Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Thursday night Cub Scouts was a new trip for me. I had not been a Cub. The adults were much more active with the boys. This really makes a lot of sense. I was impressed with the program. Brian fit right in with his Den. Moe got praised for bringing him in. I met the Pack Master, and filled her in on the two boys. She was sad that Moe was having to go through all this, but was happy I had him and was going to be active in Scouts.

Well, with a house full of boys, Scouts seemed a natural.” I grinned. About that time she had to go help calm down some of the little guys.

Mr. Little found me. “Tom, How are you tonight?”

I’m doing really great. Moe and my newest, Brian, are working together great, and Matt is such a help with them, and the other boys too.” I told him.

That’s great, Can you step outside for a minute,” he asked.

We walked outside the church rec. hall. “I need to talk in private for a minute.”


Ah, well, this is damn hard, for a father. When I was packing things to bring for him tonight, I found some pictures he printed off the computer…”

Of guys?” I remarked.

Yeah, I just don’t know what to do.” He said.

It’s normal, Mike. We didn’t have the Internet growing up, our boys do. They are curious, and want to know if they are normal, and what to expect. I think the best thing is to forget you found those. I’ll watch, but I really don’t think there is anything to be concerned about.” I told him.

I hope that’s all it is. I mean he doesn’t have a girl friend or anything.” Mike trailed off.

Look, Dad, he’s only fifteen, he has hormones out his ears, and nowhere to take them. I know at fifteen, I sure didn’t know where I was going. To be honest, I’m 27 and not always sure. I have decided to just go with the flow, and enjoy the trip.” I grinned at him, and he chuckled back and we went and loaded Matt’s gear into the van.

At the end of the meeting, there was a short awards ceremony. Brian and I were called forward. He had earned his Bobcat. That is the first thing all Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts must earn. I had to pick him up, and hold him up side down and his Den Leader pinned the patch on. When he was set upright, the patch would be upside down. I was told; it must remain that way until he did a good turn, then it could be sewn on his pocket right side up. Brian beamed, as the pack and parents all applauded for him.

Of course he offered to help with Matt’s stuff, before I could ask, (it’s not a good turn if you are asked to do it). He then handed me the shirt, to sew the patch on. All the boys at home greeted him, and congratulated him. It was great to see him in the spotlight, and he just beamed. Of course he probably had never gotten praise before. I would be sure that changed from now on.

Friday, Neal came and found me before lunch. “Hey, Dad.”

What can I do for you?” I asked.

Mr. Frank asked me to come get you if you can spare a few minutes.” He replied with a hopeful look.

There was absolutely no way I was refusing that. I followed my boy out towards the paddock. There waiting for me was the 7th Calvary. Well not really, Just my boys all mounted on horseback. Frank waved me over to the fence, where he was standing. Neal quickly joined the others, and mounted his horse. Frank said to me, “They have been real good students, and want to show you how good they are doing.”

Wow, I can’t wait to see. I rode a little when I was their age. I’m surprised we had enough tack for all of them.” I remarked.

Frank waved to the boys, and they started walking their horses single file around the paddock. “I’ve had to kind of scrounge around, for all this. I think if the boys are going to continue, we need to increase our stock, add a few ponies for the little guys, and some fine riders for you and eventually the bigger boys.”

The boys circled at a walk, then Moe, Brian and Matt, pulled into the center and the other boys demonstrated they could cantor and then trot.

I was impressed that they were learning so quickly. “Frank, I am impressed. I think you are working wonders here. Do you give lessons?”

No sir. Your Uncle would not permit it.” He said.

Well, I’m not Uncle Philip. I think it would be good for the horses, and you. How about this, you can use my horses as long as you work with my crew. You can do lessons on Saturdays during the school year, for anyone, and maybe afternoons for those living in Haven Estates.” I said, thinking out loud.

Sir? You mean it?” he was beaming from ear to ear.

Yes. Now your lesson fee is yours. I just ask for a reduced fee for kids living here.” I said.

Oh, sir I won’t charge your boys. That is part of my job.” He said earnestly.

I laughed, “Good man Frank. No I meant the Haven Estate kids. There is a bunch of them and I think it would be nice for them as a perk for working for me, and living here.” I explained.

