Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

You sucked a dick!” Nick nearly yelled.

Matt felt like his world just ended. Nick was going to tell everyone, he was going to be kicked out of Scouts, and probably all of Mr. Richards' kids and him too. He was getting dizzy. He just wanted to die. He should have just left it alone and seen Jimmy when he could.

Nick was stunned. His friend had done it. He had wondered what it felt like to get a BJ, and even thought about what it would be like to have a dick in his mouth. He noticed Matt going pale like he was going to pass out. He grabbed his friend and shook, “Matt, hey Matt. What's wrong? Matt?”

Matt looked at Nick. He didn't look like he hated him or anything. “You don't hate me?”

Hate you? What are you talking about?” Nick asked bewildered.

Huh?” Matt responded.

Oh. No, what's it like? Having it sucked? Is it as good as the guys at school say?” Nick asked.

Matt was recovering now. “Better. I couldn't believe how good it is. It's so good you'd do anything to get another one.”

Wow! How come yours is limp?” Nick asked. His was hard as rock. All this talk of sucking had him close to coming all by himself.

I was worried you would not like me anymore. Look, I'll show you how good it is, if you do me too.” Matt offered. His boner was making a come back.

Really? Wow, okay. What do I do?” Nick was almost beside himself. He was going to get a blow job. Now he was getting light headed. He had wet dreams about someone sucking his dick.

Just lie down,” Matt said.

When Nick stretched out, Matt admired his erection. He then bent forward and let it slide into his mouth. Nick was much larger than Jimmy, and really filled his mouth. Matt was impressed, this was really good. Nick's dick was delicious, all silky and hot. In no time he was tasting Nick's salty pre-cum. Nick was feeling a level of excitement he had never dreamed existed. Matt was unable to get all five inches of Nick in his mouth, but was really giving it to what he had. Nick was making incoherent sounds, as he quickly approached orgasm. He tried to warn Matt. Matt was very aware of just how close his friend was. He wondered what it was going to be like. Jimmy seemed to like his. Matt sucked harder and was rewarded with the first blast. He gagged some on the first shot and swallowed quickly, withdrawing so just the head of Nick's dick was in his mouth and saved a couple of shots before swallowing again. When Nick finally finished, he collapsed back on his sleeping bag to catch his breath. Matt saved the last shot and really tasted it before swallowing. He was undecided, salty, a little sweet, and slightly bitter. Not delicious, but not awful either. Sure saved a lot of clean-up.

Nick recovered enough to talk. “Damn, Matt that was the most awesome thing I've ever experienced.” He looked down expecting to see his cum making a big mess but there was none. “Shit, did you? Fuck you ate it! Damn!”

Yeah, kind of surprised me. It's not as bad as you might think, and there is no mess.” Matt said and they both laughed.

Nick got up and motioned for Matt to take his place. Nick took his time studying his friend's prick. He had handled it several times but never had a chance to see it up close. He leaned closer and finally let it touch his lips. The drop of precum spread over his lips. He backed up and licked his lips, “Salty.” Then back down, letting the head slide between his lips and then touching it with his tongue. Matt moaned, feeling the heat, and the soft stroke of his friends' tongue. Nick then let more go in. He wasn't doing anything, just letting it be in his mouth.

Matt was going nuts, waiting for the tongue action and suction, like Jimmy did. Suddenly he remembered Nick had never done this, “Lick it Nick. Feel it with your tongue. Lick around under the rim. Suck it.” That got results. “Ouch! Shit, man, cover your teeth! Oh, yeah, suck it in and out.” Matt was ecstatic, this was great. “Do to mine what felt good on yours. Oh, man I'm getting there.”

Nick knew that was his chance to pull off. He decided that if Matt took his, he would try Matt's. So instead of pulling off, he sucked harder, and soon was rewarded with a mouthful of hot sperm. He almost didn't get it swallowed, before it overflowed. He only missed a little. When Matt was done, he stretched out and they cuddled with big grins.

* * * Meanwhile back outside the cave * * *

Monty: We got to make them pay for this.

Brian: When they come out we should nail them with water balloons.

Moe: We don't got balloons.

Jimmy: I got these. (He pulled three condoms out of his pocket.)

Brian: What are those?

Monty: Where'd you get rubbers?

