Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

As I became aware Tuesday morning, there was a persistent tapping on my shoulder. I was comfortable on my side with a very nice warm body wrapped in my arms. A small body. My morning wood was pleasantly snug between those legs. Except for the poking getting more insistent I was one happy camper. I finally opened an eye. There was a pair of black eyes staring at me. It took me a moment to place them. “A pleasant good morning to you Mohammed.”

Mr. Richards?”

Yes, Moe?”

How come you are naked, sir?” Total innocence speaking.

I always sleep naked.” I told him.

Oh.” He thought a minute. “Is that your penis between my legs?”

Here we go. “Yes it is.”

Oh.” The gears were turning. “Its pretty big isn’t it.”

I’m sure it seems big to you but it’s about average for a grown up.” I replied.

You been circumscribed?” he asked.

You mean circumcised, and yes I am.” I replied.

Did it hurt bad?” he wanted to know.

I was a baby so I don’t remember.” I answered.

Are you a Jew?” He asked.

No, I’m a Christian. My parents decided to have that done because my father was, and so I would look like him, and because it is a lot easier to keep clean.” I told him.

He thought about that then timidly asked, “Can I see it?”

Well, right now it is pretty hard, and I need to pee, but if you want you can see.” I told him, as I got up and hurried to the bathroom. I started to close the door, but he was right with me. ‘Oh, well.’ I relieved myself, and he pulled his out and did the same.

My father would never do that,” he stated.

He never pees?” I acted astonished, really hamming it up.

He giggled, “No silly, let anyone see.”

Well, that is another difference between us. Just keep in mind, that just because we are different, doesn't necessarily make one right and one wrong, just different." I told him.

I think my Father is wrong. I think he is more worried about what the Mullah at masque thinks than what is good for me. He makes me memorize the Qur'an (Koran) but I also know what it says. I don’t understand how he acts, and the things I hear at masque, how they go with the Word.” He complained.

We walked back into my bedroom, “That is a big problem, with a lot of religion. Now I’ve only been to one Sunday at the Presbyterian Church, but in the class I attended we questioned how we thought, and what we had heard, and tried to determine what the bible actually has to say, on a given subject. We don’t let someone else tell us what it means, we figure it out ourselves. That just makes good sense to me, and from what I have read on the Presbyterians, that is a pretty basic belief.” I think I’m talking myself into really joining, wow again.

He was now looking right at my limp dick. “Looks funny now.”

I ruffled his hair, “Gee thanks. Please don’t tell anybody, mine looks funny, I’ll have lines waiting for me to get up in the morning, so they can see.”

He giggled, “Don’t worry, I wont tell.”

Why don’t you go get dressed, and wake up the others, so we can get some breakfast.” I suggested. He was off like a shot. The power of food and boys.

I hopped in the shower, and got dressed. I went by Todd’s room, but they were up and gone. I continued on down to breakfast. I was the last to arrive. I was thankful that there was any food left. When the feeding frenzy died down I announced, “Moe, Brian and I have to go shopping for some clothes today, the rest of you can come with us or stay here. There was much discussion, and Matt and Neal were really torn. They wanted to support the boys but, clothes shopping was less fun than mucking out stalls in the barn. I assured them it would be okay to remain here, and they gave in. The two nine year olds and I headed to the mall. I marveled at how different these two new additions to my family were. Brian was skinny but tall for his age, and Moe was small all around. Brian was pretty average in looks and intelligence, but Moe was stunning, wavy black hair, and eyes, flawless dark complexion, with way above average IQ.

It didn’t take long to get the boys outfitted. I got two weeks worth of underwear, three pairs of jeans, six shorts, a dozen T-shirts, and a couple of nice outfits too. The shoe store was next, two pair of tennis shoes, (or running shoes or whatever they call them now), and a nice dress shoe, we lugged all this out to the van. Now it was to the electronics store, I sent the boys to look for a couple of PS2 games. I told the salesman, that I wanted a desktop that a nine-year-old could use, and would suit his needs for at least two years. He made a recommendation, and I thought it a little on the up side, but told him I wanted two, and they were going to be a part of a house network. He said, this was a pretty big order. I said yes it was, and I would be adding to it. He went in the back to start getting the components, to build the CPUs. I looked at some gadgets then noticed the boys, their heads together talking, or should I say plotting?

