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Chapter 13

Ah, well, ah, I got a friend see, and well he’s in big trouble,” Matt said. It’s kind of related to you know, and well, I don’t know what the right thing to do is. I mean he trusted me to not to tell but he’s in deep.” I could tell Matt was pretty frantic.

Okay, calm down. Is this friend in danger?” I asked.

Well, he’s been kicked out, and his old man beat him up some. He’s got nowhere to go, and no money. He’s talking crazy.” Matt was almost crying.

How Crazy? Matt, How Crazy?!”

He’s talking about selling sex for money.”

Okay, is he with you?”

No, he’s in the mall, over in Penington.”

Will he come with you, if you go to him?”


Okay, where are you?” I got directions to his house. I pulled in and Matt ran out and Jumped in the passenger seat.

Penington was the closest town with a mall; it took a good forty five minutes to get there.

Matt called when we got near. “Moe, come out the exit by Sears. Yeah, I got a ride over. No, not Dad. No really, he’s okay, honest. Come on we’ll just talk and get some food.”

He’s coming.”

I was looking for a teen around Matt’s age, fifteen. Suddenly Matt opened his door and jumped out, He ran up to a little guy Neal’s age, no younger, he hugged him and brought him to the van, they got in the back seat.

Mr. Richards, this is Mohammad Benjonji. He’s in the Webelos Den I’ve been Den Chief for.” Matt said, as an introduction.

Hi, Mohammad.” I said.

Hi. Could you just call me Moe?” his little voice said.

Sure, Hi Moe. So, Matt, you really Larry? Nyuk, yuk, yuk.” I said, with my best Curly laugh.

Both boys laughed. I heard Moe ask Matt, “Where’d you find him, the ‘Funny Farm’?”

Hey, I resemble that.” That broke Matt up, and Moe just looked at me. I saw a Denny’s, and knew a lunch would be a hit, so I pulled in. “Come on; let’s get some eats, my treat.”

All right!” both boys answered. Soon we were settled in a booth, and both boys were chowing down. After last week at camp, I was getting used to seeing vast quantities of food disappear. Finally, they slowed down. We were after the lunch rush, so the place was clearing out, and we had some privacy.

Moe was on the inside of the booth with Matt next to him, but in effect trapping him, so he couldn’t run. This was about as good as I was going to get. “Moe, Matt, tells me you are in a bind. He wants to help, but can’t without your consent. You know there is an exception to the trustworthy and loyal thing, that is if someone is in danger.” I could see the panic in his gorgeous dark eyes. “Relax, He hasn’t told me anything, but he can if he feels it is to save you. Now, I really want to help, too. I do that kind of thing. I have three boys at home; one was beaten, and ran away from a group home, one was living on the road, doing stuff for food, and rides, and one was being shuffled from one foster home to another.” Matt’s eyes grew he hadn’t known all that either.

Now, I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to, but I want to be sure you are safe. I’m offering you a place to stay, and safety.” I was watching him process that.

You going to make me go home?” he whispered.

I promise; I will not make you do anything. We will probably need to talk about that, but there are other options. I know a real nice lady, who has worked to help my other boys, and I’m sure she’ll help you too.” I explained.

I don’t want to go back. See I’m supposed to, well my father wants to cut my dick off!” He exclaimed.

Matt about choked on his Coke, and I tried to get my lungs working again. I almost wished my ears weren’t working so well, but I couldn’t imagine, cut it off?

See, I’m to recite the Book, then they cut it off, and then everybody has this party. Well, I don’t want no party without my dick. Jeez, no wonder those guys blow themselves up. Why not if somebody cut your dick off.”

Matt put his hand over Moe’s mouth. “Quiet, people are lookin’.”

Well, there were two tables left, and they quickly went back to their meals. I guess they heard raised voices, not the words. “Yeah, I think we better continue the discussion out in the van. You guys finished?”

Soon we were on the road, headed back home. “Moe, I’m no expert, but I’ve never heard of this before. Could you fill me in?”