Jimmy: Dad, put some in the bathroom off the common room for us if we needed them.

Moe: Why would we need those? There are no girls.

Jimmy, Monty – giggles.

Neal: Never mind Moe. Besides we don't have water.

Jimmy: Fill them with pee. (Giggles)

Monty: Yeah, serve them right! (Everyone laughs.)

Neal: Ah, guys, we got to live with them and, well, two words; no showers!

Moe & Brian: Eeeeeewwww! Gross. (More laughing.)

Neal: Oh this would be so EVIL.

Others: What. Come on, what evil plan do you have?

Neal: Okay, we hide above the cave. When they come out to look for us we go in and go to bed. Then instead of us being out here looking for Snipes, they are out here looking for us. (All the boys roared with laughter.)

Monty: Neal, remind me not to piss you off. That is perfect.

Neal: Actually Moe thought of it.

The boys made their way around the cave opening to where they could hide and still watch for the older boys. It seemed like hours to the boys, but only fifteen minutes had actually passed when Nick and Matt came out with their flashlights on. They were talking and hurried down to the floor of the gully, and soon disappeared from sight. Neal led the other boys back down and into the cave. They were soon all in their tents getting ready for bed. It had been a long day and they were tired.

Nick and Matt arrived at the opening of the gully and expected to find the five younger boys. There was no sign of them. They searched all around, and nothing.

Nick, where could they have gone? They should be here by now.” Matt was concerned for his friends.

Ah, maybe, they went further up the gully. Let's wait here a while.” Nick suggested.

They sat silently listening for the others. Finally Matt said, “Nick, something is wrong. There aren't even any sounds.”

Yeah, I know. What could have happened to all five of them? Let's walk back up the gully and look for any signs of them.” Nick replied.

Okay, let's go.” Matt said, and they began back up the gully.

* * * Back in the cave * * *

Neal lay in his tent, waiting for Matt and Nick to return. He listened and heard light snoring that would be Jimmy, and a little wheezing that he knew was Brian sleeping. Finally he pulled his pants, shirt and shoes on, and got out of his tent. He took his flashlight and headed outside. He found a tree and watered it and then listened. He heard Nick and Matt returning from the far end of the gully. They were walking pretty fast.

Neal realized they were near panic. He waited till they were right in front of him and he turned on his light. “Hi, guys.”

Shit!” Nick jumped.

Fuck!” Matt dropped his flashlight.

Damn, Neal, you scared the shit out of us.” Nick accused.y God. No it was a joke. Oh, man.”

Yeah, they're asleep now, but you got some explaining to do. He really looked up to you, Matt. He is really hurting.” Neal said and stomped off to the cave.

Nick and Matt watched him go.

Nick spoke first, “Damn, Matt. Your old man could learn ass chewing from that kid.”

Yeah, I sure feel like shit.” Matt said.

They followed Neal into the cave, and only left one lantern burning for anyone who might need to go out.

* * * Back at Haven Manor * * *

I was tossing and turning. My dreams held terrors, My boys in danger and being dragged away from me. It was a long lonely night. I was a wreck.

The alarm was buzzing at seven o'clock. I slowly climbed out of my sleep induced stupor, and turned the alarm off. I didn't feel like I had slept at all. The mirror agreed as I was shaving, I looked like Hell. A nice hot shower helped some. Jim had a suit ready for me to wear to court. “Jim I didn't know I had a suit.”

Of course you do, Tom. You have several, as a matter of fact.” Jim told me in a very matter of fact tone of voice.

Part of the job of a Valet.” I assumed.

A good one.” he brushed off my back and smiled. “You'll do nicely.”

Thank you, Jim.” I said and he handed me my briefcase.

I was eating a little breakfast when Alice, Genny, and Todd came in. They fixed their plates and sat down.

Alice broke the silence, “Tom?”

I looked up, “Yes?”

Well, I think I may have made a mistake yesterday.” she began. Todd had a very expectant look on his face. “Well, is there any way for Todd to join the other boys?”

I thought Neal had a puppy dog look that was irresistible, but Todd could give him a run for his money. “Of course. Frank will be going out to re-supply them, and check on the horses. Todd can go with him.”

