Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

I was momentarily stunned. Ah, the sheriff at work no doubt. Plan A, “Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” This 'kill them with politeness' is a whole lot harder to do than Fred said it would be.

Excuse me?” she sheepishly replied.

Struggling to keep a straight face, “Well ma'am,” hey, this is fun! “I am at a distinct disadvantage. You know me and I can't recall ever meeting you.” I smiled my nicest smile, really laid it on. I noticed the boys coming, back and waved my hand behind my back. Neal saw, and started pulling them to the van; I reached in my pocket, and pressed the button to unlock the doors.

Ah, I'm, Valerie Creslane, with the Valley Herald.” she said.

Good, (Quick check of watch), morning Valerie. Did you attend any journalism courses?” I asked.

She was now suddenly on the defensive, and couldn't quite figure where she lost control. “Ah, Yeah.”

Well, frankly I'm surprised, because you obviously have not checked any facts. Probably took some poor fat slob's word for everything. If I owned your paper I would have to consider having an irresponsible reporter on staff. (Dramatic pause) Oh, wait, I do own the paper.” On that note I walked briskly to the van, the boys were in and buckled, by the time I opened the door and climbed in.

Dad? What's going on?” Neal asked, as usual was spokesman for the boys.

It's begun. That was a local newspaper reporter. Sheriff Fatass, set her up with only half of the facts, and sent her to get a juicy story, to make it impossible for me to keep you. Some how I didn't see this method of attack coming.” I made my way out onto the main road and headed back home.

I flipped my cell phone to Neal. “Call Mr. Frank, and tell him you boys are leaving, ASAP. Then call Mr. Clemets, and tell him I need him here now.”

Neal was busy making the calls. I drove, watching all around for any kind of followers or traps. I didn't take the logical route home, and actually approached Haven from the opposite direction, and entered through the gate to Haven Estates. I am embarrassed to say this was the first time I had been through the community I owned and rented to my employees. I have lived here long enough and I should have made this drive several weeks ago.

The houses were small, but comfortable. The streets were in need of repair, and there was no place for the children to play. I made some mental notes of things I wanted done to improve the neighborhood.

We approached from the stable, so I pulled to a stop behind the house. I told the boys, “Go change your clothes and get any things you want to take. Remember, you have to carry it. Only three changes of clothes for now I'll send more later, and have the dirty laundry collected. When you are ready, come to the library.”

The boys ran into the house, eager to begin their adventure. I went to the library and retrieved my case. Jim soon appeared with Frank, both still dressed from church. “Thank you both. Fat Ass has made his first move,” I told them about the encounter in the parking lot.

There was a sheriff's car out front a few minutes ago.” Jim told me.

On our property?” I asked.

No, on the road. Had his radar out. I think he was waiting to give you a ticket.” Jim said.

Glad I went the long way and came through the estates. Remind me when this settles down, to make some changes there.” I said.

Frank said,“I'll go get the horses, and pack mules, so we can get out of here. The boys are going to be fine. I'll get them settled, and get back here, so I'm not missed. How serious is this going to get?”

From what went on, and seeing him staking out the gate, I think things are going to get very ugly. I want you two to take care of my boys. I don't want them torn apart by this. Fat Ass is out for revenge against me, and he will use everything he can. He doesn't care who gets hurt. All he can do right now, is make things difficult, but if he starts to manufacture evidence, instead of misrepresenting it, things could be very rough.” I said.

Frank said, “I think the first priority is to get the boys out of here, without Fat Ass knowing. Send them to the stable out the kitchen; I'm going to go move some things to block the view from the front. Give me about twenty minutes. I'd better change, before I do that.” Frank left.

I was starting to pace. I knew that the sheriff had targeted the boys, as a way to get me. He knew I was vulnerable where they were concerned. It was a dilemma. There was nothing in this world I wanted more than being near them, Neal, who was becoming a real leader, Jimmy learning he was likable for himself, Monty discovering himself, Moe adapting to an entirely new culture, and Brian, wanting more than anything to be loved. Me wanting more than anything to be right there helping to guide each of them.

Then I heard the herd, thundering down the hall into the library. They each had 2 plastic grocery bags, one with clothes and one with other essentials. I walked over to them and gave hugs. “Look guys, Mr. Frank will be coming to you as often as he can, at least every couple of days. Neal knows when to check in with me. Stay hidden until I give Neal the okay or Mr. Frank comes with Samuel to bring you back. Have fun. And be careful. Now you need to leave in twos or threes, go out through the kitchen, and go to the stable. Mr. Frank will be waiting for you there.” I hugged Jimmy and Matt, and they left. A few minutes later Monty, Moe and Brian left. Then I was left with Nick and Neal. “What about Todd?” I asked.