I had told then to pick out a couple of games. Now, they took that to mean they got one apiece. (I meant 2 or 3 each but neither realizes I’m filthy rich.) I had moved close enough to hear.

Brian – “We both like these two and each want one other. How we going to get four”

Moe – “Maybe we can say…no that would be a lie and …”

Brian – “Yeah, we can’t lie to him. I sure don’t ever want to go back where I was.”

Moe – “Me either.”

The boys went, and put the games they wanted separately back on the shelf, and brought me the two they both liked. They were perfectly happy. The salesman came back, and said they had two technicians putting the computers together, and loading the software. I said that was great. I said I wanted to look around some more. I wondered over by the games, and decided that one PS2, and six boys wasn’t quite a match. I picked up a box, and handed it to Brian, and another for Moe, then I grabbed some wireless controllers, (See I have learned something trying to untangle the cords.) and, (surprise, surprise) the other two games.

The salesman's eyes were bulging, when I had all the stuff on the counter. He entered it all, and with the computers, flat screen 21’ high resolution monitors, and ink jet printers, PS2s, controllers, and games, the bill was staggering. I handed him my debit card. He dubiously scanned it, and waited for the amount to be rejected. Of course it cleared easily, I just grinned at him. He said the computers would be ready by 1:00. I told him I would pull the van up to the back entrance, at one and call him and we could load there, instead of several trips through the mall.

One more stop, before lunch. Scout headquarters was about three blocks from the mall. I told Moe, we needed to get him a new uniform. I kept an eye on Brian, as Moe tried on a shirt, for size. I just about cried for the longing I saw in Brian. I went over to him, and crouched down, so I was on his level. “You want to be a Scout too?”

He looked at me, “Could I please?”

Absolutely, let’s get you a uniform.”

I got them shirts, and council patches, pack numbers, Webelos belts, hats, neckerchiefs and slides. Then there were the books. There were booklets for religious awards. I took a minute to look at these. There was a set for Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu and Islam. I picked up two Protestant, and one Islam, for Webelos, and six Protestant and an Islam, for Scouts. I also got the Mentor and Counselor books.

At the check out, the clerk did a double take, when she looked at me, and pressed a button on her phone. “He’s here. Yes him!” She hung up. Mr. Richards, we have all wanted to meet you. We were all so busy last week, getting those awards so you could get them Friday. Whoa, this is such an honor. Soon a crowd of people was gathering around, to shake my hand. Moe and Brian were getting pushed away. I reached Brian first, and sat him on the counter, then got Moe, and held him. I felt the relief in both boys, as they knew I was looking after them. A man introduced himself as the council executive, and he handed me a book called the insignia guide and some little patches, with colored square knots on them. “These knots are worn over the left pocket the book will tell which is which, and also helps with the other patches.”

Eventually we got checked out, and everyone’s hand shaken. The boys were kind of quiet. “Hey Moe, think you could help Brian get ready for Thursday night's meeting? He has to like learn the Oath and Law right?”

Yeah, I can do that!” and they were busy.

No Denny’s today, I found a Chuck E Cheese. We had a ball. At first they didn’t quite know what to make of this place. I realized that neither boy had ever been in one before. I explained the games, and said my favorite was the gophers. It was well after one o’clock, by the time we got out of there. I called the electronics store and apologized for being late, but was on my way. They greeted me and loaded the equipment in the van. The store manager thanked me for business, and handed me a box, with about ten PS2 games. “These are some educational games for ages eight to fifteen. Something they can grow with. I thanked him, and said their three eleven year old brothers will like them too. His look was priceless. I closed his jaw, and said, “All adopted.”

When we made it back on the road, I took the two extra games out of the bag, and handed them back to the boys. There was shock and lots of thanks. Brian is the one who asked, “Why?”

I smiled at them, in the mirror. “I heard you two talking about them, and you decided to get the two you could share, rather than one only you wanted to play. I was impressed. That is the kind of thing that brothers do.”

