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Chapter 11

Six o’clock came pretty early for me. The knocking penetrated my mind, and I opened my eyes. Captain Henry stood in my doorway. “Sorry to wake you, but I need to talk to you.”

Give me a minute to visit the bathroom and dress.” He stepped back into the hall, and I dashed into the bathroom to relieve my bladder. I pulled on a robe, and went out to find him. He was waiting in the hall.

I’m sorry to do this, but after the night we had…” He began.

No problem. Anything I can do, I’ll do gladly.” I said.

Well, this is my problem, I left my grandson, and his troop at summer camp. I thought I would be back, but I have to work this case. They need another adult to stay. I’ve talked to the director, and there is no choice. I want to know if, well this is a lot to ask, but would you consider going there, until I can get free?” he asked.

My boys,” I began, and he cut me off.

They can go too. It usually costs $210 a boy but the director said under the circumstances he would let them come at just $100 apiece, and you would be free. Today is the first day so they won't have missed, and well…” To see the pleading look in this seasoned cop was irresistible.

Okay, I’ll ask the boys. How about Todd? And Ben and Stephen?” I was thinking out loud.

Sure why not. You will be bringing a whole patrol. I’ll call, and have forms faxed, ah, you have a fax?”

I gave him the number, and went to wake the boys. I found them in Monty’s room. Neal and Monty were on the outside of the pile, Jimmy’s head was sticking out of the boy-tangle, under Neal’s armpit, and Todd’s head was resting on Monty’s shoulder.

I’ve mentioned this evil streak before, and right now it burst free. “ALL RIGHT YOU LAZY BUMBS! RISE AND SHINE! DAYS-A-WASTE’N! UP! UP! UP!” I think I might have hurt my voice, yelling so loud. However, whatever the price, it was worth it. There were four sets of wide owl eyes, and they must have jumped three feet into the air. Neal even fell off the edge of the bed. I love it when a plan comes together.

I of course lost it, and roared in laughter. For some strange reason, they didn’t think this was so funny. Before I could recover, I was attacked by my three. Todd was cringing on the bed. That sobered me very quickly. Neal sensed my change, and called off the other two. I got up and went to Todd.

I’m sorry, Todd. I didn’t mean to scare you.” I started to explain.

Yeah, he just wanted to scare us.”

I about peed.”

I could’ve pooped.”

Now I had three giggle boxes behind me, trying to out gross the others, while I tried to concentrate on smoothing things over with Todd. He was looking at me, and tears were starting to fall. “I thought you… I was really scared, Please don’t hit me, I didn’t mean to.”

Oops, I missed something. I sat next to him, and hugged him to me. “I’m not going to hit you, ever.” Then I felt it, my butt was getting wet, through my robe. Todd was cradled in my arms.

Yeah, but if I farted and peed…”

Guys, guys! YO GUYS!” silence. “Forget it wussies, I got the winner right here. He not only really peed he managed to get me to sit in it.”

Yep, that wins.”

Jeez, that’s my bed.”

Kewl, way kewl.”

Todd looked up at me and I started laughing. Soon, he was too. All of us were. “Okay, guys, here’s the deal. Captain Henry has asked a big favor of me. I’ve agreed to fill in for him, with his grandson’s Boy Scout Troop, at summer camp. You guys can come too.”

Wow, let’s go!” and that settled that. Alice thought it would do Todd good to be in totally different surroundings. Frank and his wife were delighted to get one out from under foot. Samuel brought Stephen over, and signed the permission forms. I loaded the kids, and their clothes in the van, and with a stop at Dr. Turnman’s office, for six quick physicals, we were on our way.

Neal asked, as I drove, “Are we Boy Scouts?”

Yeah, for the week, anyway.” I answered. “I’m a member of the Troop Committee, and all six of you are Scouts.”

Were you a Scout when you were growing up?” Jimmy asked.

