Chapter 16

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SPECIAL WARNING: This Chapter contains Potty Humor. If this offends you don't get all flushed, just close the lid and move on. You've been warned so no nasty cracks.


Chapter 16

Todd held on to me like a life preserver in the middle of the ocean. His sobs rocked his entire body. He was releasing emotions he had kept locked away for Lord knows how long. We sat there in the shade as Brian, Moe and Matt went to the pool. Todd eventually wore out. 'I've ruined everything.' He finally sobbed.

I sat him up and lifted his chin until he was looking into my eyes. 'No. You have not ruined a thing.'

Shaking his head, 'First I got Monty kicked out and then my old man went nuts because of me bein' queer. Then he kilt that guy, then he came after you and it was all because of me.'

'Oh Todd, you aren't responsible. You are a boy, he was a man. He was the adult. He was responsible for his own actions.' That little speech didn't seem to have any effect. Try this, 'Todd, you are not responsible for getting your Father started. He had committed at least four murders before you and Monty did anything.'

He looked up questioning. 'But…' That got him thinking. 'Maybe.'

'No maybes. Todd, you are a good kid. The only thing you are guilty of is being curious. That is completely, absolutely, 100% normal. You aren't the only curious boy here.' I told him.

'What?' Todd glanced towards the pool where the rest of the boys were.

I chuckled, 'Pick one and you'd be right.'

'Wow.' His arms were still holding me.

'Todd, Mrs. Thompson gave me the name of a counselor she thought we should go talk to.'

'We?' he whispered.

'Yeah, you and I. Your Father has both of us all wrapped up inside. We need to work things out and let ourselves release our guilt.' I explained.

'You? But why you?' He sounded scared, or worried that I needed to go.

'I'm worried by my feelings. I killed a human being. That is a big deal and I haven't really dealt with that. I know it had to happen and in some ways, it saved lives, but the killing is still there.' I confessed.

'K, I'll go too. I got a bunch of feeling tied up inside.' He said.

'Deal. I'll make arrangements and we'll go together' I told him.

Big hug, mumbled, 'Thanks, wish you were my Dad.'

Damn it, not again. Where did all this room open up in my heart! What happened to me? Six weeks ago I wouldn't have even noticed these kids. Look at me now. Five honest-to-God sons and Todd is in here too, as well as Matt. Just return the hug and love, what else was there to do? When Todd recovered, he returned to the pool.

I walked over and watched. Matt was working with Neal, Brian and Moe. He was also keeping track of Jimmy, Monty and Todd. Matt had opted to wear his cut-offs, in the pool, as had Moe and Brian. I went back in, to see if Jim had any work for me.

There was a letter on my desk, and I didn't recognize the name or address, it was stamped PERSONAL and CONFIDENTUAL. I opened it, and it was a legal contract. I read through it and was stunned. Becky and John Gregory were naming me guardian of the twins, in case of their death. Their wishes were very clear. A letter fell out, as I was reading the legalese.

It read;

Dear Tom,

John and I have talked about our encounter with you, a lot. You were so open and caring. Any child would be truly blessed to have you in their life.

We hope this contract never has to be put into effect, but of all the people we can think of, there is none I would trust my boys to, more than you.

We pray you will accept this responsibility. We have set things up so that the boys will not be a financial drain on you.

Please let us know if you will consider this.


I sat staring into space. When I met these folks, they just about had me carted off and now they want me to be their back-up parent. What was going on here? Who was I, that falls head over heels for these boys and where is the old self-centered me? And is he coming back?

I sat there until dinner time. It was boy food night. We had hamburgers, fries, creamed cabbage with bacon and cherry pie for desert. All the boys gave me special hugs and told me they loved me, even Todd. I stopped Matt as the boys were leaving.

'You doing okay?' I asked.

'Yeah, I'm having a great time. This is better than summer camp. I hope Mom let's me stay.' He was excited.

'Yeah, I do too. You are working so well with the boys. Moe and Brian adore you and the rest of the mob respects you. It has really been great having you.' I looked around to be sure there were no ears near. 'How about you and Jimmy?'

Good blush, 'Okay, I'll leave something for you on my desk. You know Jimmy's history?'

He nodded, 'Poor guy, He's been through a lot.'

'Yeah, he sure has. I want you to try and understand something. He is very much relying on the sex for several things. He finds it a way of proving his worth, as a person.'

'What? No way. I mean he is such a great little guy. Why would he think…? He thinks that's why I like him?' Matt was flabbergasted.

'I'm not sure he knows he thinks that way, but at some level that is it exactly. And he really likes it too. I also want to warn you, he is not ready to really give back emotionally. He's fine for casual have a good time sex, but please don't get any deeper. He has been so rejected and abused. He is just starting to believe I care for the real him. He has just stopped asking when I wanted him physically. I don't want to see you get hurt here either.' I was watching Matt's reactions to all this.