Yeah, it’s this Muslim thing. I’m supposed to memorize the Qur'an (Koran) then they circubize me, them they have a big party. And father says he will be proud to have all the men see ‘m cut it off. I really don’t want people watch’n, Oh, God!” He broke down in tears, and Matt tried to console him.

Well, now I had an idea of what was going on. Nobody had taken the time to be sure he understood what was going to happen. No wonder he was scared, Hell I’m an adult and I don’t think I would consider a circumcision with out a damn good medical reason, and anesthetic. Lots and LOTS of anesthetic, like gallons. Okay, I understand that, now to figure how he got thrown out, and if it was savable.

So you told your Dad you didn’t care for this whole thing?” I ventured.

Ah, well not exactly.” He admitted.

What exactly.” I demanded.

I, ah, said some things I shouldn’t. And then he slapped me, and I told him that the Qur'an that told him how to treat his son like this, was trash, and false and he hit me, and said he had no son, then threw me out.” Mohammad was crying.

I drove on home. The boys were all waiting for me. They were confused when Matt got out of the van first. He then helped little Moe, get out and introduced him to the others. I had Matt give me his phone number, and asked Moe for his, and he reluctantly gave it to me. I told the boys to show Matt and Moe around. I went in, and Jim was right there, as always. As we walked up to my office, I told him to call Linda Thompson, and have her come over, that we had another one. I got behind my desk, and turned on the computer, and Googled Muslim circumcision. I looked over a few sites, and figured there was a lot of religion tied up in this, and was worried that there may not be much hope if Moe’s father was a strict follower, and it sounded as if he was.

Jim buzzed, and said Linda would be over in two hours. “You better see if Fred Clemens can join us too. I dialed Mike Little’s number. “Hi Mike, Tom Richards, we met at the church on Saturday. –– Yeah, Matt’s with me. One of his Webelos was in trouble, and he asked me to help. –– He’s doing the right thing, here. I’d like to have him stick around here maybe for a couple of days, till things settle down. –– No problem I’ve got a huge place here. –– That would be great, I’ll see you after dinner.” I hung up, and Jim buzzed that Fred would be here too.

I took a deep breath, and Dialed Moe’s number.

Allah be praised.” A male voice answered.

Mr. Benjonji?” I asked.

Yes?” he replied.

I am Tom Richards. A friend of your son’s has brought him to me, and asked for help.”

I assure you I no longer have a son.” He said, with a dreadful finality.

Please sir, I think this is all a misunderstanding.” I was talking to a dead phone. Gee, that went well, NOT.

I did a quick camera search and the boys were with the puppies again, there were fewer puppies this time, so Frank had found some homes. I was glad. I then Buzzed Mrs. Johnson, and told her it looked like two more boys and two more adults for dinner.

Linda arrived first. Jim went to get her an iced tea, and we talked about the boys and how well they were doing. I told her about Todd, and my concerns that he hadn’t really shown any reaction to his father’s death. She said there was a pretty good shrink, not too far and both Todd and I might want to talk to her.

Fred arrived, and just stopped at the door, not coming in. “Tom, I have someone for you to meet. He has been kind of worried about being adopted.”

Fred came forward, bringing a boy about eight, maybe nine. Medium brown hair, brown eyes and a very serious look. He was taking in all his surroundings, I don’t think much got by this kid. There was a something that made me think this was an adult in a very young body, or at the very least, a kid who had seen way too much for his years. Suddenly I knew who he was.

I walked over, and extended my hand, “Hello Brian, I’m Tom Richards, I’m very happy to meet you.”

Fred’s jaw dropped. “How did you know? He just arrived this afternoon.”

I winked at Brian, which startled him. “I’d know the Neal’s buddy anywhere.”

Now Brian was surprised, “Neal? You know him? He’s okay?”

Yes Brian, he is fine. He is my son now, I have adopted him.” I told him.

Lucky stiff. Wish I could be adopted.” He said almost crying.

