Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

That night at Scouts I got to meet the boys who weren't at Camp. The meeting was run by Nick and he did a remarkable job. Mike Little took me aside, and we talked about my boys and what I wanted from the troop. He then excused himself and called the boys over to a corner of the room, to talk to each privately; my three along with Ben, Todd and Stephen and three other boys. At the end of the meeting, we did a circle-up. Mr. Little introduced me as a new adult leader, who if they treated me good, would let the Troop come on my farm to camp and use my pool and maybe ride horses. That got lots of enthusiasm and then he introduced Neal, as the patrol leader of the 'New Boy Patrol' the others applauded then Neal introduced the boys, including the three additional ones I had seen Mike talking with. Then Mike said, "I don't ever remember having 9 new boys and having them all earn Scout at the same time. Luckily I heard about this crew and Summer Camp, so I stopped by HQ. Troop 316, I introduce to you, our new Scouts. He went around the circle and congratulated each boy by name and handed him a rank patch, and a Scout handshake.

After everyone was dismissed, Mike came back over to me. "How is it going with Matt and Moe?"

"Matt is doing a wonderful job. As a matter of fact, he has been working with Moe and my other new boy, Brian. They are looking forward to Thursday night. I hope Matt can stay at least that long. It is really nice to have a responsible young man, to keep tabs on the hoard. I wouldn't mind keeping him all summer." I told the proud father.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

I hadn't really thought about it, but it sounded like a great idea to me. "Sure, I'd pay too."

"Let me talk with Sarah, I'm being sent to Surrey, Virginia, for a two month training course. Sarah was going to visit her sister, who has younger kids, David's age. Matt has been bitching about having to go baby sit. He would probably like staying here and being able to see his buddies Tuesday nights, I'll let you know Thursday night."

We shook hands and left for home. The boys were wired for sure. I dropped off Ben and Stephen then went on to the house. The boys went in. I noticed Matt hold Jimmy back. I waited till they finished their discussion. Jimmy was definitely excited, and about to pull Matt up the steps. I called out, "Jimmy, you go on, I need to talk to Matt a minute." I got a serious look from both boys.

Jimmy went on in and Matt waited for me. "Looks like Jimmy liked the idea."

Matt still looked wary, "Yeah, that what you wanted to talk about?"

I smiled, "No, Jimmy can handle himself, I'm not worried. Your Dad and I talked," the look he gave me was incredible. "Not about that! Jeez. I would like to offer you a summer job."

"Wow, really? Doing what?" he asked.

"Basically, what you have been doing the last two days. Be the supervisor. Kind of herd the boys away from serious trouble. You get to stay here and I'll feed you and pay you $200 a week. Now I'll only give you $50 the other $150 goes into the bank, for college." He nodded so I continued, "Do you have the swimming merit badge?"

"Yes sir and Life Saving too. I can watch them in the pool. I'll have to go home, and get my suit."

"I'll warn you, the boys have discovered skinny dipping, and there is a twelve foot privacy fence, so you can join them if you want." I told him.

"I don't know, I mean I got hair and what if I pop a boner." He worried.

"Well, they see me and I've popped one more than once, especially with some of the play between Todd and Monty." I confessed.

"Okay, I'll think on it." He said.

"Well, you better get in there, before Jimmy finishes by himself." I kidded him.

A blushing Matt disappeared inside.

When I got up to the door, Jim was waiting, "Mrs. Thompson called. It would seem Mr. Benjonji has had a change of heart and is being most cooperative. His Mullah has even been in touch, to express his concern, and they are signing papers in the morning. Moe will be eligible for fostering, or adoption by noon."

I glanced at my watch, "I guess I'd better wait till morning to call her back."

Jim grinned, "She said you would say that and if you did, I was to tell you if you waited, she wouldn't let you have him."

"She doesn't play fair," I moaned.

"No, sir, not when children are involved." Jim smiled and closed the door behind me.

Linda filled me in on how Moe's father had done a complete turn around. I was laughing, and she was getting huffy. I confessed to my phone call and she was roaring right along with me.