Brian stared at me, in the mirror, and Moe was thinking, I could almost hear the gears spinning in his head. “Mr. Richards, we are going to be brothers, aren’t we?”

Yes, Moe, it looks that way. How do you feel about that?” I asked.

I miss Mother, and my little brother some, but I think I will be happy. I already have more choices than before. Father made all the decisions for all of us. Nobody ever asked me before. I never got to pick clothes, or anything. Thank you, sir.” Moe told me.

Yeah, same here,” agreed Brian.

Thanks guys. Look calling me Mr. Richards all the time, isn’t necessary. The other boys, Neal, Jimmy and Monty call me Dad; you can too, if you want.”

Really?” Brian asked. “I never had a Dad before.” Then, looking up and closing his eyes, he said, “Thank you God.”

I had tears running down my cheeks, now. Moe was studying Brian. “Brian, what did you just do?”

Brian looked at Moe, strangely, “I said a thank you prayer. I’ve been asking God and Jesus to give me a home, and a Daddy, for a long time. My prayers got answered, and I wanted to say thank you.”

That is not how you pray. You must face Mecca, and kneel and bow humbling yourself.”

Brian looked confused. I knew he didn’t know much about religion, but I knew he was honest, in his thanks, and that was what God wanted. Okay, time for Reverend Tom, again. “Moe, that is one way to pray. But it isn’t the only way. Some of us believe God is listening when ever and however we talk to him.”

Really?” he was astonished.

Yes, really. When I was young, I thought God only heard prayers if you were kneeling by your bed, with your hands folded together, or when you were in church. Then I came to understand that God knows us, and knows all we do and think.”

Yes, Yes that is true.” He agreed.

Well, if he knows my thoughts, he knows my prayers. So even if I talk to him silently, he hears. I also believe that every prayer is answered, but sometimes his answer is no, or not yet. Brian, how long have you prayed to get out of that place?”

Brian thought a few seconds. “Ever since I got put there, when I was six.”

Well, I think God wanted you and Neal with me. He had to make you wait until I was capable of caring for you. He answered, but you had to wait, see?”

Both boys looked amazed. Brian spoke first. “I’m glad I had to wait. If not I wouldn’t have Neal, or you or this place.”

I really shouldn’t drive when tears are blurring my vision.

Moe was quiet, the rest of the way home.

Mrs. Johnson met us, and took the clothes to wash them. She kept them separate, so she could mark whose were whose. The other boys materialized, and helped carry in the computers, and games. I was soon alone. I went to find Jim.

He was in the office. When I walked in he looked up and smiled. “Good afternoon, Tom. Mrs. Thompson called. Things are not going well with Mohammed’s father. He is refusing to admit he even has a son, and will not therefore sign any papers. Mr. Clemets has secured the courts approval, on the adoption of young master Brian, and since he was signing those, he also finalized Jimmy and Monty, provided no protests are filed in 12 months.”

Wow, I don’t know how he does it. Please let the chef know we need a cake to celebrate my new sons. Also get me Mr. Benjonji on the phone.”

I went in and sat at my desk, and watched the boys assembling the computers, when Jim Buzzed, and told me Mr. Benjonji was on line three. I took a deep breath, and punched the button. “Good day Mr. Benjonji, I know you are throwing away your son, fine, but listen very carefully, if you continue, as you are, there will be a large amount of press, court ordered blood tests, formal charges of child abandonment, and child abuse. Using your religion, will only get you bad press, ask your Mullah, if that is what he wants to deal with. Sign away you rights to the boy, you have already disowned, and everything goes away. Think about it. If those papers aren’t signed very soon, the press will be at your door, and your Mullah’s.” I hung up without giving him any chance to reply.

Well done sir.” Jim’s voice was filled with respect.

I was nearly panting, “Yeah, thanks. Threaten those I love and I don’t pull any punches. You might want to get the network and major papers contact information in case I need to carry out that threat.”

With pleasure Sir,” he retreated to his office.