Oh, yes sir. I think that is an excellent idea.” I could see the gears spinning as he saw a dream coming true.

The boys stopped, and turned to face me. I climbed up on the fence so I was on eye level. I looked them over grinning, and making eye contact with each one. “Boys, I am amazed. In a very short time, you have learned so much.” They glowed as I praised them. “Mr. Frank has proven himself a great riding instructor. He will be having classes from now on. If you want you are enrolled.”

They all cheered, and startled their horses, but nobody fell off. “Thank you for showing me.” I waved, and they waved back grinning, and chests full of pride. I matched their pride with my pride in them.

On the way back in, I stopped in the kitchen. I met the pastry chef, Andre. I asked if he could do something with a horse theme. I explained the boys riding and how proud I was of them. He became excited and said for dinner there would be a big surprise.

When lunchtime arrived, my herd of cowboys came thundering in. Neal, as usual, was the designated talker. “Dad! Mr. Frank is taking us out to ride a trail this afternoon!”

Hey that sounds like fun. Better get your water bottles out of your Scout stuff.” I replied.

We can go?” he asked in mild disbelief.

Of course you can go. The question is can you get back.” I thought that was a pretty funny come back. I got a bunch of the adults-are-weird looks.

About three o’clock, Jim buzzed me, and told me I had a call from Captain Henry. I picked up, “Hello, Captain, What can I do for you today?”

Hello, Tom. Well a couple of things, actually. I’m retiring at the end of July, and was wondering if you were serious about supporting someone against our current sheriff.”

Oh, yeah! I can’t think of anyone better for the job. Just let Jim or I know how much you need and you have it. Let me make something very clear, I do not expect any special favors in return.” I said.

He laughed, “Good, because you won’t get any from me.” We both laughed. “Now some serious business, our friend has been busy at the court house, and your name has come up a couple of times. I have no idea what he is planning, but the man holds a grudge, and has a memory like an elephant, that he so closely resembles. Be sure your lawyer is on speed dial. Double-check every detail on the boys. I don’t like that he is poking around, where he doesn’t belong.”

Maybe we should get together, and compare notes, here. I will not tolerate any threat to my boys.” I thought for a few seconds. “Could you come over tonight?”

Sure, how about eight o’clock,” he replied.

We said our goodbyes, and I had Jim call Fred Clemets, and Linda Thompson, and ask them to attend the meeting, I told him to please be present also.

I got busy looking over all the boy’s adoption papers. They all seemed in perfect order. All were filled right here except Neal’s. I looked up the judge who signed Neal’s adoption. Wow, he was on the State Supreme Court. That is about as ironclad as you can get. I put all the papers into their files, and dropped them off in the library on my way to dinner. Mrs. Johnson had made pizzas for dinner, with a salad. These were huge, with everything boys like on them. She even had a Hawaiian with pineapple. I had a slice of the meat pizza and the five cheeses, and I was full. The boys didn’t stop until it was all gone, except for the small piece each boy left for Jack, who was waiting next to Monty. When they were done, and the plates cleared, Jack following the plates to the kitchen, to claim his bounty. Andre wheeled in a covered cart. With a flourish, he removed the cover. There, on a sheet cake, was the paddock with six boys on horses. No not drawn on, Andre had made little sugar horses and boys and they were all different and so good I recognized each boy.

I know my jaw dropped, and the boys oohed and aahed. “Andre, this is magnificent! Each boy is there. I feel left out.”

Oh, no sir. James had me do this,” he then produced a cupcake with a rearing horse and me sitting on the ground holding my ass.

There was dead silence, and Andre got a very worried look, until I broke out laughing, followed by the boys. “Andre, I haven’t fallen off a horse in ten years.” I said with what was left of my dignity.

Neal took a deep breath, and managed, “Dad, you haven’t been on a horse in ten years.”

Exactly!” and everyone broke up again.

When we recovered, I told Andre, “Well done. Do they have a county fair? You could take a blue ribbon for this.”

Andre grinned, “They do, I did, and in fairness to other’s I’ve been banned.”

Soon, the cake disappeared, with each boy saving himself to eat last. That was a cake we will all always remember. Matt was amazed he had been included.

