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Chapter 12

Tuesday morning I heard some movement outside, as I slowly woke up. There is a special kind of feeling sleeping outdoors. I was really awake as soon as I opened my eyes. That really isn’t me. I sat up and then almost launched into space.

REVEILLE, REVEILLE, REVEILLE! UP AND AT ‘EM! LET’S GO MEN! UP! UP! UP!” There was a definite note of glee in Nick’s voice.

I put on my best cheery voice, “Good morning Nick. ‘Tis a fine day to be awake!”

Then I heard Ben, “Neal, you never told me your Dad was a morning person. That’s disgusting.”

Yeah, I may have to kill him. Ohmygod! It’s six thirty!”

Stop your whining Richards, and get your patrol moving!” Nick yelled.

I came out at the same time Jeff did. He looked like he needed about a gallon of coffee. He fired up the camp stove, and made the coffee. Soon boys were making dashes to the latrine. Matt was there to send those back, who didn’t wash by saying, “A Scout is clean,” and pointing to the sink.

By my second cup of coffee, the boys were all up, and Neal even had his patrol straighten their tents. Then he went and looked in mine. “Mr. Richards, Could I have a word with you, sir?”

I actually got butterflies in my stomach, like I was in trouble. I went over to my tent, “Yes?”

Your tent is a mess, Dad, ah sorry, Mr. Richards. You need to straighten it up before breakfast, so we will pass inspection.” Neal was so serious, I went and straightened up. When I came out he approved.

When I rejoined Jeff he said, “Don’t you just hate it when they’re right?”

I’m impressed, he is doing so well. I was kind of surprised they picked him as patrol leader. He is the youngest of the bunch.” I said.

They surprise you all the time. The others knew he had that natural leadership ability. Now our job is to cultivate it in Neal, and develop it in the others. You know he has impressed all the boys, by picking on you, and making you do what he said. None will dare cross him now.” Jeff was grinning.

At 7:50, we left camp, and went for flag raising, announcements, then breakfast.

Jeff and I attended adult training, and I learned about Two Deep Leadership, kind of adult buddy system, and youth protection. The Scouts have developed some really good stuff. I’m glad my boys will learn this.

At lunch, my six all had to show me their ‘Tot’n Chip’ cards. They could use a knife and ax now, and carry a pocket knife. Of course, they all wanted me to go buy them a pocket knife. I stalled. Maybe they had some in the trading post.

John Denson stopped by, and asked if I could come straight over to his office. I said sure.

We were dismissed, and I walked over to the office, and then realized my six were with me. “Where are you guys going?”

Neal replied, “Mr. Denson’s office. He said to come if we got our cards, and we all did.”

I had forgotten that.

John stepped outside, and greeted the boys. “I asked your leader to come, so he would know what went on here.” He called each boy, looked at his card, and then handed him a small box.

Each box had a red Swiss Army Scout Knife. These were perfect boy toys. They were so excited. They thanked him and then were off to camp.

John, you really didn’t have to do that.” I scolded.

Hey, the amount you overpaid, more than covered that. You might want to stop by the trading post, and pick up the leather knife holster kit. You want the large for those. Here, practice making one for yourself.” He handed me a box and went back into the office.

A Scout is obedient, so I stopped and bought seven kits.

I figured out my holder, and was ready to show the boys after dinner. They had a ball, and wore those knives with honor the rest of the week. I noticed my knife had my initials engraved, and asked Neal to see his, his initials. John had their initials engraved. Monty was surprised his had MTR. I explained that since I was adopting him, I filled out the forms with that name. Jimmy heard us, and looked at his again, and ran up and hugged me, big time. He had thought Mr. Denson had given them knives from the lost and found. That boy could break my heart.

Friday arrived, and I wasn’t quite sure where the week had gone. The boys were in a constant state of excitement. I had taken the training offered, and was very impressed with the whole Scout organization. I wished they could get a little good press.

Friday night’s campfire was the big event. The award for best troop went to a big troop from out of council, we won troop spirit. Finally John came to the center stage. “I have two special awards tonight. I have been working all week to get these processed, and approved. One of our leaders told me about this, and I have had the particulars verified. I would like Neal Richards and Mr. Tom Richards, to come forward.”

