Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Wednesday morning was a zoo, as far as I was concerned. I had one visitor after another. The first was Reverend Hall, from the Presbyterian Church. He was on a regular pastoral visit and had some bad news. It seems the night before; Moe's mother had come to the Scout meeting to ask that the records for their youngest boy be sent to her sister in law, in another state. They were moving and wanted him to continue in Cub Scouts. When the Reverend left, I tried calling but got the message that their phone was disconnected.

Next, Linda came and was madder than a wet hen. She had been subpoenaed to produce her records. The judge was reviewing whether she could or not. She was claiming privilege, especially since these cases were sealed by the court. I invited her to stay for lunch and the meeting with Fred and Dr. Billings. She was very pleased that Dr. Lisa was on our side in the case. She had evidently read almost every thing Dr. Billings had written, but had also been involved in a couple of cases with her as well.

When Fred arrived he was jumping with excitement, the judge had called him, as my attorney. The DA had filed for an arrest warrant, but the judge had squashed it, citing lack of evidence. The DA went ballistic, because he had a Grand Jury indictment. The judge read the transcript and told the DA he had nothing, since every thing presented was hearsay, or the Fifth Amendment. The DA then said he was proceeding anyway. The judge set a preliminary hearing for Friday. He asked if the DA had shared any of his evidence. I told him no, but the only source he could have had was the sealed court records, of the adoptions. The judge went nuts. Now we had filed charges of our own, the Judge had issued warrants for the State Police to serve, before court Friday Morning.

I couldn't tell you what we ate for lunch. We were so busy discussing where all this was headed. We all adjourned to the library with Dr. Billings arriving promptly at one thirty.

She was no nonsense when she sat down. She held out her hand to me and I felt like a school kid handing in my homework, as I handed her the papers I filled out for her last night. She read through them quickly and put them in her briefcase. Fred and Linda looked on, dieing of curiosity.

Very good, Tom. Now I forgive you for being a stupid idiot,” she said, sitting up straight and facing the others.

Fred piped up, “I haven't!”

Linda looked back and forth, “I'm missing something, aren't I?”

We all nodded, but Dr. Lisa answered. “There have been several incidents where, Tom was in what could have been interpreted as sexually compromising.” If looks could kill, Linda's would have. “However given the circumstances and the boy's history, any other course of action would have been far more damaging to them. I will testify to that.”

Wow!” the three of us stated.

Fred filled her in on the legal situation. Linda asked if we would have grounds for libel or slander charges. That all depended on the course the DA took and what, if anything, the sheriff said. As if it had been a cue, Jim stuck his head in and handed each of us a copy of the Valley Herald. Headline: LOCAL HERO ACCUSED OF IMPOSSIBLE CHILD ABUSE by Valerie Creslane. We sat stunned, as we read the account. Her source in the Sheriff's Office, laid out the list of charges. She took them, one by one and literally tore them apart.

Fred was in hysterics by the time he finished reading the article. “So you agreed to another interview?” he asked.

No actually. Ran into her in a parking lot and gave her enough information to check me out. That's it.” I told them.

Jim inserted, “I wanted to punch her in the nose, but he wouldn't let me. Guess you were right, boss.” They all laughed.

Too bad she didn't name her source,” Fred lamented.

Check out page three,” Jim said.

We all turned the page, and there was an interview with our favorite sheriff. Direct quotes, this man is an idiot. He even accused me of a parking violation from before I came here, as a matter of fact, from before I bought the van. He also called me names that were not complimentary.

I asked Fred “Is a direct quote in the news paper slander or libel?”

We all busted up laughing. Fred took out his pad, and started writing, “Oh, Sheriff Fat Ass is so toast. We'll be having a party Friday night, the boys too with any luck.

We were all in a great mood when Jim left to answer the door. He returned with a deputy Sheriff. The Deputy asked, “Excuse me, but which one of you is Thomas Richards?”

I'm Thomas Richards. Do you have some papers for me?” I asked.

Yes, sir.” he handed me the papers, which I passed to Fred.

Deputy, thank you. You have been very polite. I will not complement you to you current boss, but will recommend you highly to the new sheriff.” I told him.