It was getting late by the time I was finished telling Linda exactly what I wanted to see happen with Moe. I checked on the boys. They were paired up; Monty and Todd, Moe and Brian, Matt and Jimmy. Neal was alone, and the only one with a light on.

I stuck my head in his room, "Hey, guy, what's up?"

"Just thinkin' 'bout stuff," he looked up with a very serious expression.

"You need to talk?" I offered.

"Maybe, can I sleep with you tonight?" he asked.

"Of course you can." I put my arm around him, and we walked back to my bedroom.

We settled in bed, he was cuddled up to me. "I've missed this, Dad."

"Yeah, pretty nice. It's been awhile, like three weeks." I replied softly, rubbing his back. Man he was tense about something. I was worried something had happened with Brian, or Jimmy. Was he jealous of Matt?

Just before I screwed up by talking, he said, "Dad, I'm really confused." I waited and continued stroking him. "I see how Todd feels about Monty, and now Jimmy with Matt, and Why don't I feel like that with Brian? I mean he saved my life."

Okay, so I was wrong, He's not jealous of one of them, he's jealous of all of them. God this kid doesn't make my life very easy. He is expecting romantic love, at ten, in twenty four hours. "Look, I'm almost three times you age and I don't have someone to feel like that with." That felt wrong, why did that feel so wrong?

"I mean I love all of them and getting off is cool but, well…" He trailed off into silence.

"Well?" I am brilliant sometimes.

He tensed even more. "When it was just us, I felt, well, so special."

Okay, his body language let me know that was the big confession. I hit the replay about a dozen times. I don't think he meant he wanted to be just he and I again and dump the rest. I was not seeing something. This shouldn't be so hard to figure out. "You are special, Neal." Wow, big wonderful hug, arms around neck, kiss planted right on my lips. BINGO, Now I was on the right page.

"Neal, what about the other boys?" I asked gently.

"I just don't feel the same with them. When we can be together like this, I get all butterflies in my stomach and nervous about what you are thinking, how you are feeling, do you feel about me, like I do you?" He was tensing again.

"Right now, this instant, I'm confused too. I ask you guys to not lie to me, so I won't lie to you. I will admit I have some feelings for you I don't have with the others. I don't know if it's because you entered my life first, or what. I think I know where you want to go. I'm very excited that you feel like that. The thing is, I'm seventeen years older than you. At our current ages, that is huge." Oh. God he was all tensed up again. "When you turn 18, I'll be 35. Then the age thing doesn't matter legally, but it does now."

Neal was crying, I could feel his tears. "Neal, I love you."

His head shot up, and those puppy eyes bored into me. "You do?"

That did it, Tears, running down my cheeks, blurring my vision, and stuffing up my nose. I took him in my arms and hugged him. I could see my tears dropping on the back of his head and neck. I was rocking my baby and giving him a shower of love. When he was sufficiently drenched, I regained my composure (well kind of).

"Yes, I love you. I do not need you to do anything just be you. You are such a really neat kid. When we met, I was just trying to help a kid in trouble. Then you came out of the bathroom, clean with that baggy T-shirt, I knew there was something special happening. Then you came running to me, in the storm that night. I've been yours, since then." I was still hugging and rocking.

"Wow," he said. "I was so scared. That weirdo in the bus station was offering me food and a place to stay, but it felt so wrong. Then you came over, I had been watching you and dreaming you were going to rescue me. My heart was beating so fast. I wanted you to be this really great guy and so afraid you weren't. You made me tell you what had happened and I just knew you were going to make me leave but you got me a Coke. Man you confused me. I thought for sure you were going to do it to me that first morning and I knew it would hurt real bad, cause you are so much bigger than the boys. I was kind of hoping you would and would like it so I could stay." He was crying now and my water works were at full production, too. "You just made some joke and went and peed. I was more scared then 'cause I didn't know what was going on."