Nick responded, “His Mom said he needed to stay with her. He is not happy.”

I guess not. Look, you two are the ones the others look to. Keep them out of sight, and try to be alert for people searching. The bad guys want to harm you, to get at me. They know my weakness is my love for you boys. As long as I know you are safe, I can fight them.” I told them.

Yes, sir,” Nick said.

Neal gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. “We'll be fine, Dad.”

Then it was time for them to go, I watched as they left. Neal glanced back, threw me a kiss and gave me a thumbs up. He was gone. Oh, how my heart ached. I felt like the sheriff had sucker punched me in the gut again. I sank into a chair. I felt Jim put his hand on my shoulder. I was fighting back tears. My sons, oh God, please, protect my sons.

I sat there in a daze, for some time. Jim tried to comfort me with his kind presence. I felt him leave and then return with Fred Clemets.

Jim was saying, as they entered the library, “He's taking it pretty hard. But I think it will make him a very formidable enemy.”

I managed to stand and greet Fred. We then sat down.

Fred observed, “You look like Hell.”

I replied, “Thanks, that's where I feel I am right now.”

I don't think this is going to last long. Our friend Sheriff F.A. pulled me over when he saw the turn signal to turn into Haven. He was in the process of writing a speeding ticket when I asked him to speak up so the video recorder could make out his words. He got pretty pissed, and I pointed out that I was the campaign chairman for his opponent in the upcoming election, and the State Election Board would not take kindly to a well documented harassment charge filed against him. Then he asked, “Just who the fuck are you?” and I introduced myself and stated my business. He said a few more colorful things, and handed me a summons for you.”

F-for m-me?” I stammered.

Fred grinned from ear to ear, “Yeah, ain't that cool?”

Jim said, “You're nuts that is horrible. What charges?”

Well that's just it; it's for a Grand Jury. This means that he has convinced the DA that there are some serious things going on. But until there is an indictment we have no way of knowing what he is planning.” Fred informed us.

I was stunned. Jim asked, “And this is a good thing?”

Fred smiled, “Oh not in the short term, but in the long run it works in our favor.”

I mumbled, “How's that?”

Fred answered, “Well, you had a confrontation with the press this morning. That is one way they are trying to get information for their case. Trying to get incriminating statements from you. By the way what exactly was said there?”

I retold the story.

Fred commented, “Wow, you did better than I expected. With any luck, you woke her up, and she will start digging. With your approval, an anonymous source will contact her tomorrow, and give her some leads on the story. Then she may actually ask for an interview, and you can judge whether or not you want to see her.

Now, our strategy for the Grand Jury is the fifth amendment. It is a bit tricky in Grand Jury testimony. Since this is not a trial if you answer any question, and I mean ANY question, you can be forced to answer all questions. I cannot go in with you. You are entitled to an attorney after charges are filed, or if you are detained by the police, but not in front of a Grand Jury.”

I was stunned again, “This is the good old US of A?”

Fred laughed, “Oh yeah. It has its uses, but it doesn't work for us in this case.”

Okay, when do I appear?” I asked.

Fred handed me the papers, “Nine o'clock tomorrow morning.”

Jesus, lot's of warning.” Jim said.

Yeah, well, we have spoiled some of the sheriff's plans. He probably was going to wait until just before midnight to serve these, has to no later than the day before the appearance date. However when I informed him I was your lawyer, he had to serve them, or explain to a judge why he didn't, when he's had them since Friday.” Fred explained to us.

“Now, Tom, once you enter the Grand Jury room, they will ask you to state your name. You say, 'I am exercising my fifth amendment right to not incriminate myself.' That is going to piss off the DA. He is going to rant and rave or will ask what could possibly be incriminating about your name. You repeat, 'I am exercising my fifth amendment right to not incriminate myself.'” Fred smiled.

Then it will get fun, he has to ask his questions so the Grand Jury will be able to judge if you should be indicted. Now, we want you indicted. You answer each question with the exact same phrase, each and every time. Try to remember the questions as best you can. It will be all we have to go on until discovery.” Fred explained.

Jim asked before I could, “What is discovery?”

That is where the prosecution has to share all their evidence with us. That's when we get ready to kick ass. Now the DA and sheriff are buddies. They have been running things here for years, however the judge is new and isn't in their pocket. Actually he is a friend of my college roommate. I've only met him to sign the adoption papers. I really don't know why they are doing all this in his court. I guess they figure he didn't do anything but sign the papers. He read Linda's evaluation, Dr. Turnman's medical reports documenting the abuse, and he grilled me on the facts of the cases. He even reviewed the work on Neal. When he saw who signed those papers, he even laughed and said nobody ever fooled 'Ole' Eagle Eye.'” Fred laughed. “It seems our state Supreme Court judge had been a law professor before his appointment.”