Thanks Mom! Thanks Mr. Richards!” Todd gave each of us a huge hug. He quickly finished eating, and asked to go pack, and was gone.

Thank you, Tom. He was so sad and lonely last night, it broke my heart. He actually cried himself to sleep. I had no idea he had become so attached to everyone so quickly.” Alice took a deep breath, “I know this is not the best time to bring this up, but I would like to take you up on your offer.”

For the life of me I didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about. I guess it showed on my face.

Bingo, now I remembered. The gears began spinning. This could be the answer Fred had been looking for. “Alice, that is really great. I'm delighted. Genny and Todd are becoming just like all the rest to me.”

Really?” Genny asked.

Yes, really.” I replied.

I was quickly rewarded with a sweet little girl hug and kiss. “Can I call you Daddy?”

Genny!” Alice said.

I held up my hand to Alice. “Well, I'm not your Daddy, like I am for the other boys, but you and Todd are really special. How about you call me Uncle Tom?”

Okay.” She smiled and disappeared.

Thank you Tom. You are a very special man. I wish I had met you fifteen years ago.” Alice confessed.

I laughed, “I may have been a bit young for you then. I was Todd's age then.”

Alice blushed, “Yeah, a little young for a High School Senior.”

We both were laughing when Jim came in to collect me. We were off to the Grand Jury.

Jim accompanied me, and we met Fred inside the courthouse. My stomach was filled to capacity with butterflies. Nine thirty came and went and finally at nine fifty, I was called. The Bailiff escorted me to the chair in the front of the Grand Jury room.

DA: Please state your name.

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: Mr. Richards, please state your name for the record.

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: Very cute Mr. Richards, I'm not surprised, you are worried about incriminating yourself.

That was a good hit. Kept my cool, though. He must be getting frustrated already.

DA: So you are going to play cute.

I just smiled at him.

DA: Are you going to say anything?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: (ears getting red with anger) So, Mr. Richards, you like boys.

Statement not a question. Just sit and look at him. Wish Fred could see this. I guess I'm kind of weird, but watching the DA get nowhere was fun. I knew our game plan, and Fred had coached me about how questions might go. The DA was going to use inflammatory language, and try to get me to say anything other than my rights. My job is to stay calm.

DA: How many do you have?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: You sleep with them?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: Do you have sexual relations with them?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself. (Getting very hard to keep cool.)

DA: You killed one of the boy's father didn't you?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: You abducted a boy from a rest stop.

Not a question. I wanted to punch this arrogant son of a bitch. All I did was smile. He didn't take kindly to that.

DA: Then you take in a known homosexual. Want to have one like you around?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: Then you steal a Muslim boy and interfere with his religious rites. Is that correct?

Me (gritting my teeth): I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: Oh and let's not forget how you got the first boy's little boyfriend. You are getting quite a collection. You sleep with all of them?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

DA: Don't you have anything to say for yourself, Mr. Richards?

Me: I am exercising my Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate myself.

The DA was obviously fed up. He gestured dismissing me. I left quietly. Jim and Fred rushed to me.

Fred said, “Are you okay? Come on let's get you out of here.” He and Jim led me out of the courthouse, across the street to a diner and shoved me into a booth in the back corner.

Jim yelled to the waitress as she started over, “Coffee! Hot, black fast!”

She grabbed 3 mugs and the pot and we had our coffee.

Fred took a sip, “Okay, that didn't take long. What did he ask?”

I stared at the black liquid in my mug. “He made me look like a pervert.”

So? We knew he would.” Fred was so comforting.

He knows where each boy was found. He knew their background.” I said.

Wait, their backgrounds?” Fred was very alert.

Yeah, Jimmy at the rest stop, Monty being kicked around for being a homosexual, Moe and his religious problems, and Brian from the same place as Neal.” I told him.

What about Neal?” Jim asked.

Fred and I looked at him.

Did he know where you met Neal?” Jim asked again.

He didn't ask a question about that.” I said.

So where is he getting the information?” Jim asked.

Fred took another sip of coffee. “Hmm, There are two places with that information. The sealed court records or Linda's files.” He thought for a few seconds and added, “In either case the evidence is not admissible and illegally obtained.”

Okay, let's get a burger and then get Linda in on this.” I was starting to feel better. There was something going on here that wasn't right at all and it was threatening my boys. We were going to fight this and we were going to win.