"Oh, Neal, sweetheart, I'm sorry I should have tried to talk to you more." I apologized.

He then turned and looked at me. "You know when I knew I loved you for sure?" I shook my head. "Well, when you took those pictures and didn't let me take off my undies and then showed me you erased the camera, and computer. You were making sure I knew I was safe."

I was exhausted after that good cry. I reached over and turned out the light. A little sloshing around, and we were settled under the covers.

"I love you, Dad.

"I love you, Son.

Neal was soon in dreamland. I was lying there stunned. I replayed the whole conversation several times. A few things crystallized for me.

  1. I loved Neal like a son.

  2. I loved all the boys like sons.

  3. I needed to tell them each and every one. Often.

  4. There is something very different about my feelings for Neal and I need to figure it out.

As I was drifting off, I realized how much I missed having this boy cuddled up to me. The others were nice, but this felt absolutely right.

I slept extremely well and was refreshed when I woke up. I had evidently had a wet dream, since Neal and I were pretty well stuck together. He was giggling. And the ripple effect on the water bed was fun. I gave up and wrapped my arms around him then carried him into the bathroom. I held him in the shower while he turned on the water then in we went. I don't know when I ever enjoyed a shower so much.

After breakfast I asked Jimmy to come see me in my office. He looked pretty apprehensive and so did Matt. Sigh.

"Yes, sir?" he said.

"Come here son," I replied. He came and stood in front of me. I reached around him and gave him a big hug, pulled him up in my lap. "I haven't had a chance to talk to you much lately. I got something to tell you. Jimmy, I love you, son."

I should have been prepared. I mean those words startled Neal, and Jimmy had felt so very un-lovable. He jerked around to look at me and went right off my lap. I'm glad my Uncle had plush carpet. I swear his eyes were like saucers as he stared up at me. Then the tears began to trickle down his cheeks. OOPH! I had a lap full of hugging boy. If he had squeezed any harder, I wouldn't have been able to breathe. "Oh, I love you, too, Dad."

We spent a while just holding each other. "Jimmy, I am glad you came with us and decided to stay. I'm so happy to be your Dad and I want you to always remember that a Dad always loves his son, no matter what. I may be disappointed by something you do but I will never for any reason, not love you. Thank you for coming into my life."

"Dad, you saved me. I know, if I had kept doing what I was doing, I would have ended up dead. I had a couple close calls and inside knew there would come a time..." He took a couple of deep breaths. "What am I going to do about school? I should be going into the sixth grade, but I missed all of the fifth and half of the forth."

"Good point. You want to be in the sixth with Neal?" I asked.

The stupid-adult look.

"Okay, how about this, I'll contact the middle school and find out what you need to know. Matt and I will work with you and Neal too, to make sure you're ready in September." I suggested.

"Oh, man, summer school." He whined.

"Never! It will be some basic review for an hour or two after lunch when it's too hot to be outside."

"That might be okay."

We hugged and he got down. "What did you want to see me about, Dad?"

"I just wanted you and me to have a little time, that's all." I said.

"Way Kewl, Dad. Love ya too." And he was gone.

Wow this was really nice. I ran my search program and Monty was in the stables. I decided to take a walk. When I got there, Monty, Stephen and Ben, each had a puppy on a leash and Frank was working with them. Frank was facing me and the boys away from me. He winked and I moved back out of sight. He had the boys run their pups through their paces. The boys were trying so hard to please Frank and the puppies were trying to please their boy. I knew I was in serious trouble, a boy and his dog. Oh, crap, how can one get a puppy and not the rest?

Frank spoke up loud enough for me to hear, "Okay boys, you win. I said if you would take the responsibility to train the puppy, feed and care for it and housebreak it, I would talk to your parents." I nodded to him. "So Stephen, your Mom is waiting to meet Patches." Stephen and Patches disappeared. "Ben, your mother was a hard sell. If you mess up, she will make me unhappy and I will make you unhappy. You can take Iggy home." Ben hugged his Dad and was gone.