I was for a couple of years. I learned a lot of stuff that has come in real handy. Summer camp is the best. I think if you guys like it, we can keep you active.” I replied.

Monty said, “They won't let me join.”

All the others looked at me. “Too late, you are signed up. Now, as far as I know, there is no restriction on boys. I think it might be wise not to tell anyone about your past, for right now. Just enjoy this week. You’ll meet new friends, and learn new stuff, and have a great time.”

I was surprised the camp was so close to us. I pulled in, and a man in a Scout uniform came out of the Office. He was about five feet ten inches tall, in his late fifties, and had graying hair. He came up to the van, and looked in. He smiled and extended his hand. “I’m John Denson, the Camp Director. I was hoping you would arrive before things started. Who do we have here?” I introduced each boy. He taught them the left handshake of Boy Scouts, and told them why. I was very impressed by this man.

After he got through, he said, “Good, now Neal, Stephen, Jimmy and Ben, you four need to go to Troop Powell. That is our program for new scouts. Monty and Todd, you can do Troop Powell, or the Merit Badge program. Most of the boys in Troop Powell are younger than you, but you will have your friends there with you. I’ll let you make that decision.”

Monty only thought for a second. “I think we should all stay together.”

Me too,” said Todd.

Great, I think you made a good decision.” Mr. Denson said. “Well let’s get you to your troop, and get the day started.”

Twenty minutes later, the boys were off to their day. I was standing with Jeff Alexander. He was the other adult from the troop. “Well, Tom, welcome to Troop 316.”

Thanks, I can honestly say that this time yesterday I never thought I’d be here.” We laughed and walked towards the van.

I stopped in the office, and found that John was going to the headquarters. I wrote him a check for the boys, (I paid the full fee). I also asked him to pick some things for the boys, or he could stop by Haven and get Samuel to hit Wal-Mart. When he left Jeff and I drove to our campsite. We put the boys’ gear in their tents. I put Neal and Ben in the first tent, Jimmy and Stephen in the second tent, and Todd and Monty together.

Jeff explained that he wasn’t the Scoutmaster, just acting Scoutmaster for Summer Camp. His real position was called Charter Organization Representative. His description was that he was the guy that was caught in the middle. He was the go-between the Church, troop and Council. He had to represent the position of the other two to which ever he was talking to. By lunch time, I was ready to eat. The Boys all met in the Parade Ground, in front of the Mess Hall. My six were very excited, and all trying to tell me at once. Attendance was checked, and we were dismissed to the Chow line one troop at a time.

Hot dogs, baked beans, chips, salad and ‘bug juice’, for those who didn’t like the fare, there was PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly for those living in caves). Two boys were waiters, and had come ten minutes early, to set up and they kept us all in bug juice, and after eating they had to clean the tables. When everyone was done, there were a few announcements. We were released and had an hour ‘free time’ before the afternoon classes and activities. We returned to our campsite. The boys were excited about the ‘big’ 2 man wall tents. I told them I had asked someone to stop, and pick us up some sleeping bags, and they should be back before dinner. Soon, one of the older boys, started yelling for the boys to get moving, Classes in ten minutes. Then suddenly, Jeff and I were alone.

He pulled out his camp chair, and offered me Capt. Henry’s. We were just shooting the breeze, when some remark reminded me of Monty’s concern. “Jeff, I need to fill you in on my three boys. Neal, was an orphan and misplaced, into juvenile detention, where he was raped repeatedly, by the older boys. He ran away and ended up in my apartment, the night I found out about inheriting Haven Farm.”

Whoa, hold on. You own Haven? I thought some old recluse owned all that and about two thirds of the country around here.”

That was my late Uncle Philip. I’m his only remaining relative, so, ta da.”

Lord you must be …”

Loaded? Yep. I’ve been here less than a month, so it hasn’t really soaked in yet. But Neal was real beat up, they really abused him bad. Then on our trip here, we literally found Jimmy. He had been on the run for a year, from an abusive father, who had beaten his mother to death.”