Thank you, sir.” he blushed slightly and left.

After hearing the front door close, we all had another laughing fit. When we recovered, Fred looked through the papers. “It appears Miss Creslane had her facts right. I'm going to submit a copy of the paper with my answer.”

The meeting broke up after that. Dr. Billings stayed. “Tom, I want to talk to you about the boys.”

I suddenly had huge butterflies in my stomach, “Okay.” Wow another fantastic comeback!

I came down pretty hard on you last night. I have always felt there was never a reason for there to be sexual contact of any kind between an adult and a child. I still feel that way in general, but with Neal, you may have done exactly the right thing. He was beginning to be sexually curious and then was brutally raped. Had you rejected or reprimanded him, it could have totally destroyed his self image and permanently scarred him. I am certain that is what would have happened with Monty. His self worth was less than zero, when you lifted him out of that car. He told me last night, he was trying to decide how to end his life, when you walked up to Linda's car. He still thinks he is gay, but you told him things he never knew and gave him reasons to continue living. He asked you questions that kids really have a hard time asking adults and you didn't pull away, you tried to face it and answer honestly. I might have been much happier if you talked him through it, but honestly, I'm not sure if that would have been sufficient.” She looked at me intently. “You have challenged my beliefs, Tom and I want to be a part of what you do with these boys.”

I was pretty much stunned. “Wow, Lisa that was some speech. I don't quite know what to say, but thank you and I'll be delighted for your assistance with the boys. Now they have Alice and you to show them how the fairer sex can be.”

Lisa actually gave me a hug before leaving. I was hungry for the first time in days, and went to the dining room for dinner.

* * * Back to the boys in the cave * * *

The adults left a little after two in the morning and the boys were quite excited about their new generator and computer hookup. None of them were the least bit sleepy anymore and built another fire roasting (charred) some marshmallows and made s'mores. (For those of you who have had a life totally devoid of good things, a s'more is made by placing a chocolate bar on a graham cracker then a hot toasted marshmallow and then another graham cracker, to form a sandwich. They taste so good, you'll want s'more.) Nick and Matt told some stories about adventures the troop had. It was nearly four in the morning when they turned in.

Neal was the first one up. He looked at his clock and it was almost noon and he really had to take a leak. When he returned he heard a sound on the far side of the cave, and shined his flashlight, but it didn't reach all the way across the room. He went to the kitchen area, and turned on a light. Electricity was very nice. When he opened the cooler it looked like it had been ransacked. There were dirty smudges on the egg carton.

Not long after Neal started frying some sausage links, the others emerged. When Matt joined Neal to cook, Neal said, “Matt I don't want to alarm anybody, but I don't think we are alone.”

What do you mean?” Matt asked.

Neal informed him, “We have noticed some food items missing, and then when I came in this morning I heard something, but my flashlight wouldn't reach across the cave. And, take a look in the cooler.”

Matt lifted the lid, “Damn I organized this last night, after dinner.” He went through it. “We're missing the open American cheese slices and the open bologna. He checked the crates under the stove table and the full bag of chocolate chip cookies.”

Neal was quiet as he thought. “Okay we have a thief. I can't believe its any of us. Why would we sneak food, when we just have to ask or get it ourselves?”

Matt nodded his head. “We need to resolve this. Who ever it is waits till he thinks the place is empty. We always have some kind of light on so they can see. Keep quiet about this for a while, I'll talk with Nick.”

The boys finished cooking and everybody was there with a plate. After eating and clean up, Nick noticed it was one thirty in the afternoon. He teased them all for being lazy, until Moe pointed out he was the last one up. They went out to get some fresh air and exercise. Nick took Neal, Todd, Monty and Jimmy for a hike, (five mile hike with compass) while Matt worked with Moe and Brian, not far from the entrance to the cave. When the older boys returned, they were wet. They found a stream with a good swimming hole in the next gully over. Matt and his two soon disappeared in that direction.

Everyone went inside and changed into clean clothes. Neal went over to the computer, but there was no one there. The others started working on learning lashings, so they could build the table Nick had in mind. Neal took his flash light and strolled to the back of the cave. He soon found what he was looking for, foot prints in the dusty dirt floor. The prints were made by old worn tennis shoes. They did not belong to anyone he knew. Neal turned off his light and let his eyes adjust to the darkness.

