freeze! Drop the weapon!” Captain Henry said, quite clearly.

Hey relax; It’s just me Jerry Gunther.” He replied laughing.

State Police, Homicide Detective Captain Henry. Put the weapon down NOW!”

I couldn’t believe the idiot raised the gun and spun around.


He crumpled to the ground.

Jesus! Who is out there?”

I guess when the tension is suddenly released; you do or say weird things. I heard myself reply, “Ain’t Jesus, just me Tom Richards.”

I stood and walked over to him. He was staring down at the nearly headless body. “What in God’s name did you shoot?”

It was over the fireplace and I found some ammo and…” I handed him the rifle.

I’ve only read about these. Used for bear hunting out west, or up in Alaska years ago. Said it was the only gun could stop a grizzly with one shot. Got any more ammo?” He asked.

I reached into my pocket, and handed him some. “Lord, copper jacketed hollow points. These little babies penetrate then pretty much explode. My little ole 9mm Glock would only take out the back of his head... Wonder which one of us killed him?” He handed back the rifle.

About that time the County Mounties pulled up. Barney Fife would have put on a much more professional show. These two clowns nearly fell over, trying to get out of the car and pull their weapons. “Freeze!” Captain Henry raised his eyebrows to me.

I am a State Police Officer. I will slowly, with my left hand reach into my front pocket and withdraw my badge.”

I said FREEZE!”

John, that’s Gunther’s car.”

Shit, that’s him there.”

You are under arrest for Murder.”

I heard about six guns cock. Six??

Deputy, you now have several deer rifles trained on each of you.” Frank said.

Captain Henry, we have you covered. Either of these fools blink wrong we’ll put them down.” Jim added.

Nobody! Messes with good folk at Haven.” Samuel commented.

The deputies lowered their pistols. Captain Henry walked over to their car and popped the trunk and removed the evidence gathering kit. He put on a pair of latex gloves and began searching Gunther. As he was doing that, and then cursed when he looked in the car trunk. “No tire-iron.”

I was walking around trying to stay out of the way. I happened to be behind the police car, when that was said. I looked into the trunk and there was a tire-iron. Not a new one, which would have belonged in this car.

Captain? I think I found your tire-iron.”

Damn it, John. I told you to get rid of that, like I got rid of the bat, But NOO you had to hang onto your ‘Homo Hammer’. You Fuckin’ idiot!”

The deputies were quickly pinned to their car, disarmed, and wearing their own handcuffs.

I looked up, and Alice and the kids were standing in front of the door, watching what we were doing. I walked over and Neal was the first to race down the stairs, and to hug me. “I was so scared.”

He was quickly followed by the others. I don’t think Todd had recognized the car in the dark, but I could tell Alice had. “Alice let’s get the kids back inside.” We herded them back, and into the kitchen. Soda and cookies and my sanitized version of the big shoot-out.

Somewhere near the end I saw Todd go rigid. He looked at his little sister, and couldn’t make himself ask. Alice finally got them to head back to bed. I put my hand on Todd's shoulder. He looked up at me and knew. He wrapped his arms around me and cried. “It’s my fault.”

I was going to have to nip that in the bud. “Todd, look at me.” Slowly he raised his eyes. “I want you to listen to me. You have not done anything wrong. Nothing.”

But you don’t know.”

Yes I do, son. Monty has told me everything. You both were curious. That is normal. Most kids are curious, and if they are lucky enough to have a good friend, they explore. It’s not wrong. At your age, it isn’t even gay. It’s just normal boy.”

How your father reacted to that was wrong. I’m sorry he died tonight, but he was way over the line. He is to blame for his own actions. Nothing you did made him that way. You are just a boy, and he is a man or was. It’s the adult’s job to be in control, and protect the children. He didn’t do that. It is not your fault.” I was starting to repeat myself so I stopped.

I’m not bad?”

I hugged him again, “No, Todd, you are not bad. As a matter of fact, from what I know, you are really a good boy. If I didn’t think that, would I let you spend time with them? Do you think I’m a bad parent?”

Oh, no, you’re really good.” I patted him on the back, and we went to find his mother.

After getting the kids in bed, and being thankful their rooms didn’t face the front of the building, where all the action was. I went back outside, and there were more police cars, State Police, and the coroner's wagon. There was another county car, and Captain Henry was being yelled at, by a fat red faced man, in overalls. My guess was the sheriff. Do I win a prize?

I walked up and he turned to me, “I don’t know who you are, but you don’t belong here, so get back before I arrest you for trespassing.”

I wouldn’t recommend that.” Capt. Henry said.

Don’t you try to tell me what to do. This is my jurisdiction, and if I want to arrest this clown for trespassing, I will.” With that he sucker punched me.

I doubled over, but I had been in to many street fights as a kid. When doubled over, you make a great battering ram. The Sheriff went over, and landed on his fat ass. I was recovering by now, so I followed up, and kicked him in the side, which turned him onto his stomach. I planted my knee in the center of his back. And twisted his arm up behind his back. He was screaming in pain. We were surrounded by State Troopers. All watching. My head cleared. Now that I had my attacker subdued.

Captain Henry was grinning from ear to ear. “Sheriff, let me introduce you to Mr. Thomas Richards, the owner of this property, whom you just assaulted for trespassing.”

I hadn’t let up any pressure. “Get him off me. He is guilty of assaulting an officer.”


NO?? What do you mean no?”

Well, you see you didn’t identify yourself as an officer, you are not in uniform, and you attacked him, without provocation. He has every right in the world to protect himself, on his own property. We have six witnesses to the incident, all of whom are State Police. Please pursue this, Pretty please? I want to see you make the judge laugh you right out the courthouse.”

You going to be nice? Let him up Tom.” I let go and stood up.

When is election day?” I asked. The sheriff paled. “Wow, you figured that out Sheriff. You can plan on being unemployed in the near future."

You can’t threaten me.” He blustered.

No threat at all Sheriff. A promise. And I can put my money where my mouth is.”

The troopers were laughing, as he picked himself up, and got in his car and drove away.

After another hour, everyone had gone except Captain Henry. He said he had to tie up some loose ends, and do some paperwork tomorrow. I invited him to stay the night, and he accepted.

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