Neal found him at a rest stop. He was naked, and passed out from a trucker gang bang. He had been surviving by selling himself. Then Social Services brought Monty. He has been kicked out of foster homes, for the past three years. His Foster father, caught him exploring with his Natural son, and has made it his life’s work, to make Monty’s life a living hell. Monty has thought he was gay, ever since, but no one has ever taken any real interest in him. He was worried, on the way up here, that he couldn’t do Scout stuff because he was gay.”

Look, Tom. This is where my role in Scouting comes in. There is a lot of press coverage about the BSA being anti-gay. Well it all hinges on this, 'On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty, to God and my country, to obey the scout law, to help other people at all times, and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

Now first, the youth are pledging to do their best. No one is perfect, and I don’t expect to see it. The lesson I want the boys to take away, is that you try to do the right thing, and when you screw up, make it right, figure a better way and try again. Now the issue has been the adult leaders. We are supposed to be the role models. We get held to a higher standard, and rightfully so. No sane parent, wants their son modeling on a felon, drug abuser, or sexually deviant / promiscuous person. It is the Charter Organization, that has to make the call on morally straight. BSA backs them, as they should. Some organizations only allow their members be in the troop. The Mormons are that way; they even require all boys in the church be Scouts. As far as homosexuality goes, I don’t feel any different about that than anything else. If two men are monogamous and good parents, aren’t they being moral? Aren’t they setting a good example? I’ve got no problem. Now take a single father, who is running around, a different woman every week, now that, I have problems with. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a single case in our council, where a leader has been asked to leave because they were gay, however, I can think of four, because they had kids out of wedlock, while leaders, and three cases because of promiscuity.”

I thought it was the BSA national policy.” I said.

Well, they get sued and they don’t settle. They have gone the distance about a dozen times, all the way to the Supreme Court. They have not lost there. I have no idea if you are gay. Furthermore, I don’t want to know. As long as you are a good role model for the boys, you are welcome in my troop. I would say rescuing those three make you a hero, and terrific role model.”

Well, that certainly made me blush. We relaxed some, then decided a hike around camp would be good. Let the boys see us, and give me an idea of where things were. Jeff saved the Troop Powell area till the end. There were about thirty boys there. They were in groups of six each, with an older boy in a camp staff shirt. Jeff explained to me, that each group was a patrol, just like in the troop. They are learning the basic Scout skills, knots, first aid, citizenship, cooking, and safe use of knife ax and saw. By the time they finish the week they should be close to earning the first three ranks.”

Wow, it took me a couple of years to get to first class.” I commented.

Sorry if I ran on too much. I didn’t know you were a Scout.”

I was in a pretty good troop, for a couple of years, and then we moved, and the troop I was in was not what I was interested in. There was a lot of hazing and the older boys would strip and humiliate the new guys. They were working to get me, so I stopped going.” I explained.

We try real hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ll bet the adults in that troop spent as little time with the boys as they could. They offer the basic adult training this week. I think you should go. As a matter of fact they just updated the course, and I’ll go with you.” Jeff offered, as we were spotted by my crew.

They said something to their counselor, and he told them to take 5. Buffalo could get some pointers on stampeding from these guys. I gathered from the barrage of comments that everyone was having a great time. When they were called back, I waved, and Jeff and I walked back towards the Admin. Building. I wanted to see if Mr. Denson had returned. Just as we reached the building, two vehicles pulled in. I recognized the crew cab pick-up I had purchased for Samuel to use to carry supplies, and work crew (or brothers). He pulled up next to me. Captain Henry, and Detective Debois were riding along. The back of the truck had what looked like the whole camping section of Wal-Mart.

Samuel explained, “I and the farm credit card, and Capt. Henry advised me what the boys would need. I hope we got everything. Jeff was going through the goodies already.

The other vehicle held John Denson. He got out and surveyed the goodies. “Did you get pocket knives for the boys?”