He had been there just trying to imagine who was sneaking in the cave, when there was movement about six feet to his right. He looked, and there was an intruder. He couldn't tell too much, but whoever it was about Neal's size. They watched the others, as they began fixing food. Neal slowly moved closer, “You can join us, if you want.”

The kid jumped and turned to face Neal, ready to fight. Neal just stood there relaxed with a friendly smile. “Really, we'll be glad to share. You don't have to steal.”

Just who the fuck are you?” the stranger said.

I'm Neal. Over there are my brothers, and a couple of older guys from our Boy Scout Troop.” Neal had moved around so the interloper was between him and the others.

I ain't fuckin' goin' back!” the kid yelled at Neal.

Cool, we sure aren't going to make ya'.” Neal replied, as he watched the other boys approaching.

Boy Scouts! I got to run into a bunch of fuckin' Boy Scouts. Jesus H. Christ, why fuckin' me!” Suddenly, the intruder froze, from the realization of being surrounded with no place to go, and just collapsed sobbing.

Neal pulled the kid gently into a hug, to prevent any injury. “It's okay; we won't let anything bad happen to you. You're safe now.”

Yeah, right. Then you send me back to my loving mother, so that sick bastard can...”

Jimmy joined Neal, “Ain't no fuckin' way we'd do that.”

Monty slapped the back of Jimmy's head, “Language, ass hole.”

Everyone laughed. Jimmy and Neal helped the stranger towards the camp. In the good light of the camp the kid was filthy, worn threadbare clothes ill fitting. Nick and Matt cooked something they called Polish Linguine Italiano. It was Polish Sausage, browned with onions, thinly sliced carrots, and drained canned peas, served over linguine noodles with Italian salad dressing on it. It disappeared in no time. Desert was to be cooked in the cast iron Dutch oven, over coals from the fire, later.

After eating, Neal asked Brian for a pair of briefs and shorts and got one of his own T-shirts. He grabbed his soap, shampoo and a couple of towels. As he emerged from his tent the new kid was beginning to look a little uncomfortable in the crowd.

Neal walked up and said, “Come on, take a walk outside with me.” He had all the stuff in a day-pack. The stranger hesitantly followed.

Okay, I want to help.” Neal began. “I know you don't think I can, so I want to tell you about us. My real Mom and Dad got killed about two years ago and I ended up in Juvy, 'cause there was nobody to take me. When I turned ten, I was moved to the older boys’ hall. Well, they thought I was their sex toy and punchin' bag. I crawled off to a hiding place and a friend helped me recover for a few days. I ran away, Dad found me and has done a whole bunch of stuff to protect me. He even adopted me.”


Then on the way here from back east, we stopped and found a kid who had been gang raped by about a dozen truckers. He was naked and covered with cum. We took him with us, cause he wouldn't let us call the cops. Turns out he was running from an abusive father, who'd beaten his mother to death. Dad got everything all straightened out and adopted Jimmy, too.”

Damn! Jimmy?”

Yeah, Monty was kicked out of a bunch of foster homes, 'cause he and Todd got caught playin' with each other's dicks. Todd's dad would find out where Monty was placed, tell them he was a fagot and they would kick him out. The lady from the state that was working with Jimmy and me, brought him to our house, Dad has adopted him and all.”

Three of you?”

Neal laughed, “Five. Brian is the boy who helped me. When I told Dad, he called his lawyer and started adopting him. Moe's dad kicked him out because of some religious thing that I don't really understand. Dad got him adopted too.”

How does your Dad do it? He own Haven or something?”

When Neal stopped laughing he said, “Yup, that's it exactly.”

The kid's look set Neal off again. “How long you been on the run?”

A couple of months. The other entrance to the cave is about an hour's walk to a little eating place. I walked there each night and ate the throw away stuff. I would bring back what I could. Then you guys came, I smelled the cooking, so I explored back into the cave, and found the big room. I didn't think you would notice the little I took.”

Neal said, “Well, I'm glad I did, 'cause now we can help you, like we've been helped. Okay?”