Fred jumped in, “Didn’t they tell you what was going on?”

Just to pack my stuff, I was going someplace else.” He replied.

Figures,” I said. “Well, let me give you the short version. When Neal ran away, he ended up with me. I fell in love with the guy, and adopted him. He had told me what happened to him, and how you saved him. I told Mr. Clemens to get you out of there, so I could adopt you too, if you want,”

If I want?” he looked at me like I was nuts.

Yes, that is a big rule around here. Nobody can force you to do anything you don’t want to do, with the exception of going to school, doing your chores, and you can never lie to me. Do you want to give it a try?” I asked.

Sure,” he was getting a little teary.

Great! Jim!” he of course was waiting right outside. “Show Master Brian, to one of the rooms in the boy’s suite. After he is situated he may return here. Then go find the tornadoes and bring Moe. Please do not mention Brian, I want him to be a surprise.”

Yes, sir. Come Brian, let’s find you a room. There are three for you to choose from.” Brian followed, looking kind of overwhelmed.

I filled Linda and Fred in on the situation with Mohammad. When I recounted the phone call, Linda shook her head.

What cruelty is done in the name of God! This could have been avoided so easily, but I’ll tell you from experience, that there is almost no chance of reconciliation. Unfortunately, the boy is about un-adoptable, His age and religion will pretty well seal the deal.” She was frowning, and shaking her head.

Not with me.” I stated.

Fred opened his briefcase, and handed Linda papers. “I thought I should carry a set, whenever I come out here. I mean he has another 50 rooms.”

We all were still laughing, when Moe and Matt entered. I introduced them.

Linda started, “Mohammad, I am Linda Thompson, from Child Protective Services. Mr. Richards has told me about your situation. He has also volunteered to be your Foster Parent, until things can be worked out. Would you be okay staying here?”

Really? Wow. Yes, yes, this place is neat. They got horses and puppies and a big pool. Sure this would be great!” Moe was excited.

How do you feel about returning to your family?” she asked.

My father will not allow that. He has cast me out, and by our traditions, I am now an infidel, doomed to Hell.” He was so sad.

I went to him and picked him up. “No little one, you are not doomed. God is good, and he will not turn his back on you. Look what he has provided for you just this day?” I pointed at Matt, “A true friend, to rescue you, a safe place to live, and a new family to love you.”

He began to cry, and hug me. Matt came over and hugged both of us. “Matt, later your Dad is coming to bring some clothes, and stuff so you can stay for a couple of days, to help Moe, okay?”

Way cool. I hope he remembers the swim trunks.” Well, I’ll tell him about that later.

Then Linda took over, asking Moe questions and filling out forms. As she was finishing up, Brian and Jim returned. His hair was wet from a shower, and he had on clean clothes. “Thank you Mr. Richards. I will try really, really hard to be a good boy.”

Hmmm, Maybe you should just try, the really, really hard, could be painful.” The adults laughed, and Brian looked at us strangely, and Matt blushed.

Okay, now it’s almost dinner time. Why don’t you all go to the dining room. Brian and I will wait here. Send Neal in to get me.” They left. I sat Brian in a chair facing away from the door, and said, let’s surprise him.

A minute later, “DAAADDD, come on we’re hungry.” Neal whined, as he entered the library.

I was trying not to laugh at him. Brian covered his mouth to keep quiet. “Neal, Come here please.” I said in my best adult voice.

He sobered up at my tone, and came right to me, studying my face. “What’s wrong Dad?”

I should get an Oscar for this, “Neal, its Brian.”

Neal paled and I thought he might pass out, “What about Brian? Is he going to be okay?”

I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him?” I pointed.

It took a few seconds to sink in, he then spun around and the two boys were in each other’s arms, in the sweetest hug I’ve ever seen. I smiled and told them to come eat, when they were ready. Well food is food and they followed me out, still holding each other.