Later in the Library I had written down the questions as I remembered them. Fred was comparing his notes and what was in the sealed records with those questions. Linda was looking through her records and comparing facts.

Linda suddenly exploded, “Wait, look the religious rite! It's not in my file on Moe. Just the father disowning him. But I seem to remember something about that in the Mullah's petition to the court.”

Fred jumped up and pulled Linda into a huge hug. I was about to suggest they get a room when he broke off. “That explains why they don't know about Neal. His records are sealed in a different jurisdiction. Now this means their information is illegally obtained and we will tear that up in court. Now Tom you have a couple of these questions underlined. Why?”

Well if I answered those it would be yes.” I said meekly.

God Damn It!! You stupid son of a bitch! How could you?” Fred was outraged.

Linda grabbed Fred's fist before it flew my way. “Calm down Fred. I know about some of that. Neal would climb into bed for comforting in the night. Very normal and actually good parenting. Dr. Turnman told me about Neal waking Tom with oral sex. Tom was asleep at the time. Strange but understandable.”

Okay so we need to be prepared to present these cases in context. Are there other cases, Tom?” Fred asked.

I spent the next several hours explaining my talks with Monty, Jimmy, Brian, Todd, Moe and Matt. Then there was the night of the great fart-off. We were all laughing when Mrs. Johnson called us to dinner. We spent another couple of hours after dinner planning strategy.

By the time I got ready for bed I was exhausted. I missed the boys and especially Neal. I hoped they were fine. I drifted off thinking of how nice their homecoming was going to be.

* * * About the time Tom entered the Grand Jury * * *

Monty woke up to find Jimmy had scooted his sleeping bag over so they were almost cuddled together. His bladder was not going to allow him to enjoy this at all. By the time he had pulled on T-shirt and pants, Jimmy was waking up too.

Shit I got to pee.” Jimmy said as a good morning.

Me too. Hurry let's go.” Monty replied.

The two boys were not exactly quiet getting out. When they emerged from the cave it was a bright sunny day. It was very hard to tell time in the blackness of the cave. By the time they had relieved themselves, Brian and Moe emerged into the light. They played some around the entrance then decided to go wake the others and get breakfast.

After much grumbling and a trip outside the designated cooks, Nick and Monty, decided lunch was better than breakfast and started setting out the makings for PB&Js, chips and mixing up some Bug Juice (Kool-Aid for those not initiated).

Nick started a list to give Mr. Frank, of things they needed. He couldn't find a spare lighter for the stove, lanterns and a paring knife seemed to be missing from the cook set.

After eating, they all went outside. Nick organized a wood gathering detail. Matt told Moe to find a place to set up an ax-yard. They wanted it to be away from the cave, so if it was found it wouldn't give away the cave's location.

When alone, Matt said to Moe, “I'm really sorry about last night, Moe. Snipe hunts are an old joke. It is a kind of joining thing. I thought of it as being a fun thing. When Neal told me how you felt, I ...” Matt choked up.

Moe stared at him, then said with a quivering voice, “You lied to me.”

Oh, Moe, buddy. I was teasing. I didn't mean to hurt you. I would never ever do anything I thought would hurt you. I love you Moe, even better than my own little brother.” Matt pulled Moe into a hug, and they cried together for a long time. The tears cleared the air and allowed them to strengthen their bond. They were brothers now, in every sense other than genetics.

Neal was pulling some dead wood free up near the pasture, when he heard the truck. He hid and waited. Soon it appeared. It was Mr. Frank. Todd jumped out of the truck, and opened the gate and Mr. Frank drove over and stopped next to the fence, near the gully. Todd ran over, and they started unloading bales of hay.

Hey, Todd, good to see ya!” Neal said, as he emerged from his hiding place.

Neal! I get to stay! Ain't that kewl!” Todd replied.

Soon the others came and greeted Todd. Monty gave him the biggest hug. The truck was unloaded, and there were lots of goodies; two large coolers one of food and one of sodas, three boxes of dry food and canned food, a cookbook and spices from Mrs. Johnson, clothes for each, propane for the stoves and lanterns, kerosene, matches, bottled water and two still warm cherry pies. Frank held the pies and made it clear that everything had to be unloaded before the pies were eaten.