I'll think on it.”

Dad does have a few rules, but they're cool. Keep your stuff reasonably neat and clean. Help with chores, like laundry and cooking and dish washing, go to school and most important of all, never lie to him. We all try especially hard, on the last one. It's hard, but he really understands.” Neal said. “Will you tell me your name?”

Okay, it's Pat.”

Hi, Pat. Here we are.” Neal said. They had arrived at the swimming hole that the boys had found earlier that afternoon.

Pat looked around, seeing nothing special. Then Neal was stripping off. “What the fuck ya doin'?”

Takin' a swim to clean off. You too, so either strip or just jump in.” Neal insisted.

Ahhhh...naked?” Pat asked, just as Neal stood up, naked.

Yeah. You got somethin' different down there?” Neal asked, pointing at Pat's crotch.

Pat's blush showed even through the dirt. “I'm not gettin' nekked.”

Okay,” Neal said and dragged Pat into the water. With much splashing, screaming and name calling, Pat was wet. Neal retrieved the soap and shampoo and asked if Pat wanted some help. If looks could have killed, Neal would have been ready for a coffin. Neal lathered his hair and dunked under to rinse.

Come on Pat, wash up.” Neal encouraged.

Pat started to cry. Huge sobs and tears.

Neal stopped washing, and moved to Pat. “Hey, what's wrong? Just a bath... a little soap and water.”

Pat lifted the T-shirt.

Dude! you got BOOBS!” Now Neal blushed. “You're a girl!”


Well, why didn't you tell us? Damn, you saw me naked!” Neal said indignantly.

You're cute, Neal.” Pat told him.

Jeez. You still need a bath.” Neal climbed out of the water, grabbed a towel and dried and dressed. He stayed facing away as Pat washed. “There are clean clothes here for you. I think they'll fit.”

He waited while a lot of splashing went on, “I'm getting out.” Neal didn't move.

You didn't even peek.” Pat said.

At a girl? Eeewwww.” Neal said.

How old are you, Neal?” Pat asked.

Ten and a half, almost. Why?” Neal answered.

Oh, then that explains it. I thought you were about my age. So you're not gay, just too young to like girls.” Pat said.

Jeez, why does everybody do the gay thing? I might be gay, but I have no idea, jeez.” Neal complained. “How old are you?”

Twelve.” she answered.

We better get back to the cave before it gets dark.” Neal led the way back. “One more thing, Pat, you don't need to use the tough language. Okay?”

Yeah, since I don't need to convince you guys that, I'm a guy.” They looked at each other and busted out laughing.

The boys froze when Neal and Pat entered the cave. Monty was the first to recover. “Hello, you sure look different.”

Brian said, “Neal, you gave my underwear to a girl!”

Pat struck a pose. They all laughed.

The boys started a fire and while it was making coals to cook their desert, they set up another tent for Pat. There was extra bedding, she had everything she needed.

Neal went and turned on the computer. No one there again, must be dinner time.

The kids sat around the fire and told Pat about what it was like at Haven. The more they talked about this man they called Dad; the more she wished she had a Dad like that and not the stepfather she had. She also wondered what her real Dad was like. It had been six years since she had seen him and her little brother, too.

* * * Back to Haven * * *

Dinner was delicious. Alice and Genny were in very good moods also. When Desert was finished, Alice told Genny she could go outside or back to their rooms. Genny skipped out of the dining room.

Tom, I need to talk to you about a couple of things.” Alice began.

I leaned back in my chair. “Fine, Alice, shoot.”

Well first, I want to talk about Todd.” She was blushing and had her hands in her lap. “I'm kind of at a loss on how to say this.”

Usually just saying it is best,” I advised.

Okay, Todd is gay. He told me last week. We had a big fight and that was why I had grounded him. I realized I was acting like...” Alice trailed off.

Yeah, I figured that. He and Monty are boyfriends.” I told her.

Oh, I didn't know you knew.” She replied sheepishly.

Sure, they're together all the time and usually sleep in Monty's room, now that Jack is there. I know very well how your former husband felt about gays, but I do not share those feelings.” I assured her.

Well I'm kind of uncomfortable with it. I love Todd, don't get me wrong, but I just don't understand being gay.” Alice was obviously upset and very confused.

Alice, I'm not an expert or anything, but you realize Todd hasn't changed. He's still exactly the same kid he has always been. The only thing that has changed is he has told you his very scariest secret. He has got to be terrified you will react like his father.” I told her.

How could he think that?” she was appalled at the suggestion.

I gave her a wry smile, “Well, you have to look at it from his point of view. His only experience, how can he think anything else?”

Alice sat back and suddenly burst into tears and sobbed, “I grounded him. He told me and I grounded him. Oh, my God!”

Soon I was holding Alice while she cried. When she had calmed, I said, “Alice, he was very happy when he left. You didn't kick him out. He probably thought you grounded him for lying not for being gay.”

I hope so, Tom.” she said, and left to return to her rooms.

I went up to my office to see if I could catch up with the boys. I clicked on the computer and waited looking at the cave wall.

Then Neal popped into view, fumbling for the headset. “Dad!”

I tried not to laugh at him. “Well, hello there, son!”

Dad! We need your help!” Neal was barely containing himself.

His words and intensity had me a little worried, “Neal, what have you boys gotten into?”

Daaaaddd, we're not in trouble, but Pat is. We need to get Mrs. Thompson. You just got to help. Pleeeeeease, Dad.” Then the puppy dog eyes.

Jeez, how can I fight that? “Slow down. Who is Pat? And what kind of trouble are you talking about?” I asked.

Uh, well, Pat is a, ah, kiiiid we found. Pat, kind of, ran away, 'cause, like what Jimmy had going on at home. So Pat needs our help, real bad. Please Dad.” Neal was just too good with those eyes.

Okay, I'll call her first thing in the morning.” I told him.

Daaaaaaadddddddd! Nooooowwwww, okay?” Neal managed to turn the look up a couple of notches.

Alright, all ready! I'll call her. I'll have her come over and she can talk to this...Pat. I love you, Neal. Where is everybody else?” I was wondering why they were letting Neal do all the talking.

Oh...uh... well...uh...they went outside.” he admitted.

I grinned, “Let you do the dirty work, huh?”

They said I could beg better than Jack.” He grinned back. “Love ya, Dad. Good night. Call Mrs. Thompson.” And the screen went blank.

I just know he was laughing his ass off. That was the most begging I'd ever seen Neal do. He didn't beg that much over Brian. Sigh. I picked up the phone and dialed Linda Thompson.

Linda: Hello?

Me: Hello, Linda, Tom Richards.

Linda: I sure am glad to hear your voice.

Me: That's nice.

Linda: Tom, shut up and listen. The State has suspended me. My superior has suspended me for improper procedure and I have been ordered not to contact any of my cases for any reason, you and Fred Clemets specifically. I have been locked out of my office. I'm sure the DA is behind all this. I'm sure this is his way of getting my records on the boys. Luckily, I hadn't returned them to the office. I've sealed them and placed them in a locked case and given it to a friend to keep for me. I'll have them bring it Friday morning. Okay, now why did you call?”

Me: Huh, oh, ah, Neal needs to talk to you.

Linda: Tom, I just said...

Me: He's found a kid in trouble.

Linda: Crap. He's in the middle of nowhere. How could he... Never mind. Neal. Double crap. Look get as much information as you can about the kid and family and as soon as this mess is cleared up I'll be right on it. In the meantime call Fred. Hey better call Dr. Turnman, they may try something with his records too.”

Me: Okay Linda. Take care and protect yourself.

Linda: Don't worry. I'll see you Friday morning. Get some sleep.

She hung up and I called Fred. To say he was alarmed is mild. Linda, having secured the boy's records as she had done, lifted his spirits though. He was sure the DA was trying to find other sources of evidence since his would land him in jail. I cut the conversation short and dialed the doctor's phone number. I got an out of service recording. I then called his cell phone.

Doc: Hello?

Me: Good evening, doctor, this is Tom Richards.

Doc: Hi, are the boys okay?

Me: Yes they are fine. I just wanted to clue you in on the DA. He has gotten Linda Thompson suspended and her records seized, only the boys' records weren't there. We thought you might be next.