Neal moved his and Brian’s settings way down the table, so they could talk privately. I told the other boys what was going on. After dinner, I had Neal introduce Brian to the others. Linda and Fred said their good-byes, and promised to get things worked out, as soon as possible.

Then the boys went off to their suite. When Mike Little arrived, we had a nice conversation. He was impressed with the house, and I told him that the Scouts were welcome to come and camp and use any of the facilities. He thanked me, and said they would take me up on that. I said we had a large pool and horses.

We said we would talk some more tomorrow night at the meeting. I asked when the Cubs had their meeting, and was told on Thursday night. I said I now had two Webelos. I told him about Moe and Brian.

Moe is a sweet kid. He has such a big heart. His father is a very strict sort. He was always checking that we weren’t trying to convert Moe. Looks like he was doing a pretty good job on his own. I’ll give his Den Leader a heads up.” Mike said, and he left a duffel bag for Matt.

I went to my office, and checked out the boys, Moe and Jimmy were on the PS2 and Matt was cheering them on. Monty and Todd were sitting on the couch talking. I found Neal and Brian in Brian’s room (right next to Neal’s). I clicked on the sound.

Neal – “Yeah it was getting pretty scary. This guy came up and was trying to get me to go with him. I was getting really hungry, and was about to get up when Dad came over and acted like he was real late getting to pick me up. Man that other guy disappeared like magic.”

Brian – “Wow, that sure was lucky. You could have ended up worse than at Juvy.”

Neal – “I have nightmares about that sometimes. Jimmy was doing that to survive for a year. I don’t know if I could have done it for long. I feel like Dad saved my life.”

Brian – “No doubt about it, Neal. I can’t believe this is real. I mean when it’s too good to be true, it isn’t real. What do we got to do?”

Neal – After hugging Brian, “The hardest thing is never lying to Dad. But he never gets upset, I was so scared to tell him about the stuff they did and that at first it was kind of cool and I liked it some. I was sure he was going to kick me right out on my ass. But he just got me a cold Coke. I asked him if he was kicking me out, you know what, he asked if I lied. He doesn’t care about stuff, as long as you are honest and don’t force anybody.”

Brian – “If we wanted to you know, and he found out, wouldn’t he punish us?”

Neal – “As long as we both wanted to, he is fine with it. He says it’s normal to want to. He didn’t even punish me when I sucked him in his sleep.”

Brian – “You sucked him when he was asleep? Wow, is he big?”

Neal – “Huge. Really had to stretch my mouth, he was real hot, and came in buckets, and tasted wonderful, best I ever had.”

Well he had me horned.

Brian – “You shoot stuff yet?”

Neal – No I’m not old enough yet, but Monty shoots, and Todd probably does, but I don’t know for sure. I think Todd is gay, like us, but Monty likes playing, but isn’t into sucking. Jimmy will do anything, but mostly wants to be sucked or fucked. Kind of weird, if you ask me. You want to play around?”

Brian – “Oh yeah. Haven’t had anybody to do that with since you left.”

I had quite a show for the next half-hour. After I had relieved myself, I turned off the monitor, and did some research on Islam. I was not encouraged, when it was time for the boys to turn in. There was minimal bitching, and soon they were moving to their rooms, except for Matt and Moe. Duh, I hadn’t gotten them a room. Well, there were two right there. “You guys can have these rooms right here.”

Moe looked at me with pleading eyes, “Do I got to sleep alone?”

He could sleep with me. My little brother does, all the time. I don’t mind really.” Matt said.

Sure, no problem, that okay Moe?” He was grinning from ear to ear, definitely okay.

I noticed that Monty left to go down the hall with Todd. Neal pulled Brian into his room. Okay, the devil possessed me, I stuck my head in there, “Neal, I didn’t see you pull him in here against his will, did I?”

Neal gave a ‘give me a break’ look but Brian looked scared shitless. Oopps I did it again. “Brian, come here son.”