'Mr. Richards, This is all pretty heavy. I mean I have had more fun with Jimmy than, well, than…'

'Okay, I've got the picture. Where are your feelings Matt?'

'Jimmy is a friend. I think he is as cool as all of them.' Matt said.

'Good. Just be aware and let me know if there are any problems.' He agreed and followed me upstairs. I gave him a couple more condoms and decided I would be smart to put a stash in their common room. I relaxed in my room, watching some TV then took a nice long hot shower, making sure little Tom was real clean then into bed with my book.

About two paragraphs into it, there was a knock. I looked up, 'Come on in, Brian, hop up here.'

He crossed the room and joined me. 'Matt said if he got to stay, he was going to help me get ready for school. Please, I want him to stay. He's a big guy, but nice to us little guys. I like him.'

He actually got all that in one breath. 'I've asked his Dad and I think there is a good chance he will be able to stay for the summer. Just remember, he can't spend all his time with you.'

Stupid-grown-up look directed right at me. 'I know that. I just think he's kewl.'

I ruffled his hair. He needed a haircut. (No, he needed them all cut.) Actually we all needed a cut. Wow, plan for tomorrow.

Knock, knock. Monty and Jack enter. 'Dad, I can't get Jack to stay in bed.' Jack saw me and leaped up on the bed. Now the following five minutes were a scream. Puppy + waterbed for first time. He fell over and barked at the bed that was moving under him and trying to pounce on it. Of course, Brian and I laughing and Monty trying to get him, didn't steady the surface in the least. It wasn't long before our noise had attracted the rest of the crew.

I finally got Jack and he settled on my stomach. I had a bed full of boys, all laughing at Jack's antics. Then the inevitable tickle war. At first I was base and you couldn't be tickled while touching me. That lasted about ten seconds, until somebody got Monty. He squealed and Jack was into the fray. Now it was a free-for-all, every man for himself. 'Hey, leave me out of this!'

'Ahhh! Get Dad!'

'NO, Hey no fair, Seven to one.' Then Jack got a toe. 'Eight to one!'

I was soon begging for mercy, a total waste of time. Eventually, we were reduced to a pile of panting exhausted bodies. As my breathing slowly recovered, I took a look around. All seven boys and one dog were piled on and around me. Somewhere along the way, my covers had gone to the floor and we were in a naked tangle on the bed. Hmm, must have been some grab-ass along with the tickling. At least they left me out of it. I just smiled and drifted off.

I woke up later, to a shaking bed and the sound of smothered giggles.


'Only a 2 for that'



'Man that was at least an 8'


'That was an 8'

'Giggle.' 'Giggle.' 'Giggle.'


'Wow a triple, 2, 4, 3'

'3? That was a freep, very difficult, high risk, could have been wet.'

'Okay, 5'

'Woooosh' 'SBD!'

'5' 'Oh God, Killer! 8!'

'Didn't smell that bad!'

'Wasn't right in your face!'

'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Snicker'


'Wow! Triple Flutter Blast! Difficulty 8. Score 9.3'

'Jeeze that was impressive.'

'My Muslim Training!'


'That almost talked. 9.5' 'Need to check for lumps?' 'Hell no! You check!' 'EEEEWW!

'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Giggle' 'Woof'

Well, by now, they were all awake and I needed to go or my bladder was going to end the fun. Now I remembered we had baked beans for lunch and cabbage for dinner. MISTAKE!! Hmm, I had some gas too. 'BBBLLLLLZZZZZZPPPTBBBLZZZPTTZPHHHHTZZT! (Really, really LOUD!)'

Jack barked and Matt fell off the bed yelling '20!'

I got up to the awed applause of my boys. I bowed and trotted to the john, for relief. When I returned, my room was empty and needing a good airing. I opened the window and dressed for the day. It was early, so I went to my office and there was the letter from John and Becky.

I sat and signed the contract. I wrote a note that they should plan a visit, after dropping their daughter off at college. I told them they could stay for a couple of weeks, if they wanted. I had acquired a few more kids for them and the boys to meet. I sealed it and went to set it on Jim's desk, to be mailed.

'Oh, good morning, Tom. What, may I ask happened, in your room last night?' He greeted me.

'Well, all the boys and the dog came visiting. A tickle war broke out and I lost, 8 to 1. Then later, a fart contest.' I replied as dead pan as I could.

'Who won?' He couldn't resist.

'ME!' I beamed. Out of 10 possible points I scored a 20.'

Jim busted up, 'I am in the presence of a master.' He said, as he bowed.

'Please, tell Mrs. Johnson, in a nice way, to watch the fart fuel. She gave them baked beans for lunch and cabbage for dinner.' I told Jim.

'At least there was no garlic, adds to the smell factor too much,' Replied Jim.

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