There was a long silence.

Doc: My office has been ransacked and my house. In my house, they set a fire and burned it down. I'm in a motel right now. I happened to have those records with me to review for the hearing on Friday. I think I need to hide them pretty well and I know just the place. Thanks, Tom. Don't worry I've got this covered. I want those bastards to pay for burning my house.

Me: Sorry, about your house, I didn't know.

Doc: Just happened. The fire crew is still there. Now I know why and who. Wish I could prove it.

Me: Wish we could too. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know, okay. You are welcome to come and stay here if you want.

Long pause.

Doc: I'll think about that, but right now I'm set here, until after the hearing, anyway.

We said our good byes and I sat stunned, for some time. I realized it was late and went to bed. I hadn't been there long when Jack came in and jumped up on the bed, and snuggled up against my legs. It was very comforting to have him there.

Thursday morning, tomorrow was the big day. We get to confront the DA and get the charges dismissed, or a trial date. Fred was due to arrive after breakfast, and we were going to plan strategy for the hearing. After I ate, I went to my office and tried Neal and the boys on the computer.

He answered almost as soon as I pressed the code into the computer. “Daaaddd! Where have you been?”

Ah, Neal, it's just a little after eight. I just finished breakfast.” I was laughing.

Daaaaddd! What did Mrs. Thompson saaaaayyyyy?” he whined.

Well, this whole court thing is really tying things up. She has been suspended, so she can't do anything right this minute. She does want me to get all the information I can on Pat, so she will have a head start on things, when she is reinstated.” I explained to him.

Damn! Oops, sorry, Dad. Okay, I guess there isn't anything I can do about that.” Neal was very frustrated.

Son, it will all work out in time. We have 'right' on our side. Now can I talk to Pat?” I asked.

Uh, well, Dad, There is something...” Neal trailed off.

Later Neal, I'm expecting Mr. Clemets, so I don't have as much time as I would like.” I hurried him along.

Neal reluctantly removed the head set and got up handing it to, a boy... breasts?! Girl! Where did they find a girl! Yeah, there was something, Neal you little weasel.

My guess is you are Pat.” I said, as she sat and adjusted the headset. I pressed the record button on the console.

Uh, ah, yes sir,” she answered.

I'm Neal and the other boys' Dad. I need to get some information so we can get things going here, as soon as possible.” I began.

Okay, Mr. Richards,” she said sheepishly.

Good, sweetheart. Tell me your name and your parents names, and then as much as you can about your situation. I'm going to record this, so I'm sure I get everything, Okay?”

Sure. My name is Patricia Allison Hillerbrand. My mother is Kathy Daller and her husband is William Daller. I lived with them. My mother, and real father, Kevin Hillerbrand, divorced six years ago, when I was six. My mother remarried three months later. My step father pretty much ignored me, until about a year ago, when my periods started. He said I was a woman now and he raped me. I told my mother and she said she was glad, 'cause now he had somebody else to fu..., uh, do sex stuff with and would leave her alone. I tried to avoid him, but he still cornered me once or twice a week. I couldn't take it anymore, so I ran away. I've been gone about two months.” Pat was crying and breathing heavy, like she had been running.

It's okay now, sweetheart. I know that was hard to do. I'll start the ball rolling from this end. You stay there, with the boys. They will protect you. Do you know where your real father is?” I asked.

No. He has my little brother and used to live in Clearspring. My mother moved here, right after the divorce. That's the last I ever heard from my father.” She wiped her eyes.

Good, girl. I've got to go, unfortunately, tell the boys to be good and I love you all, and that includes you Patty. Can I talk to Neal again, please?” I asked.

Neal returned and put on the headset. “Yes, Dad?”

Neal, I want to be real clear on this. You want me to bring Pat into the family?” I asked.

Daaaaad! Pat needs us. Of course I want to help.” Neal said.

Okay, just making sure. A sister, how nice.” I said just to tease him.

Daaaaad, jeez, you're weird, sometimes.”

(Author's note: See Neal you asked (begged)) <Evil laughter>

Jim buzzed me that Fred had arrived. “Neal I have to go. Mr. Clemets is here so we can plan for the hearing tomorrow.”

