Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Saturday dawned cloudy with rain threatening. Matt arrived at my door just as I finished dressing.

Mr. Richards, Nick is excited about the job. He asked his parents and they want to talk to you but seen okay with the idea. They are up if you want to call now.” He added hopefully.

He gave me the number, I dialed, “Mrs. Stokley, this is Tom Richards. – Yes, very well. I would really like to offer Nick a summer job. - Yes, the deal is, he gets $50 a week cash; and $150 in a savings account, to use towards college. - I will try to have him available for any special dates. The boys want to take a backpacking trip, and I thought Nick and Matt would be the prefect teachers. - Yes they will have a cell phone and GPS, and if I'm not in contact, there are several others here who will be. - Great. Matt will be by in a couple hours to pick him up, and thank you.”

Matt was just about jumping up and down. “He can come too! This is going to be the best summer ever.” He left to go get the others and head for breakfast.

After breakfast, I got Alice aside. “I've made an appointment for Todd, Jimmy and Me, to see a counselor, in two weeks. He and I need to deal with his father, and Jimmy has his own set of issues. How are you and Genny doing? We hardly see you. How is it going?”

Genny is fine. I'm still kind of shaky. I'm going over and clearing out the house. Some folks from work are meeting me there. I've got to get out of there.” She was pale and nearly panting with anxiety.

Alice, I think you should make this your home. I have lots of room. Todd and the boys are almost brothers. You can be the 'House Mother.'” I offered.

She looked at me like she was searching my soul. “I'll think about it.”

I can't ask for more. Samuel can remodel some rooms, and make a nice little apartment.” Her eyes widened when I offered that.

She shook her head, “You really mean that. I don't know what to say.”

Don't say anything, just think about it.” She nodded and walked away.

I went up to my office and started working on my part of our plan. I blessed my Uncle Philip for his paranoia. By lunch I had three sets of CDs burned and labeled. One set I placed in an envelope, for Fred Clemets, one set I gave to Jim, and the other set were mine. Now I had to wait and see.

Jim and Matt left after breakfast. They picked up Nick, and were off to the sports supply at the mall. They were not back for lunch. The rest of the boys were all excited about the camping trip. Alice and Genny were still out, clearing out their house.

After lunch I went and found Frank in the stables. “I guess you have heard, the boys talking about a camping trip.”

Oh, yes sir. My two are begging to go too. Ben is old enough but Nate is only 7.”He said.

I know. I'm having to send my two 9 year olds. Look I want you to know that this is not just a fun trip. I'm sending the boys off to hide and protect them.” I began.

What!? Mr. Richards, what is going on? How can we help?” It was more of a demand than a question.

I don't know exactly. The Sheriff -”

That fat assed son-of-a-bitch!”

Yeah, that's the one. Anyway, he has been poking around at the courthouse, and my name has been heard. When, and I am certain it will, whatever he is planning strikes, I want the boys out of the line of fire. I wish I could secret them off to the other side of the world, but that would be too far from me.” I told him.

Tom, sir, You can't send those boys off by themselves,” he began.

Well, I don't want to, but see no choice.” I replied.

I will go with them. Then I can take Nate, My wife can go visit her mother, and everyone will be happy. I also know of a place on the estate where we can stay and be safe and not found, even by air search.” He informed me.

You would do this for me?” I was shocked. I hadn't been here for long, and didn't feel I knew these people that well.

Yes. You have proven yourself to all of us many times over. You hired Samuel's brother, on your first day, and even made Stephen a part of your family. You have rescued the boys from terrible lives, You have given me my dream of a riding school, You have saved Mrs. Gunther and you risked your own life to protect all of us from Mr. Gunther and those deputies. You did all of this for strangers. How could we not return...?” That ended in teary eyes on both of our parts, and a big man hug.

Wow, I was speechless. Neal should be here to witness that.

When we recovered he continued. “There are some caves to the East of here. There are a lot of Indian arrowheads, and stuff for the boys to do. There is one cave with a huge room, big enough for a fire, and all of our tents. The caves are always about sixty five degrees inside. So we won't be too hot or cold. I'll take the truck and haul in some supplies. When the boys go, they can ride the horses, there is a nice pasture near there. I'll get you GPS coordinates so you can find us.”