I told Matt, “Well, you are a part of this crew, so of course you were included.”

As things finished up I said, “Boys, Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Clemets are coming tonight. There may be some problems. I want you to be aware, and watch out. Neal would you mind coming, so you can keep the others informed?”

Sure Dad,” he said, and followed me to the library. I filled him in on what I knew.

Just as I was finishing, Jim came in with Linda and Fred. I told them I wanted Neal to hear what we had to say, so he and the other boys would know what was happening. They agreed.

We spent the next two hours reviewing the situation, and trying to figure out strategies for possible things.

Neal was really listening to us, and tuned into my concerns. “Dad, I think we, the boys, are a very real target. When we were riding today, Matt made a comment about good camping sites. I think we should be ready to run, if things get to hot here. If Mr. Jim could get us the tents and stuff, we would be ready.”

Jim you take Matt and go get everything, I’ll talk to Matt tonight, so he’ll be up to speed. Spend what you need to get quality. I also think you guys should move every day or two. Neal, take your phone, turn it on at 3:00 each day I’ll call by 3:15. If no call, stay hidden,” I told him.

Now that sounds like a plan! When do we go?” Neal was charged.

Let's wait a few days, and see what develops. We need to plan all this out some more. I think we should call it a night. How about we meet again Monday morning.” All agreed to my suggestion.

The adults left, and Neal waited for me. “Dad, going camping like that will be fun, but kind of scary. I mean I just found you and I want to be with you. Being alone again really scares me.” Neal confessed.

I pulled him into a hug, “I won’t let you be alone again. Look, you are now my adopted son, and no one can take you away. I think there may be some tough road ahead, but we will make it as a family. You seem to be their natural leader, so you have to be there when I’m not. Now you will have Matt, so look to him for help too.”

Okay, Dad,” he straightened up, and headed towards his room.

I spent a few minutes making a list of things for Jim to pick up, besides the camping gear. Then I headed up to the boy’s suite, to talk to Matt. When I arrived Neal was surrounded by anxious boys. I signaled Matt, and he followed me to my room.

Matt, I need your help tomorrow. Mr. Jim is going to take you, and go shopping for camping gear. As Neal is explaining you guys may need to go hide for a few days. I know these guys don’t have any real camping experience, but I’m afraid of what may be going to happen.” I told him.

Would it be okay to get Nick to come help out? He is real good with the new guys, and loves working with them.” He asked.

Well, we need to be as secretive as possible, but I think Nick would be an asset. Why don’t you call him? I’ll make him the same job offer. I don’t know about week-ends for him. If you have to go on the trail, he may need to be away. How do you think his parents will react to that?” I asked.

I think they will be okay if they know my parents are cool about it. I’ll call him tonight, and let you know in the morning, and then you can call his parents. Man this will be so cool.” He said.

I left and went back to my bedroom. Sleep evaded me for a very long time. When I finally dozed off, I had nightmares of the big fat sheriff trying to tear my boys away from me. Needless to say, I did not sleep well.

End Note:

Bet you knew the Sheriff was coming back. Well, maybe he's not a dumb redneck, just looks and acts like one <grin>. Tom has good reason to lose sleep, he is a good Dad and his kids might be in danger. He has a lot to be worried about, and it's all happening so fast. I wish I knew what was going to happen but Neal won't tell me.

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Special Editor:

Well another good chapter. I am a bit worried about the boys going camping with no adult supervision though. Hurry up with the next chapter! Just a few minor corrections is all I found. Happy writing! Your editor did a great job going over this chapter!

Editor's note:

Interesting, I wondered when that son of a bitch sheriff would show up to make trouble. I just knew he would. I think it might behoove us to get Str8mayb to make similar arrangements to the ones that Darkstar had Mike make. Neal is a great kid, but for some reason he just doesn't quite have the same abilities that Sammy has. We need to make sure that all the kids are protected.


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Fort Chief Editors Notes: Welcome Back Boys I missed you :). Awesome chapter it is really nice that Tom is sharing his wealth and care to those living in Haven Estates. I know I always looked forward to riding horses when I was a kid. As much as I liked Cub Scouts I was very glad to become a Webelos as that meant I was now a big boy and on my way to being a Boy Scout! Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories.