Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Tuesday was a dreary day. Misting and cool for this time of year. After breakfast I needed to get out, so I headed for the stable. Frank was in his office.

Hi, boss. Lonely?” Frank said as I settled in the empty chair facing him.

Incredibly lonely. I almost wanted to cry at breakfast, it was quiet and very peaceful. I'm not sure my digestion can take that.” We both laughed at that.

Well, just be sure to call Neal today. He was heartbroken yesterday, when you didn't call. I told him about the Grand Jury. He and the others were all concerned. I told them you would call if you could.” He told me.

Thanks Frank. I'm really worried about this whole thing. Some things have happened with the boys, that if viewed wrong, could be very damaging.” I told him.

Hey that is true of all of us. Your bunch run around naked? My two do. It was cute when they were toddlers, but Ben is getting some hair now, and I would have thought he would quit, but not him. The little pervert wants to show off. He likes to walk into my shower, to see how much more he has to grow. Now the DA would have a heyday with that.” Frank thought for a minute, “Lisa, you need to get Dr. Lisa Billings, as an expert witness she is a child development specialist. She would be a great defense!”

Okay, where do I find her?” I asked.

I'll see if she can be here tomorrow.” Frank said. I could tell there was something he wasn't telling me. He grinned, “Well I'd have her here today, but she and her sister, my wife, are off shopping today.” He then busted up, laughing at me. “Tom, she's my sister in law.”

You have an evil streak, Frank.” We talked for some time, about the riding classes, and the things that were needed. I approved the purchase of saddles, bridles, blankets, rope and riding helmets, (Cowboy style please, for my boys and me) and a sign for the gate and the stable.

The conversation drifted back to the boys. “I wish we could be in closer communication with them. Their exile being open ended, and them out of touch is damn scary.” I said.

I had an idea, but don't know if it would work.” Frank said, and waited for my nod to continue. “Well, we have a small generator. If we set that up in a side room of the cave, and then ran power out to the main room, the boys could have light, without the fire danger of the lanterns, and a laptop could be set up for e-mail. Neal's phone can work like a modem on the satellite hookup. We could have instant communication. Even video, if we had a web cam.”

Frank, you are a closet geek!” I said, and he grinned.

I have a master's degree in design, and programming. I got burned out working for a large software company. Way too much pressure. So I cashed out my stock, and came out here. Back to my love, horses.”

Wow! That is amazing.” I wondered what else I didn't know about the people around me.

I told Frank to go ahead with his plan, and that Samuel could probably help get things set up in the cave.

I returned and spent the morning doing the routine paperwork, required to have a large empire running smoothly. I did a Google search on Dr. Lisa Billings. Wow she had publisher two books, one on normal childhood behavior, and one on sexual abuse and abnormal youth. There were also articles in journals, and her lecture itinerary. This was a very impressive lady.

I printed out six of her articles, and ordered both books, (overnight delivery). I called Fred and told him I had found an expert witness for us. When I told him who, there was silence on his end.

Fred? Is that a problem? Fred?” I said.

Bad, BAD? Are you kidding? I've spent all morning trying to get one of her students. She's on vacation, and her office won't tell me crap.” Fred was beside himself. “How did you manage to get her to come tomorrow?”

Well, Frank did actually.” I confessed.

Uh, Frank? Stable master Frank? That Frank?” Fred said, stunned.

Yes, that Frank. Stable master Frank with the Master's degree in computer geekery, and a famous Child Psychologist sister in law.” I said as matter of factly as I could manage.

There was dead silence on the other end of the line. Fred finally said, “It's going to take me a while to process that. So I'll be there after lunch.”

Please come for lunch, It's so lonely without the boys.” I begged.

Okay, I'll be there about 11:30. Please stay out of trouble till then.” Fred pleaded.

I'm just going to the computer store and maybe the building supply.” I remarked.

Drive very carefully. The Sheriff is out to nail you for anything, and he isn't above making it up.” Fred advised, and we ended the call.