I got to relax for about ten minutes. The boys had the new PS2s hooked up to TVs from I’m not sure where, and were playing. I noticed Matt was missing about the time there was a knock on my door. I clicked off the screen.

Me – “Come in”

Matt – “Can I talk to you?”

Me – “Sure, come and have a seat. What a Coke or something?”

Matt – “Not right now, thanks. I want to talk about last night.”

Me – “I didn’t mind you bringing Moe. He fell asleep so stayed here.”

Matt – turning very red, “No, about after that. I was going back and Jimmy was, ah, was doing it by himself, and I kind of saw and well.”

I don’t know how there was any blood for his basic life support; it looked like it was all in his face, and ears. “You know boys jack off. Matt, I saw you and Nick, remember.”

Matt – “It turned into more. He saw how boned I was and well he grabbed me then, oh God, he sucked me off,”

Me – “If you didn’t want the contact I will have a talk with Jimmy.”

Matt – “No! Ah, sorry. No I wanted it and it was really great.”

Me – “But?”

Matt – “His was right there and it was so, ah, beautiful, I sucked it. I really liked that. I want to do it again. I have been thinking about it all day. I keep popping boners, every time I look at him. He said we were just horny, and not to worry. It’s more, I’ve been horny a lot, but not like this. Am I turning gay?”

Me – “Wow. Must have been some night. I remember the first time I did stuff with my best friend. All I could think about for days was doing it again. It turned out he wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was. After a few more tries, we stopped. Then there was another boy, he approached me and offered to trade bjs. I hadn’t done that, but said okay. We went over to his place, and I’ll always remember that afternoon. Anyway we became good friends, and did stuff for a couple of years, until I had to move. I thought for sure that I was gay. Then in college I hadn’t been able to find a guy I liked, and met a girl. She and I really hit it off. We started doing stuff, and WOW, it was great too. She could suck better than my other friend, and sex was fantastic. I think we might have gotten married, but she had to drop out because of home problems, and we slowly lost track and drifted apart. She is now married to a really nice guy, and lives in Kansas City. So I guess the moral here, is don’t get real wrapped up in a label like gay, straight or bisexual. You are what you are.”

Matt – “Wow, I had no idea. What about Scouts? Don’t they ban gays?”

Me – “My understanding is the Charter Organization makes the determination, on the morality issue. If they don’t know and you don’t run around trying to screw every boy in town, I don’t think there is a problem. I would be especially careful at Scouts, but I think you are learning a lot from them.”

Matt – “What should I do about Jimmy?”

Me – “What do you want to do?”

Matt – blushing again, “I want to do it more.”

Me – “Go get him alone, and tell him. I’ll bet he does too. If he wants to do more, use a condom.” I got up and went into my room, and handed him three foil packs.

Matt looked at them, and put them in his pocket. “Thanks.”

Let me know when you two need more.” I patted his back and watched as he walked out with a respectable bulge leading the way.

After dinner, the special cake was brought in. The boys got real quiet, and looked to me and back to the cake, and three large candles. I stood, “Tonight it is my huge pleasure to present to you officially; Mr. Monty Thomas Richards, Mr. James Gordan Richards, and Mr. Brian Baxter Richards. Mr. Clemets called this afternoon, and things have been finalized and signed by the judge. You boys are now my sons, legally. The three ran to me and hugged me and everyone was talking and patting backs. Moe looked on sadly. I pulled him into a hug, and whispered, “What's wrong?”

I wish it was me too.” He returned.

If you really want that, I will try to make it so.” I was rewarded with a very happy face. The Pastry chef had outdone himself; the cake was a delight and disappeared faster than rain in the desert.

After the cake was gone, I reminded the older boys, it was Scout night, and they took off like a thundering herd. Brian and Moe looked kind of lost. You two get the PS2 all to yourselves, all three of them. If you need anything Mrs. Gunther is here, and so is Mr. Jim. And Thursday night I get to take you to Scouts.”

Then they were off, talking about which game they were going to play, while the PS2 hogs were gone.

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I really enjoyed remembering my days as a scout. I know the scouts have been given a bad rap about their stand on gays. But as you said there is not always the way it is portrayed.


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