Jeff gave me a shove to get me moving, and I saw the boys prodding Neal along. We walked down to the front. John continued, “I have here before me, two real life heroes. You all have heard the story of the Good Samaritan. Well these two saw a young person, who had been beaten and abused, they did not hesitate, and they did not think about what trouble they would get in, they acted. Neal found the victim, and called his Dad. Mr. Richards used his Scout first aid, he had learned years ago, and administered first aid. When the victim regained consciousness, they wanted to call 911 but the victim was afraid, because of their past. Neal offered his own new clothing, since the victim was about his size. They refused to leave the victim, and eventually took him with them to safety. Their actions were life saving, and they acted in a completely unselfish manor. They put Help Other People from the scout oath and Helpful, Friendly, Kind, Cheerful and Brave from the law into practice. It is my pleasure to award each of you, the Boy Scouts of America Medal of Merit.” He handed each of us a framed certificate and pinned a medal on each of our shirts. The Scouts were applauding and yelling for us. I was completely taken, and Neal was crying, and I realized I was too. Suddenly Jimmy and Monty were there hugging us too.

John whispered into my ear, “I’m not done yet.” He held up his hand, in the Scout sign, and silence fell. “Mr. Richards, and Todd please stay, the rest of you can be seated. Now for the second Awards. Last Sunday night, Todd found the courage, to tell Mr. Richards, that he witnessed a murder.” There were gasps from the Scouts. “Oh, boys, it is even scarier than that, Todd had witnessed his father, commit the murder. There was absolute silence now. His father, who was physically abusing him. It took a huge amount of courage to come forward, knowing, you could die at the hands of you abuser, if he found out. For that act, Todd Gunther, The Boy Scouts of America awards you the Honor Metal.”

Applause no yells this time. Respect and sympathy could be felt radiating from the crowd of boys and men.

Now boys, we come back to Mr. Richards. Todd’s father had gone over the deep end, and came crashing onto the property. He was armed and shooting up the place. There was a State policeman there, to get Todd’s Statement. Mr. Richards found a rifle, and flanked the madman. When the State policeman tried to arrest him, the gunman was going to shoot, but was stopped by Mr. Richards. He acted at great risk to himself. His actions saved the lives of State Police Detective Captain Henry, Todd Gunther, Todd’s mother, and others in and around his residence.

For this, the Boy Scouts of America awards you the Honor Medal, with Crossed Palms.”

The crowd went wild. The boys were back. Bret Henry, came too, he hugged me tighter than my boys. He said to me, “Thanks for saving Grandpa.” I was definitely lost then. Suddenly, there was wind and I realized there was the sound of a helicopter. It landed, out in the field, on the far side of the fire. The Scouts did get a good dose of smoke. When the engine shut down, and the blades stopped, the doors opened. First off was Captain Henry, in his dress uniform, he was followed by a man I recognized, the Governor, then, a news film crew, with bright lights and all. I was thanked for my service, bravery and fast action. He also presented me with an award. He then said a few words, to the boys about how Scout values were very important, and with examples like me, they were very lucky. Then he was gone. Bret was now attached to his Granddad.

Nick surprised me, by coming forward, raising the Scout Sign. Them he led everyone in ‘Scout Vespers’, and the campfire was over. Neal, Todd and I were mobbed. Just a few minutes ago we were just Scouts, and now, wow. We finally got back to the site. Jeff showed up with a package of paperwork, that we then sorted through, and made sure we had all the right things for each boy. The boys were having their own little campfire, and soon were talking about plans for the next camping trip. Everyone slowly wound down. I was the last one up, and heard what sounded like sobs. I zeroed in on that, and it was coming from Monty and Todd’s tent.

I went over to the tent, and said softly, I’m up, if you want to talk. A rustling and Todd was in my arms. I managed to pick him up, and carried him over to the picnic table, and sat down. I let him cry for awhile. “Can you talk to me?”

He nodded, “I don’t want it to end. I’ve been free, this week. I could just be me.” The tears flowed again. I reached over and managed to snag the cooler. I fished out two cans. I handed him one. We popped them open, and took a drink.

It has been a really great week. But you aren’t going back to things the way they were. Every thing has changed now. Just because we go back home, doesn’t mean you leave your friends. Neal, Jimmy and Monty are right there, and Ben and Stephen. And every week we’ll get together with all these guys.” I reminded him.

Really? I can really be a Scout, and, and …” he choked up again.

Of course you can. Scouts honor.” I thought he was going to hug the stuffing right out of me. He wanted to talk about his experience, this week and shared how he had had so much fun, learning to swim and even the school stuff like first aid, cause he learned how to tie stuff on Monty.

He finally wound down enough to go back to bed. I was still wound tight, and went for a little walk. I walked down the trail, and heard a noise. I approached and it was Nick and Matt. They were jacking each other. I tried to back away and give them some privacy, but stepped on a stick. They both looked up, and saw me. Startled deer in headlights came to mind, then they were pulling up their pants.

Matt started crying, and Nick hung his head, “What you going to do?” he asked sheepishly.

Oh, shit, why me? I walked up and put an arm around each boy’s shoulder. And we walked away from camp. “How old are you guys?”

Nick, “Sixteen, in two weeks.”

Matt, “Fifteen and a half.”

Cool, now I’m going to tell you a few things that you will be real surprised to here. You didn’t do anything wrong.” They both stumbled and looked at me. “Yeah, you heard me. What you were doing is normal. I’ll bet 99 out of 100 men have done it. Chances are the one is lying. Now, I have a problem with where you were doing it. How would it look to say, Bret? Remember, you guys are the leaders.”

Yeah, we messed up, big time.” Matt said.

Relax. Now, I just took this adult training, and they are big on child protection. As a matter of fact, I shouldn’t be alone with you guys. Now, my concern is that of privacy. If you had moved off the trail, I never would have seen you. I want you to think about the example you were setting. Now secondly, I want you to be safe. You doing more together than what I saw?”

No,” they said together.

Surprise two; if you decide to, please be very careful. If you have questions, talk to someone who can give you good answers.” I told them.

Right, like who?” Nick asked.

Someone you trust, like maybe your doctor, parent, or maybe me.” I replied.

Nick stopped us. He turned to look at me. I was glad for the nearly full moon. “You?”

Yes, I happen to know quite a bit. Now, I’m not going to talk to you about it in a Scouting setting, but one to one or on the phone, sure.”

Wow, Mr. Richards, you are pretty kewl.” Matt informed me.

Thanks. Now how about if we try to get some sleep?” We returned and reveille came all too soon.

We all packed, and then we adults went to get our vehicles. Capt. Henry stayed in camp, with the boys. We returned and they started loading. Captain Henry and his grandson were going to ride back with us, since his car was at Haven. It was a tight fit, and a bunch of gear was tied to the roof. I hope they really are good with knots. Before leaving, I gave Nick and Matt, my cell phone number, and told them they were free to talk anytime. Goodbyes were said, and we headed out. We all went to the church, where the troop meets. We helped get the troop equipment stored in their shed, and had a circle-up. Jeff passed out the Summer Camp patches, and reminded the boys that they could wear their Camp T-shits to meetings, until school started. The parents then were arriving, and were full of questions about the governor. When they realized it was me who had received the award, they had even more questions. I’ll tell you right now, I was beginning to get weird feelings. I hadn’t really had to big a problem with shooting Gunther. I mean, he was your basic EVIL scumbag. However, all this attention was strange. I did what had to be done; Neal and Todd were the heroes. They were the ones with the courage to do the right thing. Maybe I was going to have to say something about that.

About then, a tall man with white hair, although I would guess he was early forties, came up to me. He held out his left hand to shake. “Hi, I’m Mike Little. I’m the real Scoutmaster. Jeff tells me you fit right in with us, I’m sorry. We meet Tuesday nights at 7:00. I hope we see you and your crew.”

Thanks. I don’t think the boys would let me live, if we didn’t come.” I replied. I saw Matt, watching with a very worried look. I met his gaze, and put my finger to my lips to tell him I didn’t say anything. Jeez, he looked relieved. Maybe with some time he will be more trusting.

Soon we were pulling up in front of the, (house just doesn’t do it justice) Manor, (that’s better). We had no more than stopped, when the door opened, and Alice and Genny came running down the steps to meet us. Todd was excitedly telling his mother what all we had done. Samuel and his brothers arrived, to take Stephen, and Frank and Nate came too. Soon all the gear was unloaded, and Mrs. Johnson directed us directly to the laundry, where we were told to empty our packs, and strip. She handed me a stack of towels. “You may not think so, but you are filthy, and you stink. Get in the shower, and wash off at least twice.” She grabbed Neal, and looked behind his ears. “Three times.”

We all laughed, and did as we were told. She was right; I could actually see dirt running down the drain. Two good scrubbings, and I was ready for lunch. Mrs. Johnson really put on a great lunch. However, I couldn’t resist, “Hey, no PB&J? Iced Tea? No Bug Juice?” The boys got a kick out of her reaction. They were quick to tell her, I was crazy and they were hungry for real food.

The rest of Saturday was just relaxing. I even went to bed early. Sunday morning I was up before reveille, oh I forgot. Well I was totally awake. I was reflecting on the last week. 'A Scout is Reverent' ran through my mind, and I knew Neal had been a Methodist, Jimmy didn’t believe at all, and I had no idea about Monty. I decided we needed to find a church. I went and woke the boys. After some grumbling, they were up and I told them to put on some nice clothes. More grumbling.

I then walked down to Alice’s room. I knocked and was surprised when she almost immediately opened the door. “Good morning, Alice. I’m taking the boys to church, and wondered if you and the kids wanted to join us.”

Depends on where you are going.” She replied.

I thought I would try the Presbyterian Church, where the troop meets.” I told her.

Oh, I haven’t been there. Okay, as long as we don’t go back to Revelation Church. They are a very closed minded bunch.” She was bitter and I figured there was a reason.

After a nice breakfast, we were off. Sunday School was at 9:30, and we arrived shortly after 9:00. Jeff was there as an usher. He told us where to find the Middle School class, for the boys, the grade school classes for Genny, and told us there were four Adult classes. He told us what each was doing. I decided to try Jeff’s class; they were beginning a study on Christian Beliefs, and what the Bible really says. Alice decided on the parents' class.

Jeff introduced me. I was the youngest in the class. Most were probably fifty or sixty. Jeff was delighted to no longer be the kid. I had a great time. There was a great exchange of ideas, and I found my mind stimulated. There was a lot of joking and laughter. I really liked this group.

After Sunday school, we gathered for church. Alice had liked her class, and said they were pretty much a discussion group on parenting problems, and she was excited about coming back. When the boys arrived, there were several familiar faces from the troop. I saw Matt with a group of older boys. Neal was excited, and came up to me. They said it was okay, I was Methodist, and Jimmy and Monty was nothings, and even Todd. The teacher is Mrs. Alexander. She said she heard about us, and was real glad we came.”

I led the boys into the sanctuary, and showed them how to use the hymnal, and read the songs. I said it was okay to just listen and read the words, if they didn’t want to sing. The service was very nice. Reverend Hall was very clear in his message. Another nice thing was he said what he had to say, and that was that. We actually were out just before noon. The kids were very excited, and want to go back next week. I looked at Alice, and we told them we sure would. We arrived home, and changed into some comfortable clothes, and had a casual lunch. After lunch, Monty and Todd went off on a horseback ride and Neal and Ben wanted to practice their knots, and went off to the barn, to find some rope. Jimmy came and found me, in my office.

Ah Mr., Richards?” I looked up and scowled. Mistake, he folded up inside himself. He started to back up. I reached out and took his hand, so he couldn’t get away.

Jimmy, I think the Mr. Richards thing, is fine with Scouts, cause all the adults are Dad to somebody, but here, call me Dad, or Pop or something.” I said to explain the scowl.

Oh, okay. Ah, Dad, I felt really weird at church.” He began.

I’m sorry; want to tell me some more?” I encouraged.

Well, everybody was talking about Jesus, and what he would do and they were really good at figuring it out, and well I never been to church, and I don't know.” I was amazed he was almost in tears. This was the boy who told me there wasn’t a God.

Well, I’m no expert, but I’ll tell you the story if you want.” I told him.

No scaring or corny lines.” He demanded.

I pulled him up in my lap, and leaned back in my office chair, and told him the story. I must admit I learned a lot by telling it. It really brought some things into focus for me. When I was done, I asked what he thought of the story.

Well, now I know how to answer. Just like a Boy Scout, huh? Do you think its true?” he asked me.

Yes I do. I think about all we know about this poor carpenter, and then think about famous people we all know existed, like Julius Caesar. We know a lot about Caesar, but we don’t know nearly as much as we do about Jesus.” I could see he was confused, so I said. “Who were Jesus’ parents?”

Mary and Joseph, every body knows that.”

Who were Caesar’s parents?”

Oh, I see. I need to think on this.” He said.

That’s good. If you still feel uncomfortable, after a couple more Sundays, we could try another church.” He shook his head and got down. I was alone again. I felt that maybe Jimmy was making a major breakthrough.

Monday started as a nice quiet day. Alice took Genny to her day care, on her way to work. Todd and the boys were off to the stables, to get a riding lesson, and Jim and I quickly caught up the estate business. I was playing a computer game, when my cell phone rang. I checked the caller and it said unknown. Well I answered.

Mr. Richards, This is Matt Little.” A timid voice said.

Hi, Matt. What can I do for you today?” I said.

Ah, well, ah, I got a friend see, and well he’s in big trouble,” he said.

End Note:

Yes a cliff hanger. Ha, I knew I could do it. ‘I got a friend…” Any bets on who this ‘friend’ is? Think you can figure it out?

The Boy Scout awards are real, and are for similar reasons. I do not really think Tom would have gotten the second one, since it was for killing someone. But, hey, I can make anything happen,

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Hi, don't tell Darryl, but I decided to read and edit this chapter; I really liked the scout stuff. I done a lotta studying about scouts and what they were supposed to stand for, and in fact, I guess most of them do. Tom is a good man and has done things that mean he risked his own life to protect people that he cared about. To me that is what scouting and morals are all about. You do something because you know it is the right thing to do, not because some stupid book says it is what you should do.

I won't even bother telling you what Delaren told me, when I asked him about religion. I don't think it can be printed in something that can be read by polite people.

After he stopped cussing, he said if I am not ashamed of it, then it is not wrong.

Maybe that is why I love him so much.

Thanks for reading this.

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