He had a point, I called Jim, and he was free, so we left after lunch. I purchased a top of the line laptop, with video camera built in, and upgraded the sound card. Bought head sets so we could talk privately or use the built in microphone. It had a large high resolution screen, and had wireless and dial-up capacity. They had a satellite internet setup that really caught my eye. The antenna needed a southern line of sight, and was just a 12 inch whip. I asked some questions, and soon had the system, enough cable for the antenna, and the laptop, and we were ready to go. At the Building supply, I bought six five gallon gas cans, five one hundred foot heavy duty extension cords, three power strips and five mechanic lights. I also loaded up on batteries and cheap flashlights. We had just finished loading the supplies into Jim's car when Ms. Valerie Creslane, with the Valley Herald approached me.

Excuse me, Mr. Richards.” She said in a rather timid voice.

Ms. Creslane, Good afternoon.” I replied, not hostile, but not friendly either.

She looked very uncomfortable, “Uh, sir, I want to apologize about Sunday. I realize how out of line I was. I've been doing my research. My source was giving me enough facts to make me believe the worst about you.”

It took a lot of courage to approach me. I might be able to respect her after a time. “Yes, sometimes desperate people do desperate things. I know the Sheriff set you up. This whole county is going to get rocked, before this is over.”

You knew it was the sheriff?!” she was very surprised.

Yes, he is out to get me, for several reasons. He is trying to attack me through my boys.” I had to pause, and take several deep calming breaths. “These boys have been abused severely, Ms. Creslane. He has the DA trying to paint me as a pedophile, who is preying on these abused boys. I'm sure I'll be indicted on charges, any time now. I have removed the boys, to a safe haven, where no one will be able to rip away the bonds that have been able to cultivate in the past few weeks.”

Somehow I felt she needed information, which could work in my favor, to have a paper in on the story. So I continued. “The Information the DA is using is from sealed court records, of the boy's adoptions. That is illegal. I have no criminal record; check the police records all across the state. I have lived here in this state, since my Dad died, when I was twelve, so the past 15 years can be checked. I just moved here, upon the passing of my Uncle Philip. So please check the facts. You have seen how easily a few facts can be twisted into something totally different. What we need is good honest reporting. Check the facts, and print the truth.” She thanked me, and then hurried on her way.

On the way back, since Jim was driving, I tried calling Neal. No answer. Damn, I sure would be glad when we had the computer set up. I really needed my boys. I knew I would be devastated, if this went badly, but the boys could be destroyed. I prayed that somehow my stupidity wouldn't ruin everything.

When Jim and I arrived, back at the estate, we entered through the back way, and stopped to unload in the stable. Frank was soon playing with the laptop, and setting up the satellite internet connection. He was laughing by the time he had everything to his liking.

Hey boss. When the sheriff gets a geek to back track the connection, I have it being relayed by a guy in Australia, Tasmania to be exact. That should put a crinkle in any plans to abduct them away from here.” Frank was really enjoying himself.

Tasmania as in Tasmanian Devils?” Jim asked.

One and the same. ” We all laughed. I got a mental flash of old Fat Ass, trying to catch Taz. “Actually a couple of kids who have had a rough time, and are willing to help. I met them about a year ago, on the net. They write really great stories.”

Boss, I talked with Samuel, and we are going out tonight, to install this. We should be able to get the generator set up, and the antenna installed, and have you talking to the boys by morning. You need to stay at the computer, so we can be sure the connection is working on both ends. Here is the list of commands you need.” Frank told me, all business again.

I noticed it was almost time for dinner, so I headed up to the house.

It was a very pleasant meal, with just Alice, Genny and me. After eating, I went upstairs; the boys' rooms seemed so deserted. I spent a few minutes in each room, picking up and putting dirty laundry in the hampers. In the common room, I found that the condom stash had been used. Something about that gave me a little shiver, so I pocketed the remaining foil packs, and went and checked Jimmy's room. No signs, so I checked Matt's room, which was also, clean. I then returned to my office, and wondered just how I could pass the time.

About fifteen minutes later, my phone rang. It was Frank. His sister in law wanted to talk with me, ASAP.

I buzzed Jim, and he went down to escort Frank and Dr. Billings to my office. I was surprised, when a very attractive woman in her late thirties knocked at my door.

I stood and extended my hand, “Dr. Billings, I'm Tom Richards. It is an honor to meet you. I've done some research and you have an impressive set of publications.”

She smiled and shook my hand, a nice confident shake. “Thank you, and please call me Lisa. Dr. Billings is my Dad.”

I chuckled and said, “That is fine, if you call me Tom. Can I get you anything?” I opened the small refrigerator and took out a Coke for me.

Oh, you have Diet Dr. Pepper. Yes, that would be fine.” She accepted the can, and sat in one of the overstuffed chairs. I came and sat in the other, where I could see her and keep an eye on the blank screen on the wall. Jack came trotting in, at this time, and sniffed my guest, then came over to me for some loving. I picked him up, and we settled down.

I've heard Frank out, on these boys of yours. He thinks they are a very special group. To be very honest, the only other children I have ever heard him talk about like that are his own.” She took a sip, and smiled. “Now, I understand why you are so afraid for them. I also understand, you have sent them into hiding. I am very concerned about this present situation. Rejecting them could be disastrous for them.”

I'm not rejecting them! They understand that remaining here could have them thrown back into 'the system.'” I took a gulp, “This situation is a revenge play by the sheriff, because I made a fool of him. He is attacking me through the boys, and I just don't think the boys could stand being torn apart.”

Easy, Tom,” She said. “From what I've heard, you are correct. Now I want to help. I need to hear the story, as best you can remember.”

I began the tale from walking into the bus station, and finding Neal. She never interrupted me, but was jotting down notes, as I talked. I even included the times that upset Fred so much. She didn't change expression at all. She just listened.

* * * Back to the morning in the cave * * *

Nick had been out to relieve himself, and had started cooking some bacon, by the time the others began to stir. Monty and Todd were the first to poke their heads out. “You need rain gear, its drizzling out.” Nick told them. Soon the others were going out too.

After eating and clean up, Jimmy reported it was raining more heavily. “Okay guys, Bath Day,” Nick announced. “We can all go, or if you want to go as buddies, we can do it that way. We'll go out in the rain and shower and wash our hair.”

Together,” Jimmy said.

Yeah,” Todd agreed.

Everyone seemed to agree. Matt looked at Moe and Brian, “It means we'll be naked together. You okay with that?”

Brian said, “Sure, group showers in Juvy all the time.”

Moe looked around and finally said, “With my brothers there is no problem.”

Soon, all eight boys were naked and heading out into the rain, with soap and shampoo. The cold rain kept horse play at a minimum, and there were no unruly body parts. When they were all squeaky clean, they returned to the cave to dry off, and get dressed.

Nick and Matt worked with the boys, on some of the skills not covered in summer camp. When it was time for lunch, Neal was getting out the cold cuts, Mr. Frank had brought yesterday. “Hey Nick, weren't there four packs of bologna?”

Yeah, they were all together. There should be five packs of hotdogs for dinner.” He replied.

Nope, only four. Any of you guys get a snack?” Neal asked.

This got everyone's attention. They all denied eating the food. There was some accusing back and forth, but no one really had a chance to be alone with the food so it died off. Soon the boys were building sandwiches.

After eating, Nick led the boys, in ponchos, out to gather wood. He wanted some firewood, and some things he called spars, so he could have them build something. The smaller boys helped look for the spars, and Neal, Monty, Todd and Jimmy, carried firewood into the cave. They stacked the wood in a log cabin style so it could dry off, to burn later. After making three trips, they had a good supply of fuel. When they returned outside, Nick and Matt had cut a dozen eight foot spars, and were cutting a whole bunch of short three foot sticks. Once all that was carried in, the boys got a break.

They spread out a ground cloth, which they sat on, and played a card game Mr. Alexander had taught them, at summer camp, called Frustration Rummy. It's a lot like Phase 10, but you use regular cards and 2, 3, or 4 decks depending on how many players you have. Everyone enjoyed playing, and Moe and Brian picked up on it quickly.

At five o'clock Nick and Monty went to start dinner. Nick instructed Monty on building the fire.

Neal went outside, and checked his phone, one missed call but no message. He was angry with himself for forgetting the phone, and checking in at three o'clock. Now he really missed his Dad.

Monty soon had a cheery blaze, and Nick left Monty to tend the fire, while he put the green beans on the stove. When a good bed of coals had formed, Nick called the boys and handed each a long fork and a hot dog.

Everybody was having fun, cooking their dinner. For most this was the first time cooking over a fire. When the hot dogs were done, the boys got a paper plate, some string beans that had cooked with some dried diced onion, and a beef bouillon cube, and some chips. Mustard and ketchup, the boys were set. This disappeared quickly, and they were back cooking hot dogs again. They each had four, and if the other pack hadn't disappeared, they would have eaten it too. All the green beans disappeared too.