I disconnected and quickly burned two copies of the interview on DVD for Fred.

When I joined him in the library, Dr. Billings was there too. They were going over papers and sorting them into piles. Fred had made folders with each charge on it and they were sorting things to put with each charge. I noticed some were written in blue and others in red. Blue were the charges against me, and Red the charges against Fat Ass and the DA. Jim then came in, carrying the copier from his office. They would tell him how many copies and then sort them into the various folders. The copy winner was the newspaper article. The front page got 28 copies (one for each folder) and the sheriff's interview, 20 copies (one for each red folder).

We had filed 20 suits against the opposition, from malicious harassment, slander, falsifying legal documents, illegal search (the sealed records) and assault (The sheriff's attack on my property). The Judge was having the warrants served today, through the State Attorney General's office. The hearing on these charges was to be a part of the other case, since they were so interdependent. Normally, different courts would be involved, but since we were such a small county, one judge served in several capacities.

Just as we finished shuffling the evidence, Jim entered with the Deputy that had served the papers before. “I'm sorry sir, but I have a search warrant, We are to search the premises and take the children into protective custody.”

Fred took the papers, and read through them. “These are in order, Deputy, keep in mind what you are searching for.”

Yes, sir. The Sheriff has briefed the search team. I am to remain here with you, while they conduct the search.” The Deputy was very uncomfortable. I felt like he knew more than he was saying.

Would it be alright if we continued our meeting?” I asked. He nodded and took a seat by the door.

We sat at the table, I jotted a note to Fred, 'We need him tomorrow.'

Fred took some papers out of his case and filled them out grinning. We chatted about things of no importance, while jotting post-its with our real ideas and questions.

At about twelve thirty, after three hours, a deputy with sergeant stripes entered. “Okay wise ass, where are they?”

I assume you are addressing me,” I smiled. “If asked three hours ago I might have been inclined to respond. However, you have executed the warrant and are now to leave. Anyone here five minutes from now will be trespassing, and treated as such.”

He took a step towards me, I smiled. “Sergeant, there are video cameras and microphones in every room of this building. You are being recorded as you speak. Any further action on your part could result in legal action.”

He stopped in his tracks. “You're bluffing.” he blustered.

You feel lucky, today?” Fred asked.

Oh, by the way deputy, here is a summons for court tomorrow morning at nine o'clock.” Fred said, brushing by the Sergeant and handing them to the Deputy.

The Sergeant was about to do something when there was some commotion in the hallway. The door opened and there were State Police Officers, and Captain Henry.

Captain Henry walked up to the Sergeant, “I should have known it was you. You will be having a lot of explaining to do. You were looking for boys, ages 9 to 12. Better think why you found it necessary to search every drawer in this house. In my opinion, this is malicious, and since you attended the course I taught in proper search procedures, you can not claim ignorance. Sergeant, your ass is in a sling.” Capt. Henry handed him a paper. “Be in court tomorrow morning at nine. That there is a personal invite from THE JUDGE.” Capt Henry smiled. “Now get your ass out of here.”

The Sheriff's Department cleared out in a big hurry.

Capt. Henry sank into a chair, “Tom, they have totally trashed every room in the house. Yours and the boys are the worst. Even the dining room, they have dumped all the silver and walked on it. All in all I would estimate hundred's of thousands of dollars damage.” He was shaking his head. “I'm sorry as soon as I heard about it; I got a State Supreme Court Judge to issue a stay, but didn't get here in time.”

I just smiled, “Actually, we have video of the entire search, and the Sergeant's threatening attitude. I imagine the judge issuing the warrant; will be entertained when we hit him with a suit for damages.”

Capt. Henry looked startled, “You can do that?”

Fred laughed, “Not and make it stick, but it will sure scare the shit out of him. And he won't ever issue another warrant for the DA or Fat Ass.”

Jim came in, followed by Mrs. Johnson and the kitchen staff, carrying trays of food. We quickly cleared the table, and I invited them to stay and eat with us, since there was plenty of food. Mrs. Johnson told a hilarious account of holding the Deputies at bay in the Kitchen. The real hero was the pastry Chef. He never said one word in English all French. He blushed, and in a thick South Georgia drawl said, “Southern French” to which every one laughed.