"Its okay, Mr. Frank. I know Dad said no. Could you maybe let me keep Jack here in the barn?" Monty was down on his knees, loving on his dog.

Frank gave me a pleading look. I waved him away, and approached Monty. I don't understand how things get timed the way they do, but it was perfect for me to be here, to handle this. I reached down and picked up Jack, and was rewarded with puppy wiggles and licks. Monty gasped as he realized I had his puppy.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I won't let him in the house. Please don't hurt him. He's a good dog, really. Dad, please don't…" Monty was collapsing right there on the barn's dirt floor. I gently sat down next to him.

I put Jack into his arms, and then pulled him into a hug. "Monty, I'm not going to hurt Jack. You haven't done anything wrong. As a matter of fact, you have done exactly right. You have trained Jack and he is bonded to you. You have worked hard training him. He's really house broken?"

"Yes sir. Mr. Frank had us set up a stall with a rug and chair and table. We stayed with them and took them out and he has learned to use a doggie door. I bet Mr. Samuel could put one in, so he could get out if I couldn't go out with him."

"I bet he could. So how do you think your brothers will feel when you have a dog and they don't?" I asked innocently, (Yeah, right)

He was looking up at me, his eyes widened, "You mean it? Really?"

"Really." I was smothered by boy hugs again. I could get used to this.

"Their tough luck. We all asked and Mr. Frank told us how hard we had to work, and the others decided to not try. Wow, I get to keep him." Now, Jack was being smothered and liking it every bit as much as I.

Jack was a 100% all American mutt. He was about four months old. I knew Frank had mentioned having the remaining pups neutered, the last time the vet was out. We had plenty of dogs and cats and didn't need a lot more. He was so cute, licking Monty. My guess, judging by his feet, he was going to be a nice medium size dog. He was mostly brown, with a white tip on his tail and black markings on his face.

"I think we need to give Jack a good bath, so Mrs. Johnson will let him in the house. I'll get word to Samuel, about the door. Just keep a sharp eye out cause pups sometime chew shoes and furniture when teething. You know, maybe we need to take a trip to the store, and get what we need." I told him.

"Yeah Dad, could we? He needs a collar and leash, bed and bowls and toys, and…" I was being dragged towards the van.

I was almost laughing at him, by the time we reached the van. I flipped open my cell and called Jim, telling him I was going to Pet-Smart.

I had a complete blast. Monty wanted everything so I had to rein him in some. Even so, Jack was one lucky dog.

When we got back in the Van with all the stuff, Monty hugged me and whispered, "I love you, Dad."

"I love you, too, son." At least he didn't fall out of the vehicle, he just hugged me tighter. "I really mean that. You are mine now and I love you as any good father loves his son." Gee, I wonder why my shoulder was getting wet.

We got home and Jack got his first bath. I think Monty was wetter than the dog. After drying him (well both), he got his new collar. He was one proud puppy. I carried the supplies to Monty's room and set the doggie bed in a corner.

"He can sleep in my room?" he asked.

"Of course, he's your dog. Now his food will be kept in the kitchen, but a water bowl up here is good. I put a bowl on his bed and in a flash; he filled it and put it on the floor, in his bathroom. I piled the brush, comb, tick remover and dog toys, on the bed also. I held onto the treats and rawhide chew bones.

"Jack, come." I commanded, and he obeyed. He sat right in front of me. I knelt and praised him and scratched behind his ears. Oh, the look of doggie heaven. I then gave him his first rawhide bone. Monty and I both were laughing at him. Now this was some quality time with my boy.

Lunch was interesting, with all the boys trying to sneak Jack a treat, under the table. It got so ridiculous I finally had to be a Dad and make the rules. No feeding the dog at the table. 'Accidentally' dropping food, you lose desert. Sometimes being Dad is hard.

After lunch, I had Jim contact the school to find out what we needed for Jimmy, Neal and Brian. I then found Brian, Moe and Matt, in the library. "Hey, guys, what are you doing?"