Clean up was quick, since everything went into the fire, except the pot the beans cooked in, and the forks they ate with, and cooked the hot dogs with. After clean up, the boys talked about their adventure so far. Nick shared his plans for the spars, a table for the kitchen area, so they could spread out things. All the boys approved, especially the ones who had already done some cooking.

He then asked to see everyone's Scout Handbook. He moved off from the fire and called each over, and they went through the various requirements, still left, and signed off those they had completed.

About 9:30 Neal went out to relieve himself. The rain had stopped, and the sky was clear. He heard the sound of an approaching truck. He also heard something moving away from the noise behind him and assumed it must be a deer or something. Carefully, he approached the sound, and heard voices. There were no lights, just the gibbous moon, just above the horizon.

Then he recognized the voices. He hurried up the far side of the gully and met Mr. Frank, Mr. Jim and Samuel. They were in Samuel's truck, and it was loaded down. After greetings they all loaded up, and carried a load to the cave.

Neal entered first, “Hey, guys, look what I found. They turned in time to see the adults enter. The loads were set down, and hugs were given to all, even Nick and Matt. Everyone went back for more except Samuel and Neal.

Neal, we need to set up a generator in a separate room, where the sound can be controlled but close enough to run extension cords out here.” Samuel said.

Neal thought, and said, “Two options, over behind the tents, is a small room, and another a bit bigger on the far side, over there.” They looked in each room.

Samuel decided on the far room. He began setting up a platform, and leveling it. When the others came back, the two adults were carrying the generator. Neal showed them where Samuel was setting things up.

Just as they arrived, Samuel motioned them in. They set the generator on the platform, and everyone went back for more of the supplies. On the bottom were several sheets of plywood, and 2X4s. It took another trip to have everything carried in.

Jim and Frank worked on putting up a wall, with a sealed door, into the generator room. They tested a crack and found fresh air coming in, so they installed a fan and sealed it to the crack, to serve as an exhaust for the generator, so there wouldn't be a carbon monoxide problem. A set of electrical plugs were installed in the plywood wall; and wired to the generator through a circuit breaker.

While they were doing all that, Frank had enlisted Brian to help with his project. Brian was soon up a tree just up from the cave entrance. Since he was so small, he got nearly to the top. He then duct taped the antenna to the side of the tree, just like Mr. Frank said. He climbed down, and taped the wire every couple of feet. The roll of camouflage duct tape was just about used up when Brian got back down.

They then carried the spool of antenna wire back into the cave, Mr. Frank made sure there was some slack, so the boys could be sure to secure it where they wouldn't be walking on it. Frank kept to the far side of the cave and he stopped where he wanted to set up the computer, setting the almost empty spool of cable down. The boys were unpacking the groceries and putting them in the kitchen area while the adults worked.

Finally the generator started, and was almost silent when Jim and Samuel shut the door. They plugged in extension cords, and Jim laid one over to Frank, and Samuel took another over to where the boys were. Then several mechanic lights were plugged in, and electric light flooded the room.

Now the boys could see clearly, what Mr. Frank was doing. Setting up a laptop computer, with all the extras. Once the power was plugged in, the system came to life. “Neal, come sit here. Move this to center yourself on the screen. Now click here and...”

* * * Back in Tom's office * * *

Neal's face appeared on the screen, just as I had finished telling my story to Dr. Billings. Boy, some things I didn't handle very well. Any thoughts about that; disappeared as my boy was here. I jumped up and raced to my seat, and clicked on the icon Frank told me to.

Suddenly Neal beamed, “Dad!”

Hi son! I miss you.” I told him almost crying.

I miss you too, Dad. What's happening? We feel way out of touch here.” Neal was looking glad and worried at the same time.

That's why the computer. We can send e-mail and talk face to face now. Things are moving pretty quickly. Mr. Clemets says we are in pretty good shape, but to be prepared, because I'm probably going to be arrested for child abuse, and sexual assault on a minor, five counts, and maybe kidnapping.” I told him. Neal's face registered shock. I guess I didn't handle that very well. Jeez, they need to know what is happening, but my usual tact was showing again.

Neal almost fell out of his chair. When he recovered, he said, “Dad, that's bull s... stuff. Abuse? You haven't done anything but protect us. Sexual assault? We might be guilty of that, on you, but you never started anything. Kidnapping? That's ridiculous.”