No, I don't want to know. If I don't know I can't accidentally say. Neal will have his cell and we have a time worked out. He will need to be outside for satellite reception, about three o'clock. I told him to not come back until I told him it was safe. No one else.” I informed Frank.

Great plan. I'll take a load out today, so the rain will erase the tracks, I may ride back and forth, so it looks like I'm here and explain any tracks.” He added.

Thanks Frank, this means a lot to me.” I couldn't put it in words.

I returned to the house, just as Jim and the boys pulled in. They began carrying in gear. Soon the whole crew was there and made short order of it. I told Jim to call Frank and have him stop by before his errand. Matt was telling me about all the stuff they had gotten. They bought a 10' X 10' tent for each pair of boys. He explained that this is the best size for most camping. Since they were doing back packing they might need to do 3 boys to a tent and divide the load 2 ways with the third carrying food. I told him it wouldn't be a problem since a lot of gear was being transported ahead of time. And the rest was going by horse.

Somehow they all heard that, and the trip just got kewler. I told them the trip was way kewler then they could imagine. I asked Nick how much of this gear could be sent ahead. He said most but he wanted to keep a tent, so the boys could learn to properly set it up, and take it down. The stove so they can learn to light it and clean it, other than that it could go. He claimed the things and I told him to put them in the suite upstairs, and for the boys to carry Nick's stuff. If there wasn't space in the suite he could take any other empty room.

Ah, Mr. Richards, I kind of thought he could share mine,” Matt said.

Fine with me, if it is with him,” I replied, noticing a scowl on Jimmy's face. “Okay guys get to it. Jimmy, can I talk to you for a sec.”

The herd thundered off. “Jim can you wait for Frank, and tell him all this can go and we will have more for a second run later.”

He nodded and I led Jimmy into the library and closed the door. “Not happy with Matt?”

Well I thought he would stay in my room. I mean he has a few nights. I mean we did stuff, you know?” He seemed so uncertain of himself.

I picked him up and settled in a comfortable chair. “So you think he doesn't like you anymore.” He nodded. “Well that isn't so.” He looked up at me, longing to believe me, showing in his dark eyes. “I've talked to him, and he thinks you are a really cool kid, and thinks of you as a very close friend.”

He does?”

Yes, he does. I even asked him if it was because of the sex you two have had.” He blushed and looked down. “Yes I've known from the beginning. Matt came to talk to me about it. He was so scared he was going to blow the friendship because of the sex play.”

No way, he is the coolest big guy I've ever known. I love the sex stuff, but if it had to stop completely, so I could be kewl with Matt, I would.” he said.

Okay, now Matt has a friend his own age that he has known for years here. They want to share a room. I have a funny feeling that Matt is still going to find time for you, and maybe introduce Nick too.” I told him.


Yeah, really. There is something else I want to tell you. In a couple of weeks, I have an appointment with a psychologist for Todd, me and you.” I watched for a reaction. He just looked down, not saying anything. I gently turned him and raised his head to make eye contact. “I want you to really think about this. You have been through quite an ordeal. Just now you felt like your world was falling apart, and you were worthless, again, just because Matt has another friend. I think you need to figure a whole lot of stuff out, before it causes you a whole lot of pain. Todd has a lot of the same kinds of issues, a father betrayed him too. I need to talk out the shooting, I know I had to do it, and I would do it again in a second, but that doesn't stop me thinking about taking a human life.” He was absorbing what I was saying. “I know on one level I dread talking about all of this, but I know I need to.”

Okay, Dad, if you want me to.” He hugged me, then got down to go find the rest of the herd.

As I passed the hall about half the pile was gone, so I assumed Frank had made his stop. I went on upstairs to the boys' suite. There in the middle of the room was a huge tent. All the boys were inside and admiring how big it was. “In that case, I'll send the rest back!”