I told them to wait and let the boys pick-out their own.” Captain Henry said.

Good. Are you back, to stay?” John asked.

No, just for a few hours, if that’s okay? This case just exploded. It seems Gunther and the deputies, are behind a string of hate crimes, over the past five years. It is going to take some time to straighten out. The Governor has put the pressure on, to tie it up, before the press gets it. I should be back Friday afternoon, and maybe for a dinner or two.” Capt. Henry was not too happy about his time being taken.

Detective Dubois asked, “Could I get a few minutes with Jimmy. I just need to get his picture, and prints, for the file. I’m so glad this has a happy ending. How is Gunther’s boy doing?”

Pretty good; this is a great distraction for him.” I said.

Jeff, could you take Samuel to the campsite, and help him get this stuff distributed. I’ll go get Jimmy, if they will give him parole.” I joked.

John Said, “Let me do that, I want to talk to each of the boys anyway.”

When we were alone, Capt. Henry said to me. “I can’t thank you enough. If you hadn’t spotted that tire iron, we might never have broken the case. Now we will be able to close at least eight other murders. And you are filling in here, so the boys can stay. I would have been heart broken if they had to leave because of my work.”

I’m glad it’s all working out. When you get a chance, you can bring your grandson and family, to Haven for a vacation. I’ve got a nice pool, horses to ride, and lots of land.”

I just might take you up on that. I bet my daughter-in-law would love a week like that.” He said, as the boys arrived.

They greeted Detective Debois, and wanted to know what had been happening.

I saw John pull a couple of sacks out of his car. He came back, got a box out and asked which boy was patrol leader. Now I almost broke out laughing, Neal looked around at them, and the other five were all looking at him. “Well I guess that was a silent election. Come with me son.” He said, indicating Neal.

John told me later, this is what happened.

In his office, John quickly reviewed the Requirements for joining Scouts, with Neal. He asked Neal if he understood the oath, and law. Neal said yes. John asked him if he thought he could live by those rules. Neal said they seemed to be a pretty good set of rules. Then John explained, how a patrol should work, and that as leader, it was his job to represent his patrol, to the troop leadership, and to keep his patrol up on troop business, as well as running the patrol. Then he reached into a sack, and pulled out a scout shirt. He gave it to Neal. “Wear this shirt with pride, when you wear this, you are part of something big. Almost two million boys in the US are scouts. There are Scouting programs in almost every country in the world. You are now a brother to every Scout.” Neal was kind of overwhelmed. He put on the shirt over his T-shirt and beamed.

Go get your patrol, and bring them in. Oh, your Dad too.”

I didn’t recognize the grinning Scout that came out on the porch. Then he spoke and I almost fell over.

Okay, you guys! Don’t just stand there, line up and come into the office.” He had authority in his voice, wow. “Oh, you too Dad.” That was a little timid. I followed the rest, into the small office. As each boy entered, John handed him a shirt. I was surprised they all had the patches sewn on, and the troop number 316. Neal’s had a patch under the number, which said Patrol Leader.

John spoke as the last boy got his shirt. “Boys, we wear our Scout Shirts to Dinner every night, also to the Camp Fire on Friday. Try to keep them neat and reasonably clean. Tomorrow morning you will be working on knife ax and saw safety. If any of you can pass your Tot’n Chip, come here after lunch, and show me your card. I have something for you. I don’t do this for other boys, but you six are special, and I want to do something special for you.”

Mr. Richards, it would be a disgrace to have a troop leader, that couldn’t show a good example. He handed me a shirt. It had the Committee Member patch on the sleeve. “Now, there is one more thing you boys need. He reached into the box and handed each boy a Boy Scout Handbook. Put you names in them, so it can be returned, if found. Now tuck those shirts in, and look like Scouts. Let's go get dinner. Go line up with your troop.”