Afterwards the food was cleared out and the State Police left, Fred, Lisa, Jim and I got to the serious work at hand. Just before diner, we wrapped it up. As Fred was leaving, I gave him the DVD I had made of Pat. Alice was appalled at the state of her rooms. I gave her some cash for a hotel. She left before dinner.

I ate with Jim. We talked about the boys and how lonely it was with them gone. Just as we were finished, the gate alarm buzzed. Jim returned and told me Dr. Turnman had arrived.

I met him at the door. “Hi, Doc, what can I do for you?”

I need to talk to you, in private.” he said, and it looked like he was blushing.

Sure, let's go up to my office.” I led the way.

We got comfortable. “First, I want to apologize for not following proper procedure, when I examined the boys the first time.”

Suddenly I was afraid his testimony was going to be invalid. “In what way?” I tried to keep my voice steady.

They harped on us all the time in school, 'Never see a minor without a parent, guardian or other responsible adult present.'” He was hanging his head.

Oh, well, I didn't go with them because I knew about the abuse, I didn't want it to seem like my presence was preventing them from telling the truth. If there is any problem, I will testify I insisted not to be present.” I told him.

Thank you, Tom,” he said.

No problem, Doc,” I replied.

Ah, please call me Leo,” he said timidly.

Leo, it is. Okay what else, Leo?” I asked.

He took a deep breath, “It's about your asking me to stay here. No don't say anything let me get this out. I need to know just what level things are on. See, I'm gay. I think you might be or at least Bi. You know 'gaydar,' any way I want you to know so we don't have a big misunderstanding.”

I watched as he almost hyperventilated. “Easy Leo. To be honest, I haven't thought about dating since Neal entered my life. Things have been very hectic. Yes, I am bisexual. I've had boyfriends and girlfriends. I didn't offer the room as a seduction, but as a friend.”

Ah, okay. So that isn't a no?” He said just above a whisper.

I was shocked, he was attracted to me. I looked at him, really looked at him. He was my age, thin but not skinny, medium brown hair, light brown eyes, nice tan, overall rating of nine. And he was cute as Hell when he blushed. “It certainly isn't a no. We need to get to know each other some and see where things lead.”

He released the breath he was holding, “Thank you, Tom. Then I accept your offer. I'll bring my few belongings out on Saturday.” He stood and so did I. He surprised me with a big hug which I returned instinctively. It felt so right to me I was sorry when he released me. We said our farewells and I was alone again. I heard a lot of noise coming from my room, and stuck my head in. Jim was leading a force of about ten in setting everything right. At least they hadn't stabbed the water bed.

Jim was furious. As he tried to place the pages of the book I had been reading back in the cover in order. I went to him and took the book and tossed it in the trash. “I'll buy another. When you get done here work on Alice's rooms then the boys. Hopefully they will be back real soon.”

Do you really think so sir?” asked a maid who looked about sixteen.

I hope so. Maybe, tomorrow.” I said and she almost jumped up and down. “Matt or Nick?” I asked her.

Oh, Matt is nice and all, but Nick...” she faded off dreamily.

I wondered if Nick had any idea he had an admirer. I walked to my office and found the alarms on the board almost all were flashing. That meant there had been attempts to break into the system. I wondered if their geek had been able to at least get to the Tasmanian connection. I sure hoped so. That would really throw the DA and Fat Ass into a fit. Especially since there is no record of the boys getting passports. I used my password and then answered the six security questions and asked the computer for a printout of files accessed since nine this morning.

Ah the bait was taken. Tomorrow will be fun if the boys in Tasmania come through. I tried the boys, but got no answer. I had an e-mail from each one, wishing me luck with the hearing tomorrow, telling me there would be a computer watch and I was to let them know how things were going as soon as possible. Nick told me how good the boys were and how much each one was doing. Even Pat sent me a note, thanking me for trying to help.

Jim and the crew had finished then I went to bed. Sometime later Jack joined me and I had a very nice dream about soccer teams and the team doctor.

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