Boys poured out and begging me not to. Neal as usual was the first to catch on, “Yeah, right Dad. Then half of us would sleep on you every time we went camping.”

No not that again. I think another 20 would kill me!” I pleaded.

Kill you? It'd KILL us!” Neal joked and everyone laughed.

Nick came over to me, “Mr. Richards, they are learning this faster than most new Scouts. I think Neal is going to have one great patrol.”

The boys just beamed, as they were praised. I don't know if Nick did that on purpose, but I can guarantee they will work harder for him to get more.

Okay, guys, now take it down, and let's get it back in the bag.” Nick said, and the boys attacked the tent.

I slipped out, and returned to my office. I reviewed my list of evidence, and decided to put copies of other miscellaneous receipts in there too. Things like the bill of sale for my van, the hotel receipts for the trip out here; my last three months rent receipts. I put all of this with my CDs in a small metal briefcase with a combination lock.

Dinner was exciting, with the boys receiving praise from Nick and Matt. They made a point of complimenting each boy on some aspect of the afternoon's activities. Even though Nick hadn't seen Moe or Brian before, he was just as complimentary to them. All the boys were beaming, and saying how much fun they had had with Nick and Matt working with them.

After dinner the boys returned to the suite and some played PS2 games and others disappeared into their rooms. Matt came and found me relaxing in my room.

Mr. Richards, I need to talk to you.” He began.

I set my book down, and indicated the chair facing mine.

He sat and began nervously, “I, ah, think I, ah, made a, ah, well, ah a mistake.”

Okay, sooooo?” I asked.

He looked at me funny, for a few seconds, “Well, ah, it's Nick and Jimmy,” he blurted out.

And you are worried about what Jimmy thinks?” I asked.

Ah, he said he was cool. I'm not sure I am,” he admitted.

I decided to get it out in the open, so he could deal with it.

Jimmy is still there. So I guess it's the sex. I'm afraid he is going to think I don't like him anymore.” He said.

Relax Matt. I had a little talk with him already. I explained you had an old friend your age here now, so he would have to share your time. He hopes you can find some time for fun together. I would like for you to consider what your feelings for Jimmy are and how they are tied to the sex. If the sex is truly just a secondary thing you need to show him how important he is to you, without it.” I told him.

Ah, okay, I'll give this some thought tonight.” Matt got up and walked slowly out of the room, already lost in thought. I certainly hoped he came to the right conclusion. It would really help Jimmy to find Matt was a good friend still, even without the sex.

A few pages of my book later, Jack came in to check on me. He jumped into my lap and sniffed around, then left after a nice ear scratching. About 10:00 I went to check on the herd. Neal and Brian were still in the common room, sitting together, watching TV. I checked, and Jimmy was settled in his room. I gave him a good night hug and kiss on the cheek. Moe was also in his room, He was reading a Bible he had gotten from somewhere. I sat on his bed.

So what are you thinking?” I asked.

Well, this shows a different God. I want to learn more. I'm having trouble seeing this as the same God in the Qur'an (Koran). I need to learn more.” He was genuinely concerned about this.

Well, Moe, now you are my son. We will be going to Sunday School and church tomorrow, and if you want to learn more about this God,” I said, pointing to the Bible, "Then please come with us.”

I would be welcome?” he asked, as if this was totally unexpected. “Do you speak a different language in church, like we speak Arabic in the Mosque?”

No, we just use English. The boys are in the Junior High class, but you and Brian would be in the 5th Grade class.” I told him.

My father would not approve.” Moe informed me.

Moe, I am your father now. I very much approve. I want you to believe as you feel is correct. I have noticed, sometimes you go off and pray in your way. I approve. If you decide to become a Christian, and worship as we do, that is good too.” I told him.

He moved over to me and gave me a big hug. “Thanks, Dad. I am really liking it here. I love all the guys, and you. It is just so very different from my old home. I miss Mom and my little brother. He was not at Cub Scouts this week. I think my father has stopped him, so he will not see me. I am to be dead to them, and he is too little to understand that.” His arms had tightened and he cried.