The boys all thanked him, and hurried out to the parade ground. “I thought I was going to spend my week sewing patches on shirts. I don’t know how you did it, but thanks.” I told him.

Just raise those boys in a safe loving environment. I’m glad Council office was slow, and Mrs. Gussmont was willing to go home and sew them on. She made some comment, about she could do it in an hour, and it would take some man all week.” We were laughing all the way to the parade ground.

The flags were lowered and folded, and we were soon consuming meatloaf, green-beans and French fries. Salad and PB&J were available. I sat at the table with the adults, and the two biggest and oldest boys. I introduced myself to the boys.

I’m Nick Stokley. I’m the SPL, ah, Senior Patrol Leader. I run the troop. If you see a problem, please let me know. My job is to run meetings, and be sure everything is done and safe on camping trips.” The boy who had taken charge after lunch said.

I’m Matt Little. I’m the Assistant SPL. I do what Nick can’t.” the other boy said.

Jeff Jumped in, “Yeah, it’s great, we get to blame them for everything. We just sit around all day getting a nice tan.”

Nick came back with, “From the looks of those pale knobby knees, you need it.”

We all laughed. Then Nick said to me, “Mr. Richards, I saw one of the new guys has a PL patch. Can you tell me a little about him, and the others?”

Neal, is the patrol leader of that crew. He is just turned ten, but will be in sixth grade in the fall. He is my adopted son. Jimmy and Monty are my foster sons, who are in the process of being adopted by me. They have a pretty grim history, so if you see any problems, don’t hesitate to get me. Todd is Monty’s friend, and just escaped a pretty bad home situation. He may have some nightmares, if he does, let him come get me. Ben and Samuel are the boys' friends, and live in Havendale.”

I don’t ever remember getting a whole patrol at once before. Okay, well I guess I'd better go meet Neal, and get him up to speed. Bye.” The two cleared their places, and went and sat by Neal.”

After being dismissed, the boys headed back to camp. It was like Christmas for my six. Sleeping bags, mess kits, compass, pack and frame, and lord only knows what the boys were busy showing each other their stuff (I don’t know if they ever realized they all had the same stuff) Jeff came over with some sticks he had cut, with a piece of cord. He showed the boys how to tie the stick and make a hanger for their shirt so it would stay neat.

After things settled, all the boys gathered at the fire ring, and Nick got everyone’s attention. “Guys, Troop 316 grew today. We have a whole new patrol.” The boys cheered. “Neal Richards is their Patrol leader. Neal, how about introducing your guys.”

Neal stood and introduced each boy. After each introduction, the troop said hello to the boy. After Neal was done, Nick introduced the other boys. He said something nice about each one. I was very impressed with this kid. “Now did everyone have fun today?” They all cheered.

Jeff then stood, “Great! Now for some fun tonight.” He raised his hands, “Oh, Great Spirit, bring us light to cheer us in the darkness.”

A small flaming ball came from the trees behind Jeff and went right into the fire laid at lunch. The fire burst into life with proper oohs, aahs, and a couple kewls. Jeff led us in a couple of songs, then turned to me, “Mr. Richards told me today, that he was a Scout, so maybe he can remember some of the songs he used to sing.”

All eyes were on me. “Come on Dad, don’t wimp out.” That got a good laugh. Neal was going to pay for that.

Do you guys know Pink Pajamas?” I should have known better. There was a chorus of Pink What? You got to teach us. And much giggling. I figured they knew it. “Okay guys, you aren’t getting away with that. I’ll go though it once, them everybody sings, to drown me out if nothing else.”

By the time I finished, my boys were roaring with laughter. I guess I forgot how a little risky talk in front of adults could make you feel. We sang it together, and everyone was laughing and having a grand time. Then several boys led songs. Then several told ghost stories. Finally as the fire burned down, Jeff asked me if I knew a good one to end the campfire. I nodded, and told a story that was complete corn, but a lot of fun. Basically you pick on the leaders. Until the only one left is the new Scout, in this case Ben, who was grinning ear to ear. There are plenty of times to suddenly scream, and scare the #### out of them, that then you get to the punch line and groans at just how very bad the pun is.

Jeff stood and playfully pushed me away. “Oh, that was bad. Sorry, boys I had no idea he was like that.” That got a good laugh. “Now, it’s time to circle up. New guys, we get in a circle cross our arms right over left and hold hands. We all did as told. “I think we have a good start on the week. Waiters, be sure to check the schedule, we need three per meal so it’s different, and be at the mess hall at 7:45. The rest of us reveille at 7:00. Nick.”

He led the Scout benediction “May the great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with us, until we meet again.” Everyone said goodnight, and went to get ready for bed.

I made sure my crew was settled in, and came back to the fire. Jeff had put some more wood on, and had brewed a pot of coffee, (decaf). “Good campfire. I love that story, and you did it so well. You better think of some more, because I’ll bet you get asked again.”

I’ll work on it. And who did the fire ball?” I asked.

The Capt. waited to leave. I always like to be impressive, helps inspire the boys. Can’t ask then to do something if we aren’t willing to do it.” Jeff sipped his coffee.

Nick made a check, and stopped by, “Mr. Alexander, everyone is in bed. See you in the morning.”

Good night Nick.” We watched him go into his tent. He was the only youth with a tent to himself. Each adult had a single.

I noticed a flashlight coming up the trail; soon John Denson was sipping a cup of coffee with us. “So Tom, what do you think?”

To be honest, I am overwhelmed. I’m very happy to be here. I hadn’t thought of Scouting for my boys. I guess I thought a couple might not be comfortable or something.” I said.

Capt. Henry mentioned there were a lot of special circumstances, but didn’t go into any detail. Is there anything I need to know?” He asked.

My three have all been victims of sexual abuse, and Todd saw his father commit a murder. I don’t think there will be any problem, but if something comes up let me know.”

Man I don’t envy you. If there is anything we can do, let me know. Also there are some good materials at Council, on child protection. Jeff you might want to be sure to show ‘A Time to Tell’, and be sure you use the buddy system, and two deep leadership.” John said.

Hey, you’re preaching to the choir.” We laughed, and just talked for a few more minutes, and John left. Jeff and I put out the fire. That cot felt very good. I was asleep in no time.

End Note:

I know some of you may think the Scouts are a bunch of homophobes looking to be hard asses. Sorry that just isn’t true. Most Scouter's are like Jeff. I wouldn’t know how to spot a gay male unless he’s really pushing it. I have been a leader for 18 years. In that time I have seen adults asked to leave for a lot of reasons, but never for being gay. Something to think of, there are 4 cases where gay men were forced out of scouting. There are hundreds of thousands of adult leaders. That is a pretty small percentage, it just gets a huge amount of press. I find it very difficult to believe, there have only been 4 gay leaders. The big issue does come down to morals. The organization sponsoring the unit is who makes that call. Like everything, some organizations are more tolerant than others. If you have had a bad experience, I am truly sorry, you can try another unit. I know of some units that would kick a boy out, but I helped one of my Scouts make Eagle, who I knew was gay. He was every bit as moral as any other sixteen year old I have known, actually more so than most.

I’ll try to respond to reasonable e-mails str8mayb@yahoo.com Haven is also posted on www.paddedroom.us there may be more chapters there.

Hey, Scout camp is a ball. Let me know what you think neal@paddedroom.us Got to get some sleep, 7:00 o'clock comes pretty early.



Editor's Note; Thank you Tom, for giving us that little education. There are bigots in and out of every organization.

Let's not throw away the baby with the bath water. I caught my breath and had tears in my eyes as I read once again for the first time in years, the scout oath.

It always sent a chill down my spine when I was a scout, and it was still that same feeling as I recited it aloud while I read the chapter. I guess it means as much to me now as it did then.


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