We spent the next three hours assembling documents, scanning them and burning CDs.

Mrs. Johnson finally knocked on the door. “Gentlemen, I've brought you some dinner, since you missed lunch. At least the boys had the good sense to grab sandwiches on the way through.” She set the try loaded with food down, and left us to eat and continue working.

* * * Three hours ago in the stable * * *

Frank surveyed the boys. He handed out saddle bags, and the boys transferred their gear to them. “Now boys, the place is most likely being watched from the road. So we leave and head east into the woods. When we get there, we'll circle north. We should be at our destination well before dark. I'll go out first, since I'm leading the two pack mules. You guys follow, single file. Neal, you bring up the rear, and keep them moving. Any problems, give me a yell .”

The boys did exactly as told. They were beginning their adventure. Frank led the way into the woods. He then stopped and removed some rope and a hand ax. In short order he had a bundle of brush tied behind Matt's and Neal's horses.

Wow,” Brian said, “Just like in the movies. Where did you learn to do that, Mr. Frank?”

Frank looked the boy right in the eyes and with a straight face said, “The movies.”

Everyone laughed, and it was a happy chattering bunch, riding through the woods. The terrain began to change and become hilly, then Frank made a sharp turn, and they entered a steep sided gully. He stopped and dismounted.

Okay boys, home sweet home. Tie your horses to a branch, and unsaddle them. Matt and Nick, see if you can carry your saddles, and Moe and Brian's. Moe and Brian, carry their saddle bags.” Frank ordered as he began unloading the pack mules. When the boys were ready, he led the way up the side of the gully about twenty five feet above the trail, and through a break in the brush. The boys gasped when they entered the cave. The opening was roughly triangular, eight feet tall and four feet wide at the base.

Frank paused about five feet in and lit a kerosene lantern, and about every twenty feet after that. The cave had some twists and sloped down, but it wasn't very far until it opened into a huge room. There near the entrance was the rest of the gear Frank had brought up.

All the boys were awestruck. The room was huge. It was probably sixty feet wide and one hundred feet long and the ceiling was way out of sight. There was a fire ring with some logs to sit on around it.

Nick asked Frank, “Is it safe to build a fire in here?”

Frank smiled. “Oh yes, quite safe. There are three other entrances to the cave, and a crack in the roof that allows the smoke out. Just try not to have a fire during the day, so the smoke won't give you away. Also gather your wood as far away as you can and try to leave as little sign as possible, that you are here. Jim went by the Scout shop yesterday, and bought some books he thought you might find useful. They are out by the mules. Now, let's get the horses put in the pasture, and the supplies carried in.

The boys followed Frank back out into the light. They left the lanterns burning for the return trip. Frank had them lead the horses up the far side of the gully, to a nice pasture for the horses. They removed the bridles and let the horses go. Then it was back to carry the gear into the cave. Two trips had everything in the cave.

Frank addressed the boys, “I need to get back. I'll try to come out at least every other day. I need to bring the horses a couple of bales of hay. I'll also have food and kerosene and propane. Watch from the woods if I unload outside the pasture it means I may have been followed or watched. Do not retrieve the supplies, until you know it's safe, like after dark. Now, the only thing you guys need to do is set up in here, and be sure all the Snipes are cleared outside.”

Nick grinned at Frank, “Yes, sir. I figured that dusk would be the best time. And we can use the carry sacks for the tents as catch bags.”

Snipes?” Moe asked.

Yes, Moe. It's a small annoying bird. We have to catch them and relocate them far enough away so they don't pester us all night.” Matt added.

I see you have everything under control. I'd better get going, so I have daylight for the trip back.” Frank waved at the boys and left.

The boys got busy, and set up their tents. Nick and Matt each had a tent to themselves, Jimmy and Monty went in together, Neal Brian and Moe started out together. It soon became obvious that the tent would be too crowded, so Neal set up one next to them. They still had three tents not being used. After the tents were up Nick and Matt then directed setting up the kitchen. Again, they didn't set everything up, since not all the boys came. Matt volunteered to be cook tonight, and Moe to be his helper. They fixed Mac and Cheese; with summer sausage cut up and put in, green beans and cherry pop-tarts for desert. (Author's note: Sorry Fritz, they're just boys and will eat anything; At least it's not Denny's.)