Yes, it is, but if only half the tail is told, it can look pretty bad.” I told him.

Dad, who is the lady behind you?” Neal asked like a parent catching a teenager with a 'guest' in their room.

Oh, that's Dr. Billings. She is helping with the court case.” I said.

Then from right beside me, “Hello, Neal. I'm a child psychologist, and I'm going to help your Dad. Could I talk to you privately sometime?”

Neal gave her a look that was not trusting. “If Dad says I have to.”

Neal! Behave yourself! You know I won't make you. That's the rule. However I've already told her everything and it would help us a lot, if you did.” I told him.

You sure, Dad? I mean everything? Even finding Jimmy and all?” He asked.

Yes, son, especially that. We have to be ready for anything the DA may know or make up.” I replied.

Lisa pushed me out of the chair and put on the head set and turned off the speakers. I saw Neal do the same. I was in effect sent out of the room, so it was a private conversation.

I spent the following hour and a half, pacing outside my own office. When Dr. Billings opened the door, she gestured me to my chair. The screen was blank. I wanted to talk to the boys.

As soon as I sat, “YOU STUPID IDIOT!!” she blasted me. “I know you love those boys, and would do anything to protect them but, YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!”

I was stunned. I didn't have a reply. So I sat there like a condemned man, with no hope. Kind of because that's how I felt. My heart sank, and I felt like I was dying. If she was this condemning, and was on my side, I had no chance. Fred Clemets and now Dr. Billings. I just wanted to protect the boys, MY BOYS.

And what's worse,” she continued, “is that I think you did what was right, for each boy at the time, but it is going to be damn hard to present it to a jury that way. God Tom, how could you let yourself be in a sexual situation like this? You got a blow job from one kid, and jacked off by another, and have slept with all of them, and all of you naked! Do you have any concept of what that will look like, when the prosecutor presents it in court?”

I nodded my head. Oh, God, what will happen to the boys? My head was spinning, it looked bleak! I sank into darkness; my life just didn't matter, if I couldn't protect the boys. I had promised them! I had messed up big time! The world went black.

I returned to the world, with someone slapping me on the cheek. “Tom, Tom? Wake up, you idiot.”

I opened my eyes, and there was Dr. Lisa slapping me. “Okay, I'm awake, stop slapping me.”

Oh, sorry.” she stood and returned to her seat. “Look, I'm on your side. I can't think of a better environment for these boys. They are special cases, and have been severely abused, each in their own way. I was just pissed off at how you let yourself get into such compromising positions. We can hope the DA doesn't ask the boys any of those kinds of questions, or we can face them and present them in their proper perspective.”

Uhh, okay.” Brilliant Tom just brilliant.

Now your homework is to sit and write why you reacted as you did, in each of these situations.” She handed me a stack of papers. “Now get over there and talk to your boys.” She gave me a shove, and walked out. I briefly wondered where Jim had disappeared to. I hadn't seen him since Dr. Billings came.

I clicked on the icon, and the screen came to life. There was Jim. “So that's where you went.” I said.

He jumped. “Ah, yes sir. Thought I could help here, more than moping around there.”

He was quickly pushed aside, by my pack of boys. There were a whole bunch of “DAD's!" and my heart soared. I got to speak a little with each one. Neal waited for last. “Dad, it's going to work out, Dr. Lisa understands, and she is going to make that DA guy look like an ass hole.”

Neal! Language! You say stuff like that in court and I'll be toast.” I corrected him.

Jeez, Dad, give me a break. I know I can't talk like that in court.” He was giving me that 'adults are so dense' look.

I glanced at the clock and was surprised it was two o'clock in the morning. “Now we have this, we can be in contact anytime we want. It's late, and we all need to get some sleep.”

Good night, Dad, I love you.” Neal said.

I love you too, son.” I replied.

That got repeated with my other 4 sons, and even Todd, Matt and Nick.

End Note:

Well Tom's in some serious trouble. Hopefully Dr. Billings can work a miracle and save the boys' and Tom's butt. Some of you have written about how disappointed you were in Tom, well he's now paying the piper, as it were. str8mayb@yahoo.com

We want to come home and help Dad. He's all alone, and needs us. So I think it's time for us to make a plan, too.


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Nice chapter though. I think we need some help.

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