When he had settled again, I kissed his cheek. “Moe, I hope in time, things will improve, and you can see your mother and brother, but I can not promise that. Only time will tell us and all we can do is pray for God to do what is best.”

Moe gave me another hug and a kiss on my cheek, and said goodnight.

Matt and Nick had closed their door, and there were no sounds, so I let it pass. Monty's door was ajar, so I knocked. Jack barked. Monty said, “Come in.”

Todd and Monty were sitting cross legged on the bed, and Jack was lying between them, getting petted. “Hey, guys. Just making the rounds before going to bed. Todd, you sleeping here tonight?”

Todd and Monty both blushed. I guess I had the answer. “Okay with me. Does your Mom know where you are?”

Yes, sir.” Todd said, meekly.

Cool, remember Church tomorrow.” I leaned over and Kissed each boy on the forehead, and scratched Jack.

As I left the room I heard Todd say, “Your Dad's so K – E – W – L. Man you are so lucky. I sure wish he was my Dad.”

Monty replied, “Hey, he could be like your uncle.”

Do you think he would let me call him Uncle Tom?” Todd asked.

We'll ask him tomorrow. Then we would be cousins,” Monty realized.

Way KEWL!”

I wiped the tears away, before going back to the common room.

Hey, Dad.” Neal said, as I walked in.

Hello, Dad.” Brian said, timidly.

I grabbed Brian, picked him up, and gave him a huge hug, “That's the first time you called me Dad. I love it, and I love you too.”

His arms closed around my neck. “I love you, too,” he whispered to me.

I must admit that was one heck of a good way to end a day.

Sunday morning everyone got moving and was ready for church. Alice had Genny, Todd, Monty and Jimmy in her mini-van, the rest went with me.

Sunday school was very interesting, and I thought intellectually stimulating. Church was nice, and the sermon was on the golden rule. Moe was next to me, and he was almost hanging on every word. I was wondering just how smart that boy was.

As we were leaving the church, the boys all ran ahead to the vans. A woman approached me, and asked in a loud voice, “Mr. Richards, Just how many little boys do you plan to abduct?”

End Note:

Poor Tom. Nothing like being blindsided leaving church. Amazing how facts can be totally distorted for a headline or five second sound bite. Tune in next time to see how Tom responds. (In these times can a man take out a bitch with a right upper cut?) What's your opinion? str8mayb@yahoo.com

Mystery Editor Note:

I sure do wish that Tom could take that b@#$% out with an upper cut! But even in this day and age it is not a proper thing to do unless she is attacking you physically and you can not restrain her. Maybe Alice can come back and do it for Tom though, that would be totally appropriate!!! Even on Church property, in my opinion. Churches are supposed to be welcoming to all, it is not the members' job to judge and accuse. Oh well, I know Tom will be creative, and I can’t wait to see what he does!!!! Great Chapter, as always I loved it! - M.E.

Not quite as much of a mystery editor's note;

First, let me thank the mystery editor, You have been doing a great job of picking up on my mistakes and finding what needs to be fixed.

I still think I have you beat in the use of commas though.

Now for comments on this chapter. Somehow I knew there would be someone like Mrs. Lead bottom. (Sorry about the inside reference from another story that I am editing.) It seems to me that too many people think it is their business to poke their noses where they don't belong.

All I can say is, I hope someone gives that bitch something she won't soon forget and I hope she will learn to shut her ignorant mouth, but, sadly, I doubt it very much.

It looks to me like this is another job for a certain group of kids and maybe an adult or two to help solve, but, again, sadly, I have a suspicion that it won't be that simple.

Tom is very resourceful man, and he will find a way to get her out of the way somehow.

Keep up the great work, Tom.


Fort Chief Editors Notes: Hmm Organized Religion rears its ugly head, okay I won't get on my soapbox Tom is doing a great job for me. I wish the depiction of the media wasn't so accurate but scandal not truths sells! I am extremely pleased with the continued character development it is great to see characters grow up before our eyes. And introducing Moe to a different religion with no pressure or coercion is a really nice touch. Now I need more to read.