He came over to me, warily. I scooped him up, and sat on the bed. “I’m sorry, guy. I was teasing Neal. You don’t know me yet. I’m going to protect you as best I can. No one can force you to do things anymore. In time, I hope you will come to trust me. I don’t expect it right away, it took Neal awhile, and sometimes I still feel him holding back. Just try to relax, and if something is bothering you, talk to me or tell Neal, and he can tell me, if you feel better that way. I gave him a kiss on the forehead, and sat him down. I kissed Neal goodnight, and went into say goodnight to Jimmy. He was the lone one out tonight. Then in to Matt and Moe, I didn’t kiss them.

Then down the hall, to Todd’s room. I knocked, and there was a lot of scurrying then a come in. The look of innocence was enough to convict them. Monty, was red as a beet, and Todd was breathing kind of heavy, and his lips were kind of red, and a little swollen, like he had just been sucking the hell out of a cock. Which I was sure was exactly what he had been doing. “Sorry about the fellatio interruptus. Just wanted to say good night to you guys.” I gave them a quick hug, “Have fun, goodnight.”

I made it back to my bedroom before breaking up. I wish I could have had a picture. (No I didn’t go save one from the surveillance system, although it did cross my mind.) So they had evidently picked up where they left off, and continued on. I’m happy for them, but still worried that Monty may have to disappoint Todd, in the future, but for now they were having a very good time, and that is what kids are supposed to do.

I was just starting to drift off, when there was a knock on my door. “Come on in.” I was thinking it might be Jimmy, since he was alone, but I was wrong. It was Matt and Moe.

Matt said, “Mr. Richards, Moe has a whole bunch of questions, and I don’t know how to answer. It’s about, like, sex stuff. I thought you might be able to help.” Matt and Moe were both blushing, and both looked like they wanted to run.

I patted the bed, “Come on up here, Moe. Matt, you can stay, or go back. It's up to you.”

I think I’ll go back.” He said, as he turned and left.

Moe crossed the floor, and squealed in surprise, as he sat up on the bed. “Oh, yeah, it’s a water bed.” He looked at me with a kind of strange expression. I couldn’t resist, I grabbed him and tickled him. He couldn’t help but laugh. I finally relented and he was in my lap. I wrapped my arms around him, and pulled him back against me.

He started to melt into me, then pulled away some. “That is not manly.”

Well, maybe, but it is father/sonly.” I replied.

Not my father,” he stated.

That’s too bad; he is missing out on one of God’s great gifts.” I told him.

He thought about that, and then relaxed back onto me. Damn, I was falling for another one. Was Fred right? I did have another fifty rooms, that is a very scary thought. I waited for Moe to start.

Ah, do you know exactly what was going to happen? Matt says he is sure they aren’t going to cut it all off.” He wanted to know.

I hugged him. “No they just remove the foreskin. That’s the loose skin that covers the head of you penis.”

My what?”

Penis, that’s the correct name for your dick.” I informed him.

Oh. Don’t it hurt?” he asked.

Well, I don’t know if they use anesthetic or not. Some may give you wine to get you a little drunk, that I don’t know.” I admitted.

I think it hurts. I don’t want anybody hurting my, penis. Why do they want to do that?” He asked.

If you read the book of Genesis, in the Old Testament of the Bible, it tells the story. When Abraham had a son, Isaac by his wife, God told him circumcise all the males in his house, as a sign that they belonged to the lord. Abraham did as the lord told him. Isaac was about a week old and his line became the Jews, and so they circumcise baby boys. Ishmael was also Abraham’s son, by another woman, and was thirteen. He is the root of the Muslim religion. Since he was older, the Muslim faith usually does this when boys are older.” I explained. I was surprised I remembered that story.

Moe was silent for a while. “I don’t want to disappoint God, but didn’t he give me the thing? Then why do I have to cut it off. I’m scared.”

I’m sure you are. I guess this comes to your choice. Your father wants this, so you will be a man, in his culture. If you are a man, then you should be allowed to make a man’s decision, however, you are only nine. You may want to wait a few years. I’m sure if you decide to do this, then we can find a place to do it in a way acceptable to you." I advised him.

I don’t have to do it now?” the hope in his voice nearly broke my heart.

As long as you are here, you don’t have to. I only have a few rules, you want to hear them?” I asked.

Yeah, I guess I better. I don’t think my Father will ever allow me back. I was most disrespectful. I called him bad names and said the Qur'an (Koran) was ah, ah,…” he trailed off.

I don’t know so much about how things are with your father. But my rules are simple. You have to go to school, you need to help with chores, and you can’t lie to me.” When I stopped, he looked at me expecting more.

That’s all?


What about prayers, and Masque and all that?”

If you want, I will try to get you all those things you need. If you want to evaluate different beliefs, that is fine too. I will not make you do anything, or not let you do anything, as long as you or anyone else will get hurt. Okay?” I questioned.

This is so strange. My Father had hundreds of rules that had to be followed at all times. Punishment was always swift. What happens to me if I break a rule?” Why do they all ask that?

I guess it depends on the rule and how bad you break it. This, I promise, I will never hit you, even in anger. We will probably talk about what was done, and then how to repair any damage, and how to prevent it happening again. It’s like Cub Scouts; you just need to do your best. That’s what I expect. Can you do that?” I hugged him gently.

I’ll do my best, I promise, Mr. Richards.” I settled down, and turned off the light, and got him under the covers. “This is nice.” He said, and then was asleep.

Poor little guy, had had one hell of a day.

* * *

Matt heard strange sounds, as he was returning to his room. He stopped, in the suite hallway, and listened. They were coming from Jimmy’s room. Sounded like grunts and groans, like he was struggling. Being worried, he slowly opened the door. The light by the bed was on. Jimmy was lying on the bed, with his legs way up over his head. He had one hand on his dick and the other was down doing something at his butt. As Matt watched, Jimmy pulled his hand back and Matt could see he had two fingers in his asshole. Then he pushed them back in, and groaned, stroking his dick. Matt gasped at the sight.

Jimmy froze, and looked over. He was so close to getting his jollies, and there stood Matt.

Matt said, “What are you doing, Jimmy? You okay.”

Oh shit.” Jimmy was too close to stop. He shoved his fingers back in and stroked fast and went stiff with his dry orgasm.

Matt didn’t recognize this as an orgasm, and thought Jimmy might be having a seizure. He rushed to Jimmy’s side, “Jimmy! You okay?”

Jimmy opened his eyes, “Yeah. You going to tell?”

Don’t Mr. Richards know you have seizures?” Matt asked.

Jimmy’s eyes got big. Then he started to giggle, this was funny, this fifteen year old just watched him finger fuck his ass, until he came, and thinks I had a seizure.

Jimmy, what’s the matter?” Matt was getting real concerned.

Matt, I’m fine. I was having sex with myself. I was having fun.” Matt looked confused, at Jimmy’s confession.

Look Matt, for a year I survived by letting truckers get off in my mouth, and ass. And well I got to where I really liked feeling things in my butt.” Jimmy explained. He figured he was out of Scouts but if he could minimize the damage maybe the others could at least stay.

You like that?” Matt asked. He had heard the guys talk at school about butt fucking. Some said it was much better than pussy. Matt had no idea, since all he had ever done was his own hand or a couple of times with Nick.

Oh yeah. You ever do anything?” Jimmy asked.

Just jacking off.” Matt admitted, as his dick was getting harder and harder.

Jimmy was thinking, this might work out. “Look, if you can keep this between us, I’ll teach you and let you do me.”

Matt tried to think, but his dick was as hard as Chinese arithmetic. Jimmy noticed the bulge in Matt’s gym shorts. He let his hand travel up inside the leg. Jimmy grinned, Matt wasn’t wearing anything under the shorts, and Jimmy wrapped his hand around that stiff rod. “Oh, shit Jimmy, I’m close man.”