By the time everything was stored away and the pies gone, Neal noticed it was three o'clock. He went outside and climbed to the top of the gully for the best reception on his satellite phone. He waited and waited. By three thirty he was crying. Had Dad forgotten him? When he pulled himself back together he turned off the phone and returned.

Jimmy spotted him immediately, “What's wrong, Neal?”

Just hoping that Dad would call.” Neal replied.

All the boys sobered at that. Frank gave Neal a hug and said, “Hey I'm sure he wanted to. He is busy dealing with the Grand Jury today.”

What?!” Neal almost screamed. “Grand Jury? All we knew about was the reporter lady.”

That's right I didn't find out about the rest until I got back yesterday. There is a thing going on and Mr. Clemets is handling it pretty well. When we left there wasn't any word. I'll be sure to let your Dad know how worried you are. Maybe he can get out here. I don't know how close that sheriff is watching the place. I do know you guys need to stay hidden. As long as you stay in the woods here and no smoke during the day you should be good.” Frank reassured them. “I'm going to be coming as much as I can, bringing as much as I can. We may need you guys to stay hidden for some time. Matt and Nick are you okay with that too?”

They nodded and soon Frank was on his way back to the stable. The boys began sorting through the boxes, and putting things away.

Todd finally asked Neal, “Where do I sleep?”

Neal thought then said, “Well you can have your own tent, or sleep in with me or we can rearrange things so you can stay with Monty.”

Okay, let me talk with Monty.” Todd walked over and began talking and soon more and more boys were in the conversation. Finally things were regrouped; Brian and Moe, Monty and Todd, with Nick, Matt, Neal and Jimmy alone.

The rest of the day went smoothly and by nine o'clock the boys were tired and went to bed. Neal lay there for a long time listening to the quiet sounds of his brothers. He really missed his Dad. Just the little things like a smile, or look so he knew he was loved. His mind knew but his heart yearned for confirmation. Long after he thought everyone else was asleep, he heard whispers and then a tent zipper. Foot steps, one set away and another closer.

Then Brian whispered, “Neal?”

Yeah Brian?” Neal answered.

Can I come in?” He asked.

Neal sat up and unzipped the tent door, “Sure Bri, come on in.”

Brian came in and fell into Neal's embrace. “I've missed you so much.”

You have? I've been right here.” Neal replied.

But we haven't been us. We were buds in Juvy.” Brian was just hugging the stuffing out of Neal.

Neal returned the hug. “Hey, we're still buds. Best Buddies. I thought you and Moe were a team now.”

Oh, well, yeah, we're tight, but not best buddies. He and Matt are best buddies.” Brian explained.

Now Neal was beginning to understand. “Hey cool, I was kind of holding back because I wanted you guys to be able to do whatever. But to be honest I've missed you so much. I really hated leaving without you.”

But if you hadn't, you wouldn't have found Dad, and we would have been caught and maybe dead now.” Brian returned.

Neal snuggled back into his sleeping bag bringing Brian with him. In seconds they were asleep.

Moe stood outside Matt's tent. Matt was making funny little soft slapping kind of sounds. Then he moaned and the sounds quickened. Then he groaned and was silent. Moe panicked and zipped open the tent and stuck his head and flashlight in to see what was the matter with Matt.

Matt had just started his orgasm into his sock when his tent unzipped and a light hit him in the eyes. To say he was startled was a huge understatement. He felt like he jumped about two feet in the air. He jerked his hand up to cover his eyes, the hand with the sock.

Moe looked and saw Matt's startled jump and then his very large looking penis leaking white stuff all over Matt's stomach. “Matt what's wrong? Do I need to get you help?”

Moe?” Matt squeaked.

Yeah, Matt, it's me. What's wrong? Your penis sick or something?”

Come on in Moe. Nothing is wrong. It's something big boys do that younger ones can't.” Matt told him.

Moe considered that, “Oh like sperm.”

Exactly.” Matt was relieved.

So what is that?” Moe asked pointing at the mess on Matt's stomach.

Ah, like sperm.” Matt replied.

Matt spent the next 20 minutes explaining puberty and jacking off. Moe was very attentive. Finally Moe ran out of questions and then he cuddled up to Matt and they drifted off to dreamland together.

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