After clean up, they went back outside. Nick and Matt explained that peeing could be done on a tree, at least 200 feet (100 steps) from the cave entrance. For pooping, you dug a hole, and buried it, and the TP (toilet paper, duh) in a shallow hole then placed X sticks over the hole, so the next guy knew not to dig there. They may dig a more permanent latrine in a day or two, if Mr. Frank thought they would be here a while.

Nick now began, “Okay, boys, now we need to do the Snipe hunt. For those of you who do not know, the Yellow Bellied Eastern Snipe, which lives in this area, is a small nocturnal flightless bird. We need to make a sweep of the area, to capture or relocate them. Matt and I will be at the end of the gully to release the ones you catch. You all go up the gully and then sweep down this way. You need to get a Snipe Sweeper, a branch of Sassafras. Snipes find Sassafras terrifying. When you hear one, shake the sweeper in front of you, and beat the ground. The snipe will get excited and run away from the Sassafras. We will wait at the end of the gully, and catch them.” Nick held up the bags. “Okay? Here is a sassafras branch for each of you. Have fun.”

Nick and Matt watched them leave and head up the Gully. Matt said to his friend, “How long we going to let them go?”

An hour or so, if they haven't figured it out. Want to go to our tent for some fun?” Nick asked.

Yeah, got something to try on you.” Matt grinned and they returned to the cave.

Neal happened to turn around and see Nick and Matt heading up the wrong side of the gully. Hmm.

The others were pretty excited about the hunt. They spread out and started back. Neal took the center so he could keep an eye on the others. When they got back to their starting point no one had seen any Snipes.

Neal called, “Guys, take a break.” He ran down to the end of the gully to be sure. When he returned he said, “I think we've been had.”

What do you mean?” asked Monty.

Well this Snipe hunt is a joke. There are no Snipes, probably made up. The big guys are back in the cave, laughing their asses off, that we are so dumb.” Neal was pissed, and it hurt to be the brunt of a joke.

Moe sat down and began to cry. The others looked from him to Neal.

Guys, go on back up the gully a ways. Moe and I'll join you in a few, and we'll figure out what to do.” Neal told them.

Monty led Jimmy and Brian away.

Neal sat down and pulled Moe into his lap. “What's wrong?”

He lied to me. I never thought he would betray me. I'm so bad, even Matt turned on me. First my Father, then the rest of my family, and now Matt. Soon you and Dad, too.” Moe sobbed out.

No, never. Moe, you are my brother. I will always be here for you, no matter what. I don't think Matt meant for you to be hurt. This is a kind of thing older boys do to each other. They are kidding us. I think they are doing it because they like us not hate us.” Neal explained.

But he lied. He told me about the Snipes, he lied. In all the time I've known him he never lied before.” Moe was still crying.

Neal hugged him close, until he calmed down to sniffles. “Try to think of this as if he were telling a joke. Jokes are made-up, and meant to be funny. They are not true but not really lies either, just jokes.”

Moe thought that over. Finally nodded.

Okay, now we have to joke back.” Neal said.

Moe sat up and looked at Neal, “Really?”

Neal grinned, “Oh yeah, we got to come up with something good.”

How about we don't come back and make them think we're really lost.” Moe suggested.

That's good, but they could get panicked and really scared for us. I think that might be a little too much. Let's think on it, and go find the others, and see what kind of ideas they have.” Neal said, getting them both up on their feet.

Yeah, we'll get 'em good.”

* * * Meanwhile back in the cave * * *

So what did you want to show me?” Nick asked, as he fondled his friend.

They were lying in Nick's tent, with their pants around their knees, rubbing each other's erections.

Matt said, “Well, you got to promise not to tell anyone.”

Jeeze. Matt, how am I going to do that? I mean we're holding each other's dicks here.” Nick pointed out.

Yeah, well one of the guys gave me a BJ...” Matt began.

Sucked your dick! Oh, man how did it feel?” Nick begged.

FANTASTIC! A hundred times better than jacking.” Matt replied.

You get him to do it again?” Nick wanted to know.

Don't tell, promise?” Matt said.

Okay, I promise.” Nick replied.

We trade.” Matt whispered.

You sucked a dick!” Nick nearly shouted.

End Note:

Snipe hunts are considered hazing, and are no longer allowed in Scouting. It's a shame, cause they could be fun, as long as it wasn't dragged out too far.

Well the adults are preparing for the Grand Jury, the younger boys are plotting revenge, and Matt may have just made a MAJOR blunder.

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Neal 'Goos' is on his way and tell Moe he said he will take care of Matt.