Matt looked up, "Oh, hi, Mr. Richards. We were just doing some Webelos stuff with Brian."

"This is fun. I'm going to earn patches and pins and stuff." He was beaming.

"I can't wait. Can I talk to Moe for a few minutes?" I asked.

Moe jumped down and ran over to me. I took his hand and we took a walk. Once outside I began, "Moe, this morning, Mrs. Thompson had a meeting with your father." He gripped my hand tighter, but didn't say a word. "He signed some papers saying you were no longer a part of that family." He stopped walking and began to sob. As I picked him up, his arms went around my neck and his head on my shoulder. I started walking again, patting and rubbing his back.

"I'm sorry that has happened to you. Now listen to me for a minute. I told Mrs. Thompson, to have the papers set up, for me to directly adopt you. I know it is all very scary and confusing. I want you to know that we want you to be part of our family. I want to be your Dad. I promise to always be here for you and to love you." Aw, who needs to breathe, his arms were tight around my neck as he sobbed onto my shoulder.

Finally he cried himself out. He lifted his head and looked at me. "You want me? Really?"

I gave him a quick hug, "Yes I want you, if you want us. I don't want you to feel forced into this. You won't be able to get away by being bad. I will never, for any reason stop wanting you. I might get angry at something you do, but I will never, ever stop loving you."

I was amazed he could smile that widely. I received another big hug. "Ah, I had to give them a name for the paperwork, unless you want to change it, I told them, Mohammed Ben Richards."

His smile even grew wider. "Yes!" I could not breathe for a while, it's okay, really…

Now it was Brian's turn. We walked out across the lawn. He started, "I feel, like, free here."

I smiled, "So do I. It's weird how things change so fast. A month ago, all our lives were drastically different."

"Huh?" he questioned.

He was staring at me, with that 'adults are so weird' look. I couldn't take it, I started laughing. I swear the kid rolled his eyes! How was I supposed to recover?

"You act like this a lot?" Come on kid, give me a break.

"No wonder Neal likes you, you're funny." Oh-my-God, I can't breathe again. I think I'll just pass out here. My side really hurt. Damn it! That's not funny. Kid, stop shaking your head like that, I really need to breathe, please just one good inhale. Okay, on my knees is good.

"Mr. Richards?" Brian asked.

Oh, please don't look at me. Oh lord the look. Maybe I can just die. It's not fair. He's just standing there looking at me. Okay, I'm just going to fall over on my side, that's good.

I wasn't going to look at him. I grabbed an ankle and soon was tickling him. Revenge! I didn't let up, until he was begging for mercy and had tears running down his cheeks too. Then I gathered him into a nice hug and we both regained ourselves. Okay, I was good, well, except for the pain in the side, hoarse voice and grass stains. I could tell when Brian came back to the present, he tensed and froze.

I didn't move, just held him gently. "You're safe here. I mean both at Haven and in my arms. I'm really your Dad now. I know you may not understand this right now, but I love you, Brian. Thank you for being just who you are."

He relaxed a little, and looked into my eyes. It was amazing, how mature that look was. He seemed to challenge me, to prove it.

"I want you to know you are as important to me, as any of the others. Anytime you need to, you can come to me, even in the middle of the night." I smiled at him. He nodded and we got up and returned to the house.

Okay, that has been fun. Maybe I need to touch base with Todd. I found him, with the others at the pool. Since Matt was still inside, they were in the shallow end, having a splash war. "Cease Fire!" I yelled. The war paused in mid splash, now that kind of power was cool, oh, kewl. "Todd, can you spare a few minutes?"

"Ah, sure." Oops, skinny dipping, I turned and walked back towards the house.

He caught up to me, with shorts and pulling his T-shirt on. "What's up, Mr. R.?"

"Well just seeing how things are with you." I said.

"I'm great! Everything is perfect! What's not to like?" His voice faltered, there at the end. We had reached a little shady spot and I stopped, and turned to look at him. He looked up at me then dissolved into tears, grabbing me and holding on for dear life.

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