Jimmy wasted no time, and pulled down the shorts, and sank his mouth around Matt’s hot erection. A swallow and the five incher was all the way in his mouth, and touching his throat. It had been a month since he had a cock this size in his mouth. He put all his experience into it. His tongue licking and head bobbing. Then Matt groaned, and started shooting. Jimmy didn’t miss a drop, and savored the flavor he had missed. This was really good cum, maybe the best he had ever had.

Matt had never had an orgasm nearly this intense before. When he was done, he collapsed onto Jimmy’s bed. Jimmy was knocked back and they ended up with Jimmy flat on his back, and Matt with his head pillowed on Jimmy’s stomach.

You’re not cut,” Matt observed, as he came back to earth. “I never got to see one like that up close.”

Jimmy just stroked Matt’s hair, and let his dick slowly harden. He noticed Matt’s breathing getting a little quicker, when his foreskin began to retract exposing the head.

Oh, jeez, that is hot. Now it looks like mine.” Matt whispered.

Yeah, just smaller. I had a bunch of truckers say it was just right for sucking. I won't tell anybody if you want to try.” Jimmy was fully erect again.

Matt felt like he was in a trance. There, right in front of him, was this beautiful boy dick. It was about three maybe three and a half inches. The foreskin was pulled back, and it was pulsing with the heartbeat. He raised his head, and moved closer. He let it touch his lips. Warm soft smooth, He opened his mouth, and let it enter. He ran his tongue over the head, then around the rim. This was a surprise, silky slick fun. He let it go all the way, until his lips were at the base. Now he slid back up, his tongue working the whole way. The real fun part, was up near the top. As his tongue wrapped around the head again, and again Jimmy was going crazy.

Jimmy had had his dick sucked, by some great cocksuckers, but this was off the scale. Matt was a natural. This was his first time, and he knew to keep his teeth covered, and to bob his head, and the tongue work was fabulous. In a surprisingly short time, he was in the throws of a dry orgasm. His dick became over-sensitive, and he gently pulled Matt off. “Matt, that was the best I ever had, and I’ve had a lot. Wow.”

I never even thought about doing something like that. All the guys at school talk about how gross it is, but it isn’t. Oh, shit, does this mean I’m gay, now?” Matt seemed horrified by the idea.

No way, Matt. It just means we are horny that’s all. As long as we both want to do it, it’s okay. I liked sucking you and really liked being sucked. We both got our jollies, so what’s the big deal?” Jimmy asked.

Yeah, we’re just a couple of horny guys. Okay, that works for me.” Matt seemed very relieved.

Jimmy smiled at him. He was thinking that Matt may not be gay, but he was at least Bi. No straight boy could suck dick like that.

End Note:

See guys, I didn’t forget Brian. And remember, it has been less than a month. Pretty fast really. Now Jimmy is very happy, but Matt has some things to figure out. Poor Tom, better order a case of Sex 101 text books. Fifty more rooms, I’m not sure I’m up for that, a whole soccer team is bad enough. Sigh. Let me know what you think str8mayb@yahoo.com

I’m so happy to have Brian here safe and sound. Maybe nightmares of him getting what I did, will stop. Let me tell you Moe is one cutie! Brian thinks so too. I think Dad is in love with him too, whether he knows it yet or not. I’m sure he is another brother.

Editor's note,

Silly Darryl, I found him sleeping again.

He did do the editing this time but he fell asleep again. I love finding him snoring I just put him in bed and came back down here, and decided to put my two cents worth in. It seems to me that things are really moving along fast for all the people here. Tom is a very loving man and he only wants the best for anyone he cares about. I notice that it doesn't take much for him to fall in love with a kid. When I get Darryl off his lazy butt and get him writing on his story again, I hope he will try harder to tell more about us and what we want to do. Hell, knowing how often he falls asleep, maybe I will write a chapter for him. He will be so surprised. I will just send it to bill and won't tell Darryl till after it is finished.

Thanks Tom for that good chapter.